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University Club
' V S''
NUMBER . . 165
W0t -r' W,fisr?yr- pf-
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t 'WlWWM Btt,.
A Host of Articles Suitable for
Chrismas Gifts Among' them
things of Sterling Silver and
Useful little pieces for
partial list: .
Cuticle knives,
Nail pollsters,
Button books,
Paper cutters,
Kail brushes,
Puff boxes
Did you ever notice a person on picking up these
small articles look for the Sterling mark and how sat
isfied they seemed when they found it. A present is
valued, or should be, for the
it expresses, or that prompts it. There's a double sat
isfaction in sending gifts so worthy and genuine as
Sterling silver
EBONY is very popular. We wonder if the way
it sets off and enhances the beauty of silver is the cause
of it. The dull black ebony, mounted with silver, is
certainly a very rich, and handsome combination:'
Hair brushes,
Military brushes,
Tooth brushes,
Manicure pieces,
Shoe horns,
A set that deserves, special mention consists of a set
of military brushes, bevelled mirror and comb all in a
neat silk lined case. This set is $10.00.
Another set this for a woman consists of brush,
mirror and comb. The back of brush and mirror is of
carved leather. Unique, very. $6.00.
.Still another set, bru-.h, mirror and comb, of ebony Is only $5.00
JN STERLING SILVER, the dull finish, called
-French Gray, has come into favor. In these goods
there is nothing newer than this dull finish in L'Art
Nouve au designs.
Piles, cuticle knives and paper cutters, $i. each.
Rolling blotters, $2.25 and 3.75.
Soft little brush and handled comb for the baby,
$3.50 set.
Shaving Cups
Silver plated, double com
partment cups with badger
brushes. -
$2.00 to $6.00
VI l 'l"l'i'M'iM"M 'I'M 'l"l"l'l"i it'iM"l"l"l"l 'M"t"l' t"t"lii"Mi 1 'M'i 'M I !! I 111
I 5ff Pan-American Kg;
i Confectionery and Ice Cream Palors
? Located In Brewery Gulch, Three doors from Post Office,
T Soda Water, Ice Cream Soda, Fruit, Nuts and Candy.
Rich Coffee, Lunch, Etc., Tamales, Enchilda, until con uarnie. ca
' t Leave Orders for the Finest Home-made Pies and Cakes.
IMMM-t-: 't tnnl'iiiiint HiiiiHnti,M"' V I"I"M'"
llDO YOUkrnl
.j . i
Want a Cheap
to ran a HAT aria SHIRT SALE, for ten
days and it will pay you to come in and look
oyer our Bargain Counters.
The California flannel, in brown un
derwear, has at last arrived and those digging
shoes with the tripple sole came with them.
Our Fall and Winter Hats are also here and
they are the real thing too. I was surprised
what a difference it made in a homely man's
appearance why, it is simply wonderful
when yoa pat one on. If you don't want to
be bothered with an overcoat this winter, come
in and we will fix yon up in the finest ALL
WOOL UNDERWEAR there is in town,
and that's no joke, either.
Mala Street
Milady's desk or dresser,
Nail flies,
Cream Jars,
Ink erasers,
Hat brushes,
Pfn trays.
sentiment and remembrance
Hat brashes,
Nail brushes.
Nail polishers,
Ink stands,
Travelling Sets
Manicure and toilet sets
in compact leather cases.
In a trunk bag all the
needed things are right
where you can easily find
them. $2.25, $5.50 and up.
to mak e
room for a
large - stock of
Winter Goods,
now on the road,
I have concluded
South American
Republics Will Fight
Buenos Ayres, Dec. 9. Chili's reply last night to Ar
gentine has been received, but the government has refused
to make public its contents. Immediately upon the receipt
of the answer a special cabinet meeting was called, after
which the naval reserves were ordered to mobilize imme
diately. It is generally believed in official circles that the
answer was not very unfavorable, but it is feared that an
open rupture between the two Republics miJy occur at any
time. Chili continues buying war ships and making other
preparations which augur for anything but peace.
Speak Highly of Bisbee and Its
Prosperity Will Visit the
Town of Arizpe
Messrs. H. E. Davenport and J. L.
Parker, two prominent mining men of
Chineplls, Chihuahua, Mexico, spent a
few hours in Bisbeo yesterday on their
way to Arizpe.
Speaking of their mines in Chihua
hua Mr. Davenport said to a represent
ative of the Review:
"Yes, we have what wo think is the
richest silver mine, carrying copper,
In the state of Chihuahua. We have
something like 1,800 Mexican miners,
with American foremen, and we are
taking out large quantities of very
rich ore. It is true that the price of
silver has f.ilien considerably in the
last few days, but I think Mexico will
stick to the white metal for some time
yet. They are paying a high rate of
Interest, but we have such large quan
tities of silver and it is worked very
cheaply. Up to the time I left we bad.
contracts for all of our bullion, and I
don't think there Is much chance to
feel scared as to the final result. When
silver gets too cheap for us to mine we
will then turn our attention more
cli-sely to copper. We have some good
copper properties adjoining us and we
have been shipping the- Guggenheim
smelters eeveral, cars Osgood copper
ore every month. We intend to In
crease our shipments about the first of
the year.
"What do I think of Bisbee? Why,
you people living here don't half know
how much your place is advertised.
Everywhere you go one hears of Bis
bee. Why, every other word nearly in
El Paso is Bisbee or the Bisbee road.
My last visit to your camp was some
six or seven years ago, and I hardly
knew the place when I got off the train
yesterday evening. I think bisbee has
a great future before it. I always did
contend that .there was more than one
body of ore here, and 1 have hear
the big strike over in the Lowell. That
means a great deal for that part of the
country, and I am really glad to see it.
"Mr. Parker and I are making a trip
down into Sonora to look over some
property near Arizpe. We have heard
a great deal about that section, and as
there are no rail connections across
the Sierra Madre mountains we bad to
make the trip around by El Paso and
Bisbee. This property Is copper,. and
If it is up &o expectations we may pay
more attention to copper than we have
in the past."
Both Mr. Davenport and Parker left
on the evening train for Douglas and
will return to Bisbee In about ten iiajs.
Texas Delegation Will
Washington, Dec. 9. It
delegation from Texas will
Mexico as a state. The opposition of the Texans is based
on the ground thafmany of the inhabitants of New Mex
ico are greasers and not in
Trial Rii ef Torpedo Nat
Washington, Dec 9. The new tor
pedo boat destroyer Decatur started
for its official trial.. trio. today over the
Barren Island course in Chesapeake
bay. The Decatur was built by the
Trigg Shipbulldingompany of Rich
mond, and naval experts who haVe ex
amined the boat are of the opinion that
It will more than fullfil the require
ments of the contract.
Mentrial Trastees Meet
Washington, Dec. 9. The trustees
of the McKlnlejr National Memorial
Association, of which Judge William
R. Day Is president, held a meeting
here today. Plans for the completion
of the fund and other matters in rela-
Itloa to the proposed memorial were con
sidered, sjj,
- ,rr
i ri- --'3--l?iaa-I . . ... A.,.- . .. $lfoiu- r ""-aflal
"TVi'rfc ' - i i ii 1 t:f JKMBiPlllW'zMMaWBjgagaiBlB - m ' laBTsPJ
The Drilling Contest Will he a
Feature ot the 1 Paso
The drilling contests for miners at
the El Paso Carnival will be a feature
of the elaborate program prepared and
liberal prizes are offered as an induce
ment for a large attendance of prize
drillers from Arizona and New Mexico.
A circular letter from the committee
gives a list of prizes to bo offered:
Double hand drilling, first prize,
Double handed drilling, second prize
Double handed drilling, third prize
Single handled drilling, first prize
Single handed drilling, second prize
Single handed drilling, third prize
These are based upon a total of 91,000
of cash prize money. An increase of
this fund may be derived from other
than proent sources, In which event
such excess will be added to the -prizes
In addition to the above cash prizes
the merchants ot El Paso have added
several valuable articles to the list,
ranging from rifles to demijohn) of ten-year-old
whisky, t-
The following rules are expected to
prevail, but are subject to addition or
amendment up to December 20, upon
which date the fixed rules will be
mailed upon application:
Entrance Jee will be charged as fol
Double handed contest (team)', $20.
Single handed. contest, $10.
And must be paid to the secretary of
the International Miners' association
prior to January 14, 1902.
A 7-8 inch steel will be used no
swedge steel allowed. Hammers not
to exceed eight pounds for double
handed contest. Hammers not to ex
ceed four pounds for single handed
contest. Measurement of steel and
weighing of hammers to be made at the
stone. "
Ti re on doable handed contest, fif
teen minutes.
Time on single banded contest, fif
teen minutes.
If hammer If in air when time Is
called iho blow may be completed.
Each hole will be measured immedl
ately'upon its completion.
The International Miners' associa
tion will spare no effort or pains in se
lecting judges and conducting the con
test to the complete satisfaction of all
New Mexico.
is understood here that ,'a
oppose the admission of New
sympathy with United States
TrMbles In Zfrn.
Chicago, III., Dec. 9 Dr. John Alex
ander Dowie, self-styled pope of tha
Christian Catholic Church in Zlon, ap
peared before Judge Tuley today to
listen to arguments for the appoint
ment of a receiver for the Zlon lace in
dustries. The room was crowded to
the doors with the "faithful" and the
head of Zioa was accompanied by bis
The petition for a receiver was made
by Samuel Stevenson, -brother-in-law
of the "overseer,;' and is the result of
difficulties that have existed between
the two for some time. Stevesseo In
vested money In the new industries at
Zlon and declares he has been defrauded.
Magnates Battle for the Posses
sion ef Rich Coal Lands
The struggle between W. C. Greene
and Charles P. Egan for the possession
of rich coal land in Mexico grows
more interesting as the days go by.
The following gives the latest' details
In the case:
Charles P. Egan, ex-commissary
general, backed by Alvinza Hayward
and Charles D. Lane, California mining
millionaires, is flghtln;:, W. C. Greene,
the copper king of Arizona, for posses
sion and title to 3,000,000 acres in Mex
ico, supposed to contain rich coal beds.
The land is in Sonora and was part of
the estate of an American named John
son, who went to Mexico and married
a century ago.
Greene and Egan discovered that
this land contained rich coal mines and
sought to s cure control of the prop
erty. Greene bought from Carlos John
son, the present head of the family,
the mineral rights to the big grant for
a nominal sum, while Egan purchased
the same rights directly from the gov
Greene secured possession first, but
Egan resorted to the courts and Greene
was declared a trespasser. Greene
went into the courts, and after pome
litigation the Egan party was forced to
quit the disputed land. By this time
both sides had machinery on the
ground, ready to-rush development,
while Greene had begun a railroad
from Guaymas through the coal fields
to bis copper mines at La Cananea.
Egan then went to Guaymas a.d se
cured the aid of a local judge and dis
trict officials, and Carlos Johnson and
P. C. Fenner, Greene's mining expert,
were dragged Into court. Egan took
possession with armed Mexicans to al.t
blm, but Greene sent a gang of Ari
zona cowboys and the Egan men were
driven off.
Last week Egan Interested the Mex
ican government in the fight and troops
were sent to San Marcial. near the coal
mines. The Euan party were rein
stated, but Greene applied more diplo
macy and the former commissary gen
eral was removed.
Last Tuesday Fenner and' Johnson
were again arrested and confined In
jail at Guaymas. Both parties are still
full of fight.
Copper Queen Co.
vs. Cochise County
Tombstone, Ariz., Dec. 10, 1901.
Today marked the opening of the
trial of the Ccpper.Queen Consolidated
Copper company vs. the county of Co
chise, whereby the copper company
asks for an injunction to restrain the
collector from co lecting taxes on an
increased assessment, which the com
pany claims was levied arbitrarily and
is exhorbitant.
The trial of this case is attracting
wide spread attention throughout the
territory and is watched with a rreat
deal of interest by-Boards of Supervis
ors in adjoining counties. Supervisors
York and Reay are interested specta
tors at the hearing of the case and the
array of counsel with their batteries of
authorities are the center of attrac
tion. Friday an4 Saturday was spent in ar
guing a demurrer presented .by attor
neys for the county, which was on the
general ground that the complaint of
the Copper. Queen company did. not
constitute a cause of action 'and asked
that the demurer be sustained, which
if it had been, wou'.d have been a par
tial victory for the county. The argu
ment closed Saturday evening and the
court announced that a decision on the
demurrer would be banded down Mon
day morning at 10 a.m. "Consequently
the plaintiff withdrew its forces to Bis
bee, but vwere on the ground again
this morning bright and early, leaving
Bisbee on a special at 5 a. m.
Court met very promptly this morn
ing and almost at once the following
case was called: C. Q. C. M. Co. vs.
Cochise county.
In the opening' of his remarks, the
Judge, complimented toe lawyers on
both sides of the case and stated that
"the argument was very full and sails'
factory and that the counsel in the case
had shown commendable industry in
their presentation of.the argument for
and against the demurrer,!' but added
that he did not think some of' the au
thorities Quoted by counsel were di
rectly in conflict with the ease.
The court at some Jeagtb (reviewed
the law .governing in junction and de
murrer in cases similar to this, and al
so of ihe case on Its merits and finally
announced the demurrepwas overruled
and both) rides Immediately 'prepared
for trial.. '
Cefcre. Creriymai ShtL
Oscaloosa, Iowa, Dec. 9 Considera
ble excitement was caused last night
when Rev. A. A. Johnson was shot
while oreachln? in the African M. E.
church at this place. Anna Nelson, a
colored girl, claims Johnson wronged
ner aaa reiuaea to marry ner. one
procured a' revolver and taking delib
erate aim fired. Johnson is seriously
wounded and the girl has oeen arreeu d
Ten Million Dollars
for University Extension
Chicago, Dec. 9. A Washington dispatch to the
Record-Herald says that Andrew Carnegie is now com-,
pleting a plan to donate ten .million dollars for the cause of
University extension in the United States. The public an
nouncement of the fact will be made at the White House
tomorrow. Mr. Carnegie was in Washington a few days
ago and took lunch with the President, during-which time
the plan was fully discussed. Carnegie has thought it
best, to create a national board to handle the funds.
Republicans Win Two Conncil
men, Democrats One
Tucson, Dec. 9. At the city election
today the total vote cast was 609. Bark
ley, Democrat, councilman from Sec
ond ward, Anderson, Republican, from
First ward, Reid, Republican, from
Third Ward, were elected by close
Washington's Grand Niece
New York, Dec. 9. Mrs. Alice Wash
ington Falrchild, grand niece of the
first president, is the beneficiary of a
m lslcalo given this afternoon at the
residence of Mrs. Esther Herman In
West Fifty-sixth street. Through the
efforts of the Daughters of the Ameri
can revolution Mrs. Fairchlld was
found some time since living in a
squalid tenement and on the verge of
starvation. She will be sent to the
Mary Fisher Home to spend the rest of
ber days in comfort.
Ranchers in Texas
fear Heavy Loss.
St. Louis,' Dec. 9. Telegrams continue to arrive here,
from Midland, Texas, reporting the first real snow storms
of the season prevailed all over Northern and Northwest
ern Texas yesterday. There was a heavy snow fall in
many places, accompanied by extremely cold weather. Re
ports received todaystate the ranchmen fear a heavy loss
of live stock in lower and central Panhandle sections.
Cattle there are thin in flesh and feed and water are very
A Negro Inventor
of Rapid Eire Gun
Washington, Dec. 9. Eugene Per
kins, a nejro twenty-two years of Bge,
whose parents and grand parents were
slaves, and who himself worked until
three years ago setting up pins in a
Chicago bowling alley, has presented
a rapid fire gun of ,hls ownp invention
for the consideration of the board of
ordnance, vhlch mot today. The young
man hopes with it to put Maxim's fam
ous guns in the background and have
his work adopted by the United States
government. He is without more than
a common school education, and his
surroundings were not calculated to
cultivate his mind on the subject of
mechanics. Yet he has invented this
gun, applied -for a patent, on it, success
fully defended his application against
the suits -of Maxim and obtained all
the claims he has asked for, nineteen
in number. Ordnance experts who
have examined the gun speak highly
of its merits, while Chicago capitalists
re Bald to have sufficient confidence In
it to back the young negro in this and
other Inventions he is endeavoring to
Switchmen's Strike Is Off.
Pittsburg, Dec. 9 The switchmen's,
strike is now a thing of the past. Rail-
roaus'are moving freight rapidly and
all plants shut down during the strike
owing to a lack of coal and iron ore,
have resumed.
Sinreme Court. Adjoirns.
Washington, V. C-. 9 After the 'de
cisions had been handed down in the
United States Supreme court today
Chief Justice Fuller announced a re
cess until Monday, January 6. The
court usually takes a recess of. four
weeks in February, for consultation on
cases already argued, but changed the
time this year owing to the failure to
complete repairs to the supreme court
Can we prove that Schil
ling's Best baking powder is
asgood. as' we, say it is?
No; buy it and try it.
Mine Workers In Alabama
Bessener, Aa., Dec. 9 The Alabama
dlvUIon of the United Mine Workers
ot America met In delegate convention
In this city this morning at 10 o'clock.
More than a score of local unions, with
a combined membership of several
tboueand are represented. There Is
nothing of special importance to come
before the convention. The sessions
are likely to last several days, as sever
al. by-laws are to be considered and act
ed upon, officers elected and various
reports to be heard. All indications
point to the re-election of Edward
Flynn, of Pratt city, as president.
Remanded to Jail
London, Dec. 9, H. St. John Dlx,
who is charged with larceny commit
ted In the United States, who is al
leged to have wrecked the Scandinavian-American
bank of Washington,
was again remanded to the Bow Street
police court today until December 17,
in spite of the protests of the United
States embassy officials. Counsel for
Dix claimed he had not time to exam
ine the extradition papers, wnloh are
declared to contain many false allegations.
Work on the New Jail Commenc
ed. Local Items of Interest
Mr. McComlch of the Copper Queen,
Is putting up a substantial and very
pretty residence in Naco.
Mr. Politzer of the firm of Tener . &
Politzer, is on a trip to the Cananeas,
where he has interests of importance
v J. A. Miller and family have return
ed to Naco from Lochiel, where Mr.
Miller will take his old position as line
Ben Goodrich, the well known Los
Angeles lawyer and old timer, is visit
ing Naoo and is the guest of W. C.
S. S. Hughes of Tucson is in Naco
and registered at Hotel Naco. Mr.
Hughes Is a well known cattle man and
is now looking after cattle In this dis
trict, .Mr. Charles Goldman went back to
Phoenix Friday. Mr. Goldman has
been visiting bis brother, Ben Gold
mad, the well known Naco merchant.
The guest paid a visit to Cananea and
tne surrounding country and was ex-
tremely pleased as well as astonished
weaitn ana prospects of this
The Naco branch of the Copper
Queen store, under the management of
Mr. Macomish, Unlacing in a complete
line of candies for their Christmas
trade. This, store is making great
preparation for larger and more elab
orate display of Christmas yoody than
they have ever made before. This
year the youngsters will be aided in
their efforts for an enjoyable Xmas as
all toys will be sold at cost.
The Naco jail has been commenced
and will be completed as soon as pos
sible. This jail was needed in Nsco
owing to the distance from Bisbee and
the counVy seat. The officers here have
bad to deal with the peculiar char
acteristics ef a border town, asd have
at times a bard task not unaccompanied
by danger, but they have made their
presence felt by evil doers in this pros
perous and progressive gate city.
. -J

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