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The Bad Lands cow boy. (Little Missouri, Dakota [i.e. N.D.]) 1884-1886, March 13, 1884, Image 2

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1^-4 Vw
a- -tft *v^*
A. T. PACKARD, robllaher.
•#. /The business of Qoagi^ septus to b«
fragging along rat)ter akrwer ^mjnBui
»1, but the asaa^ui(^|s jflSren thaiWrk
in: committees—thejjuly plaee3 where
there is mnoh real wSnf—is being at
tended to -with a reasonable degree of
industry and ability. The results will
be aeensifc a late day. When legislations
has been properly shaped by the com
imt£eea^~tli"eif tills,"reports "and"reo
ommendations, -will afford interesting
"a topics for dismissions,and the daily pro
ceedin'ga may assume a livelier air.
SJhefleasiojWTvUl probably oontinue foi
atleast six months three of which are
already pt^at. and three will be ample
t5me. tot !•». great deal1 of good, and a
great deal oi evil, legislation—as the
case may-be:
.. The-oonrae- of "England in presenting
to the^ United states.. Government the
Arctic steamer .Alert to assist in the
.. .. search for the Greely party is a verj
graceful act of international courtesy
tohjoh will be warmly appreciated. The
act is prompted in part by the recol
lection of the course of our Government
^hen'the English vessel' the Resolute,
abandoned in the Arotic- regions, wa!
V,'" tecoviered b^ American whalers, pur
Chwwwi.M^S repaired' 'by the United
States and returned to Great Britain,
jjj The gift ©f the' Alert is-most opportune
£.: aa weTTas gracefnl. The .vessel iape
culiarly fitted for the service, being
stanchly built and well able, as was
shown by her record with Hie Nares ex
pedition, to .undergo the special .hard
ships of Arotic navigation. Our Gov-'
eminent would, have esteemed it
privilege to purchase her, but the
prompt generosity of the English Gov
ernment cut short the overtures foi
-vlt is asserted with some show of credi
bility that Prince Bismarck's crusade
against American hog products is
prompted by a d$etp seated animosity to
this oountry, and the facts that 195,000
Germans, enough to start anew oity oi
the first class, came to this country last
,year, has made. Bismarck cross. He
does not know tow to stop this drain
Thepapers inttia Ohio valley havees*
humed-the following prediction of E*
Stone Miggins written:
to the Xnsuranoe
/Times on the 20th of last December:
."The winters of 1884 and 1885 will be
remarkable for the abundance of snow,
for the descent of the show-line far
down toward the equator,-killing the
orange trees in Florida the week follow
ing the moon's conjunction with the sun.
.when-the latter is over the: tropio of
GapSeorn for intense cold over the
^northern hemisphere for volcanic erup
tionsin both hemispheres for unusual
floods in Europe arul America of each
jear^.. and on account of the excessive
mqisture, the failure of the wheat and
cornxiropain 1884 and 1875. Farmers,
therefore, during these years, should
raise those grains which best flourish ir
humid atmosphere." These prediction?
have had a certain degree of fulfillment
this year, and there are many people
who are inclined to believe that what is
.. said of 18% may .come to pass, but it is
well to recollect that "Wiggins' proph
.cpies have often been proved failnres,
somuch so, that his name has becomes
synonym for humbug. People are very
.1, n^t however to forget thefailarea, when
iXmegnessas prophecy seems to be ful
filled, by the -mere fact of happening or
reportof the commission appoint-
iji^„ed to: investigate the pork .industry oi
the.United Statea ia emphatio in the
denial that any conditions exist tending
to the^ propagation of disease. Greaf
care is Uken to prevent the trausporta
tion of infected 'hogs, stid examination
4rOtfes thatAmerxcan pork is
fully equal,
if n'ot snpwipr, to that of France or G^r
many. While there areoccasional casei
raHroad tod trsoisportation companies
slaughter houses, paekera ^nd shipper^.
WUfoMfed'1byf th9set.'froto te^ds:cH
Bealth, iiumatie societies and etperte
''ei6}d^«d'rM'thebommi8rioa,it appean
tiat !pke'i'yimo8t ear» is presnved
throujijjhottfr thM' SekA hogs atb- tietvea
trailsjfoiV&'aietf# to of&I rendering
estaWislrA^nitsirthatdisatSed hogsare
that humaat
tSt by loeiljin-
'spSitort 'ititeiMi '-pejcal^'^fltt^,
,, Hlipyibt^biiuKfSfpf it)w^-Jhe maUjodaof
yMoflg/ 44«lit^»af
tljUtf n»0dylnapeetEo^f ete., a» rpgjitt
t«d Iff th(S rok«* pf chambers of odm
mefoe:ifaidtradfi ji)ttd'00i«sta«toar^ is
awrefaj^. J»rj«ee jt^at.AO' pnl^ealtUa]
atttat w» «B5ioyed iaany-brsadt« JB
»^s:, WaJe. ye.
belisve exists for
j,t thA" n«trWtkW'iiicq^(ed ob"the impbr-
Utba of Aireticfti) pOTk, w« are sab»
r' fiad Out,
\v Washington Gossip.
.. The totted States supreme court declares re
issued legal tenders to beetmiegal tenders.
The Halted States Bupremo cotirt denies ha
boas corpus in the Georgia ku Box
A biU was introduoed in the aenate to ooiisti
tute^Seattlo Washington Territory, a port ofde
Uveij.' wUWn the collection dirtrlot .ot .Puget
Sootd. A '"-j '. •i.v
The bouse oommittee on military affairs or
[ort on the bill giving army
who served aa such in the
ght to homestead entry
The house committed on naval affairs
ed Representatives Buchanan, McAdoo and
Bontoll© a subcommittee toinvestigato the man~
agement of the Jeannette expedition, in accord
ance with the Washburn resolution.
•Th6 grand 4wy has reported to the oourt
that they had examined witnesses regarding
the alleged unlawful acts of Mrs. Belva A.
Lockwood in connection with the prosecution
of the pension olaim of one Jane Dorsey, and
had ignored the charge.
The house oommittee on invalid pensions has
agreed to report a bill-to allow the widow of
Gen. Frank P. Blair of Missouri $5,000 and a
pension of $50 per month for money expended
and servioes rendered the Union cause oy her
husband during the war.
A bill introduced inthe senate by Mr. Beck
to regulate the retirement of army officer^
provides that hereafter all pfi&cers who may W
recommended for retirement try disability by a
retiring board' shall: ^e placed, upon the re-
by said board."
The memorial to VKmgress petitioning fof a&
investigation of the official conduct of Comp
troller f^nd Bank £xaminer Needhaml in
connection with thePacifio bank collaps$iia&
been forwarded from Boston to Washington.
It boars the signatures of about 1£IQ stockhold
ers, or£ha dcf^nct institution.
The following podtofflces liavet'been asai^iod
to the t^ird class, prosidonttsV and salari^ of
postmasters fixed-at amounts stated: Carlisle,
Ky., $1,100: Flemingsburg, Ky., 91,000 Ait
km, Mipn., f1,000: West Flams* Ma, $1,000
Windsor^ dtOL, $1,.
000: Weeping
Tenn., $l,00ft
North Bend, Neb., $1,-
Water, Neb., $1,100 Greenville,
The senate oomo^ittee on railroads have re
ported favorably Mr. Sawyer's bill, gruxtii^g.
the right of way to the Cinnabar & Clark's
Fork Railroad company. Petitions very largely
signed have been forwarded from Livingston,
Cinnabar and Cooke -City, strongly urging
that congress grant aright of way througtTfhe
park to this company.
Senator Ingalls' bill to relieve from the:obli
gation of secrecy the surviving members of the
court martial that tried. Eitz John Porter Is a
b^l to allow Qens. Hunter and Ricketts to tell
all they know about the trial, as they are4he*!
only survivorsL Mr. Tngall^ig an opponentof
Porter, and he is not at all
the man to introduce
a bill without knowing precisely what he could,
a is
Upon the population of his country and
is seeking, even at the.risk of a rupture
with the United States, to arouse among
his people an animosity against this
great and glorious republic. The hog
business and the liasker resolution oi
"congress are alike exhibitions of his
methods of: counteracting the German
tendency to 'come to *bin country and
thereby escape his military rule. But
the "vast number of Germans in this
country have become thoroughly patri
otic Americans, and their intercourse
with frienda at home has served to leav
en the whole German empire with Ameri
can-ideas, and it will be impossible upon
anypretenoe to transform them into*
eonditioB of enmity to this country.
The house'committee on Indian affairs are
considering Mr. Washburn's bill to open -.the
Indian reservations in Minnesota and console
date the Indians on White Earth reservation.
Mr. Washburn and Capt Blakeley have had
hearings before the^oommittee in behalf of -the
bill, and Joseph Robert of SL Paul has spoken
in opposition to it, and'in the interest the
MilleXac Indians.
The naval bill, which has passed the senate
authorizes the president to construct seven^steel
vessels for the navy, consisting of *one cruiser
of 4,500tons displacement, one cruiser of 8,000
tons, one. dispatch vessel of 1,500 ton^ Vfco
heavily armed gunboats of 1,500 tons each, one
light gunboat oz 750 tons, and one gunboat o{
of 900 tons,: It further authorizes the
struction of one steel ram, one cruising torpedo
and two hacbor torpedoes. ~V..
The treasurer of the United States has ^s9r
pared & statement showing
Jhat* the total coin*
'age of standard silver dollars nnder the act of
Feb. 28,1S!% to Karchl, 1S84, wsa
119 held in the treasury offices and mint**?
#126,833,399 outstanding,
the amount held- by the treasury, tnere aw
held-to redeem outstanding, silver coruficatea,
$ttL24?,73i, leaving owned by the treasury,
Additional steps toward enlarging the peiffiipn
lists is takox by^liU introduced into the hqt&&:'
That jULapersodtf actually engaged in the
pressioa or the Sioux Indian war in Minnesota,"
tn 1803 and not belonging to any organizedzhil
itia, but called into sorvice by tho shenlfs -of
the several counties ot Minnesota, be and tbqgp
are hereby placed^in regard to pensions, bn an
equal footing wib personB provided for W the
actof July £*86*..
Gen. Horatio CL -Wright, chief of engineer^
willlM retired from.the jamy this week, after
forty years at active service, atad wiU probtofolj.
be suooeeded by Gen. Newton, who has Bad
charge of the Hell Gate improvements at- Stew
York.1 GOT. Wright lias a1)rilliantmiUtaty rec
ord and stands very high as pn engineer. ^Al
though over sixty years of age, he is in £xc&-:
lentphysical conaition, and might Servefor
several years longer, for the good of the *«r
Por, the ttdsd time since the war
.the supr«oe
court on 3Ibnday decided that themuch-abnaed
greenback was constitutifmal money jmd l^al
tenders for all debts public and private. vrTh'e.
decision rendered to-day was to the effect
treasury notes reissued under the act Of 1878
was*as goodas tbe original moncy. -The flrst
decision in this particular was by Chief Justice
Chase in .1866, the Beoond in 1871, and U^day
the opinion7 was read hv .tiie i/uHice uray,
which was concurred in- by fatire count
A decision was rendered in whaisra fc&ym
as the Ku Klux cases, which stand on theprigi
oal docket
under the title exparte in thoniattei%
of Jasper Garborough and pthera They are
petitions for writs of habeas corpus to releaSem:
number of persons now imprisoned nader
Judgment ofthe^ United States circuit «mrt
for the Northe.*n district of Geo^a, rendered
-after the trial and oonviotidh of the prisoner^
for the offense of tiieatening, boating and Other
wise intimidating colored voters afteXections in
Georgia for-members of congresai ^Rte peti
turn was denied.
W A. Bnrieigh, formerly jig dotf-,
gress from Dakota, butnow a resident of JCon^
tana, was before Bpnnger's. committee on'
March 1st, and examined relative to th6 offi
cial conduct of Judge Conger, oce of the
disteict judges of Montana, recently succeeded
try Judge Cobwrn of Indiana Thewitness tes
tified that Judge Conger was under, file infiu^
ence of lignor so often that business mzfeered
Burleigh has seetf him goto deep on theWbchi
while important cases were being tried.
Joaquin MUter appeared before the
coxqmittee on territories and gave his views on,
Jtfai tha
ixe *iUxt00** orizjk* And
-repressive measure
tbem to fiir^er lawl
*w)iWpf.lo utcite
insteaa pTMbdu-^
Sag them, Thi^ he said waft the
such measuresi Polygamy,
on the deersasd, and'fie desa1b6d-dd,ucat.
panacea 4at the OlS fior'wtiicb tbe people of
UUh Buaefsd. Xbe, Honpow a »op)s
were, in his opinion, extremeOr ignorant per
pons, led by cnoAaaodthos^^O'liadtnar
own ends to serve, and
to bring ihem back, to'ihe paths of moi
The new Kansas Bepresentative EdWard Mi
Fini»ton,.elected by 5,000 majority.
Drom-Kunsss, in place of Haakell, ^e^oUed,
was born in 1887 in .Clark county^ Ohio/gra£
nated at 0arlisW academy in that counfy, wUs'
three yearsjttinkm solAer ss6 lieutsoiAt of
Out-AfrtMntli AMa '.a
*.'*? ,u,"»
i"iT, xcMibvw
aspeaksrtt aobooss in dS!5 h».-been vise'
preafdaat ttttlie {)oa(d ot agiicnltoi* and.
Member of the republican sfsb eentrsl oWh'-'
jnUtee. He wm elected to tb&'rtato aettlte la
la the:' sapnna Mtlrt, ardeclsioa ran.'
dera&on-.wSaianrg^bejniijjtaaini the $ per
ant bad ««wf, via, tlM Btote otlowa ud
Staty of IBinoto sgijnst Koib O. KcFarind,
iomuiwtoneiof *h6 meMUaBottct.'rbett
Wtn fakttotMltt mtKat muutamtu tocant
il 4iw ontimrfwfwar of tbe guisral juid office
nttkn aXateAKaleftbeaewnni betartimtbe
fltatHof IMra *ndIiiifloi» for tfad parodjla at
•acotiiaiiigtrlittmaMprpkoncyaM tlps a^d.
tha acts providing for {hdradmia..
aontothejaidniWhich authorized the payment
l3togwit%m^flnUta wlloh ahofild be aold
by preaentedby the cia
ea is weather or Mtjiaqjjjo
l»nd8 loated byniili
bounty Una^wartanta come witMBathe
the. juterabom meutioned-4hM^vi
^queq^r auobl utods "lands sold by wb§
Kie CO tot holdathst under tlio act 05
Iw»!inTO5toApion, or act of AUul^
|?18, tor the aHrrlBBlffl'^f the State of firad*
into the nnton, byjfbich 5 per cent of thewbtJ.'
proceeds of hnda lying within the Btate, and
afterward gold by congress, is reserved and ap
propriated for the benefit of tha abate, the state
js uo'eutiueuto a percentage on the value.
lands disposed of.by oongre^a In
military land warrants. The writs of monda
miia prayed forare therefore refused and the
."^"IptniMial PotouTr 5 7'
n^vh^rosj receipts to
Saturday ntght were
Mine. Ifflsaba pajrs taxes on 4125,000 wbr&
of New York roal eatate.
»,i°^S9u^ y&8^r.^ltt8 Vaasar college
(AO,000 for chemical apparatus. "lij
Justice Banyon, one of the oldest and host
Known offlcialain Chicago, is dead.
Dr. D. F. Eoberteonof Port Jerris.N. X, io
lUDaj. Eugene Jt Baker, Second cavalry,1 Viuii
been relieved from duty at Fort MajHnnis. and
ordered Uy Fott Custer
A lettei*
from Bome to the
Baltimore Sun says
,The,inodel in 'clay,. In its. rude. fdrm,v of. tho
national Garfield, statute
is now completed. It
WBuperbinr^hTOiqtzfe. .ThelikenessisperfOci
The figure vnu be, from foot' to crown, just
seven feet high -and-all in the finest Oarrava
marbla.viln »boUt .twelve' months the. entire
*ork.willbe .flnishedand duly presented by
Ohio to tho nation, filling a place of honor in
the capital." j'?*-'
foreign ria^M^'^
It is announoed that great stagnation exists
in the shipping interests upon the Tyne.:,There
aro 134 vessela idle and
1,600 men out iof em*
TheDeuteche Tagblatt saysv^'SOnister Sas
gent, lias so oompromised his, government that
if tfo latter does not wish further .embarrass
ment it must dispense witii his serfioee."
Jbrtraordinary precantiona *re being talun
to insure the safety in London of Buckingham
palace. The movements of all persons found
lurking around the neighborhood are closelj
The .American consul at Dundee has as^ed
the captains,of whaling .Teasels to keep a 15ok
outforlientl GreelyinBaffin's bay»in view of
the.,possibility ot .his drifting from &nii
souna on an Ice'floe.
'eter Jones, alias Buk%/,a^ cnibmaa i(e
Giunis hare been arrested at Corlc on snspio
ion.. They are unable to acooimt for them
selves,. and- it is thought probable tha'
may have been implicated the recent
i. Their photographs have
bent to theLondon police.
CorawaUis 'West, in lfitter ^o the Times
1toys, tii8"timo has come forJBhgland the de
mand-'6f a frienffl.ygovernmehtpH)tection from
the attempfa of 0TDonavan Bossa and his blood
thirsty crew. Gonnazi hewspapers, referring
to ibe dynamite outrages in liomtdn,
J*nd isnowr^piia^thO^aiteuof her
^^"worid3*8 and tiut throatspfrom all parte
police W wpi cos^noed that the
advanced Irish p«i^
1^ macte. Puis its head^
quartert in.Eorope ^r the .^p^imtion of its
dynamne sch^ne& -The lnspec^ Vation^Ust
of tiie lrishBepublican brotherhood. The first
section coniprpes'the formor1 Fenians, James
Stephens, Jphn CLeary tod Cten^MacAdaris.
The last named disavows belozurfiig to the so
The trial of ChrisUon Augnst Selmer, minis-,
ter of State for Norway, under artides txT vim.
^peachment,'concluded before the-Tigsert- or,
snprame tribnnal .with' his being
gmlty jai^ senten oe^ -to 'forfc6t tis/-pUoe as
minister and Ws niemberdiip of the royalxsoun
oosta (aboiit t&s
flOOl Thia tmpeadimentTim the odelsthing, or
the lower house pf the Noiwegian parliament
is aneventrofmtiehpoliticalinteresi
Britislitroi^^tered Tokar, Egypt, %i nooii
fisturday. A few shota were Exchanged with'
the en^my, .wheti ^000 rebels,' holding Qte
town, lied. OafiilanlMgina is eigkt
miles distant from Suakim. A 'battle &•
pectedwith him wfcm the' British troons ne£j
turn to Suakim from Tokaiv All reports oom
mend the^teadiness with whidi the British
moved on Teb.. Tlie square in which they td
vanced to battle was never brdkea The de
termination ipd bravray, of thoiebelris^shown
in ihe
fact that when they were charged by tiie
cavalry, great nnmberd of them threw them
selves tipon their. hacks on the grounds
^/speared .tbe hoTWs nf troopers as they
dashed over them.
Ijondcp fjCAbie: Minister Lovdl and Eari
Granville had a conference Saturday lasting
overahbotirontbesubject of tlie.recentdyna
mite explo^oni^ and the-dfe»5Veryof dynamite
packages and Tnachines of alteged^American
suggests that a
gers from Am^l for p^^^^GrS^du!toi
Frtnch aiVfliliiiMntliM (pywi ttmrtitfiip that
it .win assist in the discoreiy bfthe ^St en
gagea in the dvnaiolfe bneiness, ind that all
ve«»el»,hereafisrvaitiviilgat tmiuii1
from America jrill be thoroo^ily
delay in appointing a successor to Judge Con
ger/Mr. Btcriei^i asifertedr oosffbe district
fram.#7^000 to fl0(M)0a
overflowing iiingthe Bed'
Jlter,-!*1, is mry great on atoik wd foimge.
Most of &e plantations tor TOO rnilee above
6hrev«peAaa ftie vest,
and^er«r«lik the east
a a O
Hud Uow&froma farttrljn fromiTpadjilpI^
•o We* yort, while,
steppinj fjfonr otta car ft
Mflttfifc-1 He wa» blown arod "frod*-13ie 'toaln
ana ren^e4_nnc8fi«CKWfc..Jut will recorvwr.:
7*° KOTern°r of KaassL is ja jreealpt it a
dispatch from Tieat Gor. Jfnny, K^oeho Filla,
Wobdsi^oomttr. 'Btatingjtbat'tbe moniii and
feot dieeaee hasibn)V|^ou» Jfrmg patHeln
that vicinity. Alread^
aod the dlseaae te •VHA-
.... '. —. -jt agri
(Mjt^irea* Washington to sand aaukjeon.i
!tv 0'f'J
Tk»tOrlaUuu oalsiuur-
In »street, fight Monday erening, growing
onto? difficulty between whjte .aud'colored
IMS, Prank Langston, sou of Trot. JohnlC
Xihgstou, TTnitad St^es ninifrter to Sayti, shot'
and illed James ftponoer. and Bejlonslv
wotmded John' WitottM-,' two spectators,
both colored.i' 4
^tiniQrJPalrata, a muvquned Oli
Jy iiis wife widtiieir^small chfldar
|^ftoniNebla,Iowa, pi
into "the. couitry
Tlieywere ml
recovery of any of the three per
Lrewardof. t&OOis offered for fhear
kA naaaoalH .'•"•r
|MisoeUal*dua XTews Sotsl.
.So^th-. Carolina has,618 lunatics in heriany-.
lumsW *. .v.
-7-Xtottmouth^c^ege-ifrte ikave-*«Hie\r*4G0i0d0
libraij building.
^^Om^tibut'scdijsus' shttws
Thir^a hundred imeh {n BuBSell A Co.
Gen. Grant has laid astde his cratches and
din attentions. HO walks
a cane and drivea out often
Mrs. Norier of Baltimore has had her marriage
ajjnnU^,' it oming to light that her husband
was a lunatic wh^ she married him.
Bather than stay out of the Catholio chTU-di,
1tor. Frank Barnum of Boston has forfeit^
•100,000 left himbyhia
jsaber wound in them outh, diepls6ing
erJl.teetb, was the only mark by whi(di Jerome^
Oollins'body couldbei idontiflMatLena Deltak
At the, funeral his brothers removed the gfitt
letter® fzpin hid coffin, and snbatftu
ted.' pBt^xeprescntingjhis profession of civ
il engineering., The coffin was on? provided
by the navy department
The railway Gafeette says there was a totel of
147 acoidents« dvfng the.monthjof Januaiy^ in
whioh. 56 perao£B werel^led^ and SlOinjured.
yAs compared .%ith Januwy.18^, there -was a
decrease Of'Sfl lvicidenti Vbutaxi liicr^aBe df 1
killed and41ii^nred.
opeiiing month of
the year wastim^ cdi^lderabfy above the av
erage of last yd^- to aU reepecte, specially in
the number-of ^^red, which was largor tiian
in any month TejK^ted foe along time
*hls Vot6Umi ajbrdererdUa the 9epntr
Wft^len^goliat, HI,,
«iftoau 1
Jotiei, fll. Itart^murdirous assault
,was ina^e npon^pL.y^m McDonald, deputy
warden of the p&ritca&ary here, this afternoon.
The assassin is amotorione'deeperado named
Knnk fiaad. £fe^tty .^McDonald in going 'his
rounds.OTterei|.t^obllarShop..where Band
works. A^ customary, McDonald '"stopped at
thedes)? of Keep^Judden to i^pefe his rg^
jx)rt\^While the dsj^iy was .talking, with the.
koeperBand. snapftgd nis finger at nis keeper
an^^raifled hiB r^tod, -giving the .signal
for^» reqpesfc, »to
goi to the closet-.
Maddotv y, .nodded*? sssenk: iftPd resumed^
conversation v^ri th the .deputy,
whose teck was torBeabnBan£The' keeper
alsoturned-hisbatictoBand'togive anorder to
ano&or oonvict *. Instantly Band, who was
crossing the rooio^ •jtie&ed'iip ft heihryironjxK
to ,tiiree feet lona^ruahed ^apon.DepuW MoS
Donald* and stnicEy linn .on the head with all
his .force,
ijropfteir Senseleas^Band shoutedx "I hMi!
rec^ved atorrible »«hJ in an ann, bnt held
E)ffd unttl two life ,wricti!, Pfflaplin and
fi°»b, .cune to Mrfaaslstanco. aiw Band was
hurled .violently to tho fioor. Hoarina so
S*r»^ A^tat SDepUty"
Warden Garvin and
Keeper Ed HcDoQal&'bnither 5f tiie attacked,
depohr^rnshod in^atheoanviatBoabiraaon
tqp.ofgand and had.the lite nearly, choked pptj
pfhim. Whon Gaoriu orderodlum ofL Boab
bag^ fobe aUo»^td (4Qke hEa-to death.
—l -r~: ..
*ho broke ahcavy.gane ararBand,s:£ead,'cnti
ting hlm terribly.:,.^Pulling a revoWer, Qarvih
in the J^^, thengrahbed the convict
by th® throat W® Wjaffig him thus, Keep
,CT HcMiuld framcally drew his revolver,
placed ttemuzzlo^Bsnd'sHgbtaar,endured.
BaodjftfL' 'DoputyMcDonalashdL.-tiiBBd was
twtoheS long al^ie wid^Be wilrSftBBaS
wias tincoBsdousl^^tenew It isiio^kiiown
howdangettraaly |piwaswdimaed. Ori^^
of.bloiod ^wa*
iirhen ®od6
sAld: He#as
itur. sua*
wato tQdllthe
3he, other
'to get In his'
ItC.Barris, editor o^the Sally 'BattrShotj
and wooialed priM ag«n*at Hot 8prings,Ark.,
stay airay Ijarris' olfens*
eoti»i»t«d in tfaeprostttntion of ibs Western as*
sodatsd pram in behslf:df «i^«aalbhtig ele.
E22?' J^ci^Iy r^repreaentog .the
f«et»offlief jfeatiM/ffitftfwfdnfSoiri «n
grts^af tha. T7n^ Bt^:«jtfe(£angE.
has not oreateA any undue excitement, and
there is a^general fueling that serious work re
mtins to be done, and that ttie' Engagement
Sndaywas comparatiTelyyi.tfmau affair./,
Cablegram received at th^fnr office states oi,at
I the
ifour offioers otthe EngBsh force were killM
'Alater dispatch fron^vGrahani. ^aVfi
Sffloers received wtunm inranding Bakei
&aha asdOol. Burmby, afothotWholn were:
SOTerely wonnded. Iwe handredf of \the\'en-i
emy's dead were counted fiijthe aaptiiMd ft»i-|
on E
Xmportant Settlers,
.^^The secretary of the interior has rendered a
very important decision ftf great intorost to
settlers in new counties jproving up their land
ehirieB. It reverses the riiling bf the oominis
ionerofthe'geQeral lfuid office of Jan. 15 lost^
regarding the powers of clerks of district courts
,in.qonntifiS«ia- which no courtliasboen held.
Tho commissioner ruled that these clerks
could ^&ot^ ftdu\inister.r
^°^Pin:th8^ ?M-i tA
rpKcaw— ^ith pota^
in unMdi
toes.|.^Thbusands of'carldi
Cap^Cod pedplbf object'tdhaving^^the&p§
made^aft island Dy the. ^an&l^ 'and some law
strife threaten^ for damages,
The^Mississipni lemelature proposes to im
peaohrGon. J. Arele amlth, state superintend*
entof^education for drunkenhesa.
cultural works in Hasalllon, Ohio, refused to
go to wpik on account of anew system of time
•. Gov^ eftvoland:of NeVr Yorfc has ^gned the
bill profiting- the making of oontracts for,
the Ubofof conyicts in, the state prisons ar^d
penitentizuriea. -'.t
^b ney cotton' miil at^faftvll^o, ^niL, is
now th£jkrgeBt in-'tiie* world.s tha old,part Is
TBO by 75 teet, andihe newpart.500by lOO^eet
One ^honiind,hands are employed in the mill
A big bul.oelebrated the^completion of thoad-
of quinine advahoed another 20
1st, Sales being.- -made at 0L95 in
five onnoe^anB and |2 per single ounce, a total
advanc^ m35 to 40o per ounoe, as a result of
tiiepowtSfrA TVigh&anfireat^Philadelphia.
A, fur^erjadyance is anticipated.
The $|fe-year^ brings ^^thie.erastomary annual*
statisti^imd reports of board of health and
Institfiti^nisJ ^dsualtheyraii» starting. The
number of-^eaths from casualities "throughout
ithe worltfls^ioi bvei'-Mtimatedatoie hundred
and fifty/ thpusand,. hjcluding stiip -victims of
earthquakeei yolcinoes, floods,, fires ete.
•New YorifCityhad^^flythirty-four 'thousand
deaths, |ncluding .twenty per?on^ reported to be
one hundred years oli Of deaths abput one
tenth Were caused by Bri^lrt's dis^sie, which
must either be on the increase.r more fre
quently diagnosed,than it used to .be. Though.
only onedeath isattiibntedtoiiolsOriiri^by
whisky,- probably many. casesx)f Biwut's
ease aro-dliiBed. or hurried to, their end by
"good^flfl^ei" Fiends, there is a "mote in
your ryeV Whiflh speeds your. end. view it aa yon
Ewty.—Ed{J^5rNa, Prom Dr^Foote's Health
MonjJdjC.'-U .-v- ^.
I Ball and
Alex. Uitche}! dories that Manager ^Cerrill i^
The Western division of the Northern Pad*
no is again7open.
A cbntract fM priding tile first 'sixty miles
of the Sault Bte^ l£uie Has been-let
It is offic^iy^Lnnouhcbd by *ihe: .Atchisoib'
Topeka ^'SantvFe tliat Gebi^e WJ McCi»ry has'
been apjwintedio the office of ^general ponBuL
I«Paris says: .Bismarck, has not only ouiU
raged the. American rep'ublio, but lias defied
tiie world.- But democracy has more serious
things, to.
think about to mindtiiis insolent
General Mwiager 8. sj Jfon^of the Chicago,
Milwaukee fr^tJPaalrailroad, l^hadft stroke
of paralysis and ^rill leave -in iii lew days for
Honda ,.X1i^ iftformation "is' obteiiied from,
private sources, and is' to the efreot' that he
may never be able to take up hid':- work again.
-i go
been held to distant counties. The matter wae
pushed through by Delegate. Raymond, who
was very earnest uid active in. getppg the sec
retary of'vthejnfe^ior-to take it up ana make an
early decisioa. The secretary discusses the
status of clerks of courts in counties.' He holds
that the statutes in Dakota provide for the ap
pointment of sufcli clerks and prescribed then
duties. .Ho says that the aot 011877 in its lan
guage, ViAh|a fU^c^confeimplatoa the^ ab
senoeof a judge, whether any eo.urt has been
held in the county or not Ht:
holds that absence from the County on thepar|
of a judge applies te n6W febumies where n$
courts have been hdd, as well as countiei
where courts have been heltL. The result if
that clerks in new counties caii take prodf in
landcaBes. This view te sustained by. a de
cision .of Judge Ed^erton, the question hav*
Ingteen raised belbt^e-himOn ain^otio'n'to quasli
an indictment on the ground that the perj ury
complained of was taken before a clerk of .the
court in the county in which no court had be?o
held, and therefore it w^s argn^ thatjfio per
jfliy hid be^ri Committea witnih ihe'meaning
of the statutes,
Xndian War Pension Case,
Secretary Teller has decided to reopena very
important pensioif case adversely decided bj
Secretary Delano someyears ago.' The case
was brought to the attention of the department
rfy Jiajrstrai^ wh xae&ently^iven a hear*
in^'in re^trd^telir ^Tho dise 'is ihat ofMai
Haack,whowas a participant in the snppres.
sion of tHfe Indian war in 1803, and received in.
jurieb«i aecountdf whiohheclaimBa pensioa
This and similar claims were based on an ad
of oongress ipassed" July. 4 It
intended, Mr. Strait '.tirj,-
tp opveyqust bucK wtlesj butfwhen tKe Haaok
due caine'up forconsidenltion^y the.commls*
sioner of pensionsr it was .rejected. It then
went to Secretary lelano, who'sustained the
commissioners "rufingv -hoHing that case
was similar-to a class of oases wherein the
claimants were persons who had been balled
out by a sheriff to put dowh a riot 'Itftasheld
tint'Haafi was-o^Ue^^ut abonp.of topd&ecomf
itatus, anS^as.'th^fore.riot entitled to a penl
sion. The* 'cases' of -those who liad' already
been granted pensions np to that time wdre
however, not to -bereopened, but it was defeid
a a».. a clirims or thiskind should not b«
flcret^ry Teller*asking
/for revisldn. This re
quest was. assented to, and Mr. Strait made au
argument, asserting that under the act of 1864
Haaok ought to have been pensioned. Mr.
Strait was ihfOrihed-by the'secretery that on in
vesticating- the case further he fully agreed
that Haack should be paid a pension, andlie is
preparing an opinion overruJlng Secretary De
lano's decision and granting the pension.'
HftfcvylUviiMaBobberyin Bt. Louis,
Prcntisa TUler, money clerk^ of the JPaciflf'
Express compajiy^here, whoso fatb^i^a LoU'
isville detective,: disa'ppoai^ abouf, sVclocl
Sunday.afternoon,' taking ^thWm twe
Valises ftill of moneytlpa&ages, totil amount
nearly 175,000. ^The detectipeiru liaye learned
,nothing_as 3pt otthe where^uts WTiUer of
-the••mopey. ^yoral, envnlopos Wei^ found
which bad beencnt atoneeDd. butaa they con
tained checks they .were not taken. Other pack*'
tendent Britler' thinks, however, there must
havo been nearly a bneihel of packages taken
and that thero wsslprohAbly a third confedor
ftte on the 6nt^de^fts the weirfit of the packa
ontained gold coin, would'
to have been easily snd
quickly^ handled 'by two persons., Tiller was
.-with the Pacific company, two years, and had
.ti^eefitire, confidence of bis employers, being
[niet arid attentive to business. He -is
1 twenfy-five years old, brown mns*
tache fthd hair, pimply and bloteliy face, unob
trastiye features, slonder build, weight about
l^^uridSj.neaV^xiress,^uick manner. His
confederate: iaimtireiy^ unknown, the express
company not having even the slightest conjec
ia-.r^heMmprayeffert a re
y.wjrd oft •^OOyfortte-trrott^ot the inaband
The Tlood At Port Benton1438%
5B» lee in tUs^sburi at ?oi* Benton Woke
5? on "gorging f^Sthe month of the
Alohdo(iBpeci|i|iifvthelats^s i£oapr&.
^totbehew»%a^ aiasb6entwniingin to
day,' Oeni Orahsni -Jiss ttot uMmsa Bigna',
forces onVhnosttiMisuatf^iktdad'
td thaf upon
.srhieh BsfisrPaShiA1 'toarthl^jabistitagftVss
asughtereft. Briiish' trdb«« *em
'laSi^anathsTAenlt^ii'-as usuat,1
Hefeat of'tht) bt(er«iiK«j'
the laootmts which
fonrardhaveth* ii
^acribedi the «ai^»oe^«l
•x OnttiriWthMr. Blair Introduced a
eiwauthe time tor tha completion of
itesiof tlie Miaslasippi rlvei to wfclqf
dj^wUio lands havs I
iaithi'Sre prosecuting the
—*v-mt"the forfeiture'of
Ee was participated ir
I MoPhereon. Hale,
itter criticised the
da and referred to
AdmiraSPorter, that on one—
had been charged to the.wreng 'ship.
no onwcould tell but what that mp
ISVSneen given to Dorsey to take to,—
and:: take
proofs founder ^th^ pr^emptiim and
hombeteM it labit? bOcaufie^ the
act of Mateh 3i 1877iSprotides that sufch proofs
obuldbe ^akefl b^ore^ jiwge^ 6r,Tf*in His abi
senqe" i& relate to a' coni^ in tvmch a judge
oad-hsld4 ccrurt, bftt^asvtempoifertiy absentii
he liad never held the court in tne county,
This lulling was first retroactive in its cffect-.
and would destroy the titles of thousands ofc posti
aores in Dakota and other westehi states and
territories. A seoond decision, however, mod4
ified*^$ai!e|f^t py&OigHF apply only to
futi^.H l^n^thbn j,^wQul4 have beenasburcf
of great inconvenience and expense to settlers--*
to go from counties in wlrioh no court had^yct"
rise aboro^ the
hsai^sad spread ovorVportumof .thebottom
tank upoa which Benton is located.
twofeeton the flrstStbrioi' A
of roerchandlso was dMtrored in lhe levS
ouses, and tiie wall, of the emtine hbuae
agtanst it
dlsewiU probably fM^'w^OoS'aiidiSaSblf
tbe losses may prove much greater
*man named 5Villlara Vyonwas murdered
aN~Bonilla, twenty-throo mUes northwert'ot
here, Sunday
mdrniUg.He hadtronblewiUi hia
brotherJnJaT^J.XvlJcKroskey,, aboutsome
November indacod her fo lei
iMf utd
torn- au
victor*.! It
gatarday, uid after some conversation McKr6i-'
key ordered^Myere to leave thehouse. mSlat.
g^V^Hth, aidddrewr^re^
himin the'fsce wi^a donbleiton^d
ciha^Jarrel intoHyers' body who Oiodin
Staffi&tai1' ^eT?dt0
In the house Mr. Phelpy of. the committee
tin foreign affairs, reported hack the Baraum
resolution directing the committee, to inquire
whether the minister of any foreign power on
deavored to nullify the effect of the unanimous
resolution o^fee'hpus»-ly^refleetiwi on- ^he
honor and intenit^ of its members. The res
lolntion tyaB^WotopanieaM: Report statingj
'ttiat the cbnfmitUe nfads anx investigation, foxfr
tHat the cbnfmittee nfade an
had been unable to obtain any information on
the subject, and asks to be excused from any
further consideration of the resolution. The
report was agreed to without discussion, sod
the committee discharged from further oopsid
eration of the subject
Mr.^Bingham^ commlttethoi^ poBtoffloes ^nd,
jstroaa^ reMrtcftad3reiiel thp till to pre
ventr^he Use c^theunitedotates/ma^ to ad-'
^I^o^Kt l§0 cofctte^f tl» whole,
wlthg[r.^'X|jN, lyin thghalr.'on^plenror,
^Mr. Throokmortonmovodto strike oQV the
enacting clause of the bill Lost—118 to ll4
The debate continued all the afternoon, and
was rather drearyJ The consideration of the
bill being concluded, the committee rosa^aada
reported it .lo the 'house. The first question^
was on the amendment striking out the fourth
PjBndhig action, the house adjcumed.7
In the senate on4he^th-Mr.IngaIlsintror
duced a bill to remove the injunction of seiare
vcyl^m tl^ouirt £ulrtial triea Jjen.
^jrtihn Portei^} iix ^dlr thaljncmb^ft of it miyv
^ro^the d^tdls to MpnlOio guid
c«6 if 3RlMf up^ -%e%ehfee let^amed oo^*
sideration of the bill to authorize the construc
tion of steel vessels, Messrs. MdPherSoni Jones
(Fla.] and Miller taking part in the debate
The latter was in favor of maMng liberal ap
propriation for building a navy. .r
^ol^tic^adopt^byithe^JttUmesotai legislature,
asking oongress for an immedato adjuBtmentof
lands granted to! railroads in Minnesotaj
ment of the Mississippi river: asking' for ftbUl
ng the laws of the United Statu conform
with" tnr i*—« —aT*.-.
lng for an .appropriation for the
construction of a bridge across the St Oroix
river nearly opposite the village of Sfc
provides that
shall organise
and*repdrt upon-wttwnbe'r.^talue and oondi
tion of domestic animals in the United Sjtates,
and also the causes of contagious and commun
icatable diseases ampng thenL srid means for
the prevention and cure .Qf the same. He is
authorized to appoint two competent ^aitaj
whose duty it shall be to report upon T^he ben
method of treUing, tranBponing and etHng for
an|mAlsandn&anstoj^efloated^forue sup-r
pres^ion ah&fttirpation of^mtagiouslpleuro
pneumonm.' The enmrnlaa^nwr of
apiculture may expend so,
much of the money apprbpriated by
as -may benecessaiy ih payfiig for animals it'
is deemed necessary to slaiighter and in ttindL
is in ii 4 S 6
essaiy t^ eStirpate disease"
the authorities of
state ^hall pay bhe&alx ol^ the expenses of
the^ooet of disinfection and car6- of herds of
oatfle. It prohibits.the tranrooriatiori from
one state to another of toy live stock affected
with any
resoh^oninttodttMaw Wm*ImTOfiaavand
committee, providing for aa
appropriation to. aid snfferersi 'ter .lbs gre^t
stormB in Southern
Beprieentative Dnnty of H,'spoke oi tha
navsl appnyrittion bill Ho favoredythe in-
edbythe wmanittBSTOT'appiuu»wW"iS''tEa
If he was advocatingihe raising of Urge
anny he might be assailed on-the groond Hut
Kb«%* of *he*cot^^r^HeJS^?^^ Jt£t
sentiment. But thenavy ls daniferous to noW
but the enemy.v —.
~u*e» », »."."«jpe. we -may say that
we cusot oome in conflict with a foreign pqwi
er.. We^yMy ^twe.ba^enojealo^SloK
Wlft! iPlUumh.thatis tins
^e ShailVwi'
«he BurbiS:
tuthe ^senate on the 8d inst aresolattonSru
adopted InatnicUng the committee on territo.
Jj***?* alleged assumption!
jw o^(h6 right ofrr"°^*1«ofK^S
ws» paawd.
and Oshiq^*]7rv
Whmlhese raMsnre. w'eri disposed of E
of the house
adopted by
man Haskeh. ana HeufA*
... of Jerome Collins^ one
5® I*mgf Bills were in-
Sna Olhar purposes. By a vote of 227 to
opinion. he tier^oimlJy oordially conourred.
»««'". reported favor
ably the .bill to relievo the mombors and judge 5W«t
advocate of Ihe Fits John Porter court iMrtW
df th4„seCrec^ BntiOBedliy thslr oith as to the .'sjswe
vote of tlis'court
yAt^thggctnrehmiou'uf ma nidrtling business,
Mr.'Strait introduced in the hoase ft bill for
the relief ofr James Baoon and L- Caskev.
A bill was introduced by M^. Wakefield for the
relief of Gooxgev IV Brotfe JUr. ^elson intro
du»d. a' ^ill^^l^tore/to cerislu^Bcohts and
The joint resolatioii for. appropriation to sld
sufferers by the recent cyclonos in the South
was reported Adversely, on the gronnd ]Slj
.w«s further
of 88 to 18. Ad-
ZKrfigfsUow iu WMtBiinlstm XbVty.
The bust of Longfellow was unveiled io'
Weetminiater sbbey last. Batiuday morning^*
The ceremony ww.
wrfori^d hy-Bey, George
Brothers, Bnb^iacdbiiif JW^ffiiniiifefe Dean
Bradley, who hid beonexgected to undertake
affliction. iarl Granville, Sir Hugh Childers,
James fiussell Lowell, Alioe IibngfellbW and
Annie Longfellow, dmghters of the poet, Mary
Anderson, Honours S. Conway «nif The6doru
Maran wore among the distinguished persons
masT sent
a -l8ttrr eipreamng- iWrei 'that
he was necessarily absenL Eari Granville
madsa spceoh eulogizing the.character of the
American poet, »nt dwolt on the refinement
..which W the chief charm of this illustrious
man. Bo referred in a feeling manner to the
PrusOi^si^^nffitf#fll^ry|itfiMteiB and Minis-.
terXoWelL JunlHier Ijowcll
also made a epeoch
in which he said Longfellow's was. a nature
which consecrated this ground in whioh noun
wan epint oould ever indure. In oonclnsioC
he acoeptod tho trihnte to hia memory, thu
PlSftinS tllH WI™iiW4l-WtTBaf»wat*a iM*naa ka
.—r-VnT—~ir-~ts corner, be
husts of Ohauoer and Drdyen, in the
name sf the American people.
Hie president senUn the following nomina
nons—j^us -Stabel, oonsul general United
States, Shan0ud:Po8tmaster^Bodney D. Wells.
St Lwiis, Mo. James I. Stephois, ^teolanani
cured in thehonss, !lje report from themnf
tery committee was explained at length by OtJ
S16 who made a strong aC
gument in favor of it. .The Hll oontempUiM
Mw^ton's retirement ashrigadiei geienff
bnt the opp^ition. manifested in someAiiAHAni
otojSlp® pm£«f the bS toj«dnSe the
irtok to.thatdfiolon^
ton would bo to-day were his name still Onthft
army regteter. Pl^ton.thSSwtfS?
to provide for
The senate was in session on the lst inst. fA\
the house Mr. Oates, committee onpabllc lands
reported a resolution filing oq.: the aecretar^
of .the fuhlted Statee^army^ftie money
^mjannuitiOT bel^igiligtothem confiscated and
forfeited to the UnTtea States, for the reliW of
by-reason of
depredations. and iiynriesby certain -bands of
Sioux Indians, approved Feb. 6, 2883. He alsa
inkpdttped a mil Io. anthorize the yla of timber
W oertain lands- 'Wserved' for the nse of-tha
Menomonee trijae of Indians in WlsoonskL A
bmTOin^u6edbyMr.»TOteforthe reliel
of Charles B^ Blftir, postmaster fttByota, 01m
stedcounty.Minn GettWashburnmtroduced
ftbiUgiMtingpopion toBtffl.I^rquhftr, widow
Contagious disease and provide& for
the prosecntion of any person violating this
prohiJiitioiL TwoJhw^edvftDd fifty, thousand
is w&ffr.^fojeffeot m
provisions or the bftl.
In the sehftte on the 29th, 3fr. Haitison^'oom
iuittee on territories, reported favorably the
original providing for the: admission of itlie
^to^of Dakota. Ordered pHnted and
TfiJw dem 0«r»ttoT.T)0BgreSsnSbIlcampafta^
oommittop met.in ^Va^hingtononHonilayeven
iug^tho ^d^o^ga^^^fartho ibQmin|{cam-
the Part of tte Senate—Senatora Oariand.
Kenna and Gortnatt
•.-i^'i£l6irinit is'a' jril^lla^o^ the csmpaiin
^3arley—No. %(»4^Sa8S£h% «0jNa^
Potatoes—10a .-V
For six months or more Mrs. Delia PanieU.
the aged mother of tho Irish leader,
taees sua outhottsAs.-- Eeoentiy^S!
vm found .deftd in its stallf MiS^'
consulted herlamr to
mm-w sry» efaftftol
.. byMeN
the senate ad-
'etedbyMr. 'WMh,
'Cting the naval bom.
Wfairs connected with
TWs was at the instance
[email protected]
'Venue, establish a merohanS marine
sutrivoreofthe Mexican warpassoi
inwi: ^Si '"J i.'"lVTe?u,a house ad-
S?woSl^ ^'fS^ae bill^ureasing^o dutj
'tho'yoas andna
W. Hons the
Memorials presented waY oho hy Ingallr,
from a Qr^d'Aimiy post of Kansas, against tLo
passago of a bill reinstatiDg Fits John Porter
The moporial opbodies roaqlutjonaof tho po-1
'WioB dedare%ati'to reinstate Fife" John Po~.
^??^A H^fe4^tW.|Wineult to all loyal
jOacrity. thoir supo.
,qp^j^|w^ jy^wrttpg the memorial,Hr
Ingalls remarked that the reaolutionB voiced
.the.-. roiHtajy jftttdy^vyOpMpr^auon urn wtt
^9 1
ntf«ppropriations to offer oivamend
.. Saipg.that hereafter any cadet dis
fedV for losing should not o. eligible for i:
pointment He had consulted many of the
Ht'&hJi opiX
a&demy.-l: It 'irite^^ieirfsUid^ hib oplnfon that
hazing^-carindt^ ba stoppod without such pro
te^Sow SRch provision would
stop it The amendment, was agreed-to. and ^j
tiie bflL. as amended passed.
Mr. Oockrdl'rbpbrteaidvorswy the bill to
thorisethe seoratttry of war to lend tents for 4
the-fifth annnal wnnion of soldiersand sailors
of the Northwest atOricago iniAugnst tIn pro
seriting this report^ Mr.\Gqckroll remarked that
there were.no tents that cottld be supplied for
'tdoh.jl'ntirpo^ arid if wouffl bo'an enormous
e^ftnstf to^lEe goyernnwbfr io* undertake to
provide them.
»rge Clark, Georgia San Luis Poi_~
Cornelius S. Palmer, Yermon^ associate justice
of tho Supreme court of 'Dakote Byrt)n O.
.register'of the lahdomoe* Grand
Forks, Dak. Samuel Sherfey r^ccdrer of
public moneys, Los Luces, N. Mexl
In the house on the 28th Messrs Duesterand
Ghenthor s^lft. on the resolt^fil bf the Lib
uiQ| aofion^ Of'the hbu^e'of
^y, andnottEewoi-„.
.the true
sentiments of tBeGerinari people. The
ileuro-pneumonia bill passed—lfe to 127-^af
uarantine Bection ^he fourth)had
been stricken 'out This
the commissioner of agriculture
a bureau of animal industry and ft]
tfifaMf,T«fa6ft toK&Mm.W
f^pw&jgbfll?,wero introdqced!
and re.'
raotediBy-WyesV^i?proyidB-permifaent res
jes^atte&foiUbdiinsiir^ortheiTi^ConUna By
Mr. Sherman granting copyright to newspapers.
"'he'^pllowink^a c^py^tthebillintnauced
Falls asking for the .paSiBage, of an act fixing
the head of navigation of tho^ Minnesota titer'
Senator Sherman, granting copyright to
•i^ Beit ehaotedi^eto.V' Uiat any.daily or weekly
newspaper, orany association 4f daily Or week
in the United States,or
ies hereof, sholl have {he
.. tVlssufe ftnd'sell for a term of r^:
.ting from the hour of going to
items, of
eight hours,
press, tho contents of said daily or-weekly
fafew^a^^ or ^U^ctionof news of said news
paper assaiciatiab exoeedingone hundred words.
Se& & That for 4ny infringement of copy
right granted by, the first section of this act
p6t^^ri^6ti6i?^^rocover^in any proper
action.damages sustained by him from persona
making infringement^ together with itho costs
of the suit
In^he hoQsealmoat the entire day was con*
sumed in committee of the «hole upon the rnu
val appropriation bill, but without definite ao«
*h» Xaxksta. vf'"
Com—No. a, MMa.- iffgfcf 4'
/Oato--No. a
Com^-52Wc^®W'aV#Vrr,VT f» ."
voiXisbove Btillwater nottogdinBtilrt-di
yptby a branch lin^t-wairSndSwi
ftemtbor#, mmuc OM»KWAJWSL
xroot wore, em#
track about four

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