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"There's Nothing as Good as
Tanlac," Says Portland Man;
Gains Twenty-five Pounds.
"In all ray long experience I have
never found anything as good as Tanlac
when it comes to relieving suffering,"
said J. A. Neisz, a well known employe
of the Pacific <";ir and Foundry Co.. and
who lives at 14 East 5Gth street, North
Portland, Ore., the other day.
' "My troubles began about three years
! ago," continued Mr. Neisz, "and I have
been having a tough time of it ever
since—that is, until I commenced tak
ing Tanlac. I had rheumatism in my
arms and back, and I suffered almost
constantly during all that time. Of
course there were times when this trou
ble was worse than at others, but I can
truthfully say that there was hardly
ever a time when I was not conscious of
pain to some extent. My arms were so
stiff and sore at times that I couldn t
raise my hands to my head. Besides
what I spent for treatment and medicine,
the time I lost from my work on account
of this rheumatism amounted to over
four hundred dollars in salary. I couldn't
Bleep much, and just gradually went
down hill until I had lost, in weight from
one hundred and thirty-five to one hun
dred and ten pounds, and was so weak
and run down that I could hardly get
about at all.
"A friend of mine who had been suf
fering from this same kind of trouble,
told me that Tanlac was the only thing
that had ever done him any good, and
advised me to give it a trial. Well, to
make a long story short, I have just
finished my sixth bottle of Tanlac, and
I am as free froui suffering in every
way, and am as well and strong as I
ever was jn my life. I weigh one hun
dred and thirty-five pounds now. which
means that I have gotten back all I
lost in weight. 1 have regained nil my
strength and can do as much work as
I could fifteen years ago. All that sore
ness and stiffness has gone from my
arms and T can raise my hands above my
head without the least trouble. Yes.
sir, Tanlae has been a godsend to me, and
I never lose an opportunity to recom
mend it to others. I am buying another
bottle to take home with me today, for
I never expect to be without it."
Tanlac is now sold in <ireat Falls by
Model Rx Pharmacy. 315 rentral avr
nue, and Cascade Rx Pharmacy, 110
Third street south.—Adv.
Hagerman Leaves
the Stanford Bank
Pppcial to The Daily Tribune.
Stanford. Aug. 20. .T. H. Hngermnn
has severed his connection of several
years standing with the First National
bank and will leave soon for his new
home at Hagerstown, Maryland. Mr.
and Mrs. Hagerman are pioneers in this
community, having come here when the
town was very new.
Special to The Daily Tribune.
Standford, Aug. 29.—Tillman Bain,
Will Dupere and Mrs. Robert Skelton
havo organized an orchestra, piano,
drums and violin. They played at. Mon- j
tague recently for their opening per- j
Special to The 1 >aily Tribune.
Stanford. Aug. 29. —Judge Samuel
Trtnle of the municipal court of Chicago. \
returned to his home there Monday, after I
a two week's visit at the W. R. Lewis j
home north of town.
Special to The Daily Tribune.
Stanford, Aug. 21 >.—W. R. Henderson, j
superintendent of the Stanford schools, !
is again in town, after a two months so- !
journ at Denver. He made the trip both !
ways in his Ford and never had a blow
out the whole trip.
Special to The Daily Tribune.
Conrad, Aug. L'K.- A daughter was born
on Wednesday to Mr. and Mrs, C. H.
Flynn of this city.
Special to The Daily Tribune.
Conrad, Aug. 2!>.—Mrs. Conrad Strook
pr and two sons, Frank and William, left j
this morning for Oklahoma where they <,
expect to make their home. Mrs. ;
Strecker has spent the summer with her i
son. Hurbert, manager of the Strecker |
Hardware company. .
Special to The Daily Tribune.
Conrad, Aug. !!!>. Rev. Fr. Hanna I"ft !
on Monday for Helena to attend the ! ,
priests' retreat held in that city this j ,
week. He was accompanied by Fr. Van ' |
de (iavel of Valicr. »
; I
Common tea is half
tannin and half poor tea- f
flavor. When you make it, j
the tea-taste develops first. '
It hardly gets going before j
the tannin comes along I
and smothers it. Tannin, i \
the rank, harsh, injurious !
—what people use to tan i
leather with.
Try Schilling Tea, the t
tea with abundance of rich {
tea-flavor. You'll never go *
back to common tea. I
There are four flavors of Schilling "
Tea—Japan, Ceylon - India, Oolong, ^
English Breakfast. All one quality. In
parchmyn-lined moisture-proof packages. „
At grocers everywhere.
A Schilling & Co San Francisco i "
2 [I
Uffon Learning Chinaman Is
Member of Same Order, the
Chieftan Frees Him.
Juarez, Mex., Aug. 20.—A lodge pin
and grip saved the life of a Chinese
merchant of Parral when Francisco
Villa's troops captured Parral some
months ago, according to a sworn state
ment made by the merchant to the Amer
ican consul here upon his arrival from
the interior recently.
The Chinese merchant, refused to per
mit his name to be attached to the state
ment for fear he would be killed if he
fell into Villa's hands. He swore that
he say three of his cousins dragged
through the streets of l'arral by rebels
and burned at the stake.
A demand for $5,000 was made upon
him upon threat of death, the merchant
said. He told the Villa colonel he did
not have this amount and was about to
be ordered shot, he said, when he noticed
a lodge pin on the lapel of the colonel's
coat. The merchant said he belonged to
the Chinese organization which was sim
ilar to the one which the officer belonged
to arid they exchanged handshakes. The
ransom was reduced to $2,000 and he
was finally permitted to go.
Anaconda Women
Want Police Job
Special to The Daily Tribune.
Butte, Aug. 29.—So far seven women
have applied for the position of police
matron in Anaconda, a place which has
just recently been provided by the city I
council. The woman who is appointed
for this position will have the powers
of a policeman, deputy sheriff and con
stable in looking after the welfare of
young boys and girls on the border line
of delinquency. One of the main con
tenders for the appointment is Miss
Rose C. Bresnahan, one of the prime
movers in creating the office.
Deer Lodge County
Gets Big Army Truck
Sperinl to The Daily Tribune.
Butte, Aug. 21).—One of the first gov- |
ernment army trucks to be delivered
through the state highway commission
for road work has been sent to Ana
conda for work in Deer Lodge county.
The distributing point for these trucks
for this part of the state is Deer Lodge,
home of Frank Conley. chairman of the
highway commission. This truck sent to
Anaconda was built in Kenosha, Wis.,
as an ammunition wagon, but owing to
the sudden cessation of hostilities over
seas its speedometer shows it has been
run only 6U miles. It is a three-ton,
four-wheel drive contraption, and is be
ing altered somewhat, in its construction
before it takes up its peace time work, j
Women Incorporate
Consumers League
Special to The Daily Tribune.
Butte, Aug. 21).—Women of Butte,
who recently formed the Consumers
league, have taken further steps towards i
stabilizing their organization by filing
articles of incorporation with the clerk
and recorder, giving 10.000 shares at $1
each as their capital stock. The direc
tors are Delia A. Potts, Marigold E. Ben
edict and Catherine Pennev.

Butte Wants to Get
Clark's Publication
Special to The Daily Tribune.
Butte, Aug. 29.—Sam H. Clark of Bis
Tiar '-k, X. D., owner and publisher of
lim Jam Jems, was in Butte yesterday
m his return from Virginia City, where
Mr. Clark possesses controlling interest .
n three gold mine properties, which he 1
leclares hold great promise. Because
if his extensive mine properties near
lere overtures have been made Mr. Clark
with the view of bringing the publics
Jon of his magazine to Butte, but Mr.
Jlark says he has no idea as yet of
noving his headquarters from Bismarck,
vhore he began the publication of his
■ook eight years ago, and in that time has
imassed a small fortune.
\naconda Provides
Camp for Tourists
Special to The Daily Tribune.
Butte, Aug. 29.— Rotarians in Anaeon 1
la have decided to establish modern :
amping grounds for automobile tourists j
>assing through this section of the state. !
["he permanent camp site chosen is a .
;rassy plot shaded by willows in the
outhcast corner of the race track ;
;rounds. Water will be piped to the !
rounds, and toilets and ovens will be 1
milt. The A. M. company will fur
:ish the wood. Markers will be placed |
long thf highways leading into Anacon
a. It is thought this venture will bring :
io little favorable advertising for the \
'inciter city.
> ainted Robe Coal
Field to Be Developed
Ipecial to The Daily Tribune.
Roundup, Aug. 29.—According to the
prms of a lease filed with the county I
lerk, work in developing a coal field ■
ear Painted Kobe will start within MO
ays. Billings capitalists are interested
i the proposition, and agree to spend j
ot less than $50,000 in development !
ithin the next year. The land is own- !
rl by Horsky brothers of Helena. The j
roposed coal mine is on the Northern
'acific line, and the lease has been ;
lade for It) years.
pecinl to The Daily Tribune.
Missoula, Aug. 29.—A decision banded
own today by .Judge A. L. Duncan in!
ic district court instructs Sheriff Green •
1 destroy 45 cases of whisky seized a
■ w weeks ago when a coal car in the
orthern Pacific yards here was search
1. The authorities have been unable to
'c.ite the owner of the contraband,
bieh was shipped from Wyoming. At :
lotleggers' price, the whisky is worth
Jout $5,500.
>eeial to The Daily Tribune.
Conrad, Aug. 29.—Mr. and Mrs, Thom- |
; < ('Brien and children have moved into !
e city from their ranch four miles west j
Conrad and will spend the winter here. |
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