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- ..
dosing Game This Afternoon
of Series of the Warren
District League
Just one more tall game and the
"diamond will be turned oter to the
cows, and later on to the tow-headed
hero of the gridiron. The old sajlng
that the beat always comes laBt Is
likely to receive some support, when
the qolts of Callahan, the tribe of
ball playing Irishmen, will play the
Piratical Crew selected from the
ranks of the Bankers and the Tigers.
Callahan sas that his team will
win this afternoon just to make a sea
son straight of -wins, but .neiertheless
the fans beliexe that It will be the
hardest game the champions hae had
since the season began. It Is a chance
that the Pirates will defeat the Colts,
and the, said Pirates are going to do
all that is in them lies to cop a vic
The game will begin at 2 o'clock,
the management anticipating that the
game may go longer than nine innings
for a fall The line-up of the teams
will be as follows:
Pirates. Position. Colts.
Pearce c. Kelly
Urophy, Ferguson. p... Ross Champion
Chapman lb Ljons
Chapman, J 2 b 3?.HIcks
Brown 3b Alien
Engelder ss F. Champion
Buchanan If Crltchley
Hughes, Krebs. . .cf Callahan
Ining .rf Gill
British and Americans Contesting for
RiQht to Challenge
NEW YORK. Sept. 9. The Ameri
cans scored heaily In the prelimi
nary tennis matches to decide wheth
er this country or England shall fur
nish the team to play for possession
of the Davis sup, now held by Austra
lia. Two singles matches were play
ed, both is on by Americans. W. A.
Lamed, the seven-time American
.champion, won from C. H. Dixon,
British, three sets In five.
II E. McLoUghlin of California de
feated A. H. Lowe, British, three in
five. These victories start the Ameri
cans with two points out of a series
of five. The doubles will be played
on Monday and the balance of the sin
gles on Tuesday.
SAN" FRANCISCO; Sept. 9. Dr.
John Grant Lyman, a promoter well
known in anany large cities, is held
in jail without ball on a charge of at
tempting to defraud clients out of $50,
000, by using the mails to promote the
Panama Development company. Ills
lrcsectuses are held to be false, and
Five years ago he was charged with
defrauding E E. Shentels, of Chicago
of $10,000 in a Goldfield mining deal.
It is asserted" that Lyman does not
own any of the land he advertised and
sold for five dollars an acre.
T IS PLAIN that religion will
. not thrive Vlth a bad itomach.
and the poor cooking will show Klf In
wretched feellnga.
i Thfir ura manv cooks who will not
take the trouble to save small quan
tities of sour cream. It Is really a val
uable article of food and may be used
In numberless ways in food combina
tions, saving butter, sweet cream and
other shortening.
Sour cream makes a good salad
dressing, a filling for pie together with
raisins and eggs. Gingerbreads, cook
ies of all kinds and fried cakes are al
ways to be depended upon for keep
ing Qualities when sour cream is used
in their composition. Here are a .few
ways of using sour cream in cakes:
.Nut Cake, Take three-fourths of a
cup of sour cream, one cupful of sugar,
one and a half cupfuls of flour, one
cup of chopped English walnut meats,
one egg. one-half teaspoonful each of
salt and soda; flavor to taste. Bak
In a loaf nearly an hour in a moderate
Feather Cake Take a cup of thick
aour cream, one cupful of sugar, two
cupfuls of flour sifted with a teaspoon
ful of soda and one of baking powder,
a.haif teaspoon of salt, one egg, a tea
spoonful of vanilla. Bake in a loaf.
Spice Cake To three-fourths of a
cup of sour milk add the same amount
of sugar, one and a half cupfuls of
flour, two tablespoonfuls of corn
starch, a teaspoonful each of baking
powder, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg,
sifted with flour, and a half teaspoon
of salt and soda, one whole egg and
the yolks of two. Bake in layers and
put together with boiled frosting. .-
Cream Cakss. Use the above recipe
and bake th. cakes, in gem irons,
sprinkling over each a little granulated
sugar and putting a raisin in the cen
ter before baking.
n ii i r
o ill vj v
National League
Won Lost Pet.
New York 7S 43 Mi
Chicago 75 47 .015
Pittsburg , 7C D5 .580
Philadelphia . .., ,.C8 67 .514
St. LouU .. 65 G2 .512
Cincinnati GS 68 .460
Brooklyn . 49 75 .393
Boston 33 93 .202
American Leaaue
Won Lost Pet.
Philadelphia . ,. 85 45 .65.4
Detroit 78 02 .600
Cleveland . ..., 09 CO .534
New York 70 CI .534
Boston 69 C7 .507
Chicago 62 67 .481
"Washington . 54 76 415
St. Louis 38 92 .292
Coast League
AVon Lost PcL
Vernon 94 64 .576
Portland 87 67 .571
Oakland 89 77 ,53G
San Francisco 77 88 .466
Sacramento 71 90 .441
Los Angeles 6S 97 410
Both Philadelphia-Boston games
postponed; rain.
At Brooklyn It. IL E.
Brookljn 4 15 0
New York '4 6 1
Rucker, Erwln; Crandall, Wiltse,
Malhewson and Wilson. Called on
account of darkness.
At Cincinnati R, H. E.
Chiclnnati 3 4 1
Chicago 1 7 2
Suggs,, McLean; Mclntyre, Chesney
and Needham.
At Pittsburg It. H. T.
Pittsburg 4 8 2
St. Louis 12 0
Leifeld, Simon; Harmon, Rels and
Second feme: R. H. E.
Pittsburg 2 .1 0
St. Louis 7 11 3
Caanltz, Robinson and Simon;
Woodburn, Bresnahan.
At New York R. H. 11
New York ..5 11 2
Washington .. 1 5 1
Ford, Blair; Walker. Street. (Thir
teen innings.
At Phlmpn - T? II V.A
Chicago 0 4 1
Detroit 14 1
Scott, Block; Mullen, Stanage.
At Boston 'R. H. E.
Boston 21
Philadelphia 0 6 2
O'Brien, Williams; Plank, Krause,
Danforth and Thomas, Lapp.
At SL Louis R. H. E.
St. Louis 2 6 3
Cleveland 9 10 1
Moser, Hamilton and Southwick;
Kaler, Easterly.
At Oakland R. II. E.
Oakland 5 11 2
Los Angeles 2 7 2
Pernoll, Gregory and Pearce; Ag
new, Lev erenz ana Adams.
At Portland R. H. E.
Portland 0 5 2
Sacramento 1 3 2
Harkness, Lalongc; Hunt, Thomas.
A Los Angeles R. H. E.
Vernon 8 11 2
San Francisco .'.. 1 6 1
Miller, Castleton and Hogan; Mil
ler, Melkle and Berry.
At Oakland R. II. E.
Oakland 2 9 1
Los Angeles ... 3 8 2
Tlater, Mitze; Leverenz, Nalla and
At Portland . R. H. E,
Portland . ... 4 10 0
Sacramento , 1 7 3
Steen, Mubn; Byram, Thomas.
At Los Angels R. H. K.
Vernon 13 16 1
San Francisco 5 If 3
Brackenridge, Brown; Henley, Fan
ning and Berry.
Thus He Escaped the Honor His
Townsmen Had Arranged
HUMBOLDT, Sept. 9 Frank Gotch,
world's champion wrestler "Dewey.
ized" the people of his home today
by arriving unannounced. They in
tended a big reception but tnocham
pnto's unheralded arrival knocked the
plans away.
pected happened today In the Jnter
collcgtate lawn tennis championship
finals. Harvard defeating Yale for the
Bfngles title. Whitney for Harvard
walked away from Mann of Yale, 6-1,
6-2,. 6-3. Princeton yesterday won the
doubles championship.
Series of Two Games Next
Saturday Afternoon and
Callahan's Colts have accepted the
challenge of the Cananea ball team
for a game to be played at Cananea
on September 16 and on the follow
ing day. The first game will be pla'ed
on Saturday afternoon and the second
on Sunday morning, the Colts return
ing to Bisbee In tho afternoon.
Whilo the challenge was sent to
Captain Callahan of the Colts, the
best team that could be selected will
bo sent against tho Quicn Sabes.
Even with this sort of a selection,
however, the majority of the players
of the team that will Invade Mexico
are Colts, tho only player drafted be1
lhjr Chapman, the first sacker of tho
Tho game will be a hard one for
the Colts, as a number of tho players
on tho Cananea team are old Cactus
league playeis. The first game will bo
played for expenses and the second
for a split of the gate receipts. Fol
lowing will bo the line up of the
Cananea Position Blsbee.
Adams ..... . c Kelly
Reardon p Champion
Machlenkamp . . lb Chapman
Dugan 2b Hicks
llhlnehart . . . ss -..Champion
Holt 3b Allen
Boland If Crltchley
Hodges ct Callahan
Carmlchael . . . rf Gill
The offering tonight at the popular
Main street playhouse Is one for
which the management can justly feel
proud. The star picture for .the en
tertainment is 'The Trappers Five
Dollar Bill," which is taken from O.
Henry's famous comedy story, The
Whlrlygig of Life." The setting is
In the mountains of Kentucky and the
story deals with a mountaineer and
his ,wlfe who have a five dollar bill
and can't agree on spending It.
The comedy in this film is of that
unlquo quality which distinguishes all
the w ork of 'ita. lamented and gifted
author and makes a most, entertaining
and enjoyable picture. j
'Tho Geranium" is a picture, story
which is fully as good as tie, .feature
subject named above, th,ouh- tt deals
with dramatic rather than comedy sit
uations. Its chief charm lies in its
atmosphere of poetry and sentiment.
The two Vltagraph children who
have filled so many parts well in;
other photoplavs, will have prominent
parts in this.
A beautiful scenic, entitled, "On tin
Coast of Bengal," will be shown. The
scenes are: The City of Calcutta,
on the Hoorah bridge, gathering cc
coanuts, a rubber plantation, and a
camel caravan. In all a very com
mendable travelogue.
The other films to be shown are
"At the Gringo Mine," a westorn
drama, and "The Struggle for Life,"
an Italian drama.
SHORTHILLS, N. J., Sept. "9.
Yale again won, through the playing
of George Stanley, the Intercollegiate
golf championship. Stanley won from
Henry Broyburn of the University of
Pennsylvania, five and four.
SYDNEY, N. S. W., Sept 9. Jack
Lester of Cleelum, Wash., defeated
"Bill" Lang, the Australian heavy
weight, for the championship of Aus
tralia The battle went the full
twenty rounds scheduled. Lester was
awarded a decision on points.
The Foremost Institution of Dramatic Instructors
in America. Actually the Largest, Save One
Fifteen Rooms and a private Theater, occupying the Entire
Top Floor of the Hamburg Majestic Theater Building, Ninth
and Broadway, Los Angeles, California.
A large Faculty of Acknowledged Authorities In every branch
of Dramatic Art, most of them actively and prominently esn
nected with the Theater at the present time. v
I m p o
No other dramatic school, anywhere, can claim such an affil
iation as wa possess a working agreement with the largest the
atrlcal corporation west cf the Mississippi river, whereby our
successful graduates step from our rooms DIRECT to splen
did engagements on recognized stages.
TAKE NOTE: THOMAS TAYLOR DRILL, the foremost vocal
authority in this country, and Director of two of Chicago's lar
gest Choral Societies,' Is now Head of the Musical Conserva
tory just established within the Egan School.
The Eleventh Successful Season Has Just Started,
but such are our facilities that STUDENTS MAY
Authorities of Milwaukee De-
cide Meeting Would Be
Violation of Law
MILWAUKEE, Sept 9. Sheriff
William Arnold announced this after
noon that there would be no bout be
tween the .lightweight champion, Ad
Wolgast, and Packy McFarland next
Friday night.
The sheriff acted on an opinion
handed him by the district attorney
that the fight would be a violation of
the law. Practically every seat in
the house has been sold.
Tho opinion of the district attornej
held that boxing matches are not Il
legal, but that this is no boxing match.
Ho believes that the Intent of the pro
moters clearly Indicates that the af
fair "will bo- nothing else than a prlzo
fight which is Illegal. The principals,
says the opinion, aro both recognized
champions in. their class and Intend
to meet for a large money prize and I
beliovo the affair would be a prize
fight such'ns Is prohibited by law. It
cannot take place.
v Socialist aldermen condemn In
strong terms tho action of tho district
attorney and sheriff.
BUFFALO. N. Y., Sept. 9. May
Sutton of Pasadena won the interna
tional woman's championship title and
a cup at tennis today, defeating Miss
Noyes of Toronto, 6-1, 6-1. Nat 'lles
of Boston won the men's singles cham
pionship, defeating Charles Benton of
Cleveland in straight sets.
CINCINNATI. O. .Sept. 9. Ed
Hearne, driving a Flat, won the 200
mlle automobile road race today.
John Jenkins, in a Cole, won the 150
mtle race. Six accidents occurred but
none resulted more seriously than in
sprains. Hearne's time was 3:55.38.
Fire Insuiancc
and 'Real Estate
Kline, LeHon & Marks Btdg.
Main Street
Phona ...... 10
a new policy we ndd a namo to our
growing list of wise people. Wo want
to add your name to that list We
know it is'merely thoughtlessness that
has left you without
You know its benefits and advan
tages. So ,wo urge jou to give us the
order to write you a policy today. You
may keep on forgetting it too long.
Johnson &. Haigler
Phone 76
r tant!
The new number eight copper toll line between Bisbee.
Benson and El Paso is now open for commercial use.
fW l
. I ..
t "t "
at the following rates for three . , minutes to
Benson ...
Courtland .
Tucson . . .
Tombstone .
Douglas . .
Pv nrnriT?
raff A fr
Australia Is a land of horses. To
overy 100 inhabitants Australia has
forty-flYe horses.
Germany sends an aTerajre of 29.
000 feathers a year to England for mil
linery purposes.
For fine work In manufacturing
or repairing Jewelery a green light has
been found to be tho hesL
. The Germans are making a sub
stitute for celluloid called cellon. It
Is much the same, but is nonexploslvc.
, It Is now possible to measure ac
curately the florw of steam In pipes.
It is done by an electric meter.
Agriculture employs nearly ono
half of all the Inhabitants of France.
Tho exact figures aro 43 per cenL
Tho doht of the city of London U
now $555,000,000. Above two millions
of this sura was added during the last
, Oil stains may be removed, from
post garments with turpentine, If It
js applied before the garments aro
, The post office In England derives
l 'WSMt 'S - Beer $ea- i
1 mm' Jtw nmxM3 &w
I -sMSv. I ' MJ&JV .. iJL. .
I v ff .i ,m? i
I ' sU1
I . Wis? -Jrw
. "W- -fi-V '" -'" M
I $'
EC i. S5i .
Can Telephone
$ .35 Naco . .
. .20 El Paso
s . .90 Las Cruces
. .20 Albuquerque . . 2.60
. .20 Alamogordo . ."2.20
a rrT tmt A ITVT CTrATTCG! HTCI 17
l--j-. -
't . -Z-'-
minimi .
a profit of $50,000 a year from mtoney
orders that are never presented foi
A glassblower in New Jersey has
produced a perfect bottle so small that
a fly cannot crawl into it with folded
During the year 1910 there wera
550 boiler explosions in this country.
killing 277 persons and wounding 506,
a total of no less than 7S3 for a sin
gle year.
On the Great Lakes between thU
country and Canada tho handling of
coal is a main feature. About four
teen million tons passed through the
Soo Canal in 1910.
Hamburg, in Germany, is con
structing twin tunnels under tho Riv
er Elbe for the use of vehicles and
foot passengers. Their cost will to
tal about $2,500,000.
Japan has 232 mines, and the cap
ital employed to develop them aggre
gates 141,000,000 yen, which is about
$72,000,000 In our money, the yen be
Ing roughly estimated at 50 cents.
It Is difficult to procure wood suit
able for the manufacture of matches.
A Frenchman has invented a kind ot
., tfi i ,
1 1 . r
r .! Tr
.j, . $ .15
i ytv
soii Opens
We carry a full line of
r Hunting coats, scabbards
. knives, belts, and sruns
r ll l- J -t-.J?
oi an liinus, including
the popular makes of A.
H. Fox, Ithica, Lefever,
Remington and Marlin
shot guns. Winchester
Savage and Stevens
Call and get a copy of the
game laws.
Make our store your
headquarters for
- sporting goods
Bisbee Hard
Ware Company
Phone 132 Main St
wood, made or formed of straw, which
appears to answer the purpose best.
Farm lands la the south aro In
creasing rapidly In value. The rate
bes been IIS per cent, sine 1900, or
a total valuation of $5,000,000,000 ia
round numbers in 1910 as against
fcome $2,000,000,000 In 1600.
Of the vast forest of oedars that
once clothed the mountains of Leba
non, in the Holy Land, only 200 re
main They are carefully Inclosed
and watched over to prevent their de
struction like all the rest.
Mrs. Taf fs favorite book Is "Prtda
and Prejudice," by Jane Austen, a
standard novel of the old-fashioned
type. She is accustomed to present
a copy to the daughters of her friends
who aro about to enter society.
A vast deal of rubber Is shipped
from Mexico. For the five months
ending In November. 1910, the value
of this export was closo to $5,000,000
in gold. The trade doubles in volume
each year, having done so for several
years in the recent past. ,
A Che! w 8!nner.
Our one Idea of a cheap sinner Is"
cne who loafs all the wek and last
eoes flsalog on Sunday. .
fT v

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