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News From
Still the Milwaukee Anut-Socialist
are worrying over last Sunday's big
mass meeting. How did the Social
ists do it?
flow did they secure the subscription
of $8,000 to the bonds of the Socialist
daily In about ninety minutes? Li
an off year-when there was no cam
paign, no excitement, no political fire.
works--why. should 7,000 men an I
woman n meet just for the privilege of
paying their money and starting a
So.lalist daily paper? That is the
puzzle which is bothering our capital
ist politicians.
Never before, perhaps, did the Mil
waukee Socialist movement show its
real strength as clearly as at tt.s
meeting last Sunday, since the enthus
iasm with a well-planned and deliber
ate purpose behind it is far ahead of
the hurrL.h excitement of a poditical
The big hall in the Auditorium was
filled to the roof The speakers waen
Mayor Seldel, Congressman Bergel,
Presidtnt-elect Johnston of the Ma
chinists, and Carl D. Thompson. All
presented the necesity of a Soclailst
daily in Milwaukee.
The applause and more especially
the financial response, showed that
they caried with them the hearts of
the audience. Besides the $8,000
subscribed for the daily bonds, a col
lection of nearly $300 was taken to
deray the expense of the meeting
A party which can do that in an
off-year Is not going to be defeated
at the polls next spring!
Here is an interesting fact for trade
unionists. The Socialist supervisors
of Milwaukee are starting an Agricul
tural Academy in this city-an in
stitutlion, by the way, which will be
of solid beneft to our farming com
munity on this side of the state. Now
this new building will employ a great
many men and a goood many trades.
But every part of the work will be
done by union labor, in all trades
where union labor can be obtained.
This Is the first time In Milwaukee
that a building of this size has been
constructed under unon labor con
ditions. The trade unionists of Mil
waukee are realizing the benefits of
a working class organisation.
Compare with this the recent action
of the Milwaukee School Board.
There are only two Socialists on this
The quesuon of appointing non
union teachers in Milwaukee Trades
School came before the school board
last week. The two Socialist mem
bers fought against these appoint
ments, justly contending that in a
trades school only trades unionists
shou'd be p(ermitted to teach and
train the future wage-workers of Mil
waukee. The Socialists, however,
were voted down. Non-union teach
ers were supported by these school
directors who were elected on the so
called Anti-Socialists ticket. It will
be remembered that these Anti-Social
1st tickets were distributed in the
churches of Milwaukee, that the priet.
brought women in carriages to the
polls with instructions to vote this
ticket, and these women were told
that it would be a "mortal sin" not
to vote for the Anti-Socialist candl
dates! The workingmen are begin
ning to find out who are their true
frig nds and who are their real en
There are a number of reasons why
the Socialist party should carry on
special propaganda among women
Among them are the following:
Woman is disfranchised. The So
clalisat party demands equal suffrage
for all. regardless of sex, color .,, race
Woman's disfranchisement Is a greta
factor in holding her in economic
Woman's position In industry is of
a much lower status than man's. She
seldom receives equal wages for the
same grade of work.
Woman has become a very large
part of the industrial world. She is
the most formidable competitor man
has In the industries.
Woman is the mother of the race.
She needs ,education that she may
Intelligently point the way to fr, edom
to her chlldren.
Woman is one-half of the race.
Without her support we cannot bring
In the 'o-operative ('ommoiawealth.
As Franklin Wentworth has said.
"We must never for a moment neglect
the propaganda work we can do with.
In the warls of our homes; for until
women enter heart and soul into our
councils and all our efforts, I can not
bring myself to have great hopes for
Socialism, and I know that capitalism
will have small fears of It."
Make money and all the world will
conspire to call you a gentleman
By Jack Brltt Oearlty.
"Not guilty" was the verdict of the
jury in the celebrated seditious llbel
case at New Castle.
Thus victory crowns the struggle
of the famous fighting Socialist week
ly, the FreIe Press, after a hitter bat
tle of eighteen months duration. The
four comrades, IHartman, McCarty,
McKeever and White. being acquitted
Saturday. September 23. But three
of them. White haying been dropped
for lack of evidence, must pay one
half the costs of prosecuting the case
against themsti'ves.
Indictment against the four com
rades was found in March. 1910.
The case was tried at June term of
court that year, and jury agreed to
acquittal of defendents, but could not
agree on placing costs. Under the
law of Pennsylvania a jury may find
a man not guilty, but charge the whole
of the costs or part of them against
him or upon the prosecutor, or divide
them between defendent and prose
After the trial last year attorneys
for the Free Press argued for the
quashing of Indictment, but Judge
Porter did not hand down his opinion
until too late for September or I)e
cember term of court, and nothing
was heard of the matter until March
of this year. The comrades here
thought the case would never be
heard of. When they heard of he
Intention of the officials of the Free
Press published a series of caustic
comments on the attempt of the ser
vile Steel Trust tools to force a con
viction on the charge of seditious
libel. These comments stung local
officials, especially Judge Porter, with
the result that a new charge-that of
constructive contempt of court-was
made against them.
The June grand jury this year in
dicted them. The district attorney
then attempted to try the contempt
case first. The defendents carried
the case to the Superior Court, but
lost the fight there. Meanwhile the
seditious libel case, the first of its
kind In more than a century, was ad
journed to September court
At the September term of court
just closed at this writing, both cases
were tried, the contempt case coming
first Conviction was obtained In
that case, under old English law, but
an appeal has been taken to the
higher court.
Immediately after the close of the
contempt trial the prosecution put on
the seditious libel cae,. hoping to use
conviction in the first ease as a club
for conviction in the blgger case.
The legal battle lusted tour days.
and the jury wan out fifteen hers
before reaching agreement
The decideon In the seditious Abel
case It the most important decision
handed down In any labor struggle
In recent years. The action against
the Free Press for seditious libel was
tried under old English common law
also, and a verdict of guilty would
have menaced the Socialist press in
every state in which the common law
is unabridged. Local Socialists are
Jubilant over their triumph, as it asu
sure freedom of the press.
The fight has dragged along for
eighteen long months, and has cost
several thousand dollars. The local
Socialists have given to the limit of
the4r resources, the Free Press is in
financial straits as a result ,of thc'
heavy expense It heas been under, as
well as from the crippling of Its plant
during the trials. Outside aid I eom
ing very slowly.
The real prosecutor ie undoubtedly
the Steel Trust. Chief of Police Gil
more being a mere figurehead. Un
less help is forthooming from socia:
lets all over the country the Trust may
win, and the Free Press silenced
The fight against the little weekly
paper grew out of its loyalty to the tin
mill workers during their strike in
190) and 1910 against the Steel Trust.
That strike lasted sixteen months, and
the workers were defeated and forced
to re'urn to the mils on the Trust's
The workers are lining up behind
the Socialist Party in large numbers,
their eyes having been opened by the
strike and the attack on the Free
Press, and unless all signs fall New
O.stle will be in the hands of the
Socialists after November 7th. So
the victory of the Socialist Party will
undoubtedly be a twofold victory
"Why did he leave all his money to
the black sheep of the famlry?"
"lie said the other children were
too good to go to Jail."
"Well ?"
"And he wanted to fix it so the
black sheep would be too rich "
Said IHe-8o your friend found,
marriage a failure, did she?
Said she-No, indeed! The jury
was kind and granted her $50,000
Comrade Johnson fltrle mends ia
$1.00 for ba. Good Work for so
Comrade I1enry Wlokbmrt seams
$13.60 for subs. Wickworst a mome
scout for the "lied Flag"
A fighter in flutte sends na $ subs
Your are in the right direction and
with a llttle lr.&ctI w you will be per
The N. P. boys in lliena are send
Ing us about 20 to 25 subs per month
the last Ilat is 1fr 20. How Is that
lor hustling?
Comrade Brow sn tnda 9 by wlrelehs.
That's heading ItO rascals off.
Comrade Hall of .tlssoua takes two
dozen copies of "The United States
Constltution and Socialim." He
knows good propaganda matter when
he sees it.
The Coal Mlinrs give us lots oft oh
work this weLk. .000 letterheads
and 4.000 enwvldpea.
Comrade Sorheim Is workllg hard
for the News. The News is working
hard for him
A warm hearted hot air artist in
Kansas says that he would die for the
working clam: Why so sad? Live anmI
t~ useful Hiustlel for subs for the
Montana News.
A comrade sgned "Machintst" sends
ln 1e50 for ammunition and wants
to get the price on bundles of the News
One coat per copy Pard, and we would
4ke to msed you just such a bomb
every week.
Dad Itaish sends In SI1.0 for sube
and buys 6 sub cards at the same time.
Dad was a switchman and knows the
tactics of the capitalists Evideatly
he knowu just what kind of taeltce
for he workers to use.
The circulation of the News this
week to walking right along. this is
because the worwers of this state are
with us in all we do.
The workers of teh state are wak
ing up very asut, that is because the
News is with them in all they do.
rlin Pean buyu five copite of the
United States Constitution and so
clalism. Tommy Devore takes three of
the same. Price 10 oents per copy
at this offlee.
Sociallsts of Uncoln county asuore
us that they will elect a Soclalist to
the lesldature In 1112. The News
Is helping them.
R. A. Dague
Recently there has been so much
public criticism of the Boy Seout
Movement, that its promoters are be
glnning to deny that the organihation
is of a Military Character. Mr. C.
de Vidal Hundt, Commander of Boy
Scouts, of Southern California, In a
pubnahed article In the "Los Angeles
Examiner," denies the military nature
of the movement. As quoted by the
"Santa Paula Chronicle" he says:
"The Boy Scouts are not a military
organisatlon. Our military drills are
given for the purpose of disclpline and
order and with the object In view to
produce an erect carriage and develop
the boys' breathing apparatus and
"The Boys Scouts are peace scouts.
At one of 'he recent scout encamp.
ments a young lady who had been
watching the boys said that it she ever
married she would try to get a boy
scout, because boy scouts can cook
their own meals and sew on their own
buttons. Which only goes to pr,,\v.
that the scouts will be fully prepared
to avoid wars, domeotic or otherwise."
Now the movement in California
may be that Innocent sort as to have
for its sole object the development
of the boys physically, and to teah
them to cook and sew on buttons,
but it is very certain that Its organ.
Isers had, and still have In view, quite
a different object. Let us now briefly
allude to the history of the movement.
The Associated Press ways that the
Czar of Russia, about two years ago.
gave orders that the 3,500,000 boys
between the ages of twelve and fifteen
years, in the elementary schools,
should receive military training. Gen.
Baben-Powell induced the Czar to
change his plans, and adopt the "Roy
Scout Plan," as laid down in Oen
Baben-Pwell's book. Army officers
therefore rogantsed, the put year, a
great many thusands of the peasant
boys. The Assodatd Press of Sept.
14th. gives an aooount of a brilliant
review of these scouts by the Emper.
or, recently at St. Peterbtoe. The
account say:
'The emperor ad several of the
grand dukes olu3adlg Miohas Alea
androvioh, formerly heir preammptlve
to the throne, with a brilMant suite of
general, all on hormback, rode down
the tour lines of troops, the emperor
getting the regukar slute from each
company. replyiag to it. and getting
In reponse as enthuniastec respoam
of youthful hrramb.
A thrillng sight were the loaes of
the youngersters as they marched peat
their emperor with eyes keen oe
carrying away a good picture of him.
and a note of contagous enthuisaam
was carried to the thousands of sect
ators in their parting salute: We are
eager to ezeed, your Imperial maj
The Emperor and his cabinet are
so pleased with reeults so far. that
steps are being taken to enlarge the
movement. The despatch further
Isays: "These Juvenile regiments are
to be under lnstructions of regular
army otffiers so that the boys will be
taught the rudiments of warfare as
practiced in in this 2Sth century.
"First end foremost, it Is thought
that the military training provided in
the schools will awaken interest in the
army at an early age and thus tend
to faclllate the tranaformation of raw
recruits Into perfect human fighting
machlaes. Hopes are also entertain
ed that the early awakening of en
thuelam for the army wlf operate
against the spread of seditious So
ciaMsm among the youth of Russia."
Despatches from Berlin, last July,
stated that Emperor William and mil
itary men of Germany. have taken
steps to inaugurate the Bob Scout
Movement in that country. They are
quoted as saying that "Germany's
fighting effficiency can thus be aug
mented greatly, and the war spirit
strengthened." The Socialists through
out Europe as well as non-socialists
who oppose war.are strenuously con
tending against this Boy Scout scheme
It would seem that no one in Europe
questions the object of the movement
as being to develop the war spirit in
the bys.
Some of the more cautious mon
archists have raised warning voices
"to remind the government that the
Juvenile militia thus created may, un
less proper precautions be taken, do.
velop into a revolutionary army, so
that. Instead of being a national sat,
the boy soldiers would become a seri
ous danger to the safety of the em
pire." In the face of these well
known facte, published in Europe
and America. It would seem that Com
mander C. deVidal Hundt. and others
are presuming much on the gross
Ignorance of their readers, when they
claim that the Boy Scouts are organ
ised to make a little fun for the youths
and to teach boys how to cook, sew
buttons on their garments, and to ex
cite the admiration of their girl
The solemn truth is that Gen Baben
Powell, the monarchs .f Europe, anad
the plutocrats el America, invented
and are promoting the Scout organi
sation or the purpose of defeating the
world-wide movement for peace and
for Internatlonal courts of abritration
and to raise up an army with which to
suppress all efforts oppressed peoples,
who may make a struggle to improve
their conditions of living. The scheme
was adrolty planned, and its real ob
ject hidden, while the supposed ad
vantages acruing to the youths are
painted in brilliant colors. The lads
are told about the bright uniforms,
the grand picnics, the fun and good
times, but they will be taught to im
plicitly obey the orders of their of
ticers. Little do they suspect that
they are to have the killing anstinct
In their hearts cultivatel and strength.
ened until they can go forth with
torch and gun and bayonet, and mer
oilemly wound and murder their fel
lowmen, whom they do not know and
wto have done them no harm, and
who, like themselves, are deluded
victims and slaves of desiglning, am
bltlous tyrants, or selfish millonaires,
who care nothing for the common
soldier except to use him to burn,
destroy and murder.
The Boy Scout Movement was ua
vented by a professional mankiller.
It is wicked and unchristian, and I
hope that no boy who reads this will
Join the cunningly devised plan to
convert innocent boys into "fighting
machiner". Gen. Sherman said. "War
is bell". My advice to boys is to think
good thoughts, do kindly deeds, speak
friendly words, stand up manfully
for peace and good fellowship, and if
the Kings and Nabobs of Europe, and
the graftinl monopolists of America
want to get up kihling bees and wars,
sad thus "raise hell" by wholesale
mumrder, let them do the killing
Polttiean: Well. I'm back again!
How are you?
Voter: Oh, no use kicking.
. TYou know, I thought I'd drop
Monlana News Prospectus,
The Montana News will be Issued hereafter by the UNION PRIQ'IUgQ
and PUBLISHING COMPANY. from its offices at Helena, Montana.
The laid company I. incorporated under the laws of the State of
Montana. Authorlsed Capital Stock.$10.000 Shares $6500 each
Object of Corporation.
To print and publish at the City of Helena, Montana. a weekly news
paper to be devoted to the Interest of the working class of the State of
Montana and the Northwestern States, and for the porpuse of transact.
Inr. carrying on and conducting a printing and publishing business in
all Its branches
Need of Local Paper.
The working class movement must have a powerful .ocal press be
fore it can hope to Influence the government or the state as a party.
Such a press can be a power in the Northwest as the expression of a
working class remarkably aggressive and devoted to freedom and just
ice. Without a paper of protest against the horrors of a system of pro
fit and plunder it would have been impossible to expose the Donohue
Militia bill passed by the late legislature!
There is tendency to reaction in the state at present. Franchelses are
being given away lavishly to the exploiters of the working casse-etreet
cars, electric lines, electric lighting, and gas- with no provisions to
allow the public to own these necessities in the future; whereas, ten
and twenty years ago such franchises contained specifications for the
transfer of such property to the commonwealth.
Blows at Labor.
The last legislature in Montana nppropriated $10.000 for the purpose
of bringing in labor to compete with the laborers arteady here.
Montana employers are even advertising in Europe for men to work
in the state, while we are already overloaded with Idle men
Little Revolutionary Reading.
Thlre are only 0,000 subaslbers. to Socialist papers in Montana. We
must have at least 50.000 persons reading Socialist papers before the
spirit of protest can be aroused or the workers make their Impress
upon the state and municipal governments.
There are 80.000 voters in Montana, and a population of about O75,
000. Cold figures tead the tale of work to be done
JI posr
The News will fight the battles of the workingclass through all pres
ent evils and obstacles of exploita-tion.
It wilt point out the emancipation from exploitation in the abolition
of the private ownership of the industrial machinery.
It will direct the workers to co-operate production.
It will expose the outrages of capitalism which we encounter at our
It will enter the arean and struggle with strong and self.lntereqted
opponents to construct better laws. Institutions, and opportunities.
It will at all times inform the populace of malicious laws passed and
enforced by our law making bodies.
It will also be a center from which the Initiative and Referendum
will circuate.
Plans oS Operaton.
The News will henceforth be 1 Socialist party paper, but not a
party-owned paper. It will be handled exclusivly by the Union Print
ing and Publishing Company. This company will own its own machin
ery, equipment, linotype, moters, and presses, and is pleasantly and com
modiously situated at 1i Park Avenue, Helena, Montana. It makes a
specialty of union job work, bills constitutions, by-laws, Ieterheads, and
whatever organised labor may require in the way of printing. We sup
port you; you support us. Labor withdraws its support from its enem
ies and co-operates with Its friends.
It will; ssue special editions dealing with the local issues In any town
or community at the minimum cost, so that any such point may have all
the advantages of a local paper, and scatter it by the thousands.
The News will carry a special line of high class advertising, covering
a widespread territory. It has applications from dand companies,
book firms, library associations and other enterprises of a general
character to advertise on a large scale, and will give special attention
to this valuable feature in the future. The News is an unusually able
medium as a publicity organ because of its extended circulation, enter
ing almost every state and territory in the United States, crossing the
borders of Canada and Mexico, and going also to many foreign countries
It is read by the buyers, the chief consumers, the workers, who are 90
per cent of the population.
Polkcy and Progrsm.
The News will stand for the constructive program of Soclalism. It
will work for the industrial revolution through the conquest of political
power by a new class, the workers. It will take an aggressive part in
all political and municipal activities. It will encourage and serve in
every way the organization of the workers both Politically and Indus
trially. It will be first to s, eve the unions in time of trouble and to
reprove them for errors that obstruct their progress. It will be labors
staunchest friend when in trouble no mater what the cause. It will be
the fearless advocate and labor leader of the Northwest, and the rally.
Ing center for the activities of the Socialist movement.
Flancial Support.
If you want to help in this grand world movement of labor you want
to put some money into it and be a part of it You want to take
several shares of stock and get your union and neighbors to take some.
You can pay $6. down for each share of stock or you can pay $1.00 a
month for five months, or for as long as you please, and every $5.00
you pay will give you an additional share of stock.
This method is a sure winner so far as a solid support for Socialist
enterprises is concerned. It is what has made the success of the Kerr
Publishing Company, The Social Democratic Herald, and the Chicago
Daily Socialist. Everybody's business is nobody's business, but defln.
its system will make a paper in the west as successful as those in the
The News is 50 cents a year, one cent each in bidlee.
Further information can be had by writing G. A. Brown, Box 1132,
Helt a, Montana, and send all money for stock to the above address.
All subscrlptiesn for the News and orders for printing should be
addressed to Montasn News, Heless, Moetaau.
around to see you about your vote.
V: Yes?
P: Of course, you know I made a
lot of promises last year
V: Sure I do.
P: Well, I want to tell you that I
haven't n.ade the sig.htest effort to
keep any of them. I've been graftlng
just as much as I could and I'd like
to keep It up. Will you help me?
V: I sure will. You cJn count on
my vote.
P: That's good. I was afrald you
might switch over to those greasy
V: No danger, old man. they
don't stand a chance of gIting my
vote-It'd be thrown away.
P. Ta! Tal
Bome years ago I got a job on a
city drectiory. I did aplendididly
until about four o'clock when I met
my Waterloo.
"What Is your name?" I asked
a strumpy-looking chap. He told me
"What do you doT"
"Don't you work?"
"Haven't you a trade?"
I was putled.
"How do you etrn your lHving?"
"Don't earn any."
Well then, how do you Iiet?"
"I get a check every three months."
When I returned to (%4 6fice I told
the manager of my dlftflcuttles.
"Oh." said he, "We mark them
guys down au Ientlemen."

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