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Absolutely Pure
Tho only baking powder
aiado front Royal Grapo
o Groom of Txrtzr
koauim.no umephdsphjue
, BOSTON', Mass, May 26. A doz
en colleges and schools have- entered
inclines for tho first Intercolleg
iate glider meet and tho first large
meet at any Wed for gliders In
America, which te to bogfn tomorrow
under tho auspices of tho Harvard
AoronauVcal society. The entrants
Include tho University of Pennsyl
vania, Harvard, Dartmouth. Wil
liams, Amherst, Columbia, Cornell,
Tufts, tho Worcoster Polytechnic
institute and the Massachusetts in
stitute of Technology.
For tho purposes of tho meet the
Harvard Aoronauttcal society has
constructed at Atlantic Field a mov
able glider slopo which Is said to
bo an entirely new thing anywhere
before. It Is 25 feet high with a
slope of 52 feet and is equipped with
a light truck and rack, which r un
on a track down the slopo nnd
launch the gliders. A weight and pul
loy attachment serves to Increase
the initial velocity.
St. Paul, Minn, will have threo
stock companies this summer. One
will be James NelU's, with whom
will bo Ida Conquast, Robert Drou
et, John D. Maher and Frances Ad
ler. vTashington
twit ..
InT Business
For the very sport of doing
the best of yesterday better
today, some of tho master
tailors of the country have In
stltuted betterments which es
tablish an entirely new stan-
uaru m laiiisiuu iuj-iui-oci-Ico
Soma lines of Ready-for-Scrvlco
Clothing havo -Improved
upon improvement un
til tho mo3t complete expres
sion of "perfect-fitting is to
be found In them.
These 1911 betterments are
to be found In
Summer Suits
Wo offer you Washington
Clothing because our object is
to offer tho best that brains
can produce and we present
this new season's line upon
that basis.
$17.50 to $35X0
We are exclusive RepresenU
f Uvea for this City.
THSeSAFE place
- - ' -- JL. . I
4if .W r& i
K& W
Three Arrests Made Follow-Jennie
ing Illegal Sale of
Tho Silver Leaf club was raided
by City Marshal Bassett Watklns
nnd Officer Lowo Wright yesterda
morning at 11 o'clock and Uam
Washington, president of the organ
ization, and two others. John Mingo
and Doc Jones, arrested.
Washington was arrested on a
'complaint charging tho illegal sale
of liquor, and tho two others wore
arrested on the charge of vagrancy.
J Washington will be Jtrled this af
ternoon at 3 o'clock before Judge
Morris High.
Jones and Mingo were arraigned
oa tho chargo of vagrancy and gben
two days In- which to And work.
j Shady Transactions
I The raid resulted from the ap-
I .. . nil Imntrn mkri-On4X ill the
board of county supervisors to have
tho place closed, as it was brinr
lng tho race into disrepute through
the -shady transactions being car-
'rled on there. Tho supervisors t"ld
the negroes that it a petition was
, obtained, protesting against the
place, It would be closed.
I The matter was brought to the
! attention of city officers through
, Deputy Sheriff Whito end the two
officers named made the raid, oon-
1 nscating a number of bottles of va-
'rljus Intoxicating drinks found on
i tho premises.
"The bar cr the elm. as closed
over a month ago by Sheriff Jack
White, who -warned them of the full
penalties of tho law if the bar ws
not closed and kept closed. T 1
closing of tho bar fallowed closely
upon the killing of Wesley Johnson.
a negio, by Henry Murphy, another
negro, at tho club sevoral month
ago. Murphy has since been ar
raigncd en trie charge of murder and
sentenced to twentr years in the
territorial penitentiary.
Will Likely Be Here July 4
Troop Comes Up
A troop of United States cavalry,
from detrimental headquarters at
Douglas, were encamped at Warren
vesterday. They marched overland
from Douglas yesterday morning and
will return to Douglas this morning.
Tho troops were In caarge of Ueu
tenants Archie Miller. J. W. Brown
nd J. T. Kennedy. The officers were
taken In charge by tho Fourth of July
reception committee and shown over
the proposed camp site for tho troops
nder Col. O'Connor when they come
to BIsbee to participate in tho Fourth
of July festivities. They were shown
over the sito by James Yoakum and
other members of tho committee and
expressed themselys as being greatly
plcased with tho ground selected as
a camp site.
Eager to Come Here.
The officers stated tnav toe mem
bers of the colonel's staff wero eager
to come to BIsbee. as wore tho sol
diers themse(ved. and it 3s Snoro
than likely that Col. O'Connor with
his staff officers and troopers will
be Ilisbee's guests that day unless
tho troops are ordered away by the
war department before that time.
Tho detachment in Warren yester
day numbered nfty. Their camp was
furnished with water by the Warren
company and wood for camp Are was
also furnished. During the afternoon
all of the men except one, who re
mained at camp to guard the horses,
came up to BIsbee and proceeded to
see what there was! to be seen.
Dr. J. T. Knnedy also accompan
ied the troops to Warren. The offi
cers and Dr. Kennedy were the guests
of tho reception committee last even
ing at dinner at the Copper Queen,
cafe. They were greatly pleased with,
tho reception given them yesterday.
There are 218 men camped at Doug
las, some of whom went to Naco and
other 'points on hike yesterday. Th
local troop will return in tho morn
lng. ' i j
CHICAGO riL, May 26. An unus
ually large crowd flocked to the
American league grounds this aftei.'
noon to witness the baseball game
played by the Chicago and Philadel
phia teams for the benefit of the late
Fire Marshal James Horan, who lost
his life in the stockyards flro last
winter. The dead fireman was an ar
dent baseball enthusiast. The Chica
go club, with the sanction of be
league officials, decided to donate
tho entire recelnUof the game to
the Horan family.
Mas. Nordlca has been Invited to
j'ng in Berlin before the Gennaa j
cinrcror. Pj will probably sing the
part of Isolde. ,1
rt how for tho money. O K
theater. u UASBSBWB
....-. -
Jumps are eager
Car, Who "fights Like i
"a Pant'er." .Puts Town -
In Limelight
Kxlt Agua Prlota, Juarez. Naco
and El Paso from the front page
positions in tho dally newspapers,
and make ready for tho entry of
Riley. North Carolina.
That city is the homo of Jennio
Carr, a lady of color, who admits
that onco she gets to fighting- sho
can't stop. "I lights like a pant'er,
sho told Judge Morris High yester
day afternoon, while she was testi
fying In the case against Irone
Campbell, charged with stealing a
piece of dress goeds from Jennie.
"I ain't no Texas nigger," she
told tho court. "I fights jos' like a
"Whero are you from?" asked tho
court, who wanted to settle the
question of nativity.
"Who, me?" she cried. "Mo? I'se
from ole Ulley., North Ca'llna."
Riley's Call to Fame
Thus does Riley got In the news
papers. Those who -are Inclined to
blamo Ulley should rcservo opinion
until tho facts of the case are heard
and tho court gives its opinion.
A complaint was swern out
against Irene Campbell, alleging that
she stale a piece of dress goods,
valued at $2.15, from Jennie Carr.
and tho case was hoard jestorday
afternoon, the court with duo re
gard for the present possibilities of
rendering a decision oft tho reel
withholding decision until 10 o'clock
this morning. The defendant made
a denial of tho charge. The North
Carolina Amazon alleged that the
defendant was employed to make the
dress and kept it, making It up to
fit herself rather than tho mascu
line figure of Jennio Carr of old
Riley, North Carolina. U. S. A
(Not to be confused with Texas.)
"Whutever yo' decision is, Jedge,
doan' you let dem nlggors come J
near me when I gits outcn dls cote
room. I sho would crawl dem nig-
gers and I know dem officers "ud
put me in dat Jail and I'd stav thorc
a long time, cause when I fights I.
doan' know when ter stop."
"Were you afraid to o to the
defendant's house to get the dress?"
asked the court.
(Turn on the thundor and light
ning, Mr. Stage Manager, and. pro-1
fossor, bring on your anvil chorus.) ,
Some Class, That I
"Who me? ilo 'frald7 Who, me?
Me, Jedge? Me 'frald to go tor dat
nigger's house? Law-see. Jedge, I
ain't 'frald or no 'oraan in dls tiwn
r BIsbee what's got my color. What j
I want ter lie 'frald ter go to dat
bouse for? Not ne. Jedge. If dat
'oman wants tor crawl me Jcs' let
her meot me out there on tho street
"Just so ycu don't pull It off in
court," interjected the court.
At tho conclusion of the case the
woman from old Riley strode from
the court room and Geronlmo in all
his bravado was not bravor than
the representative of old Riley. (Cf.
map U. S. Not to be confused with
Ulley, Tex.) Tho defendant stole
sofOv from the court room.
Not satisfied with her probabilities
of victory In .Tudtfe High's court,
the Amazon asked to be shown
-Jedge Burdock's" office, but with
the departure of "dem niggors" she
cooled down and now awaits the de
cision of tho tnal court. I
i Following closely upon the first
' big successful dance given by the .
Elks in their new home comes the ;
announcement that another dance is
to bo givn during the first weok in
June, at which Elks and their friends
will be invited. j
The exact date and full program I
will be announced as soon as the
entertainment committee completes
iall details. The committee will mcot
Sunday evening. '
There Is every indication that the
' coming dance will be the most suc
cessful ever given by the club, which
is saying a great deal.
3NWANAPOUS, Xoi.. May 25.
The annual convention of the Ameri
can Fesd Manufacturers' association
mot In this city today for a two days' ,
1 session. Members of the association
I from many parts of tho country are
' in attendance. 1
Aphle James will produce Mrs.
Frances Htdgson Burnett's play,
"Judy CHara," in Boston eome time t
this month. Tho play Is a romantic j
comedy drama. j
In her new play, entitled "Lily tho
Bill Topper," Marie Tempest Is as
tonishing her friends by showing I
unexpected ability as a trick cyclist- !
. ,
One hujdrcd and eighty stock
companies will be playing this
spring and summer.
T.t, 4rcfArrf Arlrf Phncnhati
I Recommended for relief of 'tired 1
nerves, brain fag and headache fol-j
i lowing' mental strain or overwork. I
i -:
Insurrecto Soldier Released Dy
Douglas Authorities on
All Charges
Antonio Tonan, late of the army
of King Alfonso of Spain, of tho
army of tho Cuban Insurrection, and
or the United .States army of occu
pation hi Cuba, and now a soldier
in the army of Madero, under Gou
eral Lomell, Is a free man. mo xns
arrtgncd at Douglas yesterday on
the charge of stealing three horses
from an Insurrecto captain and two
companions, but was released.
Having passed safely through the
courts of tho territory of Arizona
and of tho United States without
having to strike his colors, ho now
returns to his command at Agua
Tonan was the bone of contention
between Deputy Sheriff H II burn of
Douglas a-nd Customs Inspector To
lan several days ago. Hilburn had
telephoned from Douglas to Loei
officers to arrest Tonan. as ho had
a warrant charging him with horse
Customs Inspector Tolan at Doug
las got wind of the passage of Tc
nan through the port at Douglas and
of his trip to Lowell, and arriving at
Bisbeo ahead of Hilburn promptl
took possession of Tonan and the
three horses and saddles, nlleging
that Tonan had smuggled them ac
ross the line without paying duty
on them.
Tonan was arraigned before United
b'tates Commissioner Taylor of BIs
bee en this chargo and released. He
was no sooner released on th's
charge than he was hold by Bisbee
officers for Deputy Sheriff Hilburn oi
Douglas, who came to Bisbce the
next day for his man. He was ar
raigned at Douglas yesterday and ao
quitted on the horse theft charge.
Was Sent to Popr Farm, but
Left There? Sent to
Hospital '
J. R. Birch, who was sentenced to
the county pqor farm at Doutlas on
Mav '2 bv ludge lorrls High for
a period of 53 days ?fter his arraign
ment on a charge of vagrancy, was
sent to tho county hospital at Doug
las yesterday.
Birch returned to Bisbee yeste.
day morning and aa he stepped from
the train, ho fell on the depot plat
form In a faint. He was picked up
by officers and taken to Judgo High's
court room. The old man was a pit!,
alio spectacle Each hand was sore
ami his face was inflamed, as if he
had been burned. His eyes wero
bloodshot. All efforts to learn from
Birch why ho left Douglas and what
was the matter, with his bands and
face wore fruitless. He was evident
ly seriously ill at the time. Deputy
Sheriff White went to seo Supervisor
J. J. Bowen, who authorized sending
Birch to the county hospital at Doug
las. Mystery About Leaving.
Local officers were unanlo to learn
how Birch got away fro-n the county
.poor farm. Ho was sentenced on
May 12 and, according to the sentence
imposed, his time at the farm would
not expire until June 16.
When ho was arraigned In Judge
High's court on tho charge of vagris.
cy he stated that ho was not a vag,
that he had a home and something to
cat, and that be was not working br
cause he could not uso his hands on
account of a skin disease which ho
t)ri contracted. Tho condition of
his person was such, however, that
Judge High thought it best to send
tho old man to the poor farm, where
i ho would bo compelled to take bet
ter care of himself.
When he arrived in BIsbee his
hands were bleeding and his faco was
swollen and dlsllgureil with the dls.
ease. His whole countenance looked
as If it had been submitted to a
steady, burning heaL
2C. Aviator Hirth, In a German mon
oplane, arrived here today, winning
tho Up$cr Rhino reliability flight,
Tho race. In which there were four
competitors, covered a total distance
of SCO miles.
ST. LOUIS, May 26. William Lay
ton Is engineering one of the biggest
wheat deals ever attempted here.
Moro than one million bushels of May
wheat, valued at nearly Jl.000,000. aro
involved. Ho is on tho bull stde.
NASHVILLE, Tenn May 2J. J.
M. C):klnson, former secretary of
war, arrived here today. Ho will re
side hero permanently.
YUMA. Ariz May 26. The mach
inery and other materlalfor the atr
locks for the tunnel under tho Color
ado, the final unit In tho Tuma irriga
tion nro'ect, arrived henj today. Work
will begin at once.
Blowing up of the Battleship Texas.
Orpheum tonight. ' '
Good music O K theater.
Men's Black, Full Seamless, Double Heel and
Toe Socks. Regular Price 2 Pairs For
25c. Special For Two Days at
90c Dozen Pairs
These socks are intense black and are the best that we have ever sold at such a
low price. They will outwear any other socks that we know of that sell at two pairs
for 25c.
The Rebel Forces At Cananea
bought over two hundred dozen pairs of the same hose in tan color, leaving us about
the same number of pairs of black. '
- Workingmen will be quick to note the unusual opportunity for a saving and
wijl come in today for one or two dozen pairs at this price. It will pay you to buy
now for a year to come.
See the vestibule window display
Evidence of "Dope" Transac
tions in City's Red
light Section
Pete Cook was arrested yesterday
afternoon by Marshal Watkins on
the chargo of vagrancy and fined
$0 or f0 days when arraigned be
fore Judge Morris High. He was
unable to pay the tine and unless it
is paid In the moantlise. he will
join the chain gang this mere ns
Cook was arrested at a house in
the tenderloin district and belongs
to that class of undesirables which
officers are trying, to run out or;
town. According to officers who ar
rested Cook, ihoro was evidenco'
that a "snow party" had been in!
session there tho night before. In,
a large room thoro wero mats on .
the floor and chairs around tho wall,
much the same as Is found In hop
joints. Officers believe that the
"dope" Is being obtained from Los
Angeles by mall. j
Oarsmen representing many colleges
and boat clubs and arriving in Phil- j
adelphia in anticipation of tho an- j
nlal regatta of the American now ins
association. It will be the associa
tion's ninth annual event and as
usual the events will bo rowed over
tho Schuylkill river course of ono
mllo and 650 yards straightaway.
Tho regatta grogram provides for
cloven events, ag follows: First sln
glo sculls, for Farragut challenge
cup; second single scull3, first
doublo sculls, for tho Schuylkill
challenge cup; first four sculls cen
tipede, first four-oaroJ shells first
cJght oared shclk. for Stewards
challenge cup; special Interclub .ec
and elghtoared Junior collegiate
clghfoarcd shells for tho New Eng
land challenge cup; Interscholast'c
elghtoared shells tor the Franklin
challengo cup and freshmen elght
oared shells.
Most Interest centers in the Inter
collegiate rarb In which the con
testants will include tho 6ccond var
sity eights of Pennsylvania, Tale,
Cornell and Columbia.
(Continued from Paso 1.)
cation, former president of the cham
ber of commerce and one of the most
prominent members of the Los An
geles bar; Lecompte Davis, a well
known criminal lawyer,; Job Harrl
man, the socialist candidate for may
or, and probably Leo Rappaport, gen
eral counsel of the international
Bridge and Structural Iron Workers
Association, of which John J. McNa
rflara lsycecretary.
District. Attorney Fredericks sa;d
this afternoon that so far as has
been determined he and his deputy,
Joseph Font, will conduct the prose
cnUon unassisted by special counsel.
President of a Soutft AnierScau
Ropubllc An' what is ze concession
qfcrssier wants?
Be Open in Few Days
Long Connections
Are Made
The long distanco telephone line
of the Txi-Stato company between
BIsbee and F.l Paso has been com
pletcd and will be opened to busi
ness In a few days. Several weeks
Ago It was aujounced that long d'-.
tanco seivico between Bisbee and El
Paso, and many other towns In the
two territories, would bo installed
by Juno 1 and it is more than 1'kely
that the promise of the company will
to kept to a day.
The lino between Bisbeo n.i T"l
Paso was tested several days ago
and found to work fine. This lino
will also make connection with Doug
last soon, as tha wire is being laid
for tho extension and will be a great
improvement, It is said, over tho pros
ent service. Tho completed line,
with its connections, will give service
to Denver and Los Angeles.
TOMBSTONE. May 26. William
Kluting, charged with smuggling
horses across the line near Moore
Canyon, was found guilty here to
night at 11:15, the jury having been
out 30 minutes. He will be sentenced
at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.
The cases of Ferguson and Capt, In.
dieted with Kluting, wtil be taken up
In order. It was alleged that tho
horses were stolen in Mexico, but on
tho theft charge United States courts '
had no jurisdiction, the tneft having
been committed in Mexico.
Toledo Blade: "Happiness," de
claimed tho ptillosopher, "is the
pursuit of something not the catch
ing of it."
"Havo yon ever," Interrupted the
slain citizen, "chased an owl car on
a rainy night?"
HUD 40,000, BUT
MONROVIA, CaU May 2C Brood
ing over the thought that he might
havo obtained more for a 10 acre
orange grovo he sold for 117,000 re
cently, Simon Elliott, aged 70, hang
ed himself here today.
He was a civil war veteran, worth
at least $40,000, and leaves a widow
and son. u
CLAYTON. Ind May 26. Harvey,
Moon today shot and killed Constable
Oliver Wllholt, then walked to the
home of George Baldrock, a quarter
of a mile away, and killed Mrs. Bald.'
rock, a cousin of Moon's. Trouble In
business transactions and bad feeling
aroused by a love affair of long stana
lng, are said to bo the cause. Moon
was arrested. ( .L'Jli.J.
Opposite Postoflice
Modern Optical Parlors Scien
tific Eye Refracting, Luxfel
Lenses for Tired Eyes
Uncle Sam's
Loan Office
Monty toantd on vsrythlng ,
Mining Stock
Everything confidential. Ns
directors meeting rcquir.d to
secura loan.
Uncle Sam's Loan Office
Main St. Long Windows.
CANANEA, Son.. Mex May 26.
A Guajardo has resigned as judgo of
the first Instance and his position
is at present filled by Judge Almada,
who formerly was local judge, and
is still holding that offico under the
present administration.
Mrs. R. S. Davis left for Columbus.
Ohio, yesterday, to visit with rela
tives. She was accompanied as far
at Kansas City by her husband, who
goes there on a business mission.
F. G. Hawley and family went to
Los Angeles yesterday to spend a
month. ,
John Bujam Is visiting in Tucson.
Marlon U Williams is Tisltlng with
his family in Douglas.
'Misses Lena Reaner and L'amo ilon.
fort went to Los Angeles this week
to spend their vacation.
Boston Transcript: Mr. Ncwcome
"Does keeping boarders pay?"
Mrs. Hasbleleh -"It docsa't pay,
unless they do."
Chicago Tribune: Literary Caller
Say what you will about Ibsen,
one has to admit his pertlnancity..
Hostess (sllghUy deaf) Yes. I've
heard that his plays are somewhat

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