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XPurnished by Frank J. Graf, brok
er. Copper Queen Hotel building. Tele
phone 111, Blsbee, Arizona.)
Blsbee. ATi7ona, January 18, 1905.
In pursuance of Sections 23S7, 2388 and
-'3S9, Revised Statutes of the United
Slates, and Parapraph 4072, Revised
Statutes at Arizona, John S. Taylor,
Mayor of the City of Bisbee (Incor
porated) Cochise County, Arizona
Territory, as trustee for the use and
benefit of the occupants of the Blsbee
tov.-nslte, on the 17th day of October,
Today's market in the Bonanza Cir
cle stock was a dead one. A great
leal of stock has been offered for sale
all the day with no takers. Even C.
& A. was not sought after, while the
balance of the list was offered freely
at considerably below asked prices.
We can not account for such a market,
unless we lay it all to the consolida
tlon, which must concede has more or
less hurt the demand for the Bonanza
Jirclo stock as far as. trading is con
cerued. There is, however, no doubt
in my mind that the consolidation will
be the best thing for all properties con
cerued, but until some definite state
ment is made there will be more or
less inclination to keep out of the mar
late this evening Duluth offered Bis
bee the first Denn-Arizona at consid
erably lower price than the same
stock can be bought for at home. They
offered us a few shares at $13.00 for
52.50 paid stock, and we immediately
wired in as to how many shares they
had that they could sell at that price
)ut as yet have failed to hear from
them. Yv'o will from now on quote
$2.50 paid stock, as that is what our
eastern brokers are quoting. From
a wire received from Mr. PatUson, of
lulutb. I am informed that the certifi
cates have all been made out for the
Blsbee holders. This being tie case
we should expect to receive them some
time this week, or pessjbly the first of
next week We do not expect to see
Duluth offer us very many shares at
their tonight price, for they will cer
tainly be taken up. We must admit
that our eastern friends are not is well
posted on the properties as we ai" at
home, and we might look for small
holders to let go some shares as they
did here.
Out of the 5000 shares that were
subscribed in the copper country, we
understand that Ashland received
2000, Duluth 2000, and St. Paul 1,000.
Our copper statistics are involving
3uch enormous figures, mat tew peo
ple stop to rellect, mat Cochise coun
ty is th strongest gold and silver 19M at 'the gtate3 0fflce
producer m uie xcmwij. Tucson, Arizona, entered for a patent
Most of this comes in In the: form ' Unlted foHow,ng
ui. urpiuuiiwd ... ..... o-.-
mines, which by virtue of tneir
wealth and th magnitude of their
Operations, eclipse the ordinary gold
and silver proposition, not in the val
ue per ton, but In regard to general
Since the suspension of the Pearce
many wonder just where the gold
comes from, but it materializes Just
the same.
Of late, several new and promising
gold propositions have leaped into
prominence and bid fair to swell the
aggregate gold production beyond all
tormer records.
Among these-, the Gold Nugget, Is
prominent, while the Huachuca Con
solidated gives promise of rivalling
if not surpassing the palmiest days.
of the Old Commonwealth.
During the last few days, the snows,
which hae been carried away by the
warm rains, have been replaced b)
a brand new blanket of the same va
riety, and with plenty of gold and
more water than they need, the Hua
chuca Consolidated should be an idsal
location for a Keeley Institute.
Owing to the solid character of the
formation in and about the mine, the
heavy rains and consequent percola
tion of water has not affected tnt
conditions in the mine unfavorablj
nor impaired the substantial results
of systematic development work.
President and General Manager
Palmerlee was in Bisbee a couple ol
days last week, in the interest of the
company, taking the preparator
steps toward installing the new re
duction plant.
The success with which the new is
sue of development stock is meeting,
justifies definite plans in regard to
the future of the enterprise.
The prospects now are good, that
the mountain streams, especially in
Miller, Carr and Ramsey Canyon will
continue to flow until the summer
rains connect with them and insure
plentiful supply of water during
The Day on N. Y. Exchange.
New York, March 15. The
market closed lower all aronnd. Prices
had rather an erratic tone. Profit tak
'mg sales were quite urgent, though the
market showed a disposition to rally.
The advance in money to 3 1-2 per cenl
caused a renewal of .selling, giving the
market a somewhat ragged appear
auce. This long delayed reaction will
certainly help, the market. Special
stocks were bulled without any defi
nite reason except rumors of deals
pending. If those are worked out, the
market will take care of itself and re
spond readily from the lower level.
The closing shows rather a tired ap
pearance, and conservative traders
Tather hope for further reaction. Sales
of shares, 1,063,000. Money on call,
3 per cent.
the entire year.
The water conditions this season
demonstrate the manner in which the
pre-hlstoric people, whose ditches can
still be plainly traced, were able to
stock ' irrigate and cultivate the mesas cen
turies ago.
-The grass is springing up rapidly
and the mountains and foothills are as
beautiful as a garden.
Industrial Conditions.
New York, March 15. Good progress
is being made toward consolidation of
the Vanderbilt roads. It is expected
that the Pennsylvania will issue ?30,
000,000 in convertible bonds. Anthra
May 70.
July 7.78.
May 110.1.
July 92.
September SC.
May 12.73.
I. O. R. M. All Red Men are re
quested to meet at the wigwam this
evening at 7:30. Business.
For an Impaired Appetite.
Loss of appetite always results from
faulty digestion. All that is needed
cite trade is active, the leading compa- JL f?8?. f eS
Bies being unable to fill orders prompt
ly. The banks have lost to the sub
treasury since Friday $1,745,000.
New York Stocks.
Amal J 80 25
'C K. 1 54 25
'IL1 34 7
:S.T 69 87
V. S. Steel (Com.) ......... 36 50
U. S. Steel (Prefd.) 96 50
Copper Range TJ 00
Old Dom. 27 50
'Greene Con 29 09
Shannon 8 25
V. P '. 135 12
A.T. &S.F. 9100
B. R. T 66 37
T. a 1 ... 90 62
V. S. L .'. ... 12 62
St. Paul 181 50
Erie 47 50
Sugar , 144 25
Stomach and Liver Tablets. They
will invigorate the stomach, strength-
- - Boston Stocks.
Alloiiez' i.:".i 22 2
Cent ". 19 00
I. Royle 27 00
Mass 12 87
Sllch 14 60
Mohawk 54 50
Osceolo '. ." '. 99 12
"Vietorlo '..' 5 00
Uinghatn , "... 32
TJ. S. Min 26 00
'Granby. , 6 23'
VBisbee Stock's.
C. & 'A..:
c. &p. ..:,. ..'. . ,.'.". '
Li. s. &. p. v .. ;.'.". '' '
Jt c& j
Junction ... .-'-... "...
"Shat-ATlz. .. .
Chiricahua ...".
Black Mnt. .'..'.. l..
"BIsbee-Naco. W. 10 00
V. & A 3 751
Manhattan 8 00;
JX A. (J2.50:PdJ). .
108 50
42 50
48 50
28 00
105 00
30 00
'64 00
-2 25
4 75
Z 00
tite like a wolf. These Tablets also
act as a gentle laxative. For sale by
all dealers In patent medicines.
Always .R-ctagmbcr the EJoH .Name
1 axanve ttronw j("""o
CureaaColdlaOneDay,CrfpUi2 Days
J ?2J&F on every
Q, jyTCfrwt- fees. 35o
We desire to get a meritorious un
developed mining property (copper
preferred) in Arizona or Sonora. We
wish to hear from parties who have
something of a standard charactei.
and are willing to sell upon demon
stration, we being ready to furnish
money for substantial development,
payment for property to be made if
demonstration of value be satisfacto
ry. We will consider offers on above
basis only. The officers and direc
tors of the company have been en
gaged in mining in Colorado for rnanj
years, and are familiar with the busi
ness. Fair and honorable treatment
will be Hie rale in every Instance. A
representative of the company will
visit Arizona and Mexican mining dis
tricts in the near future.
C & 8, Plankington Building, Milwau
kee. Wis.
The Mines Exchange
Calumet, Mich.
desci lbed premises :
Beginning at the SW. cor. of tho
"Copper Jack Mine (patented) for
townsite Cor. No. 1; thence N. 66 deg.
30 min. W. 1650 ft. to Cor. No. 2;
thence S. 23 deg. 30 mfn. W. 660 ft.
to Cor. No. 3; thence N. 66 deg. 30
min. W. 2340 ft. to Cor. No. 4; thence
N. 23 deg. 30 min. E. 660 ft. to Cor.
No. 5; thence N. 66 deg. 30 min W.
3630 ft to Cor. No. 6; thence N. 23
deg. 30 min. E. 2040 ft to Cor. No. 7:
ihence S. 66 deg. 30 min. E. 5280 f:.
to Cor. No. 8; thence N. 23 deg. 30
min. E. 1320 ft to Cor No. 9; Ihence
S. 66 deg. 30 min. E. 2640 ft. to Cor.
No. 10; thence S. 08 deg. 9 min. W.
3378.6 ft. to Cor. No. 11; thance N.
73 deg. 30 min. W. 952.8 ft. to Cor.
No. 12; thence S. 24 deg. 25 min. W. 314
ft. to Cor. No. 13; thence S. 11 deg.
45 min. W. 277.57 ft. to Cor no 1 the
place of beginning. Containing 634.077
acres, excluding and reserving there
from th6 lands therein contained in
cluded within the following mineral
surveys, described as follows: "Cop
per Prince" Survey No. 285. Begin
ning at said to nsite Cor. No. 1 thence
N. 66 degs., 30 mins. W. 484.2 ft.:
thence S. 85 degs. 47 mins. E. 47S.2 ft.;
thence S. 11 degs. 45 mius. W. 161.2
ft. to said Cor. No. 1, the place of be
ginning. Containing 1.755 acres.
"Molvina." Survey No. 959, "Wedge,"
Survey No. 1243. "Al Hai-san" and
"Aurora" Survey No. 1397. and "Ma
mie," Survey No. 10C2. Beginning a"
a point on said townsite survey N. 66
degs.. 30 mins. W. 1020.5 ft. from Ts.
Cor. No. ., thence N. 10 degs. 33 mins.
E. 511 ft.; thence 78 degs. 12 mins. W.
577.8 ft.; thence N. 27 degs. 04 mrna.
E. 637. 8 ft.: thence N. 61 deg. 10
mins. W. 287.4 ft.; thence N. 65 degs.
03 mins. W. 300 ft.; thence N. 44 degs.
37 mins. W. 600 ft.; thence S. 27 degs.
36 mfns. W. 1350 ft.; thenc S. 44 degs.
37 min3. E. 63.75 ft.; thence S. 26 degs.
55 mins. W. 300 rt.; thence S. 10 degs.
56 mins.W. 218.6 ft. to Intersection with
the line of said towfaslte survey N
iCdegs. 30 mins. W. 1149 ft. from Ts.
Cor. No. 3, thence along the line of
said townsite survey to the place of
beginning. Containing 52.49 acres.
"Labrador" Survey No. 1344. Beginning
N. 66 degs. 30 mins. W. 1331.5 ft from
Cor. No. 5 of Ts. survey, thence N. 54
degs. 25 mths. E. 1322.4 ft.; thence
N. 49 degs. 54 mins. W. 601.24 ft.:
thence S. 52 degs. 25 mins. W. 1500 ft.;
thence S. 49 degs. 54 mins. E. 67.9 ft ,
to the Intersection with the line of the
townsite survey; thence S. 66 degs. 30
mins. E. 602.4 ft. to place of beginning.
Containing 19.008 v acres: "Bessie,"
"Copper Wedge? and "Silver Queen"
Survey No. 15S3. Beginning S. 8
degs. 09 mins. W. 191.5 ft. from Cor.
No. 10 of Ts. survey; thence N. 62
degs. 20 mins. W. 70.6 ft; thence N.
13 degs. 45 mins. W. 600 ft.; thence S.
80 degs 34 mins. E. 728 ft; thence S.
17 degs. 15 mins. E. 631.4 ft.; thence
S. 80 degs. 24 mins. E. 577 ft. to the
intersection with the line of the town
site survey, S. 08 degs. 09 mins. W.
1335.2 ft. from Ts. Cor. No. 10; thence
N. 08 degs. 09 mins. E. 1142.7 ft. to
place of beginning. Containing 31.73
acres. The land so excluded and re
served from said townsite survey ag
gregate 104.969 acres and leaves the
area of said townsite 529.088 acres,
which will be in Tp. 23S. R. 24 E. G.
& S. R. B. & M. when the township U
i Any claimant of any lot situated
within R!d townpito is hprphy required
to file a statement cf said claim to
said lot In the office of John S. Taylor,
trustee, on or before ninety (90) days
from the date of the first publication
of this notice. Such statement shall
be made in writing, signed and sworn
to by the claimant, or In case of hfs
absence from this couhty, then by his
agent or attorney. The statement
shall specify the grounds of the claim,
particularly describe the lota claimed.
the date and name as near as may be
of the first actual occupant, what Im
provements have been made thereon
and at the time of making such state
ment the lots are actually possessed
and occupied by the claimant, or that
the right 'to such possession and occu
pation is in him if the same is occu
pied by another. And that such claim
ant shall pay to the trustee the sum
of five dollars ($5) as the purchase
price fcr each lot claimed not exceed
ing 3125 sq. ft per lot together with
the fees allowed by law ?o said trus
tee, consisting of five dollars ($5) for
executing and making a deed to said
lot. and twenty cents (20c) per folio
for filing and recording a statement of
claim to said lot.
All claimants who have filed their
claims, shall within sixty (60) days
after th expiration of the time of fil
ing claims with the trustee, by compe
tent evidence make proof of the facts
alleged in his statemdnt before tie
trustee. No proof can be made after
that time, unless the party has appear
ed within that time and obtained a
continuance, the order for which must
be entered by the trustee.
Mayor and Trustee.
WANTED Copper .and gold prop
erties in Arizona and Sonora. Mines
which have ore deposits shown by de
velopment work preferred.
Owners of mining lands are Invited
to send us full details of such proper
ties with prices, boad terms, etc.
Mineral Survey No. 1871.
United States Land Office,
Tucson, Arizona, November 2, 1901.
"Notice is herebx given, that in pur
suance of Chapter Six, of Title Thirty-
two, of the Revised Statutes of the
United States." Frank S. Douglas and
Thomas H. Collins, whose post office
address is Douglas and Bisbee, Arizo
na, respectively, claiming 1497.7 and
1500 linear feet respectively of tho
Fashion and Garfield veins, lodes or
mineral deposits, bearing copper and
other m.nerals, with surface ground
486.7 and 325 feet respectively in
width, lying and being situated within
the Warren Mining District, County
of Cochise, and Territory of Arizona,
are about to make application to the
United States .for a Patent for the said
Mining Claim, which is more fully de
scribed as to metes and bounds by the
official plat and field notes of survey.
thereof, row filed In the office of the
Register of the District of Lands, sub
ject to sale at Tucson, Arizona, which
field note of survey described the
xiundarles and extent of said claim
on the surface, with magnetic varia
tion at 12 degs. 30 mins. east, as fol
lows,' to-wit:
FASHION: Beginning at cor. No.
1. the N. W. cor., Identical with cors.
Nos. 6 and 2 respectively of Surplus
and Well lodes. Survey No. 1782, a
pine post scribed 1-1S71, F. L., whence
U. S. M. M. No. 4. brs. N. 49 degs. 22
mins. W. 800LO, thence N. 49 degs.
36 mins. E 1497.7 ft. to cor. No. 2,
identical wi'h corner No. 3, American
lode, survey No. 1716. a pine post scrib
ed 2-1871 F. L., thence 5. 35 degs. 16
inlns. E. 462.5 ft. to cor. No. 3, the S.
E. cor., identical with cor No. 5 Gar
field lode of this 3u.vey, a pine post
scribed 3-1871, F. L., thence S. 48
cegs. 38 mins. W. 1382.8 ft. to cor. No.
4, a pine post scribed 4-1871 F. L.
thence S. 49 degs. 11 mins. W. 117.3
ft. to cor. No. 5, the S. W. corner Iden
tical with corner No. 5, Surplus lode,
Survey 17S2, a pine post scribed 5-1871
K. L., thence N. 35 degs. 16 mins. W
486.7 ft to place of beginning.
GARFIELD: Beginning at or. No.
1, the N. W. cor.. Identical with cors.
No. 4 and the N. E. cor, respectively of
Fashion lode of this survey, and Ante
lope lode, unsurvejed, a pine post
scribed 4-1-1871; G. L., whence U. S
M. M. No. 4 brs. N. 49 degs. 21 mins.
W. 8491 ft. thence S. 41 degs. 51 mins.
E. 3003 ft to cor. No. 2. the S. W. cor
identical with N. W. cor. Jessey lode.
Survey No. 1779,ra pine post scribed
2-1871 G. L-. thence N. 49 degi. 33
mins. E. 1500 ft. to cor No. 3, the S.
E. cor., identical with N. E. cor. and
N. W. cor. respectively of Jessey lode.
Survey No. 1779 and Eagle Eye lode,
unsurveyed. a pine post scribed 3-1871
G. I, thence N. 41 degs, 51 mins. W.
300 ft. to cor. No. 4, the N. E. cor., a
Pine post scribed 4-1871 G. L., thence
S. 60 degs. 19 mins, W. 119.5 ft to cor.
No. 5, identical with cor. No. 3 Fash
ion lode of this survey, a pine post
scribed 3-5-1871 G.L., thence S. 48 degs.
38 min3. W. 1382.8 ft. to cor. No. 1,
the place of beginning.
The presumed course of the vein on
the Fashion Is from the W? E. C, N.
19 degs, 36 mins. E. 147.7. ft, and on
the Garfield from the W. E. C. N., 49
degs. 33 mins. E. 1500 ft. Magnetic
variation 12 degs. 30 mlns.E. Con
taining an area of 26.987 acres.
The location notices of the saw
Mining Claim being of record in the
office of tho Recorder of Cochise
County, Arizona, at Tomb3tone, In the
County and Territory aforesaid, in
Book 14, Record of Mines, pages 455
and 431 respectively, the presumed
general course or direction cf the said
Fashion and Garfield veins, lodes or
mineral deposits being shown upon the
plat posted herewith, as near as can
be determined from present develop
ments, this claim being for 1497.7 and
1500 linear feet thereof, together with
the surface ground shown upon the of
ficial plat posted herewith, the said
vein, lode and mining premises hereby
sought to be patented being bounded
as follows, to-wit:
North, Well lode. Survey No. 1782,
Junction Der. Co. owner; Guard and
American lodes, Survey No. 1716, Ja
cob Pirrung et al. owners; East Bay
onne lode, unsurveyed, Jos. F. Chis
holm, et al. owners: Eagle Eye lode,
unsurveyed, Jacob Pirrung, owner;
South, Jessey lode, Survey No. 1779,
I. W. Wallace et al. owners; West
Antelope lode, unsurveyed. L. C. Shat
tuck et al. owners; Surplus lode. No.
1872, Jaeob Pirrung, owner.
The said claim being designated aa
Minimal Survey No. 1871 in the official
olat posted herewith.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the mining ground, vein, lode,
premises or any portion thereoi so ae
scrlbed, surveyed, platted and applied
for, are hereby notified that unless
their adverse clalma are duly filed ac
cording to law, and the regulations
thereunder, within the time prescrib
ed bv law. with the Register of the U.
S. Land Office at Tucson, in tne Terri
tory of Arizona, they will be barred, in
virtue of the provisions of said statute.
First publication. Jan. 7, 1905.
Correspondent Logan & Bryan, Mem
bers New YorkStock Exchange.
Our private wire from El Paso to New York,
Boston, Duluth and Copper Country.
New York Stocks
bandied through Logan & Bryan.
Boston Copper and Bonanza
handled by Payne, Webbe Co., through then
chain of offices over our private wire.
our specialty. New York and Boston handled on
substantial margins. Mail or phone us your orders
Phone 111. Copper Queen Hotel
Qt- &
ji5$JSj$S)3 $$ s$$3&3& , O ft "$
: The Mine l
I Smelter Supply Co. I
El Paso. Texas
a. t
Q General !
Pnptr tor ueeM i ib W, la
kudM or public lit , by nail, la
hnM la I o. suexha
Irradutei artrfwfcM Apiict.4
by btrandUwcolW. fcralr
Co!lf Law Conn m4 ButaM
Uw Cootm. Uaaral Tana.
Saaalal Oftor Kw.
caMMf aa
Srasua ComepondanM
Sohaol ol Law,
In the Probate Court, Cochise Coun
tv. Territory of Arizona. In the mat-;
ter of the Estate of Jesse M. Greer,
Notice for the hearing of petition
for Final Distribution.
Notice Is hereby given that the pe
tition of Thomas F. Dwyer, Adminis
trator of the Estate of Jesse M. Greer,
Deceased, for final distribuuon has
been filed, this the 8th day of March,
1905, and that on the 20tn day oi
March, 1905, at 10 o'clock, a. m., of
that date, at the court room of said
court, has been duly appointed by said
court for hearing of said peUtion, at
which time any person interested in
said estate may appear and file an ex
ception In -writing to said petition, and
contest the same.
Dated Tombstone, Arizona, March
8th, 1905..
Clark Probate Court.
I Wiffley
Boilers, ,
Supplies j
Imf orted
All Classes Mine, Hill and Smelter Machinery and
I Supplies. Correspondence Solicited
jTj " i Jaluuaa BTirrlf muri
-, Wholesale and Retail Dealeri In , -a
i Staple and
Fancy Groceries
iji Bisbee. Ariz
ffjtjffjtt?fftjftj?lftjttjf tt?tJfTtTtTftittJfr4
Iii oar Una we are up-to-date
A trial will conrlnco yon
..Boston Store..
Only exclusive cloth- HANAN and SON
ing house in Cananea. W. L. DOUGLAS WALKOVER
ce UnP of Panama BUCKINGHAM and HECHT
Hats in Cananea w. L. CROSETTE
Clothing made to order and fit guaranteed. S000 sample to select
Ladles' and Children's Shoes a Specialty. Main St, Block
east of podtofflce. CANANEA, SONORA.
Made from Clear Mexican, San Andres Tuxtla, Valle
Nacional Veracruz Tobacco.
"We Use Only The Finest
Manufactured by Las Dos Naciones Cigar Company,
Nogales, Arizona.
"SS'5 4&"838's $Q &$ S $i555'
Joseph Magoffin, Vice-President
J. H. Russell, Asst. Cashier.
J. C. Lackland, Cashier
K. Moorhead. President
t The State National Bank
a Transacts a General Banking Business
es Solicits the accounts of banks, corporations, firms and
THr aaaaP W laaaaataatlaaafHraawf' aaffJaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiaaaaalaaC'

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