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Mininj Application No. 758.
U. S. Lino Orricr, Trcso, AmitosX. I
October as, Mil. i
Nonoaja HihsbyQivis. that L. C. Shat
tuck, bOMiotolBce a Mrett li BUber , Co.
chlte County, Art.ona Terrltorr. hat this
day filed bit application for a patent tor
V59.7-11W-I1W linear feet of the Junction,
Comet and Pay Day retpectlre mines or reins
hearing copper and other metalt with tur
farursuadoneachCOO feet In width, situ
ated In Warren Mining District, County of
Cochiie and Territory of Arizona, and detlg
natedbytbe field notet and omclal plat on
file in thW office a Surrey No. iS&J, approxi
mately In Township No- south. Range Nn.
21 eatt (unturTeyed), of the Gila and Salt
Rlter Bate and Meridian eald Surrey 'o.
1563 being at follows:
Beginning at corner No. 1, the northwest
corner Identical with northwett corner tin
surveyed Home Ide, a pine pott 4 feet long,
4 Inches tquare, et la a roonnd of ttonet and
terlbed 1-1S63AJ. U, whence U.S. M. M. No. 4
bean !. M deg. mln. weit 4931 feet ; thence 9.
49deg. 08 mln. eatt SOOfeet to corner No. 2;
thence south 70 deg. 88 mln. eatt SOJ feet to
corner N'.S; thence sooth U deg- mln.
westWSteet to corner No. 4. Identical with
cor. No.Pay Day Lode of thlgroup: thence
soutn49deg. 08 mln. west 600 feet to lOrner
No. R. Identical with corner No. 1 Pay Day and
No, I, Identical with .ajt No. 1 and 2 re
spectlrelyof St. Louis and illlnt.lt claims of
this group; thence south M deg. ssmln. xOt.l
feet to corner No. 4; thence north IS deg. 41
mln. west 203 2 to corner No 5 on west tide
lineunsur eyed CochlteLode; thence north
SI dee. M mlu. wett 23.1 feet to earner No. ,
Identical with north eat corner unsurveyed
Cochlte Lale; thence north 49degreet Si mln
eatt,8t.9feetto corner ,io. 7. Thence north
13deg tlmlo west 40 feet to corner No.8. thence
touth 27 Ues. 4S mln . west 222 . 1 feet to corners
No. 2 and 4 of the Oakland and Oklahoma
survey No. 12&S;712.2 feet same bearing to
corner No. 1, the place of beginning.
ILLINOIS LODE Beginning with corner
No.l,thenorth west corner Identical with
corner No. 4; Nellie Lode No. 1(73, a pine post
4 feet long, 4 Inches square, set 1 foot In the
ground la a mound of stones and scribed
1.U64.I .L. Whence V. S. M. M. No. 4 bears
north 29 deg. 88 mln M see, wett (443.3 feet;
thence north 84 deg 49 min east COO feet to cor
ner No. 2, Identical with corners So. 2 andl.
Top Gallant & Bt. Louis Lodes of this group.
Thence 3 13 dec 19 mln est liOl feet to corner
No.2 Identical with corner No. 4, St. Louli
Lode of this group; thence S 84 deg 49 mln
wett J8 feetto cor Xo.4, on line 2-2 Sixteen
to One Lode o. 1292, at south 18 deg 22 mlu,
eattSiSl feet from corner No. 2; thence
north 13 deg 22 mln w est 201 feet tocorner No.
3; thence north 18 deg 28 mln eatt 483 4 feet to
cor. o. 6, Identical with corner Vo. 2, Nellie
Lode Mo. 1273; thence north 12 deg 33 mlu eatt
319.2 feet to corner Mo. 1, the place of beginning
ST LOUIS LODE Beginning at corner Mo.
1. the northwest corner. Identical with cor
UrT ' ( , ,,, , -, r.
,. - , .. i u..ut..t ft?Q7 i nertlo. zanu 3, lliinoisot lop uniuiai ujun
thence north 3 dee. 1 mln. SO tec.', eatt 99.7
rlnnmi?. t - -----. . -. --
square, set 1 foot In the ground In a mound
of itonee and scribed 1-1561-S. L Whence U
S. M Jt. mo. 4 bears north 24 deg 23 mln, wett
wiim , ....
, -.8 leet to Intersection wett tme una un-
turveyed Cochlte Lode at south 23 deg 48 mln
eet to corner No. 1. tis place of beginning.
i.. -.ji. V. thA nnrthvptt
B(lSMnsw''r... .,,,. . M j M m,n
-.--a t.m . Vn
u.a lrlantlPtl lillD CWTHCH i"
and No. 3 Junction Lodes ol this group, a pine
post4feetlong.41nches square, tet 1 foot la
the ground In a mound ol ttonet and scribed
1-156VP. 1, whence U. & M. M So 4 heart
north 49deg. 51 mln wett 5423 feet: thence
touthS deg. 40 mln eatt 159 feet to corner
No.2, Identical with corner No. 2 Oklahoma
Lode No. 1398 and with corner No, 5 Comet
Lode of thlnurrey; thence south 16 dtg 44
mln. eatt 8.4S feet to eor No. 2 Sorrel Horse
Lode No. H71 9S3J feet, same bearing to cor
ner No. S.ldentlcal with corner No 2 Sorrel
Horse Lode No. 1471; thence north 49 deg 08
mln, eatt 600 feet .to ccrner No. 4, Identical
with north end center. High Card end touth
wett corner Regular. unturTeyed elalrot;
thence north 18 de . 16 mln. w est 3115 reel to
corner No. 5; thence north 19 deg 10 mln
wett SOOfeet to northwett andsoutbwett cor- i M nearIy Bgcan e determined from present
ners unsurvered Regular and Guard elalroi. deveiopmcntt, north S7 degrees 25 minutes
831S5 feet tame bearing to corner No.C,lden-(WMtTMfeetfromcornerNO J; on the ull.
tlcal with nortnwett corner GuardLode; ncItinorth is jegreet 19 minutet eatt 1M4
thence touth 49deg.'8 mln. west 6n0 feet ! fect from touth end center: on theSt Louis,
corner No, 1, the place of beginning. north 13 degreet 19 minutet eattliO Jeet from
rmiFT T.ODE 1 the touth end center.
w - The discovery thaft on the Top Gallant.
Beglnnlugwithcor.No 1. Identical wun ci,r. 5x7i:J ,,, ,, ,outh Si degreet 23 mln
Application No. 757.
Subtit No 1562.
U.S LandOmici, TucsoK. ABIZOMA, (
October 26, 1901. 1
Noticc ik Ucbsbt Oitch, that L. C. Shat
tuck, whose pottofflce address Is Bltbee, Co
chise County, Arlsoua Territory, has this
day filed his application for a patent for
1278 linear feet of the Waddell, mine or rein,
bearing corner and other metals with sur
face ground 600 feet In width, situated in
Warren Mining District, County of Cochise
and Territory of Arizona, and designated by
the field-notes and offit'lal plat on fill in this
office as Surrey No. 1582, approximately In
Township No. 23 south. Range 21 eatt of the
Gila and Salt River Baso aud Meridian, laid
Survey No, 1562 being at folio s:
Beginning at corner No. 1, the northwest
corner. Identical with location, a pine pott
4 feet long, 4 Inches square, set 1 foot in the
ground In a mound of ttonet and scribed
1-U61-W. L. whence a pine pott scribed 1-1312-W.
C, bears north 20 deg. 7 min. west 50.5 feet,
and a second pott, same dimensions and
scribing, bears south 20 deg. 1 mln. eatt 39
feet and U. 8. 11. 11. No. 4 bears north (Vdrg
15 mln. wett 2192 leet; thence north 87 de. 48
mlu. eatt 217.2 feet to corner No. 2, Identical
with corner No 1, List Bote of Summer Lode
No. 1561; thence touth 40 deg. 24 mln. eat
1378 feet to corner No. 3, Identical w 1th cor
ner No. 3 Last Rote of Summer Lode No. 15G1,
and with corner No. 2 Comet Lode No. 1581;
thence south S7 deg. 43 mln. wett 600 feet to
corner No. 4, Identical with corner No. 1
Comet Lode No. 1563; tbenc north SO deg. 7
mln west 311 61 leet to Interact line 2-2 Ore
eon Lode No. 1398. at south 11 dez. 17 mln
east 26.91 feet from corner No. 2. 314.7 feet I statute,
ber 1. the place of beginning.
,Magnetlo variation 12 deg. east containing
61.02 acres.
The presumed genera course of the min
eral bearing ledge on the Mountain Maid It,
at nearly as can be determined from pn sent
developments, north 39 deg. 24 mln. west,
1446.5 from the north and center; on the Ju
deah, from the north end center south 29
der.33 mln. wett 600 feet: thence south 36
degrees 47 minutet wett 900 feet; on the Rein
deer, north 59 deg. wett l'OO feet from the
east end center.
The discovery shaft on the Mountain Maid,
4x6x5 feet, botrs from corner t.umber 4,
north 11 deg. 22 mln. west 540 feet; on the
Belndeer, 4 x 6 x 10 feet, bears from east end
center north 60 deg, 31 mln. wett 350 feet; on
the Judcah,4x6xl0feet bean from touth
eud center north 37 deg. 8 mln. east 400 feet.
The location of this mine It recorded In
the officii of the Reoorder of Deedt at Tomb
stone In the County and Territory aforesaid
as follows: Reindeer, Judeah, Mountain
Maid. Book 3, 12, 11, Page No. 38. S3, 588 Re
cord of Mines.
The adjoining claimants are: On the north,
unsurveyed claim, name and owner un
kntwn; on the eatt, American Lode, untur
veyed, Jacob Plrrung owner; on the south,
Home Lode same owner; on the w st, Ceme-
Notice to Creditors. -
In the Probate Court of Cochlsu County, Ter
ritory of Arlxona.
Ettate of Thomas C Amsden.deceased.
Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned
administrator of the estate of Thomas C.
Amsden, deeeaied, to the creditors of and
all person! having claims against the said
deceased, to exhibit them, with the neoesst
ry vouchers, within four months after the
first publication of this notice, to the said
administrator at hit office In the town of
Bltbee, the tsme being the place for tbo
transaction of business of said estate, in said
County of Cochlte.
I. W. Wallace.
Admlntttrator of the ettate of Thomas C.
Amsden, deeeaied.
Alias Summons.
In the Dlttrlct Court, Flrtt Judicial Dfs
trlct of the Territory of Arltona. In and for
the County of Cochise.
Joua CoENlna, Flslntlff.
Lizzib Cobmimo, Defendant.
Action brought In the District Court of the
First Judicial Dlttrlct of the Territory of Ar
tery, various owners; Baras Lode. Copper ' .,f 'fh County of Cochise, and
Queen Consolidated Mining Co.. owners. . l? r?P"" " ' '" " V"r -A.,ya..dallperton.clalmlngadTer.elyany
?' ,n ha" Clerk. of said Dls
portion of Mountain Maid, Reindeer or Ju- "i" ' . , M
deah mine or surface ground are required ThoTerritory of Ari.ona nd. greeting to
to Hie their adverse claims with the Rogltter ""' Corning:
of the United States ind Office at Tucson. I Y,ou "re hebr sQ'd to appear in an
In the Territory of Arlron. during the sixty rtlon, "f" ,a"'n' .you b' th ,b07e
day. of publication hereof, or they will be "" PWs-tlff. the DUtrlet Court of tha
barred by virtue ol the provisions of the f't Judicial District of the Territory of Ar-
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eatt 470.9 feet f torn northw ett corner. COO feet
same "earing locorwr o. .,.. .- ,.,,, UJSCS cres
ueg .,mm .... .. "7"" -"' The presumed general course of the mln
sldellneuntur,eyed Cochlte Lode at southJS ( ml m ub
dej mln wett M6J feet from northwett , asconLe detcrminedi from preseut de,el.
corner U01 feet, tame bearing to corner No n0rth nin wek 1S78 ,Mt
. the southeatt corner ldentcalw 1th a cor- (rom tbe ,, .,, cen,
ner of unsurveyod Combination Claim; Th. dl$co,e hBt 4x6x M f,et. bear.
Thence north M deg M rnln west 600 feet to ffom ,nt onHneMat 7wfeet from corner
TVrisj-r jcj. l.iucillicas " t,aa . ua .. . -i
I to aTiatvnr tt inmnl a'n il tul iliABaln h laKtw.
same bearing to interact line Ut Oregon nrs. puoucat.on uctoner m, ? twenty day. (exclusive of the day of service)
LodeNo. 139at South 81 deg S mln. west ili.rtliaMt,lim,nii nliM.innn. ilf
9 81 feet from corner No. 2, 1J7 feet same . i, fa-rebv ordered, that the foreirnlnc served within thl. ronntv; cth.r.l. .l.hln
bearing to corner o. 1, the place of begin-j notice of application lor patent be publlthed thirty days), or judgment by default will be
"'"' j for a period of sixty-one dayt In the Bltbee taken agalntt you according to the prayer
uaanewt variation. lues - "" st cu- B0uv KEVIEW. a dally newsoaner nubl thed
at Bltbee, Cochise County, Arlsona Terrl
tory. MiiTox K. Moobx. Kegkter.
linois Lode of this group; thence north IS
deg l mln eatt ISM feet to e'nier so. 1, the
place of beginning.
Magnetic varlatlo i 11.45 containing S1.S2
Thepresumed general course of the min
eral bearing ledge on the Top Gallaut Lode
Anhaeuser Busch
BEER . 3
Liquors Jfcg 3
Dubacher c5c Muheim '""Cigars 3
No 2,touth61,leg.40mD west SOfeet
I Tba locatlou of this miue U recorded Id
I the Recorder' Office of Cochise County at
j Tombstone In Hook No 15, Pnee No- . Ke
i ocrdof Mine
The adjoining claimatiUare: On the north, '
j Surplus Lodc Perr on ner; on the east. Last '
. Roeof Summer Lode No. 1561, L.CShattuck
I owner; on the south Comet Lode No. 1563, L-
CBhattuck owner, and Home Lode, unur- '
leyed, Jacob I'lrrung owner; on the west.
Trlmrose Lode, tinurejed, Edward Grenfell
owner, Wayland Lode, uusurVeyed, I. W Wal
lace owner, and Oregon Lode" No 189$, Tho
Any aud all personsclalmlne adrcrelj any
Notice for Publication.
Department or the Intesiub,
Lakd OrriCE at Ttcson, Ariz ,
December 9, iwi.1
Notice li hereby pUen that the followlnK
named settler has filed notice of his Inten
tion to make final proof In support of his
claim, and thit said proof will be made be
fore Geo. II. mllcox, U. & Commis
sioner, at nisttee, Arizona, on Saturday, Jan
uary 14,101, via:
Frank H hlte. of Doue'as, Arizona, for
the 8 Yt i W4, TVK SW 4 n SEi Sft i Seo
S,T.24.5..R.2 l,O.A3R.B AM
He names the follow ing w itnetes to prore
his continuous res'dence uion and cultiva
tion of said land lz: John T. Mcholon,
CItnton A. Hurdle and John M, Prlne. ot
Douglas, Arizona, and Asa Bainab, of Ills
uc, Arizoun.
MILTON R. MOOKE, Register,
First pub. Dec. 1G,01.
of said complaint.
Said action Is brought to obtain a decree of
divorce from the bonds of matrimony exist
ing between the above named plaintiff and
Given under my hind and the seal of the
District Court of the First Judicial District
of the Territory of Arizona, In and for the
CountV Of Cochise, this 19th dav of Novam.
ber, In the year of our Lord one thousand j
nine hundred and one.
seal A.H.Euamuxl, Clerk,
Warren Laundry Co.!
t Situated in
Upper Mule Gulch
iGen'l Office, Geo. Dorflinger's.
&;$frgstkit$6&$6 3fe JrWfc Jfe
aw on r wra cia B aw an on oa a an an aa an an
p Mr Mr JSr Mi m m Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr tr MrKr
No. WadJetl Lode No 1162an.l wlthacor., ntM ea jjj feat from corner so 1: on the ' portion of said Waddell Mine or surface
Primrose Lxle. uniurrej-e.1, a nine i""' " I Illinois. txx9 feet, bears south H degrees
feet lonr, s Inches tquare, set 1 foot 1n the i ,2 mIlulei east3S4feet from corner so 6;on
ground in a mound of stones and scribed theBt LoUiIjOd,.txl0xS0 feet, belnc a cut
1-116S-C. I, whence U. S. M M. No 4 bears Coure ioutj, t decrees 43 minutes eatt,
north 51 deg 17 mln. wett 4191 feet; tJ"nCe I bears touth 45 deereet 07 minutet eatt 120
north 87 deg. 48 mln east 600 feet to corner eet f , weit ,ide Center.
No. t. Identical with corners No. S, Waddell , The loHo,, 0f these mines it recorded In
Lode No, KM and No, Start Hose of Summer the rcorder. office of Cochlte County at
Lode No. 1561 -.thence touth 7 deg, 01 mln eatt Toml'ttone,tI!liuolt,8t Louis, Top Gallant,
718 4 feet to corner No. ; thence south 5 deg. n book jj j5i j pttge, jn, 321. 181, Record! of
15 mln. 30 tec e,t K6 feet to cirntr No. 4, nines
i j .1..I UK oorners No 5 Junction and The adjoining claims are: On North, Oak-
No lFajDay Lodes of this irroup; thence landandQklahoma,surTejs so,lS9S:Thomat
ground are required to file their advene
elalmt with the Begltter of the United States
Land Office at Tucson, In the Territory
Arizona, during the sixty days period of
I ubllcatlon hereof, or they ill be barred by
v rtue of the provision! of the ttatute.
MILTON It. MOOKE, Reciiter.
of!". .. 3
e The Mine and Smelter 1
mj. mnln eatt 159 feet toa-orner no. a. lllgg'ns- owner
ij..,ii .nhMnrrltD. zPay Bar Lode of dltcorered. Chat. Strong et al: ownert On
this group and with nortbeatt corner Okla- south: Combination Lode, Edward Green
k ti. vn i59Sr thence south 87 deg. 11 fell, et at. owners On west: Reward Lode,
min wett 600 feet to corner No. 6 Identical tame owners- Sixteen to One Lode so. 1291. I
with northwest corner Oklahoma and north- The South Bisbee Copper Mining A Towntlte
ast corner Oakland Lode, survey No. 1S93, Improvement Co-owners sellle Lode so-j
whence southeait corner Oregon Lode No. j 1475, lirophy and O'Bare, owners. J
1S bears south 87 deg. 48 mln. west 15 feet:! Any and all persons claming adversely
thence north 7 deg 01 min west 1166 feet to , any portion of said Top Gallant,
corner So. 1, the place of beginning. J Illinois, St. Louis rninet or turface
Magnetic variation 11-41 containing j-- urounu are requirea to me meir nu-
verteciaimtwun tne register oi ao umicu
It it hereby ordered that the. oregolng no
t'ce of application for patent be publlthed
f Jr the period of 60 dayt (ten consecutive
aeekt) In the Bitbee Dally Rkvikvt, a daily
On east: Cochise, and Jutt I PP Published at BIsbee. Cochlte
uuij,tiisvua ictiiiur;,
MILTON K, MOORE. Begltter.
Mining- Application No. 760.
Sl'KVXT No. 1585.
U S. Land Orrics, Tccsoh. Abizosa. (
October 28. 1901.
Notice is Hebedy Gives, that L. J and C
' A. Overlocx, whote post-office addrett It Bit
acres. ........ . . .. . bee. Cochiie County. Arizona Territory.
The pre-umed general course oi . m.n-, state. anauB,ce at inctor ,.... 'rory hetUgd fl,ed lheIr oppUcatlon for'a
er.lbearlngledgeontbeSnnCtlonLodl. at.of Arlsona, during the sixty day. Period of 111WO-15OO-15O0 line., feet on
nearlyascanbedeterTnlnedlrompre.Cntae-1pu0.Ical.onnereo.ortneyT..i.oeuarIeaoy Mountain Maid, Reindeer and
,.,. north 6 deg. 15 mln. SO sec eatt, , virtueof the provltiont of Statute. 11 t i '' """ "7' uu
Teiopmentt, nonawurc. I Judeah retpective mlnet or veint bearing
Regitter. copper and other metals with turface ground
II IS hebebt obdebsd, that the foregoing o each 600 feet in width, litnated In Warren
notice of Application for Patent be publlth- I Mining Dlttrlct, County of Cochise and Ter-
ed for the rjerlod of 60 dars. Iten consecutive1 ritory ol Arliona and designated by the
weeks. In the Bisbie Daily RETisw.adally field-notes and official plat on file In this of
newspaper published at Ilhbee, Cochise
County, Arizona Territory.
Miltos K Moobe,
Supply Company . . .
I carry in ei pas0) Texas, i
sE A heavy stock affording prompt shipments. 2
S Correspondence solicited. 2
q f from the touth end center; on the
Pay Day, south 19 deg. K min eatt 1140 feet
from lhe north end center; on tbe Comet,
north 1 deg 01 mln wcst.1166 feet from the
south end center.
The discovery Shalt on the Junction 4 1 6 x 27
feet, bears from corner No. 4, north 44 deg.
mln. west,20 feet; on the. Pay Day 4 x 6 10 feet,
bears south E7deg,40mln. east S95 feet from
corner So. 2; on the Comet 4x6x10 feet
bears south 41 deg. 47 mln. eatt. 5M feet from
corner so. 1.
The location of tbete mlnet Is re:ordea In
the Recorder's Office of Cochise County at
Tombstone, Junction, Comet, Pay Day, In
Book 14,1 hit Page 8. 325, 18J of Record of
The adjoining clalm.uU are: On the
north. Home Lo.le. unsurveyed, Jacob Plr
rung owner: Waddell Lode So. 1M2. L. C.
Shattuck, owner; Last Rose of Summer Lode
Ho. 1K1, same owner. On the east. Home
tode, unsurveyed. Jacob Pirrlng owref;
Guard Lode,unsurveyed,MathIas and Strong
owers; Regular Lode, unsurveyed, same
owners. On the south. High Card and Sew
Bra Lodes, unsu-yeyed.'Mathlas and Strong
owners; Oklahoma Lode No- K98, Thomas
Hlgglns owner. On the west. Sorrel Horse
Lode No. 1476. Maton and Brophy owners:
Oklahoma Lode 1398, Thomas lllgglo. owner;
Primrose Lode, unsurveyed, Edward Green
fell owner.
Any and all persons claiming adversely any
portion of said Junction, Comet or Pay Day
mine or u'rroce ground are required tj file
tbelr adverse claims with the Register of
the United States Land Office at Tucson, In
the Territory of Arliona, during the sixty
days period of publication hereof, or they
will be barred by virtue of the provisions of
the Statute. Miltos R. Moobe. Register.
It la Hxssby Oedieid, that the foregoing
Kotioe of Application forPatent be publlth
ed for the period of 60 days (Un consecutive
wwksl.lnthe BIstee Dally Ritiew, a dally
newspaper published at Bitbee. Cochise
County Arlxona Territory.
- Mruo R. Moobe. Register.
Mininjj Application No. 759.
SCBTIY SO. 1564.
' 0. 8. t.o Omo, TccsoAErzosA,
October 26, 1901. f
Horicx is Hebebt Oites, that L. C Shat
tuck, whose postoBce address Is Bisbee. Co
- ehise County. Arizona, has this day fllej hit
nnltaKtlon for a natent for 70, 1304. 1201, re
spective Hwarfeetof tie Top Gallant, IU-
nloe and St. Louis mlns or veins, neu-ins
eopper, gold and silver, with surface grouod
"respectively on each 49s. 600, 600 feet in width,
situated In Warren Mining District. County
of Cochise and Territory of Arizona, and des
ignated by tbe field-notes and official piston
tile In this office ss Surrey No. 1561. approxi
mately In Township No. 2 siuth. Range. U
east (unsurveyed) of the Gila u3 Salt River
Base and Meridian, said Surrey N0.1S84 being
a. follows:
Beginning with corner No. I. the. north
west eerner and on line 5-6 Nellie Lode No.
1475, at south IS deg. 47 mln. east 41L6 feet
from eerner No. 6 and on line S-4 Oklabom
Lode No. 1198 at 106.8 feet frnm comer No. 4,
pine post 4 feet long, 1 Inches square, set is
mound of stone and scribed 1-1564 T. T.
whence 0.S.M.M. No. 4 bears north deg.
54 mln. west 6000.9 feet; thence touth 15 deg.
17 mln. east 49S feet to corner No. 2. Identical
with comer No. ( Sellle Lode No. 1475; thence
sarth M deg. mln. east 600 feet to corner
Mining' Application No. 756.
U. S. Ljled OmcE. Trxsos. AarzosA,
October28, 1901. I
Notice is Hizzbt Oivxs. that L C Shat
tuck, whose pottofflce addrett Is Bisbee, Co
chise county, Arizona Territory, has thitday
filed his application for a patent for 1378
linear feet of the Last Hone of Summer mine
or vein, bearing copper aud other metals
with surface ground S74.70 feet in width, sit
uated In the Wanen Mining Dlttrlct, County
of Cochise and Territory of Arizona, and des
ignated by the field-notes and official plat on
file in this office as Surv.y Number 1561. ap
proximately in Townthlp No. 23 sooth. Range
21 East, (unsurveyed) of the Gila and Salt
River Base and Meridian, Aril ins, said Sur
vey No. 1C1 being as follows:
Beginning at corner So. 1, the northwest
comer. Identical with location. A pine pott
4 feet long, 4 inches square, set in a mound of
stones and scribed 1-1E61-L. R L. Whence
U. S. M. M. No. 4 bears north 87 deg. I mln.
west 3490 feet: thence south 86 deg. 32 mln.
west6.1 feet tocorner No. 2, Identical with
comer No. 2 Waddell Lode No. 1562; thence
south 40 deg, 34 min. east 1373 feet to comer
No. J, Identical with corner No 1 Waddell
Lode o. 1562 and So. 3 Comet Lode No. .563;
thence north 36 deg. 32 min. east 373.7 feet to
corner No. 4, w hence a pine post scribed W.
C. 4-1561 bears south 92 deg. 34 min. east 196 5
feet, and a secend post of same dimensions
and seribiag bears north 86 deg. 32 mln. east
188 feet; thence north 3 deg. 10 min west
1343.2 feet to comer No. 1, the place of begin
ning. Magnetic variation 11 deg. 45 mln.east,con
talning 6.98 acres.
The presumed general.ourse of the min
eral bearing ledge on the Last Rose of Sum
mer Is, as nearly a. can be determined by de
Telopments made, north 48 deg. 48 mln. west
1352 feet from the east end center.
Tbe discovery shaft, 4 x 6 x 8 feet bears from
point on line t-S at 775 feet from corner No, 2,
south 68 degree. 18 mln. east 827 feet.
Tbe location of this mine Is recorded in th
Recorder's Office of Cochise county at Tomb
stone In Book 14, Page 361 Record of Mints-
This claim Is bounded on the north by va
cant ground, on the east by Home Lode,
Jacob Plrrung owner; on the south by Wad
dell Lode No. 152 and Comet Lode So. 1563,
L.C-Shattuck owner; on the west by Sur
plus Lode, unsurveyed. Perry owner.
Any and all person, claiming adversely
any portion of said Last Rose of Summer
Mine or surface ground are required to file
tbelr adverse claims with the Register of
the United States land office at Tucson, In
tbe Territory of Arizona, during the 60 days
period of publication hereof, or they will be
barred by virtue of the provisions of the
Statute. MUTCH BV Mooex, Regbterv
' It Is hereby ordered, that tbe foregoing
Notice of Application for Patent be published
for the period of COT days (ten consecutive
week.) lu the Bisbee Dally Rrvrnr. a daily
newspaper published at Bisbee, Cochise
county, Arizona Territory,
Miltox K. Moobe, 'Bcgietsr.
flee as Survey Number 1585. approximately
InTownth'pNo. 23 south. Range No. 24 east
uniurveyed of the Glia and Salt Kiver Base
and Meridlar, said Survey No. 1585 being as
Beginning at corner number 1, the north
west corner, identical with location. A pine
post 4 feet long, 4 Inches square, set 1 foot In
the ground in a mound of stones and scribed
1-1585-M.L . whence U.S.M.M. No. 4 bears
north 77 deg. 16 mln. v. ett M71.70 feet ; thence
touth 29 deg. 35 mln. wett 16.10 leet to' Inter
section cemetery fence, 300.00 feet same bear
ing fewest end center, 540.1 f,ct same bear
ing to Intersection cemetery fence, 600 feet
same bearing to corner number 2; thence
south 59 deg. 24 mln. east 1146 3 test to corner
numbar 3, In center of shaft number 2;
thence north 29 deg. 85 min east 36 feet to
witness monument for corner number 3, a
pine pott scribed . C. 315&5.300 feet same
bearing to east end center. 600 feet same
bearing to corner number 4; thence north
59 deg. 24 mln. west 14I6 feet to corner num
ber 1, the place of beginning.
Beginning at corner number 1 tbe north
west corner. Identical with location. A pine
post I feel lone 4 Inches square, set 1 foot In
the ground In a mound of stones and scribed
t-1535-R.l whence U.8.M.M. No. 4 bears
north 70 deg. 50 min. wett 4978 SO feet: thence
south 16 deg. 47 min. west 300 leet to west
end center 600 feet same bearing to corner
number 2, the southwest corner; thence
south 59 deg. 24 min. eatt 1500 feet to corner
numbers, the soutbeattcorner;thenoe north
36 deg.47 mln. eatt 300 feet to eastend center,
540 feet same bearing to witness monument
or corner number 4, A pine pott scribed
W. C. SliS5.600 feet same bearing to corner
number 4, the nortbeatt corner, identical
with corners number 3 and 6 respectively of
tbe Mountain Maid and Judt ah Lodes of this
survey and being In center of shaft number
2 oa'the firmer claim; thence nor h 59 deg.
24 mln. west 144&S feet to corner number 2
Mountain Maid Lode'ot this group, 1500 feet
same bearing to comer number 1. the place
of beginning.
Beginning at comer number 1, the south
west corner. Identical with location. A p'ne
post 4 feet long. 4 Inches square, set 1 foot In
the ground in a mound of atones and scribed
1-1585-J. I, whence V. 8. M. M. No. 4 bears
north 60 deg. 14 min. 30 sec. west 62S3.30 feet;
thence south 60 deg. 2T min. east too leet to
southend center, 600 feet same bearing to
corner number 2, the southeast corner;
thence north 36 deg.47 mlu. eatt 900 feet te
corner number 3; then e north 29 deg.- 35
min. east 600 leet to corner number 4 tb
northeast eorne . Identlcal''wlth location;
thence north 60 deg. 27 min. west 300 feet to
north end center, 600 feet same bearing to
corner number ft, tbe northwest corner,'
identical with lacatloa and with corner num
ber 4 Mountain Maid Lode of thlz group;
Thence south 29 deg. 35 mln. west 56. feet
to witness monument for corner number 6,
600 feet same bearing to corner number 6,
Identical with corners number 4 and 3 re
spectively of the Reindeer and Mountain
Maid Lodes of this survey and being in cen
ter of thaft number 2 on the last named
claim ; thence south 36 deg. 47 min. west 600 ft
tocorner number 3, Reindeer Lode of this
-4-f-H-i-r-M-r-r-T-f4--i- I i I I I I 1 11 I l H-4-H-l "l"l"!"t I-l-H-H--H-
Douglas Carpenter Shop.
We are now building a complete carpentry shop and
win nwn ob prepared to ao an tunas oi carpenter vrorK.
We will furnish bids and estimates on all kinds of
building and repair work in Douglas.
p--scgl,S:&!SS&.r-a"- H. C. LEWIS, Proprietor,
The Pioneer Soda Works.
T. F. riETZ, Proprietor.
Goods delivered to any part of Cltr
flail orders receive prompt attention.
J'322Si' yS'222''3X2253. Q&r3f&'d$&!d,'&'QS2S2ZS2,'Qri
Proprietor . .
Bisbee's Favorite Resort
i M-
The Opera Club
The Finest Place in the City.
The entire amount of
money prises offered in the
Schilling' s Best baking
powder adverlisemcis will
be paid in this cou.Uy.
One hundred dollars each
month for four months
$400 in all.
Have you made up your
mind what you 11 do with
the money when its yours?
Send only the brown
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Do not send other col
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Schilling's Best goods. t
K'a.t. and Builder.
Will furnish bids and estimates on anj
kind of work. All work, guaranteed.
Painting, Paper Hanging
and Iiterior Decorating.
Estimates given free of charge.
Leave calls at Ferguson's Drug
Bisbee, A. T,
63 ErewcrT Qalch,
Opposite Lumber Yard.
You can make poor cake
with Schilling's Best baking
powder; but you have got" to
use poor flour or something
else, or be a mighty poor cook
to do it.
Plaza de Toros, Mazzantini,
Naco, Sonora a
Fights December 25th and 29th
January 1st and 12th!
Under the leadership of the famous flatador,
Carlos Borrego a "Zocata."
First Banderillero, the famous "Vaquerita.
7-Professional Bull Fighters -7
In the second largest ring in the
Republic of flexico.

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