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The Original
HtAU lb utLtbltU
Twenty-fifth Anniversary
t;i coin son
Tarsic Model
History designed in 1891 one
cf the pioneer in th:j class of hoe
building became popular at once.
Every year since iu creatiot., The
Nittlcton Tarsic Model his outdis
tanced many imitations, and gaintd
it lusandj of wearers.
The broad toe, broad
sole, and broad, lorn lies',
together with Nettleton
Shoemakins and Nettle
ton leather values, make
" The Shoe That Makes a
Friend " of ever man who
wears a nlr.
We have ssvcral styles hi
different leathers, mac
over this model. Come in
and try on the right clzs,
if you really want the best
of all in wide toe shoe
We've every good shape in the
is a wonder !or style and com
fott combined as an) wearer
will tell you.
It carries the season's height
of heel short vamp and neat
TION $6.00 and 5C.&0
and worth it.
The Safe Place -- Main St
Van and Ijvingston at tho Orpheum
are the funniest ev ?r Anyone seeing l
this act will enjoy one of the heart-!
iest laugh3 of their lives, you can t
help but laugh and continue to laugh.
Both are clever and take the part
of Germaii comedians. They craok
funny jokes, tell funny stories and
dress in most comical make-up. They
have three distinct acts and the last
Is the best.
Van is an artistic whistler and
pleases the audience with a selection
from 'The Serenade" They are tin
best comic actors who have come
to the Orpheum.
BUTTE. MonL, April 10. Fire to
day destroyed the Olson business
building, and damaged several large
warehouses, with a loss of $200,000.
It Makes
A Great
In the health and
strength ol" a nursing
baby if the mother use?,
in place of
coffee or tea
"There's a Reason"
Read letter to right.
Tostnm Cereal Company. Ltd.,
Battle Creek, Michigan
Cananea Hears Escaped Ex-
Commaodantc Is
Our of Prison
(Fly Joseph I. Colin)
CANANEA. Son.. Mex.. rtprll 10.
It Is reported that EvCommandante
Enciso, who was Recently arrested at
Nnco. All?., and later on the Mexican
side of the. line, has escaped from
the Mexican authorities, and Is at
present out in the hills, posing as a
Eneteo via In charge of a guard of
about ten men who were to conduct
him from Naco to Cananea, where he
was to bo placed In jail to await
triul. but he managed to set awa
fipm the guard and now. It Is
clnlmed. ho 1ms joined the revolu
tion! cause, and is somewhere in
the hills in this ait of the country
Where he secured his recruits is
not known, and the authorities here
discredit the story of his having a
following at all, and ibellec that he
Is at present In hiding. An a re
sult, a scouting party has been sent
'out In an effort to find his hiding
Juan Garcia and Francisco Figueroa
were brought to Cananea on Sunday
evening b a guaid of rurales. from
Nacuiari. where they were arrested
recently. U is stnted that the men
.ire jKjIitical offenders
Misstep Carries Anderson
Over Retaining Wall
and Upon Head
Adolph Anderson, a miner, was in
stantly killed at one o'clock at Ills
boarding house on Opera drie, by
falling oer a ten-foot retaining wall,
striking his head on a rock at the
base of the wall. His skull was
crushed, and death resulted intantl
The house where Anderson roomed
faced the wall, and the door of his
room was but twelve feet from the
wall. Witnesses saw him come out
of his room, stagser uncertainly
across the intervening space, and dis
apiear over the wall. When picked
up, he was dead. The coroner's jury
which investigated the man's death
last night at Beven o'clock, returned
a verdict of accidental death. The
Lody is at the morgue of the O. K
undertakers, but no arrangements
for the'luueral hae been made.
Anderson was a man, of about 37
years of age. He Is a single man,
but leaves three sisters who are
reidents of the district
PROVIDENCE, It. L, Anril 10. -
Many prominent guests from out of
town attended the wedding here toduv
of Miss Hope Caroline Brown, daugh
ter cf D Itussell Brown, foimer gov
ernor of Rhode Island, and Howard
Millar Chapln. son of Dr. and Mrs
Charles V. Chapm.
WASHINGTON. April 10. Brig.
Gen Walter S. Schuyler will assume
command of the department of Call
fu.Pii on June 15.
Wishes engagement for orchestra,
dance, etc. Mrs. J. 1 Sullivan, Phore
By Mother's Food and Drink.
Many babies have been launched
Into life with constitutions weakened
by disease taken in with their moth
ers' milk. Mothers cannot be too
careful as to the food they use while
nursing their babes.
The experience of a Kansas City
mother is a cae In taint:
"I was a great coffee drinker from
a child, and thought I could not do
without It. Hut 1 found, at last. It
was doing me harm. For years I had
been troubled with dizziness, spots
before my eyes and pain in mv
heart, to whlh was added, two yeais
later, a chronic sour stomach.
'The baby was lorn seven months
ago, and almost from the beginning,
she, toe, suffered from sour stomach.
She was taking it from me!
"In my distress I consulted a
friend of more experience and she
told me to quit coffee; that coffee
did not make Rood milk. I have
slne ascertained that it really dries
up the milk.
"So I quit coffee and tried tea and
at last cocoa. Rut they did not agree
with me. Then I turned to Postum
with the happiest results. It proved
to be the verj thing I needed. It not
only agreed perrectly with baby and
myself, but It increased the flow of
"My husband then quit coffee and
used Postum and quickly got well t,f
the dyspepsia with which he had been
troubled. I no longer suffer from
dizziness, blind spells, pain In my
heart or sour stomach.
'"Now we all drink Poatum from
my husband to my seven months' old
baby. It has proved to be the best
hot drink we have ever used. We
would not give up Postum for the
beat coffee wo ever drank." Name
given by Postum Co., Battle, Creek.
Get the little book, 'The Road to
WellviUeVln pkgs. - -"--
Band of Bandits Estimat
ed to Number 300 Is
Looting Manv of the
Small Towns
nOt'OlJVS. April 10. (Special)
That the section of Sonora In
and around the Tigro mine has been
In ii state of turmoil, was confirmed
by a rancher who is up from that
district. He said that for ;oma time
there had been a -band of nf arly three
hundred rebels about twenty miles
east of the Tigre, and that they had
seized all tho little town along the
river east, and hud menaced and
harrassed the entire section down
After Ihe skirmish yesterday at the
Tigre, w hich was reported In ' Doug
las, tho sixty soldiers who had been
at tho Tlgie left that place and came
up to Yzabol.
The rumor yesterday that they
weie led Into ambush? niiil lost fif
teen of their men bfToru they could
retreat, was reported as true today.
The federals came to Yzabel until
such time as their numbers could be
reinforced and they would be In a po
sition to meet tlit band of maraud
ers with numbers sufficient to break
up th baud, which is pillaging and
laying waste the country.
It has l?en estimated by men in a
position to know, that tho rebels take
into their ranks any outlaw who will
come over the lino and bear arms
and take part in this outlawry which
Is keeping Sonora as well as other
states of Mexico in a. state of terror.
Babispe Is Taken
News received today by Consul
Cuesta is- to tho effect that there
was a fight jt Itablspe a few Uajs
ago, when that town was captured
by 200 rebels, and that in tho fight
five men were killed. The town was
first attacked by a band or Arty, un
der the leadership of Dr. Huerta,
who was repulsed. He was then re
inforced by ISO more meu, when the
town surrendered. Tbo rebels also
hold the town of San Miguel, In the
vicinity of Babispe.
Federals Reported Going East
It was rciorted today that 300 fed
erals had left Cananea to go after
the marauders; in tho Tigre and Hauls-be
country. omioscd mostly of
Vaqul Indians. It Is said that this
force was seen goinc oast between
Agua P.-ieta and Frouteras last night
or this morning. A dispatch in The
Review yesterday morning told of the
arrival of 123 Yaquis. and a report in
Douglas says that another force o!
300 federals were due in Cananea to
dav. so that It is probably truo that
the Mexican government has decided
to attempt to wipe out the lawless
ness along the Babispe rive' to the
east .f the Tigre
Epidemic Likely to Soon
Spread to Bisbee and
Good Sport Will
Surely Follow
If the boxing epidemic, which orig
inated at Phoenix and later sprcio
to Douglas, comes to Bisbee. there
will be some classy bouts. No city in
the state has as much promising ma
terial as has Bisbee and Lowell, and
o little pnpnnmfrpnipnt Tinil ilpveiO')-
ment would furnish borne excellent
"Red" Gannon has a string of young-
stprc Mint hp hplievps will bp fast
waltzing partners for any kind of a
set-to under the rules or the Marquis
de la Queensbury Freeman, th3
wiry little lightweight who has per
formed in boxing exhibitions at re
cent smokers in the district. Is one
of those whom Gannon has under his
managerial wing. He Is wonderfully
fast, and a good Inflghter. Jack Dil
Ion is another Bisbee joungster that
would look well in a squared circle,
and he will probably go on with
rtKle tntpnt In that ritv on ADrii
21, when Dalton and Reese will go
on. Dillon will take on any one
weighing between 133 and 136. Tom
O'Hara says that Dillon can hold his
awn with any one his weight.
Pierce ("Jack") Pierce, will also go
on in a preliminary at the iDalton-Reese-
match. Vaughn and IJgon arc
two more Bisbee students of the
manly art who with pr,D4Tcrtralning
would Inject Interest Into a flstlc
encounter. There are a number of
others in tho amateur class of the
game in the district, and unless un
toward events interfere, Bisbee -fans
may see some interesting matches in
the future.
Dalton will train at Lowell for his
fight with Reese, ami will arrive in
the city today or tomorrow. A train
ing place has been fitted up for him
in the room back of Harry Jennings'
place in the middle burg, and the
fans of tho district are invited to
come down and witness Dalton's
training stunts.
Several members of the local lodge
of Knights of Pythias went to Douglas
to visit the lodge there lnthe inter
est of the lodge of D. O. K. K- to be
organized there the latter part of
this month. Those in the party were
Jack Verfurth, chancellor commander
of the Bisbee lodge, and Messrs. Wil
liam Hnllcy, E. B. Mathews and J. C.
TOMBSTONE. Ariz. April 10
1 Special I Hie board of supervisors.
In session this mpndng. appointed
Dr. 1 F Randall, of Douglas, as
superintendent of the county hospit
al and poor farm, to succeed Dr. E.
W. Ailamson, who served from the
time the new hospital was opened for
service last year.
The making of this appointment has
been a perplexing question for the
board from the first day they met
In February. Petitions were origlna
ally filed ' Dr. W. A Oreene and
Or Randall, of Douglas. Tho original
petitions fil?d were mij.ely formal
no far as Dr. Greene was concerned,
as he made no effort to get more
than the number of signatures re
quired by law.
After the first meeting of the
boaid, the members of the board vis
ited Douglas, and at that time de
villed that Greene and Randall should
stand on the value of tho petitions
they i resented at the net meeting
f the loard! limiting signers to tho
city of Douglas. Friends of both be
'came active In securing endorsements,
and it can bo said that even Dr
Greene, who has been turned down,
filed a petition of the representative
inen of Douglas of which any man
might feel proud. but the board de
cided that the petition of Dr. Rau
dall was tho largest, and to their
mind the one which should control
them in their action, and the appoint
inent was promptly made, this morn
ing by a unanimous vote after the
visit yesterday to Douglas of the
Dr. Randall had the support of
some determined friends iu the con
test, who have stood sponsor for the
good conduct of the county hospital
and poor farm. The appolutmeut is
for tho term of tho present board,
and It Is hoped that nder the man
agement of the new superintendent,
the institution will be creditable and
Dr.-Randall is -well known In Doug
las, having been one of the first
physicians to come to this town,
when the work of cutting the mes
quite from the $ite was in progress.
Ho gained some, notoriety during the
Madero revolution, when ho took a
jiosition in the rolel army as surgeon,
with the rank of surgeon general ol
the state of Sonora. After the col
larso of the Diaz government, he
returned to Douglas and has since
benn here
He has had charge of the hospital
for several days, as Dr Adamsou re
fused to serve afte- the fifth qt this
month. '
If Vord Only Comes Is an
Almost Constantly
Heard Prayer
The passage of a law to compel
sons to write to their mothers would
be endorsed by every son's mother
in the United States. Agent F. I
Williams, of the Kl Paso and South
western, has received a letter from
Mrs. U D. Teter. of Vinco, Oklahoma,
asking him to write her information
as to the whereabouts of her son,
C. K. Teter. 'l would give my life
to hear from him," the anxious moth
ar n-i-itPQ if nnv nf The Review's
readers known anything concerning
C. K. Teter, and will communicate
their Information to the agent or to
The Review, it will be sent to tho
mother. The letter follows:
Vinco, Okla.. April 5, 1912.
Depot Agent. Bisbee, Arizona:.
1 am writing you for information
of my son. C. K. Teter. Have you, in
the last four years, seen or had any
acquaintance with any one of that
name? He was at Bisbee the last
we heard of him. If you do you will
oblige me greatly by letting me know.
I am so wearied waiting to hear from
him. He is about 30 years old, with
light hair, and is five feet, six Inches
tall. He Is a graduate of the Gem
City business college at Quincy, 111.
1 would give my life to hear from
him. Now. If you please, write me
whether or not jou have seen or
heard of such a man at Bisbee. I
have written so many letters, but
cannot hear a word about ray son.
I am almost crazy worrying about
him. Now I will one more ask you to
please write and oblige me.
(Signed) MRS I- D. TETUR,
Vinco, Okla.
Last Chance for Ketchel's Slayer Is
The appeals of Walter Dipley and
.-...i.ix- c t.u .-is.aH nr thp muri
der of Stanley Ketchel. the prize-1
fighter, "were argued and submitted to
tho supreme court today. Each isj
serving a life sentence. I
A Massachusetts man conies to the
front with two cats that havo cork
screw tails. Now we know why Its
called katzenjammer.
A r i. Pa,d on Savlng3
4 per Lent Accounts by the
CITIbNt' UAIMIS a. muoi
Oj. Mn , Bi'beo
Dr. Randall of Douglas
Finally Selected to
Fill the Post
Onyx Black Pure
Thread Silk I lose. Sale
Price SI. 00 pr. Regu
lar Price $2.00.
Remember This Is For One Day Only
It was our intention to contin le this sale for three days. But owing to the
limited quantity and the heavy demand for this Onyx Hosiery, we find
that it will be impossible for us to have rhte sale but one day.
Onyx Pure Silk Hosiery $1.00 per pair
In Black only. PURE THREAD SILK. Seasonable Weight. Splendid
Value. One of our representative numbers containing all the latest im
provmenrs as the Double Silk Tops, etc. Aetna' value ip2.00 per pair.
Journey from El Paso Is i
Nor Delayed by Any
Long Stops
W. J. Rand, of El Paso, where he is
a prominent business man and a mem
ber of the El Paso Automobile club,
arrived in the city last night at S
o'clock, having come overland in his
automobile from the Pass City, leav
ing there last Saturday morning. Aft
er having his machine oiled up at
the Bisbee Auto company's garage,
he left for Tucson. He is enroute to
Los Angeles.
Mr. Rand is accompanied by his
son. Clarence, and Sid Humpnre.s
and M. E Newell, all of EI Paso Mr
Rand said Uiat with the exception s.L
the hills In southeastern New Mexico,
the roads that ho had encountered so
far were In excellent condition, espe
cially those in southeastern Arizona
and Cochise county. Ho was enthus
iastic over the Blsbee-Douglas high
way, which he declared wa3 one of
the best pieces of road in the south
west. Mr. Rand is keeping a record of his
trip and Is reporting bad places to
the various commercial clubs and au
tomobile clubs along the route. He
had none to report in this part of the
county. He is the first tourist to go
over the Borderland Route of the
transcontinental highway and is one
of the enthusiastic boosters for this
route. The automobile In which the
party is traveling is fitted up as snug
ly as a desert caravan and so far the
trip has been made without serious
SOUTHAMPTON, April 10 Carry
ing a full complement of passengers,
tho gigantic new White Star line
steamship Titanic sailed out of this
port today or. her maiden voyage to
New York. Thousands of spectators
ipathcred to witness the departure,
which was marked by th firing of
salutes and the dipping of flags by all
the shipping In the harbor.
The Titanic is a sister ship of tho
Olympic, placed in commission last
year. She is 640 feet in length and his
a displacement of CO.O0O tons. She is
'literally a floating hotel, provided
u.ith inni-ln' rooms, smokimr rooms.
cafes, a library and even a garden of
Oriental palms and beds of roses and
carnations. A swimming tank and a
bkatmg rink are among her other
features. She has accommodations for
S.OOO passengers ami carries a crew
of COO. On hen maiden trip the Titanic
is in command of Captain Smith, for
merly of the Olympia.
Wishes engagement for orchestra,
dance, etc. Mrs. J. P. Sullivan, Phone
002. 87 School Hill. , SI.
of the Introduc
tion of Onyx
which takes place
April II, on
Why This Sale Is Given
The course of the ONYX Hosiery during
this quarter century has been one of unin
terrupted progress and of unvarying excel
lence, which has been appreciated by thi
women of this country," who have been
most loyal in their support of, and demand
for. the Onvx. Brand. In recognition and
appreciation ol this spirit of loyalty the
manufacturers offer through us the follow
ing special value?.
Onyx Silk Lisle Hosiery
35c per pair
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quality. This is our reeular 65c value.
Comes in TAN, WHITE "and BLACK.
Now Going ON
G. I. HENKEL'S Jewelry Siore
2:30 And 7:00 p. m. Daily
The usual symptoms of Scrofula are enlarged glands of the neclr,
sores and ulcers on the body, skin affections, catarrhal troubles, weak
eves, and general poor health. The inherited poison, transmitted through
the blood, pollutes and weakens this fluid, and in place of its nutritive
qualities fiUs tho circulation with scrofulous matter, vhich saps the vitality
of the entire system. Thousands of children, born with a scrofulous taint,
have spent their childhood in constant physical suffering, and grown to
manhood or womanhood handicapped by ill health and stunted growth,
and perhaps later some disease of the bones or joints developed. S. S. S.,
given in their early life, would have prevented this. It would have
cleansed and purified tho blood of the taint, nourished and stengthened
their systems, and assisted each to grow into strong, healthful manhood
or womanhood. S. S. S. is the very best remedy for Scrofula. It goes
down to tho bottom of the trouble, and cleanses the circulation of all
scrofulous matter. It supplies the weak, diseased blood with strength
and health-building quaUties, and under the purifying effects of this great
remedy all symptoms of Scrofula pass away. S. S. S. contains no minerals
in any form, and is an absolutely safe treatment for children, even infants,
or Dersons of any age. Literature about Scrofula and any medical advice
Ony Mack Silk Lisle
Hose Sale Price 3.V
pr. Tan, White, Black.
Regular Price (j5c.
..f . HW
initu tmm www -
Mf ! Hf-6l..i.
ir n i Jfc'
ilTflWHH i ii' i n) i Mrr ' - ---. --..,. .-,.... ,.

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