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THE FiUBIj Mgggt
TIH'KnUAV. VIM 4, 1111.
— —1 ■ - ■ " -■
It may i, t Is- uniiutu remind all |«‘rwM>* coto
eernad. that (Im- J. IT. rvm May Court it now the
ajuarterly term; »u>l th.rt it is »U> thr term at
• luck liac county levy is usually laid.
Wr this »rrk wHameMf, in tnnthir column,
a Sketch *«f the I-aw si f tliiuiml Naims-. |msm >1
ait lb<* lata* anUiVsling M iaami ot llae Aescuably. —
II it we shall bring to I lac notice of our reader*,
under nair n'iturial Ih-mI, tin* provisions uf many
import »nt arts wlinh wc may cousiaier worthy of
espa-cial attention.
The act imposing taxes for the support of go
Terument, reduce* the tax upon •lor* to <i rent*,
(.14 la*t y ear;) tiers the tax ii|hhi each horse, mule,
he. at 6 cents; and tealucrt the tax upon law pro
cess considerably. The tax upon a writ in the
county esurt, is now hut 40cents.
A scry importsut act w»» pasv-aj conea ruing llie
adininistralion of |M-r*nnaI asaa Its. It pros i das
tluit ale'-t* able by specialty, aa.d promissory notes
lugna'a] lay tl*e decedent or some |ierM»n legal I a au
thorised til -r-T-r, arc In la* ronstala real of aajual
dignity. It takes eflasInn tin* 1st of June. This
will include mites due to hanks, U(h.ii wliieli,
her l<afore, cotisitlerahlc low has ln*-n Mistaineal.
By an art upon the subject, the »,ffia-« of sur
ges or expires on the first Monalay in August; the
j; term of office to be for seven yeara. Sunrturv tu
: give three months’ notice nf their intention to re
4 in >te, resign, or desire for iv-appointim-ut.
The act to amend the militia law », authorise*
the elect ino «l officers; it luces the nunihs-r of
musters, to one company muster in Aptil, and a
regimental muster in April or May annually; ami
leaves the fine, for failing to muster, a* hetx-to
fore. 'Hie brigade inspector to train the olfieers,
hut the colonel of each regiment to |wrform that
•rrsiee in pet ton for his regiment. Adjutants al
lowed a sunt not exceeding four dollars a dav for
attending the training, and sergeant majors not
Exceeding two dollars p« r day.
The ;ut concerning lire companies, authorix.es
me enrolment in each roinpany of any number of
Oku not exceeding (14.
In our next, we will give a pretty foil ubvtracl
•f the act “to establish a court of law and chan
*-ry in each of the counties in this common
wealth, and in certain rt>rporatious therein men
tioned. ”
The Editor of the Ituhmond Rtiquirer liai
written an F.pitaph tip->n tin- «lepni-t* d Legisla
txjre. A friend of that worthy gentleman expresses
a hojM- that tlie next Assembly may not give some
one the task of returning the compliment. The
politic *! »ea in that quarter, though smooth enough
at present, may exhibit some unpleasant ripplei
are anotlier year rolls round.
The foreign details, of great interest, crowd it
*pon us with overwhelming force* so that 0111
K-auty hehdomailMl cannot keep pace with tin
tide of event*. The cause of Poland, in whicl
every heart feels a glowing sympathy, is ret pro*
pering: lint we cannot dispel tin* gloomy fore
bmling, that this ill-fated land will again he sub
dtled by the Kussian horde* whiili are now |e
looie upon it. The manifi *tn cf the gallan
P lea, (which we ropy on our first page.) breatliei
a heroic spirit, and sliows that the glories of for
lucr days air yet burning brightly in their me
Xo official annunciation of lite New Cabinet ha
p been yet received.
^ T. riinwxtt, F.w,. of l.mdoun, (a vain
* *••*' member of the last legislature,} who hai
Ib* en announced by *onic of hit friends, witbou
his know b-tlge, as a caudulate for Cungn-aa, de
clines the honor of a contest with Col. Mercer
Mr. I * letter cm the subject, give* a trrv nea
and judicious exposition of his view*. We lu*vi
no doubt bis late constituents will demand hi
further «. rviccs in the houae „f delegates, when
be- was always vigilant and attentive to bis duties
r. W . (sILWir, F.sq. late a deb-gatc Irom tin
cr-ut ty of Alia nutrle, prnpos* * to publish, it
Kir i'ii Hid, a s* ini-w* • kly pajM-r, to In- rallei
1 uft \ lUniRi* Fiwrw,’’ at f i per annum. I
will snp|e*rt the “ doctrine* *>f Virginia with rv
gard to the federal Conj|tarf, ns expounded bj
our Madi«oa, and pi-ai tn ally enforced bv on
Jt-HiT*>>tl. ' It is also t-h-dacd to ••ibe orHiia
•Iij'rt* of our State policy — Public Kdoantioi
and Internal Improvement.” Mr. G. occupied i
high *tar,ding in tin bgnbtim ; ha* bad aim
n|miru«r a* an editw; and will, we hate n
doubt, (inliliali a valuable |mprr. lie i* *itN|u* *
»■ onahly a man <»f fine lab-nt*.
The kdiior tif the l(ii binond Whig propose* t
pnblivh a W ttitt ,1m a a at. nr In « r n. * lam
Lintar t, at ^ i per anniint. Hi* |irii*|K,,:tui wi|
be piihli*b<-d in unr t« *t.
fi , -
h*»r now bi-for,- ui “ Twr l.anr’a Rink
for April. Thi* •• a work of which wi bad nrci
i »»oti to ip> uk heretofore in term* of praiv-; an
I *r ,tnm rtiiew mir laiiumendiitioo, win 14 we can
b®t refrain frorn an e*pre*«i«m of vurpri »r, tin
an f. w r4 tmr ynnt.g lailie* ar- it« patron*. Tb
I pri wnt \o. contain* a ndid col .red print t
tlie PI.iImI. ipbia April faahinne—the •• VA alkin
nre**” and the *• Rvrning Ih —print* of th
lat« *t I/kmIimi faBiioii*—cap* and bonm-i*,—cm
brnnWy for load dn«*ca and w woe of the lalci
pi'rM'f mioir. I lie typ-igraphiral di i«i1tnr«
i* beautiful—anti tin- literary content* *ir ijf
highly r* *pcetaid« charact r. The *• H.*.k" i
poblithed tnwotldr, In Phila.1* Iphia, at fJ pr
annum, by |_ A. f»t»t#tf N fV, and contain
*** '"T n^taen p*T* wi fim paper. It btgbl
'leaertea the pntroi.agi of tbe Indira.
The hoih-r of tl*e Tri-C»lnr,('ap
Ilf own, M^lmiol at \\ hi ding, on the I Ml n!1
atwl kiMc<1 the riptm, trrntnl ciyianr, anti »i
<tth*r (rri' fit. three fir*men, >«• itrrk bam
and 4 n4fcrr p< r*»», were *• ,dd«-d—vone of (hri
htd&j. 1 In Ua!< r ImnI km m uar I* or if year
Th* North ( at Ima mini r* continue to fin
frolduignat qna«liti*«, 4 hie burntrcii pound
*ii* hst*n nbtaiovd in « an^gk tbr*
- - Ji— - i ---
Road to Har/tera Ferry.
TV late seve re s inter had m-h-rc-I this road
very bad, in r<w«s|ur«rr of tin- fn-thucs* of ma
ny of the rmlankmrstv. It given ns great plea
sure tn state, that it is now in rtwilnil onlers and
that the work upon it in progressing rapidly. We
understand she portion of tl»e road b< t»o«ii
Cliath-stowo an«l Smitlili- Id will hr locale-1 at an
early day. We h-fr the stockholders will hear
in mind, tliat the State has auliaerihrd its quota of
k| 4,1km, and tliat it near only iv-quire* a little en
terprise during the prvseut season, to have tl»e
whole n»utc completely Mac \-lanu*ed. It will
be a In-autilul rianl, at every hill ran be overrome
at a very low grade, la-t us lie vigilant aud ac
tive, and all difficult!- • will soon vanish.
We have frequently Ven asked, vrhy it it that
there in now no stage running from Ilarpcrw-Kcr
ry, through this place, to Winchester. Being
unable to ansvser, vre will repeat the inquiry,—
Why is tin-re none’ It is rather strange, that this
mute, which, for years, hail a stage upon it, is
nod neglected, at a time too when the roads are
, in a state of great iiapravement. We will resjH-r( -
fully inquire ol the I'osUnadt r General, whether
the contract for earning the mail thmo gl. this
tow n, does not require it in lie conveyed in stages
at least nine mouths in the year'
W-- learn, hy the \Vinehmtcr paper*, that Mr.
Stttw,nn engine- r tinder the direction of Mr.
i (,'n-xet, (our ptiuri|ad i-ngitiaer.) has Veit drpn
I ted tn make a survey of the routes f-»r tlie Win
rliester and Ohio llo.nl. Some of the citizen* of
I Jeffi rsmi inny n >t V aware, at the find bludi, of
the importance of this ri-a-l to our county. At
• present, thousand* of traveller* from the North
Western part of Virginia an- rntii|»ell«-I to s--ek
(a route timing!) Maryland and Penns* Ivimia to
tbc Raslward; and the strange vp»*rti*clr is every
i year presented, of member* of the Virginia le
gislature traversing road* through those states,
; or their way to Richmond.
It a ill be recollected, that an act syt passed, at
the last session, directing a survey, during the
j present year, of the Shenandoah Valley, ssith a
, view .J ascertaining the liest mode of iui|>rnvo
tuent. Wi'ho|«e our public-spirited citimena will
j he alive to the subject, ami l*e ready to aid what
^ ever proji ct may be deemed prrfcrable.
The F.ditor of the Winchester Republican hrtv
giv< n, in aeveral nutnln-ra of his pai>ee, glowing
sketches of the pro*|M-cts of that enterprising
town, consc<|uciil upon tin* completion of the Rail
Road to Harpers-Ferry and of the Road to the
j Ohio River. The I'ditor stab-* that information
has been received fr un llaltimoiv, of the protia
. bility that one half the* Mock will be taken in that
city. A meeting on live subject w as to have becu
held in \\ in -licMer on Saturday last. We have
not heard the result.
The “ Rail-Road Committee at Staunton,’
liavc published a Circular on the subject of tht
. proposed Had R,.nd from Staunton to tin* Polo
. mac. We regret that we cannot find room foi
( the various view* which have lavn presented
from time to time,hv the advocates of this scheme
a* w« 11 as those of the friends of the Wiiwliestel
project; and we still more regret, that then
i j should be two concerns, which in tlieir progn-v
. I mavjien after at-ume (if that lx* not already the it
II., '
, condition] the attitude <>f rival*.
j Ih mg the earnest friends of improvement it
I every reasonable slia|a*, we may be permitted t»
1 c*pres* a hope, that a harmonious co-operalioi
i m y he |»rudui« d in a community where so mm I
! de|a nds upon un union of mean* and feeling.—
Highly favored a* the Yallry un<|ncMiunalily i*
i her |* nple have notlurig to *jmrr in any otliei
J *|M*cie* of rivalry than that of the most fiicndi;
I character.
I ______
L j
Judge Rian propose* to open a law school it
' Fredericksburg; au<l llmsi oe ti. Haluwiv, F.»<|
propose * to open one in Staunton. Both geiitle.
men are distinguish* d jurist*.
run tub nt* mass.
TO A l.ITTI.F. filllU
Who •omrtimrs seem* to think that her fathci
does not love her mq well a* lie love* her iistc
i ami brother.
I I love thee, Daughter, though I love thee not
t* I «lo love thy *i*ter and tkv biotlier;
I • ll< cause, ilear li.iples* one, >was not tby lot
^ To know, like them, thy lov’d ami lovely neither
r 'Fug eyea have n< ver drank the lurid lieaia*
| < H mi a*, evpre.sing all a mother's bliss;
T at lips, awake or in thy playful dreams,
I Ne’er voided with lver’a,t»or felt their ardent List
i And to tmv ear her voice of music never
Itf itliotit till' full Iruii't i»f ivtftiia ruiiturii'a av* >11
Nor, like tlie lin ath of ainmrr’a fingntit r
' j Clllli noftly «»i r tine with •lea p’* «»irt *|n-||.
Tlie frr*id hue upon thy healthful ,-h*. k
• Over* nut to Mr R the kindling .f it* gl «*rj
N*>r diil In r gentle tongue tearh thioti to apeak;
Nor from her gmreful mien tby g* Ikin' flow;
, For ere the light of da* bad Ideal thy urlit,
, I be nay blush of h< alth In r cheek had fled)
• Ami lack to Heaven Inr sjurif wing’d it* flight,
| F.rr twelve diurnal *nna rail'd o'er thy l>ead.
It'<t in thy brother ami tliy »i»ter lire
I lie preeiooa hl> >wng» oi' a mother'* lore;
,, And to tie tr look* thow h r d rr preawons give,
\\ lueh o'er tlo ir infant beauties used to fore,
And lima, my child, though not, in inenanre, Ic*
> I l* »r to tlir ImiIm r'* h« art art them, than ther,
. Tnt.a tio bright noons of thy mutb r hi*
( AA bib rur. I it fleet lot brightest, h*p|ne«f dar.
i lint go, d.-sr daughter, learn bow kind, how tru*
llow meek ho a lirtuon*, how imrv, bow tirigf
t I by motln r • aw—/and all •kuinrw her. km a
^ II w sweetly round her *bom- Hrligion'ilight.
r ! And la- like Imt in all thr aetion*, then
| I bou'll enrr n#<t tby wrier m tliy Itrmher;
• I hr day* of'joy wdl be returned again,
t Fi»r thou wilt verm, on earth tby wsinted rnothri
In WiwIiciU f, on Tburwlar nmniing tie ]| i
r ult. bt the l(. r. Ib*»nl II. Middle. Alt. Tun**
t NA trtM, of tht* county, to Mr*. IIaswsn I *r
Ht til, vf AA mclM'Wrr.
■■j" ■! -j-LJ-1 1 ■■ i i .
At M-xint F«ole, Faiifas tminty, A *. afl<T
|iamfid dim'** of tan ae* k«, on haturday flte |»>
mat. Hi mikoii \V trui ri.ru*, F.**| in the i,'t
t year nf In* sg<*.
, i <>n I burwhiy l»w. Air Jn«a \N urr*or, th
11 ———
1 J I b« Hr* H r» *T it r»sy be etper’*
, «o pfrafh in t|,« Fre* ( hurrh at Harper*
Ferry, on nett Habl. tth. at II «M..rh* A M
' at which l.roe and j '#e» t*,e Som-mnrnf %t
j h« »diiii)ii'irei|
.limual .Electing of thr .tuxiliary/ Colon it a
tion Society of CI»arltMu*rn.
This Society liel<l its annual meeting on,
I Friday the '*’9ih April, 1S.11, in the Methodist J
F.piscopal Church—the President, S. J. Caa-J
j t(«, in the Chair.
The Keport of the Board of Managers, '
which contained much to cheer the hope* j
1 and animate the exertions of the friend* of
African Colonization, was submitted to the
I society.
On motion by A llt’STsa, Fsq that the
I Committee appointed at the la»t annual meet
, ,nJJ. ** to draft a memorial to Cungresa. asking J
, aid in behalf of I lie Colonization Society,” 6ic.:
, do now report :—
J l)ni*ru«r, F.*«| chairman of said com*
j mittee, informed the Society, that J he duly
! imposed upon the committee hail not been
performed, becauae they conceived that c»r-1
1 cumstancc* were not favorable to the memo
rial, and asked leave of the Society to defer
the execution of the duty till a more auspi
cious period—which ws* granted.
On motion by J. Ilavaaroar, F.sq. the fol
lowing resolution, accompanied by a few elo
quent and interesting remarks, was unani
mously adopted :
/frrw/irrf, That the Pastors of the several
, Churches in this county, ho respectfully re
qifested to continue their exertions in the
cause of colonization, by addrrases suitable to 1
the occasion, at the next anniversary of Arne
• rican Independence, and by taking up col
lections for that purpose in their several1
On motion, by A III area. Esq. the Board J
of Manager* for the Izst year w ere unanimous- |
ly re-elec’ed.
On motion by J. J*. GsLtiar.a, F.aq , Bev
Srsit lli ae waa unanimously elected to fill
.the vacancy in tba Board of Managers, occa
i sinned by the absanre of Dr. \V. V itu
The President having anneunced tl»e re
signation of the former Secretary. H. T.
Iluuwx, Eaq —On motion bv A. llrsTsa.
F.sq., J J Hun* n was unanimously elected
to *uceeed him.
"’s. It an w a, F.sq., the Treasurer of the
former Colonization Society of Jefferson
county, returned his account current to this
Society, which being examined and approv
ed, was ordered to be recorded.
Fourth slnnircraary Meeting of the Jr fferton
and Berkeley Sunday School L'num
The fourth annual meeting of the Union
w-as held in the Pretbv’rrian Church in
|Charlestown, April 6th, 1831.
In the absence of the President of the
' l nion, John Boyer, second Vice President,
j took the Chair; and the meeting was opened
with singing and prayer by the llev. Wm C
Mr. N lluckmaster was appointed to act as
' Secretary, pro tem.
Delegates were present from the schools of
Shepherdatown, Fair Mount, Oak Grove, New
Hope, Philo, Charlestown, llarpers-Ferry,
Martinshurg, Gerrsrdslown, Tutcarora, and
Peach Grove.
| The annual Report was read by the Rev.
j James M. Blown, and on motion of Hw.Wm
C. Matthews, seconded by Rev. Septimus
Tuston, was accepted.
On motion of Joseph T. Daugherty, F.sq .
I Resolved, unanimously. That the cause of
Sahhath Schools, as the means of protecting
onr free institutions, »nd increasing thw ge
neral happiness of Society, claims the aid and
co operation of every individual
, l O® motion of Rev. James M. Brown, Ite
•olved. That the state of the schools within
the bounds of this Union, calls for the ener
getic Co operation of every friend of the
cause amongst us, in incre««i>g the friends
of the Union, increasing the number of
'schools, and gsthermg into them those who
do not now enjoy the benefits of Sabbath
School instruction.
Addresses were delivered hy the Rev.
Messrs. Matthews, Tuston, and Drown, and a
i very happy and appropriate address hy J. I*
. Daugherty, F.sq
I he Report of the Treasurer was read and
The Union proceeded to the election of
officers for the fullowiog year.
Dr. Henry lloteler was chosen President,
Ur. G. II. Stephenson 1st Vice President,
John Boyer 2d do.
Jonathan Uushwa 3d do.
Issue Chaplin 4th do.
Col. John Strother, Recording Secretary,
j James Me Murran, Corresponding Sec'ry.
I llsvid Keplinger, Treasurer
John Doll, tlezekish Hedges, Dr S (J
. Snvder, Stephen Staley, Robert Slemmons
and John W, Stewart, Managers,
j On mu'ion of Rev Wm C. Matthews, Re
solved, That the next annual meeting be in
j Gerrsrdvtown
The Union then adjourned, and ih.t meet
ling was closed with prayer by the H«-v Sep
' limns Tuston
JOHN BOYER, Chairman,
--stWffl —
The two Norfolk paper* li.vl an*
nutinceil that Miim gentleman had ac
’((•fptcJ the appointment of the Judge
Jnf that Circuit. The next morning,
j (last Tuesday,) however, the Deacon
; stated that this annunciation was some
what premature. •* We understand
i(»ays that paper) that a meeting of the
Xorfolk and i’ortanwuth Hnr took
j place yesterday, at which resolutions
were passed expressive of the highest
j esteem for him. and that his acceptance
of the office would he highly gratify
s mg. not only to the Bar. hut to the citi
zens generally of Norfolk Borough and
,County. AA hat answer has been given
to the committee who coininunicatrd
i these resolutions, we have not yet
) ■ learned.”
AA'e presume (hat the other Judges
will accept of their appmnfmerits. The
AA inchester A irgioi.m int.iua'e* that
. Judge Tucker would accept the office
, of president of the Court of Appeals;
although he would have pieferred the
, office of Judge of hi* Circuit
, | [ItMmmml I’.ikjihm r. Apt il JO
, /In/,id Travelling.—-Passengers who
left New Yoik on Thursday at half
„ past 3 o’clock, I*. M. arrived in Dalfi
u more yesterday, by the Charles Car
•• roll, at a quarter past -I o’clock — mak
, ing the passage fiom New York t»> Dal
tiinore. in hrrnl*/ foar hour* and forty
■ fitt minute*. j Patriot, .April 30.
it _____
fun Th» prirr nf FVmr mi B-hiinfW • »<
|| ninety at 41 Vi.loritie He- p»s »nk, |., Mr>.
••a i, 4' I i*/
There are many item* due to thw
office, for Job Printing. Advertising, gr ,
payment of which would he particularly
acceptable at this moment, when bills arc
pishing in from every quarter.
Free Press Office, May 5, 1931.
MISS M K. LA MON, thankful for the
liberal patronage which she lias re
reived, begs leave to inform ihe ladies ofj
Charlestown and its virinilv. that she will ,
be happy tn serve them still further. She
has received the Spring Fashion* fiom the
Eastern cities; and will take great plea
sure in attending promptly to the order*
of her friend* and customers.
May 5, 1831.
The subscribers are just receiving and
opeomg a general assortment of
which they will sell very low for cash or
country produce
Harpers Ferry. May 5. 1931.
\OAIN has the pleasure of announcing
to his customers and seekers of gowd j
bargains, that he is now reccit iug and
opening a
•Aew and S/deiulid Jstorhnrnt of
Embracing almost every article of sub
stantial and fancy floods. Also, a coin
plot® assortment of flrorenc*. t^ueeus
Win Anil I I inluu re Ki. ....
ham!, and intends keeping, a good supply
of wagon, cart and [dough Harness.
He humbly returns thanks for past fa
vours, and i* c»trem*-|y solicitous fur an
increase of patronage.
Harper* Ferry. High St. f
May 5. 1831 —St (
1 If 11 .LI AM ANDERSON would again
* " call the attention of hi* customer* in
Bolivar and its vicinity, to his
iVw an<i Splendid .i»>ortrncnt of
Embracing alnin»t every useful article.—
He returns thank* for the liberal encour
agement given him at this place, and so
licit* a continuance. The watch word is
Cheap, which shall not he departed from
This Store is atill conducted under the
name of W Anpchsoh k Co . for reasons
named in his first advertisement.
Bolivar, May 5, 1831.—3t.
RESPEC 1 FI l.LY inform' Ins custo
mars i>ud others wishing to purchase,
that he has on hand a splendid stock of
embracing a variety of colours and quali
ties. They were purchased at auction a
few day* aga, and will be sold cheap.
Harpers Ferry. High SI. )
May 5. 1831.—51 J
you s.i /, e.
T l'HE subscriber b*s ju»t received st ihe
1 Charlestown Apothecary and B ok
Store, the following wotk*, which he offeis
for salo at very reduced prices, viz :
' History of England, bv Hume,
1 Smollsit and Miller 3 volt.
1 i.ibbous’ Roma 4 vols
Russel's Modern Europe S volt.
| tiillct’ (Jrssoa . . . I do
Kain«ay's Universal History IS do
Neal s History Puritans . . & do
Josephus' Work* . . g do
Muvhsim*' Kolusiasticsl History 6 do
Claud*’ Defsne* of the Protestant Reform*
osalion J vol*
Johnson** Wotki i vols.
t Eng'mli Drams 2 do.
Rooerl'on* History of America I do.
Unb«rl*on’s History of Cherle* the 5th I do.
Robertson *» History of Soolland I do.
Buiko's Work* 1 do.
Saott'* Life of Napoleon 8 do.
Sinellia's Philosophy I do
1 Horn's Introduction to ihe Critical Study
A Knowledge of the Hoi) S«lipturc*4 do.
V1»K"6 on ttdni'mvnt 1 do
i MsKiught on the Epistle* 4 do.
( Burnet'* llistorv ni the Reformation A do.
j Ho oil's ( Waverly) Novel* a vols, 2J do.
Byron'* Work* 8 vol* I da.
M nor*’* (Thomas) Work* 8 vol* I do.
, Hrotl’s Po* 11 os I Wniks 8 vol*. I do
CraOh’* Po*tinal Works 8 vol* I do.
Robert Tr*at P tine's Woi ks in Verse end
! Pro*« I vol.
Hum"’* Philosophies! Rvsays 8 do.
1 Erdamli.f, on ihe New Constitution I do
I ' tPirmpiiiK'n*. ■worai ina Minor, uy Mr
Millhrw Hide I do.
Pale*’* Work*, Steru'* Woik*.
May i. JAMES BrtO W N.
Tn hr naLl at ,‘iurfiun.
PURSUANT to the decree of the Win
cheater Chancery Doln. l Court, made
on the Ad day of May. IMAO, m tbe.anit of
Jacob Vanderan, adnuniatrator of Jamc*
Kerney, dre'd, complainant again*! Peter,
William and Mnry kerney, heir* and le
gal representative* of Kdward krrney.
I dec’d, defendant*, I *b*ll *ell. at public
auction, for rath, on Saturday the 2*th
day of May. 1HS|, at Pcfrr k erne*’! la
tern, a valnatde tract of land in JrfJrr*on.
, containing IfM aerca, adjoining the land
whiah the aaid Peter, William and Mary
kerney told to Conrad Rdlmrre. being
part of the land of which the *aid kdward
• kerney died aeigrd The aaid tract i«
now held hr the aaid William kerner —
Ihe aale will he made at 11 o’clock A M
May b. IBSf —fa
ron sale,
\VOl Sti MSRF. ac rit*t«»mcft to work
k fully. Mir will i>e tolil at a modtrili
[ pf teg, Apply to Ilia a*.b«criher in t l» «rl*».
«»*wtt HENRY hLOAN.
May 5, MSI.
I I i A HOP. W AfiPB will be given for the *rr
j v»re« of a capable and atradv girl, a* Nl’ItSP
' Apply at Mra (’raighdl’a, t bartertraro.
Ap»'l ’’k, l'*'*!.—•**
sSfeu ML1
RKRSONS wishing to purchase good |
ami cheap Shoe*, are rrspertfullv in- |
vited to call at the new establishment, a i
ftw door* above Thomas C. l.ane &. (Jo 's t
Store, where they can be accommodated)
with every description nf (ientbiafn i.
Ladies’, Mi*se» and Children'* Hunt* and
Shoe*. ANn, tine beaver, black, brown.1
and white Hal*.
Shepherdsto wn, May 5. 1931 —6t.
new noons.
THK subscriber* are now receiving am!
opening, at tbeir Store, a large am! ele ;
gant assortment of
FdJicj/ and Staple Goods,
purchased will) esre in Philadelphia and Itsl !
tiifinre, winch they otIVr lo tbeir customers i
and the public on accoinmodaling terms.
Sbepherdstown, April 2K, 18.11,
money. I
J till K subscribers would thank those w ho I
" are indebted to them either by note or ,
npra account, to call and let them have a
little cash; for without, no pcr»ou can
conveniently carry oo business.
April 29, 1831.
omnK undersigned will give the luebest i
price in c**h for Men, Women, and
Children, of anv age. Application may bn
made to him at Mr. Ilain*' tavern, in Charles- '
tu»n. Li. W. M At.'INK. |
April 28, 1831.—tf
IN pursuance of an acl of the general
a«*cmbl> af Virginia, patted the 8lh
day ul April, 1881, incorporating a corn-1
panv to conitruct • rail road from the town
of VV Inrhetter. to aome point on the Puto- j
mac river at or near Harpers-Ferry ; and
appointing the undersignedcommissioners
to open hook* in the town of Winchetter,
to receive subscriptions of ttuck to the a
mount af $800,000, in shares of twenty
five dollar* each, notice is hereby girert.
that hook* will he opened as aforeaaid, at
the Town Hall in Winchetter, on Satur
day the 90tb instant, and he continued
■ open for the spare of sixty dayt thereaf
ter at ihe Hank of the Valley, aod at the
office of Discount aod Depotite of the
Farmers' Bank at Winchetter.
John H Cooke, Joseph If Sherrard,
Alfred II Pavell, lltnry M Urent,
-1 S Tidball, John At Promt,
John (iilkrson, John l/titkrll,
Henry If” Buker,
I Winchetter, April -28, 1831.
I Charlestown April 10, 1831.
, NJIF Stn« kholder* of the Smith
j | field. Charlestown, and Harpers
Ferry Turnpike Company, are hereby
| notified, that ao instalment of Ten Dollars
1 per ftharr of the *tock of said company (he
1 iog the 6th instalment, aod making in ali $10
< per share called in) is required t» be paid
in the Treasurer, flrvtrHNav Katas, Kaq. on
ihc fiiat dav of May next.
By order of the Hoard,
[April 28, 1&J1.J
rlA||K valuable Tannery, situated at
I Hillsborough. in Loudoun county,
‘formerly owned by Dr Long.it now for
] sale, at public auction. It Will bo offered,
'on Monday the -2ld of May, at I I o'clock.
, A M Tha yard ha* about 20 ratt There
is a good stone dw tiling house, ttone hark
'house, and atono ah<>p. There is an ex
cellent spring in the yard. 'I he term*
will be—lour equal annual payments, with
interest from the date of the purchase —
(»ood security will be required. This
tannery it situated in is neighbourhood
<*t*rt« bark and other material* can he
'had in graat abundance ; and where very
valuable custom can ulvvart he command
April 28, |8S|—f,.
rrj*Di»b«irg «e*duaof liberty, until «lav i f
1 *«li .
UjJitt of the Contractor for the Maryland
•Stale Itfferiie,
tUTixoir, araiL 3J*h, 18.11.
IN pretenting to his friend* and the public
the annexed scheme of the
No. ", for 1RI|, to he drawn in Baltimore,
on rhur*dav Itie J/ith of tin* nnl it.- f..„
tractor would mo»t rrvpectfull* rail their at
trillion to *h** very amati number ot I •tAr's
composing the tame.
mini 11# r u iimii ;
1 pti*« of #10,000 J 2 prize* of f 200
1 2.000 4 100
l 1,000 H A<)
t 600 100 N
1 400 2000 4
Five ticket# are #ure of 2 pri/ea and may draw
7. Only 5,000 tick eta—i**urd In quarter*
tluarirra |1 50 each, tu be find at
CLARK’S omens,
N \\ corner of 11 iltimorr and f'altert, N.
W corner of Itultimore and t»ay, and N F.
1 corner of llaltimnre and Fharle* •**
|{ Where the Inghe*' pmea in th» State
l.otlcnr* ha*e heen oftener aold, than at any
other Office"!
%• IHder# either hy mail (po*t paid) or
private conecyancr, mclming the c**h ot
pti/r#. Will mert tbe aame prompt and punt
lual atten<ion, aa »f on peraooal apphea
non Vldreaa to JOHN Cl.AltK.
Aprd JS Lvftery fender, Haihmtr*
(yr% 4 and 5 year# old, if applied
.N’t! for immediate!*
J 1 hate told my Hull /Irrffnmi—rear rvmg to
mv*elf, howevar, the u**■ »*♦ him from ihc
| 15th of June (when be will he hr ought betk
tt> my house; until |h# l«t uf September —
• •thin •Inch period llmae who may demr«
to breed from l*im w ill have the tavt op pm
• unity of doing m, by rending t\ with eacl
row M S IlKMH
Anrd Vft, !»*!•
I 1
fFKRs liis |ir<i|fisinnal smite*.
f*»r a lew ilat**, to the citizen* o»
C hark.town ami it* *iriuitr.
****** may be found at Mr. Hk< kh*w a
ho,r* Msy 4, ||*3|.
HA3 been induced by the liberal pa
tronage w hirli he baa received, to loci'*
Irm.elt in Winchester, and to extend In*
practice to the neighboring countin tie
will visit Charlestown bn the first At unlay in
every month, and can hr found at Capt. F.d
moods* hoteli Bhepherdatown the first Fri
day in each month; M»rtin»borg on the se
cond Tuesday* and thenre to \\ mehester on
the second Friday. *| he citixen* of ihe.o
places knowing him well, he will only add,
that he hopes to merit a contiuuati m of their
confidence and patronage.
April J8, 18 >1.
Trooper’s Uniform For Sale.
\Sl»l 1 of filiform Clothes, consisting ot
c*Pi plume, eoa», sash, pantabmn*, and
shabrock, handsomely trimmed with ailser
l,ffi and cot responding with the uniform tl
ttie Jrderaun troop, will be sold at an unu
sually low price. It it ncarl> new and made
in very superior style. Injure of the Prin
_May 3, 18.11.
to TIIK in hlic:7"
4S there is a report in circulation that I
had Hour too light. I wish to make known
to the pubhc the manner in w Inch it happen
ed, as my flour has held out weight in t.eorge
town and all other markets. About the lat
ter part ot last month I sent to ticorgrtown
a parcel of flour, lor 100 barrels of wtn- h 1
was fined p»f> 83 Upon seeing the bill t
was greatly surprised However, a short
a:_ _ . r* a__ _ • . a • •>■
■ ixut.m.1 mr lmm# u rnmm'i
nicafed to me that it must be returned and
that the fine would be refunded. I accord
ir.gly went to Oorgetown, and was there in
formed that my flour bad krn weighed with
Unlanet'*, which were new and not
correct, by winch mean* I received the fine,
as may he seen by the certificate below Iron*
the Inspector, Mr. llouoe.
Jefferson co. Va. April -’1, 18JI. —•
In consequence of the Scales not hong
correct that the flour was weighed with, I
have remitted the tine.
Flour Inupfrtor.
IITIM. be sold, at public tale, on the pre
v Y irises, ou Saturday the 2lst of May
next, the Mill, and adjoining l.ot, containing
ten acres, more or laas, of which the late Fran
cis Moore died possessed, situated on F.lk
Branch, about one mile fr om the Old Furnace.
On the lot ia a good log dwelling, kitchen,
Ike. The property will be shown, to persona
wishing to purchase, by the subscriber, or J.
II Moure, living near the same
1 he terms arc—one third of the purchase
money to be paid in hand, the balance in une
an<l two rears. A. MOO It F, Ex'r
April 21.—3t of F M*ore, doc’d.
Dissolution of Copartnership.
> till fc partnership heretofore existing be
J tween Anthony Kosenbrrger St William
WaUon, in the rndling businesa, is this day
dissolved by mutual consent.
Persona indebted to the fii m, would confer
S favor by making early payment. Some ot
the accounts are of long standing, and if ia
earnestly hoped a speedy settlement of them
\» dl be made to either of the subscriber*, be
tween this date and :h~ fits! of June.
April 21, 1831 — •
' OJftre of the Cheenpealnr and Ohio Conn/ ( >.
WasnivoTos, Aran. R lM.il.
! ^ »n instalment of two doll u» anti filly
‘cents per share, (being the 20lh m-t.tl
! •lenl) on every sharo of -lock in the Che
i ntpenke and Ohio Canal (’ompiiy, is re*
jq'iimd to I e paid on the 13th day of June
'next; which instalment must bn paid to
I the credit of the Chesapeake and Ofuo
i ^ *hal Company, to the cS-hier or other
j officer of either of the following Bitik*,
] vt/:
j The Branch Bank of the United States at
1 Hie Hank of Washington, at Washington,
j I tie Patriodc Hank, do.
Flic P ink of ih" Metropolis, do.
, The Farmer* and Mechanics’ Hank, s'. Ucorge
tow n.
I'l*e l!»r.k of Alexandria, at Alexandria.
The I'ank of Potomac, do.
I he I amirr*’ Hank < I Alexandria, do.
I nc M chanics* T.. k of Mrxmdria, do.
j rhe Hagerstown liar k, m llag"r«ti>w n, Md ,
I lie Branch of the \ all?) Hank, in Fharlea
town, V«.
And the ll-ancli of the Valley Hank, in I.ees
b't/g. Va.
By order of the President and Directors:
JOHN I*. INt.lF, ( Irrt,
I 'tr* A* h/m f 'anut Co t.
k * ,.I1 ft KIM mm.- • • ’I_
llrl'. ♦’»*♦» to purchase ONE U|»1.
» f DEED NEGROES of boili »« ir»,
from I'i to i.r» ycara of agr Also, mecha
no s of every itcacnption. Apply at John
Itorkinaater'a tavern
Any letter* addressee! tout at this place
*vdl meet prompt attention
m c m\Nki in,
B P I.KlifJ.
Gbarleitawn, March if, 1431.
I - --- -
■Staunton a'vi /'ofonutc A'ail Hoad.
rl RA! AN I to an Act of the ffeneral
Aasetnldy of Virginia, emitted, >;An
| act to incorporate the Staunton and Pnto
mac Knl Hoad Company." the suDern
t»ers, as eommmiooer a for the county of
Rockingham, will open hooka for aub
•rnption to tire stock of said contpany, at
the tavern ef Col \V m McMahon, m tho
town of Harrisonburg, at l| n'eloek. A.
M on Ik* id dmy of May next, (he
mg court day.) to be continued open et
’ leest ten day a The aatd act reqntrea sub
aeribera lor stork to pay the commission
era fna duller# on each abate, at lh« tuna
of #uh«rrtbing
t katUt ts*i», f»r» if f'Kritn%Ont
ftaberl H tiraitan, J it. ll'WArsiMn,
/Aiskm t tutk, JituJb f "Oritd,
J*bm ktmar*. Jam** l/uft
.btguttu* Hefermen,
1 April ! 4, I S3 b

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