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Almost Unanimous in Favor
of the Step
Douglas, Ariz., Sept. 8. (Special.)
The queo..on of free mall delivery
continues to be the chief topic of con
versation on the streets and at pres
ent it appears that the opposition to
the movement, while crystallized in
the blocks adjacent to the postofflce,
is not going to become an important
factor. While the International-American
has not yet gone Into the matter
as deeply as It will go, it begins to
look as though the majority In favor
of the institution is so great that there
will be hardly a doubt of the passage
of the ordinance providing for the
numbering of houses, after which the
establishment of free delivery ia
Douglas will be merely a matter of
Interviews secured yesterday by the
International-American developed only
one piece of opposition to the system.
This was J. G. Ewell, whose place of
business is almost opposite the post
offlce, and Mr. Ewell would not go into
details la the matter.
"You may say for me that I am
unalterably opposed to free delivery
in Douglas," said Mr. Ewell. "I have
many reasons for my opinion, but I
will not discuss them, nor do I care
to go into details."
Fred Born, the Eleventh-street fur-
nlture dealer, was quick to express
himself in favor of the movement.
"Free delivery In Douglas will bo
a good thing for the town generally,
and the very best advertisement wej
can secure."" he said. "I cannot see
in what way it will materially hurt
any business interest, and It will cer-.
tainty elp every interest In the town
in the end to a degree much greater ,
than the business interests could help
themselves. I might add that it will,
in my opinion, prove quite as benefi-
cial in its effects to those business
houses near the postofflce as to any
other locality in the city.
"Free delivery is an old institution,
and it has helped every town. In which
It has been established. This being
the case, I cannot see why It should
prove detrimental to Douglas. I he
cumnuons nere are simuar u mobBj
which existed in every town in the ,
country prior 10 uie nsiauauon oi m
del very system, and therefore the
fects, elsewhere uniformly advanta -
geous, may be expected to be the same
ele ,, ,,, , , I
Judge McDonald is also an exponent
of the Improvement for Douglas, as he;
fine haan fni- avar-tr nthor Imnrrtvomonr
, -' - --.
that has been suggested.
"Of course, free delivery will help
iuc iuu, " .,, t . uuu.u i-xvc
to see it established."
C. M. Seaman of Seaman & Perry.
hardware dealers, whose store is btitat the place- The population wII1 be
v 1C uuui Muu uie isWU, i3 ;
uvor oi tue tree ueinery sjbieni.
ine town is .arge enougn to cae
the system, and ought to have it,
said Mr. Seaman. "I am of the opinion
that it will have no ill enect whatever
on business in this locality. he tran-
large as it has been, and I for one do
not fear the eaects of taking the mail
to the doorstep.
"The system will be a great help
to those In the outskirts, to whom tne
necessity of coming to the office for
their mall when the town is large
enough to have free delivery, is a
positive hardship, and they should be
considered in the matter. There will
Ife, 1 believe, just as much travel on
the streets as there Is at present, and
altogether I cannot And an argument
against it.
"Again, the numbering of the
houses, which is the preliminary step
should lie done as soon as nossible for .
the convenience of the people. As it
is one can hardly direct a person to
any particular house. If they were
numbered business could be trans-
acted much quicker, and the delivery
of groceries and other purchases ex-
pedited so that twice the present
r. r. v. n V. K KKK.KK. i
: Palace Livery &
v, 'a ' 'a ' siJia ' '
Mj) Every
Lady's Dressing Chamber
Ilk' should be
equipped with a dainty,
"J5taadd Porcelain Enameled
Bisbec Sheet Metal
K s..
Health Officer Greene Exa
mines Dumping Ground
Douglas, Ariz., Sept. S. (Special.)
Health Officer Green today said that
he had investigated the condition of
the dumping ground and the pool of
stagnant water near the crossing of
the Douglas street railway with the
Nacozarl tracks, which was pointed
out by this paper some days ago, and
that he would take immediate steps
to have the place abated.
"That spot is certainly a menace to
health," said Dr. Greene, "and I am
going to abate it. I have already
given orders for signs in Spanish and
English to be painted and posted on
the site, warning people to refrain
from throwing garbage, refuse or any
thing else dangerous to health near
the place. It Is a violation of the Ter
ritorial law to throw garbage or refuse
of any kind within 500 feet of a public
road or within 1000 feet of any house.
"The place In question is covered
with tin cans, and a can of water can
breed a million mosquitoes, each one
ot which Is capable of carrying diS'
ease over a wide territory- I do not
know what can be done with the cans
already there, nor with uie low place
where the water stands, but both are a
menace to health, and I propose bring-
ing the matter before the board at
the next meeting, which will be held
in Tombstone on October 1st. It is
likely that measures will then be
taken to flill the place and clean up the
"There Is a place on Eighteenth
street, out near the ball park, which I
am trying to have cleaned up, also,
There some one has been la the habit
of dumping decayed matter, and the
Spanish and English signs will go
there also. When these two places
are cleaned out and the dumping
stopped I believe Douglas will be free
Irom any danger trom such sources
amount of work could be
2 com'
"Opposition to the establishment of
free mail delivery in Douglas i3, to
my mind, opposition to the crowth
and progress of the town."
wuh the3e word3 jjuty Customs
ColIector Re9ce deci-red himself this
morning. -i: js SUrpris.ng to me how
ef-:an. man can fl out that tne d0
i ..... nf mMI .,, ,tofjr: ..,h .,,,
f no matter where 0a.3 Btore Is
located. When Douglas get3 free de-
n. .,- -.m k ai .,, h
je ho wl near of tho , for
- V. . . - .
,tae nrst nme, and many of these peo-
,ple wlll take the troubie to look the
place up and of these ,t ,s oal rea.
sonable to suppose that some will
have their interest aroused to an ex-
fo, cmIo, . ,, tham . ,v
0Uit up by ree delivery as nothin
e,se we can do w,n bud u for the
establishment of free delivery here
...mi v. rito,i tr, nara thmimhm.)
will be printed in papers throughout
the country.
"Unfortunately, there was no Doug
las when the last census was taken
?nt consequently it cannot be found
? " Pre.sen' records. The very fact
mat Douglas nas uecume jars" uuuuyu
in its short life to deserve this service
is a splendid advertisement, but unless
the service is installed the benefit of
the fact will not be received.'
Mr H. C. Chappel expresses his de
sire fcr free mall delivery for Douglas
by means of the International-American
voting ballot.
W. A. Meyers sends ia a "Yes" vote
and adds the following note:
"I think reople who find objection
to free mail delivery are very small
and selfish. They are something like
the old saying: 'I first, then I again,
then I once more, and it anything is
left let the others have.it.' Free de-
livery will advertise Douglas mere
than anything that can be done, and it
will bring many good citizens to this
city, and those who kick now will be
Deneattea Dy it.
". H . ". : !tii n
Undertaking Co.
Waiur Bubbart
J. J. BO"WEN, Mnrfer
Cpper Main Street, Telephone 13. Good
rij3 and careful driven. Special at
tentlon given to board It? of horses
Undertaking Parlors in cod Dec t ion.
bbard Undertaker and
VI '4 'A '41 4t U 4 'A 'A 'A 'A 'A 'A V
snow-white, one-piece
1 U'WrtWMRj-!!
y ilIR'1''JsjiIJ'n
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how delightfully convenient it would
be to have hot and cold running water
in your dressing chamber, sleeping
apartment or first-floor toilet room?
Its presence would aSbrd you the highest
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We will gladly quote you prices.
Our plumbers are strictly competent
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The Present Year Will See a
Marvelous Groutli
Douglas, Ariz., Sept. S. (Special.)
row mw me iau season is ap
proaching, it is In oraer to take stock
of Douglas during tho first seven
months of the year. This city uas
made a much better progress during
tne nrst nair or the present year than
during the first half of last year, and
the outlook for the remainder of the
year Is very encouraging.
From the beginning of this city.
now nearly five years ago, there have
been those who predicted the collapse
oX Its growth from month to month
ind from year to year, but still Doug
las has continued to advance In pop
ulation and industry, and today its
future is brighter than ever before.
The great copper smelters in this city
will at the end of this year have dou
bled the capacity they had at the be
ginning of the year, and this means
many moro positions for laborers at
these mammoth enterprises.
The enlargement of the Copper
Queen smelter means more to Douglas
than the employment of more men, as
when the present additions are com
pleted the Copper Queen will be able
to handle all the custom ore offered
for sale or reduction, and will go to
the mines to buy the ore. This will
add largely to the trade of Douglas
as where mining men market their
ore, there is the place most likely to
supply the mines with their necessi
During tho present year the build
ings erected in this city have been of
a superior quality, and it is estimated
that more than $200,000 has been put
Into new buildings since the first of
last January. Among the principal
buildings may be mentioned the
JS5.000 Young Men's Christian Asso
ciation building, now nearing comple
tion, and the two new school houses
already completed at a cost of $12,500.
On G avenue, the principal business
street, have been erected a number of
large and handsome business struct
ures and new ones are being planned
for the near future, among which the
three story building to be erected by
the trst National Bank, at the cor
ner of G avenue and Tenth street.
wlll be the equal of any building In
the city. It not superior to any ether
than the Copper Queen store.
There Is not a merchant In Douglas
tut finds his business growing larger,
and some of them can point to a busi
ness one-third larger than a year ago.
The people of Douglas have not
been content to build business houses
and residences alone, but can point to
splendid progress in the matter of
building churches during the present
year. During the year the Christian
church at the corner of E and Tweltfh
street was erected, and the handsome
Baptist church, at the corner of E and
Tenth was completed and later burned
down. Its re-erection Is now slated for
the near future. In addition to these.
the Presbyterian congregation, headed
by Rev. George Logie has not been
idle, and by the first of the new year
they expect to have a handsome
church on their lot at the corner of
D and Tenth street, for the payment
of which $8000 Is now in hand.
During the year the mineral devel
opment in the state of Sonora has
added much to the trade ot Douglas
and the trade trom this section is
growing larger every day. It would
be hard to overestimate the future
trade from Sonora which will reach
Douglas, and our business men cannot
ba too energetic in the effort to start
the trade from the splendid mining
camps In that section to this city.
During the last two weeks here has
been a decided Increase In the demand
for real estate In the city, and with
assured adding to the number of men
at the smelters tn the near future
indeed tho outlook for Douglas was
Ejever more roseate than now.
ABSCESSES, with few exceptions.
are indicative of constipation or de-
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writes, Aug. 15, 1902: "I want to say
a word, of praise for Ballard's Snow
Liniment. I stepped on a nail, which
caused the cords In my leg to con
tract and an abscess to rise in my
knee, and the doctors told me that I
v-uld nave a stiff leg, so one day I
ent to J. F. Lloyd's drug store (who
i. aow In Denver, Colo.) He rccom
mended a bottle of Snow Liniment; I
got a 50c size, and It cured my leg.
It Is the best liniment In the world.
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Douglas, Ariz., SepL 8. (Special.)
J. L. Brown, who yesterday started
a subscription to raise funds for as
sisting in building the proposed wagon
road from Churunibabi, a few miles
north of Nacozarl, on the railroad,
thirty-five miles inland to the rich Bo-
coachi mining country, has already
succeeded in raising $500. The amount
was gladly subscribed by the business
men of Douglas, who realize that the
opening of this road will make Doug
las the logical supply point for the ter
ritory, and who therefore feel that it
Is as much to their interest to have
the road as It is to the mine owners,
who will be directly benefitted.
As things are at present there ap
pears to be no doubt of the road being
built, nor of the benefit to be derived
in this city from its construction.
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Beginning 66
sept. 11
Time Card No. 17 ,ln Effect June 27,
Train No. 1 leaves Minas Prietas at
C:00 a. m., arrives at Torres 6:45 a. in.
Train No. 2 leaves Torres at 8:41.
Train No. 4 leaves Torres at 7: SO p.
m., arrives at Minas Prietas at 8:15.
All Trains Connect at Torres With
Southern Pacific (Sonora Railvay)
to and from Nogales and Guaymas,
Guaymas and Vice Versa.
Wells Fargo & Co.'s Express and tel
egraph In operation between Minas
from Minas Prietas to the above nam
ed places.
Advanced charges paid on all goods
consigned to the railway, which are
received, forwarded and warehoused
free of commission and storage
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the above named points at reasonable
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river, Barranca and San Marclal coal
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