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Bearsthe Union Label, a^guarantee of excellence that^the working man cannot af^^ford to overlook.
Gans^ Klein
Kila,Mont. Oct. 12, 1905.^Montana News: Enclosed is^money order for one dollar for^which you will please extend my^subscription to the News one more^year.
Wishingyou the greatest success^in your exposure of graft in high^places, I remain,
Mostsincerily yours,^A. R. BIGGS.
Specialefforts have been made in^the last few weeks to organize a So^^cialist sentiment among the smelter-^men of East Helena. It is in these^working class centers that the^strength of the revolution must be^developed. These working slaves^that are so cowed by the two stikes^that they lost, that they don't dare^carry on a union of respectable pro^^portions, must be taught that the^strength of the working class is in^the conquest (,f political power.^Patiently and persistently we must^put this lesson before them.
)ne street meeting was held at^East Helena several weeks ago. We^already have a local there. Thurs^^day and Friday evening of last week^we engaged the ^ ^dd Fellow's hall,^and held two meetings. Comrade^Hank Rutherford (the big fellow^thev call the ^mayor^ of East Hel^^ena 1 contributed the six dollars for^the second night out of his own^pocket. Comrades Walsh, Craham^and lla/lett went out to hold the^meeting. The hall was almost full^the first night. Some literature was^sold and two more members added.^The second evening we hail to com^pete with a village Improvement^Club social. Hut while our and^sience was smaller, results were evi
dent.The audience was remark^^ably attentive, $ 1.40 worth of litera^^ture sold, and the smelter boys hung^around after the meeting and talked^as though serious matters were be^^fore them. One copy of the ^Evol^^ution of Man^ was sold. Whenever^the working class begin to read such^literature as this the superstitutions^and shackles of the ages begin to^fall from their minds, and they be^^gin to get upon the firm and beauti^ful basis of scientific securety. When^the working class does this, they can^never more be enslaved by capital^istic blood suckers and despots.^In fact we gauge the status of our^movement, as we do that of an in^^dividual, by the scientific books that^it buys and reads.
$6.45collections was taken.^Two weeks from Sunday night when^the shift changes, a meeting of the^local is to be held at Comrade Louis^Hansen's home. There will be a^reelection of officers,, and business^of the local to be attended to, Com^^rades Haur and Willett will go out^from Helena to help them and make^short speeches. Any other Helena^comrades that can go should make^an effort to do so. The Socialists^must pull together and help weak^locals. The progress of the revolu^^tion is their work just as much as it^is that of the secretary and organ^izers. All must work, and they^must work at the actual party work.
Thesixth waril is another point^of consentration for Socialist work.^We must focus our energies here^this winter, and try and persuade^these railroad working men to with^^draw their political support from the^grafters and Hein/e tickets, and put^it upon that of the party that repre^^sents their class interests.
Arrangementshave been made^with the managers of the hall to let^us have it at $2.50 per night, for a^series of meetings there this winter,^and every eftort must be made In^make these meetings a success.
I.C H.
OperatorsPreparing for Strike
Chicago,Oct. 14. ^ Alarmed bv^the rumors of activity among the^anthracite coal operators John Eahy,^T. I). Nichols, and W. H. Dettrv,^leaders of the mine workers, who^have been here for a week, will re^^turn to Pennsylvania.
Ihave not been advised offi^^cially,^ said Mr. Eahy. ^but I ap^prehend that all the operators of^the country are planning to con^vene in Chicago on November 22,^;ind agree on concerted action next^April, when the miner's agreement^expires. 1 am anxious to get back^home and discover what is going^on.
LaborFakirs Condemn I. W. W.
Pittsfield,Mass., Oct. 12.^The^state federation of labor has adopted^resolutions condemning Socialism^in general and the Socialistic organ^^ization known as the Industrial^Workers of the World, which was^formed in Chicago in July, and^headed by Eugene V. Debs.
Theresolution against the In^^dustrial Workers of the World char^^acterized the formation of the or^^ganization as ^the most despicable^attack yet made upon the life of our^national body.^ and it was resolved^that ^we resist by all lawful means^this encroachment upon our right^^ful territory namely, the labor world^of the United States.
Theresolutions met with a storm^of protests from the Socialist dele^^gates, but were passed by an over^^whelming labor faking vote.
ComradeDoc Monroe, formerly^of Storrs, has located at Orofino,^Idaho, and in a letter to this office^tells of the great growing Socialist^sentiment in that state.
SocialistNews From^National Headquarters
Weregret to announce that Com^^rade Ernest Untermann is seriously^ill with brain fever, at his present^home in Orlando, Florida. His^lecture tour is therefore abandoned.^Comrade E. E. Carr, of Danville,^Illinois, will take up his dates in^Virginia and Maryland.
KufusW. Weeks' pamphlets or^^dered to date: Arkansas, 10,000:^Arizona, 5,000; Iowa, 10,000: Kan^^sas, 2,000; Louisiana, 10,000; Mas^sa^ husetts, 50,000; Michigan, 10,-^000: Minnesota, 10,000; Montana,^10,000: Nebraska, 10,000; New-^Jersey, 30,000: ^thio, 10,000; Penn^^sylvania, 10.000; Rhode Island,^10,000: Total, 1X7,000.
Theoriginal order to the printer^for these painplets was 100,000^which has been increased to 250,-^000 and if orders continue the or^^der will be still further increased.
Note:Weeks' pamphlets sup^^plied to locals at 51.50 per thous-^anb prepaid.
Tothe national executive commit^tee, Socialist party:
DearComrades: .1 herewith re^port the action taken by your com^mittee on the matter submitted 1111^der date of August 31. as follow s
DearComrades: I herewith^transmit to you a letter from L. W .^I.owry. national committeeman of^Arkansas, which letter is self ex^^planatory. It having come to the^knowledge of the writer that a com^munication concerning the nationa
officewas placed before the national^executive committee, at its session,^July 21 and 22,^ 1905, by either^Comrade Charles Martin or O'Neal,^or both, and the same not appear^^ing in the minutes of the meeting I^as sent to the writer, and I presume^other mempers of the national^committee, I would ask that you^call the attention of the national^executive committee to referendum^9. motion 17, 1904 with a view of^having them make an explanation^to the national committee why the^communication above referred to^was not transmitted to them.
Iwould further request that a^copy ^f this letter be placed before^each member of the national com^^mittee, together with the explana^^tion of the executive committee.^^Yours truly,
F.W. I.UWRY,^^National Committeeman.
MotionNo. 17, 1904, by Lowry^of Arkansas, adopted.
Thatno portion of the record^of any meeting of the (Uiorum, (na^^tional executive committee) or exe^^cutive committee meeting shall be^changed, altered, or expunged.
Insubmitting this report I must^inform you that had your action^been to the effect that 1 should sup^^ply the desired information, I could^not have complied with your wishes.^The national secretary does not act^a- ording secretary at the meet^^ing of the national executive com^^mittee.
Tothe national executive com^^mittee:
Youwil^ing July,^O'Neal acted as secretary of the^national executive committee, as-^aisted l^y Comrade Hertha (^apples,^stenographer. You are aware that^Coinrads Charles R. Martin was to^leave the office, by request at the^etui of July.
^n the afternoon of July 27, (dm-^raoVs (I'Neal and Capples informed^me they would ^)uit the office on^July 29. I pon their leaving the^ottu e upon that date, the series of^letters and the statements read bv^Comrade n'Neal in the ottice on^J'lly :2; were not left in my po^^ssession, and the stenographers
Ibook containing notes of the na^^tional executive committee minutes^had also dissappeared, nor indeed^uai it returned until after repeated^solicitation, it arrived at the office
1in a registered package on August^Under the circumstances I am !
Inot assured that it is the original^hook, or being so, that it has not 1^been altered.
Further, I am informed that
rememberat the meet-^21-22, Comrade James
CharlesR. Martin has sent letters^to some members of the national
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executivecommittee anil nation.il^committee from which I ijuote the^following; ^A woman was given^a place in this office^ and theteafter^he frequently refers to her as ^that^woman.^ The person referred to^is Comrade Marguerite Flaherty,^who was an employe of the oftice^on my arrival and for months pre-^ceeding that time. Comrade Flah^ertv was laid olt at the end of Feb
ruarvand reemployed June, 26.
ComradeMartin, quoting Com^rade O'Neal as authority further^says, ^the real reason for the em^^ployment of 'that woman' was the^request of another woman whose^enemity he (the national secretary)^feared.^ In this instance Comrade
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Hran.'hK hi.. W'H^hii]^i..ii. I). C
MotherJones is referred to whose^name I now mention with her know,^ledge and consent.
Fraternallysubmitted,^J. M AMI u\ BARNES,
Youdon't racogniia title- of no^^bility in tin- country^^ said thedis-^tiuguudied foreigner.
Oil,\e-. we can,^ answered Mr.^Cunirox. ^Mother and the girlsean-^nol only reeognize 'em, but they can^quote their market valuation off^^hand.^^ Washington Star.
Tryingto Recover.
WhenI -aw her last she seemed^to lin\e fallen in love with him.
Oh,ye*. But that was some^time ago. She's suing him now for^brem h of promise.
Tryingto get damages for the^fall, ^hr^ Philadelphia Record.
Inthe Same Boat.
BlgMM(to friend in hotel hed-^rooin) Let me in, Jim. I can't find^the Ice} hole.
TngsonCall a hall boy. I just^got in ni\-elt' and don't know where^It in either. -Metroit Kree l'resn.
WhatHa Needed Most.
1m'p yer movin' out, boss,^ said^Weary Willie, stopping to watch the^operation. ^Is dcre anything yer^don't Med dat I might take^
Yes,^snapped Suhhiib*^^a^bath!^^New York Tints.

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