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PAY ROLL, $600,000.
Mining News From Every County
in Arizona. bK
eeeeeeire - eeeee
VOL X i g $
N.O 215
'. ;
Top of Subway at Head of Main Street Ripped Off By Flood
and Sent Hurling Down Thoroughfare and Lodging
3elow the Fair Store Water Came With a
Rush and for Few Minutes Caused
a Panic Along the Street.
Fears Entertained That Foundations Under Buildings on Main
Street Would Give Way Post Office and Library Suf
fered Little Flour Used at Copper Queen to
Keep Out Fiood Streets Damaged.
Citv rf Bisbee. $10,000.
Fair Store, dry goods, $3,000.
L,. L,. unman, jeweier, sz.uuu. vion
The Holland Confectionery,
Mrs. Ccx proprietor. $2,000.
HenehaWs Market, $500.
Maze tar, cigar stand and res-
taurant Annex saloon. Capitol
saloon . P. & J. saloon. Antler's,
saloon. The Turf saloon, the C.
Q. dispensary, the postofflce and
two or three other stores n Main
street, a!! inundated b water but
slightly' damaged, will total from
$300 to $1,000.
J. F. Sinclair, hor.-e and buggy.
Liint iii. SamjmSar Tiaami-mmimMft-t the oity. One man
V K.v -
gy 5.,
Palart liverv, horse and bug-
gy. $25-
Toisy Downs, horse and buggy,
E. A. Tovrea. hore and can.
Two smaller barber s'jops, $250.
The damage to the fire mains.
gas mains, sewer mains and many
small losses to residences and
barns cannot be estimated at the
present time.
With a rar and the velocity only
attainable by a mountain torrent, the
subway, meant to carry through the
heart of the business section the ter
rific floods of the summer season, gave
way yesterday afternoon about 5
o'clock. A section of Us wooden top.
loaded with several tons of the surface
of the street, was hurled like a barri
cade across Main street, ".he principal i
thoroughfare of the c.ty, leaving a J
yawning gulf behind through whic'i i
the torrent still flowed, and carrying
with it the crest of a wave that
wrought within a few minutes' time
damage to the amount of thousands oi
As the long section of the street
above the underground waterway be
gan to heave and quake, men and wo
men fled for their lives, while witii
pistol shots and cries they warned , water fell yesterday than in either of
those below of the impending danger. , the two recent preceding floods, and
Al the sEght turn at the lead of Main I yet it was much longer in falling, ac-strec-t
the wreckage jammed into the .counta for the slight damage to be post
plate glass windows of the Fair store, office, which was flooded to a depth of
'and swept away most of the jcwjelry several inches from Main street, but
stock of U L. Oilman just above. suffered little damage. The slowness
Horses and vehicles were : wept along of tlje precipitation also accounts for
with the torrent, while the former the fact that the trails and roads are
struggled in vain to stem the current. not so badly damaged as before. In
Seven horses are ki:c-n to have been j fact, had the subway not broken, the
The storm yesterday, which began
at 4:30, was the third wirhin Ihe past
three week. In p int of damage to
property destroyed and lives n-
dang' red, both the other floods were
exeeded. The city suffered a loss of
, while the damage to the busi-1
n, :; and r -stdence section will bring
the totsj. to $25,000. The postofflce
and library, the heaviest sufferers in
j pteV-P-M jtwjrms, were oniy
slightly damaged. Practically all of
the business nooses to suffer are on
the north side of Main street
Fire Mains Broken.
The fire mains of the city were
broken by the giving way of the sub
way, and tie city is at present with
out protecUc-a from its ravages. The
sewer mains were also destroyed In
several parts of the camp, the gas
mains were broken, and the electric
liirb'ing of the city interfered with oy
the burring out of many fuses by tho
electrical storm, the most severe of
the season, which accompanied the
T! city and county officers were on
.ne'of the wreckage of the sub
w?.y. and Immediately look steps to
ward preventing further accidents, ts
the streets were being crowded with
the carious soon after the n.ln ceased.
unaware that they ware standing on
portions of the street that were ur, vr
wined and I e war at any
minute. Street Commissioner P. J.
McCullough soon bad a force of men
at work taafinr the WU, -"''
bridging the chaaot across the m aa or
Vain street This bridge was- com-1
i at the steering wheel and it was I "Hamburger Red's" popular sand
pleted at an early hour this monimj wheeled out of danger. wich and lunch counter was swept in-
and the street is passable. i Th flood , down the street so I to the subway. Not a vestice of it
i ne raiuiaii m tne iorit imuuir.- .ui-
lowing the first heavy precipitation ,
was two ana one-quarter niciies me
heaviest of the year. Those who were
the lookout noticed that the
heaviest part of the rain was this
side of the Divide, up Tombstone Can
yon, and predicted that there would be
something doing with the subway.
Within fifteen minutes every street in
the camp was impassable. Those sep
arated from Main street could learn
nothing of what was going on there,
not even by telephone, as the light
ning was so vivid that the phones
could not be used.
Drowning of Horses.
The most pitiful siitht of the flood
v.a. the drowning of several of the
who stood at the subway at Ixiwe'il
counted seven horses, all dead, which
floated past, and two burros, both st"l
alive. Four vehicles floated under the
subway near the E. P. S. W. depot
while five horses, ir. rapid succession
we"c swept down the same pa-sge.
The train from the west had ,'ust
arrived, and there as a large crowd
at the station. When the flood reach
ed its height a crv aroseJrmn several
of t'i- spectators, and The crowd im
mediately l-nshed ivit to see th cause
of it. Floating pa;t the C pper Queen
gem ral offices, were three lore aud
three buggies. Men rushed out in the
hope thi". they could do something t"
prevent their death. It was in vain.
To have ventured Into the torrent
which was then pouring into the mo lit
of the'depot subway would have been
suicide. While men clenched the.r
hauds in helpiessntss and women hid
their rwes, the r prerc ntaraves o
man's noblest friend, struggling ev.-y
itr-h of the way. were swept under
:! ,ind beneath, the mudd,- water,
One horse, that of J. F. Sinclair, :
fi.v animal which he va' led at $m.
v. a; cut loose from his harness tify
yar.ls above the moath of the aabway,
but in his fright jerked loose from !;i3
rescuers, and went the way of the
How the Post Office Escaped.
The fact that while there was more
damage would have been practically
The extension of the retaining wall
up Tombstone Canyon yesterdav
proved inadequate to carry the vol-
ume of water which fell, and it over
flowed in several places, carrying
around the turn at Castle Rock sev-
era! immense timber twenty feet
long. Ij, also overflowed just in front j
of the Muirhead boarding house, but
did no damage
Fierce Electrical Storm
A fierce electrical storm accompan
ied the rain. For a few minutes be
fore the' heaviest period of the storm
the heavens were rent with sharp
.' thunder and vivid flashes ct
lightning, many of which seemed to
-ing close.
J. G Pritchard stated last night that
're- rainfall of yesterday brings the
Irecipitation up to the average for
August. Sve' inches. In about fifty
minutes two and a fourth inches cf
rain fe!l. h. 18M iwo inches fell in
forty minutes. During that flood ten
cabins were washed away in front of
Oat Palace hverr stable. in
three incher. of rain fell in an hour.
was aiso much damage done at
that time. Had not the subway given
away yesterday the damage would not
have been nearly so heavy ami U.e
flood would have lost much of its spec
tac-ular aspect However, the nin
that fell up the canyon was mn
heaviest that ha-i fallen this season.
When the flood was at Its iinnvt 'he
people wno were caugnt in mm
houses and place along Main street be-
gau to get nervous. The water was overflowing the subway carried big
gradually eating away the foundations timbers and other debris scatterlug
from the street and the torrent in their ' it down the ronton for several nun
lear over the top of the subway look- 'dred vards.
ed bad. Many were afraid that founda- ' The street car service was delayed
tions would be washed so that build- for" an hour and a half while the
ing8 would soon begin to topple over, I tracks were being cleared,
and their fears then appeared well I The water la the Holland Confec
founded. tionerf was about sixfeet deep, and
The postofflce girls made a break ;the task of pumping it out is no incon
for the mountain when the wave came ieiderable one.
surging down Main street. Before the I Charles Worsham. the negro Dorter
i storm broke Postmaster M. E. Cassidy
, had the windows on the mountain side
of the building covered with heavy
j planking. This saved the ofBce from
: the wash of rocks and silt that came
J down on previous occasions. About
i two feet of water swept into the office
from Main street when the flood came
down that thoroughfare withoHt any
warning. Several shots were fired and
j at the same time a wall of water could
; be seen from the Copper Queen store
: sweeping down the street carrying all
in front of it
An idea of the height of the wjiw ma' t-wnj. to run away and the sub
lean be gained from the fact -that it way heaving under him. he piloted
twice mtshed into Angius store wm-M
is raised about four and a half or five
j feet from the sidewalk.
How An Auto Was Saved.
When M. J. Cunningham's fvutomo-
, bile glided off from where it was
j standing a little above Rinehart's
everyone said goodbye to it. But just
in front of the Copper Queen stone one
of the front wheels apparently hit a
rock and the machine gently swerved
an instead of down with the current of
the flood. In an instant several per-
; sons were about the auto, one of them
niv ... ,,, ,. , .h.nn tr,
move the macnine. Mr Cunningham
was at the bank and saw the danger
too late. He said, "When I noticed
the danger the maehine was in. there
was entirely too much water coming
down Main street for me to take any
chance. As good luck would have it,
though, the machine is not damaged."
Notes of the Flood.
('. K. Rinehart was one of the most
er.ereetic men on lower Main street
in saving property. He got several j ins way of the subway and was res
horses out of the flood and gallantly j cued by bystanders, who broke the
helped severs! ladies up the mountain I show window in. in which he had j
side to the Copper Queen tailor shop j taken refuge, and helped him to a
and safety after thev had been caught '. place of safety.
in the first rush of water on Main j Leslie Goodding, who is to teach j
street onrjaj ! the science department in the Central!
Johnnv Foster and Frank Johnson j school of Bisoee the coming session.!
with Deputy Sheriff Will White were will never forget hiB arrival in the
consiiiruous at the oostoffice corner city. He came yesterday afternoon at I
in the work of rescuing horses, bug
gies and wagons that came down on
the flood. They stretched a rope from
the Bank of Bisbee to the postofflce
corner so. in case any persons were
carried down by the flood they could
be rescued, or a desperate attempt
made at least.
The Bank of Bisbee force also were
in h forefront of the rescue vnrk
Fitzpatrick. one of their number, with
C. E. Rinehart. got loose a fine roan
team owned bv Mr. Roth, that was
tied near the bank just in time to save
them from being washed down the .
subwav. The horses with most re-
markable coolness breasted the flood
and started up Main street with the
water washing up to their necks. They
got above the Antler bar. when some-
one- got hold of them near the side-
walk and lead them into the entrance
between Rinehart's and the Bank of
Bisbee. The sens- of the team in
tuniine un the street and fighting
the water instead of going with it
saved them. ,
.So astriDutlon 01 man was raaus
fternoon owing to tfte fact
that the floor of the postofflce was
covered vith several inches of watr.
The r.
Kuiar uir.uu iut, aiH. -. ,,c
in effect at the office today,
nil! be
Postmaster Cassidy
iced last
SfeMt Superintendent McCullough
who ri:le j 11 over town after the flood,
reports that hardly any damage was
done down the cannon along Naco mountain side than down on Main permitted to carry weapons made it 1,,fl rvncrat8. or 1904 Democrats, ; the train stopped. He delivered five
road, the culverts there taking care , street. Tho -e ct -oped up in the stores impossible for any of the passengers " 190S Jmocrats? Are you Cle.e- speeches and shook hands with a
Steely of the flood waters. The M'.l- and bars on Main street in turn en- t0 offer resistance ;aJKl Democrats, believing in the large number of people and was tho
ride r.Tads were again greatly damag- vied the fellows it on the hill side. After holding ur the coaches the'tarit' reform we did rot get and recipient of many presents of Sow
ed. A- A. Cohen, editor and manager of r0bber disappeared into the hills and th" railitary suppression of labor trs and fruit.
Wk done since the flood of a ' the Miner, was in the nostofflce josh- it wag afterward found made hisunimJ thzt we di1 set; are you 0
e of weeks ago on Review ave- Ing Postmaster Cassidv- about the escape upon a norse bncing to Miep'r Democrats, supporting trusts xq pRfjTtTrj nCICUA GIRL?
roved to have been finished only Phoenix convention when the rain of the transportation companiea , if thev contribute, opposing them if J-Dnil OAn MM ' nr ri rrr
in the nick of time to save some of started. Before the storm was over; Soldiers from Fort Yellowstone were ,hf: dnt Are you Bryan Democrat. MIUM oAlLUnb UI" rLttl
the stores along Brewery' avenue from t "! he flood had subsided he had join- on tne traj wjtiiin ten mi'iutes after (believing in free silver some times, in
damage. A passage had been made ! he brigade of life savers and had the news was received The robber ! government ownership some times, , . n.
and when the waters struck the
maining debris it carried it off and
the main stream of the flood came
'V.-,n Review avenue.
Warren Did Not Suffer.
While there were very heavy rains
it both Tombstone and Douglas, no
damage worthy of mention was re
ported from there last nighL War
ren was another section that did not
suffer fiom the storm. It rained very
hard there, but no damage whatever
was done. The water found easy out
let For a while there was some trouble
with Ihe wires, but before nine o'cljck
both tho W "ion and
erthoee wires were working in good
shape. In many sections of the city
here was no gas supply, owing to the
fact that the in had been broken
by the flood,
Mason Hill suffered.
HtfJ were fearfully washed
The mad
leading past ioretto convent
tirely cut off a little below Wan
a.Tiiic. where the water cut a dlt-h
The gas and wat.?r
;here were broken off by the
flood :hat came down the street from
the mountain . side. Today it bears
resemblance to a street, with
rocks and boulders sticking
-uele and ditches cut right ana
lr. TMIh . ret Is perhaps the worst
damaged in the city except Main
I'p Tombstone Canyon the water
for the Copver Queen dispensary, had
a nai-row escape from death in the
subway. After cutting loose and sav
ing the horse belonging to the dis
y, he attempted to save tne
Palace livery stable horse aud buggy.
In doing so he ventured too far into
the current, and was being slowly but
surely dragged into it. when he was
; ."'. d cut by bystanders.
K. Lazenby, an employe of Hen
shaw's market, made a plucky and
successful fight to save his emplover's
"horse and butcher cart. With the ani-
the horse to the front of the post office, j
where it and the cart were safe
A more complett wreck than that
of L. L. Oilman's jewelry store would !
be hard to imagine. At a late hour
last night, assisted by sympathetic
friends he was groping in the mud j
and slime for jewelry of all descrlp- ;
tions. His principal loss was caused j
by the washing away of his gold rings. ;
The force of the subway in striking '
his place of business, smashed it in I
as though it had been built of card
board. remains.
The foundations of two houses a' ;
(-the head of Quarry Canyon were
j washed out and the houses left jutting
I into space.
Ed. Fletcher rendered valuable ser- ;
i vice yesterday in rescuing horses
caught by the sweep of the flood when !
the subway gave way
One of the men in the barber shop
- " ,UI 51""? '..p'
i.ii,,Ll..j"a.r a
i inside by the flood following the giv
4:30 o'clock from Wyoming, and was)
met at the train by Superintendent 1
Philbrook. The water was coming j
j"u in torrents at the time, and the
ne arrival had not been in Bisbee i
j the space of ten minutes until he saw j
I three horses borne underground be-
neath the subway. It was worth while I
j to note his expression when a by- j
i stander. who knew of his recent ar- !
rival, casually remarked to Superin
tendent Philbrook that the flood did
not seem to be so bad as usual.
1 he flood yesterday played havoc
with the pavement on Main street. It J
was undermined for many feet ana
raised Into minature hills and valle;- a
by the force of the waters,
Those who fled to the second stories
of the buildings along Main street
wnen tne nood was at its neignt, rear
ed lest, with the subway behind them.
the cellars full of water, and Main
street undermined, the buildings might
People who were at the E. P. & S.
W. station and on Brewery Gulch had
visions 01 a sreui cauu,uurnv wu.-u
horses Tiegan to float down past tho
Copper Queen store and go to their
doom in the subway. They did rut
V .I.-. .1. .,l. ,. h o-iv-cn on-,
- bllh- ---" -"""'" -"
above and thought the water came
from a cloudburst that was s
down with a mighty rush. The
more than one fellow who felt safer
viewing the flood from up near the
Copper Queen tailor shop on the'
re-jPiloted half a dozen ladies up the ,
mountain side out or all danger from Fr, , lac statements of passen?3 times? If you are Bryan Democrats,, )hp Q r c
the water. : ,. , ,,tinu,te' that approximately clo ycu also believe in the Bryan plat-;
When the flood threatened to ge- -(. .,, in r.as, was secured dralts form that contains none of these i
Into the basement of the great Copper,iworth $0, ,,),,' and other p'rs ana , things? NEW YORK. Aug. 24. American
Queen store facing Main street, sacks transportation besides a rich haul in! "Friends rnd ex-brothers of the sailors of the fleet will not be permit
of Sour were plied as a dike along the , watches and jewelry In all twenty-' Iroquois club, there Is no Democratic ted to break the heacts of Japan -so
front of the building to keep the water I . ,,,e,, w,. .h' ,...er v'tattv: there U onlv a Brvan nartv. geisha girls if the Y. M. C. A- cf
out. It was rather exjxmsive. but
Manager W. H. Brophy's foresight sav-
ed the basement from being flooded,
in which is an immense stock of
nil TtlC DWClp pnCT
tniLAliU rt UK. -. llieunoic i,i.
who will notify John W. Kern tomor-
row of his nomination for the vice
'.presidency of the Tnited States, ar
'rived in Chicago tcday. en route to
, Indianapolis
'T. i,u,J. r,f the western atat.-u '
. 1UC fc.tVfc1,7 W, .M .,... D..
. : Z. u.. raiwnttvi) mnrui Thev !
are paying more attention to De .
cratlc areuments than for a long time
said Ur. Bell.
NKW YORK. Aug. 24. President
flcmaencll today advised the commit-
tee In charge of the reception to thrd !k had a good mind to shoot liie the most effective method of better the places of captains and majors who
American team of Olympic athletes is. -1 mn and di." fire a ehot over ! ing the condition lit' that nation and were hitherto in command. Precan
that he will be zlad to have all mem- head. The eight coaches wer scar-.- establlshln gcordia! relations between tions will be taken against the con-
bers of the team visit at Sagamore Hill
j'M M Or ? j
Anrri(nn ;. t ,k ,a e.,nr Tillman will be home early next
-- w u . , a ii vim awtwau uhh ...-.....- - -
month ad wiH tak. an actlve oart in
Dan n
hit health will permit
In the states
good it it the plan to put him on the
fa fi As Each StaQe Load
.... ,.,?.,.
Came in View He POCKeted
the Passengers' Coin in
ill'TTE, Ag. 24. One highwayman.
wearing a black mask, held up ana
coacns in Yellowstone Park this
in icuunsuJLt rain. un',.,.,k ,.. ,.. r !-,,,., ...
.....,.. o. o 1. , n,. ..,
,he old Faithful Inn near' "upper
Basin. The coaches left the hotel in
their usual order, at intervals of a
few ralnutej at,
were he'd nn one
were ne.a lip, One
after another, as fast as rhey came in
At the point of a rifle the highway-
nirin lineal tin oil ..ocaor, irai-o o n A uflu.
" ... .,. u.. ,..oaUb.n, eU .,v..
relieving them of their money and
valllah,es allowed them ,r, ente, the
came vauabes aowe(1 them to enter the ! rm 52?" i Democratic vit Tories, and the third after a Rep.ib
wooping stage and resume their iohrney -andards of today, 'iou imply ur-, uCSlll administration they sdH have the
ere was. Vrnrn . -- .ij i Oier that -on are T.-. mocrats. I can-, I)rc sumption to talk Danics."
From meagre accounts received, it
,g leveil the highwavman collected
mere tiaB $0,000 m
Th f ' ". ,' r-ts'-e not
is in oxtremely roiieh country.
hasin this morning The first detach-1
i rncnt of ooacbs numbering seven f
pasBe(i by the place unharmed is
I ,he arBt of e next e, ht came along
i a highwayman stepped from the bush-1
r and ordered the driver to halt He i
8St o;est the driver nor any f;f '
drivers following On the irt
, ,. ". rew Floridsi and ills
, Jn" p h Gaskir, Dr.-w. with a
w..v u....,. ., r.fc inr- uo" ' r,' .
.uii u B'li iii.ii, njillt-u ovtrr ITV Juy
yevng Gasl.rn was ordered to dismount
and hold the mans sack This he uid
w the point of a gun. All along the
Hue of eight coaches every div.r
wn':,,d not to start his team or he
V rnlil he hnt (T,-r. ct Qtei-ena f
.... ..V- -- I
VltVet. lil-re T-fc tti -r. nprvlini
led seem', to enrage the
. hamiit Etid he was ordered to dls-:
.mount. He started to go around the
but wr.s ordered to cr.me baxk.
(and sot a whack over the head with
'the barrel of a rifle.
When the last of the eihi coaches
was reached' the highwavman --ema-i:
, ly e,re when three more came along
Irnd 'Jinw r ere joi? through In a ike
tne oresiaeniiai campaiyn iiu"
- : ,.AmA
where his services would do the mott
To tho InQUOIS Club Of San
i- i nu- u ti tn
FranCISCO Of WhlCh He WaS
Once a Member as Simon
Pure Democrat.
W . It.
Hears! tonight gave out the contents
I ot ;ne" dressed to the Iroquo's
,-i" " "" iau-a.i-. e iu,. ,..v
organization, replying to the club's
ireque!,L l"fL' " " '"..' IT ' "'
, - . jnriwx-1. iicui oo-ja "
K.-.K nlAca nrA ciirr,rte r receive
i !"o v. e- . H. , ,. .
. ., 1--,1 tv,j, he hart neen
,ii. .,,,1. j.i.v.. .. . w. uu v.
nskei K resign and surprised to leom
mac tne ciuo is still in eeisience.
II. am continues: "You imply Inn
not a Lrmocrat and I strongly suspect
?";- ;,,'1 "r!r??5
what kind
Democrats you think you are. Are you
T-' Democrats, 1895 Democrats or
an,i ,n initiative and referendum some
and followers of that party don't know
when they go to bed at night what
they will be called upon to believe
when thev wak up Is the morning."
manner In one of the coaches M
r- Walker an Oklahoma banker,
w:, had l-ft0 i" r"s in his
Pocket book. He tried to conceal this
ende- ile seat. The robber saw h'm )
..... . . ,
and ordered mm to nrtng it torwara.
talker gave up tne drart;. and trais-
I '" aticn. but they were contemptu
' 'hr. V"0 the bushes. In ..1
' ' - .."'" " tre nPla aP- tao-ignj
. rot
ifferej a los
IftnDlf AUniUfi rUIWCCC
i vunr nmunu ininLOt
HOT SPRINGS. Aug. 21 Taft t. Ik
occasion today to express himsoif as
heartily favorable to tne efforts of
American missionaries in China as
the Chinese aud American guvera
Will Be Notified Today at His
Home in Indianapolis That
He Has Been Nominated
for Vice President.
The Nebraskan Has a Trium
phant Trip From Chicago
to Indianapolis.
IXDIAXAPOLIS. Aug. 24.William
Jennings Bryan and party arrived
(Mi 'veiling from Chicago to partici
pate in the gathering at which John
W. Kern will be officially notified oi
his nomination for the vice presi
dency. With Mr. Bryan came Norman
Mack, the national chairman; P. L.
Hall, vice chairman; Urey Woodson,
of Kentucky, national secretary; Na
tional Committeemen Sullivan of Illi
nois, and Dolbert Wing of I-a.
The parly were met at the statioa
by a local committee headed by Tho-3.
Taggart and State Chairman Stokes
of Jackson, Ind.. and was taken to
the lieu ni son Hotel. Mr. Kern called
and was given a hearty greeting. The
notification meeting tomorrow will be
held in the Coliseum at the state fair
The building will accommodate 1.",
000 people, and overflow meetings ni'.l
be held if necessary. Speeches will be
made by Theodore Bell. Kern, Thomas
Marshall. Democratic candidate for
governor of Indiana and Mr. Rrvin.
who will discuss trusts at great length.
An immense crowd greeted Mr. Bryan
and party when they left for the irive
to the hotel. The street was lind
with people who cheered Bryan. The
vice presidential candidate went di
rectly to his home. Later Mr. Kern,
Mack and other leaders called and
th3 evening was spent in an informal
In all his remarks Mr. Bryan ex
pressed confidence in the righteous
ness of Democracy's cause and never
failed to impress on the audience his
satisfaction with the Denver platform.
; u.-smg them to read it with care. Onee
j he f.nid
'If y.'ii wi! remember in 1S90 there
i was a greal deal said about panic i.nd
t"e ltf.nl I'liMii unelW.ro a.rn?ul
j f hang . monopoly on panics.
,- rc tel! you that within the last
I ... . ,. .
, year me rtepiiDiican iiartv ha become
an active competitor with the Dem-
iOCT?Hr 1arTy on tne Ject of P"ica
ami r..K-'. are no longer awe to '-ay
, ,1..... . . .. .... . , . ...
iuev ran simramee immunity rrojn a
ir-i ..i. . ..,.
i jhii.n.. il vvitu . reuu'-i ot Lne iait
forty years, whirl, t)-.,,; .hat of tho
j three panics whic'i c iinc, two cams
when the RepubKian irtv was in
c-jmplete power, and after Republican
. Mr. Btvan's ionrnev from Chiraso
( to ;liis city was marked by enthusia'A-
, ir inceptions at every station where;
I lldl lb rldM 01 I, IVI. Oi A,( IHOl
Japan, native chirstian churches and
missionaries are able to prevent it.
i Information from Tokio received at
headquarters or the Y. M. C. A. today
isthat religious organizaUoos of
Japan are circulating petitions among
tho citizens protesting against the old
style of Japanese hospitality, waica
is expected to include an introdiHton
to the geisha girla
.1 I,, I . W 1.
... .. .. .....
rflRn AfiAIIUCT TRflllrtl P
EL pASO Ag 24. The Mexican
government is taking every possible
step to guard against a recurrence of
the recent border troubles. On ac-
count of celebrating the lotn ot hep
tember, the anniversarv of the inde-
pendence of Mexico, troops are being
dlstnnuted all along the border and in
sections remote from the i...--
At border posts, colonels ar- laklng
. gregating of crowds at places not de-
slgnated for celebiauons

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