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JOE Munis
Denies Guilt When Before
Court; Selo, Sirola and Pa
lagi Sentenced.
„ Joe Daaha, the man whose opinion of
attorneys is practically nil and whose
whisky still was stolen from the yard at
the rear of the county jail after be had
been placed under arrest, will serve a
jail term of four months and pay a fine
of $200 for having manufactured intox
icating liquor illegally. This sentence
was pronounced upon him Saturday by
mediately to the county bastile to begin
bis term. Dasha was arrested
Judge H. H. Ewing and he was taken im
edit '
in his nome at Belt, where the still was
also found.
When asked by the court to say wheth
er there was any reason why sentence
should not be pronounced, Dasha stated
that he was innocent. In proof of this
he declared that he had arrived at Belt
from Spokane only three days prior to
his arrest and that it would have been
impossible, within that period, to have
rigged a still and fermented the several
barrels of material found in bis house.
Absent, But Sentenced.
Dasha's sentence was duplicated in the
case of Tony Selo, arrested last August
for operating a still. Selo was convicted
early last week without having been
present in court or represented by coun
sel. When located, he will serve four
months in the county jail and pay a fine
of $200, bwt his $1,000 bail will be im
mediately forfeited by order of the court.
After Selo had been convicted the
court fixed Saturday as the day on which
. sentence would be passed. Bailiff Frank
l>onoher called the defendant's name in
the court room and hall and when he
failed to respond Judge Leslie pronounc
ed the penalty after the same formal
fashion when the defendant is present.
The trial was conducted with the defend
ant absent that legal requirements in
connection with the forfeiture of his
bail might be met.
Julius Palagi. the Black Eagle 6oft
drink stand proprietor who based his de
fense largely on the testimony of John
J. Corr, was given the heaviest sentence
imposed this term on any defendant con
victed of bootlegging.
60 Days and $200.
Palnsi w"ll serve 00 days in the county
jail and pay a fine of $200. Testifying
in I 'agali's defense. Corr asserted that
lie was »lone responsible for the saie
of the liquor alleged and that the defend
fmt, was without blame in the matter.
Corr was arrested on order of the court
Ladv in Brooklyn, N. Y., Nar
rowly Escapes Death.
If people would only learn the foily
of neglecting a cough or cold, much
suffering could be averted and the de
velopment of many fatal diseases pre
The experience of Mrs. R. S. Peder
s<'ii, 129 Putnam avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.,
merely emphasizes the necessity of hav
ing the proper medicine on hand for
sii <-li emergencies. She writes:
"One winter 1 had a severe cold. I
doctored myself for several weeks with
various pills. Finally, I was forced to
£'.» to bed with heavy cold in chest and
«lead. I had a good attack of Lagrippe
with large lumps iu my neck. Mv
father persuaded me to take Pe-ru-na
and I was out of bed in two weeks. I
continued the remedy for several weeks
and fel better than ever. Pe-ru-na has
also relieved me of pains in the back
and sides. I always recommend Pe-ru
na and my father is a constant user."
Pe-ru-na. being a tonic laxative, reg
ulates the digestion, enriches the blood,
tones up the nerves and carries its sooth
ing, healing influence to the irritated,
congested, mucous membranes in all
part s of the body. It is very beneficial
after protracted illness or an attack of
grip or Spanish Influenza to restore
strength and vigor to the wasted body.
Do not fool with a cold or any other
catarrhal disease. It is dangerous. <Jet
the right remedy iu the first place, the
remedy that for 50 years has b.*ou known
as a successful treatment for catarrh.
'Your dealer handles Pe-ru-na in both
tablet and liquid form.—Adv.
I><lr>ral Aid Improvement, Chinonk
Malta Knud A. Nu. 1.01, in Illnin<* I
1. Notice is hereby given that sealed i
bids will be received for the grading, i
graveling and construction of drainage 1
structures on the above project by the :
Kxecutive Committee of the State High- I
way Commission of Montana at its j
in the Capitol Building in Helena until j
the hour of 2 p. in. on April 19, 1920 and i
then be publicly opened and read Immedi
ately thereafter.
2. The proposals must be submitted on !
a. form and in an envelope furnished by :
Commission and addressed to "President
of the Executive Committee of the State
Highway Commission at Helena" and
endorsed "Proposal for Improvements
Federal Aid Project No. 101."
3. No proposal will be considered
unless accompanied by an unconditional
certified check in an amount equivalent
to five per cent (5%) of the total amount
of the -bid. The successful bidder will be
required to furnish a corporate surety
bond for faithful performance of the con
4. Plans, specifications, forms of con
Iract and bond, proposal blanks, etc.. may
be obtained from the Chief Engineer
upon a deposit of $10.00 of which $8.00
will be returned on surrender of same
in good condition to the Chief Engineer, j
8. Plans and specifications, etc., may |
be examined at the County Clerk's office i
at Chinook: at offices of District En- '
glneers at Helena, Great Falls, and Bill
ings; at State Highway Commission,
Helena, and at District Engineer's office, i
IT. S. Bureau Public Roads at Missoula, j
6. The Executive Committee reserve.^
the right to reject any or all proposals]
and to waive technicalities as may be :
deemed best for the interests of the ;
7. The project Is in two parts joining
on both ends of the 5-mile completed
road extending east from Zurich. The
part of proposed project running west
from Zurich is 4.80 miles long. The part
Joining the completed road on east end
is 6 miles long and extends to Harlem.
8., Following are approximate quànti
32,045 cubic yards common excavation;
5S6 sta, yards overhaul:
11.085 cubic yards type "B" gravel
160 linear feet 18-in. culvert;
286 linear feet 24-in. culvert;
52 linear feet 30-in. culbert;
26 linear feet ,36-in. culvert;
31.30 cubic yards class "B" concrete in
head walls:
5.18 cubic yards class "A" concrete in
2 .626 lbs. reinforcing steel.
By order of Executive Committee, State
Highway Commission.
JOHN N. EDY. Chief Engineer;
H. A. TEMPLETON, Secretary.
and is ouoted at the Sheriff's office as
saying that he will enter a plea of guilt;
when atiaigned.
Charles Sirola. another liquor defend
ant. joined those who have withdrawn
their pleas of not guilty and entered
pleas of guilty. Sirole appeared Satur
day and was fined $100 and ordered con
fined in the county tastile for 15 days.
Sett ngs previously made of the cases
against Mrs. Bertha Jackson and Thomas
Bognis were vacated, but will probably
be placed on the calendar later in the
term. Bognis filed a physician's affi
davit in which it was stated that the de
fendant's physical condition would not
permit him to appear in court at this
tiiie and Mrs. Jackson informed the
court that one of her withnesses could
not be present on account of illness.
Nearly 200 boys and girls were given
the physical examination on Thursday
and Friday of this week by Dr. Donald
K. Wood assisted by Miss Helen Young,
and representatives of the county l uper
intendent'e office. Children attending
the rural schools at Geyser. Spion Kop
and Cora creek and Armingtou were ex
19 18
WITH Easter only one week distant,
women are interested in the new fash
ions. With prices of all good apparel
high, they are finding considerable difficulty
in getting clothes of good fashion, good taste
and good quality at the prices they wish to pay.
It is to these women that this 2nd Anniver
sary Sale appeals.
Broad Daylight
Smart Style
Central Avenue, Corner Sixth Street
1 9 2 O
—To buy women's and misses' Suits,
Dresses, Coats and other new Easter
wearing apparel at prices that would be
impossible under ordinary circumstances.
2nd Anniversary Sale of
—Now, when most any kind of a
dress is being sold at around $25
The assortment comprises smart, new In shades of navy, copen, black, bisque,
taffeta, satin and wool jersey dresses, brown, gray and taupe.
Some show draping, some are beaded, and T i i , , ,
many show ruffles on the skirt, others Indeed a most wondeitul assortment;
have puffed hips, Monk necks and elbow j average savings of $10.00 in the 2nd An
sleeves. niversary sale, at $14.75
And this Additional Dress Offering, at
—is equally remarkable!
-Finest Taffetas
-Lovely Georgettes
-Silk Tricolette
-Fine Satins
-Wool Tricotines
-Best of Serges
-In all colors with
-plenty of navy and
$40.00 Frocks
$42.50 Frocks
$45.00 Frocks
$47.50 Frocks
$49.75 Frocks
ALL at
2nd Anniversary Sale of
—in which yon buy high grade NEW
fashion Blouses at OLD Low Prices
Georgette Crepe
Just such waists as priced $7 .50 and up elseivhere
This sale brings to the women of Great Falls and sur
roundings a buying opportunity that has had no equal
in a long time. There are numerous styles—
Beaded Georgette Blouses Embroidered Georgette
Lace Trimmod Georgettes Tailored Georgette Blouses.
S12.50 Georgette Crepe (NNf
waists $6.95
—Ill* It flrad« «ieorjtelle
—Wonderful Vaine»
— ff ondrrfol Styles
—All Stw Colore
1.75 f .zz'° COAT S
In the Great
Beautiful Expressions of
The Springtime Modes in Sports
and Utility Styles
—Short: ('onts
— Threo-Quarters
— »Silk lined
—Leather Bolts
—Tailored Collars
-—Patch Poekete
-—Wrap Collars
—Motor Stylos
—Afternoon Typos
— 'T weeds
— Velour
— Bol iiia
—Camel's Hair
—Polo Cloth
It's been many a Spring since coats have dem
onstrated from the very start their prominence
in fashion. (
Remarkable Special Purchases by our New
York buyers allow us to offer this wonderful as
sortment, including actual values up to $47.50.
Each coat is equally well finished. Colors in
clude navy, wood brown, dawn blue, taupe, dragon
fly, reindeer, tan, tobacco and black. Women's and
s«i"oZ s !.°.' SUITS a- $
They are as fashionable as limousines. They are the modes
of the moment in suits, spring's very own, and they are selling
at savings we do not think you can afford to ignore, if you want
a suit and are "hard put" to make financial ends meet, as most
of us are these days.
There are suits with two or three button jackets—tuxedo
coats and vestees—swagger coatees with ripple fullness at the
waistline—mannish notched collars,-long rolling collars—
All the suits are silk lined, most of them with fancy silk.
If you've set your heart on suits priced around $75.00 and
did not care to pay more than fifty dollars
—Then Come Here Today
—This Sale is for YOU
—Anniversary Sale Price
Fashionable navy tricotines, poiret twills and mannish
serges are in the majority.
Will Immediately Investigate
Feasibility of Work Between
Hardy and Craig.
To learn whether a feasible route
can be found for the proposed cutoff
on the Great Falls-Helena road between
Hardy and Craig. County Surveyor II.
G. Dav of Cascade county and Surveyor
George Poor of Lewis and Clark county
will Monday, with a representative of
the state highway commission, go oyer
the ground for the purpose of making
preliminary estimates and to discover
whether the nature of the Missouri river
canyon at this point will permit of a
survey being run along lines contem
At places between Hardy and Craig
the walls of the canyon are composed
entirely of rock, the fact of which is so
precipitate that special means may have
to be employed in making a survey. The
proposed cutoff is 1.3 miles in length,
would shorten the road between this
city and the capital by 20 miles and
would eliminate the Sullivan hill and
other difficult stretches in the route
now followed.
The movement looking to construction
of the cutoff was initiated last January
by the board of commissioners of Lewis
An external application tor the
prevention and relief of Colds.
Cronp, Couchs, and all Skin
Troubles: Pimples, Eczema,
Freckles. Chapped Hands and Face. Itching, Windburn. Sunburn. Inflammation.
Ulcers. Dandruff, Etc. AT DRUO STORES.
and Clark county, who are enthusiastic
ally in favor of the project. Five miles
of the work would be in Lewis and Clark
county and the remainder in Cascade
but under a law now operative the ex
pense would be equally divided between
the two counties. It is believed that the
important position occupied by the cut
off in the stated road building program
would cause the government to give as
sistance from the federal nid fund. Statu
aid would also be posible if the $15,000,
000 road bond issue to be voted upon
next November is approved by the people.
The rhea, or South American ostrich,
has three toes instead of two as is the
case with the true ostrich.
The attack of the Boston Red Sox
this summer may not be savage, but it
certainly «ill be Ruth-less.—Greenville
(S. C.) Piedmont.
We Grind Our Own Lenses
Standard Optical Parlor
Located with Philip Jtcoby, Jeweler
Phone 9797
"What le heredity?*
"Something a father believes in jut til <
his eon begin« acting like a darn fooL ;
—The American Legion Weekly.

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