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*ndPublished by th^ Socialist^Party ^/ onlin*.
OrriCE22 PAKE AVE. P. O. BOX 908
atthe Post Office fur tranan.aaloa^tbroavb thr mail at seooad clam rates.
A4*artlain Wales made known upon applica^^tion at lhl^ nfln.
Addressall communication! and make all^^oaey payable 10 111. Mmtans News
Directedhy the Local Quorum of the State^laan ai it tee.
BusinessManager. James D. Graham.^MiMe Secretary.
HiMontba fOc
Twocents |^er copv in bundles up to 500
NationalHeadquarter*. M ah Ion Harm s. Sec^^retary. RiM^m 300-302. Boylaton Rids-. ILiar^Wra St.. Chicauo. III.
StateHeadijuartei ^, Ja^. I) (irahani. 532 I at.,^Morth, Livingston. Mont.
artelthey (five forth; it ia its own ex^^planation and advertisement.
Asfor socialist* and socialism; the^-loo tcomings of the former have no more^power to weaken the everlasting founda^^tion of the latter, nor shake its inspiring^purposes, nor sully its pure and lofty^iilc.tls. nor curb its glorious spirit of re^^volt, than have the unclean, unfair and^intemperate remarks quoted above.
Beforemaking her Missoula speech.^Mrs. Ida Crouch-Hazlett wik informed^that on a fnrniei occasion the editor of^the ^Missoulian^ had shouted ^liar^ at^her. In the presence of approximately^^ thousand people. Mrs. Haslett admin^^istered a rehuke upon this gallant in^^dividual that brought out derisive shouts^from the crowd. In weak and impotent^rage, he vomited forth the following^upon the editorial pages of the ^Missou^^lian.^ which reminds us of the embicile^rage of Svengali who. degenerate, that^he was. could find no truer expression of^himself than to spit in the face of his^foe:
Inthe autumn of life, woman, when^^f a reflective cast of mind, thinking^of the joys of her spring and the glories^of her summer, realizing that for her^no more will bud the hope or mature^the promise, too often turns to foolish^fancy for relief. In this period of life^responsibility is not hers. Most any^kind of an ism appeals to her and she^becomes a passionate convert to any^^thing that promises surcease of sorrow.^It is then she displays eroticism in the^printed page or warms the atmosphere^with her palpitating words. The wrongs^^f the world rest upon her shoulders^and she tangles a hand in the hair of^illusion. Too often she unsexes her^^elf. but that is due to the deteriorating^ehange that is wrought by time. He^would lie hard indeed who would hold^an hysterical changeling responsible for^her ravings, whether she prattle of love,^preach religion or shout socialism. The^inability to grow old gracwfnlly is respon-^ible for many female vagaries When^it is openly and brazenly asserted that^There never was a time in the history^^f the world when there was so much^^pression of and want and suffering^among the laboring classes as at pres-^aent.' that assertion is made by an ir^^responsible if not by a crasy person. It^ia not true. Poll every labor union in^Montana and ninety nine vote* out of^every one hundred would be cast against^that false and malicious assertion. That^an irresponsible person is allowed,^through mistaken charity to make so^reckless a statement goea far to show^the necessity of government inspection^^f things other than packing house pro-^duct*. The odor of decay escaping from^a punctured can is not so offensive^aa that arising from rotting immorality^^that slimy element of society which^sneers at the laws of f!od and man:^that element which would destroy our^existing political organisation and sow^the seeds of night on the plains of de^^solation.
InMontana at the present time what^ia known as the socialistic element is^holding revivals. Tongue handy ora^^tors, noted for looaenoaa in speech^and character. hiack hearted and foul-^mouthed, 'rave, recite and madden o'er^the land.' They convert the liberty of^the street comer into^ the license of the^pig pen. Their feet have never become^acquainted with the contents of the^boxes upon which they stand. Virulent^in language, reckless in assertion and^damnable in principle they throw dead^eats on well appointed dinner tables and^^wear it is an appetizer. Then, after^abuse, vilification and condemnation of^everything good, bad and indifferent, the^hat is passed. They actually have the^audacity to solicit funds from those they^have justly or unjustly aoored, and what^fa more remarkable secure contributions^from them.
Atoad defends itself against attack^hv emitting slime; a skunk has its^peculiar way of defending itself. We^have too great a regard for ourselves^to arouse either of these species. ATI^sensible people judge their quality by
Thereia a certain view expressed in^the filthy ^Missoulian^ editorial we can^not let go unchallenged; it iscont-uined in^the assertion that the condition of labor^1- satistactory and that perfect harmony^exists Itetwecn the capitalist and the^working class. In the grandiloquent^descriptor of conditions the bunco tone^appears so plain that one is nauseated.^If what the ^Missoulian' says is true,^we are all fool* for not being wage^workers.
Hesays. ^ In no place in the world^is labor better paid than in Montana.*'
Weanswer, in no place in the world^i* labor so held up with prices.
Hesays, ^In no place in the world are^families of wage workers better fed,^better clothed und better housed.
Ouranswer i*. that this remark is^the limit of capitalistic insult. ^Hous^^ing, clothing, feeding^ i* the full con^^ception of capitalisic duty to the work^^ing class, which is the same as the farm^^er's conception of his duty to his hog*.^Liberty, security, culture, development,^spiritual enfoldnient, for the workers,^never entered a capitalistic brain.^^Housing, clothing, feeding^ are for hog*^and slaves. Our further answer is that^so few working men can afford families^that the editorinl remark is not suffici^^ently applicable to have any value. Our^further reply is that if the flamboyant^editor were condemned to this ^feeding,^housing, and clothing^ of the workers^his hair-brained optimism would receive^such a shock, that we would never hear^from him again.
Hesays. ^In no place in the world are^wage workers better satisfied with con^^dition*.
Whythen this frenzied attempt to^convince them of a condition that must^lie so apparent to themselves!
He*a\^. ^More working men own their^own home- in Montana than elsewhere.
Weanswer so few working men in^Montana own their own homes that^home owning is not a factor in their^lives.
Weassert that the development of^capitalism has made worse the condi^^tion 'if the working das* in these things:
Itha* cut off the opportunities for in^dividual enterprise by the concentration^of capital.
Ithas - 11.-1 it itcd the corporation em^^ployer for the individual employer,^where men are drove in herds, \oted in^herd-, fed in herds.
Companyemployment has greatly de^^creased their mental and political liberty,^and tilled their lives with the element^of fear.
Theyare now more of a distinct class^in a more degraded position than form^erly.
Joliaand living are more insecure; job^hunting is more of a vocation; depend^^ence has increased; the hobo is being^produced more rapidly.
Conditionshave become such under^corporate rule, that did not capitalism^deaden men'* souls with drink, as I am^told it has deadened the soul of the^editor of the ^Missoulian,^ we would all^rise together, not alone for better ^feed^^ing, housing and clothing^ but for a^larger, braver, freer and more expansive^life.
Thetery fact that we have to speak^in whispers, stultify and degrade our^^selves, lead little cowardly cramped^lives, in order to live in harmony with^the capitalist claas is the l.e.t argument^for a rc\olt which will be effective.
iccidents. The Butte papers could easi
Wepersonally know of a fire and a
suicidethis week in Helena not reported^in the newspapers. American newspa^per* arc discreetly quiet on the cholera^in Manila. Oen. Ide reports, ^I expert^peace in the Philipines soon.^ before any^one suspected there waa such a thinn^aa war. A great, international conven^tion of socialists is being held in London,^hut American papers suppress the news.^When a capitalist standby like ^Th'^Butte Evening News^ says, ^it is easier^to suppress information in Europe than^\meiioa.^ he knows what he is talking^about, lx-causc he knows how easy it is^to suppress information in America^Moral: Build up a socialist press.
product.There are moral considera^^tions; questions of liberty and develop^^ment and happiness and the blossoming
ofour spiritual natures, involved in^socialism which makes audi childish^hrilies of the capitalist class insults to^In- spurned by every true hearted mem-^1.01 of the working class. Our cry is^\o compromise; on to victory!
Thereara more children under If years^of age working in the mills of free Amer^^ica than in (Germany. England and Italy^combined,^ -aid Secretary A. J. McKel-^ray of the national child lalior com^^mittee, in an address in Philadelphia re^^cently. ^There are more children under^1(1 in the mills of Pennsylvania than^there arc in all the southern states put^toftMHT.^ It is estimated that 80.000^cliihlern are working in the cotton mills^m the south, employed on 12-hour shifts.
Wewere forced la.-t i-sue to give up^the use of a linotype machine we have '^ ^^' in^,^-tr'^1 **** t,,^*r^' ar^ ^v^^r^l^cen renting for some time which di-^a 1 ranged our plans to the extent thai
wecould not get an opportunity to^proof read alsnit half the matter that
00000 children under lei years of^'.- at work. In tlje south six times as^many children are working now as there^were 1ft years : go. And thi^ is what
wentinto the paper. The consequences ^ ^^publicans and democrats are voting
The^Missoulian^ editor expresses his^nature and kind when two days after^Mrs. Hazlett's speech he quotes the^founder of the Pinkerton thugs organiza^^tion in a serious proposition to banish^all socialists to a Pacific island.
Itis a fatal admission that capitalism^is so weak it has to go back to the in^^quisition or Ruaaia for the methods to^defend itself against its foe; or that it^has to enlist the services of men who^are in their intellectual make-up either^Cossacks or monstors of the inquisition.
Toattempt to banish socialism by^banishing socialists would be the wildest^of remedies. The only way we could^effectively banish socislism as an ex^^pression of the spirit of the revolt would^be to banish its causa -capitalism^and^give its paid prostitutes a new lease of^life by affording them a way of making^a living other than by selling their^brains, veracity and honor.
'TheButte Evening News^ says, 'Tit^is easier to suppress Information in Eu^^rope than America. The'*TxTews^ knowe^because it has suppressed new* in Am^^erica. It may appear Strang! to some^that where there are so many men em^^ployed in Butte that there are so few
ucredisastrous. 'The poem was muti^lated beyond recognition, ^Walt Whit^man^ became ^Walter Whitman.^ we^lead altout ten |tcrntures and pi ice* that^were ^raising!^ numerous other butch^erics, too sad to mention occurred but^the saddest of all was when the ma^chine made us say, ^a distinctively so^^cialist platform such as advocated by^Hearst.^ We won't stand for that. We^wrote ^socialistic^ in the sense that^whatever tends toward public ownership^in the industrial field is socialistic.
TheBillings Alliance small pox has ex^tended to Silesia. The wonderful ^care^^Imasted about by the ^tJazett^^ editor^ial hireling to protect the patients and^the dear public is exemplified in the fact^that these patients are housed in the^tents in the flat north of Billings. The^tlies. which are numerous, are not quar^entined and are busy carrying the dis^ease into the town. If the alliance were^as industrious in providing screens^against these pest carriers as they were^in screening the public from the news.^Billings would be safe. Xow that the^aforesaid editor was so shrewd in finding^the scotirec of the ^agitation^ that is^stirring Billings in Butte, it might be^well for him to analize a case of the^small fox that has ju*t broken out in^Butte and ascertain if it is the alliance^variety.
0Mhundred and fifty shingle man-^i.ottirers of Washington, representing^fully || per cent of the output of the^late, not satisfied with having turned^down the demand of the union to use^the label and having declared for the^open shop, have taken steps to legally^m l otherwise coerce the remainder of^-lnngle manufacturers in the state to^adopt a similar policy. These high^^handed actions will knock a few hard^tut- into a few more hard heads and^increase the socialist vote this fall,^l.t the good work go on.
(an it l^e possible that American cap^^italists are planning the seizure of^Mexico! The present wild excitement,^coupled with rumors of an anti-Amer^^ican uprising and suggestions that it^^ill be necessary to throw an army^across the border ami the accusation, as^given in press dispatches, that Wall^street agents, in the guise of revolution^^aries, are busy fomenting trouble would^i^ Inate this. I'ndoubtedly. moreover,^the American government suits the pur^^pose* of the capitalist class better than^the Mexican.
StateSenator Charles McDonnell pled^guilty and was fined *2^^0 and sentenced^to 24 hours in jail for illegality fencing^3.D20 acres of land in Sweet Grass^county. This is the kind of a political^abortions republicanism and democracy^brings forth. This is the successful man^capitalism presses'to the front. This is^the typical ^leader^ our system de^^mands.
Acommon perjurer who goes into^court and pleads not guilty, then changes^his plea; a rapacious land pirate who^would exclude us from aa much of the^earth as possible; a hypoerital wretch^who poses as a public model while he^betrays the public. This is the type of^men who ^find their level^ which is the^higher level, under our system. These^are the men our prostituted press lauds^and slobbers over and under whose ma^^gic spell we stand gaping and shouting,^and whom we elect to power with our^republican snd democratic votes.
Theforeign imports to this country^in the fiscal year just ended are *1.227,-^ooO.OfJO: evports #1.744.000.000 or $517.-^000.000 more export* than imports which^i^ a cause for congratulation since the^half billion surplus represents goods the^working class cannot buy because it has^too little and the capitalist class can^not buy because it has too much. When^foreign countries get to the too little^too-much stage we will be unemployed^and starving front overproduction.
Amail order house in Chicago that^has just reorganized with a capitaliza^^tion of $40,000,000. did $20,000,000 worth^of business the first 5 months this year,^receives 75.000 letters a day with postage^$1,500; claims 6.000.000 customers and^its ware rooms cover 37 acres. And^they say the little capitalist is not^doomed.
Itis strange that the strong, impre**-^ive words spoken by Ixtrd Avebury in^the house of lords last week should have^failed, as they have, to excite interna^^tional discussion. I^ord Avebury said:
Theunrest of Europe, the spread of^socialism and the ominous rise of an^^archism are warnings to the govern^^ments and the ruling classes that the^condition of the working classes in En-^rope is becoming intolerable, and that^if a revolution is to be avoided some^steps must be taken to increase wages,^reduce the hours of labor, and lower tha^prices of the necessities of life. Europe^is a great military camp. We have no^peace; only an armistice, with unlimited^expenditures. The result is that instead^of accumulating capital for our children^we are piling up for them debt and over^^whelming responsibilities.
Thesewords were spoken, not by a la^^bor agitator or a socialist, btft by as^aristocrat and a member of the most^conservative body in all Europe. Wall^Street Journal.
Sincethe great socialist, victories in^in England, the capitalists have proposed^to make the wage earners profit sharers^In business. This is to offset the inten^^tion of socialists to abolish the capital^^ist class. The capitalists are willing to^do anything but get off the workers'^backs when their existence Is threstened.^But socialism ia not merely a plan of^material advancement for the working^class; it can stop at nothing less than^the complete abolition of the capitalist^class, industrial liberty, and the right^of every wealth producer to his full
InI'tah the coal trust is about to be^indicted for stealing 30 000 acres of^lands. The shady connections of its^promoters, however, do not prevent the^latter from being honored by the church^and society, Istided by the press, and^venerated by the people. Of such is the^Kingdom of capitalism.
TheTypothetae in its convention^this week refused to confer with the^striking Typographical union and sus^^tained the strike-breaking technical^school. The war is a critical one^between the most perfect of employers^and labor trusts over the eight hour day.^If the union is defeated nothing can^keep it out of politics.
MayorSchmitz now admits that San^Francisco was destroyed because pre^ceedlng city governments had failed to^provide adequate fire protetion. It be^^comes more and more apparent every^day that it was capitalism that de^^stroyed San Francisco.
TheButte Evening Newe^ is squeal^^ing because Montana people patronise^mail order houses. This paper presents^the luring argument that it ia a much^more pleasant sensation to he skinned^by a local capitalist even though he gets^about 50 per cent deeper Into your hide.
TheAmeer of Afghanistsn complains^that his officials are obstructing educa^^tion because they consider it dangerous.^He must have an agent in the person
ofthe editor of the ^Missoulian.
Liberty,opulence, service to humanity,^are the divine ends of socislism; science,^organization, democracy, are Ita immor^^tal means.
ABoston court after compelling^Rogers to return II ,500,000 to the ^lay^State Gas company which he had netted
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fromthem in former transactions, ex^^plained that Rogers had not been guilty^of fraud: if this is so, then thst nourt^stands convicted of blackmail.
Itis said the trust magnates are mak^^ing socialists faster than agitation.^Wait till they make enough of them;^then socialists will make trust magnates^still faster. We will make a trust mag^^nate of each man. woman and child in^the nation.
Trustsare the greatest labor-saving^wealth-making devices ever invented;^the democrats say, destroy them; the^republicans say, leave them in the hands^of the magnates; the socialists say, let^us all own them together.
'Diecolored skin gag don't work any^more since we are all learning that all^Mood is red. Hurrah for the red flag!
TheRoosevelt third term boomers^agree that only Roosevelt can save the^country. This is a fatal admission from^the party which has been in power 40^vears.
Theeditor of ^The Helena Independ^^ent,^ has at last found hia vocation aa^the advertising man of the Helena Oas^company; he has discovered that gas is^more markstabU than hot air.
PrincessAlice and Crown Prince Nich^^olas, of America, according to press dis^^patches, are hobnobbing with African^royalty, the King of Cambodia in south^^ern France. A negro without a title^would hardly attract American aristo^^crats.
Itia significant that the Missoula^editor should Anally pick out of the^whole world a hireling Pinkerton thug^aa the man who most nearly expresses
thetrue inwardness of his nature.
StandardOil Forced to Ita Knees,^^ia the scarehead in the republican papers^designed to allay discontent. John D.^waa in such an attitude most of the^time when the trust was being created
Kanakasimported to San Francisco^to break the strike, joined the strikers.
Therepublican patty has made about^4''0 tru*t magnates in twenty years, the^socialists can l^eiit that; Ihey propose^to make R0 million trust magnatca in
Sanitationis proving fatal to the^negroes of Panama; clean politics would^cause the sudden death of more than^half the republican and democratic pol^^iticians.
TomTaggart, national democratic^chairman, ia under arrest aa a bunco^gambler. Democratic politics now-a-^days has become such a chance game, it^leads naturally to gambling.
Chicagounions are following the meth^^ods of the Salvation army to teach^unionism. Evangelism never adopted a^worthier cause.
Withice prices and thermometers^showing a steady rise it la hard for^Kansas people to keep. cool.
Therewere 163,176 persons in publio^alms houses in our rock ribbed republic-^ann prosperity country in 1904.
Mitchell'shorseplay with the coal com-^bine which lead to nothing, cost the^unions $12,000,000 in wages.
Theice trust may take cold oorafort^in the faet that it ia making a hot time^for the people.

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