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AttentionGreat Falls.
LenaMorrow Lewis
V Will Speak at J
UnionHall Sunday July 29th
at8 p. m.
StreetMeetings Cor. 3d Street and Central Ave^Evenings of Sat. July 28 ^ Monday July 30
GreatFalls has a voracious appetite.^It is crying for more and more speakers.
Seventy-fivecents just received from^^Dutch Barrows.^ dues from Local Qar-^aiell and the same amount from Charles^Malone of Moore. These are the two^ne^ locals organized in Fergus county.
Mabieis about to organise a local^at Fridlley, having already induced sev^^eral men and women to join. He is en^^deavoring to prepare a treat at the in^^itiation by having Ben Wilson there that^might.
JohnH. (VNeil of Roundup sends in^$6 for the press fund and $5 for the^day-wage fund and places himself and^means at the disposal of the socialist^party. The letter it one of the most en^^couraging we have seen for some time.
Ifthose subscribers in Billings and^at other points who are not getting their^papers regularly will send in their names^we will do everything in our power to^get the ^yews^ to them regularly in^the future, even if we have to send a^few partisan bigots to jail.
H.Topel. state committeeman at^Bow^man makes the following motion.^^I move that a call for a state conven^^tion be made so as to be held during the^convention of the State Federation of^Labor in August: date to be set by^atate secretary of sirialist party of^Montana.
ComradePowers calls for more stamps^ann reports that Billings local has 62^members. 56 of whom are entirely^new men. Tt will be four years old^August 15. 1906. There isa big access^^ion at every meeting and Livingston had^better look out.
KendallTxwal is experiencing great^activity. Comrade Ezra Olsen. financial^eecretary, sends in for 20 stamps. 50^membership cards and 50 application^eards, and says. ^We are in working line^^gain and will try to keep the good^work moving. We will have 30 to 50^members in the local here.
ofstate committeeman and Paul Castle^was elected to fill the vacancy. Com^^rade Paul Castle and R. Oorrigan were^eletcted delegates to the convention.^The local will send in its contributions^to the press fund in a few days.
Thestate executive of the aocialist^party of Idaho have held special meet^^ing and decided to route Mrs. Hazlett^through the following places: Mullan,^Wallace, Burke. Murray. Gov. Gulch,^I^ne. Harrison, Coeur d'Alene, Rath-^drtim and Sand Point. She will make^a special appeal for funds for the great^fight they are now waging in Idaho.
ComradeJohn Powers reports the^following changes effected by an election^at the last meeting of Local Billings:^Organizer. John Patrick Mooney, Record^^ing secretary. Jesse F. Gilchrist, John^Powers was re elected financial secretary^and literature agent. The same meeting^expelled M. S. Traynor and took in six^new members with prospects of many^more coming in soon.
ComradeA. J. McDonald, the tireless^agitator, sends in six subs and one dol^^lar for job work from Rosebud and asks^for more samples of the ^News^ to^scatter. He reports small pox at Miles^(probably the Rilling* brand) and says^a good speaker could easily organize a^local at Rosebud.
OomradeShelby writes from Great^Falls that full arrangements are being^made for Mrs. i^wia' lectures, and a^bundle of the ^News^ and 1,000 copies^of Mrs. Hazlett's ^Primary Principles^^for distribution at the meetings. He also^sends for a hunch of suliscription cards^for the ^Xews.
Atthe last meeting of Local Bozeman^Comrade Topel resigned from the office
Respondto the call from the national^office, comrades, for the one day-wage^fund. One third you keep in the locals,^one third the state organization gets,^and the national organization gets the^remainder. A generous response to this^appeal means the biggest and best cam^^paign ever conducted by the socialist^party and at a critical time. It mean*^at least 12 000 votes in Montana and a^legislative deadlock.
J.J. Comerford sends $3 for stamps^for laical Vorris and relates this inter^^esting incident. ^A comrade wrote mc^a letter just l^efore the Fourth warning^me that the minister whom the com^^mittee had hired to make the oration^during the time T was in Helena, in^^tended to make an assault on our party^at that time. I laid for him and told^told him of the information I had re^^ceived. I told him if he attempted it^he would l^e hissed off the platform.^He took the hint and suppressed his^manuscript and spoke from notes. He^made a vary poor effort.
Comradeswhat are you doing toward^the one day-wage fund for the campaign I^This is the most important election we^have ever engaged in. On it hangs the^lives of Mover. Haywood and Pettibone.^It i^ to be the answer of the working^class to the challenge of the capitalist^class. It is to decide whether revolu^^tion or reform is to engage the attention^of the nation in the presence of the^most i-olossal evils that ever confronted^a people. It comes in the hour of the^great Russian revolution and it is to^decide where the American proletariat^stands in the world's crisis. Never in^the history of the world could a dollar^do so much good. A dollar means votes.^It means vast progress; it means power^and victory. Don't neglect the one-day-^wage fund.
Mrs.Hazlett's Report.
TheSunday and Monday night meet^^ings at Missoula were well attended.^As elsewehre stated in the paper, we^jarred The Missoulian out of ita ailence^by our challenge to its inebriated edit^^or. For tree days most bitter editorials^ap|^eared against the socialists based^on misrepresentations and senseless vi^^tuperation. Total collections were $20^30, 12 subs sold. liooks sold $6.50. At^Frenchtown the meeting was small as^most of the people were in the hayAeld.^At Huson Mr. Claude, the hotel keeper,^gave us the use of his hall free. A^small crowd assembled. Collections^$2..20. Nine Mile was another of those^out of way country points with a sparse^population where a lot of hammering^and educating will have to le done be^^fore the people have any conception even^of the purpose of the socialist movement^All this part of the copuntry has a large^democratic contingent. So it may l^e^judged how hopelessly behind the times^they are. The Clark lumber interests^dominate here, and the fact that dark^votes with darter on every corporation^measure in the senate makes not the^slightest impression on his deluded fol^^lowers. They must worship their fslse^gods, and the idea of a pure democracy^shared by themselves Ts something per^feetly incomprehensible to them. The^spirit of protest and revolt against the^outrageous crimes of capitalist oontrol^has never reached these peaceful groves.
AtStark I encountered the first ao^^cialist atmosphere out from Miasoual.^We had a very pleasant meeting in the^hall. All the members of the local were^out. and also the few that are in the^neighborhood during this season of the^year. The proper time to do the work^in this country is during the latter part^of September and Ortol^er. after the log^^ging camps are in operation. Our^speakers must go up to the camps^Collections were $6.30. two subs sold,^literature $3.25.
retaryof Local Billings, reports, 'To^my way of thinking Comrade Wilson's^have greatly encouraged Uie boys in the^struggle,
ComradeJohn Powers, financial sec-^meet i rigs were among the best we have^ever had at Billings. We had first class^outdoor meetings July 1(1, on the south^side and on July 17, 18 and 19, on North^side. Collections in all $13.20.
ComradeWilson reports from Sheri^^dan. Wyoming, ^I arrived here last night^night. Had an excellent meeting on^I lie street here. The crowd stood for two^hours, deeply interested. The people are^hungry for the socialist ^medicine.^ I^leave this p. m. for Dietz. Will be there^two days and return here for a second^meeting Thursday night.'
Mrs.Lewis' Report.
Themeetings are goinp along fine and^we have from 200 to 400 people every^night. The l^e^t of order and no disturb^ance.First night sold OS debates. $^.^0:^second night 59 Sr^cialist Movement.^20 debates. 6 Germs of Mind in Plants.^*10 90; third nk'ht 100 Militia Billa. SO^Science and Life bv Ferri. 9 debates.^S9.90: the fourth night. 40 Herron's. 7^debates. 4 Socialist Movement. 1 Ferris.^| Introduction. 6 Socialism, $5.25. Total^sales in four days (35.85. You will see^I have not touched on the 50 cents books^except Oerms of Mind. I am going to^push .VI cents books the next three^nights. The local arranged for me to go^to Walkerville Friday (last night) and 1^announced same on Thursday but one^of the boys who used to be in Portland^went over to hill the place and derided^my time would l^e better spent in Butte,^so I stayed here. Meeting was not so^large and sales not so good as liefore,^but I will probably make it up tonight^and tomorrow night. T will he satisfied^with my work in Butte if I average $10^a night in sales.
Thursdaynight we had quite a cata^^strophe. About 9:30 came a call to^clear the street for a runaway horse.^Tt was coming down Main street. T could^see it but the men could not. so they^got panic stricken and shoved mv stand^over so that I fell on my knees on the^rough cobble stones. I was stunned for^a while but soon recovered. I have two^great big black and blue spots on both^knees as well as bruises in several other^places. A vigorous treatment of witch^hazel and massaging has kept m^- able^to get around and speak last night. I^am having some trouble with my throat^^swelling of the glands^ but am taking^Osteopathic treatment for that.
Mydreas (the main one I use for every^day wear and travel) was torn into^smithereens the other night and cannot^he patched or mended.
Tuesdsy:I have about exhausted all^the different books I have for sale^Sold some of all kinds here. My sales^for seven street meetings are $77.20.^The profits will more than pay my fare^from Pocotello and salary and expenses^while here. I did not take a single col^^lection.
SavingsAccounts Opened from $1 Upwards
TERECEIVE DEPOSITS BY MAIL o* ^^^actljr the same terms as though mad* in^person at the Bank. Th^ mails are entirely^safe and are convenient. People in all parts^of the country transact banking in this manner.^Depo.it. may be sent by registered mail, money order, or by bank check. Whoa^the fir.t deposit is received it will be entered on our books, and a past book re^^turned by mail as a receipt for the money deposited. We have issued ^ ,,^^||^book telling of the simple way in which an account can be opened by mail^and wa will send a copy free to anyone asking for it.
ComradeWilson reported after his^first Billings meeting. ^Opened mv meet^^ings here la^t night The comrades in^^sisted on mv speaking over on the south^I side on Saloon street. A large crowd of^drunks listened or half listened. Col^^lations M.2.V
Thesecond meeting reported as fol^^lows, ^The meeting last night (July 17)^was considerably l^e1ter than night be^^fore. A better crowd and more intelli^^gent Collections $3 35.
1'ilv21 he writes from Sheridan,^Wyoming, this resume,
Mymeetings at Killings etoeea1 with^deep Interest and good spirit among the^working class and dismay and anger of^the alliance. The last meeting espec^^ially was effective Many eonverta were^made to the cause. latlmer has been^doing good work in Billings and Carbon^county. He was with me three nights^In Billings. Hpoks with me His talks
Hada splendid meeting at Fort^Benton. About two hundred people^were present. Collections were $4.75.^Have spoken two nights at Havre^but have been troubled both nights with^drunks. Last night I just got started^when the band came along and I had to^stop for about a half hour. Before I^started again, the chief of police came^and told me I could not talk any more^without permission from the mayor. The^boys went on the hunt for the mayor,^but he could not be found, so I went on^with the meeting and there was no^arrest made. Collections. $2.45 first^night; $1.52 second night. There were^quite a number of machinists at the last^meeting. After finishing here I will^leave for Minot, North Dakota, for July^21. from which point T continue east.
Mrs.1,/ewis' record of book sales in^Butte is truly remarkable. During five^of the six night's speaking she sold^651 pamphlets and large number of^hooks. It is safe to say she has sold^W^0 pamphlets in six nights in Butte.^Receipts from these sales were, first^night, $9.80; second night. $10.90; third^night. $9.90; fourth night. $5.25; fifth^night. $18.40; sixth night. $16.20; total^*70.45 or an average of $11.75 per night.^The last night 225 pamphlets were sold^besides $6.80 worth of books. This sow^^ing broadcast of socialist and scientific^works is the best possible thing that^could happen to the Montana movement^and we are to be congratulated on hav^^ing such an able educator as Mr*. Lewis^in the state.
A.J. MacDonald is still ns busy as^ever. He writes from Glendive. ^Find^enclosed money order for $5.75 for thir^^teen subs for the ^Mews.^ I have been^around here today and will try to get^some more suits tomorrow. I think if^you could send a speaker down here^there could be a good strong local or^^ganized. I will look around tomorrow^to see what I can do. I will leave here^Tuesday morning for Buford. North Da^^kota. You might send me a few more^sample copies there.^ Comrade Mac-^Donald does all this while following his^trade. It wouldn't require so very many^socialists like him to bring socialism in^a few years.
ComradeMelinda Hudaon of I-ocal^Dean sends $3 for stamps and $7 for^fund to be applied to the expenae of^the state convention. She reports that^John Hudson waa elected atate com^^mittee man at a recent meeting. The^report of the Local is very encouraging.^It shows ten members with five having^been transferred to IxKsal Nya At the^laat meeting John Hudson waa elected^organizer; Malinda Hudaon, secretary;^Jay Decker, treasurer; Alma Decker, lit^^erature agent; auditing committee, John^Hudson, C. W. Adams, Alma Decker.
ComradeM. J. Scallon of Great Fulls^sends us payment for eight subecrip-^tions for the ^News^ and for two years^in advance for himself and makes us^happy with the following cheering words^of praise for our little state paper: ^It^is the only paper that sticks up for the^working man in the state of Montana,^and for Moyer and Haywood and Petti^^bone who were kidnapped from Colorado^to Idaho for the crime of loyalty to the^working claaa. But the wage slaves will^soon wake up and stick together if they^read the ^Montana News.
Oursocialist contemporaries are^quoting the fact that we have five^speakers in the field already. For the^small population of Montana and the^tremendous expense of travel^ this^leaves all other states far behind ua.^But don't think. Comrades, because you^are on lead you are doing your full duty.^We must elect enough members of the^legislature to create a senatorial dead^lock and present another capitalist^going to the senate.
Subscriptionsare coming in now at^the rate of about a hundred a week and^counting expired subs, at a gain of 75^per week. This is largely due to the^work of our speakers but not entirely,^for some locals and a few free lance^agitators like MacDonald are making a^splendid record. If all the locals in the^state would do as well and every so^^cialist would constitute himself as agi^^tator what could wc not accomplish.
Weconsider bibles and religions divina
I do not aay they are not divine,^I aay they have all grown out of you,
andmay grow out of you still,^It is not they who give the life^it is
youwho give the life,^leaves are not more shed from trees, or
treeafrom the earth, than they are
shedfrom you.
LenaMorrow-Lewis' Dates.
Anaconda,July 26, 27; Great Falls.
July28, 29, 30; Belt, July 31, Aug. 1)^Stockett. August 2, 3; Great Falla, Aug.^4. 5; Fort Benton, Aug. 6, 7; Havre,^Aug 8, 9 j
T.E. Latimer's Data*.
BigTimber. July 26; Livingston, July^27, 28; Chesnut, July 29; Bozeman, July^30. 31; Belgrade, (unorganized) Aug.^1, 2; Norrie, Aug. 3; Pony (unorganised)^Aug. 4, 6.
BenWilson's Dates.
RedLodge, July 27; Roberta (unor^^ganized) July 28; Billings. July 20;^Dean and vicinity, July 30, 31, Aug. 1, 2;^Columbus (unorganized) Aug. 8; AI^dirdge, Aug. 4; Fridley (unorganised)^Aug. 5.
idra.Haslett'a Dates
ComradeHaslett goes into Iadho to^fill ten datea in the Coeur d'Alene dia-^trict. Mullan, July 20; Wallace, July^27; Burke, July 28; Silver King, July^29; Ijine, July 30; Harrison, July 31;^Coeur d'Alene. Aug. 1.
SanFrancisco sufferers are victims to^combines that gobble up relief provis^^ions and raise prices. We thought San^Francisco took a tumble.
TheMontana News, under the editor^^ial control of Mrs. Crouch-Hazlett, has^liecome an excellent paper. It is owned^bv the state socialist organization, and^lately has put on a canvasser to solicit^sul^s. With a memWrship of about half^that of Pennsylvania and five organisers^in the field. Montana puts Pennsylvania^to shame.^The Vnion Sentinel.
Weregret very much that Comrade^MacDonald's business is going to take^him out of the state. We sincerely hope^his absence will lie only temporary. The^loss to the state is very great but the^socialist movement loses nothing from^the change as MacDonald can lie depend^^ed upon wherever he is to devote his^whole soul to the cause he loves.
Thedemocratic party is a mule be^^cause it has neither pride of anceatry^nor hope of posterity.
DaintyWarm Weather Desserts
Ladle*don't yo^ dislike setting hot^meal, theae warm day.'/ Some hot di^h-^es arc necc.nary. ant what', the oar of^making pie., padding-*, etc., for de.wrt.^when there are ^^ mony dclicion. di.hea^that ran be made from materials requir^^ing no cooking
Firstof all their are^different Fruits
Sucha. uianm. juicy and .weet,
216aiie. per do^en in
Banana*,per doieaJOo
Ripejuicy Peachea. per basket.S^o
Egg-O-See. 2 packages33c
Norka.2 package**'
Grape-Nuts.2 packagea35o
Dr.Price's Celery Food. 2 pa15*
A.MANSELL, Manufacturer
fa ,-^ a e ^sew ^
Ourcompetitors say we cannot sell the^Best Goods at our Prices. But we^sell the very best groceries obtainable
ThanThey Sell Trash
William L. Cragg

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