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Cotton Dress Stuffs
Ic does seem as if the
cotton dress stuffs are
about as pretty this year
as they can be What
h the tricksof the weav
ers and the effects gained
by the use of mercerized
threads, the cotton dress
stuffs are fairly bewitching.
Tnct n word of some of
Cotton Etamines, 32 inches wide,
pink, cadet blue, black, white, tan
and nlle. 3Cc a yard.
Swiss embroidered dots are just
what their name implies. Dots of
various sizes and colors embroid
ered on sheer, linen colored goods.
20c a yard.
Silk Nove'ty Walstings, silk one
way, cotton the other. In plain col
ors with ring spots of various sizes,
made by the silk coming to the sur
f.v u. 30c a yard.
iiatistc Matte is batiste with ox
ford or basket weave stripes every
few inches apart and a printed floral
design between each oxford stripe.
Remarkably pretty. 20c a yard.
Will you let these four
speak today lor the dozens
of other kinds every bit as
pretty and desirable.
Sox, 3 for 50c
Plain colored and em
broidered sox of a quality
that we sold along for 25c a
pair. We are going to clean
tip the lot quickly and have
r. t new prices on them.
3 pairs for 50c.
Men's Clothes to Measure
The new wolens for spring are now in and ir.ore
of them than we ever received before in one ship
ment. We are keeping more tailors bu?y in 1 ur work
rooms than we ever had at this tinte of the year.
Put these two facts together and it means that
our tailoring business is on the increase, and a tail
oring business is the hardest one to increase unless
satisfaction of the most satisfactory sort is giypn.
Just one more word except in the very staple
sorts, we have but one single suit of a pattern. Ea:h
day you put off making selection means so much less
to select from.
Prices start at $30.00 as little as one ought to pay for the proper
quality of wo'lens properly made:
Wash Petticoats
Medium Priced Shirt
A few swallows don't
make a summer, neither do
the first lot of waists
opened up but a few days
ago even fairly represent
the shirt waist stock as it
will be a few weeks later.
Still these medium priced
waists from 90c to $3.50
are attracting much at
tention and eliciting many
favorable comments.
1 hev are as fresh and as
dainty and pretty as one
could wish, and surpris
ingly Httle to pay withal.
90c to $3.5o, with a very
few at $5.00.
Mostly all white. The white with
black or colored rings are very styl
ish. One style, of lawn, is $1.25;
(another of me.-cerlzed goods with
large ring dots is ?2.25.
SilK Petticoats
Are absolutely essential
this season for wear with
the open mesh woolen
dress stuff such a etamines
and voiles that require the
shimmer of silk to show
through the meshes in or
der to be thoroughly ef
Petticoats that will stand
the freshening process of a
visic to tne wasntub as ire- r
quently as you wish prac-
tical petticoats, if you pjcas,
and as pretty and stylish
looking as though their
practicality was never given
a thought.
From $1.25 to $5.00.
The ?5 00 skirts are all linen. ma
terial with embroidered flounce.
Plain all liuen skirts at $2.75 have
two hemstitched ruffles. $1.2S will
buy a linen colored skirt with two
ruffled flounces; $1.50, black and
white shepherd check satine skirt
with accordion pleated flounce
edged at top and bottom with pinked
: '
The Review Is in receipt of the veto
meseago of Governor lJrodie, stating
lis reason for his refusal to affix his
ignature to ilte woman suffrage bin.
The governor bases his veto on the
jioucd ihat the passage of the woman
un"iage bill would have been uncon-
titutional according 10 the organic act
jf this territory. The He-view pub-
Uhes, liie opinion of the governor In
lull, as follows:
Office of the Governor, Phoenix, Ari
zona. March 19. 1903.
To the Honorable, the Houso of Rep
resentatives, Twenty-second Legisla
tive Assembly of Arizona:
Gentlemen I have the honor to re
turn to you herewith house bill No. SI,
withouj my signature.
As a reason therefor I w lsh to briefly
state that in my judgment the subject
of the bill is not one within the powers
of the legislature to legislate upon.
Paragraph 15 (section 1SS1) of the
organic law of Arizona defines the
legislative power of the territory as
' '
citizen on account of race, color or
previous condition of servitude."
The territorial legislature is. there
fore, restricted to confer the elective
franchise only, upon citizens, or those
who have declared their intention to
become citizens. The privilege of vot
lng is not a natural gflt, but a privi
lege conferred by law.
Who are "citizens" witfcfn ho Inten
tion and contemplation of the Organ.c
It evidently was in the mind of con
gress at the enactment of sections
1859 and 18G0 that it was dealing with
the subject of male citizens exclusive
ly. Females were and would bo resi
dents of the territories at the time of
the contemplated elections and, accord
ing to crtala acceptations ot the word
"citizen," also citizens of the territory.
If congress intended to give the elec
tive franchise to clt'zens regardless of
sex it would not have placed the ex
press limitation to the "male" citizen.
However, courts in passing upon the"
question of the subject matter of 1hi3
extending to all rightful subjects of bill, have given construction to the
legislation not inconsistent with the term "cftizen" in its relation, to the
constitutionand aws of itihe United elective franchise. They make a. dls
States. The question therefore to be Unction between political and civil
determined is: Is the subject matter rights. The latter constitutes the citl
of house bill No. 81. giving the suffrage zon while the former are not necessary
to females measured by the constltu- ingredients.
High Grade Watches
Precious Stones
The jewelry department
is better equipped with a
stock of high grade watch
movements and fine quality
A black taffeta silk petticoat at of 1 4 K. gold cases than it
$0.50 is far and away the best we've' lias ever been before. This
ever had for the price.
Black taffeta and changebale or
shop silk petticoats with pleated
and ruffled flounce with two rows
of niching at $8.50 are especially
good values.
White taffeta si'k petticoats at
$13.00 and $22.50 each are for those
who want to be right up even with
Other silk petticoats in one or
two of a kind for the sake of exclu-
siveness. are to had from $10.00 to
statement appl'es to both
watches for women as well
as men. Some of the
cases are set with diamonds.
Some very high speci
mens of high grade, per
fectly cut and pure white
diamonds have been added
to the stock within the past
few days and are price from.
$40.00 to $400. We would!
like you. to see these.
Wednesday and Thursday, April 1st and 2nd, we'll show the new trimmed hats. We are planning
to make this year's opening the most successful of any we've held, but the most important plans were
laid when the hats were selected.
cion and laws ot the United States a
rightful subject of legislation not in
consistent with the coustltution and
laws of the United States?
As the question presents irself to
my mind, when the territorial legisla
ture does or attempts to legislate upon
a subject not directly pointed out or
contempa.ed by the constitution or
laws of the United States, it Is legis
lating upon a subject which is not con
sistent therewith.
The organic act. of the legis'ature
furnishes a conistitu: Sonal limitation
bejond which the legislature ot the
trrritory cannot rightfully proceed.
Congress created a territorial govern
ment and furnished the rules of con-
dnc'j by which the government is to ex
ist, and provided a limitation to each
branch thereof. Legislation, of course
most mot be in conflict with the laws
of congress under and by which it is
organized, and the power to legislate
is granted and the rules enacted by
congress HmK the power of the legis
lature to make laws.
Paragraph 25 (section 1S59) of the
organic Law of Arizona reads as fol
lows: "Every male-c'tizea above the age of
twentv one who are actual resi
dents of such territory at the time of
the orgarJzatlon shall bo entitled to
vote at the first election in such terri
tory etc., subject to the limita
tion in secfon 1S60."
Paragraph 20 (section 1SG0) pro
vides '.hat at an subsequent elections
the qualification of voters shall be
such as are prescribed by the legisla
tive assembly of the territory, subject
to certain restrictions on the pow er of
the legislative assembly mentioned in
said section, rho first of which is
"The right of suffrage sha'J
bo exercised only by citizens of the
United States above the age of twenty
one years." Second. "There shall be
no denial of the elective franchise to a
L I '
The Arizona and Sonora Manufacturing Co.
ROY & TITCOMB, Inc. Sales Agents.
to prepared to erect and equip Stamp Mills, Cyanide
..."T.'JLA"", O.T EndcXE aSS Crushers? etc. Carry in stock
a full line of' Boilers. Engines, Pipe, Mine, Mill and Smelter Supplies
Estimates Cheerefully Furmsnea. w,......
Plants, Hoist
Hoisting Entlnes
The territory may deny all her po
litical rights to an Individual and yet
he may be a citizen.' The rights of
office and suffrage are political purely
and are denied by some or all of the
states to part of their population who
are still citizens.
Van Va kenburg v Browa., 43 Calif.
Bloomer v Todd, et al. 19 Pac, Hep.,
That congress intended to restrict
the elective franchise to male citizens
Is further evident because of its own
limitation in legislating upon the sub
Section 2. of article 11. ot the consti
tution of the United States, reads as
"Representatives shall bo apportion
ed among the several states acordlng
to their respective numbers.
But when the right to vote is de
nied to any male inhabitants of such
state, being twerty-one years of age
and citizens of the United States,
the basis of representation there in
shall be reduced, " etc.
It will be seen that by extending the
vote to females the basis and fabric
of federal representation to which each
state is entitled cannot be adjusted
witbout a change in the above stated
ixrtlole of the constitution of the United
To my mind then it is clear ihat it
was the intention of congress to limit
the elective franchise to male citizens,
Jiat the territorial legislature receives
its powers to legislate from congress
and that the legislature in enacting
house bill No. 81 into a law legislated
upon a subject not consistent with the
constitution of tho United States and
the acts of congress.
I therefore return the bill to your
honorable body witrout approval.
Very respectfully.
(Signed) Alexander O. Brodie.
Governor of Arizona
Shirt Waist
Harris & Greener !
Dealer in Wines. Liquors
... 3eer on Draught oPpoiit puuio r. rr.r
. 9s
free Coinage
- i -
j, -
Proprietors - .. -
Agent lor
McBrayef Whiskey
Cigars .-
Just received a full line
& of the latest and upto
i date shirt waists in all
styles, sizes and orices.
Don't forget to come
I and looR at them
Mr. Frazee, the merchant tailor, who. In the list of decisions handed down
by the eupreme court of this territory
at Phoenix on Friday last was a re
versal of the lower court in tho case
entitled Copper Queen Consolidated
Mining company versus M. D. Scrlbner.
tax collector of Cochise county.
This is tie famous tax suit, in which
several hundred thousand dollars is in
volved, growing out of an increased as
sessment. of the property of the Cop.
per Queen company for the year 1901.
in that year the assessor of thi
Maia Street.
BUbee, Arizona
Tile Mazfc
Cpper riain Street
Blshee Arizona
We solicit your patronage
with a new stocK of
Staple and Fancy Groceries
At the Johnson Block
has his headquarters in the Maze sa
loon, came into Justice Brown's
court yesterday Tery much excited
and asKed for a warrant for the ar
rest of a man, -who had just robbed him
of $1S0.
According to the somewhat muddled
account of the affair as given by Fra
zee, he was in the Maze saloon, stand
ing a the bar, when a j oung man came
up to lnrn ana tnrust tils nana into
Frazee's pocket He took out the sum
of 1S0.
The attention of Constable Casad
was called to the alleged robbery, but
ho had -other business to attend to,
and hunted up Constable Doyle. Fra
zee had a warrant made out for the
arrest of John Doe, which was placed
in the hands of Doyle.
The officer hunted up one young man
who was suspected, and took him be
fore Frazee. The latter had said a few
minutes before that he wouW be abel
i.o identify the thief, but he said that
the joung man brought before him was
not the one wanted.
Constable Doyle then searched for
another suspet, but was unable to find
him. Late in the evening he gave up
tho search, but will probably continue
16 this morning. Frazee claims that
he would know the man who did It,
but this is about all, the assistance he
can give the officers.
factory.- en he came into the jus
tice office he was greatly excited, and
muttered something about not having
proper protection against thieves and
hold-up men. He claims tnat the money
was taken out of his front pocket on
tho right side of his pants.
No one else has been found, who
saw the money taken, though several
were standing in the saloon, not far
from the scene of (the alleged robbery.
Frazee had been drinking to some ex
tent, and showed It when ho entered
tho justice office.
county returned tt' the board of super
visors the sum of $274,618 as tie
amount of taxable .property of the
tapper Queen Consolidated Mining
company. When the board of equa iza
tion met it proceeded to raise the
Copper Queen ompany, and before they
had finished tho company found them
selves en the payrool in the auin of
$2,839,513, which had been added by
the board of equalization as additional
property and increased valuations.
As an evidence of injustice the Cop
per Queen company cited the fact that
their property had been assessed more
than all of tho mining property in tho
territory of Arizona, and ta their com
plaint cited that the board had acted
in an arbitrary manner and not on
any evidence, before them.
The case came to trial before Judge
Davis at T6mbstoce and !V- for
.tiki "tj. v"j2. tso Ciccf.t.oa ot
tho raise on merchandise the court or
dered the' increased assessment strick
en from the roll, and the county.
through Its attorneys, gave notice ot
appeal. This Is the case that was de
cided by the supreme court at Phoenix
on Friday and the judgment of tho low
er court reversed and the case remand
ed for a now trial.
The remanding of the case for a new
trial will probably mark the beginning
of a long and tediou3 law suit, proba
bly ending in the supreme court of the
United Statea.

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