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nRSffi8fJSa-"'"" -
Position of President Pro Tern
v of Upper House Held by
Him for the Long
est Period
Would Become Vice President
of the U. S. if the Regu
larly Elected Officer
Should Die
t)ENVER, May 12. Myttirloui circulars are being spread In
Denver with the design of discouraging enlistment In' the federal
army and the state mllltla, a well. The printed circulars convey
such assertions as:
"Keep the boys out of th: army. It Is hell.
"No man can fall lower than bo a soldier. It Is a depth be
neath which we cannot go.
"A good soldier Is a blind, heartless, soulless, murderous ma
chine." Appended Is a pledge, which says In part:
'I refuse to kill your father, to slay your mother's son. I
refu'e to wet the earth with blood and blind eyes with tears."
Government officials are Investigating.
(By Victor Elliott.)
WASHINGTON'. May 12. When
Senator William P. Frye. the vener
able statesman fr6m Maine, recent
ly resigned as president protem of
the senate ho had held that place
longei" than any other man in the
history of the government.
Chosen on uec z, iso, at mo op-
Insurrecto Officer in. Bisbee Is Positive in Statement to the
Review Lopez Said to Be Under Ar
rest in Juarez
A jaunty llttlo officer of the rev- nora Include attacks on Naco, first,
olutionary army dr. .Mexico, . at- ' Cananea, Nogales. and Hermoslllo.
f niv tr thr rnmmnnrl nt Turin Pa. T Iia -. .i.n..f..l tki. ,..
enlng of the 54th congress, he naa bral ,ag lc Blsfcee yest.rday and paIgI1( tho 8tate of Sonora wm ,n
served for more than fifteen years. had en In ami out of the city for their hands completely and Agua:
and during nearly one half of that tho last few da8 Tne onIy name pr,eta wl bp thj temForary capital,
Ume k.e actually presided over the ue voM give was "Diamond Dick." which will be transferred -to Hermo-
dellberations of the senate because whlch ho Bald waa hls nom de si0 tho ,,resGnt fedorai capital of
there was no vice president, tor grre. He denied that he was Juan the stato of Sonora.
nearly thrco yeare, following tne Cabrai himself and said that ho held i Federal Spy?
aeatn or v.ce i-rebiueni ni. tho lnk or second captain undor The officer was questioned re
sat in the vice presidents chair. CabraL rf0 aiso deniod that he was gardlng Senora Victoria Ochoa Mc
and for more than three years alter Frnco Weber, an officer under Ca- Gregor, who claims to be a leader of
Vice President Roosevelt moved up braL , an tn8Urrecto force just 80Utn ot tba
to the white house to take the place .., am not aHowed to givo my reai llne .7 have not tho honor of j.
of the lamented McKInley, he was name j am not a Mexican, but am Senora McGregor," ho replied, "al
also the presiding ofTicer of tne sen- German and Swiss. I have been in though I know some prominent
ate. I Mexico for twenty years and if I Ochoas in the Insurrecto army. I
Important Office. I hae zny Mexican blood in me it is raTe heard that she was a spy in the
Ordinarily the president Protem a ,0JJg back Beverai genera- cmPi0y of the federal government,
of the senate, who Is chosen by tne tJong It ja enough, perhaps, to say x am certain that eho is not a lead
senate itself, is merely a substitute Ujat x tougnt in the Philippines," ne cr in our forces."
presiding officer who wields mo ald hen prcsseQ for his real name. , Asked regarding tho report that
gavel when the vice president nap- ThQ ofncer arrjVed in Disbee yes- Hed Lopez and Chlco had' sold out
pens to be absent There is notnmg terday morning, coming from across . at tho second battle of Alia Prieta,
to compel the "vlco prosldent to at- fh nn.nr Kaen. His business la ..-tnir, r.niiori-
. i 9 .1.. cMnafn ann nd .. .. . . . . .
Tonn hphmihis ll luu duuim .-.
Federals Who Left Agua Pri-
eta Shoot Down Inno- -.
cents as They Pass
Through Towns
Colonel Diaz's Force Pours
Fatal Fire Int Houses
of Santa Ana and
Big Mexican Insults U. S.
Is Felled by Countryman
An Insult to tho United S tatc of America, given by a big
brawny Mexican at tho depo t yert erday morning, was avenged
by a doughty llttlo Mexican by a straight left to tho lower max
illary and a short arm jab t o tho nose.
The encounter occurred ust as the train came In from Doug
las and tho east. A largo cro wd of Mexicans were gathered at
the depot, as usual discussing the ovenU transpiring in tho lower
republic Tho big Mexican, wb o Is a refugeo from Mexico, ran out
by insurrecto activity in the n orthern part of tho republic, epoko
bitterly of tho United States.
, "I wish that tho Japs wo uld come In and occupy the whole
of tho country and run the out," he said.
The words had barely drop ped from his lips when a little Mex
ican, not much over flte feet high, who had been sitting quietly
with bis back to .the depot wall. Jumped up with tho agility of
lightning and swatted the bl g braggart on the Jaw. The blow
felled hint but before be fell the doughty llttlo champion ot ttc
United States had hit him tw Ice.
Tho encounter wns witne ssed by a largo number ot Mexicans
and the llttlo Mexican was r oundly cheered. No arrests were
made. x
Peace Emissaries Sent from
Camp to Meet Rebel
Leader and Ward
Off Attack
iKIn onntlnn fa if ft ft- CtriTlf? fit
can remain away whenever he pleas- bo:eS( wnicn are being kept on a
es. knowing that if he is not there . . a rom BiBbee. The
1 am Just as sure of that as that
I am standing here."
Red Lopez is at Juarez and under
e, huu""-i, "" - . -- --- . rancn six mnes uum bibucc. iu, xtei ionez is at Juarez anu
tho senate vill do business just ine horBe. were taken from the federals, ! -..,. according to Cabral's off!
NOGALES, Sonora, May 12. Pas
sengers on a train which left Nojales
this morning In an attempt to each
Guaymas, and returned tonight, hav
ing been unable to penetrate beyond
Llano, report that the federals try
ing to reach Hermoslllo in the re-
treat from Agua Prieta, which was
abandoned Wednesday, fired on the
towns of Llano and Santa Ana a.
their train pas$i.thc5$9h--"- -
They used their machine-guns post
ed on ths roofs of the cars and pour
ed a murderous fire Into the houses,
killing women and children.
same, and that t-o president orotem but efe ,n snch condiUon that thy ' Charges have been preferred When they P ih"3h Sn ".
wxu act in nis iiiwc. iiuvu i- .--- wero not ft ror cavairy use auu asrainst him and ho will bo "lnvesti- j Ana anu un, ......... -
I . Ao mw H"T" IIIH - . . All
presiacncy is vacuum, uu.i .-- lbey wero placea on tne racca unui cte(l" bv Madero.
v,riMr-nt nrotem steps into his ,. ' ,,.,, b"lc" "3
shoes. He moves into the vice pres- Knows the Situation
lilAnl'e rffirf nnrt GniOVS tue per- , .!.- MrrtAM I. YinT-n.,.1i- ennwr.
quisltes thereof, which Include the w,th adjuong ltt the northern
appointment of a few clerks, a sec- Qt tno repui,!! particularly in
retary and messenger, and he also g,,,,,,, and what he says regarding,
draws tho salary allowed the vice (he resoBt disposition of the rebel
president. When Vice President Ho- fQrcas Jq gonom ls home out by,
Jiart died, ana senator nj v- j,nown facts, thus making ms staie-
hi. nltipo it nresialnir OltlCer ana uia . -,. nt rmlnnrn. not with
office room, he was surprised one B,andin fact he refuses his
day when he dropred Into the office name foJ. pubjicat5on.
of the serceant-t-anns of tne sen- -Cananea Attack Soon.
ate to draw his salary as senator, He MTtM tht Naco will be at-
and that official handed him con- tacked ,n ths ne3tt twentv-fbur hors.
slderably more than he had .been ac- Cananea wm also be attacked
customed to receive. within the next few days, the officer
The Mnator handed back the The Tjry rag.Ug 0. the f-
amount, which was In excess of tne army occupe8 cananea ani
monthly salary of a senator ana re- d(j not antlcipate aay trouble . i
marked thai the official bad made a UMn lu Tney baTe two machlii
mistake and Ijad overpaid him. but we have three and a three
Gets More Pay. n round cannon. Naco will be easy
"No. the amount is correct, per- aJgo Ag regai.ds .vogaies, I am not
sisted the sergeant-at-arms. Ho inen because I do not know bow
explained, to tfto urP'' nfTnflm rrany soldiers they have left there.
Frye. that, beim; president Patera yh u apparently evacuating the
ot the senate and acting In place of tQ 1(J reUsf of Hermo-
tho vice rrepident, he was entitled to gn they ,eH a body of troops In
draw the salary ot tie flee presi he cUy we JtnoWf though we do not
dent. The salary ot the vice presi- hQW roany
dent was then SS.000 a year, and .'.; t0 tbe officer tho im-
mwM is
'Federals and Americans Have
! Machine Guns and Will
Help to Defend
I the Town
House Committee Will Not
jReportroraBly Until -
After People Vote
Resigns from Cabinet and
Democrats Believe They
Sus Ajw3 Reason
ni-rf rf-eentlv bv the Insurrectos, the
force of Col. Diaz kept up a constant
fire with rifles ani machine gun',
v.hlle the train moved slowly through
the towns.
Evidently there were few insurree
ti In the two towns, and these did
not invite an engagement by return-
Ing the fire.
WOMEN ANU onii.wri-... i
The passengers that brought thlsl,
information were unable to qlve auth- u-
tntic details of the casualties, om u
clared that worren and children were
murdered among the slain.
Declares His Troops Were
otaivwg aiju i iiirsiy
Americans. Defend Him
Reports received in Bisbee
late' last night were to the
effect that Capt. Juan Cabrai
has demanded the head of
Col. Talamantes and sons, as
as a condition of holding off the
attack on Cananea.
Cabrai Is reported to have
over 2,000 men within 10 mties
of Cananea and If the demand
is not granted It Is said the
attack will be made today.
I CANANEA. Son May 12. Mayor
Arnold of Cananea went out ot the
. ..rr-r, - . . . ., . . .,..' "! ie tooay to intcicedo with the
MADERO TO MARCH SOUTH rel chiefs who aro threatening an
Ianaik on tnis camp and urge tnem
not to attempt the capture of Cananea.
. . .... .. . At a late nour. tne conlerence was
wAniNr.Tnv n r Mav ' .. . ' 7 "--ne ln fs- still on between the mayor and Juan
12.-The house committee on T"Tr. . ,. . . Cabra lh 'f er of the rebels,
territories today decided to showed General Navarro a dispatch Would Injure Americans
repoit tho bill for statehood from Mexico City saying he wouto Mayor Arnold, accompanied by
for Arizona and New Mexico. O probably be cDurtmartialed for sur- ?frtil " ffl?.afS:vu? uff
ra, ih. rnnnia info nn thft . t . bral that an attack upon Cananea
5nWffi.2hc t fri"g e towu.0 insurgents. ?ould re8ult chiefly in damage to
i ' BtitutlonH uoieatea commanaer receivea tne American interests, wniio tno gain
I Stltulions. i.i, -i . it trtr. tn thft rphnlfl nnnlrl fc fllfirhf. Th
The new Dill uas Deen iram- v -" "" 6" "". io m- --. ----- ----- ----- --
ed to meet the views of those tude, he finally exp,alned. was guldei Toiero'X'renef at'tacfiCa!
WASHINGTON. D. S.. May il--Secretary
o War Dickinson rf Tenn
esBeev the democratic member of
Taft's cabinet, has resiined. Henrv
U Etimson ot Now York, the recent
lr defoated renubliean candidate Cur
governor of that state. "iB given
.. ... M -nianr Xh.nOO. ainCO lUCU ,,- nlone rf thft nTTflV Ol faO" . I. .... ..1I. TVirt o T, T rt IirflTT OTI t
mat oi .-""" v--- ' .M-nt has """ "'"" " ' : '" ii-"y. -"-"" .7":."
the salary oiuV. ------ -
been increasea to 'i:C1 " "-
that of senators to S7.5OT. .
When the vice president has indi
cated to the president protem that
ho will :e abt on a certain Cay.
It Is the dty of the president protem
to designate a soator to Preside ov
er tie senat If be biws" cannot bo
m-Muint. Ts benor ij-- "" -preeni-
,!. illness
E2,.T1;3'b'i"w? Drop Priest Cowley Because
Court Rules Against Them
and Declares They Vio
lated Sherman Law
members of congress who are
willing to admit the territories
as states, but who are aversa
to affirmatively approving the
constitutions adopted.
Difficulty of amendment Is
held to be tho chief e of
tie New Mexico constitution
concerning which the report
uy numaimanan motives. n:0fa oml proceea against Hcuro-
Tour hundred soldiers, thirsty and sillo, when It was learned that Colo
hungry, with no possible chance or nel Chiaras, who with tho federal
ictory over an array that numbered garrison abandoned Agua Prieta; had
1,000, were saved from a pitiful fate left a force at Naca and swung down
by the surrender." to Cananea, entering tho camp to
Hardships of Federals " reinforce the garrison.
Tho hardships under which the Demands Head of Chiapas
federals labored were perhaps un- Chiapas ls one of the most bitterly
- . -.-.f -I n atk AUWHl tvr tUO b'Vi UUAVUV , ID UAICU ICUUiai ICilUCiS. X1C 10 VUMl-CU
certain oiner p. ujB1uuj ' said. but. when the facts are known with having caused the execution
i Tin r-iumi 1 1 ii i ii i ii 4ia aauaut. -
preside. Senator rryo Is the only
iContir led on Page -)
of Charges Active
Campaign Is On
was made at the "White House to
night. la letters exchaneed bewe the
president and Dickinson, tho tetter
rave no reafon other than pressing
prlvato affairs for his mirement.
The president wlll.confer with Stim
son in New "York tomorrow or San
nday and the new secretary wjll be
sviorn in Monday.
Will Practice Law.
Dickinson will go to bis Tennessee
home Immediately upon the qualifi
cation of his successor. He oxpets
to devote his time to private business
and will return to the practice of
law. in which ho was engaged when
J SALT LAKE. May 12. Official an- Taft appointed him secretary of war
! nouncement "was made today by the. in March, IBM.
.. - to Ann.tlA. nf 4t.A PlinTrth XJo. c tlia cannTlA mOTriTnAr nf Taf t S
131 IIIRIPTMCMTC of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints cabinet to retire to private life. Sec
Pi IN lii i 111 that former Apostle Matthias V. Cow- retary Ballinger having resigned re
Id II1UIUMMI.I1 1 u had been deprlvcd or n!a right cently. Coincident with the an-
J and authority to exercise any of the nouncement of Dickinson's retlre-
I functions ot the priesthood far in- ment came that of the appointment
OWENSBORO, Ky- May 12. In- subordination to tho government and 0t C. S. Mllllngton ot Herkimer, N.
dietraents were returned hero todav discipline of the church. Y to bo assistant treasurer of the
sainst 18 well-known citizens of Mr. Cowley was dropped from the United States In New York.
McLean county., growing out of the quorum of apostles several years ago. Healing The Wounds,
spectacular lynching of tho negro, leing charged with polygamy. At stimson was the Roosevelt candl
wimam Potter, at Llvermore about the same time Apcstle John W. Tar- date for governor, while Mllllngton
Willi" J ' . -. 4t- .- -1 A -J trvr . olml'or , . ,..., f Ka llMW
three weeKS ago. inree oi iuc " lor as uiou uiun'cu w. a -.. -wag a lumic. ""' " --
nlctments charge murder. reason, but waB not deprived ot his 8nd a close friend of Vice President
The rnofrs victim, accused o: hav- prlesthoad until last month. The Sherman. The two appointments
inr killed a white roan, was arretted taking away of the priesthood from j,ro considered a significant move on
and concealed in a dressing raom in both these men Is In line with tho tho direction of peace between the
the town theater. The mob found church authorities' declaration tMt poj,a(-c!t-ParsoTis-3herman-Barncs-
him and Potter was strung up over tbe practice of polygamy ls not Woodruff factions,
the orchestra lights while those in countenanced by the church and Unofficially. Washington discussed
tbe Mn, filled his body with b ttat-eho encouraged It would (ContInned en-Pag0 5t) '
It Is believed here the government ot Colonel Talamantes and tho Iat-,
. will commend the general for the ters two son3 While he was prefect
. bravo light he made. of Mactezuma, .Tor tbreo months
T It Is explained In defense of Na- the insurrectos have been relentless
varro that he was unab'o to maintain In their pursuit of Chiapas, but he,
tho outer trenches because he did continually succeeded In evading
nut. niau tj llic lutu a.ujc;iii:uu tut iukiu. 1L la uuuudiuvu kuat voui
rltory, the Insurrectos entering tht demands the surrender ot Chiapas as
town with the American line behind a preliminary before he will discuss
them. terms of temporary abandonment of
- varro. it Is declared, had, to fight the proposed attack on Cananea.
within the town. The Insnirrectos
soon, however, cut oft the water Autos Leave Douglas,
and faod supply, and the fedorai sol- DOUGLAS, May 12. Klvo automc-
dlers began to suffer after tho second biles left Douglas for Cananea tonight
day's fighting, when the Insurrectos in ies. onse to an appeal from that
were throwing bombs and setting city with the object of taking oat of
Are to the framo bulld.nzs. Cananea as many Amerieass as pos-
His Conscience Clear stble in view of the expoeted rebel
Navarro's conscience Is clear. He attack.
and adopted are very obiect
lonable. and will, in operation,
bo very oppressive to the peo
ple of the new state and it Is
claimed they were brought
about by Instigation, and in
the interest of, certain large
corporations 'and special Inter
ests, who, it is claimed, exert
A lursrp influence In fram-
' a in the rroDOsed constitution.
1 4 "Tho committee, however,
has not thourht fit to under-
CH1CAGO, May 12. Ogden Armour u0 t0 correct tho objectlon-
and nine othor Chicago packers must . able features because it .did
federal indictments - notieei. -;-- y-"""
charging them wrlth conspiracy to v w u"oOTof tJie proposcd
control tho price of fresh meat in .,
violation of the Sherman anti-trust ..'v thinks he was right In surrendering The automobiles carried only their
jj .when he did. The insurrectos to a drivers.
This was decided toaay Dy juubo jraan agreea wiia mm, as uu jiiuew
Carpenter ot the United States dis-, FEAR HYDROPHCPi. .cans wha watched tho progrew of, New8 Received Here
trict court, who overruled tbe do- KANSAS ,CITY, Mo., May lz. tnc ngn Cut off tTOm tiso -worid by rail
murrer in wnlcn tne packers now mo 'inroc ua "' ""i " . , ovmc .""huo h.j . .u..- coramunjcanon uy uio uesirucuoa oi
Sherman law failed suincientiy to no- scratcnod Dy a negru ". - o oeiieve me counumiuiu i uuf a bridges on tne lines Between isaco
tine the onense It sougnt prj lent weo aioa Kcuuraim; w -,.- ; manor oi iori anur .a.iuuuu.s, , ana tnanca. uananca
is at thb
hlblt. The men who wcro Indicted pBObla, two Internes and tbreo nur-, favorabi0 Terdlct and high commenda-mercy oi tn0 army 0f juan Catra,
Sontember 12. 1910, and wno were Ees at tho general nospuai in -";uon ior oravery ceing juai us jusuij
affected by the decision, are: t:Ity tolay began taking tne v asteur t0 Cnsue as a repnmano.
J. Ogden Armour, presiceai .aruiu.ii treatment. j
. go ; , Madero Making Plans.
Louis P. Swift, president Swift "" V JUAREZ. Iay 12. The provisional
- Co. 'packers' defense and tne prosecuting' government or iiexico maac sucn pro-jternoon from ur. i u. iuckciis, gen-
Edward B. Swift, vice president had ecored a vital point. I p-pss with Its work of orpniTaton 'eral manager of the Greene Cananea
Swift & Co. I -me Indictments cnarged that th l today that it is believed that the Mining company, requesting that as
Charles H. Swift, director Swift packer8 have a combination, a mo-, atates of Chihuahua and Sonora will i many automobiles as could be se-
& Co. dium of exchange of price lists and. j- completely administered by i, cured bo sent to Cananea overland
Edward Tlldcn, president Natlona, instructions through the National, 8tate and municipal officers within at the earliest moment to bring the
lying outside the city, with nothing
but a rag-tag garrison with two ma
chine guns to defend It.
A message was received by Cap
tain John C Greenway yesterday af-
Pnnklne eomnanr. ' v.ioklnc cotnnany. an arrongeu.i. a ew day3
Arthur Meeker, general manager ,-, hereby they will not compete in( Tb0 establishment of garrisons in
Armour & Co. ono another"r. trritory. In the de- varjous places In northern Mexico,
Edward Morris, president Morris mUrrer the packers held tho Sher- tJ0 installation of local oTIcials, and
& Co. man law wa3 too indefinite In defln- tbo 0.ening of all railway and tele-
Francla. A. Fowler, director twm lng the elements ot enmo io ;" graph lines, is temg accompiuneo
llv tlrctlon of Provisional President
Francisco I. Madero and his cabinet.
& Co. the indictments.
Thomas J. Connors, superintendent , Judge Carpenter denied this.
Armour & Co. "The statute defines the acts de- Deadlock Over Peace.
Louis H. I ley man, manager Morris dared to be unlawful In simple En?-; Though nothing was done today by
& Co. v lish," ho ruled. "The purpose ot tho officials ot the provisional govern-
Attorreys for tho government' jM act, when ascertained from the Ian-"-
the decision was a blow at tho guago. used, ls clear as It msy bo.", (Continued on Pago 4.)
women and children to tho American
Autos Start for 8cens
Captain Greenway Immediately
went to Naco and superintended get
ting the cars across the line. Dr.
' C. T. TMmnnilain rnni nllwn IaNaco.
In his car, but returned to Bisbee to
enlist iunuer aucor ou ucaau oi
the women and children i-cnned up
in the beleaguered city. He said
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