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Our today's ad-vertisementap-pears
on local
wants to come to Bisbee.
Santa Clausville, Iceland, Dec. I2, 1901.
Mr. A. P. Skinner, Main St., Bisbee Arizona,
Dear Sir: In looking for a location as a dis
tributing point, for my visit to the dear people of
Bisbee. I find your store most central and I take
the liberty of asking permission to make my an
nual display in your window.
The articles I have concluded to present
this year to your townspeople, consists of good
warm Underclothing, Socks and Shoes, as well as
a nice collection of stylish Hats, pretty Shirts,
and some of the most fetching Neckwear I have
ever seen. I have about concluded to wear one of
the ties myself, instead of my fur coat, THEY are
I will bring several dozen dress gloves, silk
lined, that make you feel like a real Prince.
You know I never used to wear suspenders,
but this year I have such pretty silk ones that I
couldn't resist the temptation to put a pair on, and
do you know I actally feel young again. Did I
tell you about the fancy hose I am wearing. My
goodness, I am getting too giddy for anything.
Oh, but they are warm ones; and of course I
had to don a pair of those sky blue Boston garters
you told me about.
Now, Mr. Skinner, I know this is impos
ing somewhat upon your good nature, but as there
is no other location in Bisbee that suits me, I ear
nestly hope you will grant my request, and I will
try and see that you do jiot regret it.
"Very siecerely yours,
Santa Claus.
P. S I would like to arrive between the 15th and 20th if
ftffrefa.ble with TOU. S. C.
The Turf G
Sportsmen's Resort
All Work positively guaranteed.
All mill simple given special
attention. Gold, Silver, Lead and
Copper 60c each. Otber metals
as reasonable.
NaOUon' Opera Boom. BlibM, ArUona
Finest Liquors, Wines, Beer
and Cigars. $ fr
rials Strart
i, Ariz
Can't make the best soup
with a pig's ear and even good
cooks can't make really fine
cake with weak or alum bak
ing powder.
Schilling's Best baking pow
der is good for your reputation
and your cake.
Sunset Limited
Wrecked in California.
San Jose, Cal., Dec. 19. Two passenger trains met
in head end collision this morning near Uplands. They
were the north and south bound Sunset limited. Both
trains were completely wrecked and the south bound
caught fire and several cars were burned. The fireman
and assistant and the express messenger were killed, twen
ty badly hurt and thirty-two
trains block the road and there will be no traffic for twenty-four
hours. 4
Two Convictions Secured by the
Trial Jury.
Tombstone, Dec. 18. Tbe opening oi
the morning session of Wednesday was
given in your issue of yesterday The
first case put upon trial was that of
tbe three Mexicans. Flores, Valencia
and Garcia, for having "held up" and
robbed one Wong Tong, a Chinese veg
etable peddler, who was on his way in
a wagon from Bisbee to Tombstone.
The robbers despoiled Wong Tong of
sixteen dollars in monej and a silver
watch, the robbery taking place in the
vicinity of the ranch of Charlie Cox In
Tombstone canyon and about six miles
west from Bisbee. On the same day
the robbery was committed the threo
Mexicans were arrested and identified
by tbe Chinaman. The evidence was
conclusive and S. A. D. Upton, attor
ney for the defense, haing been so ap
pointed by the court, had but little
upon which to base an argument for his
clients. The jury were Henrv Ash,
John Jolly, John Kelso, W. D. Kinsey,
H. E. Gardner, William Jones, C. Hel
ler, W. E. Bailey, T. J. Lyon, T. B.
Roesch and I. S. Burnett.
After tbe case was submitted the
jury was not long in arriving at a ver
dict of guilty against all three of the
Considerable time of tbe court bad
been occupied by this case, as several
witnesses were examined at some
length anil the sen ices of a Chinese
interpreter w& necessary in obtaining
the evidence of Wong Tong. The jury
not retiring till noon, although the
usual hour for recess bad arrived, a
bearing was had in the appUcation for
divorce of Fannie R. Bulotti from
Charles A. Bulotti. and Mrs Bulotti
and Mrs. N. M. Hughes were examined.
The testimony showed that the Bulottis
were married in Tombstone in July,
1895. and lived tozether till 1839, when
the husband deserted his wife and left
this part of the country. Mrs Bulotti
had been married previous to her mar
riage to Bulotti and had bad children
by her first husband To her retain
ing the no-session and care of these
children tbe husband strenuously ob
jected. It was upon this subject onlv
that there had everbeenanyOlfference
between Mr. and Mrs. Bulotti. When
he abandoned her he stated to her that
he would not return to her or contrib
ute to her support as long as slie re
tained the children. Mrs. Bulotti has
resided in Tombstone for many j ears
and bears a most excellent character.
A decree of divorce was ordered. Bu
lotti was formerly In tbe saloon busi
ness hero.
The case of Pabulius Fuentez,
charged with uttering a forged check,
was put on trial. Fuentez on April
24th latt, cashed at the store of the
Greene Consolidated Copper company,
at Naco, s. check drawn by that com
pany In favor of one, Tomas Cuen, for
$754 in Mexican money. Cuen had
lost the check and testified that his en
dorsement thereon had been forged.
The Greene Copper company had em
ployed Allen R. English to assist in the
prosecution of Fuentez and he did con
duct the case in behalf of the territory.
The jury were:
E Fletcher, George Clawson, J L
Amalung, G M Henry, Dan Hoescb, R
A Casada, G W Allaire, H L Hinkle,
Gabe Shoat, W Allison. J J Bowen and
Arthur L Armstrong.
Attorneys Neale & Goodbody rep:e
sented the defendant. The testimony
was lengthy and tedious, but the argu
ments oi counsel were Uriel ana tne
case went to the jury at 5:05 o'clock,
at which hour a recess till 7:30 p. m.
was ordered.
Jesus Egigle was placed on trial,
charged with assault with deadly weap
on, having on or about June 1, assault
ed with a dagger, or knife, one Ferni
na Beregan, at Fairbank. The follow
ing named were selected as the jury toJ
try tne case:
James Pacheco, William Jones, W D
Kinsey, H C Aston, O F Hagler, John
Kelso. Alex Cbisholm, L E Gray C L
Blackburn, Hunt Porter, C Helli and
G C Ballinger.
District Attorney Land for the pros
ecution and G W Swain and W D
Pearce for defense.
Ferenina Beregan testified to Englg
le having assaulted and cut him and
also striking him with his hands and
with rocks.
Joseph Larrieu. deputy sheriff at
Fairbank, testified to having arrested
the defendant and to the condition of
Beregan at the time. Tbe cut was on
the hand and slight.
The defendant was placed on the
stand in his own behalf and denied
having assaulted Beregan, but stated
that he pulled off from Beregan anoth
er man who was assaulting bim. Nev
er had any trouble of any kind with
Beregan, nor any ill will toward him.
Joseph Larrieu, recalled by Mi. Land,
and testified when he arrested Englgle
be (Larrieu) found on his person five
dollars in silver.
Both sides announced their case as
closed and tbe Court gave his Instruc
tions as to the law and the jury retired
for consultation.
The jury returned a verdict of gnllty.
slightly injured. Wrecking
faking Schemes
- An Injury to Arizona
Tho Prescott Journal-MIner enter
tains the correct opinion that the legit
imate mining interests of Arizona have
been Injured by fake mining schemes
promoted by eastern sharps with some
obscure and worthless claims in Arizo
na, as a basts of operation. The Miner
"Of course Arizona interests will
suffer from this, despite tbe fact that
those engaged In the frauds are eastern
people. Every swindling mining oper
ation In which Arizona has been in
volved has been manipulated by east
ern people, and our citizens have had
no connection whatever with any of
them. Of the scores of mining com
panies, which have been organized,
e ery one so far has been conducted on
honest lines and the stockholders so
far as kaown are receiving honest and
just treatment. The opportunities for
investment in Arizona, where the in
vestor will receive honest treatment,
are abundant, without taking up with
the bait thrown out by eastern stock
jobbing sharks. The latter class of
manipulators are luckily few and far
between, and there are scores of strong'
financiac eastern 'companies who are
operating along honest lines in this
territory and who are making successes
of their enterprises. Some of them
are practically close corporations,
which are offering no stock for sale,
while others have stock for sale, The
best guide to the honesty of a company
is the personel of Its o dicers and the
reputation they bave for honesty and
furnace Feeders
Killed In Explosion
Pittsburg, Dec. 19. An exp'osion
occurred in a blast furnace here this
morning. Nine were killed and three
fatally and nine badly hurt. Tbe dam
age to the plant is $20,000. The men
were feeders of the furnace Fourteen
men on the platform at the month of
the furnace were blown 120 feet high.
Tbe explosion was caused by accumu
lated gas in tbe furnace and threw tons
of molten metal, slag and cinders upon
tbe men working near, i ive of those
who were blown from the platform are
onlj badly hurt. Those remaining
were burned to death. Others who
worked near the furnace were injured.
Gigantic Syndicate
Purchase Oil Lands
Austin,Texas, Dec 19 The Roche
Stuart syndicate, of England, has just
consumated a deal whereby they ac
quire the Hogg-Swayne oil lands at
Beaumont, Texas. The price paid was
six million dollars. The owners pro
pose to build a pipe line from Port Ar
thur, from which port crude oil will be
shipped direct to European points at
a great saving of transportation over
railroad lines to Xew York, and thence
by steamer. It will cost not more than
-twenty.fi ve cents a barrel to "transport
oil from Port Arthur to Eurore.
Boer General in
Critical Situation
London, Dec. IB. Boer dispatches,
intercepted by the British in South
Africa, indicate that General Delarey
considers his position extremely criti
cal. He believes he cannot hold out
longer than two weeks. Tbe British
aro exultant and think they have run
down one of the most persistent Boer
Nicaragua Bill
Reported to Congress
Washinzton, Dec 19 The obairman
of che committee of commerce reported
the Nicaragua canal bill to the bouse
this morning. Arrangements,
made for action upon it shortly
tbe reassembling of congress
Sampsei Heart Frew
Washington, December 19. Admiral
Sampson has notified the navy depart
ment of his protest against tbe findings
of Admiral Dewey, and will leave New
York tonight ana reach Washington
to morrow.
Pension fsr Mrs. McKlifey
Washington, Dec. 19. Senator Mark
Banna today Introduced'a bill granting
a pension of $5000 a year to Mrs. Mc
Klnley. Mining men in Tucson repor a great
scarcity of miners in that vicinity.
Salted a Sack of Coke
Experiences of a Mining Expert?
When Examine Northern
Arizona Mines
An article In thelast Issueof the New
England Journal fer Investors handles
the Vulture Mining company without
gloves. It not only assails the honesty
of those who manipulated its stock,
but claims the mine is not as repre
sented and should be classed as a pros
pect rather than a mine. A. Chester
Beatty, a mining expert who examined
the property, furnishes some very in
teresting reading In the article men
tioned, in which be eavs:
"I examined tbe property in the fall
of 1899, making a preliminary exami
nation and taking a few samples at that
time, l suDsequently examined tne
nrnnnrtv thnrnnirhlv In thn fall of 1899.
and found In both cases that some one j
was irjiug bu salt tut) samples; m ioui
I bad quite a joko on whoever was try
ing to do the salting, as I left some
sacks filled with coke which were just
HMf. tKa civnA c4a rt lha oomnla calra
UWUV kWU BAUtV Otl.O Ui VUO OilUipiU dmvuo
I used for ore, and the man who was
doing the salting did it in such a crude
manner that he actually salted the
coke so that it ran $18 per ton In gold.
Of course when I made the examlna -
tion I had my assayer and assistant
with me and found that there was a big
tonnage of ore that ran $1.50, and some
of the ore In smaller blocks would run
M to $6.
"Aiier i uiscoverea inai some one
was trying to salt me I made quite a
thorough study of the property because
I looked upon it as one which had a
certain amount of prospective value,
and which, if It could be acquired on
the proper terms, might pay to pros
pect. Now it seems to me in view of
tho guarantee made in this advertise
ment, which reads as follows, "We will
furnish a signed statement setting forth
what will be found at tbe mine, and
will extend every facility to any per
son who desires to investigate, either
in person or by sending a represents- j
tlve to the mine; if our statement upon ,
t -i ., .i t .i '
luicsbLuuuu (Jruves ulucivvisb luau
true we will pay all tbe expenses of
this investigation," that it would be a
very good idea U you would get them
to deposit a certain sum o' money in
the bank to pay for the engineer's ex
amination and then secure the service
of one or more well known engineers
in addition to yourself and make up a
party and go down and examine tbe ,
mine. Of course before taking this
step it would be absolutely necessary
In 1ava at Am iiitf ftln n An& tin In n
IVS AJChtu tuciu JUf hue iuuurji ujj Asa n
bank and have the matter arranged in
a ban In ess like manner throughout.
Wonderful Yield of the Soil
About Duncan
Over on tbe Gila river, in the vicin
ity of Duncan, is vrhat may be termed
the "corn belt" of Arizona. This has
been demonstrated for years by enor
mous yields. Three years ago one
i farmer secured an average of 105 imsh-
c.s ui bum t.vu. a -zv a.., o uc.u. &.c-
cently Mr. J. E. Cosper, living near
Duncan, reported to the Copper Era
that he harvested one hundred bushels
of corn from a trifle more than three
quarters of an acre of ground. In the
Gila valley around Solomonvllle corn
Is an Important crop and the yield runs
from 60 to SO bushels to the acre, but
the soil about Duncan seems to be es
pecially adapted to corn.
Price of Copper Little Affected
The Engineering amd Min'ng Journal
of a recent date says: "In the metal
markets copper has been the subject of
all sorts of rumors, most of them orig
inating In Wall street and Intended to
affect the quotations of copper stocks.
That they are not based on any sub
stantial facts is shown by tbe but
slightly changed condition of the mar
ket. The fall in standard copper li
London has been made tbe mostof, but
it really amounts to little. The specu
lative transactions there have not been
large, and standard ban, are no longer
the test of the market. Refined cop
per shows little change."
New Charter Defeated In Phoenix
On Tuesday tbe city of Phoenix held
a special election to vote on a proposed
new city charter, authorized by tbe
last legislature. The new charter was
defeated by a vote of 519 to 46. The
Gazette says thai tbose wbo advocated
the charter were defeated by their own
lack of interest. It is believed, how
ever, that the charter .will come up
again next spring for ths citizens to
give their opinion on, and it Is believed
that the charter will receive a greater
number of votes next time. The ques
tion will not be dropped, however, as
the friends of tbe new charter propose
to keep hammering at it until some
thing happens.
Peisioi Afeit Appointed
The President has sent to the senate
the nomination of W S Me teal f, for
pension agent. Mr. Metcalf is a native
of Kansas and makes his home at To
peka, Kansas.
To Be Repaired.
If roa bT any light mechanical
work to b Jon call on
SI Uppsr Main St.
A Few Good Hints
In the way of Holiday Gifts. Something
novel in wearing apparel is always an ap
appreciated present.
Our line of novelties for both ladies and
gentlemen surpasses anything ever shown
in Bisbee.
Gold and Silver headed Parasols,
Mexican hand carved Puraes and Books.
Silk Scarfs and Shawls.
Steel cut Chatelaine Bags,
Mexican Drawn Work Handkerchiefs.
Needle Work Silk Handkerchiefs.
Silk Mufflers,
Four-in-Hanu, Puff, Club and Bow Ties,
8 .
Fancy Silk Suspenders.
Fob Chains,
Ladies and Gents Silk Hosiery,
and many other items too numerous to
mention. Come in and look at them and
make a wise choice. "We will help you.
. -
, -ij
, VU
' j
i XU
Diamond Bro's. I
The White Front
S BUSINESS 'PHONES, $4.00. per Ilo.
1 RESIDENCE " $3.00 g
I Plrcf Rpi Vniir TaI Af.fi aha I
Sj Bisbee Improvement Co. Manager's Office No. 200. g
Douglas Real
For information
S. F. Meguire, Sec'y
I City Barber
free Coinage
Proprietors ..
ti2iSS 2Z'SZiZA'WSSiS&'SASi''AiSA'3.'S
Dealers In -Wines, Liquors
I Lold Beer on Draught
St. Louis Beer
( Agent for Anheuser-Husch
Brewing Association
Wholesale and Retail
'2aaSa2,fcSiia. 0&322i2&2GAZSi&3S&'Z2222&&&&2i!,
AnhaenserBnsch Rre g g
f Dubacher & Muheim ""Cigars
Dry Goods Store.
The International Land
""Improvement Co.
Douglas, Ariz.
Emile Marks
Agents for O
McBrayer Whiskey
and International
"sCfcars I
Alain Street ?
Bisbee, Arizona
M - O
Greener ,
iJK5bTi. ubrr,
L. C. Shatluck
Finest Brands of
and CIGARS... i
- ' i ,rt

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