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SState Department v
Comrade Fausett of Stevenvllol
orders $5.00 of due stamps for his
Big Jim Roberts sends In $2.00 to
pay his dues as member at large.
Topel orders $5.00 worth more of
stamps for Local Boseman.
Comrade Redfl. ld of West End
psends in $2.10 for dues.
An order for fourteen due stamps
was received from Comrade Redfieldl
of Local West End.
Fred Cunning of Missoula orders
$6.00 worth more of stamps.
Frank Smith sends in $1.50 for subs
from Stanford.
Peter Gorge of Cascade county
sends News his subscription for one
Comrade Young sends in three subs
from Belt. Our circulation is still on
the upward tendency in Cascade
Lindeman of Miles City sends his
renewal for another year. Can't get
along without The News.
Seventeen subs from the Trades
and Labor council of Pocatella, and
assurances of job work in the near
future. On Monday night the coun
cil held an open meeting for the
sake of aiding a more efficient or
ganisation contracts are about to ex
pire. Lunch was served and speeches
were made, and a good time enjoyed
by all. A committee of representatives
from the different unions was ap
pointed to aid and support the girls
in their eforts. The Socialists offered
them their room for a meeting hall
free of cost.
Better begin to get subs to estabh
lish local socialist papers. The Ger
man-Socialist party has sixty-thre
dailies. Our political fight will neve
amount to much until we have
local press behind it. Five Montana
News sub cards $2.50.
Agitation, education, organization,
construction-do something.
The person that only gratifies as
a hat our pumper to bring about the
revolution will soon share the sad
fate of any old mind-boy-rcollapse.
Do something.
Our old friend, Tom Rooney, form
erly of the Livingston machinists and a
an active worker in the Montana So
cialist party, is now enrolled among
the machinists of Pocatello. Comrade
A. Mahoney informs us that since the
reorganisation of the local he is about
to become a member and go in for
all the trouble he can make. Tom
was never behind when it come to t
working class action, and we predict s
that Local Pocatello will do some
thing if he gets to work.
Complaints are still coming in, in
regard to the miscarriage of orders I
in the last few months. If you have
had trouble with your business let I
us know about it. One order given
weeks ago, when the complaint r',ach
ed the office was fihished and sent
put the same day with a letter ex- v
plaining the circumstances. The r
News is still doing business at the old a
stand and we will please you as far
as oar working clas methods will per v
STwenty pubs in from Comrad, I
langford of the Coeur d' Alens. The I
crowd out there always stands pat u
when trouble is scented for working I
class Interests. 1
The News still has about a thou- t
sand copies of "machine politics" on a
hand. They make excellent cam
paign material for the city elections. 1
A story that tells the truth of elec
tion corruption and fraud. Bright red I
covers, 10 cents each; $1.00 a dosen. L
Stop abstracting and faultfinding t
and go to work to help to the best e
that can be done. c
Are you a helper or are you a t
hinderer? I
Do you work for education anl G
practical results, or is it all you can r
do to whine because somebody else c
doesn't do something? a
What do you think that a large- h
hearted, true, greatminded person i
would do under the circumstances? a
Job work coming In good from c
unions in Wyoming and Montana, L
with several orders from Idaho. Re
member that mail order union Job
work is our speolalty. The working k
man who understands his class inter- I,
sets wlU not give his money to a c
paper that uses it to fight him whrn I
the oapit~lat is trying to get the li
best of hIm.
Comrade Gcondman writes, "I hard
ly know how to offer by congratula
tions for the way you have lifted the
news up, and the good work you are
doing in financing it. I wish you all
the Iest of success. I am glad that
Comrade Jim is doing such good work.
It is the stuff since the trou'le-makers
have tried so hard to injure the work
at headquarters. Your determinatiUo
for The News is a worthy one. We
certainly do need the paper so badly,
and I wish I could do more to help
you. I try to do a little thinking my
self and want to do the best I can
'or the socialist party. It is the one
main thing to do the best I know for
Local Provo. Utah takes six subs.
This local thinks that all efforts to
establish a local paper that may some
time be a daily for this inter-moun
tain region should be encouraged
Mrs. Hazehlett was at one time state or
canizer and national committeeman
for this state. The socialists here
have always supported The News
fairly well, but word of the attempt
to ditch it has aroused considerable ac.
tlvity in its behalf.
Half a dozen subs In from Payson.
Utah. Comrade Brimhall says he has
seven socialist voters in his family.
l'tah is a state where the girls vote
Comrade Monroe of Manhattan
rends in for 20 due stamps.
The following donations were re
ceived from Great Falls: Julia Mels
enbach, $5.00; Mrs. G. A. Bell, $5.00:
G. A. Bell, $5.00
C'omrade Mrs. Southworth sends in
for one book of du, stamps for Local
De an.
Comrade Dwight sends in two
.*ubs from l.I~wiston.
Comrade Nstrom of IIanse sends in
$1.00 for two subs.
Comrade Hlubsch, r sends in two
subs from Alto. Every sub counts
In building up the circulation.
Comrade IIlougardy of Great Falls
ord, rs $5.00 worth of due stamps for
his local and sends in a sub to The
Dear Comrades-I see by my last
News that you are in financial dis
tress. Now, as I have an interest in
The News I will make the following
proposition: I will pay for 100 sub
scribtions of The News for ten weeks
at 10 cents each and enclose money
order for $10 to pay for same and will
agree to send in from 100 to 300 subs
each month after the first of April.
Fred Chvnnings orders 20 stamps
'or Local. Missoula, and informs ur
:hat the local has placed an electric
sign at the entrance to their hall.
Local Missoula believes in letting the
ight of Pociallsm shine
Infornatlion from L iflngmton states
hat :he city counc il has for some
irm been trying to curtail xpenses
.y reducing the police force, but the.
' nt to remo\ve one Lindley but the
nayor would not comply witlh the lde
nIn("4 of the council. The aldermen
•ent to reward one Lindsay but the
nayor would not do it until charges
~giinst him were investigated. No
uch deimends were made last June
•he.n the mayo.' oreered the street
"onlmieioners to remove A. D. Peugh.
3ut then Peugh was a socialist. And
hen he had served irrevocably In urg
ng his brothers not to patronise any
of thecitizens, alliancethat repudiated
he jagreement the y signed with
rradesa and atbor Council In which
hey agreed not to patronize the Bell
elephone until suca a time as an
imicable settlement was reached. But
he mayor is of course working in the
nterest of the people that elected him.
On a Monday night recently John
K. King, said to be a worn out gainm
ler, chief of police, stood in the city
all and refused to allow the residents
o attend the meeting of the city coun
ill-a great exemplification of demo
:ratic government. But it appears that
he Livingston mayor and his satil
ettes do not intend to have the public
)resent at any meetings where the
'ecords might be criticized. Star
:hamber proceedings are their pro
rram in such cases as they have on
tand now. The past has been push
ng the matter and there is consider
able excitement in the town about 200
neople attempted to get Into the coun
11 meeting one night, but were
)arred out.
By a recent referendum Frederick
Craft of Ridgefleld, and Henry Car
ess of Newark, were elected members
if the National Committee for the
Itate of New Jersey, and W. B. Kill
ng of Oranue, was re-elected State
Henry Donaldson of Spokane sends
in eight sube-also a nice order of
Job work.
Comrade Tribe of Salt Lake City
takes six News sub cards, and says
he thinks he can sell more.
The working class must learn to
support their class proper, and not
the weapons of their enemies.
A bunch of six subs in from Com
rade Farror of Boise, Idaho. C. H.
Smith of Glenn Ferry sends five
subs, a bunch of six from Twin Falls.
Eight more subs from "Subscriber"
of Great Falls. Great Falls still be
lieves that there will not be much
socialist headway without a socialist
Iiave you asked your neighbor to
subscribe for the Montana News, the
mnly socialist paper between Chicago
and the coast?
Locals, Unions or persons knowing
of similar irregularities are requested
to communicate with The News at
once in order that we may get the
business straightened out.
All readers of this paper who call
themselves socialists and have not
already done so should Join the soci
alists. If there is no local in your
locality, organize one. It takes five
socialists to make a local. Send to
the state secretary for organising sup
plies. If you cannot organize a local
makeapplication to the state secretary
to become a member at large.
Join the party.
l~tad Comrade,
I have just been reading in the Re
view "Debs' Dream," or rather Jack
London's pipe dream. Like all of Lon
don's work it is fine entertaining read
Ing. but useless for educational work
and of no value to the socialist move
ment. In fact it is a detriment. It
awakens that spirit of "direct action'"
whicn has been, and is yet liable to be
a drawback to our movement. The
"Dream" Is purposelers and winds up
in a frasca, as (iid the promises of
I.awson's "Frenzied Finance."
Henry Clousen,
St. Paul, Minn.
The following comes from Comrade
Carr of Welch:
"I saw a copy of state party paper
at telegraph office here this a. m.
Will get address which I neglected
to take and will post 25c in postage
next week for six months subscription
I belong to Local, Trinidad, Colo.,
but If I remain In Montana, shall
transfer. No chance to obtain subs.
here, nothing but rocks and trees and
railway telegraph office. I presume
I shall transfer to some other point
in the spring, if so, will renew and
try and get some subs and propoganda
material. Stone quarry near here
closed down for the winter. Nobody
here. May re-open in the spring."
They se.nt in a big order for their
Italian andl Macedonian constitu
tion work that The News has beel
doing for the cool miners for som"e
tim", and which involves consider
able money, and sent $28 deposit on
the' job in good faith. The' money
was pocketed by the outfit that triel
to ditch The News, and no attemlpt
made to fill the order, the people L,
charge kno.wing nothing about that
sort of work. As the books were
epirited away, and have never beei
available for the guidance of Th '
Newes business the present manag"
ment had no way of knowing of th
order. It will be filled as soon as
possible although the money for the
payment has been appropriated else
IHavre Local has on its rolls forty five
members, many has gone away but w '
know wherever they are they still
stand for the cause and are spreading
the new of a true brotherhood.
Six new members was admitted in
January, tflv was passed In, thefirst tw.
weeks of February and prospects are
good for another five.
Plans are laid for a full city ticket.
at the spring election. County cen
tral committee has been appointed
an da list of active Socialists through
the county secured.
The work now is confined to the
soaking in process by means of Ilter
ature. An active committee attends
to this, Ilterature is sold direct, sub
scriptions solicited and much given
away or laid on tables where men
congregate. It might surprise the
Havre news dealers if they knew sev
enteen Socialist Reviews were sold on
the streets in one day this month.
There are many Italian Sosalists in
Havre, eight have already joined the
Havre Local. The matter of secur
Ing literature in this language is new
The most intelligent men, no matter
whatever class he belongs to, are the
ones who buy and eagerly read the
soolalists' literature. This faet is a
sign board which polnts towards goe
things for the doeseeadaat of thes
who are now battling the wolf.
Comrade e . C. Nelson of the halt
Lake Scavenger company renews his
sub. Comerade Nelson was formerly
the energetic push at Rupert, Idaho.
Wherever he It there bs some tall beg
ging done for something practical.
The course of weekly lesson leaf
lets proposed by the national office
ought to give locals something to do
besides reading the minutes, staring at
each other and adjourning. You can't
have good socialists unless they know
something about socialism.
Five News subscribtion cards $2.50.
Buy five of them. They are easily dis
posed of and it helps your socialist
paper with its weekly bills.
Eight subs from comrade Smith of
Alleuguerquie, New Mexico. He says,
.The News has done splendid union
work. We cannot afford to let any
paper that have been a power in the
labor movement fall."
Bend in $3 for six Montana News
sub cards. There is no better way of
strntigthening the working class fight
in this section of the codhtry. .- 4
The following is an .Pinibb 'ft
t'omrade Burke of Dupnyer:
"As to saloon acts-I would not Pre
Ject them. There is no humbug about
them. No one need go lag.. Aa
loon unless he wants to, sad' he
knows that booze is purveyed thermn.
But catch-funny mall order jokes,
stock, jobbing patent medeclnea, one
does of which makes you feel better
(why not, when 50 per cent alcohol)
with such I would not compound nor
compromise at any prk' s. They have
r.o place In any publication-least of
all a socialist publication. I would
classify the patent medecine ad the
frying pan as the two great American
curses. If we could annillate these,
two, socialism and the mllentum would
I4e hustled along by several yeara.
This may read like a Joke, but I am
conscious that I am writing to an
editor. A moment's thought will con
vince one that the frying pan is a
source of great moral evil. You can
not spoil a man's food without dam
aging his esthetic sense; you cannot
injure his alimentary machine with
out throwing out of gear the whole
organism, from his big toe to the
most delicate brain cell and poison
ing the blood that should nourish and
sustain the entity." This comrade is
a doctor, so his ideas of reform run
along the lives of the subjects that
come most under his observation.
A resolution demanding the abroga
tion of the extradition treaty with
Russia has been Introduced by the
Social-Democrats In the Wisconsin
state legislature. This resolution has
been favorable reported by the state
senate committee to which it was re
f-rred. It will no doubt pass the
state senate in a slightly modified
the many expressions of encour
agement and gratitude that have come
to the News from labor organizations
and Socialists that want something
doing for Socialism have been a great
help and Inspiration to us here. The
Inspiration had two sources. One was
the knowledge that there really is
growing in the Socialist body an in
ellgent and practical comprehension
of the actual constructive necessities
that are befor us, an understanding
of the need of a local Socialist press
before very much of anything can be
done In a solid way along the line
of working class politics. The other
was the personal appreciation that
waq shown of the hard work and per
sonal efforts of those that rescued
the paper from the dastardly at
temp to ditch It and put It out of ex
istence. There are some who know
what this struggle has meant here,
what it is worth. There are others
who have no conseption of It even
now, but think that to run a Soc
ialist business is just as easy as to
open up a bank ylJtI $10,000 cap
Ital. Those who cnme after us and
do the work of the future will know
what the work is ,hat we have done
here to furnish to the working class
of this Inter-mou *i. country a re
volutionary organ. , Those who
realise what we must have and what
we must do before our party can be
come any sort of a solid political
factor will be awake- to the fact that
It takes help and oo-operation to do
things, and a policy of continual 6b
structions, fault-finding and personal
abuse can accomplish nothing for the
onward march . The working class
movement is full of struggles ter
rible struggles. The friend of the
working class movement will extend
a helping hand, ve a lift, in the
struggle. These jealousies and
bickering are unwort*lp of ono who
has started on the Pad to life the
working class, a ogatinual effort to
obstruct the work of the officers that
the party has elected to do its work
is the most foolish attitude on the part
of a party that must have co-opera
tion to succeed. When the party
has expressed its will upon its off.ers
out out the obstrueting and faultand
lag and go to work to help to the best
that can be done.
... ncndescent ...
Gas Light
produced from cmumne Koresea. ,
absolutely no odor, no nole,
safest sad moat reliable
IIghts in the world.
are the only lamps that are fully
guaranteed to give entire etis.
faction. One lamp equal to
6 lncamdecent Blectric
Ulghtsat only one
cent per hour
F. P. Smith
*. S'ate Agent 1032 Breckearidge St.
We Make Suits
Better suits than tho average tallor knows
how to make.
Hosiery and Underwear Department
35ec value Children's Fleece Lined
Vests or Pants, gray only, all sizes
from 18 to 34, cpeclal, choice. .2Uc
75c value Children's Fine Ribbed
Vests or pants, wool or cotton mixed
special, each .......... ..5... O
85c value Children's Fleece Lined
Union Suits, high neck, long sleeve,
ankle length, choice........... 4.
25c quality Children's Plain Ribbed
Hose, double heels and toes, special,
per pair.......................1%... I
20c quality Children's Good Ritbbed
Black liose, spliced heel and toe's,
special, per pair................l10
20c quality Children's Good Fleece
Lined Black Hose, all sizes, double
heel and toes, special, pair.. . .l2 .e
35c quality Women's Good Fleece
Lined Vests or Pants, gray only,
special, choice ................ 233
Helena - - - Montana
Always Good Once Triaed Always Used
Union Laundry Co., Inc.
116-120 Broadway TLIPEON3 Ikele, Montana
B. F. White, President First R. C. Wallace of Helena, Presl
National Bank of Dillon. dent of the R. C. Wallace
R. S. Ford. President of the Company.
Great Falls National Bank. Hon. Joseph K. Toole, former
W. A. Clark, Vlrginia City, Ex- Governor of Montana.
ecutor Henry Elling Estate. George L. Ramsey...President
A. P. Curtin, Helena, Merchant. Frank Bogart ........Cashier
5. McKennan ...... .Treasurer
Union Bank & Trust Co.
News Subscriptions
50c. Per Year
76c value Women's Good Fleece
Lined Union Sults, cream or gray.
all sizes, special per suit ........ 8e
76c value Women's Jersey Ribbed
Vests or Pants., extra fine, white
only, silk taped vests, all sizes,
special, each ................a
15e quality Women's Plain Black Hose
spliced heel and double sole, all
sizes, special 8 1-3c; 3 pairs for..25e
35c quality Women's Ilack Hose, lace
boot effect, spliced heel and double
sole, spliced seam, all slats, special,
per pair......................8lk
86c value Women's Good Fleece
Lined Union Sults, high neck, long
sleeve, ankle length, pure white
special, choice. ................G.S

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