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The Bad Lands cow boy. [volume] (Little Missouri, Dakota [i.e. N.D.]) 1884-1886, January 15, 1885, Image 3

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^x*,^ ix+m, i*
gP®'$®S*.ao*lood OMiafijf Aule£'+'
(poor, "Bjshes-^or ior'WBATHEB:'
HAff a box-of-Gox's gala
tifle soaiel two hours in milk add a'
little soda, 'feftjj sHgfig&qffen.
Beat the yelks of ttiree !eggs with a
small teacuptalof sugar^and ponr over'
(sftitojf !WelI}the scalded milk aniLfirela^
tim^^t&tfhrthe- ketne 'and tet it'
boil Bgau|$' ifunute.. SttAinaadflavor
then pour into "a wet ipold and set on
ico till wanted JSat^-witli oreamJ and
sugar, oi^fruit.i
,-OloUisiYdr,tB^tea-table ate edged
with l&qe.
becoming fttsbionable' as a
t'to oil paintings, and pink
macreme is .the latest -fancy 'or mantle
:and shelf'Ornamentabon.
.visivThe palm-lesf fan', covered withsatin
::.!m or cretonnejand finishJA-with poinpons
}*£mI varoi^diWiMdge ^dijfcteiw.atithe'ibase:
of the nandle, makes qttite a''pretty
JSA screen. *-j
:„Tea cups are npw made to!
gg lose xepQi, uid the accompanying sau
\jjrg: cers imj^ate tho, leaves.'
i4» -«»i«5i »'i
pint of sweet
oream.atablespoonful of vanilla ex
traot, and four onnceB )f Baker's Ahoc
olate. Put into a bright tin. dbb, and
oQokred«wljTmtil it^ arrives at the brittle
BWte,wiuoK'oaitbe -fenownby dropping
aP{tteinto,aal4 water. Bopr at onoe
oitto flat, greased tins or plates, and
Tvhi}n,almo8t cold,oiifrinto-Square tab-i
lefc. JBetteripy ehjldten than bou«hteni
canay. W* f'"i
COLD CDSTABB,?- -Heat a quart of milk,
stone china cups in a bafcing-pan of hot
water, and'^Rte?tfiffing Aem, put into
the oven til^'set". Then pour over
them a meringue of tte^e.^ther
done '-8Qt~ away, tooool, and if
"a cold water witha littlo ico, it
ishing deSsCrt.
MMJQKR" One gfuartof milk
heated and^sugared, one pab^ge of
Ooi'Sigelatine, after
large oni^^4d^j^these^{wo qiywts
pepper,' ondieadh of 'AllBpi^and
•*!.% Cook until tender, stirring oonstin^y.
Good with cold-Jfipat UJ
|f 'vPicKjaW-:^PEXoK||ifrPripare
good vioe^anMid'ft.'/imdl^ag.Df Whole
spice. ifc mma^e» longer,
lj* tojjfcdffl?/!Tf& Jhe,e&w'((.^-iKeepnim.
^ViC^HtfSSU^BKEire^jAKE.—Two _cups of
"H' I" "sugar,tT'Saut^mp S^DUttSrT"five eggi
beaten separately, a cmp-of sweet milk,
three oa^a o| fiourt^_teaspoonful of
sodadissolvediu-^armwater oinnamon
or nutmeg to ato.'und a qpart of npe
\ii/i hucklebemeB whiol^liave been dredged
isvahp .with flour. Beat the sdgar and buttEV
to a nraii|'n- Vlrl ^he ^elks, then the
A milk, flour, whites, spice, soda, and
last, the fiuit Bake slowly until a
troej%splintj(»n«|i-jojit,clean from the
thickest part'
that aire "6
JF'J)- pre^W ca[Sl^ce is
iJsT "fronts of one ^Jtlfe oldjedau-iihiiuj,'
.. the last dUitury for acre^tio and ^as the
3 v. supply of the ancient articles i? jnadei
siffiu A,: qQateigh$%i40zn9!1d ftwWires dealers
JIBVCK oensequentlyivtwdartato^^ffti
prodttood screens ofa BiniileHFihapfe
'In Tabling thd garden a thorough
rf^Mdsoak|d^pcca^o&al]^^s-8^d,M be
Tray. This'ilsst ^tenden4y,,'to
We -rarf£M^ST'!the
florist ^writer -who^ recommends this
flan: When-wateringia contemplated
7-i-'draw thd%d»^fc(r^r in.th^ morni
«nd let tlM^tufi^in
the day At nfeht jdraw the «»il awiy
from tjiebisC^fe^Bh plant in order to
'form. A basin in 'which Uf
fag this Hnc) Bhould last for sever**
al weeks. Wh&. entire beds are
to be watered the "oil' should ba
in.eji. by_ a digging forlt-'being
lust into it, when it mar btf" watered
with a sprinkler, whiohsnould be Bev-'
e-al tunes passed over it. The follow-:
J°g day, with a hoa or rake imake mel
low-the surface: of the: bed.-' It -is not:
wellto give water so long as it can be'
avoided, for plants left tq fight the'
draught send the& roots deep„ jjjito the
sod to seekinoisture, and'when- it does:
ram they iure more benefited than those
that have had constant watering. Tho
easiest plan to 'eeOnolnias botn wafcer:
and time is *to take the garden- piece by
piepe, watering 6ne pieee thoroughly'
every everiiDg, -arid then beginning
""am at the first, Surface: sprinklings
use roots.to aeekCthe surface in search!
of moisture
When found, is not
enough to nouriBhithem, but causes ex-!
haustion by inducing tlie growth of
fibres near the scorcuirog^sun. Plants
in pots that have,bee& plunged in the
ground,and thoaoin tubs and vases leftist
begivfin daily, waters
,oi|s unmrVAh "ffwg
The juassaonusetts Jf lougtiraan gives
a hyit., about ...copstrncting a well'So as
to have theWater free from impurities:
After digging as low as desired,'ft cement
pipe, some two fest in ^iametjr and two
or three feet long is sunkfeithe bottom
and Worked down as low aS'possible by
digging out the inside. The pipe should
be covered over with-a flat
through the middlo of wlilch a-two-mch,
hole has been grilled directly''over
this hole stand in drain pipe, then begin
to^ll-up the hole, and add1,dram pqe
as the filhng proceeds till it comes near
the soiiaoe, when a pump -oan be at
welLoLtliis iind is reliable
and permanent, requiring. -no repairs
the water is CCol ahd freo frim impun
ities that openi wellB are sabjeotto no
insects or animals can fifid their.wajrin
ioit, and the cost ia not mor& than one
|halfth8tof'tvwell41fiSE^!8^s^ecC If
dugi as it should bej -syhen the'^prings
are lfw constant BUpplyofwiter that
is as-pure as the unde^round^prmg is
seouied. As the.^Veff ia always full,
here? is no^ohaj^^fpr bad air to injure
he wajer, aid, in fact, but-liitle danger
)t bdnfe polluted b£ surrounding oess
looWfiteompared ^J^hai^of: 6pen*Wells.
houj| of- oold.
water. Oook
and strain.- :^t aw^R to cwloa Sattir
day night. Turn out of the mold on ilialf
fiStMday and if nofIooae dip the mold
,-for an ins^^rja^h^tvwstenvut4"it will
turn o^1^^i,-3jJ»^,with.ar3ami','i and
sugar, or jruit.
Maw tnc
yertUleer tot
n"'" r.'T
find," says a writer in
England Homestead, r? 1that cabbage
needs more hoeing and stirrin|( of 'v the'
doil. thanalmost anjr 9jher crop.^Jffflther
do I approve 61 WfSmucli
exoapj. for an early crop for it has a
'tendency icr dry the soil', and'.do^rnot
furnislf potaslr^ffiokigBr^ -had much
rather h$ve tobacco stems:' or stalks,
cpt up fln% and plonred^ under broltd
oast, with &>me chemicals in.the dijiJI,
for a mediumvorilate acrop. Asj to
ohenucals, whether toie ttBed alone\or
ii combinationarith o^her mannres^ jl
tecommendithis formul as being B^t
and cheap^t which eVery -faTmer must
make forjiimeelf Two iundred pouhda
of -.'dry ground .fish,- 200 -pounds
of bone meal dissolved in sulphuric
acid, 200 pounds of: castor pomace and
100 pounds of muriatio potash, or more
lf.the potash salts (kairut) are used.
poundj.-^of^^eKd" -fruit. '6trew
W mrttem-and!
tU them stand one honr. Theii.
d^aifcii oflair tsvdrjt ."^pflrtip^e of ttferi
i'% sirup add a oup.of-^ittaier «Ad'1iKQ until"'
-.0# tteawlBf «(Mi^to?hsk\Put ip'the'frt(it
and cook five minutes. Skim jrat tiie
The fish and castor pomace furnish am
monia in quick and. slow forms the
bqne, phoBphorioacid while thfl potash
ls very-necessary to a oabbage crop. A
ton ot this mixture costs about $40 and
is sufficient for an .acre with light
manuring, or half the quanity if
manure is used liberally. This is the
best cabbage grower I have found.
With it and tobacco stalks, as described,
I raised cabbages that- weiged over
twenty, pounds. One. dozen. as they
were taken to market,,: weighed oyer
200 pounds,'\
Home Decoration*.
v: 1 SlitemvoT^il Hones.
Several remedies
for this very trouble*
some disease have been handedusr' One
sajfs he has used red pepper and vinegar
.with good results. He steeps a com
mon sized- pepper-in a pint of strong
cider vinegar, and Applies it to the dis
eased- part.: hot. Another writes that
pieces ol^IiuB
"service are carried out "in
the .same styie._
-S 'WgGorner^ugbcirds^are attraotive ancl
OBeful afetopslahoiildliaveglasa^doors
so tha&\the china may be' arranged
to show tjovgood advantage,{.while the
•'of the'dosets* Below?form
^tlJIJlfrg^oi. withUd npon'iwhioh"
hinges have been put, covered with
cretoutrff tus t6f upholstered,"is a use^
ful addition ta,th% -•wwjq^.rawjv as
many odds and Wjds'gl j^rjc.dinjsilaid
jnside ,it shoula?le about" three feet
-ciahos a pretty window seat.
:^'The flj(JSl''^ SBbone had the aucla^tty.
..-^to take pwution• so long, occupied
by.the campanula'during the marriage
whioh he will eati£-on the first indi
cation- of the disease. If one does, not
eifect a cure in two days, repeat the
dose-i- He-saysJie'wiU warrant, a cure."
The oamphor opens the pores,- "relieves
almost tis soon as if by m&gio. A very
common remedy is to take of spirits of
nitrio-,ettier -one onnoe, laudanum four^
cCrams, nitrate of potash thrM drams
#id water onepiut.- Mfxandgive night
Parmer.— v-.-*
Ohos« and Tomato Bauotk^/
T|iis Pickwickmn di»h is nojt' dNea
daintily served-ia^ %e avarage house-
Mog, and eighteen inches high, .andlold, and yet it is exoe^Unglf easy/'to
lYiflhM a nrAftv window seat
prepare. For the sauoe take some
fresh, ripe tomatoes^ cut -them into
quartOTS. ahd stew for-ah!-hour?^and a
half in .a porcelain-lined saucepan. Do
not p^tin any!water. At the end' ot
that'tiBib pass through a colleiider and
atramrcfat- the %$kinB-'-and' pips, Put
the llqnidbaolrinto the saucepan o^rer
the flre. add a large lump of fresh but-:
ter—!don,t be afraid,.ot^etting itf too-
flour in it. to make the
of the proper consisten^r-allke
taihor tbiok oustaxd. Broil your clamb'
ohopi-ywhioh^jhoul^ have allthel&wer
piatter, with -ft" iittie ohopped pwniey
laid ovgr eaoh )br)W^ obpBi.andMith
the sittoepoured arauact'tnStaL A hit
of omon cjin bd stewed with th& fajmato
for tUoae whA like 'that'.fiavorinftinN
T. TribuncS
g1%^^.CBiwoo~al-and Him
ehouldfle .allowed-.-fowls. always.'tgliet
them !have all they will Bwallow, ^{Sren
if 4ihe fowls^are not.TOnflned, but' es
^ially so if .the we, charcoal pound
ed upj into, bits oifpiWea ^boutthefiize
of a graio or a litUe i^er,
shonld "Ce* ^ni aroond "in sm^l^p^es
"Vhere.the fowls cpn have easy oco^ss to
it. and the«wiU soon make use &• it.
,^he op&t of dharooal 1s butsa trifl% and
:wberei the diBtahoefrom.toWaior'my is
Wgr^afr w, to prevent it, from IJjeing
Jtrom a wood stove Jjwgr he sieveiMout,
.and the siqall 'bits orohafred wo^a or,
arooal uied in ^ie pla»'of thatjnade
6,reKiHWWaytSpecially di&ing
water. FocrHifc^uU and it fllter
thrsu^h the soil^fytaia arid «CEan flU-:
ing xwtil the earth^ entirely soSked
then draw the soil Iwik tot: the
"whioh will prev«5»tit bakidgin
the Spring.and Summer months is It
advisable -to u^e charcoal freely.--: Inme,
mo,'is valuable in many ways, hi the
form of whitewash it begets~oleaSllne8s
freedom from^disease and layiiffe hens
should havc lime, where they can mak
use of ifcin assisting the productioni
of eggs,-rAmeriqm^Poultry Yard.
Wluato Out Wheat.
Bad st^aw, mijst 4md- mildew and the®
si? of much ''grain by .shelling out—:
some or ajtof these jrill,]be-the penalty^
for allowing the. grain. to staled- until
it is dead ripe. As to -thcquality of the
kernel, the German town,
Telegraph, re­
marks i-."It should be remembered that
wheat is Composed of gluten starch and
bran. Gluten is the nourishing quality'
of the grainy whioh Bakesjihe-iroui
stick together in the hands of the baker,
and giveB-weight-to tlfSgrain:r afid there
is the.greatest:'quantity. of jgl\i(^n in the
grain when the straw isjreUcw two or
three joints from-the ground# the head
turns downward, and whe^r you can
mash-the grain between tii^humb and
finger.without producing:&y milk. It
may. therefore, be"%et'd0wn is an indis
putable truth tjiat eyerj'fdjiy tKS*Wheat
stands'.:^ter: this ^ta^e d^ijieness the
gluteii decreases in quantify-and the
bran inoreases in thickness, and thus
diminishes in value,. in addition-totha
danger from must and other risks."
Atrrlonltn»X. Xtaa%.
If it rains be thankful it will make
the crops'grow. If it is dry or hot^.be
thankful it is splendid harvest ..weather.
Be thankfol-and .happy-any way it is
much pleasanter for -:everybddy.
M^. T. E. Williams*writes from Wis
consin: that he ,planted "P^e of the
North" oorn May-26, last y«gir, and "it
was so ripe as to be TminjSred by the
heavy ^frost that feU" Sept6mber 9."
OneVf Jeffe/^on'sjiruleicf life:*" We
nevecirepent tot. hayinjf ^i&toh too lit-
The editor of TheTHirror and Farmer
has "never yet heard^- bf a potato dig
ger that gave satisfaction.'
D. D. Boyce, WiUiama&rtf.'-'Vt.j'lS
vises farmers-^oieep-anaccountiM all
their^buBmess transactions. He men
tions 'an instance /where -a pairaof oxen
was claimed and taken-rafter the man
died, for the reason/-that his -jbook did
not show thatr-they hadibeeif paid for.
"Buy -'a book Jhat wilji cdstfS'O cents-and
devote ifrom^hree*i(£o five ..-injiyites
each night injputtipg.dowti your trans
action6,» who r-siith, --••what"' money you
tftke.-in and- pay out and what for."
Now what wo^ld ypu ithink of a man,
asked Mr. Beecher, who had alaborato
ry 100 feet squaije^ and Wha fenced ofl
20 feet in oner oorner for Use, and let
all the rest go?—let iiT'gp without
yieldmg a cent? That is. wh^t he thinks
of a farmer who htts'three times as'inuch
land as he can jise and improve. (What
would you -think of a gigantio .factory
tl^at has no capitsl to-run it Farmers
oWn more land than, .they can' do jus
tice to.- It is dead capital.-.-t They work
a, little-, part of -it, and all the rest is
dead waste. Farmers should calculate
as manufacturers.^ do fln^ .Tout Sow
much they can profitably .uie,%id. own
nomore settle that ana! then1 go ahead.
Twins Astonish Judge and Jury*
Ifrom the Augusta-(He.) Journal.1
At a trial Augusta the other day,
before Judge Whitehouse, the case be
ing a family quarrel between- disgrunt
led heirs, among, the witnesses 'for the
defense were twins. They- were nol
ordinary twins. They had hair of the
brightest auburn, eyebrows the oolor ol
flax, pink and white. complepons, attd»
dresses exactly alike, even.to '.the Jeast
•important-bow^ TheirHames were ex
vactly alike, with the single ^exception
Hhat fin- "a" appeared in oUe ofrtheir
names instead, of" an "o." -. Whan the
first appeared on the stand- the jury,
Aa Elaborate Clock.
Trom the Now Haven Journal and Courier.
At the office of the New HavCn Olook
company in this city is a splendid clook
just finished, which is to go. to the New
Orleans exposition. It-was construct^
edtpeoiallywithreference to exhibiting
at .the exposition, and' is probably the'
finest clock ever made in NewQngland.
It copc $1,000. It stands nine and a
half 4eet high.' The case is built oil
the finest mahogany, with elegant deCo
jjative. oarvmgs showing skillful handi
grork,' while the dial is of silver and
-gold finish. .. A door of beveled plate
gla8s with alighfemahogaUy frame opens
tothe dial, and a large similar decorat
1V():, door opens below the weights-'.
Beautifully finished Oorinthian pillars
flank -.the .miun: body.of the case, sur
mounted by elegantly carved archi
traves.. The clock rests upon gilded
ornamental pedals.. The long pendu-.
lem bepLS seconds and the clock chimes
the qnarter. hours either on a set of
eight h&U£or on another known as the
Westnimisfer" chimes, "both sets being
very musical and the effect most pleas
ing, Fpr the first quarter-four bells
a/e struck, for the second £ight, for the
tMrd twelve,' the 'fourth sixteen^ and
the hour is annomiced upon a-deep
sounding cathedral goiig,"musical yet
solemn, as if the flight of time were a
grave matter and no unconsidered trifle,
The clpok runs eight days and has at
tachments which' shift the' striking
WHjks fo suit the varieties of bells:
5'% Case
of Zn£ai tuation.
A very peculiar case of infatuation
oame to light recently says a Newport,
-B. X, dispatch 'to' The -Bosion'Herald.
'A few yearsCagoa lad came to-Newport
:an'd fell in love with ayouug lady, whom
the'married. Ttie.young wife died soon
afterward, and the husband, who is how
scarcely, out of his teens, is engaged to
an' estimablei young lady. Since .the
death of -his .wife, his wife's aunt baa
been desperately in Ibve with him, and
jhas dogged him everywhere, in fact
making life a burden to him. This' af-'
temoon he called upon the sister" of his
fiancee,' and.,as ho was-leaving, he was
accosted by' tiie" aunt," wfio" hod been
watchin^him. She upraided him, and
finally threw a brick, whioh she .-had
concealed under her shawl, at him.
Fortunately* the brick went" wide of the
mark. A policeman saw the incident,
andindueed the furiated woman
her an^oyahcps.j She wedt lyme. and1
fid--not' seem' to Tnind ffie commotion*
she had occasioned upon a publiostreet.
The woman belongs to a'good family.
An Ugly Customer on
a Fuh Hook
Monday last an octopus Iwas. caught
in Commencement Bay in about 300 feet
of water by fish-hooks. When "brought
to the surface it was almost unmanage
able, and it was only by a severe strug
le that it was hauled into a boat and
brought ashore. Once it seized upon
the bottom of the boat and no effori
could loosen it, until it did so of its own
accord afterthe vessel was set
in motion.
One of its feelers came in contact with
one of the boy's arms and it was onlj
induced to let go by beating the feeler
into jelly with, a club. It is-plenty large
enough to omaster a man-and Wduld be
a dangerous enstomer to meet the
water. It was a monster specimen, hav
ing arms or feelers fully four feet long.
The arms are eight in number, and are
each supplied with 120 pairs of suckers,
by which they seize andhold their prey.
Its body is pui'Ee-shaped without fins.
Judge, and lawyers regarded her atten
tively she gave he^testimony in a mod
est manner and stepped down,-- Anoth
er name was'oalled it was that of hei
twin sister. As her counterfeit pre
sentment quietly took the stand^
there was a hush jn the^cojirt. rpom^
Judge, jury, lawyers and. spectators.saf
transfixed, and. gazed- first at- tho .wit
ness in the box and then at the plftca
where her sister had tak'en-lher seat.
.They could hardly, beleive their eyes it:
seemed as if the last—witnesd had^ re
turned to the box without beingrecalled.
Thev lawyer conducting, the cross"ex&ii
ination pot the- usuu. questions the
nara(e ana residence were, toallappear-
jtGryi lookfed at eacb other antM seemed
ready to match obpp8ra as^toLwhether
they, wera'awake or not.V'Thetv the
lawyer akked tt& witn&s:'il< ahe had
been' on- the stand before during- the
trial, anjifeoeived a quiet answer the
negative. This satisfied the court,' al
though if her twin sister had not sat in
plain view at the,other end of the. court
joomit is by no "means oertain that Bhe
iwould not nave b^ei^ indicted iojp pee-
The VlotiJ of lUohiurUtmi^
^pc^-^d when it bofls up add pepper I a western friend of mine nmrmflte
-and salt to taste, a teacupful
met tuooi at p^yiile.aome^t^ee yearis
ago.a poc* waif^pd rapjdly^fting to
the ^nditfen of a\ physical -'^^ck. :33ft,
Ira foitied to'sleeproii tEelSoor of oiieof
ifhe loW^st'elaBfe of 'Le^l-Hlie loctj^g.
hoUs«j.1 IWkedvWith'liim'-^niTObe^
ol times., He had wAUdewJdjall qyet
theWeBt^ra stati^frestless ,'a6&aiml^a,
Oify tfifik he iM^ie'lie
q^pSed sSat^ iit-'Sne 'df'^e public
halls-while his own wife, Atiby Sage,:
was. delivering lecture.
"Wheiieis MdFarlandhSw"
Jl aMqid.
'"Irf tKeicwetery at lje^ville.J lie
utter ,we«[rmess, Of Jif6 wore. hit? oul
r)ie. is
"J^sa t^id ooUoluaiim tb aS'brUlianfe,
life,"- Mid'Ift ''MoFarlMdw^onoeipne
*w_u uj
»i,ui«?ui.Fou wAviiuuu.-iuao, .. I fooka violent cold and It
Four Zraoky Ken.
Four of the employees at A, Goebal 4 Oa's
brewery have had a stroke of luck owning be
tween them one-tenth of a ticket which is said
to have drawn1 the 950,000 prize in the Louisi
ana state lotterr, Albert Haas, 305 Gratiot ave
nue, Lorenz Tranb, 199 Russell street, Wm.
Brommer, 73 Mapel street, and Benjamin
.Noes are the lucky :men. The official
list is not yet -published, Masa
.having heard the news- tHrough a dispatch
from .a:frlend.- .They, expect to have it con
firmed to-morrow. None.of them have made
rmed to-morrow. Nona'of them have made yours renectfally,^^'
they chipped in one dollar apiooe and bought
four one-tenth tickets,-three of which have
proved blanks. They propose to put their
money into a honso'and loL
Charles Stange, stationer, Bandolph street
near Fori-who drew a share the capital #75,*
000 prize in the same lottery in 1682, said recent
ly tnat both he and his ^partners
in the venture.
PhihprW. Wtzlebfcn, clerk*ithB. G. Dun &
then invested, for thefirst time. The I
4ucky ticket was number 85,003, of which they
owned?/onerjifth. 'They could not get
their winnings through*^ the banks, as
the ilatter. reJused -to handle lottery mo
ney,- but the express company took their tickel
down and. brought the money back. 115,000 in
Jiard cash,for 170. He was ^lien clerk at Bich
mond, Backus A Co* 's, and wdnt into his pres*
totbusiness, whil% Witeleben invested in real
estate. He stall-buys tickets occasionally, aud
i^ron^ipiaat year.: They, ware the first De
troiters-who ver won a prize in that lottery.
—Detroit-(Mich Evening Nqifs, pec. 19.
Alt Old ICinnesota Land Suit.
Beports from Washington say the supreme
court has handed down a decision in the case
ofthfi 8k -Paul & Sioux City va The Winona
A St jPetor. This suit, was first brought in the
llinnesota courts 1872, and involved the titlo
to 73,U00acre8'of land in Cottonwood and Mur
ray counties.'' THe two grants' overlap eaoh
otheif and the suit was brought to establish
title*'to the- landsc lying within the con
fllfcting.Junits. The Sb Paul ft Sioux
City, :lhti first" compan^
piainfairted it was1
acres. The decision of the supreme
favor of the Winona & 8t Peter. The present
land in controversy is only a portion of thai
cozmng withtn the conflicting limits of the. two
grants. Tlie remainder was. divided some
years ago" eSch companv agreeing to take an
undivided one-half. These 72,000 ^acres. have
naver been included the acoounta of the Si
Paul A Sionx City company.
luo oik nui a oiuu
npany to roeive its grant
intltled to tho full ^000
of the supreme court is
I *o?ndWQ.*oUm.
Dr. 8amuel Cex, D. D., Praotiad Analyti
calchem^st, Washington, D. G.» whomade thor
ough and careful analyses, reports,thatthereis
neither morphia, opium, emeucsnorpoisonami
the Bed Star Cough Cure that it must prove a
boon to those whose systems shrink from the
use of such compounds, and Especially to moth
dread the evil, and, attunes, fa-.
ers, who Justly
tal effects of these dangerous drugs: He fnr-v
ther states it is not only free fronfcaXLopiatea,
poisonB and emetios, .(a thmg wMch not one
oough preparation in ten dan boast). £ut ltisaU
together an original and taost happy oomblnip'
tion of-the best remedial agents, anptsasharm*
less as it iaeffecttve.
The1 •aparintendent of puljIlo instrnotiaji'
Ad) fixed the dates for holding tbft spnn^in
(titnlea ia Tirians oountiee af- '1he BUte.
JChese dates treie mado in aaoordrikee Willi toe
•fViahee^of the oounty aohool anttxmttes, aa tar
ha thap.nwhee .have. been ma^etknown tad
with a tie*
of eoonomy in traTelin^ If oounty
hower«r,they ...
educational department. The assignments are
aa foll6var
HarahS. Carrer 16th, Beotoiw, Iaatt ,«ad
LeSaenr SSd, Wabasha, Homam, Niodltet
80th, Otow Wing. Olmsted, j.Iinn April (L
Wadena, Wmona, Unooln lSth, ^iarnaT*"
thore, Cottonwood SOtK," Mower, DOM
Boekz.STth. Jackson, Pope, Ooqgi
Martin Steven*. 8te«lo 11th Fmj
Bepln Vaseoa,
VoriliwMtern"Xarlor Appropriation.
The rirer and harbor oommittee hu oomr
pleted its schedule of appropriations beyond
all northwestern items, and there is no pros*
peofc of any important changes. Thenorthi
western appropriationsare a«follows:
Fox and Wisconsin 8b droiz. surrey pf Mis-'
issippi reservoirs, Xississippi above St. An
thony, F/iUs of Si Anthony, month of the Ool
tunbia, Grand Hioa., nothing Chippe
wa river,$7^000 snagooat for upper BUssissippi.
.415,000 Bed river, flO.OOO: Yeuowstone river,
•li,SOU: canal atthe cascades of the Columbia,
•125,000 upper Columbia, #9,000 Wiliiamette
and Columbia nvers, #40,000: upper William*
ette, 15,000:. Ahnapee, Wis., harbor, #9,U00
Groen BayyWu., $7,500 Kenosha, Wis.. |5.000:
Kewanee, Wis., #12,500 Manitowoc, Wis.. #15,
WK) Meoomonee, WIs.^#iHX)0: Milwaukee,
Wis.. #75,000 Oconto, Wis., #10,000 Bacine,
#8,000: SupSnor bay,_ Wis.. #12,500 Sheboy
gan, Wis., #20,000! Sturgeon bay, Wis.. #5,000:
Two Bivers, Wis.: #7,50u TwoHarbors, Minn.,
nothing Dolnth.MuiiL, #81.500: Grand MaraUL
Minn., #5,00a .. •.T'
Mr. Nimmo, chief of W* bureau of satisttos,
has handed his.annual report on internal com.
merce to the secretary of treasury. The aver
age rate of freight cnarged on railways in the
United States during 883 was less than hall
the average ratechargedihl80& In the mean
time there was an enormons increase in th
volume of traffic.. A considerable part of th(
report is devoted to the subject of pooling,
which Nimmo regards as an expedientto wilier
the railroad companies had reoourae, not wil
lingly, but of necessity, in order to proteci
themselves against the ruinous effects of ra^
wars, and also to protect themselves against
the popular indignation caused by the evils of
secret rates to individual shippers.
Arnold ICortier, the
de rOrches*
fre" of the Paris Figaro, has just died. A
began his '"Soirees Parisienne8w in the ^garo
soon after the Franco-Prossian war, and con
tinned them almost -o.the day ofhis death.,
SL^ ond.JMMM.
ceoto a bottle. BoldtyBrondcti
era. PortU»uria^toinA^th^rdt^
Haiinlessto theMjostDelicatq
fiead the following:
ana is a foot long and nearly: the same :jc.that«ttinia^i«pithiooi--AiiLEKi s"Lu£Ta BAI#-.
V\_ HASrwMrecommendedtomeaaaKoodremedv. Itoo^
recommended to me
aa a
width.—Portland Oregonian.
settle bnmyluWio
ROC K1remedy.
it, and am now aoand and well. reroeafnuv.
ADDISON. PA- AuriL 1883.
.A J. COLBOM, Efiq^ Bdlfinr of tlie Somcrsetilerald,
mites: I can recommend ALLEN'S LTOiG BALSAU
bring tho best remedy for Colds and Coogha I ever
ASXO&EA, Izxs^ April, 6,1883.
Gentlemto:—I can cheerfally say your ALLBN^S
IJUNO BALSA1L vhich I have sold for the past fifteen
yeai*, sel^ better than any
congh remedy, and eiTee gen-
habit of buying tioketB^bnt they have all in- A digit cold, if neglected^oft
8Bted two or t£rW timea before. This time J. HAMIS & CO.. I.tHlltfifl, PTODIietOrS. I
If yon oannot gatJHops and 9IAi/T
Hitters of yourrnruggist we.will send it,
ezpre paid on reonpt of regu ar price. $|
par bottle. Wo prefer that you buy it front
your druggist but $ he has not got it, do
sot be persuaded to 'try something else, but
order at once from ua as directed, Do not
get IKopi and SCALT Bitters con*
founded with other i&erior preparations of
similar namet ^Ta^e Nothing but Wans
and WALT Bitter*.
HOPS ALT BFETBB& OCX, Detroit, Mial.
tial satlHfaction. TIs frequently recommended by tha Rpa
medical profession here.. Yours Truly, gisjB. oeeaayL
H. C. MOONBY, Dnnsfat
no infirmity so oppressive and bop.
densometothe human mind as thkttired feel
ing of wUich so many oompiain. on the ap
proach of serious disorders.' The depression
and despondencjof spirit attendingtbisstate
are immeasurable. Thutconstant drain that
is taking from your system all itsformer
•last city,' driving tha
bloom from your
cheeks that continued strain upon your vital
forces, rendering you irritable and fretful.
DON'T F.*" ET,all of these ailments can bs
easily removed -and permanently oured, by
the use of
Beoommended b^Vphysicians, ministers and
-Burses. ff.
I preRcrlbe Hops and MALT Bit*
ters regularly in my practice.—BOBEBT
TUENEB, U. D., flat Bock, Mioh.
Ik*QnatastJfcdlMlTriumph ofthsAgel.
XMi*fs»v«ttt«i B«wela costive, Pal&
tke head* wtth a dall aensntlen In tho
back sarti Pmln aider the shonlder*
„UslS)FsltaMa sfter eatlvvi with a.
Jliellsatln to exertion of body or Bind*
Irritabllitr of tomper. Low svlrtts* with
afasHaiefluiTlHiBeKlMtei seme d«ty»
Woartae«B» Dlolaoas, Flatterinc at tho
Heart* Dots tofbre the eyee, Headache
error the right eye* Bestleeeaese* with
fltftd Ansaa Hlcbty colored Crlae» amd
MI'W* PIIJLSaroespecUlly adapted
to Bwh eases, one dose effects anch a
vebaegedffbellngi as to astonish the snflbrer.
^tbtflMNaMllM Aypettte^ndcease fts
bodylo Take en Vleahtbui tto syytwa is
OaiTEUm or, ffmiiiu «huno
Bt, H»w YttrKi
tohearo?theresigtiitionoft)r Bi6roeM1fr3b&>
gressm^nio devote himself solely to hi* labors
as^ ^hysiOan.-It'wasbecanSehtStrue cotiBift
nen^frare the sldk andr.ofiUctedJeverrwhere.
^ey 5riUflndIr. Pieioe's''Golden MedicatDisi
ooverr^-lkbenefloent use of his scientific ^knowl
edge behalf. Consumption,* bronchitis,
congh, h^art disease, fpver and ague, intermit"
tent few, dropsy, neuralgia, goitre or thick
Th» i«fow blookide on the Oregon Bailway
apd Negation haft been raised after a'strnggle
ofmorpjwan three weeJu.
"Sa^whyitfeverythang .v
-Either at sixes or at sevens?0 .1
Probably, my dear nervous
sister,because von
are snfferfngfrom some of the diseases peculiar,
to youcsfflL'Tou hav&a /'dragging down0 feel
ing, the baok-ache, you are debilifatod, you have
pains of vinous ldnda TakeDr. B- V. Pierced
1FavoriteRrescriptionw add be cured. Pricere-'
duced to Qp dollar. By droggistt-
Mrs. ClaflBaa C. Peck, widow of "Philander
Peck, of Chipago, left #395,000 to her relatives,
and the rem&der of her estate, estimated at
fronr#400,00(Jto#500,0001 for fhe foundation of
home for iiMuxablesinthat c^ty,-: There we
in alt twenty-ijiiie izidividnal bequests.
Qermany is sending to Prince Bismarck ad-.
dresses of conftdftiM and devotion in "view of
the adverse
yte of fl^e reichstsg.
Dbas Doonp^:—1 hiave irie^ryonr medicine,
and believe that any'bne who is'troubied wlth
Congh,Hoarseness or lameness about the chest
or lungs cannot well7 afford to be witWfttthe
White Wine of Tar 8yrop.
PlJdA^theHdMraTour Z^aoe.
What is thenifference Between aspersonsnose
A- DDMIDT QACr CIIDC MibC nd CarboJin^tiie Gr»t ^etioleum Hair Be
A rnUMr If OArt-y gUnb UUnb viewer. Ans:|-Hne is- Qi« center of'the head
Fer CNpfii, Sere TOww^ HoOTatii^InBiieiw,
CoM^Branekitlfly Oivvpy .'fnioapbtcOtaflb,
Aiftin, Q»fauyt Ckwt, wloQw.
rfffitTliriat«iiitT iiaji
the ofliisi^is «Tieaa-fei»hter.
Tlie^Best forBu^ter. ......
Thereis bu^one best color f6r butter,atidtiiat
^.Wells Bichiadson A Co.'sImproved Butter
Color, nacattdialnvestigator doubti It is the
best butter color in the world isfreefromsed
iment or impurity,always ready for instant nso
and it imparts to butter that rich dandelion yel
low, without a tinge of fed, which is th$
acme of
desirability in any butter color.
Passenger rates from Chicago fo'New tofk
went down to #12.
Faithfulness is necessary in all kinds ofwork.
a cald, to
len's Lung
a a in
recbona, and it will-cure a cold every time and'
preyenttatal results, Sold by all druggists.
Young Kant—Bead This.
THB.YPT/TAIO BFLT Ca, of Marshall, Mich.
offer to send their. oelebrated'ELZficx&o-Vox*
tnal for thirty days, to men (young or old)
afflicted with nervooa-debiliiy.- loss of- vitahty
and all kindred'troublea for rheuma
tism, neuralgia, .paralysis and many other
diseases. Complete restoration to he
sud all tondreii^ troiiblea
Airsick Dembcratfc state senator in Illinois.
bottled at JLLLEN'3
LTOG BiiaAM tor?w2§ick al top^orea the fiances for a Bepublican Cmtad
Bronchitis, lam entirely cored, laandthlavalnntarily btateH senator.-
Uiat these afflicted maj be benefited.' 'A
Xour. BUBH1U, H. DAYI8.
tegs, UloarnUi i& the
and Piles, ani most
Impaf*« wihc4 .QtfidlUan tb*
by the CcTioaBa:EKSot»vx9£4
Intorna'Jy as^ited by Cnnoo
wart OuiicUJUjauAKanW
ternally. ixrnovM4.il!
Gen. Grant has drank nothing but ale of
late yeanf and that only when oppressed by
growing, f^bleneas.- j'
speedily cured by our new radical methods.
Funphlet^-eferences mid tflnns, two letter
stamps. World's Dispensary Medical Associa
tion, 063 Mjgn Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
if neglect^ often attacks th.
I ,, ..
ln 8
4U*1 luu*
and untaiediate relief. SnM nnlvi
thjtt fdseree «radlci
CpntAgloiu Blood FoUo&a..
ftMevaywherft. Pifo:Cftmm£^iflOA*3lcfe
CHacoAi,Co. Bo0Toif, Utt
Scad lor "How^tO Cm*

I S 5, 1' JP^-.G- Paotso*? 1 I
Pastor- St Qharles M.' £. Chnrth, -Sv-i:
8fc^Cnarles Iowa. f-
.A fire at Tlwanwyiile." Ga., 'catued a loss of
#27,000 mostly-ihsure^.'
Mrwell Dressed People don't wear dingy or"
faded things what the'lOc. and gnsiante^Di
amond Dye will make them good as new.. They
are perfect. at droggisteand'bd eoonomic
al. Wells,' BiohardBon &CaV Borlhagton, Vfc
give sure
and untaiediate rehet 8old only in boxes. Price
Mensman's Peptonized Beet Tonic, the only
preparation of reef containing its ECTIBE NUTBI
JIOOB FBOPERTIBS. It contains blood-mating,
force-generating andlife-sustalntngproperties ln
valuable. lor Indigestion, Dyspepsia, nervous
prostration, and all forms ot general debility al
so. in all enfeebled conditions, whether the re
suit of exhaustion, nervous prostration, over
work, or aipute disease,-particularly-if resulting
from pulmonary complaints/ CASWELL, HAT
ABD & Oo.^^Propnetors, New York, ftnld by
A Perfect Eemedy far all abrasions ot the skin
and all dimineo cf the feet of Hozres-nnd cattle. Inval
uable to stockmec. Co!e?s Veterinary Carbolisalve. In
SOc. and SI.00
AtSnugists or by
Cole & Co.* Pnp^ Bla^ iHver Falls, Wisconsin.
PRIVATE Diseases and Excesses of Xouth and
Manhood, Coped quick* safe, and permanently.
Call or write and- get advice, circiilara. etc. Consult
Dr. N. B.
AVOO0, Sioux City, la.
|BA Satin FtatAaUEmbMwd CvtEa
10c., BoIM Gold Rang,Con
W blnaUoa Pods^Kniff, S FmcbDolU with Wardrobe.*nd
•Ct^UwdOuCt, ISe.,1^ki,iaj]igg choice of ellhrr, Mr., or lOpJu.
SBd«USp«Mra8U|l.*ft.. I1A.UDEN CARD CO.,Hand«a.CoU.
Vinaeapolia, Kinn.,
WBB destroyed by fire
Usny goods -woe saved
in a vet condition and are
bainsr sold at their new lo­
cation, Morrison's Block,~ Washington and
ondavenne Soath.
tain nocalonzaloroth~
er- mineral, "and ere
mild and agreeable in
their action. They are
an excellent family
medicine. 2d cts. a box
or five for $1. For sale
by druejnsts.or
sent by
mail byWM. R. FEN
For enre of Bilious
ness, Headache, Dixzi
diseases arising from a
disordered condition of
the hver, stomach and
bowels. These FiUeeon-
Send for 48altSayings.** Write for Prices*
Car lots, on Car *t Tod^Bailway Station.
E. S. FITCH. Ba$r City,* Mch.
All thos^yainfal Cfwplai.ta
and IftKRnui ae eewaea
.:• .toear heat*•»*»•
n» gmrpom tolell /or th* lieUinat* hmlt»tr of
.ad ai Ttiur ffif**. tad that aioa mil
it datiiueotU,tkfiiiiiii^wiaiieiMni aladlftmti/r.
i» aMi Abides,InflaKiaa-
id^is puticdu^
flSiwi all Wiilln
Kerrooa Proitrrtloi,
Desvosaeo' aad IBA*
nEoUmaaad ralk
ftellay'oC lxfci lag down, ewuiiia pain,
touvftfi peesuaentijouredbyltatm.
|n I2XA.CTXaG~£B&
'^T tb»'OUef
ato ry» ,-f©f'j
Unctor. Ma ]lal..
or Kll ntea ln -whtoli..cloe«
excIoalTB Asntli.
KM mjramaiw -.
-HoKtetter'i Stom
th, vig-
Gen. La^aL French minister of war, fr**
dered several remments from Algiera to fill
gaps in the reinforcements sent to Tonguin^
Wlien Doctors Disagree
vtorfng.." g(g ndB ly.
214 West Water stn IGlwaukee^ Wis.
HMde*Name, B*6ewe4end 5«w Oluwao
fn-fl'i 'it* Tlrraat in para .«
G1U bond Floral Ant«rrapli ftlfcni with
tjnrrtarifmgT!! pay —M
for 15 cts. 8NOWScCO..¥alesTllle.Oosi2U ..
V.A MTCn Udiu apd Oentlemen Ul-i-f
EM CUy or County to take llsbt
V.WQrk at,, thrown houses. S3-to •Aadajr'-*
willr nude. \Tork Mot by null. hi canrass
I ine. We."have gooi demand for onrwdrlr.'etMf-*
bearing a red tin tag that LoriU^rd^S*'*"'*
ROM Leof tae cut^thit LwiDuAVi
ciety.* most-vj":--
vJr/v^'Q-riOT rtW&
and rastoraa the xmawf ••x
of taste aad-vo^LOiJ
BUY SAUZER'S (La Cross*. W.»,» 9WtSOtJL
KlEUMATIfiBft!!-rSnre::care: free
AX HexicaxRHEUMATICCtmx. v:
Sample Book. Preminm I
O in
guaranteed No Irisk is m-
curred as thirty days trial is allowed. Write
tbem at once for illustrated pamphlet free.
llANlltn Plaster NqjmU
Payne. MarshantswaTl
it will be time enough to doubt the reliability of
Kidney-Wort. Doctors all agree that it is the
most valuable medicine in all disorders of the
Liver, Kidneys andBowels, and frequently pre
scribe it Dr. P. C. Ballon, of Monkton says:
VThe past year I have used it more than ever,
and with the beat results. It is the most sno
oesaful remedy I have ever used" Sncharec
omendatKttUJjDoakfi for itself. Sold by all drug-
tree. J* A. SAL.TKRI Seed (nvir, Ciw, Wta.
FlTIHTFRfi I will mall yon my largefolBstrated cafcy
1 illliUIJUUv} iiTiniii'ifnilijinii rrfamrnfjrniriililinn
I sell best swell-side cutters $25.00. Barvester binding..
twine 15 cts. best sewing tnachine $17.00. OfoooieB *,
stovea fnrnitnre, etcn to consumers atuwhnlwwto nrtes«i
Lorillard's Clmg PlTig
Navy Ollppiasrsi and that LorlliaTtl's'Snnflih Sr*
fchA hMt ttnrt qnnllty iHwriitowtil
J. w.
IfaareaposltlveretDedyrortheaboT*diM*M br!ir
ase thaoiaadsof easeswt the vont klndandof foas
staadlOKhaTebeeacur«d lnil«fkt,eatranst««i7raltE
lal«»ffleacj.tiiatl*i 1 sendTWO BOTTLirS VTtea
to^cUiervlma V^LUAUI^fTKBATtSBon tbitdlseMa
ibpiaatSlittei«Walst,.. ^|l9S
SpinsU Corset, SOO
Spinal HnrsiasCorset*... JI
Spinal AldomlnalCorset. FTFS
Secomxnended by i—jihyndssu^
delivered free anywhere in the U.S.
on receipt of price, lady Agents Wanted.
ed by HAEOrSSl^
LUL Als6oldsofts,eore
nipples, ctc. In nse30yeacs. 0nly
box 5 boxes, H. Bend for CsrtUK
cstea and Keoeipt Book. W. B. PENICZl
St Joseph, HQ. Druggists
FLAX. Eacperience has proven that Bniskn Ned
yields folly PUTTTBUr*
IzL. V"
only one tnat wodd
fkWIlL KlHMItlflo. PM
isia UW
&mwmwwiie \wmo^id\mli^n€jamm
me most Kiagant oiooo Joiner, XAveriavige^

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