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atered at the Pot OMeo for trears
m lesau through the mall at seond
class rants.
GRAHAM & HAZLETT, Publishers.
ieter sad Mear er.
One ea.........r ..................... io
SMoth ................... ..........
One meat per copy in bundles up to I00
National Headquarters, J. Mahle
amnes. Isoertary. ISO Washulateo
Street. Chag IlL
The annual election of olfcers of
the National Socialist Party--the Na
tlonal Secretary and the members of
National Executive Committee- is
pending. No election in the history
of the Socialist Party, has caled forth
so much Interest, excitement and con
troversy as this election.
It has been the intention of the
New to give a thoruogh explanation
of the lessues at stake, but the heavy
press of local matter, and also the
financial necessity of curtailing on
matter, have kept us from handling
the subject as it should have been
laid before our socialist readers.
What are called the Imposlblllst
forces In the American labor move
ment are attempting to get hold of
the administrative forces in the nati
onal organlsation. They want entire
new control and methods (lack of
method, the oonstructionists would
may.) They are represented by Kerr
and the International Sociallst Re
view. those who yell "worklng class"
at every step and frighten the work
ing clam into impotent and imprudent
effort, those who babble loudly of
"direct action" without much prac
tical purpose n itr program. those
who seem to think that political so
tion is about the last thing a political
party has to attend to.
Those of the Industrial Workers
who take any interest in the social
let party are Interested along thi
lide of the controversy. English
Walling, a wealthy radical who calls
himself a revolutioalrt, but seems to
have no deialnite program to pursue,
and does not belong to the party at
all, has been conisderably In evidence
In the hysteries that have been stir
red up.
In short we may may that the dis.
contented programlem element, the
wild, the noisy the Inexperlenced, the
iresponsible, are moving heaven and
earth for a change their way.
The opposing force we may call the
"ins" of the localsUt Party. They
are those that call for constructive,
practical, poltical work in sooiety.
and other means also, au there may
be the oooasion. They demand but
ner ecilency, results, working to an
end-a-ong the lines of the sucoessful
European parliamentary parties.
*lmons and the Chicago Daily _o
e-alist are strongly advocating this
policy. The Wisconsin soctlaists, who
represent the only part of the Amer
Ican party that has accomplished
anything of moment, and who have
organised labor with them as a work
ing political force, are making an
active campaign In behalf of candl
dates who are capable of carrying
forward this constructive policy in the
party work. They are advocating the
re-election of the entire old commit
tee, with the exception of John I.
The Appeal to Reason has also
spoken which it seldom does in re
gard to party affairs. It doesn't want
to otend anybody. It wants every
one to be a friend and work for the
Apeal. It goes with the lamteos faire
principle- everybody for himself
we don't want any direooton. Per.
haps the Appeal thinks that sane
statesmanlike direction might not fa
vor Appeal methods.
The News favors the Wisconsin
idea, the ideas that are being enun
elated by the most experlenoed Amer.
loan socialists. This to not to may
that we endorse bladly everythng
that Wiaconuin sootalists think or ao.
We may at times view the labr
movement and Ita political actio at
a different angle from our easters
brethren. But the Montana News
stands for sense, long, hard work.
well-formulated plans, and defllnite
political results for the working class,
with any others that may be attalned.
Noise and lgnorance are at a dis
count with us. This i. what we have
stood for in Montana, and are trying
to brlng about, even though many old
ftoest are lost, and noise and bluster
are forced to give way before prac
tical results for the workinla clau.
Thus we both prepare for resolu
tions and make them.
The complicated and absurd system
of voting that has been toisted on the
party by John M. Work's referendum
is so misunderstanda ile that it is
liable to lead to no election.
Queeston EntUrely Spec.ativ
Mr. Charles H. Kerr:
In answer to your question I beg
to say that so far as I know there I.
no immediate likelihood of a labor
party. Consequently it seems to me
the question put is entirely speculat
Ive. Furthemor, In came a labor
party was formed, the entire party
membership. in my opinion, would
have to decide by referendum vote
what attitude the ocalistell Party
should take. The seven members of
the National Executive Committee
have no more power in such matters
than any other seven members of the
Nevertheless, I realise that organ
Ised labor is being forced to the wall
and that. during the next few year..
Many comrades see that pomibility
and It is but right that they should
seek to know the attitude of those,
who may occupy omlal positions In
the party. in regard to that matter.
As a Socialist I should want to walt
until I see what kind of a labor party
was formed. In any ease I doubt if
I should think it advisable for the
sallst Party o pages tftt with
any other orgnanulstlo Certolaly be
tore taking netion a loclallet would
want to have the slbor Party declare
Itself distinctly on the oUllowing lnes.
It would have to be a truly clas-con
scoous labor party. It would have to
declare Itself absolutely opposed to
any fusion or alliance with capitalist
parties. It would have to place in its
constitution a declaration that any
members of the labor party that ad
vocated the election of any capitalist
candidate would thereby be excluded
from the labor party. In other words,
I, as a Socialist would want to know
whether or not the labor party nl
tended to be absolutely Independent
and to carry out actually on the polit
Ical field the class struggle.
It such a party were formed no
doubt all of us would want the Sooakl
let Party to confer with the labor
pearty at least in regard to eandidates
ganisations would not be forced into
so that these two worklng class or
a bitter. fratelcidal war-fare thereby
cutting each other's throats.
I believe In common with moot
other Maruian Socialists In every
country that we want to help the
worklng class to find its feet, to battle
politically and Industrially for Its
emancipation, but in my opinion we
ought to keep our organisation In
tact. We ought to continue to carry
on our propaganda, to conduct our
newspapers and forward Socialism
with the same spirit and enthusiasm
as now. Brelfly my opinion is pro.
cisely that so well expressed by Fred
eric Engels many years ago: "I think
all our practice has shown that it is
possible to work along with the gen
position and even organlsation.."
eral movement of the working class
giving up or hiding our own ditisses
at every one of its stages without
Fraternally yours,
Six per cnt of the peoplie, the cap
Italist class, own 85 per cent of the
wealth, 19 per cent, the middle class,
own 15 per cent, and 7g percent, the
working class, own 3 per cent of the
wealth. The latter's share consists of
houses and personal property, such as
furniture, oct.
Reported Attempt to
Corrupt Organized
(Continued from First Pag.)
bribe the carpenters of Deer Lodge I
betiay the spokesman of Orgaal s
Labor, the Montana News.
Not being able to keep the week.
ingmea of Deer Lodge from orgn .
lag themselves into unions, and being
d*eetted in his attempt to viot liga
the preddent of the Machinist U-a-e,
and being toiled in his attempt to
break the Retail Clerks' strike, Maper
Conley decided to endeavor to eoabe?
the unlon., or play one organlrinai
agalast another. The story as giesa
the representative of the Montaan
News Is as follows.
Conley made overtures to menbegS
of the Carpenters' Union that it that
union would pass resolutions eoe
demning the Montana News for ea
poeng his rascality and union smash
ing policy that he. Conley, would give
a number of carpenters steady work
during the balance of the winter sad
would sign a working agreement with
the Carpenters Union. in return tsr
that union using the white wash
brush to cover up Conley's dark anJ
dirty work.
The carpeoters of Der Lodge are
union men and know that the Mon.
tans News is the only paper in Mn*.
tans that ftsht the battle for organ
Ised labor, and refused to be a party
to such an contemptible act as Con
ley tried to get them to do.
Coley seems to be a student et
Parry and Post and must have been
studying from Post's text book. "How
to Comrdl the UIONms." It is the
policy of the corporations and all
those who make their money from
the toll of the wage earners, to en
deavor to control the unlons that
they have to deal with, it they c.'t
destroy the union or prevent their
employees from organizing them
selves into unionls
The methods generally used by cor
porations sad employers to control
te unions isto thave a Bunco
Inside the unions to do the dirty work
for them. The work of the Bunco
Steerer In the unions is to lead the
workers into a trap set for them by
the bors, or to lead the workers on to
a side track where they wil remain
Inactive while the bees skie them, or
to get the workers mixed up in fee
tional strife. Conley sees the unloas
In Deer Lodge organised become mil
Itant, the work of revolt and protest
spread and in order to continue his
graft he tries the tactles of Peat by
putting the Bunco Steerer at work:
but in this case the bunco game
would not work. If there are any
Bunco Steerers in Deer Lodge, they I
have not made their appearance so
tar among the union men.
The eyes of all Organised Labor
in Montana are fled on the unions o'
Deer Lodge at present, and the union
men of Deer Lodge must be true to
By AVeUW bgrs
One of tO a6mee Le ofiR thes
The Greatest Work
Ever Written on the
Woman Question.
cotu 4" Pags,
o --h.u Montana News
the historie mauga at taw.,
vict Labor mgt ie fi M cgat
the ptesent te i L Dee r
Lodge, later tla the ae. at.
ives to strih the s W at S toern
of slavery, the 2M will beerme gem
eral through NI Meatal .
An oD rrratan ar
Comr;do H. W. Wlk is, .ae of the
oldest and best hewa weorkege, la
point of servles. In the uoelalst move
ment of Ame has beesen "ie
down iy the head et death.
Comrade Wilkls durlan his lagn
servicc leetred Is mearly every state
from the uAtaict o tohe Patls. His
last )yar at rvice to the party was
rendered wader extremely trying con
dltions as he had been aitllcted with
cancer. At the elee of the campaiga
of 1908 he wa foroed to give up all
active partielpatieos I propaganda
work sad retired to his home li Wa
verly. Mss
I ere, surrounded by hi. wife sad
three ohldrem, he battled agalist the
Inroads upe. his life made by canoer
of the mouth with all the fortitude
and patenee he could command.
Word comes from his bereaved wift
that he pUaed qwletty away Tuesday
evening, Ianuary 1lth, at 5:ll. He
was ooesious to the last, death com
ing to him suddenly and unmepected
Those ho knew Comrade Wilkins
will feel deep and nscere regret that
such as untiring ighter for the free
dom of the working clam has beel
called away.
He has not been allowed to live to
see soclalism triumph. but his friende
and his serrwla family Ona always
recall that Comrade Wilkins was for
a quarter of a century In the treat
ranks of the proletarlan army and
never wavered nor lost hi faith in
the ultimate triumph of the move
ment to whlkh he gave his life.
Comrade Wilkins, the man, is gone.
His work will live after him and be
remembered for generatoes.
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IS Sprce Street, NEW YOL
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Ms ba-To- uM 6mIt eat 2.re is /ior h.wll Pwbp. We
wrnst we Wo 2. h.M mba P L. " brn
ýes~ b -s Utesim.
at the
Helena, Box 908 Montana
To be Obtaine from Montana News
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Ton Blind Leadoa of the 3Uad;
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Zlsbkaseoh-MNmoir of Karl aren.
as--Val.. Pries sad Prodt.
Mmax sad U gse--The Cemunmual
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velops? The Montea Nea perits
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dred. Make Unocle am distributo
your sooltallt propaas.da
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ny printing of any kind that you
ould Just as well get for a worker's
print shop as for a ospitallat shop?
If o mnd it In to the News.
Mm QPwgP 300g&.
M.a.-. 1h ~d .c . wold. e 4 .
Makiag o tl. world.
Morrw .a. a ut s - Usdmimm 1w
rowth sad Ouwmc.
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suad; ViM Problms se m
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Lsargu..Jrh. Uvaet. 01PK wp
LewI.-TM~ ARim of the Arnerisaa
Mfloore.-..u. Word Phu w The
Ravvaport--fae rJ ra ww&
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.lair . . ce ~ g a m f .
ThugLs-T. haga, rdr..
crmtermaaa.... or, Ueesd now.
Vall--pnlnepa· of bhmuae Ise~ls.
MOrsag-Au.'alt e.Le.
?rankUfa.Th loolslgauemt ef Eu
Musa--.Csiaa, Volume L
Capita, V.olume i
Capital, Volume Mn.
Ward-The Aaglet Lowly. Vel. L
The AneLeat Iawloy Vol. EL
RImember, the "M.lls t aMamma'..
for 10 subs. Try this deal and e
It you don't ar you a~ wen paid for
rour work. rend the obamploa f the
working elam leisplg skrward, a
get a book free that you oea give to
benilhted workers sad t*soh them the
horrors produee4 by the rmte they
are voting for, and the remedy.
iW Y^b Work N1Ow.

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