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5fll 'J
Insurgents of he Reouolican
Party on Point of Giving
yp All Pretense of
ftitared That All Except La
FoRatte Are Ready to
Jump on the Taft
Band Wagon
Havemeyer Pictured
as Philanthropist By
His Son on the Stand
Saw Various Small Sugai
Concerns Going Into the
Rocks and Saved Them
"WASHINGTON, June 20. The con
solldatlon of the Rational. New York
and the Yonkers Refining companies
into the National -.Sugar Refining com
pany of New Jersey In 1000. was ef-i
160 CRY TO
iBigpst Judgment in
History of California
in Suit For Damages
Enemies of Reciprocity Talk
"Annexation to Frighten
England into Repudi
ating Agreement
fected by the late president. Henry O. HEYBURN TALKS ABOUT
Havemeyer of the American Sugar "BAYONET" IN DEBATE
Refining company "as an act of phil- .
anthropy." according to his son. Mora9Meson Qf Minnesota TakeS
Up Cue and Says Re
ciprocity Will hollow
Havemeyer, who testified today be
fore the house investigating commi'-1
tee. I
Havemeyer, .who will continue his '
story of sugar corporation coups to-)
uuuui-.Miuuuimji.uia ..,u. ivientvnTnv T..-i -ft lRtii
L . ........... t MI nnl V. "VtfimWWl, M..U .. v.
Ut3 Ulice cvujiju.V5 wc-c jj.v.i.K....r
busted." that they were "about on ments in the senate bj Senator Hey
their last legs" and "be saw himself in ' burn of Idaho that "whatever we have
a position where he could either bust taken from England has been taken
up all these fellowsor take them all i at the point of the bayonet, produced
in and he took them all In." I the only tense moment of today's
Motives Were Excellent short debatepn the Canadian recipro-
The witness said that his father's city bill,
purpose in this connection w-as to pre-! Heyburn's remarks, which he latT
serve the properties and their stock-, explained extended only to govern
holders and 'make their business a sue-' ment acquisitions, was challenged by
cess. Senator Bacon of Georgia as a grave
"1 got that evidence," he said, "from matter, in view of the pending arbi
my agent, Mrs. S. T. Peters, who was tration negotiations with England,
a very c'ose associate of his, and Owe Much to England
atout the only person to whom he "We havo more to enjoy that w
talked, except ray mother, in regard i have received from England than of
to business matters. Discussing "is all the rest of tie world put togetner,
(By Victor Elliott.)
WASHINGTON, June 20. The col (the three companies were practically
lapse oi repuDucan insurgency, in so
far as national campaigning is con
cerned seems imminent. The Informa
tion has practically been authorized
by the insurgent leaders themselves
that they will make no organized
effort to rcfeat the renomination of
President Taft.
And of course this means the end
of the once formidable movement
for the formation of a third party"
that is. a third party with some
chance to carry a national election.
There are .plenty of smaller parties
now which call themselves the "third
party." but they do not really figure
in politics.
as it Is now called by some of the father's reasons for selling his com-, said Senator Bacon,
faithful, has centered around half a lrat veIr smaU holdings of about; Senator Gall'nger brourht
Southern Pacific Must Pay
$70,000 for Loss of
Arms and Leg
SAN FRANCISCO. Calif., June 20
The largest judgment ever warded
In this state for personal Injuries
was affirmed by the supreme court
today, which means that the South
era Pacific company must pay Wll
lard R. Clbbell-of Fresno J70.000 in
compensation for the loss of two
arms and a leg.
Cibbell, who is a horseman, was
run -over by a trains on a track
crossing. The jury held the rail
road employes to be criminally
careless and fixed the damages at
This sum was regarded as ex
cessive and was cut to $70,000 by
the trial judge.
McCornn'ck Admits That He
Was Asked to Contribute
to Jack-Pot for Lor-
imer's Election
LorimeiJs Counsel Go for Har
vester Trust and Assert
It Dabbled jn Political
Bunch of Keys Tells
Story of "Handcuff
Queen's" Big Mystery
on the
dozen virile, active, ambitious lead- 1.200 shares of the American Sugar ( controversy by asking if this nation
ers in congress. It has, of course, had ! Refining company, the witness said: did not owe more to England In tne
a following in this country, else! Feared Speculators Vay or reciprocity than it did to Can-
these men would have had nothing "I think he sold it to stop a set of ada, because of thefree trade mar
to lead and would in fact, be some' speculators from putting up the stock fc that England har always given to
where else than Jn congress. But) to where it was bound to result in a this country and the rest of the world,
there has not been any great popular! terrible break In te market and in- Nelson Talks Annexation
imriiln thrfn-i-hrut- flip Ifinrt lont I ra what hp nnnaMprpf. wprfl thp neO-i Qonntnr VplsOn Of Minnesota d-
upon wrecking the two old parties! pie entitled to protection. Some xnan c'ared that his only how of benefit
Masses of Human Bodies
Found on Maine Great
Havoc of Explosion
HAVANA. June 20. The skeleton of
the Slalne. coral encumbered and
swarming with grimy workmen en
gaged In cleaning the upper works and
prnlnrlnf- aa tar as nnssthlp. thp. ex-
and enthroning the new There haai accused him once of running that from the reciprocity agreement as posed interior spaces,. sJood Brectre-j
been a following in congress, out; company for his own benefit and for that it might lead to the annexat on ... . . mornInz aDOve the cool with-!
even this has
WASHINGTON. June 20. through
its first witness. Cyrus H. McCormlck
of Chicago, president of the Interna
tional Harvester company, the Lorl
mer investigating committee succeed
ed today In Introducing into its rec
ords the principal allegation on "which
the senate was induced to reopen the
case against the Illinois senator.
It was to Clarence S. Funk', man
ager o the Harvester company, that
Edward Hincs is alleged to have made
the request for a contribution of
110,000 as part of a fund of $100,000
to be raised in behalf of Lorimer.
Turned Proposal Down
Mr. .McCormlck bald Funk to'd him
of this proposition and said that he
had refused and by his refusal had
won his ' (Funk's) commenda
tion. Mr. McCormlck said further
that the Harvester company had made
a practice to hold aloof froth politics
and to avoid all efforts to influence
legislation. ,
Not an Angel
Taking this as a cue, the counsel
for Lorimer sought to shew that in
many states the company had made an
effort to prevent the passage of bills
While Posing in Front of
Water Tank The Glass
SAN MATEO, Cal, June 20. Two
thousand gallons of water, released
by the breaking of a tank on the
stage of a local theater tonight, nearly
drowned tho members of the orches
tra and dlscomfitted the "Handcuff
Queen," who had been mystifying the
audience by the apparently marvelous
manner in which sho freed herself
from steel shackles.
As she was making her customary
pose before entering the tank in which,
she was to release herself, there was
a crash of glass and the front of the
tank gave away. The woman was
Bwept off her feet by the deluge and
Regal Splendor at Palace in
London, -in Which Thou
sands Sit Down as
Brilliant Shakespearean Ball
Follows in Which Players
Are Depicted By Liv
ing Images.
- --
LONDON. June 20. The most
regal banquet the palace of king br
from her manacled hands there was emperor ever witnessed and the
hurled into the audience a bunch ol gorgeous Shakespearean ball under
-- - . 1 -. - -, - -- ---- - -.-- ... . 11 &t? LIMB UJUIUlUb BWC V-C vui ..-. --..- - ,.......-.- - -.--.-,-. -, ,..
is been undependable. (stock manipulation. It think it was Df Canada. He met Senator Gaiiin- . tn corfer-dam wnen the water level! considered objectionable to it Tie
ly After Cannon. White, the receiver appointed with gers argument that reciprocity . wag reduced to 15 feet. J witness admitted that the company
In the house a ctoud of less than him i. the. m nf th Vorth River oht tn v riven to Mexico and all
half a dozen Insurgents led the fight: sugar Refining company. It made him ' ofier nations if given to Canada, by i
again at vjannomsm, wuicn iron.; go gicjj that he cleared out, as I un- saying that this government toum ui
! hope to annex all the rest of the
I world.
i "But If we can accomplish the an
i nexatton of Canada we will have done
! a great deal," raid Senator Nelson.
Annexation a urcara
Canadian annexat on at this time
dream," said Senaror uaiinger.
le n Canadian by birth. "At one
... t. .... nsMiirail cprtnilslv bT
I llllie II - wuai'i-14 ..-- -., -
' the leading men of Canada, oui now
There were plenty of members ot derstand it."
tnat body wno core the veneranie
speaker personal or other kinds of
rKVtad P M R II M D R E D
non fight. They never did'and never UIU I LnllU IIUIllUilLU
expected to tnrow tncmseives per
manently outside the republican par
ty, however, and. when Cannoniim
no longer remained an issue, these
temporary insurgents drifted back
into the party ranks and have re
mained securely there ever since.
Then, still another blow was given
insurgency in the house when that
body went democratic This Htt'e
band of progressHes no longer held
ars T.-saJTJvs 4&su.j?is seas s.-ssa.'SAS l-stssmmaz denies story
the repumican regulars ana tneni :" j .,. ii,h ,,r ", , Die unui ue mier icvei um uwu i--
-Rita the democratic leaders, for ad- r'uscur -I" , ir v i anaaa- , ther reduced.
One additional foot had been pump
ed out during the night- T,he teduc
tlon served to dUcioaa more terrible
evidence ot the appalling character
of the explosion. Tho lowering of tie
water below the level of the spar deck
had made general opposit'on to legis
latlon providing for the manufacture
of binding twins in prisons.
Try to Break Testimony
McCormick'3 testimony against the
accused senator "as of - hearsay
. .-- r . . iwiKiMn uid:
. M. V-- nn... A l !1 H1IT J " . . . . . . . TT-.
c .. D: lioJ Ml, n.( lnal counlrJ uas """ '" " ". : steam p'pes and other appurtenances- onlooKers were iormer senator iui-
oui vcji uci5 iiiwub iwiui ui strong, seu-ussKi mi u"" ..- -
U raso 10 uonnect
With Mines
amidshins shows the tieck abreast the character onlv. Th attorneys sought
engine room on the port side greatly 1 by every u.eans in their tower to
bulged up1, under which the whole side break it down. The e-idont purpose
of the tehlp appears to have been was to show a generalmotlve for the
blown up. ' oppos tlon to Lorimer and to connect
teel Molded Into Mass the Harvester company with It
Protruding from this apperture are' Little Interest was manifested In
twisted masses of steel, apparently the proceedings today. Among tho
ote-irr. nis nnrt other annurtcnances' onlookers were former
of the engines, but all so distorted kins, whom Lorimer succeeded, and
which published the first charges of
this treaty we will further strengthen , .... ' tn ,, identification 1 James Keller of the Chicago Tribune.
. .. TW"-' -ww.. -.. w .- rf ---- - -- - -
it . . .'for the present which puousnea tne nrsi cnarges
Senator Cummins today introduced Ajongthewrateron the starboard side, irregularity in Lorimer's election
a numoer or ameuuun.-u u .-r .,... , Jg v,slbe the omcers' quarters. An-
o'clock for Pelea, N. M., a station
seven mues wesi 01 .1 t-aso on mc
EH Paso & Southwestern railway,
ins a line up the river through the partment are aiding ana aoeiunb j":
Find Officer's Sabre I . "" .. , . .
nrln, thP oxnloration of the stern 1 HAVKK. June -.-n.-ueneria. uw
supenAructure tday the searchers ' arrived here this morning en route
fonTfan ivory hilted sabre in a fair to Paris. He said he wished o
t-- f t 1 1 ttyUlB. IUU iliVU uioiioureu. wn.'
SfacntruKletc. Q. DEPARTMENT IS
side of the chamber, a faction with
out jwwer and without promise.
In their campaign speeches and
printed ron'ter the house Insurgents
bad cc 't flth great vehemence
that t t V were tired and dis-
mtetfi -' th nnrtlos? (hat tnp
;r . nSSt ..I ?.. Wi the west side of the stream. the mail chute business were maoe , -""-,"1S. , .;;,:.. fund,
""-- " " j. .. - - - . - -- 1 ... . it. Vxon uvvtmlTaA rTi OT. UI V UI IKilUD Ul uiaiiuvo fc u.-
Tne nrsi section 01 me survey w """ . . i- V,r i .:" mn
the captain's 1
...."..-.. i-finn rt an.,,.io. hv. ! deny the statement attributed to
where the corps establlshedjts camp WASHINGTON. June 20.-Charges V"Za tnUeutenlnL now Major Al- him and recently published In the
and began the work today bt survey- that officials of the postofflce de- longed to Lieutenant "?Jl "-J' ;. ; iari9 Temps that the Mexican rqvc-
nnn anoninir m-,i ,-" .. . i.a J . 1 n ri mm rn A mil
uu -. . . ,, ,.. 1 ---! nH 1ULIOUISIS uau iWICilu- auta,uuct
center of the Rio Grande valley on the existence of a monopoly in '"""","' L""Z?,JZh- rMHm. S31.000.000 of the treasury reserve
rcok to stand unon and a new lead-!
orship to tie to. All this they be made to a point Wote i i-?'""- ' ' "r Edn F I They also found in
preached before the November elec- unices on ine west sme "i "". X . nf mall chute cabin a small compass.
tlons ot Mil. Then came the dem-' about 3, miles a ani irom reiev -- V'C-"" york. They com ed. a bottle of bay rum
ocratlc suae, ine nouse went, over- ana irom mere it is iku uo ui- -- --. " i,i,.t.- -v v .n Hrvnd nnfl nthpr artle
whelmlngly denUratlc Republican! vey will be continue up the west side lrW' wh7ch devlloped'ln'the
vnn.invM nrt r.nnmifn in,i,anta ihn .i-tit- innnair. f.npip. rv. jiu i'"".rf - ...
ICUUllD IUJU , .,uu...Aft MtMV, IV UIU .- J vn...v ....n.. ... ,
alike were bowled over and the
new faith Idea was given a terrific
blow. Insurgents found that, after
all, the country was not yearning will be con
very nard for the new leadership.
Situation in Senate,
The position of the Insurgents In
to the wetw
ton and Georgetown,
Arrives at Paris
, frAKi lima 711 lipnpra uiaz ar
iucn corrou- , r ; ----- -- ----- ,r,
t ii n.. riveu nert? at iuiuuikui uuiu nu&v
, iKrircuy l- . . . t ,.- 0, ..., ,-
les The leak ,,u "" sccn;u " -- -
cofferdam yes- tion b? a ,arBe and distinguished com-
.. .( nanv 111 tif iicui n ami liimii uciauuai
monopolization of the business by "roay was scared ana sxoppea uPxn,5 - other M. Fc
the methods of the department. , morning. nuleres of tie forelcn office reirre-
Mr. Naultv declared that his com- Masses of human bodies were also. ?uifrf r ir?. S.. ..' ."zrZ
re 11 IS Deaevea tue suriej - - - loj frnTT1 nm- nml inAnv senuug m. ruiipi, ramiaici ui wicib"
tinned by striking' directly lj"r hd P0, found tod , -affairs, welcomed Diaz in behalf of
i the French government
I At England Yesterday.
BE NAMED FOR ARMY, Plymouth .England June jo.-
' 1 ne Bieauiur iimi.iusu im ci.
near the Elephant Butte dam site.
To Reach Copper Region
From there it is believed the survey
, ..SS Wtlng with the Rochester company, i
ard via Hlllsboro. Kings- Jwrnment contracta and in the 1FWI5H CHAPLAINS TO
rgetown, in the direction " nf nHvate bulidlncs. .JtWian Vl"""-1 "
wrgetown, in tne airecuou . nrlvate buildings.
of F.erro. in the Silver City region, ",""":. .. , -ih i wos
fho Renate. however, has been strong- ,,-,-. tiic Phf.lnc.nnrf no interests. M. . 6 ' ., ' . r
er. It Is stronger now from a vblch own thc Ei Paso & Southwest- I?nCtct8 I07 installation of our mail , WASHINGTON. June 20 -Presl- Daz on board, arrived here last
strategic standpoint, but even so ern railway, have already acquired 52" bause the post office de- dent Taft is to be given an oppor- night and Peded for Havre. Gen
It is not invincible. The democratic , c0 and ,rQndeposits that Smenl would have required bonds tunlty to appoint two Jewish chap- f Wax did not land iSS
victories which cut down the re- h been f , developed. It Is 3'itan "that we could not fur- lains for the array. Representative, "I" t"e British nav- grceted
imblican majority In the senate to , DeiIeved a branch line may be ,hH0I" Sulzer has introduced a bill .pro-' General Diaz on behalf of England
less tnan a oozen g.p i"e W.U1- continued from near tho Elephant viding for two additional chaplains
the auspices of noted society lead
ers, stand forth as the shining feat
t ures of tho second day ot corona
I tlon week. The banquet in Bucktng
1 ham palace tonight was a scene ot im-
perial grandeur so far as the as
I semblage of royal and eminent per
sonages and setting ot costly mag
nificence and beautiful decorations
could make it The king and
, , . . r rWU I Queen emenainea visumg auu .&,-
MeXICan I rOOpS trOtn lninUa-1 Hsh royalties and all the special
him W Leave OfJaV foreign delegations. foreign am-
nua VVIU L-dVB lUUcty basSadors and ministers, officers ot
TOT AriZOna 'state, members ot the cabinet and
1 former cabinet members, heads of
EL PASO, Tex., June 20. Juarez of- the church and judiciary and of
flclalu were notified today tiat 1,500 the army and navy were on hand,
of General Gordillo EscuderO's men Two Rooms Utilized,
have been entered at Chihuahua forj Two of the largest apartments In
service in Lower California The the palace, the ball room and the
three troop trains will reach Juarez big picture gallery which adjoin
Wednesday and will depart Thursday ' w ere utilized as a banquettlng hall,
over the Southern Pacific for Algo- On the tables were displayed a
dones, across the lTno from Yuma, royal gold plate, used only on hls
Ariz. 1 torlc occasions, the cost of which
From El Paso to Yuma each train' is estimated at J15.000.000 and its
will be accompanied by a detachmsat weight at eight tons. This plate
of United States troopers from Colonel for the most part was obtained In
Steever's command to-serve as guards, the reigns of the four Georges. The,
. .other principal piece was a masuive
I peacock captured In one of the In
dian wars whose tail is studded
with diamonds. The eutglass is
' worth a fortune, as are ivory de
canters, hundreds of years old, and
old wines dating back more than
a century
Decorations in Gilt.
The gallery .holds S00 pictures.
The decorations in both rooms are
largel gilt, and the background is
embellished with banks of palms,
and giant lilies, white orchids, roses
and ferns were stacked on the
SAN FRANCISCO, June 20. A dem- me yeoman 01 ine guaru were
onstralon ot what Sunday scboo' as-u uut ur Uu..a ami "" ""
work-has done for oriental children J'ners wore their richest uniforms,
was the most impressive feature otjntion.. gowns and jewels Tho
j ., .i 7T .. Tnto-natinnil Shakespearean ball was held in
todays session f Jf l"tea"onaM Albert Hall, which was elaborately
Sunday School association, now in decorated Tne dancers numbered
convention in this city. Kfv I thousands, while 400 boxes were oc-
Hlndus. Chinese Japanese anJKo.,cud representatives of
reans from the Sunday schooli 10J San fore, nationg and
Francisco participated, the children lnet offlcIais
brfng garbed in the costumes of the' As ma 29 quaari!les were
land of their parents. One hundred danc!ng simultane0usly. the partlc
and seventy-five Japanese. 400 Chinese lfantg represented groups of char
and 12 Korean children took part in slcien from the Shakespearean
the services, and. led by a Chlnpse : playg Leading actors and actresses
boy 10 years old, all joined In singing took part in these quadrilles, along
hymns. with the leaders or the smart set
A quartet- from the Pjesbyterian 1 Notables Present
Chinese mission of San Francisco also ( The duke and dutchess of Con
earned applause. Tho exercises were 1 naugnt Prince Louis and Princess
fo lowed by an address by Rev. Wll-1 victoria of Battenberg, Prince Alex-
.. . . m r1rwr Intarnn ' n. i j .
nam a. iironn ui uivb. .-- anuer 01 lecu rnoce jienry 01
tional missionary superintendent who I Prussia and the princess, the Ger-
gave some personal experience aiong man crown prince, Frederick vvii-
tie firing line. i Ham, and the crown princess, the
Tcdiy was home mission day and Turkish, Russian, Austrian, Japanese
aside from, conferences of home mis- Greek, Danish and American renres-
otAnnriwi frnm thp fields west or tne entntives. were all nrpsent.
Rocky mountains, there were a num-l These functions were tho only
ber ot addresses.
Hindus, Chinese, Japs, Kor
eans and Others Join in
i Requests by leading Hebrews that' SENATOR OF WYOMING
ident Taft with the assertion there
gent senators who alio gained in Butte dam gUe into Socorro county to -rn,imr-ro dci IHcn
mrnhpr. a netter Dosiuon or Tamaec ... .. , , , . r uun a o d.ui .-.- , ,., , tt,, ,, u. .nnni-
Thbody of passives ;ncw 4?''- JQ HAVE PERISHED To army hreTn nt bT ,
thp Twilance of nower. theoretically . . . ., j, , u -.-. ,, . ....,. ,.
It is able to throw luelf , el Ither to "campbXengineer of SAN- BEr.VaSSO. C.U June 20. we no vacancies. Mr. Sulzer says ' WASHINGTON. 3
the.dJl?0C",S ?!J?, Si ",5 maintenance of way of the El Paso & J& Sh tourists are believed to there are a number of Jews in the !?. ?n o Wyom teg n
fl.r v. ,r. . u ivTthkt Southwestern, and it is probable that Kp lost or perished on Mount San Ber- army and he wants mem to we T... 1. . n
01 me uw -.. .-. - - . o ,., devote sonje of his time to nardlno. They left 10 days ago with their chaplain.
T. Oni-rtlral nroDosItlon how- Personally directing the work of the tne intention of exploring Frost can- ...,. - .
PVPr thelnatTlnsSu are not corps in the field. yon-where ice is perpetual, and have HNDU CANNOT BE A
able to control the organization ot B'g Kians Ancao not since been neara irom.
ThP senate The democrats will not, There continues to be much specu- In the party -are Gus Jordan. Mark
he announced that soon he was to
marry Miss Clara Le Baron Morgan
of New York- and Washington.
Mips Morgan Is the daughter of
the late John' T. Morgan of Groton.
fVinn.- nnrt Is about 35 years old. In
!S the-," except to put through latlon In El Paso and I other places r-don and George McDonald. and aAAxfpv- T, .. .0 J fl? Z?i en sending
ff?15L.rSS. xCaenpat SXS "5S."oSSS tW -1 Car W W 1:0 er winders irr Washington with her
o7 put-'mrugh 'melr own cauc.s., i nB to gnu CARDNAL SCORES THE , 7 Tw"o'Tee T&'lSSXZ
as they have done in the fight for a the establishing of a great copper - .. ,ft r.ii pfv nr ihn aureestlon. been a widower nine years. He has a
president protern. put ina is -eB--. smeumg jra near u . -. -. - .-"-"' --. Vt , tasked the advice of the i.roner son. Fred E. Warren of Cheyenne.
. . Im , r T TVI-1 T 1 V- I-.-l-I II- '-4H1II1II llil i Hi:rB. - aim ! -!- b. - uuuua a - - v- . - -
tire Instead of positive
Meek and oociie
This Tfllght of insurgency kas
proved discouraging to Its leaders
The house progressives are rarely
heard of in me present cousi-ss.
largest coking plant in the west.
RAKERSFIELD. Calif.. June 20
A conservative estimate of the loss tn the home.
U1UJUU8 1U UUUKM " .v.- ..v ... .w -. r -- . ...!. it f
mencement exercises of St Jceph's , authorities at Washington and reccir- .Wyo, and a daughter, the viiie ot
College and Academy, Emmitshurg, ed the vague reply tnat tne -question ungaaier ueuvr, uu -- .,
scored woman's suffrage. He said- ( is cne for the courts to settle." now in the Philippines.
"I tMnlr thp nlara for woman is . I
. . -. - - -- - , .... ' Hjnr- .A al
Women should not. OFFERS REWARD FOR BANDITS. t-vrciwi il.
bcSStonallr they flare up. but they m the Maricopa are by underwrtt- want to vote, but if they took suchj BOISE Idaho. June 20.-Governor ROMB, June 2a-A 1 reporw cen
1 docile as any other followers Pr8 i8 jtoOO. The Insurance is interest in the affairs of their bus- Hawley has offered a reward of 500 cernfng the popefs III health are
tyl$28100 One was killed and four Danas ana oromera iae comu ci- ior tne capture, oeaa or aiive, oi me wiu.u
tedtgererely hurt One third of tho ly havo them cast their ballots in, two bandits who shot Conductor Wll- Hfs holiness has only suffered
itr business section burned. The- en- the-right manner. In doing thl iiam Kldd and Deputy Sheriff Melton from slight symptoms of the gout,
Itire town and adjoining soil"' fields women willrbe the champion ot what on the Oregon Short Line traia'Bear but for some time has been quite
"' VVrrre threatened "" s richf I Spencer Saturday. ". ". U J '&.
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part of the day's events. In the
morning the king received most, of
the foreign envoys formally. In
TRY TO RcAlH rULblwent through a rehearsal of the
i coronation at the" Abbey and later
NEW HAVEN, June 20. Instead gave a speclaj audience to John
of trying to reach the South Pole, I Hays Hammond, who presented to
Harry Whitney, the New Haven his majesty a letter from President
sportsman who figured 1n the Peary- Taft. The king also received the
Cook episode, has left home for a Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and Per
huntlng trip of several months wlth'8ian envoys, who presented decora
Frank Carnegie. They have started tkras from their sovereigns. The
for the Canadian Rockies and will, other important events of the day
go to Alaska, returning to the United included lunches to the dominion
States about November. premiers and mayors, a party by
They have purposely kept their, the duke and duchess of Devonshire
plans secret departing without giv- and a review of the Colonial troops
lng any details of their expedition, i ir War Secretary Haldane.
Whitney believes the rarest game
"iJfffi T"npX,Swi GEMS WORTH $12,000
have accompanied him to the Arctic GONE; BUTLER BLAMED
regions when he made the trip with
Peary. PHILADELPHIA. June 20-Wato
Noby. a Japanese butler to Mrs.
tiKOIIItll TAtfCC Dl APP George Kramer of No. 215 North Thl-
V ALU UM 1ANCO rLHUC ty-fifth street, has disappeared. Af-
0F OLD TIME BROOM Uerward Mrs. Kramer missed $12,000
I worth of jewelry. The police are seefc-
CHICAGO, June 20. "The Knight lng Noby to ask If he knows anything
ot the Broom" has become "The of the robbery
Knight ot the vacuum Cleaner" on unl 'ast weeK airs. iv.ramer en
every Pullman car on the Chicago, gaged Wato from a restaurant In,
.... . -.-.1 1 1 .. ' ,4. a .. .1 . fc a n.A t .lAnn,,-. IA7 1 A w
nornngion ana wu-ncy i-uc. mcmuuius-1": .,. ,i,4..ft. ,-...,
The -whlskbroom for sanitary rea- she returned the butler from next a
sons has been relegated like other, had to climb through a skyugn
antiquated things, and the passen- let her in.
rers hereafter will feel a "vacuum) Mrs. Kramer found that her
thrillV "as the new device breathes -had been opened and Kef jewel
In 11 tho dust of travel. 1 was rone. Wato was areo goc-
-' TffiT'--.ni iiwmi m ii ""'' "ZStmmmtm mmnm.vmmmtotfte
mMiwtoyftz-- -" -"' "
rr .irtMw---"--"!
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