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University Club
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Gift Thing's of Leather.
Such an array of articles suitable for gift pur
poses as you'll find throughout the store all of leather
and for all kinds-of uses.
If on the second floor stop a minute at the Dry
Goods Department. There you'll find
Mexican Carved Leather.
Maslo rolls, $5.00.
Chatelaine bags, $3.00, $4.00 and $6.00.
With oxidized and French gray metal trimmings. Some are of
gray and ox blood leathers.
Belts for women,J75c, $1.50 and$l.?5.
,Eye glass and spectacle cases, $1.00 each.
Writing Cases
with compartments for paper and envelopes, non-leaking ink bottle,
pen, sealing wax and die receptacle. All as compact and handy as
can be. Imitation leather $1.50; genuine leathers, $3.25, $4.00 and
Chatelaine Bags
$1.75 ana $2 25. The Boston bags at $2.50 and $3.50 are not leather,
but silk. Chatelaine purses from $1.00, $150, $2.25 and up.
Music Rolls.
One serviceable, handsome roll is of gray suede, or undressed
leather; price 8L75. Cheaper ones at $1.50 and down to 75c.
Traveling Sets.
A handy arrangement for keeping your comb and brush, tooth
brush" and such needful things right where you can easily get at
them in the trunk or bag when traveling. Some sets for as little
as $2.00, from that up to (6.50. Here's the contents of one case;
nail filo, -elisors, brush, comb, tooth brush and tooth powderbottle.
This case is $3.50.
Collar and;Cuff Receptacles.
The round ones and the long, flat kinds that open at both ends.
$1.50 to $5.00.
At the Drug Counter:
Fincer purses $2.50 and $3 00; pocket books $1.50 and $3.C0; cigar
cases $2.00 all of Mexican carved leather. Pocket books in all
kinds of leathers, from $1.00 to 4.00, plain and Bterling silver
Across the way in the Furniture Store:
Dress suit cases. $3.75 to $12.00.
Traveling bags, $1.50 to $12.00.
wants to come to Bisbee. $
Santa Clausville, Iceland, Dec. I2, 1901.
Mr. A., P. Skinner, Main St., Bisbee Arizona, y
Dear Sir: In looking for a location as a dis-
tributing point, for my visit to the dear people of
Bisbee. I find your store most central and I take
the liberty of asking permission to make my an-
nual display in yonr window. $
The articles I have concluded to present yu
this year to your townspeople, consists of good
warm Underclothing, Socks and Shoes, as well as j
a nice collection of stylish Hats, pretty Shirts, jfc
and some of the most fetching Neckwear I have m
ever seen. I have about concluded to wear one of &
the ties myself, instead of my fur coat, THEY are
so warm. . . ty
I will bring several dozen dress gloves, silk &
lined, that make you feel like a real Prince. ijjfo
You know I neverused to wear suspenders, tyjf
but this, year I have such pretty silk ones that I ro
couldn't resist the temptation to put a pair on, and ra
do you.know I actally feel young again. Did I ityt
tell you about the fancy hose I am wearing. My tjtt
goodness, I am getting too giddy for anything. &
Oh. but thev are warm ones: and of course I tt
had to don a pair of those sky blue Boston garters
you told me about.
Now, Mr. Skinner, I know this is impos
ing somewhat upon your gool nature, but as there
is no other location in Bisbee that suits me, I ear
nestly hope you will grant my request, and I will
try and see that you do not regre,t it.
Ve-y siecerely yours,
Santa Claus.
P. 81 .would like to arrive between the 15th and 20th if
imMtln with VOU. 8. C.
The Typf G
Sportsmen's Resort
All Work positively guaranteed.
All mail sample given special
attention. Gold. Silver, Lead and
Copper 60c each. Other metals
as reasonable.
JCmt lUwa's Opera Boom, BUbM, ArUooa
finest Liquors, Wines, Beer
and Cigars. .$
You say you "can't afford to
waste a cent," and yet you buy
weak-cheap and alum-cheap
baktag powders that waste
your money or, help run up
doctors' bills.
' Ask your grocer about Schil
ling's Best. i'"-,' ",",
A Young Woman
Murdered in Pittsburg
Pittsburg, Dec. 17. This city is much excited over a
horrible murder which occurred here last night. Miss
Harriet Murphy, socially prominent and well known in
church circles, being treasurer of the Kingsley House fund,
was found dead this morning in a room of her house in
the fashionable section. A porch climber evidently enter
ed her room. There was a struggle. Miss Murphy, who
sleeps with a revolver under her pillow, possibly wounded
the rvffian, who fled before'he. secured any booty, but not
without murdering his victim. Owing to the prominence
of the family the entire police force has-been at work try
ing to ferret out the mystery, but as yet there is no clue.
Schley's Counsel
Will Present Protest
Washington, Dec. 17 Secretary Long
today decided to grant an additional
twenty-four hours to Schley's counsel
to enable them to prepare their protest
This brings ft until Thursday evening.
Two resolutions have been introduced
in the house upholding and commend
ing Schley and calling (or an Invest!
gation as to his doings as admiral, also
one to put him back again on active
Crime Increasing
In Washington, D. C.
Washington, Dec. 17 Crime against
women are rapidly increasing in the
national capital. Yesterday Mrs. Eliz
abeth Shannon was found dead in a
field. Finger marks on her neck indi
cate a Etruggle and assail'! This morn
lng David Enge was arrested, bat the
evidence does not seem sufficient to
hold him. Other women have been
assaulted In the very heart of the town
Jury In the Andrew Griffin Case
Says Not Guilty.
Tombstone,- Dec. 17 The Andrew
GrifBn case was continued on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Aston testified as lo the
distance from their place to Grit'ln's
camp. Mrs. Aston testified that she
knew both Powell and Griffin. That
her home was about two and one-half
miles from Griffin's camp. On the
morning of tho 2od of October Powell
came after his horse. This was be
tween 8 and 9 o'clock.
George Aston was recalled, merely
to corroborate bis wife's statement as
the distance from his ranch to Griffin's
After this testimony was in both
sides rested and the case was argued
by Allen K. English for the prosecu
tion, and Neale and Goodbody for the
At the reopening of court Judge
James Reilly, made- inquiry of the
Court as to the probability of the civil
case of Marks vs. Castello, being heard
on date set as per docket,Friday of this
week. The court replied that Judge
Reilly could assure the witnesses for
the defense in this case, that they will
not be needed this week and probably
not at this term of court as there were
twenty felony cases yet to be tried and
night sessions would be the rule until
they were disposed of, by which time
the date set for adjournment will be
At 2:05 p. m., the announcement was
made to the Court that the grand jury
was ready to mako its final report. Re
port was received and ordered filed, (a
fall copy of which will be found in an
other column of this issue). The Court
commended the members of the grand
jury, aa a body, for diligence and faith
fulness, and ordered that they' be re
lieved of further attendance at this
term of court.
In addition to their final report the
grand jury reported having referred
the case of J. N. Johnson to the next
grand jury.
In the Griffin case, Mr. English soon
closed his remarks and was followed by
'Mr. Goodbody.
The jury retired for deliberation at
320 p. m , and returned a verdict of
"not guilty" at 9 JO p. m. .Six ballots
were taken, the first, second, third and
fourth being eight for arquittal aad
four for conviction In a lesser degree
than charged'. The fifth ballot showed
a gain of one for acquittal. This
change seemed to have broben the con
victing portion of the jury and anon
after the remaining three joined in the
verdict of acquittal.
When the jury in the Griffin case
had (tone out the case of Manuel Sa
sola, charged with assault with intent
to murder, having SMaulted aad cut
Philippine Tariff
Will Pass House
Washington, Dec. 17 Houso chair
man Payne brought up the Philippine
tariff bill today and made an elaborate
speech explaining in detail, section by
section. Gains, of Tennessee, opposed
tho proposition aad the debate con
tinued until the close of the session.
The vote will be taken tomorrow at
four o'clock. The bill will undoubt
edly pass.
Postmaster General Will Resign.
Washington, Dec. 17 Announce
ment this afternton was made that
Postmaster General Smith has ten
dered his resignation and that it has
been accepted. Henry Payne, national
committeeman from Wisconsin, has
been offered the position and has ac
cepted It.
Schley Investigation Demanded.
Washington, Dec. 16 Wheeler, of
Kentucky, today introduced a resolu
tion in congress demanding investiga
tion of Schley by congress, saying the
people wanted an investigation by citi
zens not connected with and domi
nated by the navy department.
with a razor, one Pedro Garolla.in the
town of Bisbee. The fullowing jury
was selected: William Jones, Gus
Gokschalk, Jasper Short, George M.
Henry, Luke Short, J. H. Amalurg, G.
W. Allaire, T. J. Lyon, E. L. Ash,
Hood Porter, W. H. Foot and W. G.
Goodman. Attorney C. T. Clark had
been assigned by the Court to conduct
the defense.
District Attorney Land prosecuted.
No evidence was introduced by the de
fense and attorney Clark was appar
ently "up against it." However, by
an address of twenty-five minutes to
the jury he secured a verdict of "guil
ty of an assault with a deadly weapon."
During the trial of Samola a recess
till 7:30 had been taken and it was
nearly nine o'clock before the verdict
was rendered.
Sheriff Frank E. Murphy, sheriff of
Pima connty, had in the meantime re
ported to the court, having in charge
J. B. Caveny, who had petitioned in
Tucson for a hearing on his application
for a writ of habeas corpus. Mr. Eng
lisn represented Caveny and after a
brief examination Caveny was ordered
discharged. ,
Will Build at Douglas.
The party of officials of the Calumet
and Arizona Mining company left
Bisbee yesterday in their private oar
attached to the regular train for El
Paso and eastern points. Before leav
ing Bisbee a Review rep:rter had a
short talk with several of the party
and was assured that the company
would build their reduction works and
smelter at Douglas.
"Yes, we have a nice location at
Ddtiglasanda well that baa plenty of
water for our own use," said Mr. Ten
ner, spokesman of the party, "and wo
hope to have machinery on the way
before very long.
"Contracts will be let in a day or
two and all work will be rushed with
all possible haste. We have nothing
but good reports to take back with us
and our directors will be well satisfied
with all the work that has been done
so far, and a larger party of the stock
holders will probably come back with
us early next year. I predict for Doug
las and Bisbee a bright future, and If
you move the county seat over here it
will also add a great deal to Bisbee. I
hope to see Bisbee double Its present
population within the next twelve
months, but you will have to extend
your city limits down In'the direction
ofNaco." "
When asked the capacity of the plant,
Mr. Tenner said they would not build
a large plant to start with, bat would
put oie furnace of 250 tons capacity
and two converters and they could' eas
ily add to this as they saw fit.
When asked about the report that
Calumet company intended building
their smelter at El Pate, Mr Teaser
said that it would add too much to the
cost of making copper to haul their
ores to El Paso.
Seme Interest!! Figures Con
cerning Cochise County
The Review has recently secured
some figures in relation to the finances
of Cochise county which will be of in
terest to our readers.. They are au
thentic and were taken from the books
of the clerk of the board of supervis
ors. The total, bonded Indebtedness, after
a payment of (19,000 last February,
was (118,000. In addition to this there
is now outstanding a floating indebted
ness, consisting of unpaid allowed de
mands, of (35,000, making the total in
debtedness of the county (153,000.
The total current expense of the
county for the first three months of the
present year was (26,467.59, and for the
second quarter it was (22,222.60. The
Items of expense included in the above
totals were:
Office and general expense.... (1,899 40
Assessing and collecting 57 75
Election, 1900 9 67.
District court 366 05
Sheriff's office and jail 2,949 75
District Attorney 627 40
Probate Judge 462 10
Justice courts 6,184 48
Indigents 1,787 99
Inquests 187 45
Roads and bridges 20 00
Hospital 2,509 64
Treasurer's office 683 23
Recorder's office...-. 634 50
Schools 7,668 18
Total 826,467 59
Office and general expense.... Sl,923 65
Assessing and collecting....... 655 97
District court 2,388 10
Sheriff's office and jail 4,026 14
District Attorney 713 80
Probate court 389 13
Justice courts -.. 4,122 55
Indigents 1,319 64
Inquests 128 15
Roads 191 25
Hospital 2,446 4
Treasurer's office 550 00
Recorder's office 671 60
Schools 2,696 32
Total (22,222 60
Of the above (7,969 41 was paid for
costs incident to the justices' courts of
Bisbee. 'At the same rate for the year
the justice courts of Bisbee would cost
nearlp (16,000, and the total expense of
the county would be over (97,278.
Provision of the Bill Introduced
For Its Construction.
The following is the bill introduced
by Representative Reeder for the con
struction of the San Carlos reservoir:
That the secretary of the interior be,
and hereby is, authorized to enter up
on the censtruction of the following de
scribed works for irrigation of arid and
semi-arid lands.
For a reservoir on the Gila river in
the territory of Arizona at a favorable
point near tho San Carlos Indian agen
cy, for storing the flood waters of the
Gila river, the water stored to be used
first for the benefit of the Pima, Papa
go and Maricopa Indians for irrigating
the lands of the Gila reservation, the
stored waters In excess of the needs of
the Indians to be used for reclaiming
olber vacant public lands; and
alto for acquiring and preparing the
dam site and for continuing the meas
urement of the daily flow of water in
Gila river; for preparing detailed plans
necessary for advertising for bids fo
various classes of work connected with
the construction of the dam and its ap
purtenances, and for beginning the
same: also forsurveying, locating and
preparing plans and estimates of cost
of construction with Indian labor of
the necessary canals for carrying the
water from said reservoir to the lands
to be irrigated; for examining, survey
ing and deMgnating the vacant publio
lands which can be irrigated with the
stored water from said reservoir In ex
cess of the needs of the Indians, tba
sum of three hundred thousand dollars
be appropriated.
Gathered gp Stolen Cattle.
Sheriff Jim Parks and two of his dep
uties John Clay and W. M. Spaw of
Graham county, accompanied by Cap
tain Mossman, of the rangers, arrived
in Bisbee yesterday from the Huachu
ca mountains, where they had been in
search of cattle thieves and a bunch of
cattle, recently stolen- at Duncan, in
Graham county, and driven to the
Haachuca mountains.
After several days work In the moun
tains the officers succeeded in round
ing up seven head of the stolen cattle,
the original brands having been burn
ed or blotched and new brands substi
tuted. The stolen cattle belonged to
parties residinz at Dnncan. No arrests
were made, but the efforts to appre
hendthe thieves will not be abandon
ed 6y either "Captain Mossman or Sher
iff Parks.
The Graham county officers will re
turn home tkla asornlng.
Complete Report
of the Grand Jury
To the Hon. Geo. R. Davis,
Sir: We, the grand jury, for the
December, (1901,) term, respectfully
submit this, our final, report:
We have considered 42 charges, have
found 25 true bills; have tgnored 14
charges; and refused 3 charges.
Our committee on county hospital
and jail have reported and their report
will be found annexed:
hospital report.
We, the committee appointed to ex
amine the county hospital, submit as
That we found the county hospital In
excellent condition and that'all tho in
mates of the hospital speak in high
terms of their treatment, both in med
ical attendance and care.
county jah. report.
We, the committee appointed to ex
amine the county jail, submit as fol
lows: That the said jail was found to be in
a filthy and unsanitary condition and
beds and bedding in a like condition.
A little systematic labor and a trifling
expense wll1 correct both troubles.
In the matter of the investigation of
county officers and records, the grand
jury find that the customary farcical
examination has already been made for
this year and they respectfully submit
that in their opinion a careful and
complete examination of the books,
records and accounts of all the offices
of the county cannot be properly car
ried out through committees from their
own body. This is attested by reports
of former grand juries. The present
financial condition of Cochise county
and the manner in which this grand
jury now find it, illegal and erroneous
claims against this county successfully
running the gauntlet to the vaults of
the treasury. The trouble is due main
ly to an Imperfect system of recording
accounts, though diligence and care
would, undoubtedly, overcome a great
deal of It. No private business could
stat.d the strain placed upon public
business from the causes mentioned,
and it is high time that the same prin
ciples governed the successful conduct
of each. Believing it to be in the best
interest of the county that an expert
accountant be employed, as authorized
by law, to thoroughly examine into the
records of this year pertaining to the
revenue, as well as to the character
and amount of all claims and the reas
on and manner of their allowance.
This grand jury recommends that
the next grand jury, at the first day's
session, employ a competent account
ant to make such examination and that
said examination covers at least the
year 1901.
Your attention is respectfully called
to the following claims improperly
allowed, namely:
L Fe;a of the sheriff during the
third quarter of 1901, in the case of the
territory vs. Baker and Nicholson, the
same having already been allowed in
territorial Notes.
Yuma will hold a olty election on
January 7th.
Seturday's Tucson Citizen says:
The university weather observer re
ports that last night was the coldebt
since weatherobservatlons have been
taken here. In 1891 the thermometer
went down to II degrees above zero,
but the lowest temperature recorded
last night was 10 2-5 degrees above,
which breaks the record. According
to observations taken at Fort Lowell
aud at the university sinee the observa
tlons at Fort Lowell were discontinued,
last night was the coldest this section
has experienced in 20 years.
Col. Wm. Herring returned to his
home in Tucson last Saturday from
Tombstone, where he had been engaged
in the big tax cases.
The jury impaneled at Kingman- to
inq uire into the Franconian wreck on
the Santa. Fe the morning of Nov. 20th
and place the responsibility, has ren
dered a verdict holding the crew of
the west bound flyer and the railroad
company equally responsible for the
wreck and the consequent loss of life.
A petition is being circulated at Je
rome to have Governor Murphy pardon
Richard Belk, who is serving a fifteen
months sentence in Yuma for defraud
ing the Jerome miner's Union, of which
he was treasurer. The petition was
gotten np at the request of the prison
er's wife, who with her children, are
in destitute circumstances in southern
Wm. Griffith, ex-TJnlted States Mar
shal for Arizona, who recently returned
from a trip Into the copper fields of
Northern Sonoaa, Mexico, Is load in
his picturing of the prosperous future
of that district. At the Cananea mine
the property owned by W. C. Greene,
he says three smelters are running and
over 5000 men are on the pay roll of
Greene's companies,
part to Constable Hudspeth, of Naoo,
In his bill for the second quarter.
2. Fees of the sheriff, dated June 8th,
in the case of the territory vs. J. F.
Woods, wherein mileage Is charged
twice. These items were discovered
Incidentally in the examination of an
other matter and it Is safe to presume
that there are many more similar
charges. An examination of the re
port of the previous grand jury disclo
ses the fact that their recommenda
tions have been completely ignored as
to the matters referred to and com
plained of, as they still exist in an ag
gravated form. This is not encourag
ing to further effort in similar direc
tions by this body. Nevertheless it is
Imperative that attention be again
called to pressing evils.
The sworn testimony of many wit
nesses and the personal knowledge of
several grand jurors make it certain
that the sub-jail at Bisbee is a hell c'
horror and a disgrace to this county.
The keeper of said jail is either Incom
petent or grossly negligent in his du
ties, although it is also apparent that
the jail accommodations at said plaoe
are insufficient and the jury earnestly
recommend that immediate Bteps be
taken for providing suitable j all room.
Numerous criminal cases of a petty
nature are sent from Bisbee to the
grand jury, thereby entailing great
expense to the county, and often un
necessary punishment to the offender.
Petit larceny is often magnified into
robbery, or battery becomes an at
tempt to murder. The arbitrary pow
er often exercised by our justices of
the peace might be turned in this di
rection, and whenever a doubt exists
the county and the offender should
reap the benefit and not the injury, no
matter what may result in the matter
of fees in sight. A cursorv inspection
of the fee bills of constables and depu
ty snerius at uisoee ana naco snow
excessive charges for the buggy hire
and stagn fares in the conveyance of
prisoners to jail. Buggy hire is al
most invariably charged at 5 and
stage fares at (1.50 from Ilaco to Bis
bee, Desmes mileage at 30 cents a mile.
Prisoners taken to the county hospital
should either be guarded or so closely
confined as to render escape practical
ly impossible. A guard should be
used at least through convalesence of
the prisoner so confined.
A sui able grand jury room should
be furnished.
All county records and books should
be kept within firex proof vaults or
Testimony before this body in rela
tion to the conduct of the precinct of
ficers and their business at Bisbee,
discloses a deplorable state of affairs.
Charges and counter charges came
thick and fast, and occupied much val
uable time. Many such complaints
were ignored, not that they might not
be well founded, but because of the
anxiety of parties on both sides to
swear flatly contradictory facts, thus
involving the truth in doubt and ob
scurity. However, it must be submitted in the
interest of good government: The jury
finds that S. K. Williams justioe of the
peace at Bisbee, from his own testimo
ny, as well as that of sworn witnesses,
has been guilty of gambling at rou
lette during his official term; said
Williams furthermore has failed to
turn over monthly to the county treas
urer fines collected by himself as jus
tice of the-peace and has, from his own
admission, appropriated all or a part
of said fines to his own use.
Bex Heney, Foreman.
A Wonderful Invention
An invention in which several B.s
bee parties are interested promises to
be one of the cheapest machines for
power that has ever been brought be
fore the attention of the patent office
at Washington, and a patent was
granted in a very short time after the
machine hsdjbeen fully tried and tested
and proved its claims.
Mr. Sam Miller, who is well known
in Bisbee as a mining man, is inter
ested in the new invention with his
brother, A. D. Miller and Jack McCor
mick of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
"We have a machine that uses air
for fuel," said Mr. Miller yesterday to
a Review reporter, "and you can see
for yourself the principle on which we
work. This is a copy of the drawing
as given by the United States patent
office, and it shows, the workings of our
machine. We use the air for fuel, and
by a series of chambers use it over and
over again continuously. With every
nine cubic feet of carbonic gas we use
one foot of air, and at a certain point
when the air is used we let in a supplv
of fresh air and this gives our machine
another start, and in this manner we
have our machine going continually.
When the machine was first shown to
the authorities in Washington they
thought we were applying for a per
petual motion machine, but we were
not. We have a machine that uses a
certain per cent of air and gas for fuel,
and it is an improvement on the pres
ent gasoline engine, with a large sav
ing for" the owner In gasoline, oil or
dtstiiate. We are at present erecting
a factory back in Pennsylvania for the
manufacture of our machines and ex
pect to put them on the market early
next year. The cost will he very small
and we are assured of a large sale of
our machines all over the east, and I
am satlsned we can dispose oi a large
number in the west also."
All your writing is visible on the
"Underwood" typewriter. It received
the Gold Medal at the Buffalo Exposi
tion and first grand prize at Venice.
Address C. W. Fisher, Agent. Bisbee.
12-18-2t p.
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