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,.f - rJj-m : : n. ' wwt,ilwjaM
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'i tha Ntv That'a Fit to Print"!
. .1
1,17 - Vo, . : 7 v
as rcttoflc at Blsbee. Anions, un-
ttr xct or. Mirth S. 1879.
Published at Bl.bee. Arizona, th
t mining city In the west, at tha
vlw Building, corner O. K. Streat
and Ravl.w Av.nua.
... ...-,. nm.iTiur 1
iMniuuwiw rn.r....
EO.H. KELLY President
, .
TELEPHONE .... ... ....... .
1X MONTHS ..... '4.50
ONE YEAR In Advance 7.60
Address all Communication to
'BUbaa, Arizona
The United States Geological Sur
vey is poshing steadily ahead In the
classification at the public land.
- priding eoal land. recommeBdlng the
restoration to agricultural eatry of
lauds found to be nenmineral in
character, designing lands sbjeet to
enlarged homestead entry, and ree
ommendina; the reservation of lands
suitable for water powor sites.
During the month of May the sur
vey appraised 2,472.609 acres as coal
land, with a alue of $49,283,112. and
1,356.022 acres as noncoal land. Had
these coal lands been appraised at
the old minimum rate in force a few
years ago ($10 or ?20 an acre), their
valuation would have been 55.370.-
76C; the present valuation maremn-
a difference ln favor of the
...n.nnt f si2S.46. la New
6"'"' , ' . f
Mexico. Utah and Wyoming four
withdrawals were made of land sup-!
j t .,- i mm. !
yosed to .be underlain b coal com j
prising 1.44358 acre, while in Colo-
do. Montana. New Mexico. Wash- j
lngton and Wyoming sis restorations
were, made of coal land comprising!
.. - Ann qra.
of 490
3,uS,&& crw-
arrea of phosphate load in Florida
was - withdrawn, making the total j
.. p i
area of phaphata land witwirawn j
2.548.545 acres-
Three powr swe
withdrawals vjjre made, covering
WIGt acre andj one restoration of
180 acres. leaving a tetel of 1.W7.
438 acres withdrawn lor power sites
at the end of the month.
Under the enlarged homestead act
W3,7S acres were designated, wak
ing a total of liV0.173.8SB acres de
signated as enteroWe under the pro
visions of Uils act-
, .i.. f.-Jurfral :
4t 1 the policy m ' -
Qnrvev in the claKslfication of the ,
Survey m ine
public lands to recommeuu 't
drawal of such areas as ma ,
MarH necessary from
the stand-
point of the federal government for
the protectios. and conservation of
its mineral and water sources; to
make such withdrawals as accurate
ly as possible, n te basis of the
information available, and to make
further Investigations and procure
additional data In order to restore :f
possible any areas not necessary to
the protect of the people's inter
ests. MR. TAFT AND
Rnvae OX tae
of the
i4ftr nollcv of the
S3 arT-ere in their
criticism of his recent P n
Sicago and In New York City In
VTocacy of that !- ilai
these frank' discussions before the
people without warrant in the con-
tltutlon. They can find no author
fty ln that instrument for anything
on the part of the president beyond
bis messages to congress, and thoy
are properly scandalized when Mr
Taft lays directly beiore the people
the reason for his public action.
They Intimate that he is undertak
ing to "coerce" the representatives
and senators by these "appeals."
Even on the narrow ground of
constitutional authority, as construed
by the predeceasors of Mr. Taff.
these gentlemen are not strongly In
trenched. The. constitution does not
awl eoM not turbid tho president'
to address kis 'fallow alttaens in any I
way be thinks beat. Washington did)
,H Ws HMnnamw farewell ad-'
dress, and at speeches to congra
I were often directed to th whole
.country. Lincoln's first and see
Inaugural address, his wteo let-
Iter to Mr. Greley on Uie policy of
tDe administration toward slavery,
h- talBorta, Gettysburg ad-
i dress, were intended to bate and sd
jnavo a profound iDfiuenco on the
j McKlnIflJ,, gpeeefc
at Uuffa, 8 eS8Ctly ln 1Uu?
jof Mr. Taft's recent utterances, not
lon(. (n app.alDg t0 the people f0r a
,,. ... ,.,
'particular principle, but In selection
precisely the principle Mr Taft is
now advocating. Mr. Roosevelt was
always talking to the people.
Why should not the president jo
before the people ln explanation of
!hls official conduct? Senators and
representatives do !t, and his part
in legislation is substantial and im-
1 puruim. uiiic xu iuuu tuub w i&uj
, , . ,., '
member ef congress 1b either 1
branefa. He ean say No to anything!
tliey do and It takes two-thirds vote
to override that negative. He is ox
Jiressly charged with a certain guld
nm of. IcajMation. The final arbiter
Is public opinion. Why should he
hesitate to enlighten, convince, en
list and lead public opinion? New
York Times.
"Naughty" Paris
Tragedy of Lion in Dreamland
in pnniiiin t?if.! i
NEW f ORK. June 17. You don't
have to-cross he Atlantic to see tho
night lnaughty deviltries of Parts.
i'You may sight them here in stage
mimicry moro amusing than the
rcalHes. Also, safer and cheaper. If
I had notched a cane tor the plays
In which I saw Parisian misbehavior
tlnpn t tiDn tn irn trt ,Y,n lhn.tA,
lt uouid br now. ij. morc ;,ke
saw's edge than a walking
'Tbpy parted 'with tho farces
. marUa, ,nMefty that D!ol ,
caul , Augustln Daly a id others u ni-
Porlzcd to American taste- they
oq tQ o he
originals, and no no ono need
tMo thFrench city of cut-up to
. paree.. nroaijway.s
summer show, leaes out all glimpses
au ecnO'Oi fans oecorum, ii mere
are any, j mics things are like
those of our tendorlolnr with van-
nnte. We have no code duello Over I
mertj men puiiu ure one anuuim a
skns wUh natpln sorta of rapiers,
witn absurd forrnaiues, in cases
wnero Americans would ngut it out
wnero Americans wouiu ngni n out . . ,.( - T,ta Vew York !
wf h fists, or maybe with pistols, onli"0 -rt, intr i a'habbv Bo-
tho Jnstant spot. A thrilling Incident if":. h hiiitv h donVk.
in this play is a djiel by young wo
men who hate quarreled over a man
in a cafe If you are old enough you
may recall how oldime actors Jnst
under the grade of Boo1 h such as
Bddv. Davenport and Mayo osed to
unact the moonlit forest duel ln "The
Corsican Brothers?" Well, the an-'
fnnnlr-tn tn lm Tianr JTTlirsiTflt1!l I
Dazle and Grace, pantomimlsts per-
sonating a French Juliet premiere
and a Spanish opera prima donna.
""""" "" "- " .-- . ,.
hike from a Latin ouarter ball to a
-lade In the Bois de Boulogne
u d , , th ,d
7J1L Z, fJ ,?IIL !Z ,J1
strokes down and then enss cross
m tne manQer of my a mel.
StmMJSrZmMS'i9flin'ie,at n,shUG- Uut whlt 5MnS matron be,le3 trola 3Iurrav'a spangled dress and to sake hands
though it u bedovHer fo tickll o she for cto neB wnen a rapV "m savo the trJo,ct of ,ne "I" high. Indeed, she pleased one citl
frivo?m;JsJ,nmIr tasL Dazle ZWpt In melody? She is a mere ratte maids from school ln "The Mikado." , much that he married her
CrlV iJ?Z nff thir In', nnri fae I f vc-unS wmaii anyway. Yet not It was, sure enough, an exceptionally and took her from the stare. AVhil
. rtw in Zt iiw l-!' " overlooked, as. tossing her onloric. temperamental assemblage, qoletly darning the family socks the
!. , a Jmi ,1 liwn i ' hair in unison with the tune.; Was that nsychoglc? Did unconscious other 'day. it would appear. Mrs. ex
smne, we are permitica to take ior,and fllnKmg oul ner bare f ee, , she j expectancy of something or other' Grace Freeman said 'she wonM like
atHiiiy down to ne nips. presents a musico-maniac j big keep it irom going home Two J t reappear before the footlights.
Steela Mayhew Looms Big. . fial.t is ,aiet of pierrots ' o'ciock struck. One gourmand or- T"ortaqately, lr. G. F. is rich enough
" ijc.o i..rs - ...., .
guess, by first hiring a company of
humorists, next choosing the funni
est of their own stuff and nonsense,
and Anally locating them and the
stunts In Paris. Srella Mayhew is a
big tactor In size and quality. Do
you happen to know that throughout UQrence would not think of missing ence of mind that left no check un
Btrrope Caucasian antipathy to Afri-' 1Iore to the Hking of Broadway is paid by the hastily departing people,
cans is no stronger than to Chinese, i tho 8pectacle that the curtain goes j I was delayed. My Chaffeur had been
Japanese or East Ijndlans? A full j down on. six great panels, high up 'seated next to a negro at the table
Modded negro may sit at the next j ln the walls of the students ball hal' i set for chaffeurs, and with racial
table no you ln a London, Paris or .nrn tnf0 tableaux of women cosed repugnance bad rolled away to an
Berlin hotel, and there's no use yourin imitation of tinted, nndraped stat-l
making a row about lL Not till La
Bello Paree" nas a point Deen raaae
of tha.. fact for fun on our stoBe.
uaiiauisi ski ui iuuucj u u.
pocket.- bulging as the roll of i - "Uj y t ahead of ns to the fire.
rat.n.1,.?tfS . k V I? the small hours of the morning to! You have road no -ireaml-wl wr,
to Bnd that her cash Is as good as see Jtg tbJrty &cre Qf stowy ediflc0s . HWept out of sljht in an hour r
anybody's ln Paris. Tinted as alJ bnrned flat to the grounds My partv ronDagratlon. I shall t-'l to-j on -octoroon,
she fiaunts Into a shop ot ghot a cbnte, speeded on a gravif. ; "f an mcld-nta1! tTired- Th- ele-
modes. SaVB She has COme tO have ... TntA In tho nm.l. m llri nnHa nt th ml Too..- no I
.- .nJ .V ,1. -on Ti-lnnilr
M "" " - "- '- """ '
Stella has come to -he fat point
where there's no use Ignoring her
excess or welghL and so she Jokes
about 1L Ono of tho fits she vets ar;
the modiste's Is a hobble skirt so
tighr that of conrse she calls lt a
convulsion. And tho audience laughs
at the old Jest for the runny, roly-
poly figure she cms. "Will yon bet
me I can't do I?" she asks That Is
tne new turkey trot waltz ln the ons, tigers, icoparas. Dears, pumas
ankle-fettered robe. The principle and Jaguars and other beasts count
are turned loose In a go-as-they-please tog np t a hundred,
cofmpetltlon for laughter. The Also, Bonavita. When T had seen
Dreamland portion of Coney Island him last before he was In a barred
had burned this morning Tafklwg a arena with seven lions, lording it
furUvo look1 at ber fan, where she over the beasts with a whip that
baa written It too lare to memorize, cracked like a torpedo whenever ho
Stella saya Tin the fat lady from a lashed them, and attltudlnlalng in
Country Town Sayings
(By "Ed" Howe)
After a woman has realized
bur man, and receipted for
W li
life Insurance, she longs to move
to a town where people will never
. kiiow rue was ouce poor.
When a man throws a thine,
,na;, ut- uuutiii uiivwB 11 wuci-j.oi me oescenuanis 01 UE1 ouicirib 01
it will annoy others as much as I the Pe Witt Clinton administration
possible. if the city, before the parade of
nations and the formal exerclBes,
I Criticism is not far removed from
the cousin of the Derfect ladv w hoi
throws an apron over her head, and1
goes next door to regulate the1
Nearl every men lets
dollnr with a snarl.
go of a
1 have noticed that when ha.r
ri tv, 4 niK onnnrh f
... .v. .-... -.., .
The only time I
(Mirtant is when on a train pastf-
tag through a little town, and the
train doesn't stop.
H is aurnrislng how men
iiembor their oM jokes, and
fae to laugh at your now ones.
The privileges you grant people
. .,.! i .
mkhi Deoice uieir rigais. iif1w v11 "." " . u- . w.
J Hoard of Education, together w ith
No aroftt harm Is done, probal(-,the principal and the teachers of the
Iv. when you step on a cat; but .school aro making arrangements to
you can't help being disturld by'colobate the centenary in an apprc-
the incident. prlate raannor. Former pupils of that.
school will bo invijed to take part
People shake hands on migh'y in the exercises,
small pnnocatlon. Superintendent A. J. Demarest of
the nubile schools of Hoboken. Is
(Copyright. 1811, by George Mat president of the Civic Pride asso
them Adams.) elation of that city. He is a great
Mirrored for New York Summer Theatre-Goers
Coney Island show. A noble little
-reman rescued mo from the tlamea, '
sutne had ;o make three trips."
necr and neck racer for the Jollity !
wakes. Do you Identify him when l"
tell yoo that he Is that pulpy corned-1
:an wr.n a mury voice, wuu uoi
ma ou i v.uu.u(, ""f'i
.., .. ,k , lnnt-hirr
at his original oddity? Fisher Is an '
Amortn tourist In "La Belle Paree"
wlth an Irish wife She ought to be
played by George Munroe, but .she ,
isn't and Fisher is provided Instead i
with a mechanical cab horse, wltu i
an athlete Inside to make fun with
on u boulevard. He won hire the
outfit at 5 francs an hour, but buys
it outright at 6; and of the hundreds
of comedlaus who have got into he
sKiiis oi u """'""; -'
seen none more humorous tnan tne
one who operates th dancing horse
wTuTmL "TtoR by UkTngrrom motored ulreemHes 7105:0 I -oued over the portico glaring
his cuff -he cue for a new Joke He i to a restaurant noted for its 'shore l own " w no menace In
L to an artLs studio in the suiHrs" of seafoods-and chara-1 aim- T,b PIe ,ook, a cue of bra
nas gone to an artists uo ,n ""; !--, Thero mav lie hoer fhre hnt 'ado from the cowering lion and
Latlu auarter to order 500 square , Pcne. mere raaj he beer there, bu' rrn - fnwn, ,,,
hernial! whose ability he doutftE.
poverty anu art go imuu ;u "
in Paris, tie mnn argues; many a
great masterpiece has been painteu
on au empty stomach,
"A aueer place." says the corned-'pers
lan, ":o paint a picture.
Beautiful and Frotesque.
- i ..- m L.ltttln trIe utlrrttltOT
."V"r itTt,, it,recoua ne,raln tn, ,an "Ptoanous
nlar7 , dont mcan to-lt,f !U, ' I chortts- At 1 o'clock the negroes
as we" M sreesque. It starts at alfied up ana aown the nises of tables
i" """' "-' ".'.."
traordlnary snowmess to nne imua-
tlons of a theatrical icale and stud-
ents' hall A pretty girl violinist is an I
oM ""erloipr, She pretends to goitrkey trot that has superseded the i
ma? over u e ?"r,Z. w .
. ,ii i i .imni-i- nnw
littlft Americans care for classical
dancinc Here's Dazle. of grand opera
premier grade, and a whirling dervish !
doing wonderous things on tip-to-
and the program has to beg tie peo
i.u tn iz-nit tn w -what a. Kuronpan
nary. '
Dreamland Before The Fire.
' 1W .. wna wv -Y,ni rr
miection'ol Ceysland to
. .. .- T .,'""! .u.c ..CJ u
"V.'" """" " -" ." ' T
mmiatuie Venice, swiriea inroagn
a mythical Hell Gate whlrtponl. and i
many other things that held o
famillarlv from past years. Of as
tonishmenr there was none Th- .
atrical perfrmances wore lacking "ii
terlv An outdoor clrctw was a tro-
sight for those who had paid tbei-
dimes for entrance to the ground
The extra nan oonar snow was rer jrame ine cameis anc oonseys irom t
rarl's menagerie. In that wcr ss-rr. he Oriental show and Rome perhaps ;
Stray Topics
-' "ii)F-i.
NEW YOBK, June 17. This ear
iho PAtitunapv rF ttit finf lrl ii r ttf
New York's City Hall and of the
r.,8f se88ion therein of the Hoard
of Aldermen It has been decided o
commemorate this on the Fourth of
July by a gathering in the CIt Hall
oer wmen Mayor uaynor win pre-
side. The members of the common
Council of 1811 were De Witt Clin-
ton. Mayor and President; Aldermen I
Peter Hosier. Thomas Carpenter.
nanos uicKenson, Kicard cunning
liam, William Hoagland. William Tor
rey, Gearxe Tluckmaster, Caleb Pell,
and Jihti Pel', and Assistant Aider-
men r-eei Jones. Jr.. Peter Hawse.
Aiigrsi Hardcnbrook. and Abra-
,ham V.-n Celdcr. The descendants ofjluttons. The reason for this action
v. it
tbfse ii'on are scattered all over
feel reallv- lm!tne country, but It is expected that
VMO .-UU.a, uuv v -- ,.-- v....-
many of them will accept the
tation to attend the commemorative
Another Centennial.
Another centennial to be celebrated
in this city this jear is that ot
Public School No. 2, at Hoory and
Pike streets, which is the oldest
public school In the city. It was
n.1AnA.t Vvf,imhf.. t 1C1T tw1 h
Fire-Gossip of Other Amusements
spangled tights for the spectators
Now he saunters around in plain J
ciotnes as a manager oi tuc con-
d been compile T ta? mES '
na bZlb ee nk him snrong
isQ8n 'S '"J
upon by a Hon, bitten.
Harry Fisher
Is Stella Mayhew's
airaost killed.
more? I said.
"A man needs two hands for that." j
he replied. i
'WJiat became of be Hon that at-
tacked you?"
'There he Is. The big one on the
pedestal. His name on the program
Is this year Black Prince. I call htm
other things.
Does he remember you?'
'Right well does he. Having once
downed me, he'd spring ob me at
sight If there weren't bars between
From Dr.mlanrt at mlmlEht , :
e never seen any. ine supper is
a dollar and a half, with four dollars
added for eacn "le of wine limit-
lessly. Fifty private automobiles out-
i side prepare us to see everything Then taking aim slowly, carefully,
,RizliBf; and nzzne inside A negro he gent six bullets of his pistol into
banadlBt dances as he sings in front .the beast that had gnawed off his
, 0f a negro orchestra. The late sup j right hand. Black Prince glared down
were in a hilarious mood A, at him as though about to sDrintr.
popular song writer was moved to t
I rise and mg his latest composition. i
The listeners became vocalists at the
;....... - . i
"'K'5 "oomutK. auu uuiuiuk
hats for coins. Three smart-set cou-'
pies w hose names are in the top j
social roster fell in behind with the
51T" .J.K , , JT" "X
"oru " ii.u tuuic ui'n'i. uiuus
crc emptying wine bottles. When
'Dreamlands afire" The message
came by phone and was announced
excitedly. In the stampede for the i
auiomoones tne waiters evinced nres-
other inn. However, he got his auto
into lino before the end of it and
JperKeo out an me speed stops. It
was a mad race for Dreamland
There were no motorcycle policemen
along tho route They had gone on
' I" . v .'? i. . ' '
"n mrnee on m-o oarnieae tw-
hours before as we motored awa-..
Now flames snot nil the sti-actttr-
as we returned. A woman sknrried
Iast us with something nndar eaci i
'arm She was a nurse In the babv -n favorable and so thev came to New
Incubator exblbtt and had saved ' VoTi An Italian Mol'le St-ymour
Iwo of tho human mltoa. Next, a lot.fco, by sticking her fingers to her
of midgets slurried alonsr. Then , M hlm wa hardly wr Idea of
,VZ. C7 ",H;""-tuulcu' si in
tneir night clothes.
With leaps and bounds, a panther .
comes from Ferrari's inennreri
.nhich is all afire, and disappears
Into the darkness. He was one of th
ew beasts that escaped alive, A
dozen men tugged at a rope antf
dragged a baby elephant Into vJow.made her best and last success.
Little. Old
New York
enthusiast and thoroughly convinced
that, the peopio of Huboken have a
great deal to bo proud of. He also
believes that the process of Instilling
"civic pride" should begin early.
For that reason he made determined
efforts to get the children in the
Hoboken public schools interested
in the objects and alms of the Civic
Pride association. To keep up the
interest Mr. Demarest sent to a but
tonmaker ln Newark and had 10,000
buttons bearing the insignia of the
association and the words "Hoboken
Civic Pride" made The buttons were
distributed among the cbjldren and
boys and girls proudly displayed
tbir badges of "Civic Pride." The
other day. however, all the buttons
were called in by Mr. Demarest,
who promised the children that he
would soon furnish them with new
was mai several nays after the but
tons had been distributed, the dis-
.-.. .uu irt-vu UUUIUUICU, IUU UAO-
invi-jcovery was made that each one of
the buttons bore upon the reverse
sioe me legena. "smoke sweet Cap-
oral Cigarettes." The firm which had
furnished the buttons explained that
in some unaccountable manner a mis
take had been made and promised to
supply, the school children of Ho
boken with new buttons, devoted
exclusively to the advertising of
Hoboken's "Clic Pride."
Rowdyism Is Increasing.
The members of the burglarB and
hold-up men's fraternity in New
York are working; overtime. They are
so busy that the nights are evidently
not long enough to give them a
ehanee to finish their daily pensum.
Daylight burglaries and hold-ups aro
(Continued on page 12.)
but tho leash broke and the ilazeu
brute dashed back intq the flames.
Tragedy of the Lion.
NW ib tra A Pndero8 "
fmeri;es from the menagerie. His
w comrades have been hustled Into
" mctthtu s.fe.- aiiu ,uutru iu uaiet
H it be is Black Prince, the beast that
tore off Bonavita's hand. Again he
was uncontrollable His mane was
aflame. EJven the fiuff of hair at his
tail's end was flaring like a torch.
-or an inaiant ne glared at our auto-
mobiles, and the j rople on foot ran
behind our cars. But Black Prince
was nc Jungle-bred king of beasts.
Taken captive as a cub, like all the
lions of the shows, and boaten Into
abject fear of men, his latent ferocity
had once broken out on Bonavitn.
lit on this spectacular occasion he
slunk and cringed like a cur. He ran
to the ornate portal of an edifice
near Dy, sirucs: nis claws into the
stucco imitation of marble like a
nuBe cat escaping a dog. and
"Don't do that." shouted Bonavitn,
"he's likely to leap into you. Fall
until three shots had failed to reach
a vital siiot The fourth dazen him.
the fifth pierced his heart, and the
sutn miisod Mm as He toml-'etl ilwd
Into the street. So ended the trag
edy, of Bonavita and Illicit Prince.
... - - . ....
Tne revival OI A UMintry Uiri."
a sort of "old home week." When the
Knrlish operetta was new on our
Fide in the earl yautumn of 19P2.
Grace Freman pleased folks as th-
nir ?" " J""1:
ro amra a neut arxi easv -hiire"
n ,JCh a wish Therefore this r
! Mval.
The -irtres gathered as nuny of
r fii,rner asaociates as possible
-1c Xmcrlcan nriidsal of the title
i" had rommitted suicide ln the
'"tw-itn but most of tho others rt-
f-enitled Now, nine years is a
- -ifi'i-rahl time, es;ec'ally In comic
nra and more than one of the
- nv rs inay be ""'d to have grown
road of shape, but short of breath.
v.ertbe'eals the singing was by no
-pans bad and the music Is soi
W.htful as to be welcome even if
r admirably sung.
. , . , .
ne Geiha nevived.
' revival ot tne wcisna makfs
i -n&ay wtoh some Knglish company
-'fluid stn It once more. It Is given
by Italians in a foreotten Bowery
heater that Is. forgotten bv Broad-1
wav. The audiences show lt by n""l
n-ans forsjottefl by every one We .
nave veX-0 to thank for this enter-
talnraeuf These Italians had made I
a tour gomh America and were on '
te waj. to t,e oapjtai 0f M1T nelgli-1
-- nation fcit Mtuiltinrm lnnVa ton t
the role; bat afUa- all a group of
ossentfaiiy Italian Jack tars were
hardly mere abmird than Caruso's
Ii.,. i ffi-, . "xi-Hnm-
Butterfly." And the singing was de-
.......,..... ....... w..,u. ... -.-...
Hghtful indeed !- !mrable only?
than the manarra-n' of the orches
tra, which was iruly qxceilenL It
was ln the -title role of this opera.
by the way, that Nancy Mcintosh
Women's Secrets
There is one men in the United States who has perhaps heard
more women's secrets than any otheV man or woman in the
country. Thee secrets are not secrets of udt or shame, but
the secret of tuncring, and they hae
It. V. Pierce in the hope and expectation oi advice and help.
That few of these women hnc been disappointed in their ex
pectations is proved by the fact that ninety-eight per cent, of
all women treated by Dr. Pierce heve been absolutely and
altogether cured. Such a record would be remarkable if the
cases treated were numbered by hundreds only. But when
that record applies to the treatment of more thaa half r. mil
lion women, in a Dractice of oer 40) years. It is phenomenal.
and entitles Dr. Pierce to the gratitude accorded him by women, as the first of
specialists in the treatment of women's diseases.
Every sick woman may consult Dr. Pierce by letter, absolutely without
charge. All replies are mailed, sealed in perfectly plain envelopes, without
any printing or advertising whatever, upon them. Write without fear as with
out fee, to World's Dispensary Medical Association, Dr. R. V. Pierce, PresL,
Baflalo, N. Y. f
ZVOCewLcoes wooli. W'oxiaon. Strong,
Slolt Croxxoxx "OFolU
Magnificent Family Hotel. Located in very exclusive resi
dential section. Convenient to Shopping Center, and ail
places of amusement. On car line to beaches. New steel
and concrete building. Superbly furnished. Sixty suites
2 to 6 rooms. One or more elegant private baths, and
large living room, with each suite. Table d'Holfe dinners
included in price of rooms. Breakfast and luncheon a la
Carte. Exceedingly Low Summer Rates. Write for Booklet.
DARBY HOTEL CO., Lessees and Managers
Hotel Twain,
1 r .Argeies, California
nli !tg!ce rooms, with nr without bath. Transient, 75c per day
up Weekly rates- 3 to $10. Hotel near Bhopplng and amusement
district. Electric cars from all doots djrect to hotel W. L.
Uriham. Prop.
A. C. Blllcke
Rates: From J 1.00.
Park Chemical Co.. San Antonio, Tex.
Gentlemen. Enclosed find $1.00 for a bottle
of Stenzel'a Eczema Liquid. You certainly have
the cure for this annoying skin disease. My near
est express office is Washington, D. C.
ALBERT HOOKER, P. O. Box 27. Ballston.Va.
Eczema Liquid
The ease and comfort that follows a simple
application of Stengel's Eczema Liquid will long be
remembered by one who has suffered from eczema.
It goes right down into the pores, soothes, heals,
purifies and makes the skin healthy. Price $1.00
a bottle at r ' 1 T f
Bisbee Drug to.
WStB3BK9BU&tNttKBB3tS3B6MMBueiMttm n. 'nftsuBamTJ
I The Riht j5
Route uAii.sip
Reduced Rates to all principal Eastern and Northern
Summer Resorts. Call at ticket office for any infor
mation desired, or address EUGENE FOX,
Gen. Pass. Agt, El Paso Texas.
been confided to Dr.
Tourist and commercial patronage
solicited. Nicely rumished, modern.
Jno. S. Mitchell
Private Bath: Rates from ll.6
Route of the
Golden. State
?Si trK, -, -91
i ,
Engagement and Wedding
Large Variety of June
Wedding Presents
Opposite Post
(M '
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