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It may to well ewowgh to remind I be pstolcc,
•tot the Ana liary Colonization Society of this
county, intend celebrating the Anniversary of
Ararrttaa Independence, by an effort in behalf of
tbr grant Colonisation Scheme. The celebration
«iU to conducted in one of itothwrchca In Chertr*
toes, and wiU consist of religious rx revises ami
an oration. A soliestion, in behalf of ths object,
«>U be tnhen up, and it it hoped that this iatinaa
tijo will wat prevents Urge caffrchew of peogde.
The CMrt is pml ever every newspaper
nr receive, ft U the all ■engrossing theme. Dm
ne are happy to be able to Rate, tom it lad not,
at the laot dates, crashed any of our huge cities.
The moat native prtpmwtbms are being made,
to pram m ha progress southwardly. WUI it net
be well far our own ciffsena, (In all our towns,)
to looh to their gutters, arOara, ka. » TheChln
nde of Lima U an important disinfecting agent
Temperance will do mush to stay the raster.
Mr. Aiumn has furnished ns with two
important doeuaaenta. printed for the use ot Con
iw -t contoiwB the several reports upon the
Btok of the United States, (S7« pagex), too other,
••a report on tons Cordages, by o select ms
mittro at the Haas of Commons of Gram Bri
ton, (SU pages.) Both paper, mntain much
are at the service of the public.
If-L—The season far a traffic in wool, seems
to horn fully arrived, and wbiU almost every
n err bom in town or country is engaged in the
rry far wool, we are sorry to say the article does
sot yield half the price it did last year. Our mem
bers of Congress too, (who, a few weeks ago.
•era ready towoaf one mother,) are pretty noisy
upon the subject. One insists upon it, that the
doty me come off- another, that it must he
b‘T* "•—■ third, that it is a duty to Risk to do.
«*es and a fourth, that the duties an too onerous,
*** ha lessened. But ene thing appears to
b* Phg on all the time—whilst the farmers get
but little far their wanl, the mshabera me dividing
the pub Us leoee, and, we Caer, wiU remain in
Watoington until lock as well aa Serve will be
TKc North Caroline State Convention met at
Raleigh, aa the IBtk Instant A bant 40 delegate,
attended. Anaiv Jicum vu -t~a-iimira«lj
nominated aa a candidate for President of the U
nitad States, and Pour P. Diatom aa Vice
President. An nddresa was reported, nod arrauge
menU nan da far forming an Electoral ticket.
We had prepared a brief notice of the /W-nfrurf
rd merting lately held la the Ptrahj terian Choreh
ia this place; hut the fallow iag will, in come men
wre, supersede It We may, however, state, that
the exercises were impressive, sad wars listened
to by a large and attentive auditory; and not with
ttaodiug the meeting was la the midst of the hay
harvatt, the attendance from the country wna ve
ry numerous. ThU evinoea a growing Interest ia
serious aonaerwai aad the occasion affords ns the
opportunity of amkiug a remark upon what has
aftru astrnctrd our attmtion namely, that we
heve never ieeo a community more sensibly tins
to tho dignity and decency cf public worship,
***** Wswitnessnoludifferenee, no noise,
no retalramiss. This sondost rrlrrti equal ho
epo* the asuse sf Religion and upon the pee
H*- ««— persona partook of fan an
A meeting of this nature has been recent
ly held in this place, in tbe Presbyterian
Church, of whkb tho Rev. ». Testa* 1a the
Psstor. The fallowing aSfatsters wore pre
w»tt Tho Rev. Messrs. Jam, lUutm,
Baown, Mntas, and T. B. Bauch. We regrot
a disappointment in (fee attendance of the ve
nerable Dr. B«ua, of Georgetown, D. C.
who has boon ministering in tarred things,
for more than half a century. We loans
that ho has not declined, but simply post poo
*4, aa Intended visit to our village.
TK# murmwmimns dlalm — a ■ tl. -
rocnoed by a sermon on Thursday evening,
and ware eloaed oa the Monday eight follow,
mg. On the intervening Sabbath, the Church
was crowded, even to overflowing. Daring
the whale of three exercises, we caw nothing
to Which the meet fastidious could object
Much good apparently waa done. There eras
no tendency to the least disorder. There
waa no asperity towards other denourinathm
of Christinas, but, on the contrary, the it
pcession of the nstt cordial good will. The
ruialstora, indeed, dealt in solemn warnings
end animated appeals, but these appeals were
truly aflartlanate.
We understand that the ministers leave
our village, with ftate fa I feelings foe the
kindness of its inhabitants; and we think
that the inhabitants will not be reluctant to
extend to the servants of the Moat High, the
“■» civility aad attendance on their mtafo
tratioa at any fature time.
Oa Aatsrdty last, the earner dona of a Jfn
Chussk, (to he free, we Mho, for all dan ami
«as laid is Smlthflefd, by the Wsdrs
«f Trikmunsr Lodge, assists d by tbs frsdemltj
•f Winchester, Hartlsdsrg. Ihsphirdats we,
Harpers. Ferry, Soishrrtvtffs, and ether ptsies.
At II e'cissh, A. M a preiftsien waa formed
wwdstiag of marc than 100 of foe hwdhmu, me
br the d.reetiee sf R. f*. Hvwra*. as gvaaf
mwd-( The i nr soapy sf ley is* d
*"w wee y rtf reused by Nmistn
»bw»wt Deputy (bend Msttsr dm sell
vwrs hy foe lUt.J. R. J erases, af Wi
After the Wans wet lead, an etegnsat
fc"»dmf with htoorisai lasidats an
ithidrwi., we* pr*weuaeed by ieos A. Toots*
•**-Rn The proeeeaiaa tlsesi psneeeded tathi
MeiVshu f Vwch, where foe Bet. J. R. Mam
dvltvereds mow n|riidu and tsT r Trg r*
dmu, Greeted (s the w halt nsdMscy, (af nhtsh i
’Wge pnetinn mo* ledire,) as w«M os le foa ** hr*
"wvdfoafShlh" We hettrvr that atmeai
’ »vccy one, however weft p|
« tW hnuru, p«foj.
«’<wisa sf U, Hi ehish the
' I'Stnd for nereisity sf
if t Maw complete, hy the addKioe af that *<
I-At _ ■ ' 1 ' L 1 " ' ■
• CAn mm a This aaeansd l*Wn appropriate
rap Kmc to the WantUTul itolmwl fabric which
; mwti Ota pri jadim of many whn might here
tofore Wvr conudervd tbit ancient inatitotion ad
' Term to Christianity.
Tito amiara ware increased In interest by the
j acceptable aid of tha Martinshnrg Amateur Daad.
; headed by that skilful musician, Mr. J. T. Hus.
»«L Nat 1cm than 1300 people attended, to wit.
iaaaatha ceremonies* and, not withstanding this
large assemblage, (greater, perhaps, than has!
ever entered the limits af Smitlaftrld at any ouc
Uaw,) we heard not of a single msplrunmt inci
dcoti and we WUeve all went away highly grati.
•ed with the antortaiements af the day.
We shall probably hare the
lag before awr renders, both of the addresses de
livered an the occasion.
Os Monday the ltd, la the Senate, several nse
W iff bill of the Sacrctary af the Trcacary.
A bill, grunting letters patent to Horatio Gatos
Spaffbrd, Cor a discovery to *>ld fourfold power to
the draia engine, and allowing him to file his 1
specifications among the confidential archive of
the department, to rrsaaia there tor one year, was
paaaed to Its thin] rtadhig.
A number of minor hills went psmcl; and a
hill anasrniing the prnniiu i I of the Tmnrs
tot, Coosa, Cahawba, and Maafc Warrior rivers,
was ordered to be engronasd and sand a third lime.
la the Am, the hill to increase the number
of surgeons and aaaiotant surgeons, in the army,
was paaaed.
The tariff bill occupied the principal part of
the sitting—about 10 hours.
Oa Tuesday the 19th, both houses adjourned,
to attend the funeral of the Hon. C. C. Johnson,
a member from Virginia.
Oa Wedneaalay tin- *Hb, in the Smntr, the bill
to extend the lime to which pensions hare been ]
granted to the willows of persons killed, and who '
have died in the pavaJ service, waa ordered to a j
third rending.
After an ineffectual effort to go into Executive 1
business, tbe Senate took up a biU concerning j
| tbe public lands. The galleries and privileged '
seats werw crowded to hear Mr. Claw, who tpoke 1
•or four howra.
■» \nm nouse, ur consideration of tl*c Tariff
MU vm continued until the hoar of adjournment.
Friday the 33d, in the Senate, the bill nu
king appropriations for intmuil improvement a,
w debuted and pnaaed to a third reading—SC to
Ia the Heuse, the bill to pay certain Virginia
claims was further debated, and ordered to be
rendatbird time, by a vote of 111 to 5*.
On Saturday, the Senate peaerd the improve
aaent bill, end then proceeded with Executive
The Ikuse, after the nsnal business, continued
the disanaaion of various amendment* to the Tariff
A female friend,(of the Emerald lale,) who has
accurate idea of our penchant fur “Pnuiec,”
has sent ua some of the “tint fruit, of the sea
son**—a mess of fine large mealy ones,—which
might serve to reeel e thousand glories connect
ed »Kh the land of St. Patriek. After all, we
mud repeat, that the woman understand matters
af taste hoMar than the tarn. We are under a
thoaaaad obligations to them they never forget
IPBar. Mr. Btua will preach in the Elk
Branch Church, no Sunday Morning next, at
10 e’elnek, and in the Free Church at Har
pers—F" erry, at 4 o'clock io the afternoon of j
the same day. June 38.
OAfune ral discourse will he prearhed j
on Saturday morning next, at ID o'clock, in
the Elk Branch Church, by the Her. Karrs
ai* Tvsrow. June 38.
fPA four-days* meeting will commence
on Friday afternoon next, the 3Sth mat. at
1 o'clock, ia the Church at Elk Branch.—
Several minister* front a distance will at
lond. June 38.
tr rse loin nutter appointed by the Jef
ferson County Colonization Society, to make
the necessary arrangement* for celebrating
the Fourth of July, are requested to meet at
the uAcs adjoining the Bank in Charlestown,
on Friday neat, at 2 o’clock, F. M.
The following gentle use o compose the com
mittee, sis i
Andrew Hunter, J. T. A. Washington,
CJeo. W. Humphreys, Waa. Brown,
B. C. Washington, Jno. 8. Gallaber.
H. 8. Turner,
J one 88, 1*32.
O’The Board of Managers will meet in
the room of the Bank Directors, on Friday
the fith of July, at 12 o’clock, to consider
business of hnportaare.
The hffrrmm Cmmtf .fardUry fd«4>
tefis* Hmritlf, will meet in the Episcopal
Church mCharlestown, on Wednesday morn
ing the Fourth of July, at II o'clock, where
an Oration will be delivered by Jsmm J.
Blows, Esq. aad a collection taken up to aid
the funds of the Society.
The reverend clergy, and the public gene
rally, are invited to attend.
June 98, lift'd.
i roes the saber fiber, living
m Jrtfcraoa county, Va. ou the night
of the 14th tact, a negro mew, named JONAH,
about 99 or 89 years of age, S feet 5 or 0
inches high, with light I smite, hut tolerably
well formed about the breast, when he
walks he rather lean# back, of dark eom
gtths, has a wide mouth aad thick lips;
rather a broad nose, a little iwetmed to the
Bam an, or raised in the middle; he w not
rrry lutwiHgrat. thud negro belongs to the
, estate of lau Martin, dec'd, nod was hired
by aaa from Waa. Bntlrr, Kaq administrator
thereof I da net recollect all M* clothing,
aa ha ban several changes; but he look with
him a Mm cloth cent about half wora, aad
a Matk fur hat about half worn There is
ae deubt be will try to pan fur a freeman.
I will glee |N reward, if token in this
state, er f» if taken out of the state, and
pay all roaeouable e«pen*es, f brought home
or ms amd an that I get him again.
June 2*. ltfti ?
1 ‘"mrr Oooela.
ll.WE received » fresh supple uf SUM
MER GOODS, which will b. 4ld cheap.
Penoa. wishing to purchase, aro rcqueeted
to call ami r a amine them.
Cliartestoam, June 2d, 1832.
nr «m^
RIO and Java COFFEE,
Loaf and lump Sugar,
Rice, Chocolate,
New Orleans Sugar ami Molasses,
Gunpowder. Young Hyson, >r_ .
and Imperial c™'
Raisins ami Almonds,—Cocoa Nuts,
Coarse and fine Shor»,
Morocco. Cordeean, awl Prone lie Shoes,
Fur and Palm-I*af Hat*.
Handsome Waiters, in set*,
Ready-made Clothing, Be.
For sale by
Charlestown, June W, 1832.
Plank aaH Him me
fllHF. subscriber has on hand a quantity
* PLANK, of various kinds, and a
<upp|« of STONE COAL, of carellent quali
ty. wnich he will sell upon the most reason
able terms CHARLES HARPER.
Shcj.hcnlstoa n, June 2H, 1831.
(^WisdrOrr HefmVicun St. and Anron/
.Imh l Ternary Hall*
THEME will be a Ball at the Belinda
Springs on the 4«b of July nest. To
•bene coming from adistancr.it may be grati
fyi«g tn knew that the bouse is now in the
occupancy of that caterer of good things,
Mr. Dnnicl Schnrbly of Hagerstown, who
haa mode many improvements, ami whose
known attention and ability to pteoee will be
a sure guarantee that they will meet the best
of accommodations.
Lit M. Fniton, *1 Z C. tier. JStilt, jr.
Joseph C. Hmpt, * Cketlon RinfgoU,
Chmrltt Harper, . c ^ .V. U. Robinson,
Il’iUUn Imcos, S i Gto. B. Stephenson,
Gto. S. Mere Jitk, J " | Gto. StnUle/UU.
June 28, 1832. _
Bank of the I'alley in Urania, ?
June 20, 1832. \
STOCKHOLDERS are hereby notified
" that the annual meeting for the election
of Directors, and for other purposes, will he
held at the Banking House in Winchester, on
Wednesday the 18th day of July nest.
II M BRENT, Cashier.
Winchester, Jane 20, 1832 —tm.
#m rmtnmkie Property.
TH R subsariber, dcsinai of retiring from
business, offers for sale, very low, his
situated in the centre square in Sharpebovg,
Washington county, Md. It fronts 45 feet
on the mein street, running back about 35,
wills a back building and kitchen attached
thereto—the whole conveniently erected.—
On the lot la an excellent Mono smoko and
spring house, log stabling, and a large never
failing spring of excellent limestone water.
It is decidedly one of the best openings for
almost any kind of public business, that is of
fered at this time, being near several great
and extensive public works just put under
contract. It wdl readily leaas for an income
of 10 per cent.
Persons wishing to purchase, arc Invited to
call and judge for themselves Terms mo
derate. 8AM1TP.L RUCKLE
Sharps burg, June 28, 1832 —4t
BY virtue of a deed of trust to the under
signed, trustee for David CUspr, from
Matthias Spangler, doted the 25th day of
September, 1830, and duly ntennieji.TwMI |
«h and warn, twelve chairs,
yards ef carpeting, two tables, one
cradle, one gun, twe tree pot a, one oven, one
akillet, Ur tubs, one hogshead, nun bog,
half dosea knives and forks, on# hand saw,
one use, and the interest ef the said Spang,
let in the house occupied by him upon the
public ground. Sale to commence at 2 o',
June 28. 1832. Tru.u*
Hmre yon Poryotten t
MfOTRS given foe articles purchased at
J.W the sale of the personal property of
John Lock, dec*d, have been fee soma time
due. Perases thus, or in any ether way in
debted to aasd estate, are requested to make
Itomediate payment. All persona having
farffgg thorn forward in anch artier aa tho law
direct*. WM. P. LOCK, Mm'r.
Jane 38, 1833.
I AM rota pc lied to rrvort to this unplea
sant method of cautioning tbo public a
gainst my aon BF.NJAMIN. Ilia rondnct n
such that I canoot avoid ib I therefore for
warn all peraon* against harbouring or deal
ing with him, as I am determinrd to proac
cotc them for ao doing, to the utmost extent
the law. APAM BROIVN, Ben.
i C*barlcatown, June g, MOT.
af ff frglT,
To preverU running or attaining of
horaea in the atreeta of StnUhfdd,
in the county of Jefferaon, orut for
other purport a.
[ f'aaard June 19, IU&)
Bt. it onactad and declared by tho trua
tooo of tho tew a of Smithfteld, That
if any poraon shall run or groin a borne, mart
or gelding, either in beraeta or other* iar,
to one of tho greet a or alley* of BnitMrM,
••eh porsou (if free or an apprentice) ahall
incur n fine of two doHsr* and fifty oonta for
•very auch ofTonce, to ho recovered with
coat*, on complaint ta any magigrste of l«f.
firrann county, who ahall give judgment and
•ward execution far tho aame agaiag tho pa
root, guardian, or mogrr of auch free peraon
or apprentice, aa tho oaae may he, if auch
pvreoe bo under the age af twmty-oao year**
ami if above twenty aae years, agaiag tho
persoa ao running wr graining in tho greet*
or alley ai and if the offender ho a aorvant or
vlavo, nalrao tho owner of auch aorvant or
i afavr, or acme other peraon, will pay auch
fine end cog*, tho offander ahalt, by order of
the magigmte giving tho judgment for aneh
fine ami coo's, receive aoch number of lashes
' aa auch magi grata shall adjudge, out exceed
ing fifteen, on his or her bare hock, well laid
And It la further enacted and declared,
t hat all fine* collected by force of thva by
law, shell hr applied to the use of tho *au!
' town of Amithflctd.
At the earner qf Patamme mmi Skmum
demk street*. Harper*-Ferry.
A (Head* and tho public, that ha has jsa
ratnraad from lbs Baslarn Markets, with a
ha ad sn ms sawlmrst of
Stmpio eemA tfimnep C—rfi,
coisim** ar
British, French, Indie, German, Irish, and
American DRY GOODS,
Qaaaaa ware. Hardware, Tim wars. Earthen
and Sloan Wore,
oaoasmxst Am uqvou,
IRON—Cast, English, Blister, German,Shear
sod American HTKEI.
A handsome supply of HARNESS.
All of which will be said at lair prices, end
•pen hi* ttswsl accnasms dating terms. He
••rites these in search of good lore sins, t*
call ami examine his stock- Mo wilt close by
remerktng, that Oeeds ar* plenty and cheap
—same art teles much cheaper than hereto
„ , •/
Ready-made CUclung,
lists. Shoes, sad Boots,
A few welt-Saishad Grain CRADLES.
|C7* WANTED, from 30 to 100 barrels of
fowl Whiskey. J. L R.
Harpers Kerry, June 28, 1832.
fllO be drawn in BHEPIIKKDSTOWN,
A On A* lOtl day •/ July next,
Owe prize of $8*000*
1 prise of $3,000 5 prises of $300
1 do 2.000 5 da 200
4 do 1,000 10 do 100
4 do 500
And many others of 60, 50, 30, 20, Ac. Ac
raises tsti aunt*
TfeLxJr $4. //oJrrr $2, Qunrtrrr $1.
Those who buy by tbs package in the above
Lottery, will only risk $23 on a package of
tea whole tickets, and shares ia proportion.
ICTl'or real lucky numbers, apply to tbe
subscriber, who again baa tbe plrssor* of
myhlf. that ha sold in tko last lottery, one
prise of $500, besides many of $100, 80, GO,
50, 40, 30, 20. Ac. Ar.
Charlestown, June 28, 1832.
FOR the convenience of those who hare
unsettled accounts standing on the books
st the Flowing Spring Mills, due to Stephen
Cromwell, we hare left said accounts at the
•tare of George W. Hammond, for settlement,
where they will remain for a short time.' Mr.
Hammond ia hereby authorized to make set
tlement. We sincere!)' hope this notice will
be attended to. WM. HURST,
Riril’l! A CHOMWP.1.L,
For Stephen CroonreU.
Jane 28, 18J2.
W^tUuMe Ermnd. for Smie.
BY virtue af a deed of trust executed
by Walter B. Selby, to the subscri
bers, isd nf a decree of tbe chancery
**«rtat Winchester, will be offered, at
public auction .for cash .an Saturday the 1 HA
day tf Augvet next, between tbo boon of
10, A M. nod 2, P. M. a tract or pared af
LAND, lying near Sbephrrdstowa, ia tbe
couaty or Jefforaoa, aad houadod aa fal
lows, to wit: Beginning at A a stake on
a hill aad ia tbo edge of D. Staley's field,
eoroer to Staley; tbe ace with bis lina N.
02, W. 156 7-10 poles to B. a stake ia the
tooth edge of the road loading to Sbep
hardetowa, aad corner to Looted Lickli
der: tbeaco with Licklider's liae S. 14*.
W. 99 poles to C'. a stake, corner to said
Licklider; tbeaco leaving Licklidcr. aad
crossing tbo tract with tbe divhiea line 8
tl, E. 77 1-10 poles to I. a stake In the
adoa af tbe wood lead ; thence S. 75. W.
• 5-10 poles to F. a white oak ia the edge
af the timber; tbeaco S. 9 9 4, E. 61
4 1-0 twins to 1C. a stake ia ike liae of A
dam obewmaa ; thence with his lines N
85 14, E. 77 *-10 poles to H. a stone set
in the ground, comer to Showman ; thence
If. 14 1-2, £. 149 poles, to tbo beginning,
containing erne hundred and forty three
acres, three rootle and thirteen perches;
which said tract of land was conveyed to
tbe said Wslter B. Selby, by lUwleigh
Morgan, jr. Vaa Morgan, and Lydia Me
Cautey, children and heirs or George
Morgan, deceased, and was by tbo said
Selby coavayed to the subscribers, by deed
doled tbo ifebof June, 1925. snd duly re
corded ia the county court of Jefferson,
ia trust, to secure n debt due to Abram
Huffman. Tbe sole will take place on tbe
Shenherdstown. > Trudtet
Jon* 9S. ISSt. V
FnMIt Aferle.
BY HHm of a decree of the eeaatjr
euart of JeOerso*. in rhanrery sit
ting, rendered at the May term tliereaf,
to the suit nf Nicely. Icc. against Dough
erty, fee , I wHl offer at put die auction, at
Daaial Kn tier's tatern in Shepherdelown,
m Sahnrdny (As WM dwy tf July next, the
following property, lying in Shepherds
town, in th* county aforesaid, to wit:
Two unimproved Loft of Ground,
ua High street, adjoining each ether, da
•igaated ia the plat af said tawa as num
bars I9T aad 19*:
A i/awac ond tM
on tha same street, designated a* number
9t : A How ond IM
on WiahiagUa at mat. das urea ted as Ma
ker 199: And on mrimprmeod lM
aa Washington street, designated a* nom
her 16*
A more miante daarriptiaa af tha pea
party ia daaaifit unnrertsaty. at persoai
wishing la purchase wilt doubtless view
tha property far thamsrfers. But this
murh may h* said, that property ia ftfcrp
haedatuwa, geacrully, is steadily adoaae
iag in value, and there i* every probabdi
<7 •( • rapid incaaaaa ia vatu* ia a fern
year* ta coma.
Tho term* of aula will ha, u credit ol
til, twelve,and eighteen mouths;and the
purr has r re will ha requited ta gii# bowd«
with good security far tha pure ha so mo
•ejf. asvd the till* to tha property writ he
retained aa farther security. Possession
af tho property will ha given sw the fit.
- day of April neat.
DA NIK I. camrron.
Shepherd elawn. > temr
June C*. ia*4 f
Jtofo, MUf>-4N(i i.lSMi!
fllHR urtmirncd la vary grateful to
•l tho public for the saoeursgamant ha
hM received in Ma husMaai. and bora leave
to my that he hao aw aa bead, ami »01 al
ways t«#Mo excellent sapply af work* and
having in b>s employ a number of gaod hands.
imianm?**^ *° ***•“** to any order very
"’'Safilhe moae important matter ho ban to
»f just new, ta. that ho wants XOVST.
■P®"* ■**U e*P*tal» it m impossible
«o five very long ctetj*». He «,|| there*
fore be extremely tbankful to all pemoo. who
Anew themaelvea to be indebted to him if
'*•7 •jJJj"tJ discharge at least a part’of
their tails. JOSHUA DfcAVKU.
Juae 31, 1833.
_ ^w<ff.
fl^HR undersigned having been sppointed
JR administrator do boms non upon the
personal estate of 9omocl Thropp, 4cc*d,
hereby notifies all persona indebted to said
estate to make immediate payment, aad all
persoos having claims, must praseot them
property authenticated for settlement.
Juan 31, 1833.
Much injury having been suatsiaed to tho
property of the deceased,by persons breaking
down the trees, fences, be., and otherwise
trespassing upon the premises, notice is now
given, that I will prose cats all ftiture offen
ders to the utmost extremity of the low.
June 31, 1833.
HAVING obtained letters of admiais*
tratios upon the personal sstats of
Jobe Rutter, dec’d. notice is bars by giv*
en to all persons indebted to said sstale,
to maks immediate payment; and all
those harine claims must present tbem.:
properly authenticated, for payment
ALLEN McBKK, .Um'r. .
June 81, |»Sg.__
In tbs Circuit Superior Court of fxw and
Chancery far Jefferson couoty, March KL
1833. I
Valentine Wintevmyer, George Wintrrmyer,
Philip Wintermyer,Catharine Winlermyer,
George Staged Rlisabeth Slagel wife
of mid George, Juliana Irvin, Caeper
Unger, Mary Ann Unger, wife of Casper
Unger, John Marks and Susanna bis wife,
the said Valentine Wintermyer, George
W intermyer,Philip W intermyer,Catharine
Winlftnv.r ,..r_
Inris, Mary Ann Unger, and Susanna
Marks, being heirs of Matthias Larger,
deceased, PaaiaTirrs,
Edward Lucas and Mary his wifr, John
Koontx and Elisabeth his wife, John Apt
and Catharine bis wife, and Ann Ronimus,
tbe mid Mary, Elizabeth, Catharine and
Ann being children and beirs of Lewis
Konimna, deceased .and John Clinkenbeard.
l^wia R. Clinkenbeard. Isaac Clinken
board. William Clinkenbeard aad Mary I.
Clin ken beard, the said John, Le via R .Isaac,
William and Mary L. being children of
Susan Clinkenbeard, late 8assn Ronimus,
deceased, a daughter of mid Lewis Itoni
mus, Edward Lucas, administrator af Lew is
Wenimns, deceased, and George Reynolds,
late committee of Matthias Csrger, dec’d,
a person of unsound mind,
in chanceh J,“,8*DA"T•'
Extract from ttm decree readeretl in the fere
going recited root, an the 16tk Merck, 1832.
“It ts suggested to tbe court by the coun
sel for tbe plaintiffs in this cause, this 16th
day of March, 1832, tbit Casper Uager, one
of tbe plaintiffs, husband of Mary Ann Unger,
another of the plaintiffs, which said Mary Ann
Uager was formerly Mary Ann Wmlermyer,
ia dead It ia also suggested to tbe Court
that one of tbe defendants, vis: Mary f »«•»«,
late Mary Itouiimis, a daughter, aad one of
tbe heirs of Lewis Ilonimoa, deceased, is
dead, and bath left the following children,
to wir, Lewis, of full age, and Elizabeth,
married to William McMurran, Edward,
George, W illiam, Robert, Benjamin, John,
and Charles, infanta, whereupon tbe couti
doth appoint William McMurran, guardian
ad litem for bis wife, Elizabeth, and Robert
T. Brow n guardian ad litem for the other in
fant defendants, but they the said guardian*
are to be subjected to no costs thereby. Tbe
sakl infant defendants thereupon, by their re
spective guardians, filed their answers, and
thereupon, l»y the consent of alt the parties
by their counsel, ami by the consent of the
sent Leois I-*»ca» sn«J William McMurran, by
their counsel appearing for them, and by the
consent of the infant defendants by their
guardians ad litem, and by their counsel ap
pearing for them, it is ordered that this suit
stand revived against the mid Lewie Lucas
•ml William McMurran and tbe asid infant
rhihlren of Mary Lueaa, deceasedi and by
ur in tor piruci uy lucir conn
I xl, this eMH la act fur hearing." And the
! cam* coming on to be heard thi* 16th day of
March, I83C, upon the bill, antoera, exhibit*,
he., and being argued by counsel, the court
doth •• furl bet adjudge, order and deeree,that
the defendant Kdward I.ncaa,in hia character,
m administrator of Lewi* Monimu*, tleceaaed,
do render an account before a Commissioner
of thia court, of the ren’>a, iaauea and proAta
«f tlx aaid tract of land, (in the proceeding*
mentioned) from the time of the death af the
aaid Mattbiaa Career erCorker until the death
of the aaid Ixwialtenimua, and that the same
Commiaaioner do take an account of the rents,
iaauea and profits of the mid tract af land
•inca tha death of tha said I enia Itooimua,
and ascertain by whom the mid rents, iaauea
sad profits have been received since tha death
. «f aaid I .eerie Ronimua, and report to this
' Court, in order te a llaal decree/'
A copy—Taste,
Cammsionaa’a Ornct, )
t'bnWrdesm, June HA, lift. (
The parties interested mil plena# take
notice, lbet I have appointed V.n./oy tht
•/<*•* m i, to commence the accounts
directed in the foregoing order af the Court)
eo which day, at 10 o'clock, A M tlxy are
resowed to attend at my office, afore anal,
with testimony and accounts uacaaaar> fur tha
duo execution of tha above order.
Of the Clr. Tub. C't •//,. U f’A fAr J.J f*
(June tl, J
KUeit+m •€ Trmmteet.
%f "Tin: in IICRF.RY liTtF.N, that im
il rlection will ha bald in tbe town id
Bolivar, on tha Aral Monday m July went,
I f»r tun Aldermen and seven Trusti es >>< aawl
I town, tu ueve foe «,ue year. All freeholder*
and Housekeepers of said town, are eaUtlsd
to vote m said tbrtMin.
The election will ha bald at the boux ut
! John K. Farm* r
Jtui*' 91. l*W
_Portrmli iPrntriuK.
fI^IIK m.rf, Migwcl **»pa«-t fully informs
Jl the citweur „f HAMl’KUS-fr i.RUY «, ...*
” »We the* be ia at nrrv,at >1,
atrplwaaona tlotrl, where he itriifm renuunir -
afcoet Mmc, for the pWrpow of waitmg m Uh e
7. *'■♦» *• U»r their IV, -
iraHa ta*M ta Crayon prweilliftg, cnnal m at
f*1*!'* *° f*4 a»Pper-p>ate •-•■grating. Hie
TT■ *5_^7i**7^*®7***"* wh»eh Ik- rvc«i«cd ilui
**»* bhrlnintn, and Mm wrrr« whi< l»
attended hi.Hfom in taking awm Lk.w,v,
®tNrr i4-” • -*»’"• >«• i
viartt-d, make him feel eewfideni that he will ~i> •
aeti Wacliom to those who may natron i/e him »t ?,,, •
plare. If desired,Indies will br waited on at tin u
rr*idewee*. (He urni are modt-raU-. and a rvdu*.
tion in prtea made to familie*
Juue<l, iw._JOHN* TOOI.K
#. .i. Aomriviwfii,
Wll.l. pr.irtire in Urn different court*
holdt-Q in Jt-flVrson and Bcrkeb-y.
Ho ran at all time* bn found at hie ofli* « lit
Mart insburg.
June 21, h;32—2ro.
Jftm 0TERF1ELD, TWhttat. bttr
OBOV, (raov LU«arna.) will offer In*
nrofiliiiiMl aerrieea ta the efctzma of Harm ■ .
Yewr and vicinity, about the 1 >th July nest, awl
will also viattChariealowB about (he Vkh nr <V>»
of the mac month. Jane fl, IUi
If Vfffrm I^PfiNiAl^firry,
FYAO bn drawn in Winchester on tb« 4tl»
1 day of July, 1832.
More Prizes than Blanks!
Highest Prizn $7,000
I prit* of 3,000
2 ** 1,000
•i " 500
S •• 200
10 •• 10O
20 •• 50
50 «• 30
and upwards of 12,000 smaller prize*.
To be drawn on the high ami Lew System
Tboae who buy by the Package will risk
on a Package of whole ticket* $23| on »
Package of halve* $11 50—and on ■ Pack
»ge af quarters $5 75.
Ticket• $4. Hmhra $2, Quarters $|.
For sain by the Package or single Ticket, by
June 7,1&S2. Cimunvi, Ys.
* MU ■ a JL* Mi wm ' is
oovwlt or romTuirzr,
3ew for*, J/ciy 22, 1832.
F|1HE r«»* »ucce«* that has uniformly d'<».
JL linguishcd tbia establishment continue a
with unabating splendor, and SCliUTLEIfs
customers continue to truth the tender* as prn.
fuaely as over. Indeed it teems that the blind *
de^nnined that ftCHUYLKlt
shall ho ••«//tho go.” Witbin a few weeks
tba amount of capitals scattered from the
t rurt •/ Fortune to various psrts of the I*.
S»*«es is unparalleled—one prize of #30,(XX'.
one of 20,000, one of 15,000. two of 10,
°°0» '• Lottery lost week Ike second
capital of 4.2T0; and in the very laa*. loiter*,
tho whole ticket 3 21 30, the capital If
2.000 was sent by letter to • gentleman in
Norik Carotins; tho 1,000 and #500 prize*
have been distributed ia sueh abundant-',
that they are entirely too nomerboa to men
tion ia an advertisement. Tbo NcwYnk
lotteries will scon be brought to a cloor, anl
the opportunity, consequently, of obtaining
a capital will soon pass away. Those wist*
ing tickets cao scad money by letter through
the mail with perfect safety, and the ticket*
will be promptly transmitted by the return
post. My customers will bear in mirJ, that
when #10 are transmitted to me, the postage
need not be paid. In regard to punctuality.
integrity and responsibility, I ha*e the prin
lege of refen ing to the first houses ia this
c»*>—among them the veiy respectable ms
n*R*r»» Messrs Yates ft. McIntyre; also in
Charleston, 8. C-, Richmond, Va, Raltimcri ,
Md., and Augusta and Savannah, tiro. 7 hr
following most brilliant classes are the nest
in order, the drawings of which will be punt -
tually forwarded jfraii* by my paper, the
**/.s//ery Herald," which continues to he
published weekly. ItJ^A class of the N« w
York Lotteries will be drawn every Wednes
day throughout the year—tickets fiom #5 to
#10—ao those wbo remit tkc latter amour t
will be sure of a ehanee in any lottery.
July 4—Clou 22—54 No. I otters, 8 drawn
ballots—llighcsl prize 12,500—tickets #5.
■^f II—Cku 23—66 Number lottery, ll>
.drawn ballots—four of 10,000—tiekets
Heu York, or Buttimnrr, MJ.
Wbo ia regularly licensed by the States i f
N»« Vritk >n.l II... I....I
I luv* exablitbrd an oCce at Sah.mo.r,
Md,t for tba tala of tickets in all f.ottrrie»
managed bv Meaara Yatea h M'lntyre, whit It
will be umler the direction of Mr DANIN.
I*. ItARNAHD, who for come years pax baa
been in my employ in tteiacity.
[ Thera arc frequently brilliant lotteries
| ->town in stbcr Mate*, which are well wortbv
tbv attention of adventurer* tba tcheror*
ami drawinga will be found in my paper. Mr
•outhern friend* will now ba enabled to rc
**»• their tickata fear day* aooner than
. bom Mew York. TH# drawing* will be hr
' warded from that eity aa n«ual. The poet ago
m moat caaea will be Iraa than ft. m N. York}
I but when New York tickets ara wanted, it
I might ba aa well, perhape, fa tend order*
t direct ta tba old lucky f’turf r/ #Wrunr, wn
laaa theta ba not time, or tba txhata required,
auoner than they could ba tent from that city
Baltimore, Md , or New York.
| ft.T'TYr Maryland State lottery will bn
, drawn in Rdtimorc one* ttti; fortn>gbt. A
claaa wiN ba drawn on iba Bib af June, and
•a on in aurcrunon every fourteenth day.*—
I Order* fir Maryland, Virginia, Union Canal,
ami liebwarv tie beta, will receive imaaadtatta
site niton, if sddreaaed ta
i W a* Harpers farcy. al«aa< the mtd.iu
•f May bx. a small pied hriwdte COW,
J about nine years aid. with a aftat ta her
rlgM, and on darted hi har Id! ear
A liberal reward will ha given far tba

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