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Ex-commandanle Appears to ; Uncle Sam May Be Will
Have Once More Squared ' inir But Salary Must
TMmcolf will, t,...: r r..:-..i ri-
Himself with Mexi
can Oflicials
Kvcommandante Knclso. or N'aoo.
Sonora. Is loose again. Tor KCttlnir
in aau oi(t in consecutive fas)iIon. this
infantile-appearing federal of Mexico
is running a close second ,to Finlgau
It will tie rrcalleU that Enclso vaa
arrested by .American customs oin
cers at Naco several wees ago
Hiarsed with failing to manifest In the
list of his linkage tweho hundred
j'ttrtridges of 30-30 caliber. lie was
brought to Bisbee where he was a!
lowed to roam at will through itio
city, provided his -a 111 did not. conflict
with that of Constable Charles N.
Thomas, who was his warden while
awaiting the preliminary. which re
sulted In his belne released.
After leaving llisbee, Enclso re
turned to Naco. Sonora, where ho
Was arrested on the charge of ein
lieizling the l,-.'00 Winchester cart
ridges. After he had been In Jail
or Roteral days a brother from Her
moslllo visited him In a manner sonit
what mysterious. According to an
American, who armed In the city
from Naco yesterday, the Hermoslllo
brother placed several bottles of
tequllla or mescal where It would do
the most good. The result was that
the guard that liad been placed over
Knclso suspended hostilities and En
clso escaped.
Present Whereabouts Unknown.
It Is not known where. Knclso Is
nt present, whether ho is In the
United States or Mexico. He has sent
a letter to the present commandante
at Naco saying that he would return
with a force of sympathizers and pet
even for the alleged indignities la
had suffered at his hands. Enclso
disavowed any intention, it is said.
to becin a new involution, and said
that no would settle their difficulties
privately with the present comman
dante. It is reported tht.t Enciso also sent
a missive to Customs Ofllcer Sheehev,
stationed at Naco, Arizona, saying
that there was a settlement coming
for SluJehey when ret they met. This
report says that the American custom
officer politely replied to the note,
saying that If Enclso would divulge
his whereabouts the settlement woul I
be greatly hastened and begging to
remain his obedient servant ct cetera.
The message was rent by the courier
who delivered Enciso's note to the
collector. Enclso holds it against the
collector that he wa arrested at Naco
for falling to manifest the cartridges.
Visitor from Courtland
Tells of Improvement
in Conditions
J. E. Newberry and mother, of
Courtland, who visited In Douglas
during the latter part of last week,
cams to Bisbee yesterday to visit
friends there and returned home on
the Courtland train this morning.
Mrs. Newberry states that Courtltnd
Is showing much evidence of new
life and greater confidence for the
future. Since the first of the year
the Great Western Mining enmpan
has Increased its output un'.'l at
present they are bhipping fifteen
cars of ore per week, whereas 'during
last year the shipments by thl com
pany did not amount to mute than
an average of ten "cars per week.
Mr. Newberry stated tha- while
Courtland was In good sh.ipe Us
neighboring camp, Oleesoa, was mik
ing rapid improvement and much
new work Is being started In that
district with probably 150 miners
emploed at the present time
Pearce Is also expecting to In
crease the mining activity there In
the near future. The Commonwealth
company, under the new manage
ment. Is arranging for big things in
the future.
You will look a good wh:Io before
you find a better medicine for coughs
nnd colds than Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. It not only gives relief
It cures. Try it when you have a
cough or cold, and you are certain
lo be pleased with the prompt cure
which it will efeefc. For sale by all
dealers. 5:
The Opportunity Is Here, Backed by
'Bisbee Testimony.
'Don't take our word for It.
Don't depend on a stranger's state
ment. . Read Bisbee endorsement.
Read the statements of Rlsbee cit
izens. And decide for yourself.
Here is one case of it:
Mrs. C. Raniecke, CO-A Rrowcry
Gulch, Bisbee. Ariz., says: "Abou:
two years ago I was afflicted with kid
ney trouble. The attacks came on me
suddenly and I was caused much dis
tress. My back pained me greatly
and dizzy spells were common. I was
handicapped in doing my housework
and was practically helpless. Doc
tors' medicine brought me no relief
and I felt discouraged. Hearing m
Doan's Kidney Pills. I procured a su
ply and began their use. The rellel
was noticeable at once and after 1
bad taken the contents of three
boxes, I was cured. Since then I havo
been free from kidney complaint."
. For .sale by all dealers. Price SO
cents. Foster-Mllbu'rri Co.. Buffalo
New York, sole agents for the United
States. , ,
Remember the name Doan s and
take no other. . l
Be Raised Before
It Is Feasible
We see by tho papers tliat Senator
Mark Smith i going to get free de
lhery of mail in Rlsbee. Oh Joy!
The Review is informed by Post
master M E Casslily that the salary
.of. a city mall carrier ! fifty dollars
per month. Oli gloom!
There's a reason why Bisbee has not
had tree delivery of mall lefor the
advent (.f Senator Smith into tho na
tional capital. In fact, there aro sev
eral reasons, among tlum being
School Hill, Clawson Hill, Jones Hill,
Chihuahua Hill. Tank Hill, Hlgglns
Hill, Quality Hill. Latindrv Hill nnd
other elexations. But for these rea
sons or obstacles, llisbee. a ten-thou-cand-town,
would bate had free deliv
ery, of Its mail long ago.
The distinction of having the larg
est number of lock boxes al the post
office is due to the fact that it has
teen held impracticable to install the
free delivery service in the city.
The salary of a city mall carrier
for the first year of his service Is
llfty dollars per month, a sum equal
to house rent in llisbee. Tho salary
Increases as the years go by until
the sixth year, when tho carrier re
ceives twelve hundred per jear, which
Is a safe prevention against getting
rich quick.
Postmaster Cassidy suggests that if
Bisbee wants the delivery bad
enough, that the city government or
the commercial club add fifty dollars
per month to the government salary.
A iost olllco Inspector is expected to
nrrie in llisbee shortly to investigate
as to the feaslbiliy of the service
Postmaster Qassidy says there ,1s
no probability that the government
will make a particular salary for the
benefit of llisbee, as every city in the
country would then be able to point
to a precedent.
It is hardly probable that that there
would be a rush of applicants for
tho fifty dollar plums or persimmons,
when work in the mine at from $:;.&
to $"" per day is always to be had.
and would be a lot easier than de
livering mall to the pinnacles of the
various hills that compose tho city
of Bisbfe.
But if Senator Smith can persuade
tho postmaster general that an emer
gency exists, and can furnish the serv
ice and the carriers, there's a cigar
and a "well done" plaudit, smothered
in onions, awaiting his return to Ari
zona. i
Jurors in Local Case Help
Make Business for the
Paper Trust
The iurv In I ho case of William
Cain, charged with public indecency,
in Judge Burdick's court Monday aft
nmivin evhrintiri th sllimtv of bal
lots that had been prepared by tho
court, fifty in number, without arriv
ing at a decision. The exhaustion ot
the ballots was reported to the court
and additional ono hundred ballots
were supplied and these also were ex
hausted without arriv ing at a decision
it is reported that the jury was
.Hvldrwl kIv for nrnnlltnl nnd six for
rnnvlptfrm nti thft first hnllot anil thi-i
ratio was maintained throughout the
two and i hair nours ot uanopng.
Tho trial resulted in a mistrial and
the afternoon was wasted, unless the
silent commentary furnished by a
court of justice and twelve men spend
ing an afternoon in neanng an incon
sequential case without result be val
It was not known until tho time of
the hearing that a jury trial was to
be asked for but Constable Thomas
filled the court room with prospective
jurymen on twenty minutes' notice.
With a solemnity tiat was ludicrous
lit view of the infinitesimal import
ance of tho case, each was compelled
to take, oath that he was a citizen ol
the Ulted States of America, state or
Arizona and county of Cocnise, and
other things that the law meant
should constitute tfie solemn prelim
inary and reifaratory prelude of the
sacred service of jury duty.
The jury was discharged when it
became evident that six and six waa
a fixed and absolute ratio and the
case was reset for a hearing on
April IS.
DUBUQUE. la.. April 9. The in
vesture of Rev. George W. Heer. pas
. - if..v. hift-rh with the
lor oi ou ....,
..... . ...i.IIa AAnt
title of protnonotary aimiuin., icv--ly
bestowed upon him by Pope -Pius
X. took place today and was attended
with elaborate ceremonies in which
many prelates and priests of the Ro
man Catholic church took part. Inci
dental to the investure, which con-
isisted in the giving ot me m .-, "
I pectoral cross and the ring, a sermon
I appropriate to the occasion was
preached by Arcnmsnuji nwuc
ST. PAUL. Minn. April 9. Many
men and women of wide prominence
In Sunday school work were present
today at Jho .opening in this city of
the fifty-fourth annual convention of
the Mtnnesota -Sunday school asso
ciation. Every county of the sfato Is
represented. at the gathering, which
will continue its sessions until Friday.
iBi I The Safe Place
SBf! Hftmn tun- ttimiiiimimmiiMHtmttHtHHflHWn,rt'1Hi,M(
;V ?'.:"' ..'.... 1. 'u : ..in,, .ititTTi.TTTiiiiliiii II ti ilUl liHLhJim lUllLlUiHUHUIHUUlU
fiteUJiltlllI,U l(l(MUIMillllltHHIIHtM'""-"" """I - "
One Is Now Able to Form
Judgment on Build
ing's Appearance
The Knights of Columbus building
on Opera Drive is rapidly nearing
completion, and already the beauty
of the structre, as shown in the
drawings, is becoming apparent. Tho
style of the building is mission, and
the appearance of the exterior will be
further enhanced by a pebble dash
coating on the front of the build
ing, harmonizing with the appearance
of the Central school luildlns Just
across the street.
A pretty feature of the finished ex
terior will be a' tile roof on tho front
of the building and a sort of drop or
projected roof extending out over the
enclosed porch. The building has
two stories of brick, erected over a
basement of cement.
The lodge home will be formally
opened with the Knights of' Columbus
bazaar, for which a number of com
mittees are busily arranging, and the
state meeUns of the order In May
will also be held at tho building. In
the largo assembly room on the sec
ond floor. The building is one of the
prettiest architectural additions to
the city In recent years.
I NEW YORIC April 9. The most
J promising Item on the metropolis pu
jglllstlc bill this wetk is the feather-
weight elimination tournament to be
I staged at the Emplie AthlPtic club to
morrow night. The card will consist of
two ten-round bouts. One will bring
together Tommy llouck of Philadel
phia and Joe Coster of Brooklyn, two
of the winners In the featherweight
tournament here two weeks ago. TSo
second bout of the eveningwill show
Johnny Dundee of this city against
Jimmy Walsh of Boston,
Wishes engagement for orchestra,
dance, eta Mrs. J. 1. Sullivan, Phona
COS. 87 School Hill. SI.
7 Parfe TTfaf
SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES are the result of years of
scientific study of young men's forms and ideas. If you've never
worn them' you'll be surprised how wonderfully they adapt
themselves-to your figure. The tailoring is as fine as human
hands can produce.
The best clothes that expert tailors
know how to piake are ready to try on
and you don't have to buy until they
have made good on your own figure.
Good clothes take time. More, time is
spent designing, molding and perfect
ing a Society Brand suit of clothes, and
you can buy .them satisfactorily in no
time. ,
Now-this week is a good
Mexican Article Has at
Least One Qualification
Common in Game
Tenderloin steaks famished with
bullets (Mexican peas) aro tho most
fashionable o things to eat in llis
bee these days. Importations of
beeves from Mexico have resulted in
this new fad. Numerous bullets are
ibeing found in prime quarters of
beeves by llisbee butchers, with the
result that half of their time is spent
in sharpening their knives, dulled by
contact with leaden bullets. Occas
ionally a bullet gets to Bisbee break
fast tables, and furnishes the family
with a souvenir of some revolution
down in Mexico.
But for the fact that numerous in
stances are reported of the finding of
bullets in beeves, is might bo as
sumed that tho bullets come from the
rifle of somo lone, hungry, detached
revolutionist, but in view of the large
number of such instances. It is be
lieved that the herd of catUo from
which tbo beeves came wad grazing
near a revolutionary battlufleld and
got what tho Innocent bystander al
ways gets.
Yesterday a Blsbeo butcher located
a bullet Imbedded in the bono of a
back quarter. lie Is keeping It as a
FORT FORTH, Texas, April 9.
Nearly one thousand delegates and
visitors are attending the annual con
vention of the Texas Lumbermen's as
sociation, which met In this city today
for a three-day session.
Winter's last appearance1 c-em to
.e something like those of.;Madatnc
Bernhardt. - ,
Light Clt Vote.
Phoftiilx held primaries for a city
election last Saturday. Little interest
was manifested and tho tote only to
talled forty-nine, - . -
time - - we're open every evening W ednesday - Thursday -
Friday and Saturday.
Prisoners Make Trip to
County Seat Under
Sufficient Escort
Ramon Vasquez. a Mexican, "filled
In" in an automobile party yesterday
afternoon. The others of the party
were C. E. Ryan, who will spend six
ty days at the county seat, and Juan
Rodriguez, who will spend ififty days
at Tombstone. Senor Vasquez will
also spend two months at the county
seat. The party was under the auspi
ces of tho "Wheeler tours."
Vasquez, the eleventh hour addition
to the party, was sentenced by Judge
T. D. Burdlck yesterday morning to
servo sixty days in tho county jail for
a complication of Illegal conduct. A
negro made a complaint against the
Mexican for coming to his house at
unseemly nours and kicking his front
door in. The negro landed on the
Mexican's face as tho latter followed
the door In, so Vasquez took a ban
daged rioso to the county seat as a
caution against attacking innocent
front doors.
The prisoners were taken over in'
the county's automobile, driven by
Deputy Sheriff Buchanan and Deputy
Sheriff Hock, of the board of super
visors. All of the members of the
.board bae been given deputy sheriff
commissions by Sheriff Wheeler.
. .GAFFNEY. S. C April 9. Royally
kwclcomed by the citizens of Gaffney
and the local members of their order
the Red Men of South Carolina met
hero today In their annual state con
ference, ,wh.1ch Is scheduled to last two
days. Elaborate preparations have
been made for the entertainment of
the visitors.
Seems as though President Madero
Is overlooking a point in falling to
threaten to intcrven" In Carroll coun
ty, Virginia.
&ncirtu IBraiiil ' '
The next time you want to see how
you look in the latest fashion in suits,
step into the store of
Schwartz Bros, on Main Street
and enjoy the privilege of trying on as
many as you like until you find "your"
That's the wav to buy a suit of clothes.
Main St.
All kinds of
at all times
Grain and
Office Phone 121
Denver, Colo.
Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Provisions, Cotton, Private
wires to New York, Boston, Duluth. Our facilities
for handling New York and Boston Stocks cannot be
surpassed, for investment or margin trading.
Commissions one-eighth on stocks and regular ex
change commissions on cotton and grain.
Reference 1st. National
Big Copper Strike.
A rlcn copper strike from Mineral
Park Is reported. The outcropping
In 300 feet and eighteen inches of
the vein gave assa) a -of $7 In gold and
forty-ono per cent roar.
A r i. Pa,(1 oa Savings
4 per veilt Accounts by tho
Oi. U&t tltttt, Bisbee
lllllMIII ll.llUlll.UI unkind
CcpjrrUit 1912. Alfred Decker & Q3
Juniper wood
-:- Hay, '
Chicken Feed
Yard Phone 151
Bank, Denver, Colo.
LOST Monday afternoon between
Ball & Bledsoe's and Jones' board
ing house, small leather purse, con
taining $5 bill, change and cbeclc
on Bank of Bisbee payable to Mrs.
J. McGregor. Return to Room 3,'
Bank of Bisbee BJdg. &7.
, .-
ijte:i,'f ,-
i a.
,il.i . ii tmmmt' ' "
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