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To Our Supporters!
When thi Socialist Party ceased publishing the Montana News, there
were a considerable number of bles left unpaid whk4h have never been -me
by the State (ommittee of the Socialist Party of Montana.
In order to contiume pabllshing the News and maintain its business stand.
Ing, the preseunt publishers, Graham and Haslett, had to guarantee the pay.
ments of some of the debts of the SoJalist Paity. As we were Snanadall
unable to pay them all off, notes were given to guarantee payment of cer
tain debts, and these notes backed by our personal securities.
Two of the notes, amounting to $250.00 eael aind one of $100.00 fall due
on April 17th with Interest at ten per cent per annum.
To meet these notes and make te the aniessary Imnlpuvemnents on the paper
as well a tcontinuing the publication of the Newn itill be a strain greater
than we (can bear at this time. We need support. We need help and ask
all supporters and sympathiaers of the News, who can afford anl are willing
to do IIt, to loan us small sums of $5.00 and upwarlds. Even It we (annot
meet these notes in full and have to renew themn., we desire to reduce the
prinllipal as much4 as possible, thereby lowering the amount we are paying
in Interest. At the present time we are payinug $150.00 a year interest on
money borrowed to start the News up again. exclusive of the Interest on
the ullmid anmount due on the linotype. $130.00 Is equivalent to three
hundred subs.
Will you help us to maintain and establish a working class paper In
Montana? Read over the Debt of Honor on this page and see if you can
add your name and your mnlte to the list.
Debt of Honor
There still remains a debt of $700
contracted by the Socialist Party of
Monana wh!i' it owned and was pub
ILshing the Montana News. The State
Committee has done nothing to liqui
date this debt, and the creditors are
looking to *hose who are at present
running the News for their money.
To pay the debt is an exceedingly
heavy task and Is handicapping and
worrying us considerably. $600 must
be paid a soon as possible, and we
are asking Individual socialists and
locals to loan the Montana News say
sum that they may feel disposed and
able to advance.
The response has been as ollows:
Local Lima ................. 8$0.0
J. 3. Bush.................. S.0
Mdwta Dew ................. . ."N5
Wa. Dew.................. .00
C. Andeomo ................. 1.0
C. PeiSk ..................... 1.
Total ....................$ 8 7.00
friend, Deer Lodge, loan.... St.00
Socialist. Minot. N. D. donations 1.00
Total .................... 8 1.00
Balance to be raised .... $43.00
A report is being circulated by cer
tain maliciously disposed persons that
the undersigned has been expelled
from the Socialist Party. Such report
is malicious falsehood. SlEne Local
Helena bolted from the party I was
compelled to become a member-at
large, which card was recognised by
the State Committee. Any report to
the contrary is being circulated with
evil intent by disrupters of the party.
Yours fraternally.
Gebhard of LUma swnds in a couple
of subs, and Sachs of Helena comes
in with one sub.
One copy of the "Mills of Mammon"
and the Montana News one year for
$1.25. Regular price $1.50.
bend to the Montana News for a
copy of the ,'History of Great Amerl
can Fortunes," price $1.50.
Comrade Richfield, one of the heavy
Artillery of Deer Lodge, sends in a
sub. The machinists are workingme,
class conscious enough to want inde.
pendnt working class action.
will be sent postpaid on receiolpt of
price. We aer going to make a spec.
ality of our book department. The
larger socalist papers are all cutting
out their commercial advertising. The
Nwes has always advocated this as a
correct policy, and it was only the
need of shekels that caused us to vary
at times. We would rather give the
space to advertising literature. II
you buy enough books, we will not
need to take the other advertising
Are you tyring to get subs for the
News? Only 0 cents, and you will
help ave all the good work that has
been doe here.
A Working Class Paper.
A paper to voice the sentiments of
the working class in Montana must be
maintained. in fact there should be
socialists and labor paper everywhere.
The corporations maintain their press.
either by owning them outright or by
subsidizing papers.
The Amalgamated Copper company,
alias the Standard Oil company. owns
a number of papers in Montana. The
Northern Pacific and the Great North
ern railroads own papers at both the
eastern and western terminals of these
Ex-Senator W. A. Clark owns a pa
per in Butte because he has extensive
mining interests in Butte and valuable
franchises in western Montana.
The big interests everywhere pub
lish newspapers in order that a pub
lic sentiment favorable to their inter
ests can be cultivated.
The Southern Paclle railroad pub
lishes the "Sunset Magauine", a popu
lar magamlne, .a maintalns twenty
eight canvassers In the field contin
ually, in order that its circulation and
influence may be increased.
Most of the papers owned by cor
porations are published at a loss, the
corporations paying immense sums of
money each year to maintain them
and all this because if there was not
a sentiment favorable to the corpora
tions carefully and continually culti
vated the corporations would not be
able to graft off the people so success
fully. The big interests of the coun
try consider their press business a
machine as much necessary to their
wtlfare as a locomotive is to a ra.l
Even the Feudal Barons of Deer
Lodge own a paper to voice the wel
fare of the great Feudal estates in the
Deer Lodge valley.
The workers read and help to sus
tain these corporation papers and are
made E. Z. Marks for corporation
It is now high time that the workers
were aptlng their masters in this one
thing and establish a press that would
be as faithful to their interests as the
great corporation papers are to the in
terest of the exploiters and grafters.
Read the Debt of Honor on this
Join the unlon! Organise, agitate,
educate, work for industrial sollder
ity. Have your union aflllate with
the local and state central bodlee.
Read the *Mills of Mammon",
James Brower's great expose of the
white slave traffic. A book given with
every ten subscribers to the Montana
bed in your job work NOW.
in Bread and Pastry made by the
LV. Ijedke, Prop.
Corner Locust A Jackson.
Telephone 354 Blk, Missoula, KeuL
Belt, Mont., FebUtMT 1910.
To the Montana News
Thi toi my first letter to yort paper
to give my views of how thiang are
going on. To my mind we Sr going
backward. I have watched the pro
ceedings of the Twenty-lirst Annual
Convention of the United Mime Work
ers of America. They passed a num
ber of resolutions, but what do the)
amount to? They have passed th'
same resolutions for twenty years, and
still the same old s)ystem goes on. Tr.
same old talk was made about th.
way they wer,' handled, and about
Gompers, Mitchell and Morrison goint
to Jail; but to my mind that is whern
those gentlemen should have been
long ego; and if they do go there, let
them take their coffee, for that is what
they voted for.
They made talks about the freedom
of the press and the right to organ
ize; but they never said a word about
the I. W. W.. The master clam dislikes
that kind of a union; therefore if
the workers endorsed it, our brother
capitalist would stop the check-oft
system, and then what would our lead
ers do? They could not go to the
company office, and have a nice talk
wi'h the boss, and smoke a Belt
Miner cigar, and throw their feet on
chair and puff smoke, and then ory
"Shame!" at socialists. They say
they want to disrupt the organlsation.
But who owns the United Mine Work
ers of America? Does it not beloes
to the coal masters? If they did not
own it, do you think they would col
lect dues for a union? Would they
collect them for a union like the I.
W. W.?
Oh, no,-not on your life. The I.
W. W. Is a union where the power
comes from the bottom and not from
the top.
It is no wonder that the European
working men made a guy of almmy.
When he was across the water they
got on to his little gam.e He told
them how the Civic Federation, sad
the American Federation of labor
loved one another. They knew he was
a take and trying to sidetrack the
clasm struggle.
It makes me laugh when I think
what fools working men are. If you
speak about industrial upioalim they
tell you that It would be a good thing
but we are not resay for it yet.
But when will it ti ready? Never
so long as the working men listen to
those labor fakirs. for they don't want
to lose their job. I say--Away with
Comeo out like mel. and thinc for
those old craft-and-bons owned unions.
Come out like men and think for
yourselves. Get into the Jadustrial
Workers of the World. Don't be
salves; stick together; vote together;
and then you will make yourselves
I am for Industrial Freedom,
Belt. Montana.
Read the Debt of Honor oa this
page and consider the subject thor
oughly. Is it right that two ndlivid
uals should pay the debts of a dem
ocratic organisation? If you want to
see the News continue to be a power
for the working class in Montana and
the Northwest give us your support.
Go out and secure a bunch of subs or
purchase five or ten sub cards from
us, which cards you can sell at your
leisure. We have to raise $400.00 by
April 17th. This won't be a hard
job if you will give us your aslstane..
Our circuldtion In Missoula is largr,
now than it has ever been in the hin.
tory of the News and the Increase hia
taken place within the put t (1
months. We hope other towns in
Montana witl make the same rapid
It any of the readers of the News
desire samples sent to their friends
during the time we are deallnlg with
the convict labor scandals, if they will
send us lists of 10 names we will
sample them for four weeks. In this
way you can Introduce to your friends
the work that is being done to expose
the graft of capitalist politicians by s
vigorous and virile labor press.
Against the -ie . Sede OsmmpA
for w.Uise med .m
anane"al AM Is Needsed.
For yea the thousands of men em
ployed by the Bethlehem steel Com
pany ha suffered under the ron Heel
,of the most orushing institution known
to, the olvilised world. It's chlef own
..r, Mr. Charles M. Schwab, has boast
, and advertised the world over that
h, owned and raonuled the ives of
Immain beag, as though they wee
mlre cattle, willing to obey and suffer
under the lash of an intolerant mas
t r, without rights which the auto
cratl power of the giant institution
ir bound to respect.
At last 'bey Revolted.
Humiliated by him, denied the right
of organisatlon or representation, at
;last they rebelled. They struck as a
Ilast resort hoping through this action
to, thoroughly organise this plant in
\olving 8.000 workmen, the vast ma
Jorlty. In fact nearly all being the low
et paid wokrmen In the United States
and Canada.
Chas. M Schwab is known the world
over for his lavish expenditure of
money which he has been able to ex
tract from his victimisd and unfortun
ate employees.
Money Is required to carry on this
great batteL We appeal to Union
Men for sistance. We appeal to the
sympathisers, to the business men and
every one who recognises that through
union alone can we fight a crushing
corporation as described.
The Bethlehem steel Corporation
has been a special favorite of the Un
ited State government. It has con
tracts amounting to forty millions of
corporation expects to realise millions
dollars of public work upon which this
of dollars due to the low wages paid.
The pages of the Congreslonal Ree
ord are filled with columns and col
Armor Plate' which shocked the en
tire natio. We appeal to you to sot
urna of matter The Story of Schwab's
at once. Don't delay. send in yoar
subscription as seeon as action is taken
to assist s in the struggle, be they
small or large.
The American Federation of Labor
has full charge of the situation organ
Mulr and protecting the nterests of
the suffering men and unloniding all
the trades nlaterested.
Followlng is a list of International
Unions who are involved in this fight
and who have or expect to have their
men orgalsmed: BMdemakers, lalk
---hs and Eamml me, apentes,
asgineers, isectsil Worhers and
-anemee, emse, Irean and SIde
Weekere, MetnMes, Patsesn Makers,
PWters, Pelehers and Platers, 1
el" Teamtes andlahwers.
We ask you in the name of all these
trades to assist us In the fight against
this mighty corporation. Please ap
point committees to raise funds.
We trust that you wilU do what you
esa, all contributions will he thank
tlly received and acknowledged.
Fraternelly yours,
Jacob Taselaar, Geneaal Organiter
American Feder-tlion of Labor.
J. P. MoGinley, Organiser Hotel and
Restaurant Internatl. Asmociation.
Charles R. Witham, Organiser Inter
national Iron Moulder Union.
. J. . eppler, Vice-President Interna
tional Association of Machinlats.
H. T. LeClair, Washinglton Lodge In
teruatl. Association of Machinists.
T. P. Behney. General Organiser of
Patternmakers League.
H. H. Scoott, General Organiser Inter
national Steam Englneers.
Davis Williams, President Local Union
"65 of Machinists of South Bethle
P. Courtney, Treasurer Local No. 361
of South Bethlehem.
Representatives in Charge.
eaMd am contibUon to P. Co maty,
Ho- 15., mOuth Bethlehem, Pa.
You ought to see our Butte maililn
list. It requires a whole mall sack to
hold the papers that we send to Butte
alone and this has all come about
through Oraham spending two weeks
in the Lmolky City.
Books 'for Study Course
(FRu - by the Na U Ramuthe Oemmtte..)
geptem am T Ad a o .......................... $.N
Ss r . ..................................... O*
e isa peg ..d.. o. e Iedu. .-La. . ........................ iJ
edda.-, Uetosb mu.d .maU.--~e. ......................... .N
He le m M1a .-oUne .......... ......................... 1.
- .m uaee ........................................... 1.0
o m .-- ........ ...................................... . .
T-r -re . lwmw.--moe ..................................,5
The ty for ho Pplo.---Paaro ................................ 1.
Coet.levim maud Iad tra Evoltloam.- ndegydd ................. .N
SdadlMt at Wk.-Huntem ...................................... 1.3
Dectve oecl.a..--1bompsm ................................Is
....Hl WORu
hisory of GodnlIm-KIIrkup ................................... Uas
lhtory of Sodcism it the Unlted tates.--IMIat ............... 1.3
A l1th ibiia of any smadard Week Is remarkbaN €I beoemes
aobaus phenomemlt If thIs occua the PubetS.on of a radkl
Book. AUGUOT DEUa, thmegraed Ol Ma r Germman Socl De
mowmtc, ha Myved to see s Masterpkle.
Woman and
asek this DilhScism
He has revbed It with ahmet ovmy ditem, aad the JuliNa as.
Urm Just puMIdt Is as Ia mpbsMeb We4k, wldeh the Medas"t LIt.
eratuee Co., 15 prmue St., Nr.V., Is now pbMd Ir ig lto i, m d I
Appreeame w make as app daMbe Impvrnhlea upo the Pmgast
utagsr Movermet new agtmaim our CenmTy.
Montana News
Price SI.00 Price $1.00
Sernlg the Masters Ti Well.
(Continued from Page 1.)
1t3.52 on second-olass matter.
Again, the total weight in 1007 uas
fallen to 3l4,8I5,884; a matter of 18.
.12,145,176 pounds; iL 1008 it had
007,1t3 pounds; yet the deAeit was
$10,219,343.51 greater than ia 1308.
This Is uarlibed to as toroese of ta
arial, chiefly for rural earriers, but
even allowlag for that there was an
Increase of deleit, while 18,071,33t
pounds were shut out of the malls.
Thea we have the testimony of the
Poetal Commiseon to the offeet "that
within the radius of average aewspa
per clroulation and possibly within the
radius of average for periodical cir
culation for bulk subsoription service.
the rate of one cent a pound le ap
proxtmately adequate compeeatiLon."
In Canada the postage rate is only
one-quarter of a oont a pound, recent
ly redueood from a half cent, and seo
ond-class matter goes tree within ..
radlus of forty miles, recently Increa
ed from twenty miles.
For our part we have not the slight
set doubt that i all soeond-olnas mat
ter was withdrawn from the mail.,
and not distributed In some other way,
the deficits would be double what
they are now. Intelligence and ad
vertisements are the chief producers
of postal revenues.
We must have a Free Press In thUi
ountry-tearlels and untrammeled
It Is the only guarantee that the
wrongs and oppreslon of labor will
ever be known. We must wipe out
the spy system uas It applies to the
public press. We must abolish the
Star Chamber Court at Washlington,
and give the property rights of pub.
lishers the protection oocorded to all
other oitlsens-regularly constituted
courts of law In places where they
The Brewerr Workers L Unio No.
1t2 of Anaconda subscribes tor twen
ty coples of the News for one year.
This makes two hundred and fitty
copies that have been subscribed by
the unions of Anaconda within the
past two months. Besides ?T single
subscriptlons secured In Anaconda
since the fist of the year. At no
time In the history of the News pre
vious to last Novmber did we have
more than S0 subscoriers in Anaconda.
And considering the oondltleas exist
lang In Anaconda for the past dix years
the rapid Increase In our olroulation
iL a marvel. Jimmie Graham with
the able maistanee of Dan Job did
the deed. Oraham reeolved the priv
ilege of the floor from eleven unions
and gave them a talk on the Class
struggles In Montana.
Fee of Deer Lodge sends In four
subs. About one-fourth of the voters
of Deer Lodge take the Montana News
and our circulation is extending
throughout the entire Powell County.
At the present rate of Increase it won't
be long before every post offce In
Powell County will be on our mailing
A seaghe of seallagk who wIs be
bf-sm. !ihe iee be sleat M bhear
brat ls. I epeaM w Iote sat sae
wrlbn o me ter to teMow of
S am Ienses are
aNegs, umst

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