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The Smelter City
of me Southwest"
PAQK 10.
ruiiaiuiK -rw "-?""? -', -
Douglas, a border town of scarcely cessitatlng naturally a steady increase
five thousand .ouls, stands pre- In Importation of stable commodities
eminent among the frontier towns of To handle the ever increasing trafflc,
Arizona as "the gateway to Sonora." the El Paso & Southwestern railroad
At no time in the history of this great , is being taed to its utmost capacity
southwest has a community sprung , often bejond that point to hold its
Into prominence in the commercial and .own with the progress of the city
industrial world as has Douglas. Less
than two jears ago, but a handful of
pioneers, realizing tho natural adan
tages of Douglas' geographical posi
tion, braved the Inconveniences of
tent and camp life to cast their lots
with the future of this then lusignifl-
This company, on the lirst iudica
tion of Douglas' stabilit, erected a
depot of magnificent proportions, a
picture of which appears in The He
view today; shops were erected and
equipped to do all the various Kinds of
railway repairing and eniplojlng up
. Y
cant 6pot, being encouraged b the
fact that the El Paso & Southwestern
Railroad company had struck vva'er In
abundance here, and having their
faith soon further strengthened b the
announcement that the Copper Queen
Mining company would build the larg
est smelting plant in Douglas in the
These men were made of the stuff
that founded the independence of
these United States of America, and
to their hardy grit Douglas owes its
present standing From a few wide
ly scattered tents, Douglas has sprung
Into a city marvelous, with splendid
thoroughfares and business houses of
brick and granite, and of modern
architectural design. Dwellings that
would grace the avenues of many an
older community denote the prosper
ous condition of their owners and of
Douglas, while the enterprise of land
owners has givet to the wage earner
the neatest of cottages Two
churches rear their spires toward the
starry firmament, silently testifying1
to the Christian spirit that ever per
vades the ranks of the sturdy pion
eers. Before the coming autumn, a
magnificent school house will be in
course of erection, at a cost of $20,000,
showing that Douglas will keep pace
with the onward strides of education,
the pride of all true-spirited Amen
Every week that passes chronirles
the advent of scores of newcomers of
all classes, from the opulent mine
promoter to the lowliest laborer, ne
I wards of one hundred men these
shops are located Jus' bejond the
western limits of the townsitc and a
fifteen-stall roundhouse is nearly com
pleted. Fifteen locomotives of the
latest design have been ordered, and
many of them delivered at this point
While Douglas mav not always be
forced to rely on the mining industries
of this section, thus far she owes her
bid fair to make for themselves the
reputation of being one of the richest
copper producers of the age.
A street car line runs from Tenth
and O the heart of the business sec
tion of Douglas, via the great Copper
Queen reduction plant, to the C. & A
The Copper Queen Consolidated
Mining company, has planned the
plant of the Douglas Reduction
Works, and the work of erection is
fast nearlng completion. Covering
as it does, acres of ground. Just west
of the city, the Douglas Reduction
Works embraces in Its facilities every
branch of smelter and mechanical
work Incident to the running of a
mine and railroad. The mechanical
department is fitted in its machine
blacksmith and boiler shops and its
planing mill, to turn out anything
from the smalest screw or bolt to a
locomotive This department has
been running for months, and has al
leady turned out murh railroad and
custom work. The number of men at
present on the pay roll at the great
Douglas Reduction Works of tho Cop
per Queen company is 500
The Review correspondent paid a
visit to the new smelting plant being
constructed Just west of our city, and
was shown over the premises by Gen
era Foreman Gould.
The machine shops, boiler shop,
foundiy and blacksmith shops are
already turning out a great deal of
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n;LZ;:;::, .?" " SaPS ?.ressors' WI furlsh the breath and
: , 7.: rvz,U6 """ a ur- 010a ' tire tem.
The variety and size of the machin
ery throughout is amazing. In the
machine shop are two pipe threading
machines, one to handle and thread
pipe of from four to twelve Inches In
diameter, the other being used on pipe
varjing lu size from three-eights of an
inch to four inches. A ladi-tl 72 Inch
drill is a curiosity in itself. This
piece of apparatus is capable, under
the touch of skilled uands, of diilllug
holes in and through an metal not
over six feet in diameter, and drills
them at every conceivable angle. A
bolt cutter, an 84 Inch wheel lathe, a
72-inch boring mill, two huge planers,
one 27 by 27, the other 48 by 48, au
IS Inch slotter, a 30 inch engine lathe,
a 24-inch by 24-foot shafting lathe a
lC-inch engine lathe, a 12-inch turret
lathe (for truss finishing), a 14-lnch
Challenge tool lathe, a 28-luch un 1
press and a 20-inch drill press, to
gether with a double end axle lathe
(for car axle work), constitute the
equipment of this modern machine
Eight forgers, with automatic air
blowers, will serve to heat the great
chunks of iron before the powerful
steam hammer pounds and beats,
crushes or caresses them into the de
sired shape. A bolt machine is a
feature of this department, where
bolts of all sizes can be turned out
Besides its industrial arnuisltlnns
Douglas boasts of two banks, one a
national bank; the other is conduct
ed and directed by men who have been
identified with the progress and
growth of tho great Wairen district
since its inception
Four large do- goods and furnish
ing houses supply the needs of Done-
las and the surrounding country. The
largest store of the Conner Queen
-"JP- , ' -l.nrir'rLrt.nii.tS'ZJ
our first faint glimpse of the sunny
southland and its languid inhabitants.
To appreciate Douglas, Its marvel
ous growth and its surroundings, in
the heart of "the country God forgot,"
one must see, and, like the doubting
Thomas, be convinced that no Indian
magician has conjured up a myth from
the earth ,to disappear at the whim
of Its originator.
Douglas is founded on the most
stable of foundations, the immense
riches stored in the treasure valuts of
" 1 .
at an approximate cost
$100,000, and will De ready for
work and tho tenmorarv novver nlant with as little exnense as eastern shons occupancy about September 1st of
, .... , .. . . . -.-r
furnishes electrical power for the ma- can do the work.
The. boiler shop Is fitted with rolls,
punches and shea's of the latest pat
tern, and will be able to handle the
sheet metal from th lightest Iron to
the gieat boiler plate, an Inch and a
company Is being erected here nature to await tho mt, c v
chlnery at present installed When
tho mechanical depaitment is com
pleted and a full force of men at work,
the shops will he readv to handle any
and all work which can possibly be
the current year When completed
this establishment will be the supply
center of Cochise county and northern
The newpaper field Is occupied by
the Daily Dispatch and the Weekly
r? : "fF'-j
of white man with his science his thiM
and his ingenuity Ta such, and onlj
such, will nature give up her pos
sessions But the time has come,
the whites have invaded the land, and
before their onward march must f-ll
the homely traditions and slothful
manners of the superfluous.
In effect Sunday. May 10th, 1903.
Douglas Terminal E. P. & S. W.
Passenger Station
Leave Douglas
0:40 a. m.
8:00 a. m.
10:00 a. m.
11:30 a. m.
1:15 p. m.
2:40 p. m.
5:10 p. m.
10:40 p. m.
Leave Calumet
7:05 a. m.
8:15 a. m.
10:50 a. m.
12:00 a. m
1:45 p. ei.
3:03 p. m.
5:35 p. m.
11:05 p. m.
existence to the output of the mines
The Calumet & Arizona Mining com
pany has erected one of the finest
pvritic smelting plants in the world,
now turning out daily fifty tons of
copper bullion The mines of this
company, situated in Bisbee and ad
joining those of the grtat Copper
Queen Consolidated Mining companj
International, while The Review, by
vlrtue of its branch office, thoroughly
covers the local news and
nped ln the southwest quarter thick and twelve feet long.
While the mechanical department wood planing mill Is as thorough
has hut fifteen skilled artisans at iv pnninneri for doinc all kinds of
'present, this number will overreach WO0(j work as the machine and black- I Sonora.
the hundred mark when the buildings smith shops are for iron and steel ' Across the international line stands
are in readiness to turn out their full v. mnmt.r .:, m erace the tno crude but picturesque little pueblo
oapacitv of work
great power house, the pulsating of Agua Prieta, with its
low adobe
Tho mnrhlne shnn mil foumlrv have honrt nf tho ontire sYBtem. and. to- structures and swartny sons and
a floor space of about 20u bv CO feet, gether with the immense air com- daughters of Montezuma, giving us
A Great Bargain.
A beautiful cottage, furnished", tn
the very best location, on Tenth
street. Has four rooms, including
bath. Every modern convenience;
beautiful new furniture, piano, sewing
machine, etc Lot is 50x142. Must
be sold immediately, at a real sairt
that of ifjce only $1,950.
I H C. HERRICK. 5C2 Tenth SU
5-15-tf Douglas, Arizona
NOTICE If you want to buy a
cheap wagon or horse, call at the O.
K. stables, Naco, Arizona. 5-2-tf
Across the Border in the Sonora Field
To the south of Douglas, and
the Nacozari railroad, with jl norther j
terminus at t is point, lie the gold
and copper fields of the .Mexican stale
of Sonora, the tretsuiehold ol the
republic Close to us, ana reachel
only through Douglas, are tne Jamous
Phelps-Dodge mines, the Mcrtezuiua,
the El Tigre, which lateiy siaillert Uk
mining world with ts fabulous riches
of gold, and a score of smaller vet big
producing properties. The Phelps
Dodge company today are extending
their railroad lines from Cos, the pres
ent southern terminus, to Nacozari,
for the purpose of covering lor
transportation the districts now re
mote from civilization. Throughout
the entire state of Sonora, the brains,
brawn and capital ot Yankee enter
prise is making itself lelt, and making
tributary to Douglas one of the richest
mineral sections ever discovered.
Every train that comes from the
southland across the border brings
fresh news of another strike, and each
south-bound train bears capital, or its
representatives, to investigate the al
most incredible tale3. Sac cue
returns without having Invested in
the mineral field, and we have vet to
record the dissatisfaction or losb of
one investor.
Saya a well known mining man
and by the term is meant one who has
invested and is reaping the harvest, of
his outlay operating in the Sahuaripa
district of Sonora: ' In regard to tho
possibilities of this part of Sonora
sometimes referred to as the Yaqui
country I will say that the majority
of mining men who have investigated
the mineral resources of the country
traversed by the Rio Yaqui, state that
the northern portion of the Alamos
district, the eastern portion of the
Urea district, and the district of Sa
huarlpa comprise the greatest mineral
storehouse in the state. The day is
not far distant when this vicinity will
furnish its pro rata of the wealth of
the republic."
The Americans of Sonora feel that
while they are at present placed at a
disadvantage in regard to transporta
tion, this will be overcome by the
confidence which capital is gradually
gaining in Sonora. And they are
right, for the Cananea. Yaqui River &
J3onor and the El Paso & South
western railroads already have con- natives call it, drains a country rich change at the present date.
cessions from the Mexican govern- not only in the way of mineral de- The Mexican government, under
ment for roads through the state of posits, but arable as any fertile vallev Porfirio Diaz, Is w elcoming with out-
Sonora, the Nacozan railroad, a of our territory. The Mormons, who stretched armstne American nnanciai
feeder to the El Paso & Southwestern, are by nature pioneers, have seen the invasion. The laws are framed to
now runs from Douglas to Cos, and riches of the Mexican soil, and So- promote, not hinder, the development
work is being pushed on the extension nora has its settlements of these of the mining industry. Transporta-
to Nacozari. There is a possibility, thrifty people. tion facilities are fast becoming the
accompanied by frequent rumor, that Even- day brings news of the dis ' equal of those in the United States.
the C, Y. R. & P. and the Nacozari covery of mineral ground, and Doug
roads may consolidate, but it is an las, perhaps more than any town on
assured fact that one or the other will the border, has Its coteries of mining
be extended to the Gulf of California, men who have banded together for the
If this were not so, whj should cap- exploration and development of the
ital be so ready to invest in advance neighboring state of our sister re-
of the project? In the Sahuaripa dis- public.
trict, many big companies are oper- The Hidalgo Mining company, com
ating. The Santa Nino, or Yaqui Cop- posed of some of the most stable of
per company, capitalized for twenty Douglas' merchants, is operating the
millions, with W C. Greene, of Li Hidalgo properties; the Providencia
Cananea, as president, the Ceiro- Gold and Silver Mining company, lo
quieta Gold and Copper company, with cated on the same ledge, and between
a paid up capital of ten niilions; the the famous San Jose and Churumia
San Antonio Mine an.i Smelter torn- bani of the Hidalgo company, has cap
pany, which has already invested over Italized for an even million, and is
eight millions in min's and improve- pushing development work, and the
ments, and the La Bula Mining, Mill- Atlas Exploration and Mining com
ing and Smelting company, who. after pany is continually bujing, develop
transporting their ores one hundred ing and selling properties throughout
and fifty miles on mules and by rail the state of Sonora. At present the
to the El Paso and Denver smelters, attention of this company is settled
declared a dividend of 2 cents per on the Pavo Rico mine, a silver and
share upon a capital of $1,500,0G for copper proposition,
the six months endiag February 15, The everlasting vim and hustle of
1903, speak well for the future of the American prospector, backed by
Sonora. Then there are the Barran- unlimited American capital, are work
cas, the largest coal and only natural ing an amazing revolution in the min
coke fields In the Mexican republic, Ing Industry of Mexico. Like human
which add to the items of interest to ants' thousands of prospectors, from
investors, and will also be a great in- almost every state In the union, are
ducement to the railroad companies swarning through the republic of Mex-
While there are very few gold mines lco ln search of the wealth hidden in
Tnere are hundreds of mining
claims ln the hands of reliable com
panies, which offer good opportu
nities to Investors. There are also
some companies who are representing
wildcat schemes to the Investing pub
lic, in the same manner as they work
the "graft" in the United States.
The mining laws of Mexico are very
liberal, giving to foreigners the same
rights as Mexicans. The legitimate
industry is open to all, and all un
claimed mineral lands are open to de
nouncement, whether on government
or private properties. In the latter
case, damages must be paid to the
owner or owners of the land on which
mineral is found these damages being
set in accordance with the actual in
Jury done the land on which opera
tions were conducted.
A Mexican mining claim, called a
pertenencia, consists of ten thousand
square metres, one hundred metres
on a side, or about two and one-half
acres, when compared with our sys
tem of measurement. A fee of ten
dollars must be paid on taking up
each claim (pertlnencia), and an an
nual tax of ten dollars forever after
ward paid on the same, so that the
first year of ownership calls for an
outlay of twenty dollars, and each
The Bank of Douglas I
Loansand Discounts...S 1 01,522.75
Overdrafts . 4,036.71
Furniture and Fixtures 2. 1 04.56
Stocks. Securities, etc. 1,581.50
Cash on hand and de
posited with other
banks 117,990.91
$227,236 41
Paid up Capital $ 35,000 00
Undivided Profits 1,308 85
DEPOSITS 190.927.56
June 19, I902
November 2g, 1902
March 31, 1903 -
Commenced Business
Deposits 131,1560.0 I
Deposits $190,927.56
in Sonora, there are as fine silver and the greatest mineral storehouse of the succeeding year thereafter a payment
conner nronositions as are to be found world. These same prospectors, aid- ot ten dollar on each pertlnencia, or
anywhere In the republic Few- prop- ed as Uey are by capital, are giving 1 cIlm-
erties have been developed to any an impetus to Mexican mining which "here Is no limit to the number of
great extent, but those which have, wi". in a few years, place that country I cIa'ms that may be held by any one
prove that with depth the bodies grow first on the list in the production of 1 Persn or corporation. Should the
richer an important feature where Sold and copper, a position it now ,ocator fail to pay his annual tax, the
capital seks an investment. There occupies with respect to silver. SIxm,u' ls """own open to denounce
are many large, low-grade proposi- vears ago there were only three com- raent- Taxes may be paid in three
tions in Sonora which could be worked Pa"ics actively engaged In mining in , installments, namely: March 1st,
to advantage and profit by large com- the Moctezuma district. They were J"'f i a& November 1st.
panies but they are "company propo- the Phelps-Dodge company, the San Thus ll " D seen that the Mexi
sltlons." Miguelito Mining company and the I can ,aws are just, though strict.
Old placer ground and abandoned MIna Roy company, at the Pillares de
mines, worked by the ancients, are Torres. The entire northern por
frequently found, and yield rich re- tion of Sonora was, comparatively
wards to the work of modern science. ! speaking, unknown to the financial
The Yaqui river, or Rio Yaqui, as the j agents of the United States. Note the
s. r. torbes.
Cor. 8th and Railroad Ave. Douglas, Ariz. I
WANTED People to know that the
Review Want Ads brings results. If
you have anything to sell let us know,
we will do the rest.
The Maz&
Upper flain Street
Bisbee Arizona.

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