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G. & A. PAYS
ERS IS $-400,000.
Floatlna of Another Bla Property by .Says
Cole Crowd Is Reported Near Bo
nanza Circle Stocks at Present Fig
ures Offering Good Opportunities.
fFnrnished bv Frank J. Graf, brok
er. Copper Queen hotel building. Tele
phone III, uisoee, anzuuu.j
Today's market was certainly a bad
mx-wnrse than that of yesterday
ith a great deal of stock offered on
the market with no buyers. Just
what lias caused this slump on the
Bonanza Circle stock is hard to tell,
although we should think mat ine
et,wbe nt thpse nresent prices should
be a pretty pood buy. We do not think
that there should be any fear to the
holders, as these slumps come as rej,
iiTr na iht advance.
Some have laid the slump to the
consolidation, but in my mind I do not
think that this is the reason at an, anu
hope within a few days to give y.ou
mnm rpnsnns whv I think that way.
Wo have been advised this evening
regarding the floating of a large prop
erty bv the Cole crowd and others,
which is about consummated. We un
derstand that the stock will go on at
$15.00 full paid, and have wired for
full details, which we have not as yet
received. If we get it in. time it will
be published below.
The entire Bonanza stock declined
several points, from C. & A. down to
Chlricahua. C. & A. had been offer
ed on the market at $10G. while C. &
I was offered freely at 3S.
P. & D. is by far the weakest on the
board, selling at ?25. L. S. & P. goes
for S4S, and Junction at $100. We
can not hejp but call attention to these
prices and those Issued a few days
ago. C. &. A. nt S110, C. & P. at $45,
I,. S. & P. at S50, and P. & D. at $28
while Junction was S110, and were all
p-ood buvs. If this was the case at
that time, they certainly are splendid
buys at present.
The demand for Denn-Arizona con
tinues with many bids from $12.50 to
$13.00, but these bids fail to bring out
anj stock. Wo wired to Dulutli for
"100 shares at $12.50, but they were
unable to furnish us with the goods.
Wolverine & Arizona is being
sought after by the Copper Country,
and a general demand, from $4.00 to
Is Leading the Way
Straight to Important Results,
Which are not Far Distant Gives
Some Sound Talk.
.Manager Fenner has forwarded to
the directors of the Wolverine ft Ar
izona at Michigan headquarters a re
port on the property based upon in
vestigation and study he has given it
since entering upon the new deal
made In January. Much Is contained
In the report that is of keen Interest
both as to the Wolverine and as to
the district at large. While, as Mr.
Fenner says, all may not agree with
him In the conclusions he draws,
there is nevertheless a great deal of
hard sense put forward that carries
valuable pointers. The report is as
"In submitting this report I have
endeavored to express my opinions
relative to the merits and present con
dition of the Wolverine & Arizona
Mining company's holdings at Bis
bee, Arizona. While I appreciate that
these views may not coincide with
those held by others, still the conclu
slons. reached are in ho sense snap
judgments but are based on the expe
rience gained in managing properties
in this camp and by consulting with
mining men now engaged In .opera
tions in this district. The main shaft
of the Wolverine & Arizona was sunk
on or near a contact between the Mar
tin and Escabrosa limestones of the
distrlcL It has been demonstrated
by the work of other company opera
tors that the known ore bodies of the
camp exist In what is called the Esca
brosa limestone or in the overlying
Naco limestone. No ore has yet been
discovered in the underlying Martin
or still lower limestone, iv nowing
this our operations should be confin
ed to the Escabrosa zone.
"The Wolverine & Arizona property
Is located on the westerly side of the
mineral basin of Bisbee. The forma
tions this side of the basin have a
dip to the north, perhaps a little east
of north, consequently as greater
depth is attained In the shaft the old
er are the formations that are ex
posed, which are barren of mineral.
This fact has been demonstrated be
yond the question of a doubt, for
while there might be a difference of
opinion regarding the age of different
Bisbee. Arizona, January 18, 1905.
der to find your position. That posi
tion Is now known.
"The writer has had experience
along these lines and has been criti
cised bv others who took ud tne de-
- I. a... AMHMAMnn.
velopment of the work where he left." pursuance oi becuons zjs, zsbb ana
off. The question Is often asked 23S9, Revised Statutes of the United
Why did they run this drift?' or. (States, and Parapraph 4072, Revised
'Why did they sink this winze?' Fre- Statutes of Arizona, John S. Taylor,
quently the work done In the early! Mayor of the City of Bisbee (Incor
stages of development seems later to pora.ed) Cochise County, Arizona
have been executed without reason, Territory, as trustee for the use and
but usually it has had its use, perhaps benefit of the occupants of the Bisbee
not bv exposing ore but It serves as townslte, on the 17th day of October,
a guide. Conditions are often shown 1904, at the United Stale Land Office.
that are Important and leac to tne dis- Tucson, Arizona, entered for a patent
$1.25 having been bid and sales made lime there can bo , n o action about
at these figures. It has been predict
ed by many that this stock has good
prospects of reaching a pretty good
.C. & A. will pay $408,000 to stock
holders on Monday next, the 20th.
This 1s the amount of the dividend de
clared last month.
Day on New York Cotton Exchange.
Xew York, March 17. The cotton
market today lacked the snap and ac
tivity which has characterized the
bulge In prices to around the 8 cent
level during the extreme strength of
Wednesday. Spot cotton at most
points In the Southwest was quiet,
with both supply and demand rather
limited, and not much new business
doing. It will prove a good market
to traders who are willing to take a
scalper's position.
The New York Stock Market.
New York, March 17. The specula
tive market looked a little unsound,
conservative traders hoping for lower
prices. If there Is anything in the ru
mors of deals and combinations current
on the -market recently, the stocks will
be In a better position after a healthy
the age of .he quartz! te (Bolsa) which
lies to the south and west of the Wol
verine & Arizona shaft with a dip to
the northeast.
"As the shaft struck into the quart
'zlte below the 500-foot level and as the
quartzlte is plenty exposed on 'the sur
face of the Extension claim to west
of ,tbe Broken Promise claim there is
no question but that the quartzlte dips
from the surface of the Extension
claim across to the northeast and
beneath the Wolverine Arizona
"The heavy flow of water encount
ered in the shaft came from the bed
ding planes of the older formations
and if we were to sink the shaft deep
er we would eventually cut the Bolsa
quartzlte and encounter the Pinal
schist, which might result in opening
up a greater flow of water but no min
eral. "The 500-foot station is cut in the
Martin or older, formation and the
drift has been In the same limestone
for quite a distance. When the first
change in the course of the drift was
made it resulted in projecting it still
further into thf older lime, but later
when the course was again altered. It
gradually turned into the proper
covery of mineral zones.
"In the Wolverine & Arizona the
known ore bearing territory has just
been located. It Las taken time,
money and a deal of work to find
It. Your former superintendent, Stew
art Hunt, is due the credit. Two years
ago the shaft was started and today It
Is one to be proud of, and It is a mon
ument to the workmanship and ener
gy of the man who sunk 1L
"You have plenty of machinery to
prosecute work for years to come.
You are In a position to develop
quickly and cheaply. A dollar spent
now will mean more than $5 expended
In the past.
"A survey Is now being made of the
property and as soon as It Is received
conclusions can be reached. In regard
to how long it will take to find the
ore. You should be especially desir
ous of getting into the territory cov
ered by the Georgia claim, for in addi
tion to this claim, containing very
thick beds of Escabrosa limestone, the
lime Is cut by numerous dikes of
leached ore and porphyry Instrusions.
"As the mineralized solutions must
have followed the faulting planes
more or less or have attacked soft
spots and places in the adjoining lime,
it is fair to suppose that bodies of
copper exist In over half of your ter
ritory. I would expect to find small
chambers and zones along the contact
between the Escabrosa and the Mar
tin limestone such as appeared on
the White Tall Deer claim to the east
of the Wolverine & Arizona but I
should not expect to find large bodies
near the surface.
"You must expect yov larger bod
ies of ore to the north and west of
the present shaft in the Georgia and
Chicago claims, above or below your
present 500-foot level.
I would suggest pushing the main
drift In a northerly direction through
the length of the Callro claims and
into the Georgia territory, then cross
cut on favorable indications. How
ever, I am of the opinion that the
drift is cutting the proper territory
now and is headed in such a direction
that crosscutting will not be necessa
ry to encounter the ore.
"You might get an ore body inside
of the next 200 feet and on a line
with the way the drift is now running.
It is difficult to come to any certain
conclusions until the survey has been
Always .Remember tAe J-if?310
1 Ea 3 Days
laxafave jftromo
Cures aCdd In One Day,
on every
47W fccs. 35o
Store, office and saloon fixtures.
Show cases and1 ice boxes made to
Turning and billiard table repairing.
Douglas Carpenter and Cabinet
Shop, Douglas, Arizona. 'Phone 30.
The undersigned desire to thank all
friends and neighbors who so kindly
lent aid during their late . bereave
ment. H. L. GREENARD.
reaction to take advantage of the ad-1 course. Ac the present time it is
vance on their confirmation. Sales of
shares, 1,144,000. Money on call, 2
per cent.
Industrial Conditions.
New York, March 17. Russian
bonds are lower on the Paris and Lon
don markets. The banks will endeav
or to maintain a stlffer rate on call
money. There is no dividend likely
on Locomotive common this year. The
banks lost to the sub-treasury since
Friday $7,412,000.
Seldcnberg and Narden size up the
cotton situation as follows:
Seidenberg says: "Local senti
ment bullish and very few inclined to
assist in any raid on values."
Narden says: "We are likely to be
lower this morning, and liquidation
may go further, but we favor buying
on breaks.
New York Stocks.
Amal S 79 12
C. F.I 53 50
R. I ,. 34 C2
W X rui a OS lZ
V. S. Steel (Com.) ..., 35 25
TJ. S. Steel (Prefd.) 95 00
Copper Range ' 7C 25
Old Dom 27 00
Greene Con 28 62
Shannon 8 00
TJ. P. ..i 13 25
A. T. & S. F. 88 50
B. R. T. , GG 62
T. CI 89 75
St Paul ... r . ...'180 12
Erie ':'.. .' 46 50
Sugar 143 25
Heading- 34 87
Wabash 23 37
Boston Stocks.
AJlouez : " 22 50
Cent "... "... . 1800
I. Royle 25 00
Mass.'.,... . .'".... 11 62
MIcb 14 00
Mohawk " .,.. ... . -. S3 37
Osceolo .- -97 CO
running across the formations and has
assumed the position of a crosscut
rather than a drift
"In the last 50 feet of the drift,
which Is in the Callro claim, the
Escabrosa, or ore bearing lime of the
camp nas been encountered. ine
tlfference in the formation can be
seen at once, even by the most casual
observer, and I am of the firm belief
that wc are now In a zone in which
we may expect to find large bodies of
"Unfortunately up to the present
time development work has been aone
In a territory where ore could hardly
be expected. The work done in the
past has been well executed, and It
must be remembered that at the time
the shaft was started the territory in
that section had been unexplored.
Preliminary work was necessary In or-
In the Probate Court, Cochise Coun
ty, Territory of Arizona. In the mat
ter of the Estate of Jesse M. Greer,
Notice for the hearing of petition
for Final Distribution.
Notice is hereby given that the pe
tition of Thomas F. Dwyer, Adminis
trator of the Estate of Jesse M. Greer,
Deceased, for final distribution has
been filed, this the 8th day of March,
1905, and that on the 20th day of
March, 1905, at 10 o'clock, a. m., of
that date, at the court room of said
court, has been duly appointed by said
court for hearing of said petition, at
which time any person Interested in
said estate may appear and file an ex
ception in writing to said petition, and
contest the same.
Dated Tombstone, Arizona, March
Sth, 1905.
Clerk Probate Court.
Bingham 4 25
U. S. Min '... 25 75
Bisbee Stocks.
C. &, A .''
C.ii P
P. & D
Shat-Ariz. 20 00
Black MnL 2 001
BIsbee-Naco W. 10 50
W. & A.
Sag. Der. Co.
Manhattan Dev 9 00
D. A. ($2.50 Pd.) 12 50
6 00
$107 50
39 75
' 45 00
25 50
100 50
30 00
60 00
2 25
4 50
25 00
May 114.3.
July 92.5.
September 86.
May 12.37.
In the Justice Court, No. 2 precinct,
County of Cochise, Territory of Arizo
na. Mark Bobenshlre, plaintiff, vs. Har
ry Gregg, defendant Summons.
Action brought in the Justice Court
of No. 2 Precinct, in and for the
County of Cochise, in the Territory of
In the name of the Territory or Arizo
na, to Harry Gregg, greeting:
You are hereby summoned and re
quired to appear in an action brought
against yon by the above-named plain
tiff in the Justice Court of No. 2 Pre
cinct, In and for the County of Co
chise, in the Territory of Arizona, and
answer to the complaint filed in said
Justice Court, at Bisbee, in said Coun
ty, within five days exclusive of the
day of service, after the service upon
you of this summons, if served within
this Precinct; but If served without
this Precinct, but within the County,
ten days; if served out ef the County,
fifteen days: In -all other cases, twenty
days,vor judgment by default will bo
taken against you.
Given under my hand at Bisbee, Ari
zona, this 2nd day of March, 1905.
Justice of the Peace of said Precinct
from the United States, the following
described premises:
Beginning at the SW. cor. of the
"Copper Jack Mine (patented) for
townslte Cor. No. 1; thence N. 66 deg.
30 min. W. 1650 ft. to Cor. No. 2;
thence S. 23 deg. 30 mfn. W. 600 ft.
to Cor. No. 3; thence N. 66 deg. 30
min. W. 2640 ft to Cor. No. 4; thence
N. 23 deg. 30 min. E. 660 ft to Cor.
No. 5; thence N. 66 deg. 30 min W
3630 ft to Cor. No. 6: thence N. 23
deg. 30 min. E. 2040 ft to Cor. No. 7:
thence S. 66 deg. 30 min. E. 5280 f:.
to Cor No. 8; thence N. 23 deg. 30
min. E. 1320 ft to Cor No. 5; thence
S. 06 deg. 30 min. E. 2640 ft to Cor.
No. 10; thence S. 08 deg. 9 min. W.
3378.6 ft. to Cor. No. 11: thaace N.
73 deg. 30 min. W. 952.8 ft to Cor.
No. 12;thence S. 24 deg. 25 min. W. 314
ft to Cor. No. 13; thence S. 11 deg.
45 min. W. 277.57 ft to Cor no 1 the
place of beginning. Containing 634.077
acres, excluding and reserving there
from the lands therein contained in
cluded within the following mineral
surveys, describe-! as follows: "Cop
per Prince" Survey No. 285. Begin'
nlng at 3aid townslte Cor. No. 1 thence
N. 66 degs., 30 mins. W. 484.2 ft.
thence S. 85 degs. 47 mins. E. 47S.2 ft.
thence S. 11 degs. 45 mius. W. 161.2
ft to said Cor. No. 1, the place of bs
gtuning. Containing 1.755 acres.
"Molvlna," Survey No. 959, "Wedge,"
Survey No. 1243, "Al Harsan" and
"Aurora" Survey No. 1397. and "Ma
mie," Survey No. 1062. Beginning a
a point on said townslte survey N. 66
dcg3.. 30 mins. W. 1020.5 ft. from Ts.
Cor. No. 1, thence N. 10 degs. 33 mins.
E. 511 ft.: thence 78 degs. 12 mins. W.
577.8 ft.; thence N. 27 degs. 04 mins.
E. 637. 8 ft: thence N. 61 degs. 10
mins. W. 287.4 ft; thence N. 65 degs.
03 mins. W. 300 ft; thence N. 44 degs.
37 mins. W. 600 ft.; thence S. 27 degs.
36 mins. W. 1350 ft; thence S. 44 degs.
37 mins. E. 63.75 ft; thence S. 26 degs.
55 mins W. 300 ft; thence S. 10 degs.
56 mins.W. 218.6 ft. to intersection with
the line of said townslte survey N.
66 degs. 30 mins. W. 1149 ft. from Ts.
Cor. No. 3, thence along the lints of
said townslte survey to the place of
beginning. Containing 52.49 acn3.
"Labrador" Survey No. 1344. Beginning
N. 66 degs. 30 mins. W. 1331.5 ft from
Cor. No. 5 of T3. survey, thence N. 54
degs. 25 mins. E. 1322.4 ft; thence
N. 49 degs. 54 mins. W. 601.24 ft:
thence S. 52 degs. 25 mins. W. 1500 ft;
thence S. 49 degs. 54 mins. E. 67.9 ft ,
to the intersection with the line of the
townslte survey; thence S. 66 degs. 30
mins. E. 602.4 ft, to place of beginning.
Containing 19.008 acres- "Bessie,,"
''Copper Wedge" and "Silver Queen"
Survey No. 1583. Beginning S. tf
degs. 09 mins. W. 191.5 ft. from Cor.
No. 10 of Ts. survey; thence N. 62
degs. 20 mins. W. 70.6 ft; thence N.
13 degs. 45 mins. W. 600 ft; thence S.
80 .degs. 34 mins. E. 728 ft; thence S.
17 degs. 15 mins. E. 631.4 ft; thence
S.'80 degs. 24 mlns.-E. 577 ft. to the
intersection with the line of the town
site survey, S. 08 degs. 09 mins. W.
1335.2 ft. from Ts. Cor. No. 10; thence
N. 08 degs. 09 mins. E. 1143.7 ft. to
place of beginning. Containing 31.73
acres. The land so excluded and re
served from said townslte survey ag
gregate 104.969 acres and leaves the
area of said townslte 529.088 acrea,
which will be In Tp. 23S. R. 24 E. G.
& S. R. B. & M. when the township 13
Any claimant of any lot situated
wluiiu aaitl towTisiie is hereby required
to file a statement of said claim to
said lot in the office of John S. Taylor,
trustee, on or before ninety (90) days
from the date of the first publication
of this hollce. Such statement shall
be made In writing, signed and sworn
to by the claimant, or In case of his
absence from this county, then by his
agent or attorney. The statement
shall specify the grounds of the claim,
particularly describe the lota claimed,
the date and name as near as may be
of the first actual occupant, what im
provements have been made thereon,
and at the time of making such state
ment the lots are actually possessed
and occupied by the claimant, or that
the right to such possession and occu
pation is In him If the same I3 occu
pied by another. And that such claim
ant shall pay to the trustee the sum
of five dollar: ($5) as the purchase
price fcr each lot claimed, not exceed
ing 3125 sq. ft per lot together with
the fees allowed by law to said trus
tee, consisting of five dollars ($5) for
executing and making a deed to said
lot, and twenty cents (20c) per folio
for filing a"nd recording a statement of
claim to said lot
All claimants who have filed their
claims, shall within sixty (60) days
after the expiration of the time of fil
ing claims with the trustee, by compe
tent evidence make proof of the facts
alleged in his statement before the
trustee. No proof can be made after
that time, unless the party has appear
ed within that time am) obtained a
continuance, the order for which must
be entered by the trustee.
Mayor and Trustee.
Correspondent Logan & Bryan, Mem- 8S1
bers New YorkStock Exchange. St
Our private wire from El Paso to New York, fet
Boston, Duluth and Copper Country. rffc
lew York Stocks
g bandied through Logan & Bryan.
jS Boston Copper and Bonanza
jjaj handled by Payne, Webbe Co., through their
Wi chain of offices over our private wire.
7g our specialty. New York and Boston handled on
g substantial margins. Mail or phone us your orders
m Phone 111. Copper Queen Hotel I
& & a388
JnlH bw P o
: I he rime
I SmelterSuppIyCo
frvptr lor tocet ti tfc r, I
lTiftM or tbli 1U, by nUI, la
I br Wr a law CoUr. JUnUr
I Colkf 1 Ooort and BuIbm
I law twuM. utrn Trmm
cafi rn
Spraeu Correspondent
733 Xb jitlc BM, 0trKtKU)u
El Paso. Texas
3 ! &
All Classes Mine, Hill and Smelter Machinery and
Supplies. Correspondence Solicited
jr. i ii JiiTiiiiini TTlncir m i i s-
jr. Wholesale and Betail De&lera in .
f Staple and Fancy Groceries
" Iu our line we are np-to-dat .. RikVidci Afi-r
j Atrial will conrlnce yon ? PISPee. STIX .
..Boston Store..
Only exclusive cloth- HANAN and SON
ing house in Cananea. W. L. DOUGLAS WALKOVER f (&C
Finest line of Panama BUCKINGHAM and HECHT JfllllWD
llats in Cananea W. L. CROSETTE
Clothing made to order and fit guaranteed. 3000 sample to select
Ladles' and Children's Shoes a Specialty. Main St, Block
east of podtofflce. CANANEA, SONORA.
Z Made from Clear Mexican, San Andres Tuxtla, Valle
E Nacional Veracruz Tobacco.
g "We Use Only The Finest
Z Manufactured by Las Dos Naciones Cigar Company,
jjj Nogales, Arizona.
"Sx SjSSj$3Sj3S$$
Joseph Magoffin, yice-PresIdent
C. R. Moorhead. President
J. H. Russell, Asst Cashier.
3. C. Lackland, Cashier
The State National Bank
Transacts a General Banlclnjr Business
a. Solicits the accounts of banks, corporations, firms and
$4.$$.ej3-&'2 $
Vlctorlo y 4 8

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