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Wakes the- MCPkefeller-Kuhn
Faction Drink Tamely
from His Hand
v -
NBW YORK, April lS-Although
forced out or Iho position himself,
Ceo, J. Gould, opposing the Rocke
' fvJUr.-Kuhu, Loeb Interests, caused
tlie elevation today of B. F. Bush, as
president of tho Missouri Pacific rail-
iod, defeating David R. Francis,
former govomor of Missouri. Mr.
Hush is president of the Western
Maryland railway. The victory of
the Gould faction was followed 1J
tho announcement of Kuhn, Loeb and
company's withdrawal as bankers
Vor the system, and by tho resigna
tion of Paul M. Warburg, the com-
JCnios representative on board, and
ol Cornelius Vanderbilt, as attorney.
Edgar U Atarston, representing
lUair & Co, Fred T. Gates, represent
ing John D. Rockefeller, and E. D.
VVdiiiH--, representing the Deutsch
bonk, oted against Mr. Bush, but
id not sever their connection. It
U rumored that they also wil resign,
although this cannot be confirmed, j
George Gould and Kuhn, Loeb Co.
Issued statements explaining their
tdo of the case, Mr. Gould regret
ting -withdrawal by Kuhn, loeb. Co,
but congratulated the road on the se
lection of Bush.
Kuhn. Loeb &. Co. stated that they
did not favor Mr. Bush and because
not favor Mr nAant bemuse scheduled. If Mr. j
his election Warburg and . ander- ' , successful In bringing '
..felt.r"Un! ? S"? SPUoneral debate to a close tomorrow ,
sibilitv ia the im.naomeBt o. tb
company amler theso clrcumstancciO
i. Missouri Pacific was the pivot of
an excited and demoralised market
ail day. Wall Street had lntlmatbn
that tht beard meeting wcula no',
be harmonious and the who' mar
ket declined x-iolontly as - conse
CHAKUtioTU, B. u, April io. i
tlnn intwned Its annual meellnc in
Charleston today with a good at
tendance of leading men of tho pro
fession from all parts of the state.
The program covers three das and
provides for addresses by Dr. Alex
ander Lambert of Newt-York, Br.
Judson Deland of Philadelphia and
several other physicians and sur
gesns of national reputation.
Position Is This 1
If you can afford to nuy an
ticipation .we have naught 10
say. Continue -with the tailor
man and his word-pictures of
how you will (?) look in tho
fabric you pull from, the HUle
But if you would have a
garment with all the ear
marks of "custom-maue ' at
a third to one-half the custom
price, we present our .case
strong in the convloUou that
Washington Company Suits
mil give you tho actual sat
IsfacUon which the tailor-bound
man anticipates but seldom
In these ready-for-service
clothes tho final result is De
fore you and the tortures ot
the ""try-on." the delays ana
disappointments are elimin
ated. We are showing today styles
of Washington Suits for Spring
among which is your particu
lar fabric and style.
$17.50 to $35 00
We are the exclusive representa
lives for this city.
The Sate Place On Main St
1 a 'ic -M 4i
Democrats Refuse ' to Tack
Free List on Canadian
Reciprocity Bill,
WASHINGTON. D. C. ,April 18. be saddled nnd prepared for cvacu-. "ov"
Democratic loaders are prepared for atlon. Word was then sent - by Tn8 much was confirmed today by
attempt by vthe republicans- who
dso Canadian reciprocity to em-
harass the democratic mJorlty in the
passago of the bill by proposing an
amendment embodying all of the free
list that the democratic "ways and
means committco have prepared. staked all on holding this position
Roprbllcans have charged that If to prevent a flank jnovement which
tho democrsts wero in earnest to would pormlt the edeals to get bo
have this free list passe 1, thoy aueen Agua l'lleta and Douglas,
would offer it as a part of the reel- j Make Wild Break,
procity bill, so that President Taft ' The rebels at thUs lino of entrench
could not find occasion, to veto it ments were filled with fear that the
even though it did not meet with hie balance of their army would get
approval. laway, leaving th"em directly undei
Chairman Underwood said today 'the danger of n federal charge.
that such an amendment would bo at
once ruled out of order as it could them broke in any direction whero
not be considered germane to the i there- seemed to bo safety. Only
bill, under the house rules permitting . this part of the rebel rorce was
the offerings of amendments. Can- j disrupted, notwithstanding the do
non will speak at tho opening of tho sertions of their officers, Jefe. Me
session tomorrow, and the other dina and Comandanto Balasaria
If Mr.
general debate to n close tomorrow
night, tho bill will be brought up for
final consideration Thursday.
Henry George, jr.. of Now York, in
his maiden speech in tho rcclproci
df-bsirt. .proclaimed himself a free
trader and said ho had aligned him
self with the democratic party be
cause he beliovcd tho only great
party that was "movi8g toward the
light." Mr. George endorsed the
Canadian agreement, as tending to-
. . . i .
ually tht
havo absolute free trade with tne
' His speech, though closely follow
ed by democratsand republicans, did :
not arouse ana enmusiasm uu mc
side. Iater Representa-
Uve Pickett of Iowa used Mr. George's
words to thew the democraUc party
was urgTng the reciprocity agreement
In the teller that it would tend to-
ward free trade. I
Iff an anti-reclproclty speech. Rep-'
Tentative Hamilton, of MIcbiKan. a ,
republican, quoted Secretary lisou
to the effect that the farm gets only
50 per cent of what the consumer
rhys for farm products.
Continued from Paso 1 )
! art of Sonora and would continue
pending t'ac arrangements of a peace
conference. Dr. Gomez -nill not ,be
aWo definitely to reply to uhe. Alcxi
can government until fie receives
v.ord rrom the forces in the field th:t
an arm'sUce is acceptable.
Danger of Complications.
Tho prorpsals went forward f o
( Mexico Cltv toiay after a long con-1
lerence ay uxu. uomez wiin incnus
here lart night It was pointed out
(o Dr. Gonwi that international com
plications rcipht res'ilt from a con
tinuation or hostilities along; the
American tcrder and that much Umo
was being lost by both sides In the
Informal overtures being made to
ward peace.
It was suggested that a sneedy ter-
nrination of hosUHtlos could Tie
lecioa it ur. uomez leit tor hil r"aso
where ho might communicate readily
wUh the forces in the field.
Jt the armistice in Chihuahua nd
Ponora is arranged, it Is probable that
similar measures will be suggected
'or other t-tates where the revolt pre
I va;l. Chihuahua and Sonora were
! included in the armistice because It
j was believed quicker communication
could be eiTeeted with the forces
there, and it was hoped by those who
suggested the plan that other sec
tions automatically would become
inactive pending negotiations.
The report that a large insurrecto
forco was marching on Juarez and
might participate in a repetition o
the Incident at Agua Prleta endan
gering Americans is said to have
stimulated those who conferred with
Dr. Gomez and suggested the trans
mission of a proposal of armistlca
to the Mcxlcaa. povcrnmcnL
TAQOMA, April IS. A. V. Faw
cett was recalled today. W. W", Sey
mour Is tho new mayor-elect and will
tako office at the end or ten davs.
His majority over Fawcett was 852.
An election will be held May 2 foe
tho purpose or TcctJHng the four city
Mound City Paints wear longest
Continued from Page 4
Agua Tleta, including
on tho cemetery ridge, sent in a
courier to tho rebel headquarters
stating that they had run out of
ammunition and that they could
cot hold back the federal advance,!
ii it were, not supplied.
Ammunition Gives Out.
The rebel headquarters, sent word
that thero was no tntoro ammuni
tion to go to tho front and at this
Juncture ordered tho rebel horses to
i . . .- I
scouts to the rebels holding the Im-
portant trenches to tho east of tho
.city and immediately touching the
American border. The rebels hero
had been supplied with the largest
amount of ammunition because the
throwing" down their guns, many of
Garcia, The desertion .at this
accounts for the hundred
horses left behind In the outskirts
of Agua Prleta.
Promise 'to Return.
The balanco of the force got
away in good order and
tiled past tho American
as thoy .
house they waved their badges and
guns at Col. Shunk, who remained
at this point all night without a
moment's sleep, and said: "We
have no more ammunition in Agua
Prleta, but wo have heavy stores
in tho mountains and wc will soon
be back In Agua Prieta.
hear front us soon."
You will j
A severe blow was dea It the rebel
. , . ,,
luse when provisions as well as
mmunltlon were so closely guard-
,ca ln " garrison in au "- '
I la. tl ..! f A .. rif ft
-"1 not procure nod. Tne
"!". oarner ao luu '- -"
uc.CuuC. u. ..c w...
When the Americans seized the
twenty thousand rounds of car-
tr!dSes consigned to John Lopovitch,
Col. Medina was already dlscour-
aged. The moving ot tne Amen
can patrol from the American line
to fifth street in Douglas prevented
sympathizers from passing acrosl
the line with cans of beans, loaves
of bread and other provisions, and
cartridges, which probably
this were pouring over the
line In
little dribs to replenish the am
munition belts of the rebels n the
CANANEA, Son.. Mex.. April 18.
(Special). Word was received hert
(today from Baccachl that a man was
! killed in that town on Sunday et-
cning .after he had demanded mer-'
.cnanuise sua inoa siun irom a Tiitr-
cnanr there uruicd Romera. It
sterns that tLe uian crlled l-tini !t
an insurrecto and ntered the storef
demanding the merchandise desired.
ile threatened tho merchant with
death If ho did not accede to his
demands, stating that he had fifteen
In en In the hills near by and that
he would return with went and
cf-ltake what he desired.
The man then rode away, but
later he was found dead. It is
not kmwn who killed him, nor who
he was.
No signs have been seen of the.
illteen men he spoke of, and it is
thought that he nas simply making
a bluil to g't something -without
money. It is known, howevpr, that
it was not Koracra that killed him,
as he bad not loft his store' up t6
the time the wan was killed.
Conditions abiut Bacoachl remain
the same. No insurfectos are re
liortcd to be In that vicinity, nor
have any been seen since they went
north towards Arizpe last week.
The report that the Chispas mine
of the Pedrazzlnl Mining company j
had teen forced to close down on j
account of the presence of msur
rectos in the camp has proved to be
false. The mine has not closed
down and has been operating stead
Uy. Tho report -was brought hero
by a number ot men "who lert the
camp about ten days
scared off. and were
ago, being
giving tne
story as an excuse ror leaving.
Lucas Pico, pre'ect ot Arizre, who
with his men eluded rthe insurrectM
last week by going to Magdalena,
arrived in
tho city yesterday after-
mpanled by, about 75 or
noon accompanied
his men. Later lu tho evening thev
I remainder of his forces arritcd in
tho city Overland, in two todies.
There woro about 250 in all, in
cluding about 30 Boldlors which
were added to'hla little command
jupon his arrival Ju Magdalena last
I week.
I These men have been added to
' tho garrison In Cananea. whli:h
Mngs tho total up to 500 in round
numbers. Jico win remain In
Cananea alBO, possibly until the
cessation of hostilities.
Juarez Safe at P'escnt.
EL PASO, April 18. With only a
small advance guard of tho lnsur
recto arm: at Bauche, tweho miles
south, oi Juarez, fear of an imminent
attack has been dispelled and resi
dents of the latter city are aletlng
scouts reporting to Gen. Nevarro it t
! Juarez. Elebaroto fortifications ar-
ouna Juarez ana aeiensivo
tions; within the city are completed
and news of the evacuation of Agua
Priota by "Iho iusurrectos and the suc
cess or the federals in Sonora has
!nspireO the Juarez gSrrison with
greater confidence.
Historian on Deck.
DOUGLAS, April IS. Miss Charlotp
Hall, appointed historian of Arizona
by.Gov. Sloan, arrbed in Douglas
this afternoon to witness, if possible
a portion of the fighting around Agua
Prleta. She will return to Phoenix
tomorrow and later come back to
Douglas to gather tho story of the ,
warfare along the bordorland. I
VrltnA rt llr. tltlnlM Ann m Va o&t
m Douglas during tho last few days.
"My bed cost mo a dollar an hour
said one or tho Bisbeo visitors Tues
day morning I had aNdollar and a
half room at the Gadsden and was
In bed one hour and a half last
"Qwcia has surrendered hia en-
tiro forco to thfi Arwrirjin fmnns"
.-,, , . . . . ,.
Tho federals havo captured the en-
' u c
tlro force ot rebels."
'Thn fA.famTa Vilt-A nntinJ lm .-
--'- v-"'" '" " v.mii. uc wu.
-uu wag 10 uanu ngm is now in
More than three hundred "fedsrals
have come to tho line and surren
dered to the Americans."
Tho federals are in tho bull ring."
"I just talked 'with Agua. Prieta on
the phono and was. told everything
was quiet there and perfect order
being maintained." ,
"A detachment' of the federal
troops have taken a position on this
side of the line down beyond the
smelter and the colonel has Just gone
aown there to make them surrender."
i no rebels have mined their rillo
pits and sro going to, let the federals
take thom and then touch off tho
"Cabral has just? gone into Agua
Prieta. He brought C21 horsemen
I with him, I counted them as they
came in."
"Madero is on the way here by forc
ed march with 3000" horsemen."
' I was just over among the insur
i roctos and they sre in perlectbrder
and well supplied with ammunition
and food."
"Lopez is in the guard house."
I "Lopez is drunk -in a sfiloon down
in tho next block."
"The chief of police has a warrant
-ur jjjijuz iuiu is looking ior nimv
"I was Just talking-to the chief ot
Police and ho said,- thst there was
. n warrant for Lopez.'
"All fhe icbels are drunk.
"I Just came from acrosa the line
. an" everyone was sober,
' Thpsn .irn nnlv a ftw nt !. re.
ports heard on the" street In front
of the Gadsden In a. short half hour
. during Mondsy evening. Humors
flew thicker than the bullets of both I
sides had teen during the day. Every
t - r . . .
chance 'Vwinarl. mads any place along
i G avenue was immediately picked up ,
' by some one and told as a, fact and j
then reported with proof to its cor- '
rectness. But the crowd seemed to
enjoy it and simply ate up the ru
mors as fast as they were circulated.
It wanted excitement and acUon and ,
had plenty of it, for -whenever any- '
i one started telling anything a crowd
would quickly gather and listen then
after a few minutes of general dis
cussion would rush off to get tho
i "straight" dope from some one else. '
, It really teat circus day, election,
night and New Year's eve all rolled
into one big time:
' An automobile taking a. respresen
tative or the Review out to the Unit
ed States' troops encampment Mon
day night came within a few feet
of running Into a troop or cavalry
going to town on the gallop It was
nncertAln rhlrb tt nrorf the. xcriTap
chauffeur or the- horses.
The newspaper men were very busy
Monday nlgfit finding out that most
or the reports given them were not
: ,
One or the Western Union opera-
tors was up against It at' midnight
Monday wht?n the Los Anaclcs Ex,
I mk'fm'mM llwlliili
The Reason, Why
-The Copper Queen Store shows uneqiifilicd btoCks
61 men'.s and youn.o- men's .correct clothing for
Spring and Summer. -r
There are .-tores here selling reliable clothing of
course., Some ad!here to one mamifactarer's lines;
some buy from various more-or-lets prominent
makers, quality ranging from medium to fairly good, BUT, no other store can boast
of such fine clothing as we have here. Think of it we are not confined to the ideas
of any one particular maker we represent the three greatest in the country, Toyou,
this means that your own ideas of correctness have more chance of being realized. No
more convincing argument could be given in favor of our clothing than to have
you come and examine them thoroughly and compare with that of other stores at
even higher prices. We are giving greater values than ever in ready-to-wear clothing
We are told so every day by our customers. The prices for this better than ordinary
class of clothing range from '
$13.50 up to $35.00
If Hpft B0 f L "b vL QL IB & bk T mHbl Sf lh 9 fl u flw jL flf x vn V fe90L lftjiL ft lk ifti mm
Uncle Sam's
Loan Office
Money loaned en everything
Mining Stock
Everything .confidential. No
' directors meeting required ts
secure loan.
Uncle Sam's Loan Office
Main St.
Long Windows
aminer asked for some "facts" about
the late afternoon and evening fight
The bualeit men In Douglas were '
the telegraph operators they scarce
ly had time to cat tor three days and
If all the pcortle thst said they had j
een acroS lne "ac u"r,nf -au
h.irt rpallr hpnn thero DnnsrlnK would
havo seemed like a deserted city.
At 11 o'clock Monday night Colonel
Shunt was asked If he knew what
was doing. "I have hesrd about 500
rurrors in the last Ave minutes he
replied and do not know a thing."
According to reports of some "eye
witnesses" empty Weer bottles -were
more plentiful than dead soldiers af
ter the "war" Tuesday morning
Prices Are Hammered and
Merry Old .Time Is Had
By All Present
NEW YOR1G. April 18. Not slice
the stock m ivtet.. was -n-wn i-u
confaeJon by iTho.'decIsIous
of the
Interstate . Commerce commission
against' tho railroads in tho freight
Meadow Gold Butter
Per pound, 30 cents
Meadow Gold Butter is churned from Pure Pasteurized
cream by the most approved methods in the world's
cleanest creamery. The highest standard of excellence
is maintained at all seasons. Notice the triple-sealed
package. It k' moisture and germ-proof, and is thus
protected from careless handling and other influences
detrimental to the purity, quality and sweetness of the
Always Fresh
We Receive Daily Shipments
rste cases February last, has been The chiet factor In tho market ap
seen such a wide movement of stocks , peard to bo tho Mexican situation,
as occurred today. Ontil today the street has not been
Dear trauers took advantage or a ' disposed to view the situation ser
varlety or circumstances to inaugur- lously, but the tenor ot tho latest
ate a bold and effective raid and news enabled the tear traders to ob
the market was aroused rrom the tain effective support from this source
lethargy of recent weeks The bears , f)r be fnt a
wer assisted by liquidation or Iofig '
stocks and prices melted rapidly.
Losses among active stocks such
as Reading, Union Pacific, United
States Steel, St. Paul. Missouri Pad-,
Smelting and Amalgamated Copper
range from 1 to 3 points. National
Biscuit lost 64 and the Soo lino 34.
In tho last hour prices rallied some- j
what on coterinn but only a small
part or tho losses were mado up. The
selling movement began tne nrst
hour and was directed chiefly against
Missouri Pacific, Internstional Metal,
and Fertilizers. During the id
hour the whole list foil oft sharply.
The number of shares dealt m -ur-lng
this- hour was as large as tho
total for the entire session yester
day, and during tho remainder of
, toe day the market was active, tne
1 day's business being one of the heav-
J days busln
llcst of the
doing little recently, which is report
ed today to have lojgut u.oje.ueIy
or Union Pacific, Northern Pacific,
and United States SteeL Mexican
Issues were affected severely la Lon
don by tho insurrection.
PEORIA. 111., April 18. The Illi
nois grand lodge of'tbe Royal Arca
num met in this city today with
delegates present from local branch
es or the order throughout the state.
The sessions will continue until
PHOKVIX, Arril 18. Frank Gotch
defeated L A. Johnson, local prores
sional wrestler tonight, winning three
falls lu 34 minutes, 57 seconds. His,
undertaking was three falls in one
hour. .
- tjfc.
Int. - iii!k-difeiiisdiiflMHH
nt t j, :
j r '
' .t . "Ul m

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