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Virginia 0vtt |Jr*ss
/■ •snlV "7V I'or, -with Atom ** By the '
.iutho %f “TV- FW/ ttc ftuh.m "
link to th« voice of Winter! He hath laid
Hit gratp upon the Wildrrwraa, and tmol
I |V ihnrriu; garments of the woods id.tft.
Forth to the warring element*' lie mull
Hi- vrwrrablr Oak. and maca grown Pine,
Aod «rrw » their splintered fragment* in the dust.
la>' on the midnight trtnj*r*t he hath flung
Hu flawing mantle, and at mom the hills
Arv tpnnkled with it* snowy particles and field.
And iraggy precipice, and cottar roof !
He gite* the Frod it* message; and the brook
Thai in tlir hollow taller runs its tare.
Halt* in it* pshbly channel, and its face
Soon take* tue fixed and atony gaze of death.
The lake in which the wild swan dipped it«
And the white canvass wafted swift al mi
The fidier'* slender shallop, 1* now rhained
l.> thxrklo by the Frost's insidious hand.
I It» shore* sr mute mrr when the fowler's gun
With diarp report boom* ou the frosty air,
L Or the l> mg bay of distant hound is beard.
With thirrrmg step, and pule, despairing face
( rarpt from the Fast, the tardy Winter Morn!
He bring* In* nimble messengers the Wiuds
Ami the white Sleet, ami ul-nt-drifting Snow,
And many a Tempest bleak, in his dark train,
t'pnn his aged temples gleam* a crown
Framed hr ths subtle Frost ; and down his breast
A silterr beard in rough profusion (lows
A* firth he walks the flaky snow descends.
And o'er tlie plaius the shapeless hillock* swell,
lake foaming billows on tlie moonlit sea.
i Then bend tlie leafless branches of the Wood
With plumy trews and re*(denilent Ice,
And come* the Frost, and plies his magietavk,
And with skilful finger* hind* the Fartli,
And o’er the wave a lucid film extends
uuk which <1iro« thr glazing eye of death.
Then vanish all the ninttn I* of the air,
Save the lone Hittem, which with tunc lev* scream
Mils round tlie fens, or strikes his pointed bill
Deep m the frozen surface of the brook.
fW the Free Pert*.
Farewell sstrt fields and woods I love,
Farewell my nativr l,*-ust (irose.
Farewell ye scenes of childhood's dsvs,
Where my lesrt danced in youthful plavs,
WTserw first parental precepts pre.t
Their lasting image on my breast {
k are well lov d home, we soon must aerer,
To part—bowlong' alas, firevee! A. R.
From the Halt more Patriot
The very unusual inclemency of the
weather prevented the prompt arrival
of many of the delegatee, though they
had seemingly allowed themselves time
enough to be'present at the opening of
I the Convention—about ISO, however,
appeared at 12 o'clock at the Athe
naeum, when Gen. Abner Ltcock, of
Pennsylvania, was called to the Chair
for the time being, and Mr. Thomas
P. Ray, of Virginia, appoiuted Secre
After attending to some preparatory
boaioess, and adopting a plan for the
organize! ion of the Convention, an ad
journment took place until 12 o'clock
At 12 o'clock the Convention waa
called to order by A. Lacock. Kaq. and
the proceeding* of yesterday having
been read, the Secretary called over
the names of the Delegate*, according
to the order of ihe several States,when
-rr~-- ■
Main* C
New llimpifiirc 4
Connecticut 3
Hbodr UUiitj 4
Vcroiont . 6
MimrhuirtM 9
New York 14
New Jmrr ft
Pennsylvania S3
Delaware 5
Mary lam 1 10
Virginia Cl
North Carol ir.» I
*>hio 13
Krntncky IS
I .'rtiiaana -
District of Columbia 6
Indiana 3
Total li'J
After the members had aaswered to
their names Mr. Holmes *»f Maine,
moved that a Committee of five be ap
rrioted by the Chair to report to the
onveotiun what further proceeding*
were necessary for ita regular organi*
mutton. This motion having been a*
greed to, the Chair appointed Messrs
Holmes, Sergeant, Thomas, Dearborn
and Denoy. The committee retired,
and in a few momenta reported that it
"it deemed expedient that the officer*
cf tbs Convention should consist of o
President, four Vice Presidents, and
two Secretaries; and recommended
the following gentleman as theofficers:
For prudent of tli* fVmviiiWn.
Gst.HMKII B A ft tit it J It, Virginia.
17 or- Prrtuim'0.
C,nw. KEN r, of Mar, bad.
(isv. THIMBLE, of Ohm
Cien P B KUNt r.lt. of N York.
J«dg« I EM PIT, ot Vermont.
% rrr‘aru-$.
Mr. Mi l l Nt.H Aft I , of K. ItUnd
Mr. BACON, of Ohm.
The report of the Committee having
hewn adopted, Goveroor Harbour, ut
Virginia, took the Chair, ant) returned
thanks fur thu honot conferred upon
Mr. Holmes. Chairman of the Com
metre appointed to report what further
trocfding* were necewary, stated
that lie had been desired by that Com
mittee to offer the following resolution:
Hf/vrd, That this Convention do nm
proceed to nominal* o candidate for the ofT.ee
of President of the Waited States, to he
supported by all tl.nv* wl.o are opposed to
Andrew Jackson.
The resolution was agreed to.
T he President then announced that
he had received a letter from the lion.
Henry Clay, on the subject which had
called'them together, the presentation
of which was left at his discretion_
He accordingly handed it to the Secre
tary who read as follows:
WASHIXGTOX, DEC. 10, 18.11.
My Dear A'ir;—| was extreme!v
glad to learn that you had accepted the
appointment of a member of the Bal
timore Convention, which is to assem
ble next week, to nominate, for the
consideration of the people of the lT.
States, candidates for their President
and Vice President; and that notwith
standing the extraordinary inclemencv
of the weather, you had proceeded to
the city where the important trust is to
be performed. It is to be sincerely
hoped that the acknowledger! patriot
ism and intelligence of the Conven
tion, aided by the purity of intention
and practical good sense by which I
have ao often witnessed vou to be
cr 11 iiIin rxnK1 ir alT^i.a o»****
• ' S-#--• V a
your deliberations to results satisfac
tory to the community.
I must have been entirely regardless
of passing events, if I had not observ
ed that mv name has been repeatedly
mentioned as being likely to be brought
before the Convention,* and that, in
some instances, delegates have been
instructed by their constituents lo
yield support to it. as a Candidate f.»r
the Presidency. This restriction, or
■ny restriction upon the perfect free
dom of deliberation and decision pf
the Convention, is inexpedient. It
would have had a more happy constitu
tution if it had embodied the will of
all who are desirous of rescuing the
Executive Government of the Union
from the misrule which threatens to
subvert established institutions and
at steins of policy, long and deservedly
cherished, and to bring disgrace and
ruin upon ihe country. So constituted,
' the Convention could have made a
comparative estimate of the many citi
zens of the United State* who are
competent to disiharge the duties of
jChief Magistrate, and selected from
among them that one who, possessing
the requisite principles, would proba
bly unite, to the greatest extent, the
public confidence and the public sup
port. For one, I anxiously wi»h that
the Convention, dismissing every feel
ing of prevtou* attachment or predilec
tion, will now make impartially such
an estimate and selection : and should
|their choice fall npon any indvidual
other than myself, it shall have, not
only n»y hearty acquiescence and con
currence, but uiy cordial anti zealous
co operation
I have been very desirous to lay
these sentiments before the Conven
lion hill it aniiior.il lo raw. fix.! I
could not formally do it without incur
ting the imputation of presumptuous
nessur indelicacy. Will you then, my
dear air, with whom I have so often
had the happiness to be associated in
tha public council*, content to be the
organ of making them known, if ne
cessary,to the Convention? Should my
name not be presented to its consider
ation for the Presidency, it will not
be proper or necessary to make the
communication ; but it it should be, I
confide the manner of doing it to your
judgment and tense of propriety.
With fervent wishe* lor the preva
lence of good feeling* and harmony in
the Convention, I am cordially ami
constantly your friend, H CLAW
Jsmrs Bsrnoun, Kiq.
Alter the letter had been read, Mr.
Livingston, of New York, rose, and
after some remarks, proposed that
llenry Clay should be nominated by
the Convention at a candidate for the
office of President of the Coiled States
Mr. Dearborn, of Massachusetts,
proposed that when the sense of the
Convention was taken on the nomina
tion, that each member, as his name
was called by the Secretary, should
rise and namr the candidate to which
he was most favorable. Mr. Livings
ton having accepted this amendment,
it wa« agreed that the tense of the
j Convention should be taken in that
. manner.
The Secretary called over the name*
of the member*, ami tarh rising from
Ins seat, avowed himself in favor ol
llenry Clay. Mr. II II. Alexander,
of N*»rth Carolina, (who was undcr
to say that his mind »»• nut
made up on the subjei t) wa* eicuacii
from wominaiing his candidate,
j The Chair announced that IIKNKY
[CLAY' had been unanimously norm
.na'ed by tbe Convention as the muvi
I suitable perann to be recommended tn
lh«* people as a candidate for the office
of President of the Uuited States.
A committee of seven was appointed
to prepare an Address to the people.— !
The Committee was appointed by the ,
( hair, and conaists of Measre. Everett,
ol Massachusetts; Stananl, of Virginia; J
Dodds, of New Jersey; llowk, of In - '
diana; Johns,of Delaware: Cummings, j
of Maine; aod \\ i!son,of New Hamp
shire. I
Mr. Everett, of Mass, moved that j
the President and Secretaries inform 1
Mr. ( lay of his nominal on by the Na
tional Republican Convention, as a
candidate for the office of President of
the l mted States. This motion was
withdrawn, and a resolution substi- j
t Jted, that a committee of otic member
from racli State be appointed for that!
purpose. At the suggestion of the
( hair, the delegates from the several!
States oppuioted each their member of
the committee.
The Convention ajourned until next
day at 1 o’clock.
I he committee of one delegate from
each State, appointed to inform Mr. I
Mr. (May of his nomination by the Con-'
vention, remained after the adjourn•
inent, and resolved to address him a
iriicr, 10 ur uciivcrcd fo him ny a sou
committer of live of (heir body. Ac- (
jcordingly the subcommittee started
• M nshington in tlie afternoon at four
j o’clock.
tvRnxritiuT, i>Rr. 14.
The Convention tnet pursuant to,
adjournment at 12 o’clock.
Previously to entering on the busi
ness ol the Convention, a praver was
|delivered by the Kev. Dr. Wyatt,who,
j under a resolution adopted on Tuesday,1
had been invited to attend,
t The President having taken his seat
and called to order, it was
i /.V.Wr-v/, Tlmt Uov. Coin, the Hon. l)mni< 1 i
. \\ ebrter, of Matiarhiiftelts, iiiirt tin* Him. Y. Y. J
|( Immlierv, of Munhiul, ol the l . !i. he noitt-d
j to take Hull v itliiii the Imr.
1 he proceedings o! Tuesday were
1 then read.
Mr. Dearborn, from the committee
appointed to inform Mr. Clay of his
'nomination, stated that they had dis
charged the duty assigned them, and j
sskrd leave to report. The following
■ letters were then read :
UAI.TIMOME, DEC. 13,1831.
I Hon. IIkniiy Ci.ay.
Sir: The undersigned have been
appointed a committee by the National
Republican Delegates, now assembled
tin this city, to announce that you were
| this day, unanimously nominated as a
! candidate lor the office of President of
[ the United States.
Entertaining the most exalted opin
| ion of you' eminent talents, enlarged
patriotism and distinguished public
.services, we have the fullest« onfidence
that you will receive the united, cor
dial and zealous support of every
Irirnd to the Constitution, the integri
ty of the Union, and all the gieat
branches of National Industry, and
the prosperity of the general weal: and
wc pledge to jou, on behalf of the
Convention, tin* assurance of an ardent
determination to u>e all Inmuiable,
moans to ensure vour election to the
chair of Chief Magistrate of the Re
public. With the highest considera
tion, we have the honor to be, air, jour
most obedient servants,
I*. K. I.ivingstoo, ,\*nr )nr1:,
llv. Warren, .l/x/nr,
I .Miisnl .N'-w ll<trn]*hirr,
Wni. Jarvis, I'rmnnt,
II. A. H. Ib-srborn,
< lir. K. H'lUimt, tihmtir Jtiattil, I
John A. Ku k*»HI, f 'emu rttrut, i
.lob S. lltlSciMl, ,\Vw Jr’trif,
'I bos. Iltn u\ul<, /'. .i/#«y ‘t u’l’it,
K I. Diipout, />. .‘iru-iir. ,
W n». t'rier, ,I/>j e'.iuui,
Jo Hrrckinrotgt-, I nr-in'tt,
J. Mom*-, fituo,
Ihuil. ltr*-«k, Amtm f ",
I-’. It. Shnniwii, .With Citf
Jno J Nr.lv, /niLtum,
II. A. Nullwil, tsiihxUimi,
Itirh. H. C«>sr, /h*tliet nj Colum
mu. a.us aksw r.it.
WAtHIM.TOR, lotll lit ( . 1831.
(ienthmen—I liave the honor to ac*
know! edge the receipt of the note,
tv hull, •* a committee of the Conven
tion ol National lienublu an Delegates
now assembled in Haltittiote, jou ad-'
diessed me, stating that I had tieen
thin dav unanimously nominated bj
the Convention aa a t ondidatr for the
offue .»! Fiesident of the I . Mates.
Tins Manifestation of the confidence
of a bodv so distinguished •• received,
gentlemen, with livelj sensibiiitj and
profound gratitude.
Although I siteuId have been glad it
the Convention had delegMtd some
Citir.cn of the Coiled Males, more
competent than mvvelf to he the instru
ment of accomplishing the patriotie ob
jeef* whuh the j hava in vi*w, 1 do
tint leei at libertj to dvelinr their no
mmation. iih* mj respectful and
cordial si know h «lgn,enl*« vmi ni l bi
plrasc d lu inwiittuHiia'e to the t on
ven»t.*n, n.v acceptance ol then itomi
notion, with me assurance that what
ever shvll be the event of if, our coin
•non country shall ever find me faith
ful to the Union and the Constitution,
and to the principles of public liberty,
and to those great measures of national
polity which have made us a people,
prosperous, respected and powerful.
Accept, gentlemen, my thanks for
the friendly mnnner in wrhich you have
conveyed the acts and sentiments of
the Convention.
I am, with high respect.
Your ubd't serv’t,
1 o Mfwn \V»rr«*n, Jarti*. lkarbocn, J
mmI fillers. \
The answer was received with three
distinct rounds of enthusiastic applause
on the part of members and visiters.
A motion was thc.i made to go into
tiie nomination of a candidate for the
office of Vice President of (lie United
States. Mr. McNairy, of Tennessee,
having offered mme prefatory remarks,
nominated JOHN SKULK A NT, of
Mr. Jones, of the District of Colum
bia, seconded the nomination, and in
doing so, addressed the Convention
for some time with great ability and
On the vote being takrn.it appear)
that Mr. Sergeant hail received out
nunurcn ami si.rn/, nemg ilie wnule
number of mrmbrri present.
On motion of Mr. Kncock,
WrWjri/, l'liat a ihinmillir of live, to l>e
naroed by the chair. be appuinletl to iiilunit Mr.
Serpant of bia nomination.
The chair namrtl Messrs. I.acock,
of Pennsylvania; Stanard, of Virgi
nia ; Jones,of the District of Columbia;
Stone, of New York; and Morrow, ol
A letter was read from two inem
bers of the convention fiom Kentucky,
Messrs. Francis Johnson and James
M. Morchead, expressing their regret
at not being able to get on in time,
owing to tire extreme severity of the
weather, and stating in the strongest
terms their preference of IIfnry Ci ay,
as President. The Convention then
adjourned until Thursday at 10 o'clock.
The Convention met pursuant to
adjournment. The meeting was open
ed by a prayer by the Uev. Mr. Nk
The President having taken the
chair, and called the Convention to
order, the proceedings of Wednesday i
were read.
On motion of Mr. Fairfax, of Virgi
uia, a resolution waft adopted reconi -j
mending the appointment of Central
State Corresponding Committees in
Stales where they do not at present
On motion of Mr. Hlunf of N. Y.,
a resolution was adopted, recommend
ing to the Young Men of the National
Republican Parly to cause a Conven
tion of Delegates to be held at Wash
ington in May next.
On motion, it was
li_^j.^1 «t._ i *-__ _ _ .1 i
hi'lorr 4 u’rlotk, •ml orocr* il in a !•<«!> in jmv
tlicir rr»|M-ct« to Cliarlc* Can oil, <>f (’•million.
Mr. Lacoc k, from tlic Committee
appointed to inform the lion. Mr. Ser
geant of his nomination a* a candidate
for the office of Vice President, stated
that the Committee had performed the
duty assigned them, and laid before
the Convention the following corres
IJ.Tl t.ll TO Mlt. sr.ltOKANT.
RALTlSwaS, list. It, ia.ll.
lion. John Sriw.rvM,
Sir—The undersigned, a Commit
tee appointed by lire National Itepub
lican Convention, for the purporse, in
form you, that you have this day been
unanimously nominated by the said
i ontrenlion as a c andnlaie for the ofTn c
of Vice President of the I'nited State*.
It give* them much pleasure to m*kr
tin* communication, having the strong
eat assurance* from a review of your
political chararter and conduct hereto
fore. that if elected, you will be found
an able and effuient auxiliary to the
enlightened statesman recently nomi
nated for the office of President; and
that you will cheerfully CO operate
with him in maintaining the suprema
cy of the I.aw* and C unslitu’ion of
the foiled State*, and defending (lie
pntnaiy and important interest* ol the
people. f ndft these impressions, the
committee are extremely solicitous,
that you should accept the nomination
thus unanimously ami spontaneously
tendered you by the convention; in
which result tin- committee ate war
ranted in pledging too the heart* and
zealous support, nut only t.f their to!
iengur* and fhemaelve», but by the
great constitutional patty ol lh# I •••
ted Males, by whom they ha*a been
delegated to tins fonvenMrwv.
Accept, Sir, tbo a**oiancea rf our
respei tful consideration.
.iH.YI U /- U'Ut'A.
ii //././. ui /. a n*Yi.
hoiii n i Ht.KV.tnn.
0.11 rLU "».V1 v
BALTIMORE, DEC-. 14. 18.11.
Gentlemen: — ! have received your
note of this date, informing me'that
the National Republican Convention,!
now sitting in this city, have unani
mously nominated me aa a candidate
for the office of Vice President of the
United State*.
The nomination by a body so en
lightened anti patiiotic, for one of the
highest trusts of the republic, is felt to
Ik* a very great honor, and is appreci
ated accordingly. It is the more grati
fying, as it associates me in their esti
mation and support with that distin
guished citizen, whose public life and
character, marked bv undeviating de
votion to the best interests of our
country, and a spirit as generous aa it
is elevated, arc a sure pledge lhat an
administration under his guidance
would l>e comprehensive and national,
aiming unceasingly to picserve the
union, to maintain the suptemac? of
the Constitution and laws, to keep un
broken the public faith and honor, ami
to regard, with becoming indulgence
and respect, the honeat difference*of
opinion among our fellow citizens,
which our republican institution* per
mit and invite. To co operate with
him, to the extent of whatever means
I __ .. ...
» 111 inu» promoting me net- ,
fare and happiness of the nation, and
rescuing the freedom of opinion and
conduct from unconstitutional oppres
sion, would be no less tny pleasure
than my duty.
Ue pleased, gentlemen, to make
known to the Convention my accept
ance of their nomination, and with it,
to express to them the unaffected sen
sibility with which 1 have received this
distinguished proof of their confidence.
I beg you to accept mv thanks for
the kind nnd nattering terms of your
communication, and to be assured of
the high respect of, gentlemen, your
most obedient servant,
'I o M«m. I jr«k, Morrow, See. he. rom.
The acceptance of the nomination
by Mr. Sergeant was hailed with en
thusiasm, and drew forth three distinct
lour.ds of applause.
Mr. Id \mg*ton said, that lie was
authorised by the committee, appoint
ed to draught an address, to state that
the committee was not yet prepared
to report.
A vote of thanks was passed to the
National Republican Committee at
Baltimore, and to the Committee of
Arrangement, for the accommodation
and courtesies extended to the Con- \
vsntion tn«l it* members.
The Convention then postponed bu
siness until 1 o'clock.
At one o'clock the Convention ie
assembled, but finding that some de
tails would delay the addicts until a
late hour, resolved to adjourn until I l
o’clock mxt dav. The Convention
then adjourned.
At 4 o’clock the Convention formed
a procession 10 pay their irspect* to
Mr. Cnrroll, according to the forego
mg resolution.
rtmiAT, dkc. 1G.
The Convention met pursuant to ad
The Hev. Mr. Finlay delivered an
eloquent player. The President call
ed the Convention to order, when the
proceedings of Thursday were read.
Mr. Rrerctt, from the rcmimittee
appointed to draw up an address to tin
people «»f the I’nitrcl states, having re
ported that the committee had di<
charged the duty assigned them, pro
ceeded to read in a dignified and cm
phat c manner, tlie address. The read
ing of this important and able docu
ment was listened to with the most in
tense interest, and when finished.was
sanctioned by the enthusiastic applause
of all present. On motion,
Itr 'th’nf, 'Mud the nMrco, ss rvpoctnl, tw i
On motion,
Rr nhxit, That ln/mcofiM it ihf »Wn-t I
Jirinlrit, togrilii r »iili lit*- jirnffrilinpi ,.| II,**
'imii-nlioii, amt t**- .Iter,1.,1 io«W IK,-itn*-r>
lion i4 a roiMiolll, c *|i|*>in'<-«l Fur *twd i*it|- **
The Chair turned the following gen
tlemen member* uf the committee? —
Messrs. Kveretr, Hlunt, font.
On motion of (Jotrrnnr Morrow,
//.«*/*•*■•/. I h,t llir ikilii <1 ibo I'llSK lrfl»«
|M. i < «| f*, •!»*• t're«ot**nl arwl \ »*r IV* »n5. m«
r,,r • hr *•-»> sl-le aii'l <ligi-i(t**l .iwi»,i.» r in «*l,i. It
ihi* hio |<r mini uin Ms drill**
On motion rd Mr Dearborn,
//»• »»/, 11,.f «t.«- tl,Mi.li» 14 ilii* ttiw.
W | »• •» nl»*l l„ ll*e tw>*Srfn taro-- f««c it,- ir 4l|,li
lt UhI K al m III* lll-»ti»iy;r i I tin u MilifMt i|u>
lo %.
The President tlien arose and re
turned thanks for him veil and histol
league* for the ir solution that had just
been adopted. < >n motion,
/f. 4*At.1 t«a< tb*- tVrsnSr ill hf rljii* i*,H<i
f'rrr,i»li a r<^>i ■4 tie* *Mo »•, a»,«l ll,<i ii I- |-»iV
|.*l,»#! m * i«jn »tlb lb- |4 a«-*ilun» d 'hi
I -Mill StiiiD
Mr. Ilradish moved that a vo'r of
thanks he tv (sen. Nhnn l.a
tri k. for the dignified manner in which
Lid pitsi !**? nr *he pt*d'mins’*
proceeding* of the Convention, width
wa« agreed to.
On motion, the following resolution
W»» unaniinouals agreed to:
//r*«/rcJ. That the thank* of the Convri
lion l»e tendered to the Itev. Clergymen.* I •
*o kindly officiated at the opening of it* u
The Convention then adjourned x?«
I lie ioliuw mg art* th«* prutleinen who antwri
to *h<-ir tiatiir*, a* ilel^iiri from \
liirliM Aililui < liar I •» I (ill
Itob't AikIitvii .lodina M tlm HI
.lamr* BaHK.nr John M irahall. Jr.
It. \\ . Haiti.ti |* ( l*i‘mtli*ln,i
Ifctiil llrip;* t NithU it Tow. ||
Jatnea Bi t-i-kinirntgr 11. , |* j|^v
|{i»h»it H. < .<>i hin Joint liilliafi f i*w
W It. • alttwell 1 lio». Turner
John It I lopton H. s Turner
Saiu’l II Ita*i» KlUhrit T. Tailor
Henry Fail fax Win
I*. J ('iilien A. Simunrr
Mr t'arr
1 he " Democratic” members • '
tlte Legislature of Pennaytvari* hrl«?
* Caucus in the State Captiol «
1 hursday the 15th inst. at which r
was unanimously revolted, that tin
State Convention, for the norainatic •
of the electoral ticket lor Prrsidri
and Vice President of the United
States, and of a candidate for (Jo
vrrnor of that State, be held at Hat
tisburg on the 5th March next.
Mr*. I?oyul’j paper, Paul Pry, ha'
actually made it* appearance a'
ashington. We Rive a portion «.*
her inaugural address, from which
the character of this new journal m:
be inferred. We hope her cditoti.J
duties will abridge her locomotiv,
“ I o all thia we reply, our court
will be a straight forward one, -
herclolore: the same firmness whit •
has ever distinguished our pen, wi*
be maintained. To this end let it l <
understood, that as we are of no pat
ty, we will neither opposa noradvL
cate ary man lor the presidency.—
I he welfare and happiness of ot
country is our politics. To promot<
this, we shall oppose and expose a
and every species of politiral, cis
and religious frauds, without fca*
favour or afTrction. We shall patio1
ize turrit of u hattoevrr country, ari
or politics. We shall advocate tt
liberty of the press, the liberty c !
speech, and the liberty of conscience
1 he enemies of these bulwarks! fov
common safety, as they have shoe,
none, shall receive no mercy ct ou
hands; and as for those cannibnl
the anti-masons, the cotempur at i< .
of negro insurgents, we shall met
them upon llicir own ground— ■
mean that «>f extermination. l"i
• in- mi, ici an pious generals, col
ncls and conto)Hider s of our at n
and navy who make war upon o!
women, hew sir. l. t all pious po*
mast cis who i lie at the govern we.
hy franking traits, beware. Let tl,
same pious men who have ru!»bi
the mail iif oui money, beware L<
all pious contractor 5 wlio stop pa< k
beware. Let all pious pc*.'
masters who cannot read, comtucn<
learning henceforth—ncver too la.
to learn. Let all pious boukaellri
w ho take pious bribes, fear and tri n
hie. I.et all your ladies who hawk
lra< k* into young gentlemen’# room .
beware; and let old inaidt and old
bachelors matry as soon us tli*
Tin Uevcreml Sidnrv Smith, in I,
speech at the I auntun meeting, *at>>
that the attempt of die l!ou*« of J,on' •
to stop the progi r*« of the Reform, 1.
minded him uf the conduct of the ex
csllelit Mrs Darlington, during th«
great storm at Sidmmifh, in IH * 4. Tin
tide io»e to an incredible height ; tl.
waves rushed in upon the house*, aiu
every thing was threatened with dr
strut lion. In llie nmUt of the tearl
mm motion «»l the element*. Dime !*»•
imgfon. who lived upon the sea heard .
was seen at the door of her house,vn .
mop and pattrns, trtirnjltng h*-r mi.; .
and sweeping out the tea water, an 1
vigorously pushing hack the Vlaut.
Ihe \tlantic was roused, and so wa.
Mrs. Partington ; hut the contest w »„
une«|ual. I lie Atlanta heat Mia. I’u
tiftgton. .Nie was excellent at a slop
or a puddle, hut she could do nothi* -
w i'll a tempest
Mvos.Drc *—Winter, this titer
mug, 1| peered as rough as a wKi»
saw, and as hard as the face of .
usurer. The ground was frotr • ,
and ice in the streets was thick «
ncugh to skait upon. Many pn
pigs c tar led thrir tails for the l. •
tmu t-arul, like the ( ohblrr of \V t .
va«, laid down thrir livrt and th* .
hi 1st bs for the salvation of three.. ,
f f t

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