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4HJ2. UNIV. lib. MAY 2 9 Mi.
Bloody Battle Ends m Six
teenth Round When "
Burns Is Unable
to Continue.
Burns Shows Surprising Going
Qualities, but -HisSec-
onds Save Him from
ARENA, San Francisco. May 27.
Champion Ad Wolgast gave Frankie
Burns of Oakland such an unmerd
jtul beating In their scheduled 20
round fight ,that the challengers and
seconds mercifully intervened at the
beginning of the seventeenth round
and threw a towel into the ring, ac
knowledging defeat.
It was a furious battle throughout
and characterized chiefly by Burns'
ability to stave off Inevitable dtfeat
"which sewned Imminent in many of
the preceding rounds.
Although constantly under terrific
fire and with blood flowing from his
uosiriiS sua muuiu. uuiua uciw w j
his head and fought bacte so strong
that one time it looked as if he would
turn tho tldo and capture the cham
- Appeal to Stop It.
In tho 16th round Wolgast cut loose
like a tiger And so. terribly did he
punish his man that the crowd al
most to a man arose and importuned
tho referee to stop the contest. Walsh
remained obdurate, but Burns hand (
lers, "realizing the hopelessness of
pcrmitCIng then charge to combat
further, tossed the towel into the ring
and Wolgast was proclaimed the win.
Burns Opens Strong.
Round U Burns at once began to
feel tho chamDlon out. shooting a
volley of light lefts to tho head. Wol-
tho Oaklander against tho ropes, flay
Ing him with right and left swings
to tho head. Temporary lull In fight
tag -with fighters grinning at each
other. Burns assumed his turtlir
like crouch, then lifted the champion
clear off his feet with a terrible, left
toj the jaw with a short snappy loft
Sand hook and Wolgast was very
ntich surprised. The crowd yelled
encouragingly at Burns and tho round
ended without damage to either flghv
Wolgast Draws Blood.
Round 2. Wolgast shunted his man
about the ring, but Burns flung a left
twice solidly to jaw and covered the
champion, battering his defrc.se.
Burns scored lightly thrice with short
arm lefts to face. Wolgact sought
to make Burns "open up' bat he,
backing against the ropes, refused
to do eov Wolgast drove two hard
rights to kidneys and fiercely upper
cut his man on the nose -with right
and left, starting tho blood flowing
in a stream. Wolgast danced merrily
and smilingjy to his corner while
Burns took his seat with he face
literally smeared In blood. Woigasfs
round by a big margin.
Wolgast's Advantage.
Round S. Burns nostras were still
bleeding. Wolgast cornered the Oak
lander and. fairly smother?'! him with
short arm punches aimed- at the face,
most of them landing. Wolgast star
sered his man with a straight left.
h.. On-Tin r.-iTnv back with two lpft
stinging Vce punches. Burns for.
lo-pd this rleht and left to face and
Wolgast wilted momentarily. Tho '
round ended with Hon- face still a
mass of blood. Wolgast had the ad,
vantage j
Burns Mixes It. j
Round i. Burns sent a wicked left '
to tho face that sent the champion's -head
back. For the moment Wol,
gast fought back Uke a mad steer
and landed telling punches to the face
at close range. Burns, his nose
swollen to thrice its normal size, bat- J
tied back gamely, woisast rusnea
his man from one end of tho ring to
the other, beating a tattoo on the Oak
lander's bleeding lace. "Stop it J.
-. iha amwt-itnr vpHed. Ttnrfis
Burf ,,..... w-- . -
then electrized the rrowd by running
In and mMng It Hth tbo p 1-. j
landing several lefts and rights on ,
the face before tho gong ended the,
- . .... .. i
Slugging, woigasis reunu.
Cuts Wolgast's Mouth
Round 5. After a half minute's
ineffectual sparring, during which
Wolgast tried timr and again to
land a knock-out Wow. the cham
pion almost sent Burns out of the
ring. More by sheer forco of h'
weight, however, than his pnncho.
Bums came back, croHchlng almost
to hie knees, and they mixed It In
mid-ring fighting desperately neaa.
to head. Burns cut Wolgast's mouth
TeHs How Canny Scot Re
fused to Be Bound
by "Gentlemen's
Frankly Admits Idea cf Cor
poration Was to Freeze
Out AH Competition
John W. Gates told the house "steel
trust" Investigating committee today
a history of the United States Steel
Corporation, lie was present at us
birth, and described how It was the
natural outcome of what ho descrlb
a rctusal of Andrew .Carnegie to bo
bound by the gentlemen's agreements
that marked the early days of open
competition in tho steel business.
Juggling In Stock. .
Ho also told of tho millions lost
and created almost In a breath, how
the Carnegie mills were appraised at
$160,000,000 and were reorganized and
made worth $320,000,000 almost with
in the time required to make the
transfer to the corporation. He told
of the clash in the formative days
when Rockefeller was dissuaded from
joining in tho creation of the corpor
ation and the manner in whlcV c'h
ers wero prevented from engaging in
tho steel trade. I
Relating how Carnegie had been ;
forced to abandon his plans for ex '
tending the steel business. Gates
frankly admitted that the combina
tion was formed to throttle competi.
tlon, that when Rockefeller sought to
enter the steel business a deal was
put through which forced him to sell
out at forty cents on the dollar.
"Bull In a China Shop."
Charging that .Carnegie was a "bull
In a China cup," Gates told of a mid
night conference between himself,
Schwab anj Morgan at which tbo
steel corporation was conceived and
how it resulted In Carnegie getting
$320,000,000 In corporation securities
for steel interests for which he wa3
formally offered $160,000,000 cash.
Gates also told tho committee of
the taking over of the Tennesseo Coal
& Iron company by the steel corpora
tlon in tho panic of 107, a deal in t
wuica ne was interested as a stock
holder of the Tennessee company..
"This," he said, "turned the trans
actions carried out by Mr. Morgan
and other financial leaders to save
the Trust Company of America, which
was threatened in a financial unheav
al because It had loaned too much
money on the stock of tho Tennessee
Tho planj made by Carnegie In
1S99 and 1900 to circle his steel In
terests with a railroad of his own and I
to coupeto with the National Tube
company, organized by Morgan, by
the erection of tube works at Ash
tabula, Ohio, were factors that led
to the birth of the steel combine.
during this mix and the champion
spat blood as he went to his corner.
Both appeared as strong as at tho
start Wolgast's round.
A Hard Round
Round C. Wolgast rushed fiercely
and almost slipped to his knees fro
a misdirected swing They close:
in, Wolgast tapping lightly to face
Burns stood up and drove a hard j
right on the Jaw, later following'
w c..o .v lave j. iu uiu
mid-ring rally followed, both trying
desperately to put Jn the Dnjshlng
blow. Grim determination marked
Burns' face. Ho rushed Into the
heat of battle and almost stag
gered the champion with right and
left short arm punches to face.
Wolgast fought with all the force
at his command, but Burns was still
full of fight as the round ended. One
of Burns' eyes was almost closed
and be had a slight cut on the car.
Tho best round so far.
Burns Is Pounded
Round 7. They battled head to
head. Wolgast broke a vicious
straight right to Burns' sore nose
and kept shooting at Bams' defense
unceasingly. Burns kept covered
and took tho aggresslvo only when
be fancied an opening presented it
self. Knocks Burns to Ropes
Round 8. Wolgast drove a left
hook to tho stomach and sent Burns
half way across the ring, his ba"k
hitting the ropes. Wolgast stag
gored and almost was taken off his
feet by a right swing that caught
his jaw. Maddened. Wolrast set a
furious pace and fairly rained left
and right smashes to face. He
swung two powerful lefts to Jaw,
the first of which lifted tho Call-
Aged Ruler Gets Off Train
Held Up by Rebels and
Engages in the
Tralns to Vera Cruz Halted
and Rebels Open Fire,
Which Diaz Re
pulses VERA CRUZ, May 27. Gen. Diaz
himself took command of tho feder
al soldiers who ropulsed a large forco
of rebels while tho former president
of Mexico was on his way from Mex
ico City to Vera Cruz. The latest
estimates place the number of rebel
dead at 20. Tbo number of wounded
is unknown.
The attack on the train on which
Max was traveling anu the escorting
trains occurred at Tcpeyahualeo.
With Diaz at tbo tlmo was Senora
Diaz, Col. Porfirlb Diaz, his son, and
family. The trains proceeding slowly
with a pilot engine In the lead. Tho
military train was ahead, then the
president's special. All trains were
wrecked and a repair of the trains
was necessary.
Use Rapid Fire Guns.
Tho rebels came Into tho open ns
tbo trains approached Tcpeyahualeo.
They numbered 500 and began a fierce i
attack. The federals, once detrained,
used their rapid fire guns. Diaz or
dcred his special car to proceed near,
er the scene and as it drew up alight
ed with a plslol in his hand and ran
forward to aid its defenders.
Tho federals' quick action with the
rapid fire's took tho rebels by sur
prise and they were soon In full re
treat. Tho trains then proceeded at
high speed.
No Demonstrations.
Tho arrival here of Diaz was re
eelved in silence. ;NeltCier cheers
nor hisses greeted tho man who held
power In Mexico for so many years.
Diaz was met by J. B. Body, to whose
home he hastened.
At the flagstaff of this mansion tno
British flag Is flying. Diaz will be
a passenger on the Hamburg-American
steamer YpiraEga, which sails
for Spain on May 31, by way of Hav
ana. The health of the former president
appears to bo greatly Improved.
Diplomats estimate that the war
cost will not be less than $20,000,000
gold, that perhaps one-tenth of tills
was due to damages sustained by
foreigners. Half of this amount, it
is said on high authority, is loss suf
fered by Americans.
Chinese Claims Big.
In their legations, foreigners have
already begun arranging their claims,
although a greater part 'still remains
filed. Tho claims of China -will be
remarkable for the number of individ
uals demanding Indemnity. Almost
all of these come from Sonora and
Coagufla, where Chinese were victims
of mobs.
Retorts from Torreon received by
the Chinese legation say the number
of dead In the massacre of May IS
was 238. Most of the victims were
coiuararJvely poor. Those surviv
ing found difficulty in supplying thera
Belvec with food. The Chinese reform
association of the capital toiay open
ea subscription lists ror funds for the
aid of their countrymen. The claims
of Japan are based on the death of
seven Japanese in Torreon.
fornian clear off his feet The round
ended with a smile on the cham
pion's face. Burns looking serious.
"Ho caught me that time," said Wol
gast, cs he took his chair, "but I'm
not hurt in the least"
Puts Up Game Fight
Round 9. The champion as usual
forced matters and Burns was soon
hanging ta the ropes. Tho Oakland
boy fought back viciously and thoy
fought shoulder to shoulder In tho
center of the ring, each landing
several times to the other's face,
and head. Burns was putting np a
game fight and ho was cheered again
and again when he went to his cor
ner. Wolgast Presses Things
Round 10. Burns took the fieht-
Ing to tho champion and they Im-,
medlrveiy locked arms. woigas''
straightened his man cut with tw'
right upper cuts to the Jaw p J, ,
Bums retaliated with right and '
Jolts to tho Jaw. Again they o)g j
braced, during which Burns u-,aa i
cut twice with right to face t
Wolgast was"" not far bebhv -raoro
.thancjj:ned up rflatteI;,
a similar Vies. Walgast v'
'(Contt$. pa Pago '
Auto Race In Denver Is
Brought to Tragic End
ing by Cars Turn
ing Turtle
DENVER. Colo, May 27. Two
motor cars in the 300 mile Memorial
Day race turned turtlo in the three
mtlo motor course at Sable, ten miles
cast of here, today, killing one man
and Injuring three. Robert V. Bean,
aged 2i, of Detroit, was crushed to
death beneath his car. Tho Injured
Otto E. MangHU of Denver, two
ribs broken and Internal Injuries.
Lee Bert Roberts of Denver, badly
Harry Ball, one of the youngest
professional motor drivers, who last
year won tho DenverCheyenno race.
Manglitz, his mechanician, was the
most seriously injured of the throe.
Roberts, acting as Boan.s mechani
cian, was thrown clear off the car.
Tho accident was most peculiar.
Bean, driving a Studebakcr car, was
running at fifty miles an hour when
tho car veered to the right. His el
forts to right tho machine swung It
around and It shot off the court, iato
a field to the left.
Bell, at tho wheel of an Apperson
Jack rabbit, which bad Just completed
a lap of seventy five miles an hour,
felt his car give way when ho reach
ed a, point where th6 Studebakerhat
gone over. He encountered unsteadl
ness( 'but attempted to straighten
out and whirled off the course to tho
Both cars leaped Into the air and
struck the soft earth and turned over,
where they lay masses of wreckage
over 100 yards apart.
90,000 FIRE LOSS
Kitts and Sons Dry Goods
Company Loses $65,000
When Block Is Burned
TUCSON. Ariz May 27. Tho loss
In a fire which destroyed tho Odd
Fellows' hall at an early hour this
morning is ?s0,000 Kltts & Sons
Dry Gcods company's loss Is $C3,000.
Dr. C. A. Scrader. owner of the
building, ljst J18.500. The Odd -Vel-
lows lost 73,000, and other lodges
$2000 all partially covered by In
surance. Tho origin of the firo Is still a
mystery. The walls of the Dulldlng
were pulled down today. Kitts &
Sons will order a new stock and se
cure temporary quarters. Schrador
will rebuild at once.
The stock of tho KItta & Sons'
branch at Benson was recently imt
In the Btore here, fiaklng the heav
iest stock ever carried.
Lack of water pressure on ac
count of a broken pump was the
chief cause cf the heavy loss.
.vltlng after il
,cr Walcott arrived ""-JJU
Saturday to spend a eborJ
. with her parents and '
. After a short rest she will
Chicago, where she will take
j ft advanced course1 In the study
Tj music one win navo cnarge 01
s i department of music In tho Dour
,s public schools next year.
William B. Cleary, Jr- was among
ine arrivals from BIsbco this week
and will remain In Tombstone for a
wecto or two as tho guest of Col. H.
U Pickett
Mrs. J. Brower left last Thursday
for Gallup, New Bexlco, where she
went to join her husband, who re
cently located In that city.
Anarchy in Big Camp Follows Gunning Plot of Diaz Sympathizers and Half
Hundred Prominent Citizens Are Thrown in Jail, -While kNeariy All
Others Are in Flieht Gabral Unable to Control His Men-Violence
is Feared,
TUCSON, Ariz,, May 27. Anarchy and a reign of terror rules Cananea, accord
ing to refugees flocking hither on horseback, afoot and aboard trains. Forty-nine oh
the most prominent men in the mining town are in prison, and nearly all others are in
Juan Cabral, the insurrecto leader, the refugees assert- is entirely unable, to control
his men,
According to Colonel Francisco Velasquez, provisional ruler of Altar, the men are
under arrest charged with having participated in a plot to Wow uo the town and kill
Cabral's whole army.
Velasquer, who arrived here today, declared that Mayor Arnold Is among those arrested charged
with having connected the wires leading to a clock in the municipal building connected with devices, to
which were attached 2.C00 pounds of dynamite, placed In the barracks of the Insurrccto soldiers. Arnold
Is said to have returned to the town since his recent departure.
None of the Judges or other officials of Cananea are allowed to perform the functions cf their offices
according to other refugees.
Velasquez also confirms the report that seven rebels of Lower California were executed at Al
tar. The men had a letter from Madero at Juarez, but are alleged to have been caught in acts of bri
gnndage. The prefect said that all Lower California rebels would be so dealt with.
DUR160 ID HUll
Commander Urkina Defies Madero and Declares He Will
Himself Dictate Terms of Peace in His District
People Face Starvation
PARRAU May 25, via El Paso,
May 27. Many federal officials. In
cluding jefe pollticos, have been
killed, scores or others placed In
Jail, stores looted and burned and
hundreds of people are on the verge
of starvation as a result of a reign
of terror waged In tho state of Du
rango and southern Chihuahua by
Kinfla Anil Innnrrectoa who haVO
heard nothing of the peace agree
Defies Madero
When Tomas Urkina, who claims
to to the lnsurrecto commander of
the "eouthern zone," was informed
by Madero of tho perfecting of tho
n.q.a rtlnns ift nnaWCTed that hd
would dlctato the peace terms in
his territory, and the looting was
In tho town of Villa Escobedo, a
rcw miles south of here, the mu
nicipal buildings were burned and
all residents have fled to tho moun
Official; Murdered
Tho previous report that all gov
ernment and military officials In the
town of Guadalupe y Calvo were
killed has been confirmed. Jiml
nez is believed to have been taken
by the rebels.
There Is a great scarcity of food
In this city. It Is likely that 300
foreigners, mostly Americans, will
leave la a body overland In wagons
The federal troops are preparing to
TTTAnRZ. Mav 27. Normal condi
tions are rapidly being resumed In
northern Mexico. Today Madro, now
a rrivatc citizen. enjoyed himself, J
relieved of the burdens of the provis- j
lonal presidency. Almost tho samO
answer was 'Sdven all Inquiries for in-
Lstnictioafe that la Barra is tno oio
ecuUfe of Mexico.
MtojIP la Barra came a reoly to
E""-- mpfigaKo of vesterday coo
-1 ting the inauguration of tne
TflTonal rcilient- follows:
,1 "Mexico City.
iisro J. M.4ero.
fr i.i.t taken rassAaslon of
& presidency of tho Tcpubllc. Dur
rtho brief Uine 1 " soiuii 10
1. ii,,i -.eh oSIce T shall act
'the test of my ability so we may
.u.o n ii'r-itlons of peace, nro-
', .....I th soundest democracy.
'oii nnMi, nninlnn in theso mom
ents of justice supports. I send you
ray regards.
(Signed) "LEON DE I.A BARRA."
Madero read tho dispatches today
concerning the attack on the train
bearing Diaz to Vera Crur. doprecat-
lng tho occurrence.
Will Leave Next Weec
Madero said he- would leave for
Mexico City ncrt week, the route be
ing undetermined.
Bonilla, minister of communica
tions and- public utilities in la Barm's
cabinet, teegraphed Madero tonight
that he haul left Mazatlan and was
on bis way to the national capital.
Chihuahua Hears News.
This Is taken as an indication that
condic.ons in Binajoa aro normal,
as Eonllla was to stay there until
the state was pacified.
Tho city of Chihuahua recalvcl tho
first official news concerning toe sign"
Ing of the armistice and pea&i agree
ment a week ago when & message to
that Import .from General Uacon, '
new minister of war, was forwarded
tonight to Gen. Villar, commander of
the federal troops Iij tho military
state of Chihuahua.
Suarez, tho provisional governnr of
the state of Yucatan, left tonight for
that state. He will be ready to tako
office when he Is named.
Crelghon's Body Recovered.
The body of Captain F. Crcishtan,
once a student at Harvard, who was
killed in the second battle of Kaccbo
two months ago, was brought here
and carried in the streets of Juarez
in a hearse followed by an escort of
cavalry today. It will be shipped
to his late home in Boston.
Because of Crelghton's work In de
stroying bridges and dynamiting
trains, it will be a month btforo the
lines south of hero aro lit normal
Representations were made to Ma
dero to the effect that efforts wore
teing exerted to suppress the publi
cation of El Pais, a newspaper of
Mexico City. Madero" late tonight
seat an urgent telegram to la Barra
stating hereafter to oppose no limita
tions on the freedom of tho jress in
Army "Rorganizatlon.
Measures of the ultimate disposl
Hon of the lnsurrecto army and pay
ment of tho costs of war were the
first iratters to which do la Barra is
devoting his official attention. The
president proposed to tlissolvo thr
most revolutionary forces, using them
to augment the ranks of rurales to be
organized. Tho Diaz troops remain
ing will bo given assistance to ge
etrplovment and return to their homes
All will bo paid off as though mus
tercd out of tho regular army.
Do la-Barra is considering a mens
ure for tho Immcdiato settlemont of
all claims rroved against the govern
ment. It is proposed that a committee
of flvo be named to pass upon all
claims. The- pif,osal will soon bo
presented to those properly Qualified
A clause will authorize tho Immediate
payment of such claims as are ap
(Ensenada Surrounded by Col.
Pryce's Men; Attack
SAN DIliGO, May 27 Bryco's ad
vanco guard has detached the our
skirts of Kusenada. There 13 a panic
in the city and an attack is expected
at any hour;
This information was brought to
San Diego ujb afternoon by Captalnv
R. L. Jennings, of tho power yacht
Katherlne. Tho yacht left Ensenada,
at 2 o'clock this morning. 11. J. Kicr
man of Jazclla, Calif., one of the pas
sengers who came up on tho yacht
describes the situation:
j The rebels have reached Ensen
ada and tho residents of the town
have gono crazy. Everything is in
, confusion and excitement Nobody
seems to know wnat to expect next
Wo were arrested twice as spies, but
released as soon as we proved who"
wo were. Recruits are being drilled
all day. As fast as volunteers arrive
they are taught how to handle a gun.
Tho day we arrived 150 recruits camo
from Los Angeles. I suppose thero
wero more than 400 soldiers in tho
Leaves Agua Prieta to Join
Cabral -in Suppressing
The larger part of tho rebel garri
son at Agua Prieta left that town car
ly yesterday morning for Cananea,
according to Deputy .Sheriff Ray
Swain, who was in BIsbeo yesterday
morning, en route to Tombstone. The
rebels will go to Cananea and become
a part of a force that will be sent to
Baja California.
A detachment of fifty rebels was
left at Agua Priota as a garrison.
Prior to tho dcparttiro of tho force
for Cananea. tho troops wero fully
outfitted with, nw uniforms at Doug
tas stores.
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