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/ rvIjý VV I-wC GAL / -
Socialists Carry Butte by Large
Pluralities - Great Gains all
Over the Country
For the third time in eight years
the Socialists of Montana have elected
a mayor. First there was Anaconda
in 1903, thenRed Lodge in 1907 and
now Butte.
Last monday the Sociallsts carried
the city of Butte by pluralities which.
Ih manay cases, probably exceed thos,.
eave resllved by a candidate In the
..bts5 of . lwis J. Duecan
was elected mayor, receiving a major
ity of 445 votes over all the other
candidates. Ills plurality was the
largest ever received by a mayor ol
the city. Daniel Shovlin was elected
city treasurer by a plurality of 1.22::
votes over his nearest opponent the.
republican candidate. For Pllice
magistrate. Thomas J. Iotoher received
a plurality of 358 votes over his near
est opponent, the democratic candi
The Socialist aldermen were. elected
in five of the eight wards. Substant
lal pluralities, and in the seventh and
eighth wards overwhelming majorities
returned them winners.
All things considered, the victory
was one of the most overwhelming
ever ~cored by a political party in
the city.
The vote Iby wards follows.
Irat Ward.
For mayor-John J. Quinn (idem.)
224; E. D..Elderkin (rep.) 45 L. J.
Duncan (coc.) 211; II. I. Allen (ind.) 4
lFor traumsurer-Mc*arthy (dem.),
193;: Scott (rep.) 59; Shovlin (soc.)
For alderman-Met'urthy (dem.).
198; Kilgalloh (rep.). 52; C'urran
For police mialgistrate - Mtc(i;wan
S(dm.) 153; liolliday trip.) 41;
l)oc,,er (soc.), 140.
Seituid Ward.
S.Iw for mayor-Quinln (deen.) 116: :i"
derkin (rep.). 202: Ilunman (woe.),
For treasurer--McCat'rthy (dem. ) 144
kScott (rep.). ::4 .; I4hl lin (soc.),411.
For alderm, a- -Donlr (denm.) 4::7;
Bailey (rep.) 276; l)deuglhry (Sei ),
For police magistrate---M (clwan
(dem.), 365; Holliday (rpl.) 214:
Booher (sor.) 313.
Third Ward.
For mayor-Quinn (dem.) 21t';
Eldirkin (rep.) 88; Duncan (soe.)142.
For treasurer-McCarthy (deim.),
268; Scott (rep.) 146; Shovlln (soc.)
For alderman-Boyle (dem.). Iong
term. 323; Smith (delm.) short term.
273; Murray (rep.) long term. 116;
McManus (soc.), long term.405.
For police magistrate-McGowan
(dem.), 253; Holliday (rep.),93;
Booher (soc.),338.
Iourth Ward.
For mayor-Quinn (dem.), 257.
Elderkin (rep.), 196; Duncan (soc.,
For treasurer-McCarthy (d. m.).
21R; rcott Ire-p.), :::10;Sho\ lin (sMc 1.
Fo'r alderman-Athur (dem.). 143;
Hawke (rep.) 273; Driscol (soc.)245.
For police magistrate Mc (Gowan
(dm.), :115; Holllday (rep.), 171:
tnhker,(soc.) 191. ,
Fifth Ward
For mayor-Q-(uinn (dem.).0C-;
Eldlerkln (rep.). 1cI; Duncan (soc.)
Sr ,sr, I --McCarthy (dem.).275
Sctt (re~p.), 122; 8hovlln (soc.).377.
Fo'r ald.lrman-1-)ela. ey (dem )."2(
Johnson (rep.) 165:; RILsli (soc.) :140.
For police magitut rate-McCowan
(cPem.).26:1; Holliday (r.p.).97; Ruooh
•r (see.). 3:140.
Wrath Ward.
For mayor-Quinn (dem.). 271;
Eliderkin (rep.). 213:;; Duncan (soe.)c.
For treasurer--McCtarthy (dim.),
For alderman--atrker (rep..1,111;
eFrcudenst.in dem.). 27:1; Ihoughton
(soc.), 292.
Fer poli,'ce mItnuistrat. --M (;owaln
(d.hm ). :312; Iolliida) (rr.cp.), 210:
Il,,ch.r (sor .). 297.
~e * Il l Wa'rd.
F' cr tnayor-Quinn (h.ml..), 246:
Ileh ri- in (rep.), 17:;; DIuncan (sueo.),
F".r Ireu uni r--- Mcht'arthy (dec.l).
e'ott (rup.), 3112; ShovhIt (Mcec.),72"
For ai(derman - -chumnaker (dem. ).
22; D)ents (rl, ). 279; I'ox (M l.).
eFor ' mitce anistlat.'---.lcdw itl
(i,. In. I, tu ;: li lIlu ly (r p.l ), 175:
Itoohller ( 1cc.). 614.
EightIIh Ward.
IF'r umayor-- -( 1inn (e tc . I. ;:99
adl. rkin Ir, r c. . 9.:; I nt Ocunc (sw e )
eFor tre.iasurer -Mc'at';rthy 4dlen 1).
.;:7; S ,ott (rI p. , .:;4; Sthli n (soe .).
"For ;celth mre -e ).\I..rn (denm.),407
D)r'gstedt (rp.)., 479, Danvis (uc.),
For pillce" n [lgistra t.--Met(cw in
(dlen.), 451; oihlidayh (riep.). :109;
HI. her (so .). 618.
The eocialists were biat in thile fourth
ward by only foecrt,.sn votes, the
republicn winning and the denmocrats
tiking third place. This ic the near
est aplproach the .ecialists of Misseulni
have ever ioen to winning.
M. W. lRussell the ocialist candl
date for mayor polled 271 votes, this
being an increase of over 150 per ce it
over the vote of a year ago. In the
ing 149 votes, this being one of the
surpr.ses of the election.
fiurith ward. Iussell ran second, poll
The Socialists of Helena elected an
alderman in the sixth ward. This is
the ward in which the railroad men
reside, and it was the first opportunity
the railroad boys have had sine. the
legislatur, adjourned to regist r their
protest against the infamous milith.
law. The Socialist rev.iLved '-2 mar
.,otes than the detmocr;at and republi
c;an l(nlmbin, d.
The vote cast in th. \various w;ard
was as folluwu,
First Ward
I'. W. 'ShL artz (trep)........... 14;;
I"Fr.nk II. Moore (dem) ........ 146
John MI. b4chupfer (ste.). ....... .
Ie.eond Ward.
i.. II. Schaeffer (rep.) .......... 100
it. E. Deegan (dem.).......... 72,
Louir Arnold (soc. ............ 18
Third Ward.
J JJ. McNerney (dem.p.......... 15
4'. il. P. Shelly (re.p.) ............. 1.:11
Iernard .Leopold. ( sI0 d ca......... . .15
Fourth Ward.
W . %l. .l!lgE S (dem.)............ .5
('. II. .\iller rp. . ............. 7
A. AnId, rIl ln (soc.) ............
Fifth Ward.
John 'anrls, ni (rep.) ............ 115
Mahrtin Prosser (dem.) ......... ..4
Ilenrir Clause(4 n (so '.). ............ ' 0
Silth Ward.
1l.rnui I.uehman (soc. ........... 1501
Jo'hn Majerous. or. (rep.) ....... 104
John t'. Carey (doem.)......... 2_
Netentle Ward.
1t. It. Streets (rep.) ............ 1 I6
J. ('. Itrodess.r (dem .) ......... 106.
J.h111 I1t'lesby (nIIe.) .. ... ..... 10i
J ,. Ih Ilenney, SHocialst l was elect
ed ahlErnann of the stecond ward of
L..wi.to. , ( '.ler the non-partisn
lcandlidtie' by three l . ot4es.
'The 'ocialistsM of KalisI,'I , leCted st1n
Ild r I matnl(lI. b| ating th *' ntun- partisanl
i;nnlidate, in nl. w'ard.
' 1Il41'U14I . ;hTnl(
Th. non-partisan ele t."41 the other
.1N( tTIIHItl ONE.
iThe Soialists e . tEt.d one ald, i'a1ni 1
outI, l f" lhlf it i In \ l':..l .rvili ,. a callllI
of lutte.
4.1i"'Tllil 4itlNKr'()ItT, Mit'11.
Ti.. Soiali--ts of Solth Frankfort,
M icT liglhtI n. the t\o lo.Id pi tlil,"
, l hi.'h ail i on. l d hbunder l .h ll" rn i
" itiz IIn l in signal ah'ctory .b)
eltl, tillg tlih enirhE, S4ctillit city ticket
'ex' ptlillo: Il trustl '., wholl got it til
vIiEI v hith I I lpponlntl .
N(oItil IIALII'IN4N,. N. J.
Itobe'rt Itrunlllh and Willian KonCll,
Sc14,hists were elected milrembers of thE.
slhool holard for it three year termi
elt' .
The SM'cialists now hiave four mnlt,
Iih.ra on the board, having lect,.ld
IV o memben1 rs lust yellr, whose t('rnlms
hi've' not ye't expired.
The ioclallsts defeated the"Cltlzens"
by electing Ernest Barber as Attorn.ey
for the town ofBennington. V'\rmont.
With only two partles In thi. tol.ld
Jas. Sturdevant, the Socialist , andi
date was ' lected mayor of T. utntrike,
la Marshalltown, Iowa, the S.... alist
candidate for mayor, in a poll of moee
than thre., thousand. was deft at, I by
only 1 4 votes.
In Itelle Plaine. Iowa, the S,.,, al tt
candidate for mayor was d, f att d i. b
five votes. E. L. Swinny Soclall-t w.as
,,lected alderman.
In Cotfax, Iowa, Frank L. Evans.
Socallist. was elected councilman at
large by a majority of one, and Thos.
Iliad. Socialist was elected a m0,nmb, r
of the school board.
Flllt. Mich., April 4-The Soc'ialist
city tldft"'ea elected yesterdd., with
the exception of treasurer, also thre.
aldermen, three, supervisors and two
memntwrs of the board of education.
At Victor. Colo., the entire Socialist
(lic'kt was .elected by approximately
500 majority.
.;irard, Kansas, Sociallsts eh et, d
one Soclalist to the city council. Fr. I
Warren editor of the. App. at to It.i"soni
was defeated for nm.,nltbe.r of thei seh.'- I
The Soclalists of HBerkeley. Call
fornia. have. electcd the mayor. J.
Stitt Wilson. by a majority of 264
Wilson r.eceived 2.750 votes and th..
ainti-socialist htcverly Ilod4gh,'ad got
:.4 4 vot4es.
J. Rtitt Wilc,.n was S.i,'iallst ,:candi
date, for G(,overnor of California hIst
Not ernmber and plled upwards of co.
too voles. 11' has Ien acti\,, all
wintier lecturing throughout the sta.'
a nd was one of fivt. So'ialists wh t
lhl,.bid at the Calif,,rnia Stat, ''ll,
Ital dulrlng the' session of tih, l.gis.
L.It1 ir ' In that stat..
The' So 'ialists oif 4I'allf,.ry;i l !t)unIl
.arl, for miasir's which touill I''
(lit theI, wag' ,'earne'rs. )'sild . s k. Linet
It.,, L . of vicious hegi, la.tion "'h S.,, -
lii t lobbyists dhi splendid work
.1 Stitt \\'l on has ,,H n o it 'l I
\l\ , l,* ya. ' llr o inl hc sot iall t 'i n .
. e, nt al nd m uch iJ expected fr.i hi
t i. *1tort In this ,I, .ti,,n
Thodod r. I.o, s. , It lt whih in tt It rl', -
1.l..Ihe.ad, the anti - socialis t 'Theo t
h' cthin of tItt 'llWlls l.i thi rI · r,' '
.tnoth'r defeat for T1 ddy.
ti \ltv ukee,. \Vis., April 4 In thi,
. 1 e ll ilt in \la ilotaus ities' aond t..i H:
tlirotighiout 'iscon, sin. utsltt.iI' ,.f .Ih
Ni o'.'. socialists manlde a fliht fr
Ilil''es and wei're snCi'.'ssful in s''i'everal
Inst.neis. ocialitst ciptur.,ld tiro
icountyl supervisor. in lSuperioir, andiil
one alderman and a justice of tihe
l''eace in Racin.'.
i'h. Sociealists of Milwaukee ha\te
rec, Ived a slilht repulse, this elehtion.
failling to elect any of their Calndidits
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On the Firing Line in Milwaukee.
Old Parties Fuse in Attempt
to Check Socialism
titians .,nd l ttmcrat5 att tit. by b. c.
tion held In Mliiwauk.ce Tutslaly r
suited In a so-called set back tu th·
Sociallstt. Thli setback hna. t r cuni
nit I.. called a defeat, In a.'> l.it, .
if the word.
I : fact It cannotidtl's \ri tl al tit
bI) -."lIt tion two ytars ago., when h,
ian to fill a vacancy for alderma t
Ihis year was to fill a similar vacancy.
cautwtt by the death of Comrnra!,- a Stl
tailr.'. II Inklcy's \ ot y. stt relay \t;,
12.27.4 a gain of nm art) 4,Otat
The highest utot f ..r the schoo I li
r, ct z- tin tht Socialist I ich t \\;s.
It.,44. Vest. relay tht high. -.t '. ilt f,'7
,,haitI ftlr~ct.r tin tar lick. t wras
In ' tew of the tr. nimndous efforts of
the . nea t) to dis', fdit the adtmilni.
I iatj.il bty eetry mansft fair andi ft..
this cutn S at ai l.-I. dc i. I. \h. n onirtly
A snal percent of the vote came out.
11 s1 I., sid. red as at r al \ let. ry.
It Is llke* il. rsiult lin Ith list "It e
(lit fur th." . rini u It. itlt:ic. \\~h, iI
tit. Getrman Silt jalists host . alts hut
taill It, ii votes.
It iw ill I'.. r llenlier, di that tih, so
,i .lstg tarried Milaatuli,t last sprirng
Iin at thr,.ecIo.rnered tht. TIn. t dill
cast TI'll y untltrstooid that sit an. r
,,I'bit.r th itu old te i. thiosl
I I' 111- Ii-: ii)I~iA iii 'Ti I''1 1 11.1)1
Itrtu . ii, iin i Ito-i i andli iha alti lii
the) d its. IsT. .. t n. it tt tt
4'.. t.,hst l.,ttty tt. ul1l h ,t" I.' ;, \\
into .t ntajo tty party , ii ..1 .1. t l
Phis ii s a x a It ti lis it it. i .I1 a tel It tit
A.:- to fill ttt ,....nu
S ,It.,u . lit.rll r c it 11(1 11
IIIu I. ..tl i Ill.ill 1...1 ,1. 1\( n1( ir .,nn~
r. 11l 1 l. 1 1, 1 til ls\tlll J 'l
ýI ll. .n
II . i"l·t . , , ll L . tt1il It N\a
doub, l ilhir .,t, ,f two }ears age,
it is not surpriring that the ,'athIl,
ti'k, t won.
Another hea\'y handicap for the
.. ii.lists \.is th .e , japitallst daily pr. r.
of Milwauk.... which co.nstantl)y .illified
llth, ,,,...li t ; tlllllllr stratiun anld ,l ii t.
ed the most hirP-faced It,.{, while. the
Socialists had no adequate means It
gI tting the truth before the people.
h.,e.n capit: list papers, pouring out
pIistl se.\en days In the week, cannot
he, counteract. d by one bullttin dh -
trlliuted one. a . * k from house. '
All w.hicjh goET, to show that the
Socialists must ha e a dulaily uiia'.i~t
pape;.r in ord.r to hold Milwauk.,
ne, t . a';r.
The m. eting held In Fr.ie Gemeinde
11.111 ti r. I. n the election retl:irr ~
Tusd.ay night w~.s w'ithout eXac,'p, Ii
thi flnest Sn l.hlist lmc., ting your cor
respolnd,.nt ' or att, nded. Not Iio
point of nunitrs ,r thr ll]qin ,
of the sp.,ak. rs. lut in the spirit !
the comradels. Nev, r before dhiI tlh
show thi, same r.isolute courage, tIll
same solidarity, the same sol.-nln i. -
to rmlination. as in this met tine h\ II
tl s-, llllllmp nine r. turns . ram in It
is . s' to Ih,. enthusi.istl In the h a ir
of ietor,. ltit th. , lmbined llp.s
itl{ui oif n jl the for. ,oif .lapipalisnI,
sup,.rstition and r, aition has solidified
anld ,nl,;iitl.d the So ialist nmo\.. -
i nt, it M l\.lnl k, i 1e t . ii r, gre. I t, ,r,
lI . , IIT ' ilLe tIh . , IIir;iiNt, I i ] i ,
ftir Ih ' b." ~ ll.. tl'l",l, lfI * it Wa .| i o.
~- .tl VItst I, ,i !h 1 , 1 n doi. ll.,
I l !-ii , t ll ,I In .,i h utr. 1 ll1 lh
i . i r nt Il ilrly l;lll, h..
T'1 , , .h v , h ! 1 , r.;: ly for ti,,
- I ' Tll I I I tinll. I '. msiu t I iI C I, f
. It th, .itl l IM t i . I lt h ll it. In t.
Tithi mplsi's ta e , no stock In hah t
h, iit\ -itn , o.n Fourth Pa ,e.
\\;I. \ , b, a it.l , ]tha ti t . to lH IH 1,, n, .I I'
">Ir ll d.. 'Iin .t l e..M Ilw II hk< ,"
ben: s ..tst put, , I.t th, m rrl ,] tr Aft,, -
al0-l - t II] "aptalist pd h dt s a11..11 ,tr
hod% wo l ar e 1l th ', tian, 14ious to p
\ Asrl. llih st Iod st ., So i was rat h. tr
, n I t o \\ i t, that , thew br,,, nI ta...a
theselv %.s take no hs tlllck In what,
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