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V Millinery V
OurLine of Millinery l^ now Complete with all the latest^styles of Hats and Trimmings as well as a large stock trim^^med Hats ranging In price from $1.00 up 9 9 9)^fS^^Tir^r^r1^ Our Stock of Dry Qood* and foot-^*Jl J UUUUO Wtar is complete and prices low 9
J* Fruits and Confectionery J
Wehave refitted up our fruit and confectionery depart^^ment and will handle everything in this line 9
/V Murray ^ Murray V
Thebest 5 cent cigar in town at^Edgecombe's.
Thebest and cheapest pipe in^town at Kdjjccombe's.
Watchthe bargain counter at the^tlilt Kdtfe Mercantile Store.
Thelocal thirst parlors are dis^^playing Milwaukee beer signs.
Pianosand ^ )rgans at the ^Art^^Music Store on easy payments.
MissJosie Hum has returned^home from her extended trip east.
Music,will be 0 prominent feature^at the Orchestra dance Friday night.
Wepay cash for nidus and pelts.^^Lewistown Meat ^ Provision Co.
JohnShea the old time miner and^prospector is visiting Lewistown to^^day.
ForSale. Household furniture^for sale at Mrs. Akley's. Terms^reasonable. 2t
T.C McHugh, the Castle Butte^rancher, proved up on his home^^stead Saturday.
Dr.F. F. Attix, Hours 10 to 12,^2 to 4, 7 to 8 Telephone 132. Of^^fice, Main St. and 6 Ave.
AlexMoran has returned to Lew^^istown from an extended trip east;^he also stopped in Butte.
TheOrchestra will (five a dance^Friday night from 9 to 12 at the^opera house.
Buyyour spring millinery of Mrs.^Culver where you will find correct^styles and prices.
Aman who missed his vocation,^Bebb, should be Lord high execu^^tioner to the king of Dahomie.
Mondaytwo wagons crowded with^men left Lewistown for the N-Ban-^ranch on Flatwillow.
Forabstracts of ranch or city^property see C. M. Kelly, Lewis-^town.
TheArt Music Store is now lo^^cated across the street from the^Acme cafe.
F.F. McGowan, attorney at law,^will practice in all courts; collec^^tions promptly attended to.^^Office in Telephone Building.
Heardon the street: ^Frank^Wright and Dave Hilger are holding^Blake to vote the fusinn ticket this^fall.
ForRent- Good room for office^in front, or can store goods securely^in rear of the bvildiag. Kent cheap.^Call at the News office.
For railroad tickets call on or^write W. C. Doherty, ticket agent^for the Creat Northern and Mon^tana Central railroad. Lewistown.^Mont.
Somebold bad outlaw gave the^man with the ball and chain a bottle^and Bebb, took it from him. If the^guilty wretch who gave that bottle^to Blake is found he will be hung^or suffer such other punishment as^Bebb decides.
OscarStephens took several of the^idle men out to his ranches north of^town. At this season of the year^there is always a rush for men to^work during lambing on the sheep^ranches. The job lasts about one^month, yet there is little difficulty in^securing the hundreds of men need^^ed. A practical demonstration of^the fact that there is always a vast^army of unemployed.
J.H. Walsh, editor of the Mon^^tana News, left this morning via.,^Ft. Benton Stage route w here he will^take the train for Chicago to be in^attendance at the national Socialist^convention. 1 luring his absence^Arthur T. Harvey will look after the^editing of the paper, and if the typo^^graphical force does net go on a^strik- or summer vacation, the read^^ers will receive their paper regularly^and even though such should happen^it would not be half as serious as to^miss attending the great national con-^v-^lor,. ^4r, WaJftft will Jw! ^rone
M ^. . n't! I
SeeMrs. Culver for spring mil^^linery.
Itis the Montana News, how do^you like it
Vermontmaple syrup at Leh^^man's.
(letprices at the (lilt Kdge Mer^^cantile Co's., store before buying.
Finejob printing at the News^office cheaper than any other place^in this city.
Cowest and wear diamonds is^changed, go to shackleville and^wear irons.
Sheetmusic, instruction books^and musical Mdse., sold at the^^Art^ Music Store.
SeeMrs. Culver for spring mil^^linery.
Ourstock is the largest in town^and the prices the smallest. Gilt^Edge Mercantile Co.
Thewarm weather of these days^reminds the southerner of this^vicinity of those good old cotton^days.
Rockcandy syrup at Lehman's.
Youknow you love to dance, so^why not take advantage of three^hours of entrancing music. On Fri^^day evening next.
Trythat ice cream at Edge^^combe's.
TheLadies Aid Society of the M.^E. church will hold a handkerchief^sale in the church, Wednesay, May^4th, afternoon and evening. loe^cream will be served. tt
TheJapanese have at least got the^Russians thinking.
Thereport is false that the chain^and ball was put on Blake because^he would not consent to join the^citizens alliance.
ForSale. Good residence lots^close in; also dwelling houses. The^easiest terms ever known. Payments^on the installment plan. Anything^taken in trade for first payment.^^(J. S. Creed, l^ewistown.
Tennesseesorgum at Lehman's.
Thenew crime in shackleville
givingpapers to prisoners. Bebb^in place of the judge and jury will^sentence all offenders to the rock-^pile.
TomStout the Argus reporter^was on the sick list during the last^days of the week, but is around^hustling for locals again.
Vermontmaple syrup at I,ch-^man's.
Wehave heard of men living^ahead of their time; it remained for^Bebb to live fiye hundred years too^late; he should have been first as^^sistant to Gorqucmada.
Tennesseesorgum at Lehman's.
Howwould the leading member^of the citi/.ens alliance who was 00^a drunk lately look in irons^ Or^the other leading member whose^normal condition is drunk
Dakotaflour at Lehman's.
Don'tthink that because sub^^scriptions are coming in so fast that^we might get too many. Not so;^we need more, and more until every^debt is paid off, the best of machin^^es enstalled, the leading talent on^the editorial staff employed, and the^best Socialist paper in the north^west.
Itis impossible for us this week^to insert all of the names of new^subscribers and those who have^paid since our last issue. In fact^they have never come so fast since^the establishment of the News. Mr.^Lynch, the traveling solicitor, left^here Friday of last week loaded^with subscription cards good for a^yearly subscription to the News,^and already the cards are beginning^to arrive, and it looks as if with^the hustle of this aggressive indefati^^gable worker that the News would^soon spring into a large state circu^^lation. Evidently the campaiga is^opening up and from now on will^lie a continual round of energetic^.. :i'. iOI 1 ^^ r!-'.
Dakotaflour at Lehman's.^Come to the handerchief sale next^Wednesday given by the Ladies Aid^Society. Ice cream will be served.
Rememberthe handerchief sale^given by the Ladies Aid Society of^the M. E. church, next Wednesday.
Itis the duty of every union man^and sympathizer to attend the dance^to be held in Cook's Hall, Kendall^May 1 2th. The dance is given by^the North Moccasin Miners Union^in aid of the men who are on strike^in Colorado.
Kendallnotes of last week ar^^rived too late for publication and^there being no name signed do not^know who to refer to. Correspond^ents please send name and send^in items before Wednesday, the da\^of publication.
BarneyHedigan and Francis^Biglen were tried before police judge^McFarland on the charge of killing^horses, the property of Jim Anderson^of Gilt Kdge. The horses are sup^posed to have lieen stolen from sev-^dal parties around Kendall and^Maiden. Hedigan and Biglen were^bound over to the district court and^are admitted to bail in the sum of^% 1500 each. Jim. Weaver, Barney^McDonnell, Rice Dougherty ar;d^some other parties are on the bail.
Thefusion redemocan officials of^this city have taken a page from the^history of the dark ages; the bar^barians of those days placed men in^the stocks and the redemocan bar^^barians of Lewistown have shackled^a man to an iron ball and placed^him at the fire tower to break rock.^The prisoner is James Blake a lab^^orer who came to Lewistown lately^from Great Falls. He was charged^with being drunk and was fined sev^^en dollars and fifty cents; he did not^pay the fine so is shackled on the^street to work it out. Possibly^Blake is guilty of drunkeness, but^this does not justify ^fools dressed^in brief authority^ overiding the^rights of the citizen and introducing^in the twentieth century practices^common in the days of the imjuisi^I tion. If the city administration de^^sire to permanently adopt this bar-^barons custom, let them send and^get about one hundred shackle*;; so^they can place on the rock pile, the^rounders, tinhorns, secretaries and^certain worthy members of the citi^^zens alliance who gcX drunk and all^such spawn of a rotten system that^infests Lewistown. Many of the^preceeding named people, not alone^break simple ordinances governing^drunkeness, but are criminals who^violate the state law. Our fusionists^will uot act on our suggestion it^would be simple justice, as it is the^votes of this criminal class gives^them the majority and enables them^.0 retain power.
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centsper head straight and board;^or nine cents per head straight with^out board, for wethers three years^and older;
Bucksto l^e two strings for each;
Shearersto pay nothing for tying^wool;
Shearersat all times to have the^privilege of boarding themselves;
Employersto have the privilege^of furnishing machines and repairs;^but where shearers furnish machines^and repairs, all prices shall be cent^per head higher than given above.
Minimumprices for the season of^1904 in the states of Washington and^Oregon shall be as follows:
Sevencents per head straight and^board; or eight cents per head^straight without board, for yearlings^ewes and Iwo-vear-old wethers;
Eightrents per head straight and^board; or nine cents per head^straight without board, for wethers^three years and older;
Bucksto be two strings for each;
Shearersto pay nothing for tying^wool;
Shearersat all times to have the^privilege of boarding themselves;
Employersto have the privilege^of furnishing machines and repairs,^but where the shearers fu uish ma^^chines and repairs, all prices shall^be ^2cent per head higher than^given above.
F.B. PETER50N ^ CO., Proprietors
^Pviritan CeJe Buffet J
BURKE^ BUTLER Proprietors
AFinest of Wines, Liquors and Cigars
YourPatronnge Solicited
MainStreet, Lewistow
LewistownCarriage Works
MOSESHULL. Poprietor
Blacksmithing^S Wood Work
ThomasMcDonough was discov^^ered dead in his cabin about a mile^below (iilt Fdge on last Saturday.^It is presumed that the diseased died^from heart disease. McDonough^was well known in the Baker dis^^trict, he came to this section about^11 years ago. As McDonough was a^veteran of the civil war, the funeral^was conducted by the old soldiers^of Fergus county. Services were held^at tne Presbyterian church at 2^p. m.
Rockcandy syrup at Lehman's.^Shackleville otherwise Lewistown^has an unenviable reputation among^the people of Montana as a scab^loving bttrg. Now to cap the cli^^max Blake is shackled to a ball for^the petty offense of drunkeness,^while well dressed criminals strut^out streets. Every niemtier of the^council is guilty of this outrage,^j but for enthusiastic ferocity marshall^j Bebb easily leads; the sulphurous^I vaporing of this man on all who^I showed kindness to the prisoner is^i ridiculous. Workingmen you have^voted for this, as you have *otcdfor^bull pens, bayonets and lockouts by^! voting the democrat and republican^^ tickets composed of capitalists or^'the satelites of that favored class.
LewistownMeat ^ ProvislonCo.
BRYANTBROS.. Proprietor
egcs* 3 5 hsh 9 * i vegetables i!5 (;,\.m
vC. M. KELLY v
MontanaRailroad Company
N By Taking Advantage of the Eliminator of Unnecessary Expenses
Methodof Selling Groceries Enables
Togive better goods for [_^QSS ft! OflCy
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