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Bisbee daily review. [volume] (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1901-1971, October 25, 1903, PART THREE, Image 13

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

Persistent link: https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn84024827/1903-10-25/ed-1/seq-13/

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Pages 13 to J 6 f
. Aual Circulation
! Today 4,000
ttt'K'vt . ::.:?
-:.x..-.i m ni
THE ENDURING ELOQUENCE . In a d;r' that- Hhould challn(; the
OF THE FflOSPECT MOLE, i R"'",3" W? th" oJvtllJOJ w-orM
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Hidden and abandoned, til aN hj j
--. " ' .V;; ? i
"Hi1 - j t - "!
I mtsqutt' and Krcaswood, the Hrwlv
dnmp barely disclosing a euKPt-stkm
, 01 what has beta the old prospect
hale tormtltit'cs on eternal and met
lactable witness to the rngpil ):.
and enterprise of liioM who haw
i-'ioc bclore Those, who tilth a olo
pit Ik in one hand and a rusty rifle in
me otntr. beat tuck tho saaso and
uitTiil r.i the wn fm the prenen
i 1. n
Jto-nt inquiries, nave btvn received
10 thin tamp requoHtlQK information tn
tcsart' to ho Blsbea reoMwd Us
name it H a quesuoa that has often
ocxuire'J to thf oid miner in this neck
. tin- v.oocN While Oeorgo Warren
it) tontidercd to bae been ta father
of the district, wy frw if anybody
l.ntm where his bone-i ret tcliy (n
1 htill knos. how Bisbee received ltn
naint it t-hould have be"a rarac-
1 "Business :rcad of Bisboo b i'
This htmiblt shall llK)iirf bal I -"--" " -'nipT uinn w. , , ,
'P uoiit. :. hide th- worn om ''t'"! ' ar" 'OW ,l "' iU nam'"
bod ut it, utKinal i.r..jfcti. t-onst, ttf"' ' nar,cd afUr Cf I" 1
tut, a ,hnr. Mich a, dw-s the ton... I " I'na Stale army
ti.an in -akir.K out claims the ,i my
va an lmixirtant factor la (he "r
lion ami development of the const-
Cattle Grazing in Arizona.
Tht toll.u ol earth Mimmndiim n
though leelsl with time and the
daf-h of eleunnth ill-c losing ntithiu
bejojd the matter identified with the
surface formation, is redolent witn
ividentes of the lortitude and devo
tion shown b the earl prosjiector in
dajs sone b when bacon wan CO rents
per pound AJown the shallow walls.
tL' rains in heaven have iornied name
fie army olilrer t.as a ra tb'y bf
ins. and man caraps and cit e in thi
territory . aamod for them sn'h
n. lltnion S1iipp!c Bowie, Cnttea
dcn. Wiko. ct and that ia how
Srand -n"-i)k olt' lli-sb-" -cccied jtt
Street in Nelz Town, Morenci
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,j.,i..j..;;..;..j..v.j...;..j....:. ..;...;...; .;..j.;..j-.;..v......,-:- :.--. cvwv'.,r,,r.-.-.TVv . .".vi''.
" - J . i Sw rf j f .V' -" -
1 -:,-:.f I5r. rv.VaraSf S(W) -- J-
lv-SZ.iAA' 13iiPSbf i Vv!
i 2vAv ( v "A .--r- ' rA A4 xwMpm rTAip
rs Afe. AA syy A- AA aica x V iw lfU A
i -:--- iKaaa ' 'Ax X zx(x) wxmMoS a-. ,
;- ' ' - S. Ar ! A3 A5 AA W -:
Map o Warei Mining District, from Official Government Sar'bevs,
. rvv r..'."
-:-:--M-yKK-::--xw- :!-: :-: : r- :-: :: '-J-h :-:::-:-:- :::! :-:-: -j-':-::--:-:'
iSuvf i-Sat c-gSsi-
nuaiatii.e daninK, and filn d .ac
i-haft aimi-t to the s.irfaci ut every
vi lent of a pit'r bt'oWe .- als to
be ;P'( icn: generation
TriO"-e, tL f.ltl .- !'. :. '-IrtriC ,
nrt -.lie;,.:!!; b neatti thi i'oa nvel-
in the 'rami h shaft is- lttok d up-
13 a" !i prop( mro, if 'L majestic
itprt.M meats wi 'cb y,'-' t. da).
j .. rot lietti (, n, !!,' -Tat
'''o e: ill -.',! io tn lifting
ia-- " "as-
ii .it lo-laj The wi.ii'lasis van
' i ' . inner oi th" niiKbti hoist,
s , j.ra-s rop- liret eedtd tin ta-
k- a
Copper Queen Smelter, Bislee.
an 111 'e bucket made ivaj
-1-? . T e nrt! ti'l Oi I
t iiole :'iuJlov as it wa u
i fT ci which th'' maioci" ti
. -.as uiiK
rw to the s-tnrdy sriiti' who--
tj !L-d this i M'ij t o i nt
and di vntion, tho ' r.obl"
which .,r veara have been
li. him; hi the nii. nf Ariytma Tin
rf a'plalioit ijf thw nnmrtive im
.llie -work ii tul'ulatcc '.' :jm tlu
ns oi the lat Kcneratifin to il-cfis-
'f sji' ndiil nt,riin,iv. Vo Jinjrcr
tx tl.e lti'm? vavaf.' sec!' the
tlco'l oi the pionier, no tonfr nr
tN necis?ariE uf.'ife eht at r-uih a
friphlful irremiura, bat tvlth nat; of
the obtacles-cncotintered by ttiasQ Jo
Me tons of Arizona, and th n.fv.nn
' - ' u i 'K"? -f.-r d',,"el,,
itio nrient rrif ration ahouM ticieoi
"Ditaivce Itmds enchaatmeat to the
iitw' waen a cop i- aiwr 7m, bnt the
classic fiDoUitKm tioes not apply to
the Korpt-oas ajid ho-pitable table -
Mrs. Thornton e' the Calutntt a Hie
bee The closer ) on ;(. the b'lttor
j !eoV: and after o-e a! araj!i d II
I all its dips, pparti .ind anRlc r.nr: 1'
don with one . Mesr-r.? TuiT.e- "i
1 lnidilor'rf Uexican it,-arfi between his
I teetb he is in a rnodfJ f'arne of mini
'o contemplate tne splendid vrnf thif
is beinp act.onlIlli3o.2 by tr. C'!''ir- t
n Ribee
Not an acrulenr, rot an uriUTe-sbary
Jt'nv, frtim the time th firt pick
roistered the first rtroKe, until a'a
ter Is Powins down the mesa and lh3
''cod old ore i? in the door. The lo
"1 i"anaKcmcnt of tho C. & B. nm! Ihc
, ' f: C can not be surpa?vd
Jim TUle was 12 ironi h 1 fr rv.
1 .if.:i in the Uijachuf t a fi "" iVivs
V Tim's layout n a few milej Nive
'llontcznma Canon, and fcc considcrr.
I If Bf favorable that mining raea an J
i!.T!r.aper individuals .cf raining pto-
iSflivities arc invitPd to oJfotirn to hs
virtuonB shark, paftntci of h! iin
tcpns Ireanq, an3 eiacjine hiavopcrty
r..i htuf limit;- :A Bt-vicn rnicseniR
tlve i; nnt to aall h'mielf of rtrin son
1 tczs rronoJtion before the wratJter
! r quires an overccat
1. . - ' , . " ' .'
fcj-U ?7L otLZi-o x(o.na n'urt.r

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