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Democrats Trying to Make
Economy Record Are
Face to Face With
Republican Trick
$45,000,000 INCREASE
Staggering Sum Fixed by.
Those Anxious to Make v
Political Showing at
Treasury's Expense
(By Victor Elliott.)
WASHINGTON. May 26. How to
avoid a vote upon a bill that will
add S45.0Qtf.COO to the pension rolls
is a problem that daily confronts
the economical democrats of the
house. The bill now occupies such a
place upon tho calendar that only
the most catcrul strategy -will pre
vent its consideration.
Tho 55.000,000 pension bill is a
sort of a holdover from last session,
and it caused so much trouble then
that President Taft indicated that
he might veto it unless the amount
carried was substantially reduced.
It passed the house, however, but
was cot reached in the senate.
May Be Side-Stepped.
The bill formerly was fatnered t
a republican. Now its author is a
democrat, which makes It doubly
hard for tho democrats to refuse ac
tion upon It. "Nevertheless, !L has
been side-stepped twice this session,
and, if the plans of the leaders go
through, it will be side-stepped again
whenever it bobs" up in bothersome
Representative Carl Anderson, ot
Ohio. Is tho doraocrat who has put
his side of the house In a hole.
Representative Anderson come from
a constituency largely comprised of
old soldiers, union veterans of the
war between the states. Any sort
of pension legislation is bound to
mate a hit in tho district, for Ohio
boasts perhaps as many veterans as
any dale in tho union.
Big Increase Made.
When the present session of con
ress convened. Representative An
derson wasted no time in framing a
bill along the lines of the Sulloway
measure that went through the house
last session. It provides for a graded
tncrcase of tho pensions ot thoso
now upon the rolls, and, in addl
tion, adds quite a few old soldiers
to tho eligible class. Conservative
estimates are that the bill, If enacted
trn law. will mean an increased
appropriation for pensions of $45.
C0&000 tho first year. A sum almost
as large must be appropriated for
tho first few years after its passage.
As the old soldiers die, tho ad
vocatea of the bill say that the pen
sion toll will be decreased accord
ingly, but there are others who
insist that pensions seem to go on
forever, regardless of the death raw
of the veterans.
Insist en Economy.
The democratic houso is out for
,w.nnmv record. This has been
heralded broadcast, and tho militant
deroocracr has put iue j J -notice
that It might expect largelj
.,o.i annual aonroprlationB. Ka
trenchments all along the line have
(Contlnued on Pago 4.)
DEKVER, May tthIthrMto
lot in bia body, ono having lodged
to his spine, St- Louis (Tony) Von
Phul. the aeronaut, shot . here last
night In a barroom fight, rose from
a couch n the iotel snjoklng room
early today, walked to the sidewalk
and start1 to discuss the shooting
jrtth some Idlers,
He was draged back to bed by the
scandalized doctors and nurses, and
died several hours later.
Harold F. Kenwood of Sew York,
-rho cays he shot Von Phur in self
dctense. Is under arrest The quarrel,
it Is said, grew out of Jealousy over
L woman In St. Louis and culminat
ed when both men became attentive
to the woman, who Is socially promi
nent In Denyer.
sen ate decides to
probe lorimer AGAIN;
WASHINGTON, May 25. After a
cratic senators voted 24 to 1 to support a resolution offered by- Sen
ator Martin of Virginia on behalf of the democratic steering commit
tee providing for a reinvestigation of the bribery charges In connec
tion with the election of Senator Lorimer of Illinois.
It developed in the caucus that the
cally agreed to support the Martin
This provides tnat tne committee
ignated to conduct the inquiry.
Writes Out Dissenting Opin
ion in Standard Oil
Case; Criticises
opposed to tho major opinion of .the
sugremo court ot tho United States
In tho Standard Oil case as he was
on the day the opinion was announc
ed. Associate Justice Harlan today
filed a certificate or his formal dis
senting opinion in that suit.
His oral attack on the court for
holdlns that only unreasonable or un
due restraints of interstate commerce
are violations of the law, furnished
the outlino for today's broadside.
"He went further, however, and crit
icised the court for modifying the de.
creo of the lower court so as to imc
mit subsidiary companies to ontcr
into agreements -among themselves.
ana cxpressea mc """ ""; 1
instead of the opinion giving quiet
conviction inns
to the business of tho country, it
would throw it Into confusion and in
cite widely extended and harassing
litigation, the Injurious effects of
which would be felt for many years
to come.
Ever since the case was decided cd
May 15, Justice Harlan has been pre
paring his dissenting opinion and it
was not completed until today. One
of the last changes he made. It is
said, was to Insert a quotation from
a decision of Judge (now President)
Taft in the Atchison Pipe caso, in
which Judge Taft said that according
to the decision of the supreme court.
of tho United States, all restraints,
whether reasonable or unreasonable,
under the common law, were forbid
den by the statute.
RENO. iMay 23. Eighteen Sho
shone Indians, led by tho eldest, a
231-car-dld. from! the Duck Valley
reservation are at Little High Rock
canyon, northern Washoo county, to
avenge the killing ot an Indian band
that murdered four Washoe county
stockmen last February. The Indians
are- well armed, have extra horses,
no squaws or baggage. They are sub
sisting on beef and sheep pillaged
from the stockmsa.
Four bucks, two squaws and two
papooses led by Ixrdiau Mlko were
Wiled at Kelly's Creek February 2t
while resisting arrest by state police
! for fcllline four stockmen.
ST. LOUIS, Mo, May 2-. me
price of yellow pine lumber Jumped
from flftv cents to $1.50 tier thousand
feet In October, 1006, Immediately aft
cr Secretary O. K. Smith of the yel
low pine manufacturers began pub
lishing tho price lists, according to
B. J. Schuster in tho hearing today
In tho state's onster suit against tho
alleged lumber trust.
i '
SAN FRANCISCO, (May 23. Pen.
Ing trial oa charges of nnofflcerllke
conduct. Chief of Polico Seymour
was suspended from duty late today.
It Is charged that Cblet Seymour had
permitted to open for operation a
number of gambling houses In the
business district of the city.
four hours.' caucus today ' . demo
regular republicans bad practi
en privileges nnu elections oe obs
Will Send General Viljoen to
Quell Socialists Still
Fighting in Lower
JUAREZ, May 26. The legislature,
of the state of Coahulla has balked
at electing the governor chosen for
that state by Madero, and troops
may be sent to the state to seat
Venustlano Carranzas, the Maderist
choice for provisional governor.
An expedition will bo directed
cgalnst the socialist forces now op
erating In Lower California.
These are the two main develop
ments here today. The Coahulla
situation seemed to occupy Madcro's
more immediate attention. What
happened in that state may happen
elsewhere, for constitutionally tho
teuels cannot dictate to any legls-
ture what -eavernor It shall chooso
The Coahulla legislature, Madero de-
cares, is really a Diaz creation, try
' h . nro
Ing to carry out the Diaz program
without regard to tne win oi tno
people. In short, it is not a reprc-t
scntatlvc body.
The Popular Chcice
"Senor Carranzas is tho popular
choice of tho people," said Madero.
-Two years ago ho was a candi
date for governor and had we had
free elections he surely would have
been elected. I have given orders
to our troops in the vicinity of Sal
tillo, the capital ot the slate of Coa
hulla. to march upon the city, if
necessary, but am sure the federal
government will co-operate with us
In making tho legislature respond to
the real will of the people-'
Madero was asked tonight when
he would resign his position as pro
visional president tendered him by
the convention of revolutionists at
!San Luis Pctosi last November.
Will Resign at Once
"When Senor do la Barra becomes
President ad Interim," he said.
"Naturally I never have been rec-1
ognlzcd by the government as tno
provisional president, but have an
nounced my Intention of resigning
tho position given me by tno rovoiu
tlonsts as soon as pcaco is com
Dletelv restored. After I go to Mex
ico City, havins spoken to all my
chiefs on the way. I will Issue a
manifesto renouncing any claim to
the provisional presidency.
Prepares Direct Route
Madera declared that -while he
thought he might finally have to
travel via San Antonio and Laredo
in the Journey to Moxico City, he
really preferred to go south through
Chihuahua if the railroad can be re
paired in time.
Ho asserted that this route would
carry him through many states whero
,7 would nave Tlniluence Tin
, ".i, V" .
tho insurrection nas Dcen strung auu
",nLal t th.ela.!.U
I , ,"h- f-r California exccdl-
tlon, Madero nnnounced that his
I brother, Mauor Raoul Madero, and
Inmiprai Vllloen. the veteran, of tho
I Boer war, would lead it and about
I -n with -,rtlllrv will he taken.
IVV 41..1 .!- - --W '
Madero denied a request from the
federal government today asking If
neneral Cueliar would do sausiac-
innr ok i-nvcrnor of the federal dls-
,' mico city aa
District of Columbia does the
capital of the United States. Cueliar
la tho man whom Madero yesterday
nn-vi not to retire ironr tno army.
HctoHnir tho country needed his
ade replied today that he pre- toward the chamber but their .pre
ferred Senor A! rredo Robes Doraln-lcresJ was halted by tho multitude
.-i.ot vna is aw uicccu. ....mm.,
Madcro's 'agent in tho capItaL
WASHINGTON. May 23. The sen
ate today fixed June 12 for thq vote
on the Joint resolution providing, for
the election of United States-senators
by direct vote ot the people.
The resolution has already passed
the house.
First Time People of Mexico
Have Enjoyed Free
Speech for Thirty
Yeari ,
Cheer and Shout Untii They
Are Hoarse at the
y Fall of-Aged Dic
tator MEXICO CJTY, May 25. Porflrlo
Diaz, eight times president of the
republic of Mex'co, resigned that
office today
Francisco Leon de Ja Barra, late
ambassador at Washington, was
chosen provisional president He
will take tho office tomorrow.
Ramon Corral, vice-president of
the republic, now in France, also re
signed, his letter being read to the
chamber or aepuues, as was uai
ot Diaz, who Is 111 of fever.
Only a Letter
The resignation was in no way ac
cording to plans. It was a day
late and Instead of the formal at
imarance of the aged president, ac
companied by a glittering bodyguard,
came only a letter, brief, tragic, and
striking a sort or awe into tno lis
teners. Its readlngwas followed bj
dead silence Instead of the awaited
uproar in the chamber, but in the
thronged streets the crowes were
boisterous at ip news that Diaz
was no more president.
The moment of the acceptance of
the resignation was at 4:54 o'clock.
Praise for Diaz
The letter was introduced by Dep
uty Jose Aspe, whose praise of the
general-president brought forth ap
nlause that drowned -his voice. The
dnnutv admitted that Diaz had been
called to account for his errors by
people who progressed laster iuu
:T B
...inA nf ho!v nmmoa
good that Diaz had dono will HV6
Diaz naa ao" wm "
forever in history and outweigh his
The applause following tho perora
tion shook the building.
Dn La Barra Selected
Corral's resignation followed that
of his chief, and after the accept
ance camo the selection oi ao ia
Uarra as provisional president Then
a long address on the constitutional
points Involved in the change of gov
ernment was delivered by Deputy
Every entrance to the chamber
and all the street approaches wore
piardcd heavily by armed and
mounted police, uniy imrae wu
within ttowrtte. fV the
and well behaved. Outside ot the
lillllU AftUUId UUVMU - -
ancau oi umu hui
H t .police a throng checrcd them-
selves hoarse, DUt gave --
-:!-t r-ira runnincr near the cham
ber were compelled to step by the
density ot the crowd, and the roora
were swarmed with eager spectators-
. .,
Cannon Proclaim News
To tho city generally the accept
ance of the resignation of tho -president
was announced by the clangor
of bells of the cathedral and by two
discharges of cannon.
For many squares on every side ox
the chamber the streets were blacK
with people. Great crowds scat
tered over Zocolo.
With ono accord tne crowu iuwm
, --.
& Clean Sweep.
. thft crowds melted away after
tho session, by hundreds and thous
ands they fell into irregular march
ing clubs. They carried flags and
banners of tho national green, white
and red, lithographs of Madero, laur.
1 wTeaths, brooms apparently aym
mi! of the clean sweep ot the ret
vit) and hundreds of them sported' I
"JfS dJV"ard ot mount police
"Sirs: The Mexican people, who so generously
covered me with honorsj vhoproclaimed me their
leader during the war, who patriotically assisted me in
the work undertaken to develop the industry and
commerce of the republic, establish its credit, gain
for it the respect of the world and obtain for it an
honorable position in the concert of nations that same
people, sirs, have revolted in armed military bands,
stating, that my presence in the exercise of supreme
executive power is the cause of this insurrection. -
"I do not know any fact Immediately putable to me
which could have caused this social phenomenon; but
permitting though not admitting, I may be unwitting
ly culpable, such a possibility makes me least able to
reason out and decide my o;'n culpability. There
fore, respecting, as I have always respected, the peo
ple, I come before the supreme representatives in dr
der to resign, unreservedly, the office of constitutional
president of the republic, with which the national vote
honored me, which' I do with all the more reason since,
in order to continue in office, it would be necessary to
shed Mexican blood, endangering the credit of the
country, dissipating its wealth, exhausting its re
sources and exposing its policy to international com
plications." "I hope, gentlemen, that when the passions which
are inherent' to all revolutions have been calmed, a
more conscientious and justified study will brins out
in the national mind the -correct acknowledgment
which will allow me 1o die carrying engraved in my
soul the just estimation- that throughout .my life I
have devoted to and will' devote to my countrymen.
"With ail respect,
staves and poles after the manner of
soldiers with riffes.
Practically all 'business was sua
pended. Everywhere windows were
shuttered, but the demonstrants of
last night and this afternoon had be
come excited, but harmless celebrants.
It threatened rain during tho session
o deputies but tho sum came ot
brightly almost at the moment of the
historic action of the president and
Flowers For the Crowds.
On every balcony in the city- and
they aro a feature of every house
and otflcQ building women and chl.
drcn and those too infirm to be in
the street, came out to witness the
celebration. Many ot mem iob"
"- . ,', on th0 march-
-,--,", , trnt nt ,tn nat-
"" ,7 iwrt never! ner-
inni mi9i-i nar which seven per
sons weifc killed and 26 wounded
when the mob was fired on last night.
Wear Rebel Colors.
Alfredo Robles Domlnguez, Madcro's
personal representative at .Mexico
City, who today assumed virtual mili
tary control of tho federal district,
corresponding to tho District of Cor
Admits .Ruling on Creosote
Had Holes in It; Mac-
Veagh . Blameless
Assistant Secretary of tho Treasury
Curtis, who ordered customs collec
tors lasi December to admit creo
sote at American ports free of duty,
reversing a prion order ot Assistant
Secretary Andrew, testified today be
fore tho houso committee investiga
ting the treasury department.
Mr. Curtis said tho order was an
arbitrary ono of his own, baed upon
the tariff law and to make uniform
the practlco in tho ports of the Unit
ed: States relating to creosoto Imports.
In this order, he said, he had tho
approval of tho secretary of the treas
ury. Ho denied that Wayne Mac
Veagh, former counsel for the Penn
sylvania railroad and brother of Sec
retary MacVeagh, Influenced tho rul
ing, saying that it was decided: upon
leforp ho said anything aeout it.
umbla In tho United States, rode the
streets this afternoon accompanied
by his staff, all wearing on their hats
the trf-color used by the rebels In
tho Held. Dorainguez previously is
sued a manifesto appealing to tho
peoplo to refrain from disorder and
disperse. Riding from one group of
inanlfcstants to another, ho exhort
ed them to remember the dignity of
their causo and not to disgrace them
selves and their leader by rioting.
Tho mobs did not disperse, but
there was marked improvement in
their behavior. In this work ho had
the assistance of the licutcnancs he
had sent on similar rounds and mem
bers of the White Cross, .who frosa
their seats in automobiles addressed
tho over3nthusiastlc men and boys.
Loudly they cheered Domlnguez
and tho other speakers, and solemn
ly assured them they would not
indulge in acts ot violence. But
the promise to go home without giv
ing themselves the pleasure of in
dulging in the novelty of absolutely
free speech was too mucn.
Restraint Remarkable.
It is the first time In 30 year
that the people of Mexico have been
given an opportunity to shout with
impunity the narao of their choice
for the presidency and tacir coffl
Iparative self restraint was consid
ered remarkable.
Pew acts of ruffianism were com
mitted tcday, and yet the police anitj
authorities endured more irom mo
thrones than they havo been asked
to suffer from men In a generation.
Not a Candidat:.
Provisional President de la Barra
acknowledged his elevation to that niErO May "o-oenerai
hlcb office In an ojwn letter to th n SAN DIEGO. May -.o.-Hueneraj
Si f. tnnlchL In It heiTce Is moving a force from Tla
?S rtltffbaa canu? mana with tho evident purpose of
dato for either president or vice
i president when the general election
is called. '
The entire cabinet resigned this
afternoon, a corrolary to the retire
ment of Diaz. As such it excited
little Interest. At a conference bo
''een Alfredo Robles Domlnguez and
Francisco de la Barra. acting presi
dent an agreement to place Mader
lst troops at the disposal of the
covernment In the name of tran
quility was reached. Only la case
the federal troops prove nnrblo to
control the sltuntion will the tormcr
rebel soldiers bo brought Into the
GOLDFIELD, CS'ev., May 25-Tho
Goldfield Consolidated Mines company
today declared a quarterly dividend
of 50 cents per ehare, with 20 cents
extra, the total amounting to f 1,779.
r.74. , k '
Significant Tack of Disorder
Marks Change of Gov- .
ernment of Mexicp
- to Maderistas .'
People of Mexico Weighed in
Balance of Free Gov
ernment and Found ;
Not Wanting
MEXICO CITY. May 25. Mexico
changed presidents today without any "
of those demonstrations ot anarchy
for -which tho Diaz government ex
pressed apprehension.
CiIzemB thronged- the Btro(ts -marching
by ..thousands till far into,
the night, but it was a demonstra- -tlon
of Joy .and a celebration without
a trace ot malice.
Yesterday, Gen. DIz's last day 33
president, saw thousands of dollars
worth of property wrecked and dead
and wounded strewing the park in
front of the National Palace.
Order Supreme.
Tonight, under Francisco Leon de
la Barra as provisional president,
there were no assaults, no shootings,
and no wreckage' ot buildings.
For tho first time in 30 years tho
people are oppressing themselves .-.
without restraint, and there is less -j
disorder than on an election night
in almost any American city.
Tho people accepted de la Barra aa ,
provisional president with every in
dication that they would stand back .
of him Until tho election Is to be
Madero to be President.
If the unanimous sentiment hero
tonight holds good, the elections will
placo Francisco I. Madero in the pres
idential chair.
The resignation or Diaz and his
cabinet marks the complete triumph
ot the revolution. The Maderistas
declare their profound conviction
that the, ability of the Mexican peo
ple to govern themselves has been
proved. 'JfJ,
They werd weighed in the "scales
tonight and not found wanting.
A marked improvement was shown
today in Diaz's health, according -to
an official statement tonight.
Madero's Expression. -
JUAREZ, May 23."I am very glad
President Diaz has resigned." said -Francisco
I. Madero tonight when told
of tho abdication of Mexico's chief
"It. of course, was the- rrincii-n! dc
kmand of the revolutionists, and now -
that It has been satisfied peico :s
certain to follow. '
dn the strength of the dispatches
announcing Diaz's resignation Gbn.
Navarro and tho federal officers, tak
en prisoners daring the battle of Juar-
" were given their, liberty.
heading oft Colonel Mayot's Eighth
battalion, which left Mexican last
Sunday and Is supposed to be head
ing for Enscnada.
LOS ANGELES, Cal, May 23. A
man giving his name as John Hol
land tonight shot Patrolman A. B.
Crusey, probably fatally, seriously
wounded Constable Tudlo Solomon,
and fired at two other patrolmen dur
ing a running fight along Commer
cial street, before ho was captured.
Crusey saw him attempting to steal
a bicycle and when ho called him,- '
tho phooting began. Crusey ha3 a
small chance to live.
-I" i '
1 r
' ' i Ja ' '
s t ' t Jm

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