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Box 3 cakes 65c
The Best Sorts
of Toilet Soaps
JVhen buying toilet soaps, don't economize too
much. To do so isn't economy at all; it's almost fool
ish foolish when you stop to think what is apt to
result frDru the uc of cheap soaps.
-Houpli, chapped skin, sm-irtlng sensations, pimples, and other
kin ei Ui:ions -nearly nil dux to impure soaps.
The best is the cheapest is never so true as
when applied to soaps.
The kindstold of below stand head and shoul
ders above the rest of the worlds of soaps, tach has
become famous because of some particular virtue
and each is absolutely pure.
Colgate's Mountain Violet,
' Sweet Pink.
' Heliotrope,
Pear's Unscented,
" Scented,
Packer's Tar,
Williams' White Glycerine,
Amole, Plain,
Williams', Bar, Cake 10c
Pink, " 25c
Colgate's, " 10c
Cudoma Soap
Delicate fabric and laces won't stand washing
in the ordinary manner and with the ordinary soap.
Rubbing wears them out and poor soap rots-them.
CUDOMA a new soap is made just espec
ially for dainty delicate fabrics.
For the asking you can get at the Drug Coun
ter a. '.booklet telling all about CUDOM A soap but
better than any number of booklets is a trial of the
soap itself.
3 cakes for 25c
2 cakes for 25c
3 ' 65c
3 " 65c
3 " sec
3 " 60c
3 ' 75c
3 " 75C
3 ' 75c
3 " J3&
3, " 25c
3 " 25c
3 ' 40c
Small -size,
Large size,,
Will Tight Duel
on American Soil.
Guaymas, Mexico, Feb. 7. General Eagan, of embalmed
beef fame, who is interested in extensive mineral lands near this
place, is here on business. Col. "W. P. Harlow, of Nogales, was
also an arrival on yesferday's train. Today the two men bo
came involved in a quarrel in which some hot words were passed
and as a result Col. Harlow challenged General Eagan to fight
a duel, which was promptly accepted. The principals leave to
morrow for Arizona to fight to death on American soil. Col.
Harlow is a prominent citizen of Nogales, and a warm personal
friend of Allen T. Bird of the Nogales Oasis, who it is said will
act aa second for Harlow. Tonight friends are trying to smooth
matters over without success. The quarrel grew out of a dis
pute of title regarding some valuable coal lands in which Eagan
is heavily interested. The lie-was passed and the duel was the
climax. The United States authorities wjU probably take a
hand when the principals reach Nogales.
Oinfa Mountain
1 This is no vu .wil1 "BMy ar- I
$ r 3-.-, TTI prised upon examining our
& rait y 1 ie . . Btock of
$ Gents' Furnishing: Goods
I m the traveling man was to find clean sheets on his bed in a S
K country hotel. Everything is clean and brand new. Our
.Holiday irade was so neavy that we were unable to oner a sac-
rificing tale of Overstocked Goods and we have been more than $
busy getting in New Novelties and Staples ever since. If you f
need a new hat, pair of shoes, gloves, suspenders, working
shirts, overalls, or in fact anything in the Furnishing Goods
line or miners' supplies, come in and see our goods before you
buy. It isn't any trouble to show goods when your stock is
clean, conmlote and uo-to-date. A. P. SKINNER. Main St
John Chinaman
Celebrates New Year
New York, Feb. ".In the Chinese
calendar, today marks the beginning
of a new year. It is the greatest fes
tival of the year for the sons of the Ce
lestial kingdom. Those resident in
New York's Chinatown observe the
occasion just as enthusiastically and as
religiously as though they were not
thousands of miles distant from their
native land. The festivities extend
over a period of nine days, during
which time little business will be
transacted in the tblokly populated
district bounded by Mott, Doyer and
Pell streets.
All day long today there was a stea
dy stream of almond-eyeJ pilgrims
wending their way to the top floor of
traction was Mon Eye Mu, a new joss
in town. He is said to be one of the
greatest of josses. For the last 2,000
years he rested on a pedestal In one of
temples built in honor of Confucius in
China, until recently, when a Rood
Chinaman decided there was a place
for him to fill in this country. When
he reached here he was in a fine box, Tho I aPflOCf Man
for though he is made mSstly of silver1 lui yvii H"
and bright colored silks, he is said to I
be much alive spiritually in this world.
With due ceremony he was Installed In
the new joss house in the keeping of
half a dozn white robed nigh priests
of the Mon Eve Mu clan.
Anarchist Bill
Protects Ministers
MIDNIGHT DUEL. 'Chinese Excli-
Fn.,i. . u, . sl0B Demanded
Fought in a West Vir-
vTosuingion, reo. i. James v. Phe
, Ian, recently mayor of San Francisco
; and one of the California commission
ers appointee, oy uovernor Gage to
represent the state before the commit
tees of congress here, was a witness
before the House committee on For
eign Affairs today.
Referring to the statement by Min
ister Wu that "labor agitators were
behind Chinese exclusion," Mr. Phelan
detailed the overwhelming sentiment
on the Pacific Coast In favor of exclu
sion as shown by referendum votes, a
unanimous press, unanimous delega
tion and Congress and a unanimous ex
clusion convention.
On the othr side he said were the
Pacific Mail Steamship Company, Ca-
PremiHent and Wealthy Citizen
Instantly Killed By a
Welch, W. Va , Feb. 7 This town
was the scone last midnight of a sen
sational murder, the parties Implicated
being among the leading people of the
state. Wlti out a dozen words having
been passed, Dr. Daniels, of this place, 1
and D. H. Harman, jr., drew revolvers '
and began firing at each other. The
B. F. Graham and Co.,
Bisbee and Naco.
The Larfest Livery In tie Ter
ritory $80,000 Business
list Year Property
MeM Aleve $50,000
duel resulted in Instant death of
man, a bullet piercing his heart.
Harman wasformerly sheriff of Mc
Dowell counfy.- and was among the
.wealthy men of this part of the state.
Owing to 111 feeling which he knew ex
isted against him he only last week
Har-' nadian Hallways, Chinese diplomatic
representatives, several retained at
torneys, and returned missionaries
who urged no publio reason for admis
sion of Chinese and who had finally
agreed to renewal of the Geary law
for two years when It Is said the treaty
Washington, Feb. "The anti-anarchist
bill, wnlch will be reported to
the house in a day Nor two, contains
one feature not heretofore alluded to.
This Is a provision giving to foreign
ambassadors and ministers accredited
to Washington protection against as
saults, and punishing with death any
such assaults which results in the
death of a foreign umlassador or min
ister. The section providing severe penal
ties for conspiracies In this conntry
against foreign rulprs does not, how
ever, embrace ambassadors and minis
ters, as Chairman Ray, of the judiciary
committee, who Is draft-' tig- the report,
leeis tnat great care Is necelssary not
sold his land holdings in this section- uf 1894 wrU1 exPlre-
No. 20 Mott street. The center of at-to exceed the constitutional right to
other business with a view
to Huntington.
Dr. Daniels is one of the most promi ,
nent physicians of the Norfolk and
Western fields. Often having friend;
Interfere to prevent a struggle which
was sore to result fatally to one or the
other. Tne doctor was out lato last
night, and just as he was passing the j
hotel on the leading thoroughfare he
met Harman, who had just reached
town on a train from the east. The
of movingi nmcu 1115 TYIIU
and Hung Himself
Topeka, Kas., Feb. 8. James Kay
killed his wife with a flat iron at mid
night in their home and then went to
his work at Crosby's mill. The em
ployees found him hanging to a rail
road trestle and saved him. Notes left
by Kay showed that the woman's de
termination to secure a dlvnrrn
men glanced at each other and parties I caused the tragedy.
fitAnrltnir in tha hnfpl -lpim tliA- honrri '
standing in the hotel claim they heard
probably half a dozen words uttered
when Instantly revolvers glistened be-,
neath the glare of electric lights, and
simultaneously both men fired.
Harman shot but once. Daniel con
tinued firing until every chamber
his revolt er was empty.
Dr. Daniels immsuiateiy surrender
ed. Mr. Harman was removed to the '
Fell Into a lisle.
E. E. MaoVeagh, the popular hard
ware representative for Arizona, of
MiIIai- Simla Ar. Sontt nf $Un Vnftl.n
n met with a very painful accident In
n,,.i.. m, 3 iu. w. vr--
A Low Price is a Good Salesma; Quality Is a
Better Orie.
Don't b Influenced br decoy prices, but If you Deed anJtMor in Genu"
Furnlshlsgi or HaU, let ui show you the reasonable prleee we put on
our stock o'clenn. new, up-to-date furnishings, ana we ere sure to
numher you among our rnstomers. We are mating leader of Hats
ud Gloves this we-X. $3X0 and tUO will buy you any SIxe. Shape or
Color you m4 desire in a first dais hat.
A large assortment of the'Standard Keith Bros. Gloves, both for dress
and working.
! The Pioneer Soda Works. J
T. F. flETZ, Proprietor.
Goods delivered to anv oart of Citv
hail orders receive prompt atterrtioa. 1
Disastrous Fire
Damages in Chicago
Chicago, Feb. 7. In three hours this
morning the four story Sanford build
ing In the heart of the business dis
trict, occupied by the Roach Piano Co.
and Watson Paint Co. was destroyed,
the Trade building, an adjoining ten
story structure, was damaged, and
Handel Hall was scorched. The los3
is half a million. A terrific explosion
of paint and oil caused a panic. Every
building in the block is deserted.
The immense Marshall Field build
ing is temporarily vacant. Simultan
eously fire destroyed the Gage millin
ery Co. and Central Telephone Co.
several blocks away. The loss is three
hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
Theodore Roosevelt
Seriously III
Washington, Feb. 7 Theodore
Roosevelt jr., the President's son, w
seriously ill with pneumonia at Grown
school, Oroton, Mass. The Illness is
the result of A fad running bareheaded.
Mrs. Roosevelt hastened to the bedside
this afternoon.
Veagh makes Douglas regularly every
punish crimes originating within ." , ' " 3U"euu- month visiting his customers in the
states. Tho protection of foreign . i ii """""" , ,cuu"cu " " new border town. He had finished his
rulers against conspiracies is con.Id- hote,1- He never uttered a word. No I day,s work and wlth two h
ered justified by the law of nations, ' ne knows " wUI l'r0bly never grips started to take a short cut across
but it is not deemed expedient, to ex- kn0W wMot?t PT ,between, the. the town to his hotel, and the night
tend this to ambassadors and minis ' T niels refused to tak of bd dark m nQ
ters residing here. so. occurence on.y to say mat ne -naa !de h and tfc fc fc o
I to do it." '5 iij. ,., !.. ?.-.
g uauger, waincru sb it rapiu Ksti. xeivre
Veagh'found himself flounderint down
In the opening made for the cellar of
And Biggnst Woman
Helena, Mon;. Feb. 0. A marriage
between the largest man and the big
gest woman in the United States, if
not in the world, will take place with
in the next two weeks. The contract
ing party will be Miss Ella Murray, cf
Missouri, 8 feet 1 inch tall, and weigh
ing something over 400 pounds, and
Edward Beaupre, "The Montana cow
boy," who tips the scales at 366 pounds
and Is 8 feet In height. .
Miss Murray's father, It is said, has
tried for some time to Induce some
one to marry her, offering a home and
liberal expense money.
Beaupre is 21 years old and has nev
er been out of the state. He wears No
Dr. Daniel was shot a iew mon
ago while eating lunch in a fashionable
restaurant here; during a duel be
tween A C. HufTord and Frank Wald
ron, in which Frank Waldron was kill
ed. The tragedy of la9t night is be
lieved to be the outgrowth of the
former shooting. Mr. Harman being
a warm friend of Mr. HufTord.
The feeling here today is intense.
No more prominent man lived in this
part of the state than Mr. Harman.
He wa3 worth 9500,000 and was ldentl
fied in most of the large buslne9s con
corns of the county.
Cuban Republic
is Invited
the new Copper Queen store. With
some difficulty he managed ts fret out
of the cellar and finally got to the Ord
Mr. MacVeagh came in on the even
ing train yesterday and had to be
I helped from the train to his hotel.
His faoe is black and blue and his
; left ankle is badly sprained and cloth-
' lng badly torn.
! Dr. Nichols attended Mr. MaoVeagh
at the Copper Queen hotel and says
1 Ufmic CnKMniotF u.( after a few days' rest his patient will
( WOman S ailJiragiSIS MeM. beable to be out and continue his
I Baltimore, Md., Feb. 7. As a pre- i trip through Arizona.
liminary to the annual convention to v . " ' TZT"
, be held In Washington next week the j COlICflC OratOrlCal CftlteSt
National American Woman Suffrage Indianapolis. Ind., Feb. 7 targe
association began an important con-1 delegations of students from leading
colleges and universities of Indiana are
here to attend the annual contest of
erable leader, Miss Susan B Anthony, the state intercolleBlate oratorical
presiding. Others in attendance in- society, which takes place tonlsht In
eluded Carrie Chapman Catt, of New Tomilson Hall. The following have
York, the Rev. Anna Howard Shaw of been chosen to represent their respec
Phlladelphia, Harriet Taylor Upton of tive schools: Joseph Canning, Earl-
Ohio, Katherme M. Gordon of New ham College: A. C. Everlngton, Frank-
oo .hoa aA ,... .a ' !-' u.jlerence here today. The sessions op
Z.1T" " ""lened in Y. M. C. A. Hall with the ven
Washington, Feb. 7. Representa
tive Newlandsof Nevada, of the ways
and means committee, who was the au
thor of the resolution annexing Hawaii,
today introduced a joint resolution In
viting the republic of Cuba to become
a part of the United States, first as a
territory and then as a state of the
Union, to be called the state of Cuba.
Tho resolution also authorizes a 25
per cent, reduction of duty on the pres
ent crop of Cuban sugar, in considera
tion of the Cubans granting preferen
j tial rates to the United States. The
! resolution connnes tne za per cent, re-
Brilliant Arlei Ball.
New York, Feb. 7. All is in readl- auction in duties to a period prior to
neat for the big Arion Masquerade ball ( January 1, 1903.
In Madison Square Garden tonlgnt
Judging from the largo number of
boxes and tickets that have been sold,
the attendance promises to be the lar
gest of any ball in the Arion's history.
The carnival this year Is to be a pro
duction of the Arabian Nights and the
prosaic interior of the big Garden has
been transformed into a cave (n which
all the myths of the Arabic fable will
be shown. The ballet will Include 350
chorus girls from the ranks of the me
tropolitan Opera House and other
prominent Broadway thentres and the
costumes, it is said, will be the most
brilliant ever seen In New York.
1 1 1
.Choice Beef.vPork, Mutton, Sausage and
Dressed Poultry.
-will be 'The Beet Always." By merit alone we
expect to share your patronage. Beepectfnlly ao
'hciting your trade at the old stand of Orerlock'a.
.OeD4rrerltaayfart CKy
You say you " can't afford to
waste a cent," and yet you buy
weak-cheap and alum-cheap
baking powders that waste
your money or help run up
doctors' bills.
Ask your grocer about Schil-
-Wing's Best.
Important Railroad Project.
Portland, Ore., Feb 7. Plans are
rapidly nearing completion for the
building of a railroad from the Colum
bia river landing known as Lyle, on
the Washington side of the river, and
about ten miles below the Dalles, to
Goldendale, the county seat of Klick
itat county, to be operated in conjunc
tion with a line of steamers between
Lyle and Portland. It Is the inten
tion of the promoters of the enterprise
to have the road in operation by the
end of the year. The road will "be
from 25 to 30 miles in length, and will
bring the products of the rich Klicki
tat Valley to Portland. The valley is
a large wheat producer, and also Is
devoted largely to the sheep and wool
Industry. At present most of the
products are hauled to the Dalles by
A SpMly Forer Arrested
New York, Feb. 7 Daniels, alias
"Red" Levy, race track plunger, was
arrested on a charge of forgery today.
Levy's pockets contained lorty-one
thousand dollars ia om.
York, Dr. Cora Smith Eaton of Minne
sota, Hala Hammond Butt of Missis
sippi, Laura Clay of Kentucky
Maria L. Graham of Louisiana.
Meeting of Educators
Tlconderoga, N. Y., Feb. 7 The
Champlain Educational Council began
Its annual meeting here today and will
continue in session through tomorrow.
The proceedings were opened this
afternoon with a good attendance of
educators. This evening the council
will listen to a lecture by D. E. Ains
worth of the State department of Pub
lic Instruction on "The United States
as a World Power."
lin college; J. M. Devers. Depauw unl-
. vereity, Samuel J. Offutt, Buttler col
lege, and J. F. Gibbons, Hanover col
lege. Every promise is given that the
contest will be one of the best for
Military Priseiers Escape
San Francisco, Feb. 7 Ten of the
military prisoners confined in the
stockade at one of the camps at the
fresidio escaped last night, and have
-ot yet been traced.
Their exit from the lnclosure in
which they were confined was made
'y a tunnel through the ground, which
they had evidently been., secretly con
tracting for several nights.
Socialists to Put up Ticket. A leycr Mrteref
Houston, Texas, Feb. 7. The Social- . . .,".
1st party proposes to take a prominent S,ault fe, Marie nt- Feb. 7-Fred-part
In the municipal campaign and to .nclc Schulu w" haned here "
this end have completed arrangements "? ' the murder of hU .ireet
for a city convention to be held this ' heart M' Cral"' HUlaat word, were
evening. The convention will name j "Ben 0M ,n Innocent man to
candidates to be voted for at next eternity.
month's election and will also adopt a
Admiral Wildes Sails.
" San Francisco, Fob. 7. Rear Ad
miral Wildes sailed for Hong Kong
this morning on the China. He goes I
to relieve Rear Admiral KempfT, the
For Black Hills Championship
Lead, S. D., Feb. 7 George Murphy
of Deadwood and Andrew Ennls ot
Brooklyn have completed their work
of Drenaratlon and art, in readiness i old-time rivals in the ring, engage in
for their finish fight, which is to be! what Is scheduled to be atwenty-round
Trenton, N. J.,
Coniaiy Fails
Feb. 7 Receiver was
appointed this morning for the Auto
mobile Co. of America. Llabiliteaa
three hundred thousand.
Capper StW Straff
New York, Feb. 7 Lead 4.00; copper
13; silver 651-8.
Feltz vs Haley
Savannah, Ga., Feb. 7 In the arena
of the Savannah Athletic club tonight
Tommy Feltx and Patsy Haley, two
pulled oft tonight under the asplces of
a local athletic club. The match Is
for a purse acd the welterweight cham-
"monahip of the Black Hilla.
bout. Both men have been In training
for several weeks and each appear
confident of hie ability to win the de
cision aod-Oie lung ewttijw
Sixteen years ago there stood an old
corral prenentlng a sorry spectacle aa
it was observed by the passerby on his
way to HUbee or In the distant moun
tains. Today It is torn down, the
mountain side Is chiseled away and
there stands the largest livery and feed
stable In the great Territory of Ari
zona. This is the property of B. F. Gra
ham & company, which opened the
business less than three years and a
half ago. When the company launch
ed Its business the sum total of the
stock in trade was ten old horses and
eight wornout vehicle that were eoon
relegated to tho baok ground or the
scraplron pile. But instead of the old
shell that stood on the hillside and was
used for a shelter of the ten supferan
uated stage horses, there is a modern
institution containing one hundred and
twenty as fine horses as It is possible
to buy with some sixty-five absolutely
up to date rigs. -'We keep only good
smooth stock," observed Mr. Graham
yesterday, "for we sold all our old
stook last year and shipped them east
our purpose now Is to keep nothing
and to buy nothing but the very best
stock obtainable As for the rolling
stock that we have on hand it is all
strickly In first-class condition and wo
are putting on rubber tires throughout
with the Tinker roller band axe. Wo
have a number of high grade rigs run
ning over $300 each. We are running
four stages between here and Naco
each stage making two trips daily,
practically running eight stages dally.
We formally run a business in Cananea
but disposed of it and gave possession
on Christmas day. We also have a
livery business in connection with our
Bisbee stable at Naco."
In reference to the general business
of the company last year Mr. Graham
remarked that they did something
above tSO.OOO worth of business. This
certainly Is a big business when it is
recalled that the business Is made up
generally of small bills. "We would
not sell our entire outfit for $60,000
the offer we were made outright that
Is, of course, for the entire business
from Bisbee to Naco. Then there Is
the undertaking department which we
have that adds a good business in
The company employ about twenty
men continually and keep them going.
Everything Is kept in first-class con
dition. The stage route between here
and Naco is one of the important
features of the business and the im
mense travel between the two points
oaosed by the two immense copper
mines at Bisbee and Cananea makes
this an important feature.
"Of course it takes lots of money to
make a business like this go, perhaps
much more than one would realize, for
everything may be termed high," said
Mr. Graham, "as one may safely count
on a horse costing 50c per head, it is
easy to see where you would come out
with 120 horses with all additional ex
penses, for break, wear and keeping in
But to realize this Immense business
has been builded in three and half
years it seems astonishing. It would
be hard to conceive of any Investment
where money could do greater good
for the investor. There is no other
'able in the city which compares
with this. For the general good of
Bisbee it would be hard to estimate
the real good done.
Qay Seeks Climate
Washington, Feb. 7 The house re
sumed consideration of the legislative
appropriation bill today. War claims
were deferred till after oleo bill is set
tled. In the senate Quay asked an In
dulgence of members immediate con
sideration of public buildings at New
Castle, Pa. Ha said he had been
ordered south tomorrow by physician.
The bill was promptly passed.
SampsN's Cainter Statement.
Washington, Feb. 7. The counsel
for Sampson this morning filed with
the secretary of the navy a statement
in behalf of Sampson in opposition to
Schley' contention that Schley was In
command at Santiago.
Admiral Sampsoi Dylmj.
Washington, Feb. 7 The rumor that
Admiral Sampson ia about to die Is
false, but diabetes is slowly killing him.
There is little hope of his recovery. "
MlRieapolIs Hotel Fire.
Minneapolis, Feb. 6. The Vendo-se
hotel, leading European hostelry In
the city was gutted by fire this secty,
tsar- s"artA00uOD0L
a'sav'st, v rsasss4Bi sjaavvsrY vvve j

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