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The •Welmmge.
A ntwgwr upon Um* mew I my!
liny'U arttr leave pour jrlrti alone !
TlwvVs teasing, ewiag eight and <Hy
*1 ill they have wow ua far llwir own.
Awl vvt that women love the men.
Tty awrvly tolly to deny.
For ainr *ill answer out if tra,
I could net blip it—uo not I •
1 told young F.U ard t’other «Ue.
I never eonld become a hi id* ;
ImK an be took a certain war.
To trll lac trulr that 1 lied."
Tint with a kiaa be stopped my braath.
And auftly aaid—itai creature, why *
And though he aqueroed me mnat to dcwtli,
I could not Mp it—wa wot I!
Wall what d\e thlak at last I mid1
I oever •lull forget, I !
1 trll you plat a 111 never wed,
Hu irate me now air. If you dare!
Hut oh! be kiaa’d me thru ao sweet.
And looked ao cliartuiog in tur rye!
1 ruwrd at church the youth to locit—
I eoulJ not help il—wo uot L
In Merrick *a History of I (areHull, the follow.
">K *tory w given as a hiatorical fact:
One Joseph Whittaker, who was
quartered io tiie garrison of that town
in its early settlement, hail become
smitten with the charms of one Mary
Y-» residing there. I.ong he hail i
wished to declare his passion to her,
but he had not the courage. At length I
Joseph nerved his shrinking courage,
*tirf with a palpitating heart, aod io I
broken accents, made a declaration of
hia love, and closed the harangue by
offering her his heart and hand. Mary
heard hi« story very attentively, and;
then flatly refused to have any thing to^
do with him. What a hard hearted
creature! Joseph was somewhat stag
gered also prompt a denial, but deter
mined not to suffer her to escape ao
K* plead his cause most man
fully ! but all was in vain—she remain
ed stubborn and hard hearted as at
first. Aa a last resource, he told her
that if she did not accept his offer 4 be
would go and jump into the well.*—
rhis was truly a desperate resolution ;
but it had no cff*ect on the cruel heart
nf ill, m.iil.n_.k. ..Ml_«... , •
-- ---JVC t m
rffufll. Jtwfph then irot6—pro• i
bsbly from • kneeling posture—-and,
casting a long and lingering look on
the unfeeling girl, left the garrison.—
He went to the well, and looking into
u the deep and dark aby*ll,,, anxiously
weighed the matter before he took the
Anal leap. It was a stern resolve—he
thought of it earnestly—he wavered
and at last determined not to throw
away his life for such a hard hearted
creature. Whit* « casting himself
about” .to see how he could escape
from this sad dilemma, and still pre
•*rT* some appearance of having done
the deed, a new idea happily flashed
•crone bis cranium, A large log was
lying near, which he resolved should
be the Joseph UJump into the well in
stead of himself. Soon at this com
mendable determination was formed,
he seised the log, plunged it into the
** watery deep.”and immediately con
cealed himself behind the curb.
But where wee Mery all this while?
She had been listening attentively at
the door, half sorry (list she had deni
ed him so tong, and hardly believing
that he would commit so rash an act.
But when she beard the heavy plunge
of wooden Joeeph, her heart complete
7 w«»ted, and oh! how fervently she
then wished she had not refused his
offer. She hastily ran to the well,
and bending over the curb with an
•goniimg heart—• Oh Joseph! Joseph!
JoMph! if you are in the land of the
living, I will have you.* Joseph saw
and heard the whole, and his heart
w jw/ mis intelligence
immediately leaving (ha place of hit
concealment, he rushed into her anna,
Oh Mary, Mary, I will take you at
your ward!*
Tha long embrace—the mutualVe
coociliation— the many tears of jov—
and long yearn of happiness that fol-'
lowed, we will not attempt to describe.1
Sergeant Hill of eccentric memory,
was once invited to spend some days
»o the country with Lonl Erskine_
His w»fe, who knew his characteristic
negligence, advised him (inter alia) to
pet on a clean shirt every morning —
Far (his perpoae,” said she. •• I have
packed up six, which will, I have no
•loebt, laat yee daring your visit.” On
lw» ••rgeent s return, hie wife remark
ed how Steel he had grown, adding, at
r • hoP* **»•* *»• h*d cum
Plied with her request about the shirts.
Her husband aseured her that he had)
astonishment an
ladisg that, with his customary ab
sence • f mind, he had put one over the
other, nnd was at that moment, per '
ffyfrr the influence ef no less
^ gentleman in New 1 erk, who was
to have made many hundred passages
up and dawn the Hudson this season,
has became alarmed in consequence of
the racing ef the boats, sad has con-!
eluded to seed hie wife.
**r+pmr* far BmrrtMtt
rp»«Ruu.Ur,ltnu4 is ready ss usual, with
«• m»kB UK AIN C«A
f- hi l‘ * **huse who wish
uoe k*4 s*,,rr waks applies
woe uefurr the huoy se*t*na -mminci ■
A rofwtAUt supply will be beet m ben.!
2 KJnSfC *••“*■« *— -
, wit. C«uw. Jr.
CLarlcshisnn. Jens 14, 1&J7
—1 ■ ■■ 11 in—
Hf/UfiWNf JLmmrtn.
Acurron'e 0»f*m eg Viucinu. >
JNbret 87A, 1891. f
THR Gsaanl Asa—bly. kt ita late res- J
■ion, having marie mhuo material rhan
gei in As law* which relate to land* rn- J
I inroad aa delinquent for nnn-pnytaact of I
, lax*#. Iha following abstract i* published
i for Uk benefit of all persona concerned.
In tba counties Emt of the AUeghery
mountains, (me note I.) all arrearage*
whatsoever, prior to 1891, inclusive,*ba
*her due on land* heretofore forfeited to
tbe Literary Kuod; on lands sold ia 1816
and redeemed by the Stats; or oo lands
annually returned as delinquent since that
time, are Jororer rtlimywuUd. The Uses
ia arrear ou tuns lute are ia like manner
In respect to the counties W—t of the
Allegheny, (aw note |,) the regulations
aad enactments are materially different.
I. The lands and lots which were here
tefore forfeited to the President and Pi
rectors of tb* Literary Fund, are cion
crated from all arrears ia casas where the
tasee aad daasages together due at the
time of forfeiture. (1818 aad 1816,) do
not exceed twenty dollars. If the taxes
aad damages exceed that sum. the lauds
so vested in the Literary Fuad may be re
deemed at nay time before the 1st April,
l8d<J,by psyioglhe sum due vt tbe period
of forfeiture, with six per centum per aa
nutu thereon, up to the time of redeuip
tioo. Uut these provisions of the luw,
have this important qualification, to wit:
•hat neither tho relinquishment of taxes
aad damages, when less than twenty del
lars, oor the right of redemption, where
that sum is exceeded, can operate to de
prive any actual, bonm JiJt occupant,
claiming under the Commonwealth's
grant, and having paid hi* taxes, of any
of the rights and privilege* secured lo'
him hy the act of 1st April. 16.11, aad the
acU of 10th and 19tb March. 1698.
These several acts do ia fact transfer
to the actual occupant all the claim of the
Commonwealth or Literaiy Fund, previ
ously acquired by forfeituib. It will there
fore ha expedient for+ffn persona whore
lands hare been vested in the Literary
Fund, to make strict enquiry, into all in
terfering claims, before they axercias tbe
right or redemption.
2. The Unde and lots which were sold
in 1810, and afterwards redeemed by the
State, are exonerated from all arrears, in
esses where the taxes snd damages for
which they were sold do not together ex
ceed keenly dollars on eaeb tract or lot;
isttubsre they exceed that son, the pro
■jwrietor may nevertheless redeem at aay
lima before the 1st April, 1834.
3- The lands and lota not embraced in
either of the two preceding classes, but
which have been annually returned as de
linquent, up to the year 1831, inelosive,
are exonerated from all arrears in rases
where the taxes, exchmee ttf damages,
shall not exceed ten dollars on each tract
or lot. If the taxes exceed that sues, they
mey in like msoner be paid, and the lands
and lots so returned ns delinquent, be re
deemed at any time before the 1st April,
1834. So, likewise, may the lands and
lots lying west of the Alleghany, which
may be returned as delinquent for the
yearn 1833 sad 1833, be redeemed by
payment at the Treasury at any time be
fore the said 1st A pail. 1834.
Besides the relinquishment of all taxes
and <!«AHigw, when amounting to less
than the sums above elated, and besides
also the privilege of redemption which is
given until (be 1st April, 1834. fb«re are
other remedial provisioas in force, by
which the proprietors may be relieved oo1
application to the courts of the counties
where the lands are situated. I. Upon
proof by the applicant that he is a horse
JW* purchaser oy deed of conveyance re
corded before the 1st April, 1831, or un
der a decree in chancery; or that he de
rives title from such purchaser, the pur
chase money having all been paid 2.
rhat in the years of delinquency there
was property sufficient on the premises li
able to distress; or 3 That the taxes have
either been paid to aome person autho
fixed to collect them, or that they were !
erroneously charged Proof of pnyment,
or of erroneous charge, may be submitted
lo tbe Auditor, without tbs intervention of
lhe court.
The taxes for I8SI, and all other ar
res rages whatsoever, on lands and tots
lying k*ri of the Alleghany, having been 1
released .by the Legislature, the collectors
are required hereafter to make tale of eo.
mrnkcf any tUlimuueni tract or lot me trill
be mefftmml to discharge the tax of the cur !
rent year. This information ia particular 1
ly important to noo-residenta. and per
tout whose residence ia remote from their
lands. For their convenience, the Legis
lature baa authorised them to pay their
taxes into the treasury ia sneh year, at
any time before tbe 1st of August; of'
which payment tbe Auditor will ad via# tbe
Tbe operation of the system of selling
lands for taxes, annually accruing, being
suspended iu the Trans Alleghany die
tnct, ontil tbo 1st April, 1914. lb- delin
quent lists for that district will before that
period He returned <• tbit office as hereto
l+ftp tM the Iftfiilt »ml loft io rtYoficc)
may be redeemed. In all eases of re
detnption.tbe Legislature hos reduced the
damages from ten to six per centum per,
The attention of all parsons interested
cannot be too earnestly invited to the sa
vers! important provisions of wbicb tbe
foregoing is designed oe o summery. It '
is believed that tbo f^gisleture has indi
eoted tbo permanent policy of tbe fttafe
upon this difficult subject, and it must be
sc know (edged that n liberal anxiety has
been manifested to secure the rights of
non resideuis. as far as consistent with
the just nnd paramount ejsims of actoel
and boms fule holders, who have settled
their lands under grants from the com
monwealth, oud have regularly paid their
foxes. JAM KM R flr.ATH,
■ 1+Ulor ef I'irgirUa
P M. The lists of lands nod lots re
turned delinquent from 1821 to mil, in 1
closive. and not eaoaersled by lew. and
the lists of lends nod lots which hove been
forfeited to tbo Litersry Kuwd. hot ore
now redeemable under the restrictions sod
limit afieai herein be fora stated, will bo
published and circulated at tooa as prac
tic shir.
Kditors of newr,topers.esperiaMy to the
Urge north*-ra and eastern cities, «mM p
probably oblige many of I hoi* pat roes, by
noticing the fore going abstract.
•Vcs* l.—t be following counties and towns
arc situated /.<ut of the Alleghany nouaUiui,
vis: Arcomark, Aibomarte,Alleghany, Ame
lia, Amherst, Augusta, Bulb, Bedford, Berke
ley, Botetourt, Krunewlek, Buckingham.Car*
olme, Campbell, Charles CUy, Charlotte,
t i.< strrfteld, Culpeper,Cumberland, Dinwid
dle, l lixabeth City, Cases, Fairfax, Fsnplrr,
Fluvanna, Franklin, Frederick, Gloucester,
Goochland, Greenst ilia, Halifss, Hampshire,
llano ter, Hardy, Henrico, Henry, lale of
AVight, James City, Jefferson, King Georgs,
King and Queen, King W Uliaaa, Lancaster,
Loudoun, Louisa, Lunenburg, Mndiaon, Mat
thews, Mecklenburg, Middlesex, Morgan,
Nanaemnnd, Nelson, New Kent, Norfolk Co.
Norfolk boruuyrh, Northampton, Northumbrr*
land, Nottoway, Orange, Page, Patrick, Pen
dleton, Pittsylvania, Powhatan, Prince Kd
wanl, Princess Anne, Prince George, Prince
William. Richmond county, Riehmdnd city,
Rockbridge, Rockingham, Shenandoah, Staf
ford, Southampton, *pott*yl vanla,Surry, Sus
ses, Warwick, Westmoreland, and Fori.
.Voir 3. The following counties are situ
ated It rag of the Alleghany mountains, viz:
Brooke, Cabell, Fayette, Floyd, Giles, Gray
son, -Greenbrier, Harrison, Jackson, Kana
wha, Lee, Lewis, Logan, Mason, Mononga
lia, Monroe, Montgomery, Nicholas, Ohm,
Preston,Pocahontas, RandotphJtnaaoll.ScoU,
Smyth, Tazewell, Tyler,W ashington, Wythe
aud Wood.
CF-Fhc counties of Fayette, Floyd, Jack
son, Smyth, and Page, bare been recently
VIRGIN I A, to wit:
At Itulca hoklcn in the Clerk’s Office of the
Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chan
eery for Jefferson County, the first Mon
day in Apnl, 1833
Grarg* EntUr, . Ptsutrirr,
John T. Cookoj, executor of .tmron Jetrett, dot'd,
who iraj executor of John Wiugerd, dee'd,
cnJ John I*. It userrJ, Jaccb Hlngerd, Catha
rise If utgerd, Marcellina f» ingerd, Geeerge
B. H ing< rrf,- tiracim and Mary Elisa
kio uife, l.ite Mary Elisa Hingeud, children
of .Ibraham HTngerd, dee'd, and derives of
taid John Itlngerd, dec'd, Jckn .Hotter and
Daniel EntUr, executors of Catharine Motter,
dec'd, late Catharine fTmgerd, and in their
oten right, and John AV»>i
Tin chancery.
HR defendants, John P. Wingerd,Jacob
Wingerd, Catharine Wingerd, Marcel
Ima Wingerd, George H Wingerd, and_
Gracun and Mary Klixa hit wife, not having
entered their appearance, and given security
according to the act of assembly and the
ntlea of tbit court j and it appearing by satis
factory evidence that tt ey are not inhabitants
of thia country: II it ordtrtd, that the said
defendants do appear hereon the first day
of the next term, and answer the bill of the
plaintiff*, and a copy of this order be forth
with inserted in some newspaper published
in Charlestown, for two months successively,
and poatrd at the front door of the court
house in the said town of Charlestown.
A copy—Teste,
April 26, 1832
VIRGINIA, Jxrrcasosr Co. Scr:
April Term, 1832, of the County Court
Suthaniel AJyert, Plaintiff,
John Htlltr. Defendant,
fI'HB defendant not having entered his
1 appearance and giveo security according
to the act of assembly and Ihr rules of tin*
courtt and it appearing by satisfactory evi
dr nee that he is not an inhabitant of this
commonwealth : it it ordered, That the said
defendant do appear here on the first day ol
•he next September term of this court, and
•B#w*r the bill of the plaintifTi and that a
copy of thia order be forthwith inserted in
some newspaper published in this county for
two months successively, and poatrd at the
front door of the cnnrt-howse of this county.
A copy—Tea>e,
8. J. CRAMER, Cull.
April 26. 1832.
At Itulrs holden in the Clerk's Office of
the Circuit Superior Court of Lew and Chan*
eery for Jrfferaon County, the first Monday
in May, ISoJj 7
Catharine Strider, widow of Philip
Strider, dec'd, and 7 he mas S. Stri
der, Joseph Fosse11 Strider, Marga
Maria Strider, Samuel H'illiom
Strider, and John Hinkle Strider,
children and heirt of Philip Strider,
deceased, the said fosrph F, Marga
ret Af , Samuel /#% and John //,
be’ing infants, who sue by Catharine
Strider, their mother and next friend,
PLAiKTirra, |
. linns Janney. administrator of George
Howies, dec'd, and Jlmot Janney in1
Ait own right. am/ ,9nn Jan
tr,/'»ta,r Mary .inn Howies,
II tlliam P. Howies, George fr.
Howies. Susan Caroline Houles, Ma
ria Ixuk Houles, John IJuincy Houles,
Jtdaane Houles,and Thomas Houles,
heirt of George Houles, deceased, the
said Susan C., Maria JL, John 1
•idaline, and Thomas, being infants,
^pNE defendant, Wilh.m P Row!*., not
■ having entered hta appearance, and mi
111 *“,•**** «• set of aasembl)
and the rule, of this court, ar.d it appennng
e,rw,e,»«» h* ** not an it**
kehiiant of this country J| „ eedrerd. That
1 * “V defendant do appear here on the Aral
«he bill of
forH.wMh tneeTted fe .ome newapeper pub
liahed mt. ha* It at own, foe too WonTba aurVU
rnmVlT1 frw' «»ooe of the
Court house ,* theaeid tow. of< htsrl«toun
A Copy—Teste,
May 24, ,A T "<,OWW
,"#rfW~dive foe one Aon.
reredhere at #J 30 per eoed, on or before
' * *«• day of September neat.
, M’l*. Cf.P.VCI.ANU.
CkttltPatra, May 17, 1§3£
At Rule* bohlen m the Clerk** (Hke of the
•uperior Court of Low and Chtntrry fnr
Jefferson County, tha Ant Monday m May,
1832, #
Salhanirl Scrogin and Rebecca Jinn
his wife, fair Rebecca Jinn Frame,
Armstead Reck Lam and Jane his tcift,
late Jane Frame, administratrix of
Jinn Frame, drt'd, Eliza Griggs,
lots Eliza Frame, Matthew Frame,
and John Stephenson and James Ste
phenson, executors of James Stephen
*R*t dec'd, PLAiimrr*,
THE defendants, Armstoad Beckham, and
Jane M* wile, not haring entered their
appearance, end given security according to
tho not of aasambly and the rules of lbs
oourti oad R appearing by aatMbotory evi
dence that they are not inhabitants uf this coon
try i It is ordered, that the aaid defendants do
appear here oo the Aral day of the next term,
and answer tho bill of the pl*intifffc« and that
a copy of this order be forthwith inserted in
M>u»e newspaper published in Charleston n.
For two mouths successively, and pasted at
the front door of tho court-house in said
town of (Charlestown.
A Copy—Teate,
Hay in 1832.
At Rule* Holden in the Clerk** Office of
tha Circuit .Superior Court of Law and 1
Chancery for Jefferson county, the fir»t1
Monday in June, 1899:
James G. Ficklin, administrator d?
bonis non with the will annexed of
Adrian Davenport, deceased,
Edward D- Roe and Olivia his wife,
and Alary Elinor Davenport,
TIIE defendant. Mary Elinor Daren
|K»rt, not basing enteied her appear
ancs, and given security according to the
act of assembly and the rules of this court;
and it appearing by satisfactory eridenee
that she ia not aa inhabitant of this
country: It ia ordered, that the aaid de
fendant do appear here on tho first day
of the oext term, and aaswer tho bill of
the plaintiff; and that a copy of Ibis order
be forthwith inserted in some newspaper
published io Charlestown, for two mouth*
, anu (KlllfD » IQC ITOOl Uoof
ef Ibe court bouse in the Mid towo of
A Copy—Tesle,
June 7, 1834.
At Rules holden in the Clerk's Office of the
Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chan
eery for Jefferson County, the first Mon
day in June, 1832.
Jacob Dybert, PuiiTirr,
Soppinftoo, William Sappington,
John B. Sappington, Thomas Co* and Ma
ry his wife, late Mary Sappington, John
P. Bryan end Sarah bis wife. Isle Sarah
S.pping<on,George W. Sappington,Get r*r
Lillebrtdgeand Rachel bis wife, late Rachel
Sappington, Martha Ann Swift Sapping
toa, Mary Sappington, daughter of Thooiak
Sappington. jun dre'd, and Samuel Sap
pmgton in hi* own right, and a* administra
tor of Thomas Sappington, sen det’d, tt»r
saitf I.emu I, William. John H . Mary Co*,
8srab,(i<or|e 'V , Rachel, I horns*, Martha
Ana Swift, and Samuel, being children and
hair* at law of Thomas Sappington, sen.,
<**«'«». Dar.aos.Ts, I
nnilE defendants,Lemuel Sappington,* il-1
R ham Sappington, George Lillehridgr
and Rachel hia wife. Martha Ann Swift Sap
pmgton and Mary Sappington, not having
entered their appearance, and given aecotii)
according to the act of assembly and the
ruvps of ihit courti and il ippnring hjr
factory evidence Ibat they are m»t inhabitant* j
of this country: Il i« ordered. That <he said
defendants do appear here on ibe first day of'
tlie next term, and anower the bill of the
plaintiff*5 and that a copy of this order be
forthwith inserted in some newspaper pub
htbed in Charleatown.for two months anrresa
ively, and panted at the front door of the
Court bouse in the said town of Charles own
A Copy—Teste,
Jana 14. 1832. *
At Rolaa holder, i„ th« Clerk's Office of
the Circuit Superior Court of Law and
Chancery for Jefferson county, the first
Monday in Junn IWt:
Dsniel Msgruder sad Eleanor his wife, late
Eleanor Davenport PiainTirrs,
, , . .in~iuvsT
Daniel Bry an. Rohr* V. Jack, and Juliet Ms
,» ®r#x!on Davenport in his own right
and as enecntor of Abraham Davenport,
dec d. Amelia Slrotber.Marcus McCormick
msd l-euraana h,s wife, late Eaumnaa Me
Cormtck. James Flore and Prances his wife.
Ute Frances McCormick. Brockenbrm.gt,
11M*: Thomas IVm,
McCormick, (tbo three last named infant*
r* ebddrea and
heirsnf Mass McCormick dec'd, who a as
one of the eh ldren and devisees of Abra
ham Davenport dee’d, Darsaasavs.
IIP, defendant, Daniel Bryan, ad
having entered hit appearance, and
given socurtty according to the act of
assembly and the roles of this court; and
it appearing by satisfactory oridanea that
ha is not an Inhabitant of this country:
It is ordered, that tbo sard defendant do
appear bare on the first day of the neat
farm, and answer the Mil of the plaintiffs;
and that a ropy of this order ho forthwith i
insertsd ta some newspaper poMwhed in
Charlestown,for ton months sneeraetvely.
and posted at the frant door of the coort
house in tha sa».| town of Charlestown
A Cnpr—Train,
June 14. IASJ
Tnp. tsnderaigned have jost rereir
ed eP.OOft pounds nf well cored
BACON, which they offer for sale by tbs
•pie at it y nr nlbrrwiae.
Harpers Perry March, !*»,*! IT>7.
Respectfully Worm tbo vIUmm
of SlteplMitUlova and its vkiaity, that j
be has opened an establishment in a room
adjoining the Hotel of Mr. Daniel Etitlcr,'
where be baa on band a
Splendid Assortment of
Consisting in part mt GOLD AND SILYEU
Clock t, Jewellery, Silver flare, *C- j
Clocks and Watches repaired, and all kinds
of Silver Work made to order. Il« baa ns*
ployed a Ant-rate W atch Repairer; and feels
assured that be will be able to give the most
perfect satisfaction.
Aa this is Urn most complete establishment
of the sort, wbicb has ever been opened in
Shrnhcrdsluwn, he relics upon a libs nil pub
lic tor on ouragement.
Hhepberdstown, May 3, 1830.
JE». JWOM.T, Jr.
HAS just received a snug assortment of
the above articles, which he is anxious
to dispose of on the most reasonable terms.
As Mr. Maxima* has sold his interest in
the shop to me, and left the State, h is high
ly necessary that those indebted should call
and settle their accounts, which are left
with me for collection. D. HOLT, Jr.
tlarpers-Fcnry, May 84. 1833_3m.
HAVING been much annoyed, for some
lime past, by thoughtless and mischiev
ous boys and men, shooting near my barn,
throwing down my fenoes, and trampling my
Acid*, I am compelled to give notice that I
will hereafter prosecute ail offender*, with
out discrimination. It is to lie hoped that
the parents and guardians of youth will save
me this unpleasant took.
Baltimore *5 Ohio Hail Hoad.
mimmioM •Merchant,
WB A> ING erected the largest warehouse
s* at the Foint of Kocks, is now prepar
ed to receive and forward all kinds ot coun
try produce to Baltimore, agreeably to in
structions of tbe owner. Cost of four per
barrel, including all charges, 35 cents_all
other charges in proportion.
He will likewise receive at his w arehouse,
Jvk. fi9, Prett ttrttl, Baltimore, all merchaiw
dize that asay offer for Die interior, which he'
will forward with the greatest car*. '
Mestrs. Daniel Hoffman Is Co.
Talbot, Junes k Co.
Erskiue, Eirhelbcrger k Co. ?
Jacob Albert k Co. » 9
Henry Fayson k Co.
Orndorff k Co. "t ?
Mr. Thou.as Black, j Flow
Elias Shaw , r dernier*.
Ream B. Simpson, J
». K. IV hite, l '
Joseph E. Itussell, J ***rPtr*mf*1* i
„ , M* G'D.AK U. CHAFEE.
Baltimore, June 7, 1832.
ttffire of the ( he* * Ohi, Cmwil C* 7
" *saiB*Tww. Mat 22, 1832. 5
** instalment of two dollars and fifty
cents pi r share, (being th* 25th insfal
meot) on ererr share ofstock ia tbe Che
•apeake and Ohio Canal Company, ia re
quired to be paid on tb* 1st day of Aoguat
oeat; and a further sum of two del
LV*. *nd eeoU P«r (bring the
‘loth instalment) on the 1st day ofBeptem
b*r tr«t; w hich inatahaeala must be p«id
to the credit of the Chesapeake and Ohio
Canal Company, to tbe cashier or other
officer of either of tbe following Banks
r is: •
The Branch Bank of tbe United States at
The Bank of Washington, at Washington.
1 he Patriotic Usnk, do
The Bank of the Metropolis, do.
Mechanics’ Bank, at George
Tt! £2 M *•*«««*•
The Farmer*’ Bank of Alexandria, do.
The Mechanic** Rank of Alexandria do
rhe Hager .town Rank, in Hageratown, Md ,
The Branch of the Valley Bank, in Charted
•own, Va.
And the Branch of the Valley Bank, in Lee*
burg, Va.
By order of the I»re*Mrnt am) Director*
a. f'Ara. Ir OAia Cana! V»
May SI, 1932.—t | Hrp«.
'I'”** *«»*khnlder. of the Smithfteld.
■ ( liarleafuvn and Itarpero-Perry l orn
pike Company, are hereby notified. th*,
treatment of 't wo Dollar* and fifty cr.T. on
each there, t* required to fie paid to the
Treamteer on the |*| d.v of July arv, am) a
farther inatalmeni nfluo Dr.lkra and fift*
cent* on each .hare, on the 1*. d.y
M|t Nearly the *Mr route ■* now under
contract, and hied* tn««i be had promptly.—
•^•«*«tkaal ftub*cr<b*t* are rrm<mled,
2SL 7*r •?*££"»• h#v,r>* bee* compiled
** N* ky them,
•crardiM to prwvma* requimltor* *od thee*
iof PHIfa
By order *f the B-wrd,
rrauo uu ’
BV auttuuHy of * deed of tru*», dal* ra
cm.ledm theCletk aOlfire oflbe count,
‘ '*f J***M»h» »• W.lt tell In the h<gh
!JL£2*VJ» ?**> momf- °* l aeaday f*
I2h d*f * J»*f •»!*, w front of the peT
mwra, th** a«U kanun IHUCK ttot'bl. and
l‘°l* ••*»•« *h Charleetowa, op
P^fe the re, of Mr Humphrey KeyZ,
•^HVmme »h>ch for m*ny yeata oacu
pied aaearor* boa** hy Meaant. Humphrey ah
h'yr*, and lately hy Mr. Nathaniel Buck
m*«t*r aaa *hoe ttaee tad dwellmg bourn _
•loo a hock lot adjoining thereto. Dock title
2? '** ►•kaeeihera (h*b*»ed •*
ka indisputable) will he cooeeyed to «V pur
chaaer* C. MOORR.
Jo*, r. UAUcrip.m r.
M*e 17, IBSf, VVmtw*
warm ukb
Harpcrs-Fcrry to Italtiiuorc.
Via the Pu»mmt River mmd Hut! K.„.j
A BOAT will leave r».|<r:j
morning, at half past 4, A. M am)
rive at the Point of Rocks in time to t.,krth,.
morning Car for Baltimore, pxmagr *1 &
Persons travelling this route »,|) ,ta< Jl „4,
limora betwann 3 and 4 o'clock, p. \| ^TO-*
lay. The same boat will lc:.vc the p„,M
Bucks for llarpers-Ferry, half an hr< r f\ r
I he Car arrive* from Baltimore, and * ,
reach the Parry on the same evening.
The above boat bn* been started ron.c.
quenee of the bad state of the roads brtwc< n
Kredevicktewn and llarper-l t rrv, wh,«h
render* tfcam almost im Passat u.-.
June 14, 1833.
W**i ‘‘f f"S; >1" «ih
at tke late residence of Jacob ll«.|n»r»
dec’d, 2 utile* from Harper*-Ferry, on
North aide of the Blue Ridge, the followin'
property, to wit: '
One Mam and Colt—9 Milch Cows,
13 kead of Hogs—7 bead of Sheet/ *
One Still with a Cap and Worm,
10 Hogsheads—4 Whiskey Barrels,
One barrel of % inagar—1 Loom and’Gears
Bacon—19 or 15 bushels Com,
13 stand of Bees—I eat Khoemskt r's Tool*
Household and Kitchen Furniture—such as
A Bureau, 3 Beds ond Bedding.
One fitoTf—Pots, Kettles, kc_together
with a variety of articles not necessary to
A credit of six months will be given on
t.ll .*um% of and above $5, the purcha*rr hi
rive bond arol gi>«wl security; sums under
the ea«h will » e required.' Hale to eon*,
menre at 10 o'clock.
June 91, |l»3i
. P. S.— The house and lot will he rented
on the day of ».»U to the highest balder.
J. N.
$T-A1I persons indebted to the above t\.
late, are iequr*t*d to n. .kc in.mediate p*\
sunt : and ail those basing claims must pre
sent them, properly authenticated, for ya'
ment. j. ft.
Pttblir Salt.
THF. subscriber will offer ai public mle,
u* Thursday ike 2d day •/*dugtntJ,'
h*n.o.* V W.U V RLE F81 AHLlMIVO M.
ecnt'Btmg of the
'M&w'js'j** mim
An«l all the <mi building* on the hA, with the
exception of ibe building used aa the Point
ing and Fo*» Office. Me can with confluence
aaaure tie public, that there is not a Tavern
in Rockville so cemaiodiuus and so well cal
culated fur buaineaa. aa the W.atunrion Ilo.
leU The houae » large, having 21 Room.,
with a large dining Of ball room, and all
other contenier^ea necessary for a puUc
houaet being situated immediately on the
great high way from Washington Oily to the
West, It must at all times command a good
proportion of travelling custom, and being
near the Court House, daring the anting nf
our Court, get a great portion of ruaiom —
The Mail Stage* passing throngl> Knckville
2 s dsy, atop at the Washington Hotel. 1 he
Establishment m one that is worthy . f thr at
tention of any person who taiahe* to proae
cute that kind of buaineaa « and hk<l not the
subscriber, from circumstances not »nhin
bis enntml, been in some messure compelled
in relinquish the husincaa, nothing would in
due* turn to sell.
Term• ./ tale—Will he literal, and made
known on the day of sale.
Should the Washington Hotel be s*h! on
the day of sale, the rUBVXTVIE with
the bouH, iill Alto mkl. pHkimievi of
the property can be had immediatrlv al'er
the sale. JANNAHo S. FA Hit L
Rockville, Md. June 7. 1832.
MJ.fi OP
Under. Decree oj Court.
IN pursuance of the decretal order of the
Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chan
*wy. ^or *he county of lx>udouti, rrntkrut
in the ease of Thouias Philips, Re. against
David Pusey’a administrator, Rc. at tl.r last
term, the undersized, rommissionrr therein
named, will offer lor sale, at public auction,
on Ihc premise*, the
Tratt Land,
In said decree BliPlhtnril It nonfaina ak^.,4
134 acre*, is situate in the county of Jeffer
son, upon Buliskm, and was purchased from
Thomas W. Lee, Elisabeth ( hudey, and Mar
tha Hutchison. This land, which was for
merly in the occupancy of David Puaey, fir- I
ceased, was the property of said deredent,
and of Mot-ru k Fhilhpa. in copHrtnrry.
One third of the money will be required
in hand, and the remainder in two e«jusl an
rwal payments, without interest until due —
The title will he made on the receipt of ths
wboU purchase money.
The sale to take place on the 17th day of
July, about 19 o'clock.
noble s. braden,
June 7, 1939—ta ('nminv*'
IVVfONfl, Piwufhu* Jtr.
flV*R iiftdmdnfd manufactures hipim,
•M M'Coraink Ploughs, and Wheat Fan*
Ol Uw Brat quality, at the shot test notne, vl
his simp, adjoining Wy songs bla< k»iw!ii
»l.op, hi Charlestown. Public ustronui n
rv-'peetfully aolieited.
A J >urut tfmun H’ngon Mr,her ff 'anlrtf.
The suhseriber will glee literal w»rr* nd
ronvtant employ nient, n> a journey mail Ws*
guo-Makcr, *ko under*!«>.<!• his lm>m'<i
• ell, and w of ateady and mdu.» rn<u* l.s'-** I
lie ah© whbea to take an apprentice t" J
tke above business. A boy, who ran ri/ins I
w«l» reeomiwrnded, la or It - ear* of »<r. j
will (sod a good situation
June 14, 1939.
"-MFHWW. ■■
vcwuewsa, ©Mill, at
JOnJ%* H. €i.MJLI.*UU H
l*£A d.V.V( Jf,
Favahla half yearly* but Twe
• •II he received as paynuot in full, if p*d
retire ly |n a4vanee. Wherevtr
OOtt*4 btyeM Ike eaplratKMi er tlie y*
mMTUM will W « barred
•** AsvMrusaisfi mserted at to* •
,f •• PM square lw three insert* os.
coniiMued et 93 real* per square lot
• ubseqiient irsertkm.

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