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V -"k
ray3?B ;:-v:, J
ir "i rr iTJ -"
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bo passed upon by the court before It
la put into effect. ,
"That has nothing to do with us
be said. "We must act according to
the decision In our case."
-U!i.4 Al YjiV f
myifcMO V ,r-
When it is considered the separate
capitalization of the companies named
in the government's case ranged trom
ir.n nnft tn morn than $23,000,000. with
dividend rates and" book values ot the
various stocks shown by wide differ
ences, the magnitude of the task of
maklnff an equable distribution ot
their stocks may be appreciated.
One of the companies with a capi
tal of 15,000.000 made profits of S3.-
506,237, and its stock had a oook vai'
ue of more than $20,000,000. Another. are pianning to be on the coast and
by contrast, with a capitalization of in tne Angel City next month when
$10,000,000 showed profits in that year.tne reunion takes place,
of $2,S03,056, and Its stock had a judge 8. W. Purcell ot this city
book value of $3,364,712. is chairman of tho executivo corn-
Small Stock Embarrassing. .mlttee and board of directors of the
w , jiii th nmn. ' Hassayampa club, having been named
The problem of dividing the Pro position at tho annual meet,
erties among share holders is further , ycQr He Qa8 outMned a
complicated by the fractional distn-. progran which jf carried out on the
butlons which would be necessary to ,,ne8 p,anncd will make the 1911 re
eive stockholders in the $100,000,000 ,,,,,.- . .nrressfiil the club
holding company a part In such sub-, nag jcnown. and has sent that oat
sidiaries for instance as have a cap-i1Ine t0 jonn s. Mitchell, the club
ital of $100,000 or less. Secretary.
During the four years slnco tcei In his letter to Mr. Mitchell Judge
suits were Instituted there have been ' Purcell said in part: "I am now ar-
,, .nhctnntini roviainns ur. ' ranging a program for the club meet.
ward In the capitalization ot the ' which, as ,1 understand It. is to be
Standard Oil subsidiaries which may, held on the third Wttoutor. Thurt-
i-.i -i .i . ., nf dar and Frldar in August.
ul"'a,J,.!",i 4"c . IE-.r: "Mr idea of tho entertainment Is
XCT- XSm similar to last yea, addjnga
But It Will Be Done Judi
f ciously Court Order Will
Be Followed By Cor-poration
NEW YORK, July 12. Plans otthe
Standard Oil. it was learned yester
day, are for a literal obedience of the
decision ot the supreme court and the
division ot the company into its mul
titudinous subsidaries rather than
the separation of the great business
Into parts representing Its six general
departments crude oil. pipe lines, re
fineries, by-products, barrel aud can
factories, and transportation.
Will Follow Orders.
An active director derived yosier
day that the company wan'd be guid
ed" solely by the decision, whica he
explained had not et been HId. "Of
mino' hp nald. "we know what the
terms of the decision are and we rave, stock
been studying the problem in
il!?ht nf what we know
Incidentally, he said that the work
ot arranging the details ot the disso
lution ot the $100,000,000 holding com
.pany, far from being completed, as
current reports have had It. would re
quire many months of labor, and the
company might finally ask for more
May Take Eight Months.
"It may take six months and It may
require eight," he said. The decision
of the supreme court gave "the com
pany "at least six months," but the
American Tobacco decision added a
period ot sixty "days' grace, which it
Is to be presumed could be obtained
by the Standard Oil company should
It be necessary.
Complete Separation.
Although the director would not
go into the details, he explained that
a literal observance of the supreme
court's decree necessitated a com
plete separation of the company Into
its many subsidiaries, of which thlrty-
mree were defendants in tne appeal. a celluloid memorandum tablet
Contrary to the general opinion, he j that can be- attached to a man's
saW, the company was not waiting fori cuff and slipped out of tho way up
the court's opinion on the American J his coat sleeve when not In use Is
Tobacco reorganization, which will ' a novelty.
Hew Features Added to the
Program for Late Next
TUCSON. July 12- At this period
of the year the minds ot many Art
zonans turn to Los Angeles and the
annual reunion of tho Hassayampa
club. So It Is this year, ana many
I the shares of the subsidiaries held hy
the Standard Oil company ot New
few wild west features. I have ar
ranged to have six of the best genu
ine sianaara uu "PPW . , Ine cys and sharpshooters of
Jersey would not affect the control. Arf w,th twelvo thoroughbred
of the various constituents. At the,ranch h'orge8 and j.lve cxhiDlUon
time the suit was under way the hold-1 on 8treet8 ot Venice of cowboy
ings or John D. Rockefeller In the,,, Bnarpshootlng and horsemanship.
Standard Oil company of New Jersey Tnls wH1 rractlcallr bring out 10,000
were put at 247.C92 shares out of the j people irom lo8 Angeles to enlce.
$9S,338,300 outstanding capitalization,. 'Then there will, of course, be
a trifle over 23 per cent. The majority I th0 banquet at your hotel and his
of the stock Is contained in the hold- trill be followed by a theater party,
lngs of twelve other Individuals and j where the theater manager win put
estates, all closely associated with i on a number of wild west stunts in
Mr. Rockefeller. ; addition to th ercgular program.
' For the benfit of tho newcomers
Recent experiments in Germany to Arizona it may be said that the
indicate that drainage waters do not Hassayampa club is" an organization
take any more plant food away
from fertilized soils than from un
For -polishing places on metal work
not easily reached an emery cord
has been devised, a strong thread
being coated with finely powdered
of old-timers In the territory. Flow
ing through a desert country there is
a stream of water which to tVo
Arizonan Is sweeter than nectar or
any other drink, for In no other
stream In any country Is there such
water as Is found In the bed of
Hassayampa". As to this stream there
is a legend that when one has once
touched lips to this water, has drank
from the Hassayampa. he cannot
if he would, and would not It he
could, ever again speak truthfully ot
Arizona and all that pertains to tha
sun-kissed territory he or she loves
r , , .. m rrr: :
What Doth It rrofrit A Man it He Is
Untruthful To His Advertising And Loseth
His Best Trade?
so well. Kaca year two or three bar
rels of tho water ot tho Hassayampa !
Is sent to Los Angeles, to be usea
at tho annual banquet, vhcre it
the choicest of the many beverages
that are served. In this water the
Massayampas renew the Bpirlt ot
prevarication which it is said to
Imbue them with.
Change in Time of Holding
Encampment Does Not
Help Attendance
Over 200 members of tho Nation
al Guard ot Arizona have gon
into camp at Camp Brodle
seven miles from Yavapai'
capital. The encampment will last
ten days, andk after it Is over thir
ty picked men will remain tT"o
weeks longer trying out for posi
tions on the Arizona rifle team
that will be sent to the national
shoet at Sea Girt, New Jersey.
Company F of Clifton, Companies
G of Douglas, K of Tucson, H and
L of Yuma, and Troop A of Mo
reacl arrived in Phoenix Sunday
afternoon. Company C of Tempe,
with several members of Company
D of Mesa, came over from the
south side. Companies A and It
of Phoenix each furnished a few
men. Company E is stationed et
Prescott and Company 1 will be
down from Flagstaff. In all there
will be between three and four
hundred men in camp.
It was hoped that the change in
time for holding the annual en
campment would result in a greater
attendance, but such did not prove
to be the case. Heretofore the en
campments have been held in the
tall, and it has been complained
that many students who were mem
bers of the guard could not get
away because their schools begin tn
September. But It happened this
summer that many of the guards
men could not leave their employ
ment. Colonel A, M. Tuthlll of Morencl
Is in command of the troofw, and
he was In Phoenix several days ar
ranging for the mobilization ot the
regiment and Its transportation to
Prescott. He was assisted by Ad-lutant-General
L. W. sCosslns, 11a-
a t t
aoa ether
in sewing Is certain when you
use the Standard System ot
cutting. It Is simple, accu
rate, scientific and above all
it is Practical.
It can be ussd to cut eytrr
flnd of garment worn by
the human family. In any
style or fashion with scien
tific accuracy. No guess work.
No uncertainty. No altering.
Don't delay in enrolling for
a course of an unlimited num
ber of lessons. Price very
First floor Mrs. Fannio
Black's residence.
Opposite Loretto Academy.
Leave car at Hl&gin'a Hill
Dress Cutting
I Academy
The Great German Doctors whom Har
riman consulted said that Beer and Bread
were man's best food. J We sell you good
brer cheaper than milk. J $3.50 for 2
dozen quarts at any grocery store or call
BOSTON & BROWN and they will inform you
how to buy good beer cheap. -:- :- -:-Don't
Pay The Freight 1
llfc jsk i? MS
5SW mrM m m&m.
WW WS o;nlv MiPMr
nssr. ". - .
in advertising. The advertisement
hich wins the reader Is the one
which convinces him of its depend
ability. 'Confidence is basic in alt
commercial transactions. Surely it
is fundamental in advertising.
(Extra Charge i
ri. tA C&WAVAAOy
You must believe before you will bujr Herein lies the
cash worth of confidence in adverUslng. If it were not true
that the suits that embrace this offer represent regular vat
ues from $18.60 to 525. wo could not afford to tell you
To exaggerate or misrepresent things to Induce you to
come here, and then disappoint you after you came would
be business suicide. The large sums spent annually by
this store to create confidence and sell merchandise would
be wasted if we did not live up to the promises in our
advertisements. tr,1 treflg!ftfVife- .
It Is an Inviolable rule with this
store to sell every suit In the sea
son for which it was made. In
putting on this $15. Sale of Men's
Suits We're simply following the
well trodden commercial path which
leads to success in modern merchandising.
jor Carl Hayden
The company commanders on the
encampment are: Company u. cap
tain Earl W. Hill; Company C, Cap
tain William Woolf; Company E.
Captain E. J. Mitchell; Company F.
Captain B. R. Lanneau; Company
G, Lieutenant Zelony; company n.
Captain P. C Bayne; Company I.
Captain A. J. Fairfax; Company K,
Captain Andrew P. Martin: Com
pany L, Captain P. O. Spfttler.
e s
Blacks are
It is true, these suits formerly sold fdr S1S.50; $20 00. $22.50
$2'.00 and they we're not overpriced at these fig
ures. Perhaps you, or a friend ot yours bought one earl
ier in the season at the regular price. It you did, you
didn't pay one -cent too much. You received full Talue
for your money. You got as good a suit as the price
would buy anywhere In Blsbee. or any other city for that
Your Free And Unrestricted
Maricopa county with $21,100,000
will lea all other counties in the
territory In the maUer of property
valuation for taxable purposes this
year. This will be an Increase of
$3,29,4u.31 over the valuation of
a oar ago. ' Cochise then, as for
the three years before, was the
leader, but .its valuation has fallen
slightly this year, so that it is only
a little more than $19,000,000. It Is
believed that therMI be about $10,
000,000 added to the territorial ve
nation, so that there ought to be a
decided lowering ot the tax rate for
both county and territorial pur
poses. "
The greater part of the Increase
In this county 13 made on Improve
ments though there Is a 10 per oent
raise on land.
TUCSON. July 12. When the fig-i
ures for the year are compiled and j
the footings made up that show the .
exports Irom this country into Mex
ico it will be found that the republic '
to the south has been even more im
portant as a oustomer of Uncle Sam
than ever before It may be that
there will bo found a falling oft in
fcomo of the usual shipments, such
as machinery, but on the other hand
there will be a great increase ln1
foodstuffs tor it is tho American
farmer who nas benefitted most
from the revolution In Mexico. It
was a detriment to the mining man
and to the railroad man in Mexico
with American capital, so juso was.
It a detriment to the manufacturers
ot machinery and to "the Aemrican
steel Industry for It checked rauroaa
vork. It may be that less clothing
has been exported, but since peace
was declared and until crops are
harvested It Is tho American farmer
who has fed and will feed the
As soon as peace was declared tho
duly on wheat and other foodstuffs
was rawed by the provisimu govern-1
ment, effective until July 1. When
ln iliifa ...IvaiI thorn CTrn atfll nf) '
Mexican crops and the time was
extended. In that way Mexico met
and averted the danger of famine.
Now crops are growing and soon
the duty will be ended. Meantime,
however, the shipments go on mer-
rily from the north and the balance ,
In favor of the United States In
trade grows greater dally. It is this;
tnat Btjouiu raaKe vj.ii a oanuer
year on business between this coun
try and the Mexican republic
Saturday Evening Post: Wages for
farm bands in the states west of the
eastern slopes of the Rocky moun
tains are 50 per cent a'gLer than in
Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and
Wisconsin; but a report published by
the department of agriculture in May
the result of an Investigation by
more than E000 correspondents
shows that the total cost ot producing
wheat in the Western states Is only
52 cents a bushel, while the Central
states above named it is 72 cents a
bushel. Moreover, in the Western
states the average yield an acre is
over twenty-four bushels, while in the
Central states it is under nineteen
bushels. With a cost of production
40 per cent higher and an average
yield an acre nearly 25 per cent low-'
er, any standpat logician might eas
ily demonstrate that the Central
states would be wiped out ot exist
eoca as wheat raisers by the West
era states unless they were protectee
by a stiff duty. Since April 4. in fact.
the Congressional Record has contam
ed a ton of argument, based upon
statistics fwar less convincing, that
agriculture in thl3 country will be de
stroyed by free competition wim
Canada. As a matter of fact, the
suae report b the department of ag-1
ritnlture shtws that wheat lands in j
tbee Badty handicapped Contra!
states are the most valuable In thej
country, rislns above $112 an acre In.
niinois and averaging over JS5 ror an !
five s tates. while In the Western!
states the sverase value is under $59
an acre.
CARETTO &. CO., Proprietors
Board by the tnor.th $25.00 or
by mea tickets. Try us and
you'll be convinced.
Main Street, BItbee, Arizona
v cf counterfeit
Smoke a j
B!a.ok Commercial
And Forget! Your I Troubles
La Internacional Cigars
TheStandard oiQualitv
The Right Sizes The RightColors jThe Right Prices
and High (Blass (Bafe
European Plan
Special $1.00 Table d'Hote Dinner From 5:30 to 8:00 P. M.
The Home of Arizonans
Hotel Orndorfi
Experts have estimated that there ,
are 200,000,000 tons of soda In al
recently discovered deposit of that;
useful mineral in British East Af i
Famous Indian Hot Springs
A noted resort for health and
pleasure. Rate 2.00 to $3.00
per day Twenty minutes rido
Irom Hot Springs Station, Gra
ham county, Arizona. These
wonderful waters are recom
mended to euro rheumatism,
gout, dropsy, liver, kidney and
stomach troubles, blood dis
eases and women's ailments,
mlng pool; also fish lake and
boating, lawn tennis and cro?
derful mud and mineral baths.
If you are sick, get well, if well get pleasure.
ALEXANDER BROS. Proprietors.
9 gzA
Pointed Paragran
Chicago News: One , way tcac
quire trouble marry it
Poverty is the only luxury tha
the rich can't afford.
We all squander money 01
schemes that won't work.
The average man doesn't add an
dlgnltyto the office he fills.
Wit may make a good sauce
but it's too rich for a steady diet
Cupid has enslaved thousands, but
refuses to be enslaved ntmaeu.
It is almost as easy for Teauty
to win a contest as it is to lose
H later
Vever tell a man he is a fool;
e11 not beilevo you, and you will
make an enemy of him.
There's one peculiarity about wo
men the more a man knows about
them the more ho has to learn.
No man or woman has ver been
educated to great usefulness o
lasting dlsUnctlon outside the school
ot adversity.
Many a man who seems to be
fjnifK, Tti mlfffifniiB mthnfl!flfin
sndjeslr crows cold when hasdet
' 8 subscription lit to raise monei
S to
paint the church.
New Drug .That Quickly Removes
These Homely Spots
There's no longer the slightest
need ot feeling ashamed of your
freckles, as a new drug, othlne
double strength has been discovered
that is a positive cure for these
homely spots.
Simply get one ounce of othlne
double strength from Central Pharm
acy and apply a little ot it at
night, nnd in the morning you wUl
see that even the worst have be
gun to disappear, while the light
freckles, have vanished enurely. it
is seldom that more than an ounce
Is needed to completely clear tho
skin and gain a beautiful clear com
plexion. Be sure to ask for the double
strength othlne, as this is sold nrf
der guarantee of money back if it
falls to remove the freckles. 161.
Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Co.
We Are Now In the Market for
the Purchase of Copper Ore
and Copper Matte
Correspondence Solicited
, General Office
iy '-
! i -L.
- r --it. . a
V MifiiJ '' a
.'V -
HiBMwmiMiMfrniirTMwniMinrrfni ' r t. '
iMMMHMsMHHHBffBwaiinlWTaninBTmYaiTHmTiK .1j

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