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Tanlac than words can exr
puma, for it has given me
health and happiness after
twelve long years of suffer
ing" was the enthusiastic
statement made the other
day by Mrs. Olivine Pettier,
of Vermont.
"I am more grateful to Tanlac than
words can express for it bas given me
health and happiness after 12 lonz years
of suffering," was the statement made
the other day by Mrs. Olivine Peltier, No.
26 East Allen street, Winooski, Vt.
"I had been troubled so long with
nervousness and sleeplessness that my
housework was a drudgery and I got little
pleasure out of life. Sly appetite left me
entirely and at times I could hardly bear
the sight of food and what little I did
eat caused me severe suffering after
ward. Gas would form on my stomach
so badly that it affected my heart and I
thought I had heart trouble.
"I was so nervous I would jump at
the least unexpected noise and would
drop anything I had in my hands. I got
so weak and faint at times that I would
have to catch hold of something to keep
from falling over. My sleep was broken
and restless and I was losing weight
rapidly. I had little strength or energy
and. as I bad tried all kinds of medicines
without relief. I had become very much
discouraged over my condition.
"My husband bad been taking Tanlac
and when I saw what wonderful results
he was getting I decided to try it my
self and now I think as much of Tanlac
as he does because it has helped me the
same way.
"My appetite has come back and every
thing agrees with me perfectly. I am
taking on weight rapidly and have al
ready gained nine pounds; in fact. I
feel perfectly well in every way. Tanlac
has done wonders for mc and I am only
too happy to tell others about it."
Tanlac is now sold m Great Falls by
Model Hx Pharmacy,- 312 Central ave
nue. and Cascade Rx Pharmacy, 110
Third street south.— Adv.
"Three Faces East'" Best That
Kas Visited Great Falls
in Years.
Presentod by a superbly balanced all
star company, "Three Faces East," with
Miss Violet Heming as the star was the
attraction at the <irand opera house
Saturday evenin? for the first of a two
night's engagement. The show will be
seen again this (Sunday) evening, and
to those who want to see the best that
the theater offers, this show and this
company is especilly commended.
There has not been a better balanced
or a more capable company seen at the
Grand in the last 10 y»-ars and certainly
there has been no more gripping story.
The play is of the secret service in the
world war—how the English matched
wits with the Germans and how_a cirl
outwitted the sharpest of the German
intelligence department. It is a won
derfully well developed plot and one that
keeps the audience in suspense until
the final scene.
Miss Heming is a most pleasing per
former. Her art is of that finished
tvpe that wins and holds. She brings
out her role with a vigor and a finish
that makes it predominant, yet with a
reserve that keeps her from oversha
dowing the excellent supporting com
pany with which she is surrounded.
Charles Harbury. who plays the role
of the English cabinet member offers
one of the best bits of acting that has
been seen at the Graml. Maurice Free
man. who portrays the role of Valdar,
the butler who is the German spy in the
Bennett household, does the parr with a
finish and an art that is seldom seen
in'such redes and maki c it fine of the
very good things of the story notwith
standing the fact it is the role of th'j
Eat Less Meat If You Feel Back
achy or Have Bladder
Meat forms uric acid which- excites
and overworks the kidneys in thoir ef
forts to filter it. from tho system. Regu
lar eaters of meat must flush the kid
neys occasionally. You must relieve
them like you relieve your bowels; re
moving all the adds, waste Jind poison,
else you feel a dull misery in the kidney
region, sharp pains in the back or sick
headache, dizziness, your stomarh sourK,
tongue is coated and when the weather
is bad you have rheumatic twinges. Tho
urine is cloudy, full of sediment; the
channels often get irritated, obliging
you to get up two or three times during
the night .
To neutralize these irritating acids
and flush off the body's urinous waste
get about four ounces of .Tad Salts from
any pharmacy; take a tablespoonful in a
glass of water before breakfast for a
few 'lays and your kidneys will then act
fine and bladder disorders disappear.
This famous salts is made from the acid
of grapes and lemon juice, combined
with lithia, and has been used for gen
erations to clean and stimulate sluggish
kidneys and stop bladder irritation. Jad
Salts is inexpensive; harmless and
makes a delightful effervescent lithia
water drink which millions of men and
women take cow and then, thus avoiding
serious kidney and bladder diseases.—
yjiu i
Nearly $7,000 Expended Here on
Peace Time Program Since
Last October.
The war work of the local home ser
vice department of the Red Cross is not
yet over according to reports made Sat
urday at the regular ' monthly meeting
of the executive comrriittee. Two hun
dred and ten disabled soldiers were as
sisted during the past month either with
their insurance or in getting them into
institutions where they would receive
proper medical attention, and in many
other ways. There had been received
in the office 80 letters from soldiers
asking for information about filing in
the Shoshone district, Wyoming, and
the North Platte district in Nebraska.]
The report on the Red Cross peace
time program showed that since Oct. 1,
$5,710.18 worth of materials from the
northern division of the Red Cross had
been dispensed throughout Cascade
county among drouth sufferers, besides
$1000 in cash for the same purpose.
The report of the nursing activities
given by Mrs. Harriet Carrier, secre
tary of the home service section and her
self a graduate nurse showed that a
survey and registration of all available
practical nurses had been made during
the recent influenza epidemic. Nurses
had been sent out in response to 250
calls. Four courses in home nursing
were given. Twenty were registered in
each class. Mrs. Carrier conducted
three of the classes, and Mrs. Niblock,
instructed the other class. Because of
the many requests that have come into
the office a course in elementary hygiene
and home care of the sick is being pre
pared which wiU be given in 15 lessons
covering a period of six weeks. The
time, place and instructor will be an
nounced later.
Volleyball and Handball Artists
Plan Biggest Contest Ever
Held in the State.
Arrangements for the annual volley
ball and handball tournament to be held
in Great Falls during the week ending
April 17 have been completed, and active
work has been started to make it the
biggest tourney ever held in the state.
All the games will be played on the Y.
M. C. A. gym floor and handball courts.
Dr. J. M. Hardin has been named
chairman of the general committee, and
chairman of sub-committees have J)een
selected as follows: Trophy committee,
J. M. GaeJen; accomodations and recep
tion, volleyball. M. K. Loyan. handball,
to be named later; banquet committee,
Jim Reader promotion of tournament,
volleyball, Eichmeyer; handball, 1'. A.
O'Brien; cominittc on handball rules, of
ficials entries, schedule and drawings,
Julius Peters; committee on volleyball
rules officials, entries, schedule and
drawings, M. V. Wallace and C. C. Dav
is; seating arrangements, Dick Straub.
A large number of volleyball and
handball enthusiasts have entered to try
out for the teams from Great Falls to
contest for championship honors. They
are Wallace. Davis, Penney, Crawford,
McGregor. Blackstone. Eichmeyer, Fish
er and Abrams. It is probable that a
number of others will also try out for
the teams.
A meeting of all volleyball and hand
ball fans has been called for Moudiy
night to be held in the lobby of the ^.
M. C. A. at 6, when plans will he made
to enter a winning team from Great
Falls in the tournament.
Earned Own Living;
Asks Divorce Decree
Suit for divorce on the ground that
her husband has failed to provide for her
suppor.t for more than one year ano that
she has been compelled during that time
to earn a living for herself jind her child,
became of record in the district court
Saturday at the instance of Lottie Rouey
who directs action against Orval L.
Roney. The parties were married at
Helena Nov. -4. 1015, and have one
child, now aged three atad one-half
years. Mrs. Roney asks the court to
award her the custody of the child and
to grant her an absolute decree of di
Expert Comes to Help
in Fight Upon Pests
E. J. Kepler, assistant in the biological
survey, arrived in Great Falls Saturday
from Washington, 1>. C ..and will assist
George A. Roosevelt with the organiza
tion of the co-operative canipäign which
are to be held throughout Montana dur
ing the spring and summer in an effort
to eradicate the gopher, prairie dog and
the woodehuck. Air. Kepler will assist
with the work in the central and eastern
sections of the state.
Perfect Health is Yours
If the Blood is Kept Pure
Almost Every Human Ailment
Is Directly Traceable to Im
purities in the Blood.
You should pay particular heed
to any indication that your blood
supply is becoming sluggish, or
that there is a lessening in its
etrong and vital force.
By keeping your blood purified,
your system more easily wards off
disease that is ever present, wait
ing to attack wherever there is an
Pure Sugar Easter Novelties
—made by ourselves. . Candy eggs, all sizes. Chocolate
eggs, we decorate them. Will write any name you wish.
Bring the children down to see our Easter Window
2 Fifth Street North "
Plans Are Perfected
to Improve Highway
Across Reservation
Helena, March 27.—Plans were com
pleted today for the improvement of 20
miles of road on the Blackfeet Indian
reservation with co-operation of the
counties on the Geysers-to-Glacirs high
way, whose represntatives held a meet
ing here. The Oister Battlefield Hiway
association, the Theodore Roosevelt In
ternational Highway assocition, the state
highway commission and other agencies,
including federal offidls, will assist. This
strip of road, unimproved hitherto, is a
link in the Geysers- to-Glsciers trau
and the entire net work road system of
which it is a part.
Local Director of U. S. Bureau
Says Demand From
Ranchers Large.
"There is a surplus of men in the oil
fields at Roundup, Lewistown and Win
nett, and a shortage of farm hands in
this section of the state," declares E. J.
Fitzpatrick, director of the Great Falls
office of the federal employment ser
"When the oil boom started, laborers
flocked to the various oil fields and cen
ters. Some have got work, many more
are idle. In the meantime, farmers in
Cascade county and all through northern
Montana are in need of farm hands to
handle the spring work.
Help Is Scarce.
"While this office has succeeded in
filling most of the orders for labor dur
ing the past two weeks, other sections of
the state have not been so fortunate,
und it is doubtful if the demand can be
supplied in this part of Montana much
longer. A great many laborers for other
kinds of work are also needed here now,
and laborers at the present time are
Mr. Fitzpatrick states that farm
hands are being paid from $70 to $75 a
month. Tractor engineers are not need
ed as badly now as they will be later.
Many gas tractor men now in the east
have written the local office to be put
in touch with tractor jobs for the spring
and summer work, so that there will
probably be no shortage of engineers
this season.
Teachers and Tailors.
Carpenters arc also required, he
states, and a recent order was received
by the federal bureau asking for a num
ber of school teachers, as well as tailors.
Good wages in the oil fields, and vis
ions of large profits by getting on the
"inside" are the reasons for the migra
tion of labor to the oil centers, says Mr.
Fitzpatrick. With a bumper crop in
sight for this year, however, a large
number of farm hands will be required
he states, and it will be necessary to
draw on the surplus from the oil fields.
Community Singfest
for This Afternoon
The fourth of a series of community
sings which are being held by the First
Congregational church during the Len
ten season will take place this (Sunday)
afternoon at 4 at the church. The Rev.
Christoph Keller, rector of the Church
of the Incarnation will deliver a short
A special musical program will be giv
en as follows:
Solo, Mrs. A. E. Barkemeyer; vocal
trio, '"Invictus" and "Beyond the Smiling
and the Weeping." Davidson brothers;
violin solo. Miss Marjory Grover, "Ver
ceuse." R. A. Keyes will direct the con
gregational singing and Julius Wuerth
ner will play the pipe organ for 15
minutes preceding the hour of service.
Special to The Daily Tribune.
Shelby, March 27.—Sheriff Alsup
left the fore part of the week for New
York armed with extradition papers for
Ithemnr Porter and will bring him back
to this county to answer to a charge of
deserting his wife and children, resid
ing Hour Duukirk.
Special t" The Daily Tribune.
Conrad. March 27.—A daughter was
born on Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. Gar
ret Koenes. who live about 10 milep
southeast of this city
A son was born Thursday to Mr. and
Mrs. Peter Yernatt, residing 12 miles
east of Conrad.
Department of the Interior. U. S. Land
Office at Great Kails, Morgana, March
5. 1920. Notice is hereby given that
Hezekiah W. Gurnsey, of Vaughn. Mon
tana. who, on July 24. 1916. made addi
tional homestead entry Serial No. 040692,
for N\VV*t>\V Vi, Sec. 1; NEVaSEV«, SEV4
NEV4, SWViNEtt, section 2, township 21
north, range 1 eaet, Montana meridian,
has filed notice of intention- to make
three-year proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before Register and
Receiver, U. S. Land Office, at Great
Falls. Montana, on the 16th day of April,
1920. Claimant names as witnesses: James
M. Chilson, Elbert L. Gurnsey, John
Pugh, all of Vaughn, Montana; Dot
Mitchell, of Great Falls, Montana.
J. A. BARKER, Register.
Ftrst publication March 7. 1920.
° a
opening. A few bottles of S. S. 9.,
the great vegetable blood medicine,
will revitalize your blood and givo
you new strength and a healthy»
vigorous vitality. Everyone needs
it just now to keep the system in
perfect condition. Go to your drug
store and get a bottle to-day, and
if you need any médical advice, you
can obtain it without cost by writ
ing to Medical Director, Swift Spo
ciflc Coj. 112 Swift Laboratory, At«
lanta, Ga.
J. Breitenstein An Official
of "See America First"
Montana has taken its place in the or
ganization of tho Western Hotel Scenic
association, which was launched recently
at the meeting of leading hotel men of
the west at Salt Lake City.
The purpose of the organization is to
advance the zood roads and scenic routes
under a new and augmented "See Amer
ica First" organization of western
A. J. Breitenstein, manager of the
Hotel Rainbow, has been named vice
president for Montana. Mr. Breiten
stein was elected despite his absence
from the recent convention, but cogniz
ance was tuken of the fact that only his
activities as manager of the fifth annual
Montana automobile show, kept ham
away from the Sat Lake City meeting.
The president of the organization is
Alfred Lambourne of the Stanley hotel
at Estes Park, Col.
The object of the Western Hotel
Scenic association are to unite hotels
interested in travel; to stimulate travel:
to devise ways and means for safe, con
venient and comfortable travel for pa
trons of the hotels; to advertise the
natural wonders of western America
and to assist in general in co-operation
of hotels in western travel.
States included in this organization
are Arizona. California, Colorado. Idaho,
Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon,
Utah, Washington and Wyoming.
Great Falls was selected as the Mon
tana vantage point for the state vice
president because of its location between
the two national parks on the Y-G Bee
Iiine, the Custer Battlefield highway and
the new Banff-Grand Canyon highway.
Spedal to The Daily Tribune.
Shelby, March 27.— C. S. Heidel, _ re
cently appointed state engineer, arrived
here Thursday and with Henry Gerbarz
established a gauging station on the Dry
fork of the Marias river for the purpose
of ascertaining the flow of water in that
stream in connection with the Toole
county irrigation district plans.
Driven Wild
by Eczema
"Tha lea wu like m ptoce «f llw ftw» thg
kaas to ths Mikl* and buraad continually."
writ** ft. Hann of Vamice. California.
"fran tho flrrt application. IX d. D.
■topped the itching, and after niinc
three bottles the tronbte disappeared
aad it aavar came back."
Tho proof of the paddln« to ta the «*«»*.
•keDtîêal. D. D. rêiïeVee itching tonnent
tanedlatelr. Juat try one bottle on our money*
back guarantee Mc,eoc aadfi-M. TryO.D A
Soap, to»
the loücn :br Shin Disease
Model Prescription Pharmaoy, 304 Cen
tral avenue; Great Falls Drug Co.—Adv.
The South Bend MalleableRarvcre
IIIIII D>v — ^^rOPPFJ?-RrTrv>>w O
I :
' _ 1
f >
.. -> -1^ >
/fnd this Set 0/Pure Aluminum Cooking Wire
At the Price of the Rariçte alone - theatre t sjree.
Your old range taken thru our exchange department as part payment, and if you do not
need the aluminum set a reduction of $10.00 in the price of the range will be made.
Remember, This Week Only
Near 6th
Randall and
Fire Chief Believes Someone
With Grudge Responsible
for Three Runs.
Within the past three weeks the fire
department has been called to the same
address, 220 Va Fourth avenue south, to
extinguish fires believed by Chief A. J.
Trodick to have been of incendiary ori
gin. Several small frame dwellings, all
owned by John Paul, are identified by
this address, Chief Trodick states, and
each time the department has found a
blaze in a different house. Chief Tro
dick states it was readily apparent that
all of the fires were set, the odor of
kerosine being easily detected on one
The chief as well as the owner is con
vinced that the person responsible for
the fires is someone holding a grudge
agains t Mr. Paul, but nothing has been
learned that would at all indicate his
identity. No insurance was carried on
the property until after the first two
fires had been reported, but before the
TOMORROW'S Big Special Offer
Including 20 rec
ord selections on
ten 10-in. doable
$158.50 for the Outfit
$20 Down $10 Monthly Buy Now
We Have Jn»t Received a Big Shipment—Call and Hear Them.
You will find the Victrola department of Kops Piano House the finest in the northwest.
Specially constructed sound-proof record booths, scientifically ventilated, for the demonstra
tion of Victor records. You are invited to visit our beautiful Victrola department and try
over your favorite music. Our stock of records is the largest and most complete in the
state." If it is on the market you will find it at Kops.
Victrola XI $150.06
Kops Piano House
Cen tral Af&
Great Falls Largest Victrola Dealers
Central Ara.
third fire occ urr ed a policy was secured
by Mr. Paul.
Chief Tnodick states that all of the
fires were clumsily set, little attempt
having been apparently made to conceal
the pnrpose of the person responsible.
The last fire, reporteed at 2 a. m. Fri
day, was in a vacant house and had
started beneath the floor. None of the
fires had gaJned headway before they
were controlled.
Fossil sloths of colossal sise have been
401—1st Ave. No.
S «• 7
Billings, Manch 27.—Tiro thousand
dollars damage was caused to «omrtr
property early this week by floods, it is
estimated officially. On* Canyon creek
bridge was destroyed and a nmnl*r of
others were badly damaged. fPÇ'
were washed out on Razor creek, to the
north of Billings and on Fly creek, to
the east. Considerable ranch damage
is reported in the Fly creek district, but
no stock is known to have been drownea

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