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Ring out, wild betde to the wild sky.
Th b flyilg cloud, t frosty light:
The year 1i dying in the nigh.;
Ring out, wild behu sad let him die.
Ring out the old, ring in the new;
Ring, happy bull, across the snow:
The year Is going let him go;
Ring out the fanle, ring in the true.
Ring out the grief that saps the mind.
For those that here res see no more;
Ring out 'he feud of rich and poor,
Ring in redress to all mankind.
Ring out a slowly dying cause,
And ancient forms of party strife;
Ring in the nobler modes of life,
With sweeier manners, purer laws.
Ring out the want. the care, the sin
The tslthL0es coldness of the Jmes;
Ring out. ring out, my mournful
But ring the fuller minis.rel in.
Rtng out fatlse pride in place and brood
The civic slander and the spite;
ling In the love of truth and righ.,
Ring in the common love of good.
Ring out old shapes of foul disease;
Ring out the narrowins ,ust of gold;
Ring ou. the thousand wars of old,
Rfing In the thousand years of peace.
RIng In the vallan; man and free
The larger heart, the kindly hand.
Ring out the darkness of the land
RinL freedom In, that Is ',o be!
Alfred Tennyson.
By C :l Sandburg.
--Ralmbows Dissolved and "Mil
wMukee 1oeialite Unable to Carry
Out Their Olitterlng Promises" are the
headanes of the Los Angeles Times
A Ir. of things promised but not se
cured by the Milwaukee Soclalists for
that city is then published
some of these things have been se
cured. And wherever a platform de
mand has not been attaln-d, i. has
been because of either one of two con
First, the city of Milwaukee nla
many Important, necessary matters, is
handcuffed and helpless though acts
laws. Until the state etgislature acts
the city cannot make a move toward
certatn actions for .he comonm good
This io why. Mgyor Seldel i .his
Bell Phoae 749-Red Automtalc 156i
A. 3. Dumstk, Prep.
RKElMA 1417 Helena Avvenue MONTANA
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It tells the truth.
It is a workingman's paper.
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first meage to the comogeo counoil
sid "Before all things home rule
the right to self government-should
be secured." Over forty home rule
bills were sent by the common coun
pil to the state legislature for passage.
While a larger number of these pas
sed than had been expected, moat of
them were defeated, and very im
portant rights were dealed by the
republicans and democrats of the
The city asked for the right to con
duct a municipal loan department.
putting loan sharks out of business;
for the right to render free legal ser
vice to citiens who cannot afford a
lwyer: for the right to buy land and
construct model homes for working
men. Ail of these, among oters,
were denied.
Second, the city of Milwaukee to:
a half century has been In the hands
of poaidcal exploiters. For years
it was run by a crew of politicians as
cunning, resourceful and reactionary
as are to be found anywhere in
To coddle the taxpayers, they pltdyed
the game of "keeping down taxes".
And with a wild, shrewd vengeance
they played this game. Every pay
ment of cash was put off to the farth
eat limit of time, through bonds. It
was a carnival of long time bonds
for short time Improvements. Por
payments that broke up and wore out
in seven and rm years, bonds for
twenty years were issued.
The city was plunged into debt
One of the first things found by the
Socialists on entrance to office was
a deficit of $200,000 which had been
carefully concealed by the old regime
through the Juggling of figures
Land contacts aggregating $360.000
came due Jan. 1. 111. . That prin
ciple payment on these had been
evaded for ten years was nat publicir
known in the city till th6 Socialists
began their "open book" policy..
Thus., a third of a millon dolars debt
fell due on an administration which
was meeting debts in a way different
from the frenzed finance methodsvb
had prevailed.
These affairs cut down the amount
of cash available for new enterprises.
In Spite of this, however, every step
that could possibly be taken toward
the realiation of the platform de
mands. has been taken.
When the Los Angeles Times says
that the Milwaukee SoclaAsts have
not brought about city ownership of
public service enterpises. it tells the
truth. When it says the Socialists
promised such public ownership, it
lie. Under its present charter, the
city is forbidden from suoh action.
What the Iocialists did do was the
onmy thing possible for them to do
They Introduced a bill in the legis
lature asking the right for the city
to condemn, buy and operate such
enterprises And the bill was defeated
in the Wisconsin legislature, despite
ait its pretenses to "progresslve' prin.
When the Los Angeles Time.. says
the Boclalists have not estatllshed
tour public markets In the city. It tells
the truth. When It says the Swcialists
have. taken no action In the mattr.
It lies. A public market commisaion
has been appointed and It is a cer
tainty that recommendations will be
brought in that will asnure the ,stab
lishment of markets In the proper
way In the year 112. (fhe market
which has been operating for thirty
years ha. not proven a success be
cause of unwise methods. And he
fore plunging into what might be a
repetition of this fal;ure, there will
be used careful thought as to where
the markets should be located and
how operated.
(Continued from first page.)
States government is not willing to
remain among the worst of employers.
This iulck action of the United States
government is important as an exam.
pe to our State an Muncipal govern
meet, which together employ millions.
"The public a, large does not appre
ciate the many hasardous occupations
in wl.ich F'ederal employees are en
gaged Outside of the dangerous
lethmian Canal Zone operations there
are the navy yards. the power stations.
the raiway mall service, the forestry
service, the rural mall delivery and
many other branches each with dan
pers of Its own. Over two hundred
persons were fatally injured in Gov
ernment service in the first year's
operation of the law. The United
Atates Government should not remain
anong the worst of employers, rather
being a model employer which each
government institution should strive ,o
be. Besides this quick acton of the
U. S. Oovrnment is important as an
example to our state an municipal
governments, which together employ
an enormous number, reaching per
haps into the millions.
"It is considered." said Professor
Ernest Freund. from the Law Bohool
of the University of Chicago. "thas
if an employer for the purpose of his
busines provides and requires. ,he use
of dangerous appitances which are,
humanely speaking, cetain to result in
accident he ought not to let ,he con
s.qunces of the accident lie where
,hty fall, but assume his share t
Professor Freund smid that all leg
islative commissions appointed to In
vestigate he matter favored the prin
ciple of compensation as distinguished
from liability. He outined the poin a
involved in the principhr of compen
saton us ewng:
First: Payment for Injuries or
death. Irrespective of fault or negll
ge.nce except when caused by wilful
Second. The benefit payahbl bear
ing a de finite relation to the former
earning capadcly.
Third. The payment of the benefit
in periodical installments, subject to
commuiatlon to a lump sum under
specific comnditions.
Fourth: Denial of copensatlon for
a brief initial period, in order to
ellmina., the great mass of nslgnifl
cant injuries but llwHral Iprovlsion for
medleal ,reatment
Fifth: Abrogation of the right of
action at common law except where
the fault of the employer Is aggra
The bomb Is out of place In
country where workers have the use
of the ballot.
goclallsm Is not anarchy It is as
different from it as is light from dark
ness or good from evl.
Give labor to full social value of Its
toll, and poverty wlil largely disap
pear, and aong with it the vice, dis
ease and crime whic poverty produces.
Capitallsm enables the cunning and
the strong to live in idleness and lux
ury on the toll of others.
Profit-making robe labor of four
fifths of the output value of Its toll.
This supports the employers, the
wealthy unemployed and our other
society parasites-those unnecessary
midlemen, advertlsers, servants, etc.
who are not producers, and who are
not needed as distibutere of commod
The prep.nt system is so foul as to
be a stenob in the nostrils of midlons
of right thinking people, sad will
have to go under the advance of
Under Sociallsm, with profit maklng
abodshed. and with the bettor santary
conditions whilch would prevail, most.
perhapse ine-tenths-of our present
day diseasse and accidents would not
Sociallsm will start the human race'
on the highway to quick attainm'nt
of such perfection In ourselves, phy
sically, mental,y and morally, and in
our environment as to world has
never seep
Those who can, but wi,1 not lalbor,
though they may. should there be such
under Soajallm,. shall receive accor'.
Ing to wf' they produce- noth.n.
it they pr)duce nothing.
Under Sociallsm a cerain p,,r:,d
of social labor time would be the unit
of value, Ind this work time necessary
to produ any cummodity would fix
its value.( Commodities would tlnti
be exch ed value for valu', or
bought a price thus fixed, Inistad
of at the ighest price which deception
can seen for them.
ociaiS will immediately, on its
adoption, e.l.l to remove the need,
it there such, for the brothel and
.he satrO. and will soon eliminate
them bet Under It you can be clean
in busin and Christianllke seven
days in a week. instead of on Sun
day only as now, which makes you
a hypoc te all the time, even against
methods. It will reform polticians
your wil because of our competitive
and mak them uprilgt men.
Sociali wial win, because the
workers we a hundred to the masters'
one, an all they have to do Is to
reach f pollical power and take it.
Ad that s needed is the awakening
and the wakening has begun.
Socialis should win, in order that the
many w kers and wealth producers,
the wage slaves, may be tree from cx
ploitatlo by the few masters, and the
righ' of II be established over the
might of the few.
Soclalil urges that the means ef
production and distribution of wealth
that are social and public In their
nature ahal be owned collectively.
This incltdes the great wealth of raw
material in the earth--ol, coal. Iron
which nature created for all men
alke, and machinery for its elabor
ationand Sistributlon which machinery
the workers have made but do not
Socialism is a worald-wide move
ment of the working class and Its
sympathisers to have the products of
labor go to those who produce them;
in other words, to secure for the
producers of wealth te wealth which
they produce, that they may be better
housed, better fed, better educated and
live a larger and better life.
Soclallits believe that Socialism, by
abolising the profit-making system In
business, and by establishing the co
operative commonwealth, will remove
more than anyting else proposed, the
political corruption and economic
motive as well as the opportunity for
wrongs, and wihout destroying indi
vidual berty or te incentive to worthy
Society should be so organized that
ad parasites would become producers
of something useful. This would in
crease the producing army and great
ly shorten the hours ofwork neoessay
for the production of all needed com
moditles. Three hours of work per
day would do this, It isbelieved, with
moredn machinery, under the econ
omy of Socialistic management.
Socialism would make ail social
utilities collectivey owned; t iere
would be work for all; each worker
would be paid wed for services per
formed; the great surplus called pro
fits, which now goes to the exploiters.
would be saved for public welfare.
Society being so rich filthy sweat
shops would be abolished; human
rookeries would be torn down; streets
and publlo parks wouid be improved
beyond anything now attempted;
better water supplies secured; public
service of all kinds enlarged and
made better in quality; better public
schooh and other Institutions of
learnst tg sablished. The money now
spent by the wealthy in giving mon
key d.nners and dog parties could be
used 'q' the state for a better clvilll
But Individualism, in Its greed for
profitS ha little thought for these
of the Money and Land-Owning Kings
of the Period of the War of the
A book of 32 pages containing the real truth about our "patriot"
forefathers. It has history not found In our hcsool books. These
are the articles which recently ran In the Social-DemocraUo Herald
and for which there was so large a demand that they had to be
printed in book form.
Learn who are the real patriots were then and who the traitors
are now. Adoption of the United States Constitution war the re
sult of a monster conspiracy and every citizen of America should
know the truth. Washington Lind Franklin not spared Hamil
ton and Hancock exposed. White slavery, kidnaping, murder.
debtors prisons and poiltical trickery. It Contains Reference List
for Historical Research in Libraries.
Push the sale of thie book. It is good propaganda.
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Montana News Helena, Montana.
Comrades ana Brother:
We desire to call your attention to the printing oloe of the
Montana News. We do all kinds of printing for loab
,rganlmations. Constitutions, By-Laws, Letter Heads, Envelopes
Working Cards, all stationary and printed material used by
The Montana News is the only paper In the Rocky Mountaln
states that advocates the right of labor at all times and In all
places. Regardless of what the grelvences may be we stand
by the strikers in the struggle of the union against the
eorportlons. In more than one instance we have turned
public opinion In favor of the strikers, and in more than one
city and camp have we made the union label respected.
The Montana News is supported exclusively by the workers
and the profts from Job work of the labor organisations of
Montana. Wyoming, Idaho and Utah.
Perhaps your union nas not required the easistance of say
paper in times of trouble, but rest assured, should rou
organliation ever become involved in a strike; the Montana
News will be found on your side and ready to give all the
assistance that press and pen can do to win the strike.
A labor prem should be built up, and we need your assistance
will you send us your order for the printing of your union?
Why suppost print shops whose paper attack ye or m at
your c(u with sloleoad Indlt.ene whan yL o aro ta elvdet
to a staike?
The capitalists know the power of the press and ceatrol
the papers accordingly.
Ihould your union require anything in the line of printing
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We may charge higher than scab shops, but we pay all eo
preso charges on packages sent out. Remember we are the
headquarters for Union Printlng In the Northwest and the
shop that h..s made the Union Label respected.
No work leaves our shop that does not bear the Unlem
Label. None but Union men employed.
Hopinl to be favored by the patronage and support oft our
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A. J. Hillman, D. F. &P. A.
127 N. Main Srect
r "The New See Trail." Butte. Mont.

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