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Ecterl as tsconj CIsjs Matter at Ui
SnfiSfh s.tmbee' ArUgna uafir Act
-r.rr. .,.SiJ!'hi y
-- - vwnjULlUAi C.U
. Publisher f
.-I- B'b. Arizona.
Tucson, Arltona.
Advertising Rates covering Insertion In
totn pipers furnished on appllcat.on.
Telephone ....., .... jj
By Mall, Carrier ar Asent.
One Month fs cente
Six Months 54 53
Q"e Year, If paid In advance S7.S0
M. -3
y &ay KMoxiUort,. G
A complete 'ob Printing, Book Binding
and Ruling Cetablltnmcnt. Mining Com
pany Work a Specialty.
Address all Communications to
BisDee. Arizona.
Those who hae happened to real
"The White Ghost of Disaster," a
story or the sea, in the May number
Just issued of the Fepular, one of tho
many fiction magazines, must ho
startled by the coincidence of the cir
cumstances with those that aro known
or nia bo imagined of the slnkins
of the Titanic last Monday morning.
The giant liner, the- Admiral, with
about tho same number of passen
gers aboard as the Titanic carried,'
eplllded with an iceberg in very near-
y tho samo latitude and longitude
where the Titanic ended her maiden
to aye.
The second officer of the Admiral
for hours had "smellcd" ice and had
named the captain who hated hlia.
Tor minutes beforo the collision, the
second officer on watch "smelled" the
ice more plainly, he 'shivered in the
cold breath ind heard strange sounds
in tho liaze. Again he counselled cau
tion. His advice provoked an Insult
and the captain ordered tho liner
ahead at full speed He was "tired
vl loafing nroun " The second offi
cer Uraed away:
"Let him nin his ship to hell and
back." he said to himself.
There wes a puff of colder air than
usual. A chl'l as of death came float
ing over the s'lent ocean A man
on lookout stood staring out into the
mist ahead and then sang ouL
"Something right ahead, sir," iw
yelled In a voico that carried like tht
roar of a gun.
Captain Bronnso" just seized the
lever shutting the compartments,
b-uing it, jammed it hard over and
E (Copyright 1911. c
There is none so unfortunate, so far
as wo can see.
As tho poor misguided presidential
Every londly cherished secret of his
aim and distant pasL
Is dragged forth irom Us old hiding
place to haunt htm to the last;
Though to all intents and purposes
he's had a spotless life.
People hear insinuations when he
gets, Into the strife.
Some one publishes his letters, overy
one he ever wrote;
He's without a doubt the "fall guy,"
he's the rummy, he's the goat.
He's the Joy of the cartoonist, who
plays up bis adipose,
Or his teeth, his chin, his whiskers
or the wart upon his nose.
He's a public Institution .and he's
pampered not a bit.
He's the target for tho paragrapher's
snaits oi pungent wit.
There no peace and no concealment
when he gets into the game,
And ho suiters all the penalities o!
temporary fame
All the vaudeville performers his pet
fads and hobbles poke;
The diversion of the moment; he's
a howl, a scream, a Joke.
Almost evorythipg he's ever dono ii
deitly twisted 'round
Till It seems to have a ery queer
and most suspicious sound;
Many incidents which ho had
thought were passed and gonoi
and dead, '
Arc revived by welnl historians and
heaped upon his head.
Every utterance and side remark he
made while yet a child,
13 dragged out before the public with
enthusiasm wild.
Ho is hammered mauled and ques
tioned; he is probed in manner
And the all lambast tho presiden
tial possibility.
N Mather )
ly manages to land somewhere, even
If it Is only in Jail.
Hank I'urdy sa)s, by gray, if
there is anything ho locs better
than beatin' carpets ho don't know
what it is unless it is putin' up stovepipes.
There's corned Leet and
an old standby, sure.
There s faithful old pork and beans,
bound to endure,
There's hash and boiled 'tatcrs, which
cling to us still
Favor Increased Pay In
Public Health Service
A bill la now pending before tho Typhus fever and cholera havo also
house of representatives designed to I taken their toll. The commission of
make J the salaries of ofilcers of tho I fleers of tho service constitute about
J j T
J3Ym ,
jruanuGUL siiNuioaiB
public licaJth, and marine hospital scr
vice equal to those of tho army and
navy medioal'corpa. A moment's con
sideration ows the importance of
this measure. The public health and
marine .uoMMJaf s'er'vlcr. Is the slnelo
national agency charged with, the pre
vcuuuitui iim.mcruaucuon oi contag
ious diseases and thlr spread into
Interstate trafflcj U'hos demonstrate
taut; ui us siiii i -u vvibuwju yiiiiu ivq i,uk
And boiled boef and horseradish yet ! i connof nee anqs supportvin many a
on tho bill, J miter campaign agrwjist aisoaae. Not
But there's one old veteran wo can't
It is tho best sticker that we've ever
When all else is lost ho will still be
our boon,
We take oft our hat to the boarding
house prune.
i never Jet see a blacksmith who
could play on tho mandolin wuth a
Hod Peters is too light for heavy
work, so his wife takes In boarders
by tho day or week. - . .
The feller who would rather be in
suited than not noticed at all general
Mr. Edison has written an arti
cle to the effect that sleep is unnec
essary Not only that, but with his
phonograph he has made it well nigh
La Kohette says ho would rather
bo right than president, but some of
tho standpatters do not believe that
ho will ever bo cither.
Chicago Is to havo a monkey hos-l
pltal. If all the monkeys in Chicago
go there for treatment It will do a
capacity business.
Tho president is only fifty-four
years of age, but sometimes be cuts
up llko sixty.
Helen Ware, the actress, says she
is willing to marry. Whero's Nat
What has become of the old gentle
man who used to take out his false
teeth between tho courses of the
banquet and polish them with a
si k handkerchief.
There is one thing that will cause
the tightwad husband "to dig up the
$23 for the now spring hat, and that
Is to havo his wifo bring out a batch
of old yellow lovo letters he wrote
her and start to read them out loud
They say that Hussia is going to
war with China, but how can she
when all of the Russians aro at
present In this country doln' Russian
imperial toe dancing or playing in
Russian imperial orchestras?
between his set teeth. "The murder- rary Absents of Mister Nox who's a
lug rat1 he's done it now! He's killed
himself and five hundred people along
with him"
Then ensues tho story of the fight
oi the few survivors; the suicide of
the captain as the stricken liner was
Kolng down by the low as tho Ti
tanic did; the drowning of Smita
while tryirg to resc.ie a crazy pas-
j senger w no had leaped out of the
Iceberg. Mlstr Wilson scz: "Your
Wire reseeved. Thanks. I'm sendin'
down several Thounsand Soljers with
Gatlln guns to remove th' Counselato
iom Chew aw a Thorn soljers may have
Misunderstood my Orders an' mebbe,
they'll think 'at I meant for 'em to
bring Chewawa along back with 'em
.n.r.on. i teuser nno uaa leaned out or me iw. iju cnucmij mu.iuiniawvu
uwuiu. - - - -
Stop her stop her hard over 'boat: a descrintion of many enIsode3 what Mister Taff said about not bein
jour wueei uaru over ms voice , . ... ....
cougurea up oy we writer nut proo
ably most of them were enacted ii
reality last Monday morning.
Little James
(Concerning tho Recognition of Rev
olutionary Movements ) J
Gtnerllbmo 0'Ror.coe, he rites to
lable to Reconnizo you. We're a Reo
onnizin you all rite an I'd advise
you for to move South before some of
them Soljers Reconnize you too."
Generlismo O'Roscoe he wires back
My Reman has betn mislcadin' to
jou. Mo an' th' American Counsel
has racde up agin Us Mcssican B'llg
gerents don't want to be Recommnized
ended in a vibrating screech that
sounded wild, wlerd and uncanny M
that awful silence. A hundred men
btopped in their stride or work, para
lyzed at the tones coming from tho
Perhaps when wo get the full story
of tho survivors of the Titanic it will
read like this from "The White Ghost
cf Disaster:"
.nd, then cane the impact
With a grinding, smashing roar a of
thousands of tons coming together
the huge liner plunged headlong In-
In tfio Ipohnf" thfit m-0 Hm nnrl rl.
lent right ahead, lowering over berMlster Tafr and s- "Wot are you NEWS FORECAST FOR THE COM
in soite of her groat height. Tha cgoln' to do about tMs here Rcbellyun I ,NG WEEK-
shock was terrific and the grinding, . ' I WASHINGTON, D C. April CO
thundering crash of falling tons ol wo Bot down cere' Arc you agoln' la The coming week will afford eome
Ice, coupled with the rending of steel ' Reconnize it or ain't you' Reply by tning of a breathing spell In the hard
plates and sodd planks, made a chaos , M " I fought contests for the presidential
of all sound. return ire. 'nomination. The conventions nnd
The Admiral bit in, dug. plowed,! llsfpr Yaf hn ,...-, nTlf1 ,.. primaries to be held will be neither so
kept on going, going and the whole -l,sler lal' ne rti''120 a scz j numerous nor so important as tnoso
lorwaru p?ri. ui ucr mmuii uisai- i"i"s iius ucun coram pretty ia.ii. mat navo markea tae wees just
no more.
ticared In the w.tli of white. A thou-,.,,, T, t , , , . closed.
:nrt fn nf h fl,tr -I-,, h fer mc of - J Sot a Inswerreekshun fc'
tund tens of huge flakes slammed and
lid down her docks burying her to
the fore batch in the smother A
thousand ton3 more, crashed, slid and
plunged down the slopes of the icy
mountain hurled themselves into tae p , Primmoncs 'at I can't r wentln at Chicago,
sea with giant spktshes, sending to.-jennsylvany lnmramcs at l canl-ii: claiu.- appear to
rents of water as high as the bridge
rail. The men who had been for
ward were swept away by the avalan
che. Mat.y were never seen again.
And, then, with revcised engines sho
"finally came to a .loaJ stop with her
t-ows jammed a hundred feet deep in
the Ice wail oi the berg.
After that it was panic. All disci
pline seemed to -nd in the shoe:.
nnd struggle Rrownton howled anl
stormed from the bridge and Smith
thouted orders and sprang down t3
enforce them The chief mate came
on deck in his underclothes an 1
passed the word to rain the boats. A
thousand passengers jammed the com
panlonway an(j strove with panic and
inhuman fury to reach the neck.
The Admiral running twenty-two
knots had struck straight Into the
wall of an iceberg that reached as
far as the eye could see in tho haie
It towered at least three hundred feet
into the air, showing that Its depth
was colossal, prob-iblc at least halt
a mile. It was a giant ice mountain
that had broken adrift from Its north
ern home and drifting southward had
survived the heat and the breaking of
the sea upon its base.
rSmlth had felt its dread prosenrci
ieic Us iproxiralty -Jonc before he ha 1
come to clos& quarters -TJjp' chill in i
the air. rne peculiar iceitng" or da.v
ger, tho icy breath of death all had
told him of a danger that was near
And yet, Drowrison had scoffed at
him, railed at iils'intultlon and sense.
Upon the captain the whole blamo of
the dlkixter must fall if Smith told.
TJSe second oiflcer almobt smiled as
he struggled with his boat
'The pig-headed fool1 ' he muttored
Tho interest of th renuhlicnn noli-
herc at home 'at I wasn't agoln' to tlclans will be confined largely to
Reccnnizo at first but it's Assoomcd Mlsf?'lri 0- hcre state con
ventions are to be held fer the ie
s!ch proporshuns senee th Uhnoy an' ic-tion of delegatPs to th- natna!
The Rjwc-
be stronger
help but admit Its Existence.
Of far a.3 M'tiot'i Is concenM. though
ilie'Trii nagcrj are not lotdy to
ticde it at they have lost th- stat
Iii owa. le 'laft icople h'-v? utrins
course, I aint made no Public State
ment to that effeck but me an' my
Frens has agreed 'at its Visslble toihoes of Inning as a reilt of the
uruKres&ive voie uciug ujviueu uc-
th' naked Eye and then some.
"It stans to Reeson. an nny gooi
Optisbun'll tell yoi bo,
tween Roosevelt and Cummins.
The republican state and district
conventions in Rhode Island will be
'at you caht held Wednesday. The Taft people are
Reconnize oBfecVs at th same timH ln control f the rcKiilar party organ
ueconnize oiijecKs at th same time,,EaUon and exprct t0 win out In ,h
when they is as fur apart as Oyster convention A different situation ex-
no- o ru., . , i u . ifts In New Hampshire, whero Tues-
Bayan Chewawa, Mexico, therefore, ,,,.. r,m.H V Wted to dc
sence th' former Rebellyun Is Nearder
an' promises to make more Trubble,
I got to adroit 'at I seen it first an
I got to keep on Reconnlzin th B'lig
gerency of th' Oyster Bay Inswer
reekshun. So you see, at fer th' Pres
ent, at Lecst I can't take no Oflilshle
Notis 'at jou got any Rehcllynn atall "
termlno the complexion of tho r puu-
Hcan state convention. Governor Basa
and a strong progressive following in
the Granito State are working hard
in the Roosevelt interests Encourage
ment has been lent to their efforts by
the recent Roosevelt victory in the
neighboring stato of Maine.
In pursuance of a movement initi
ated by President Taft, representa
tives of business organizations
throughout the country are to meet
Generlismo O'Roscoe he scz in re-1 Jn Washington Tuesday to dlscu3
ntv. "tv." tti,j c,,, ,. plans for the formation of a "national
Ply. Th United States aint got no board of tra(c whIch sUa ,iae for
Ed go onto me. If you don't Reconnizo Its object the bringing of business
, ., tT.w tw TTi'nien into touch with the government
us. wo wont Reconnizo th United, a(Uico and coun3eHn tnc adra,nlB.
States. Git your Counsels out of here.; tta.!on of laws, tho enactmentof new
ril'glve'you-aVerk to doUlyLhl"13 dcveldpmest Tfcota-
this hero Utymattum"
A few hour3 after that Generlismo
O'Roecoo gits a Tellygraft from Mis
ter Wilson, a hotheaded young man
which has lncreoscd th Tompcrchure
Among other largo and Important
featherings -of the week will be the an
nual convention of the National Re
tail Grocers' association, In New York,
and tho annual meeting of tho Ameri
can Newspaper Publishers associa
tion, in New York, and tho annual'
of th' State Department In th' Tew GroCers' association, in Montgomery j
ln New
saved the'
pared with
JVKittHHL. lj lM
alono 6a A its woAcesvrltjcd directly
In savlhgIfe aafrlSiprovlng -hygiene
and EaMutotrS ltln'i!oBavcd -ths
sam71n, pro
(44&lio throe
rf M - . -L v
which caused the loia or more than
half a million In the iMJsslssIppl val
ley. Tho ofilcers of the servlco are
exposed to continual danger because
of their contact with dangerous dis
ease and because their duties take
them to tbp most unsanitary and most
unhealthy localities In the country
Many of them havo succumbed to dls
caso (contracted ln tho line of duty.
Yellow fever has claimed fourteen,
troplcaL. dysentery -five, typhoid four,
'Conscience la an clastic and ver floriM -,.ii"' i.i.i. . -
deal of strctchlne ami artnnt 11..1, ' ' ""7 " T-Y" "" "' ""' "ca,r. ."
loid Curiosity Shop. " ricly ol eiroumstances"-
bome of the most striking characters in Dickens' books arc thoio who
:vll that Kood may come. -.'
do evil that good may come.
l.C per cent of the total number of
commissioned officers In the United
autes utr.vlce. Since 1SS9, all of
tho other 98-5 per cent, have receiv
ed subitantlal advances in their pay
amounting to 20 per cent and upwards
In addition they havo been given
laster promotion, equivalent to a fur
ther 20 per cent increase ln pay. The
marina hospital service officers alone
ftav a" received no increase, ln face of
Uje fact that thoir duties are equally
s hazardous, or even more so as
proved 'by the character of their work
and tho rate of disease among them.
In the first session of the sixtieth
congress the senato passed a bill
which, included all the features of tbo
present personnel bill, but it failed
pasd tho house In the third ses
sion or we sixt'y-nrst congress th
house passed a similar bill, which ln
turn was rejected by the senate. In
the same session an amendment to
the sundry civil bill was adopted by
the senate, embracing the samo fea
tures, but it was strickPn out in con-
leronce. Finally the nresent hill IS. it - ...,.. - . ,..- . .... ..
2117) has been passed by the senato, you have any samc amtuao t0 Jour "Males
In the picscnt sixty-second congress. Not for their Fakes half so much as your own
EhVS',r bT th8 s-ate,nCe Ut f M nce-,o"thatJw'nich" an' honest ' manTS
Little Nell's old crandfather Hnlv,u.i hie ,- ,-..( ...... .. .,.,, tl
that all he did was for her sake. , "" """ .luo,f luoUBB
He has many prototypes.
It has been so long accepted tha to be shrewd In business mMn fiuf
ereUd wrong.'" l " lhe beSt om' MV$tUls'&,lk
out aVtw?nVesaor;onsdnencheer naDc ff a M" Wh " "rH
figurIisUof e,edayeo?LrrenclriSe 'D UC nd bU3f ;
lowXT"goodC?sinC"k8areE:)inB h,ShCr and bUy them "j - tt
secrfuo'thers"10 "Ime8 6Cle'y to 9h0u,dcr ls the tniyal nf the
covered. SCCTelS that ha'e beCn confllled tllt 8cet that have-hn dU
One omanI know had a friend that was having a hcartbreaklliir ex
perience with her husband. She knew that her friend Ws srHnV She
even wished that she mieht rnmfnrt hL Vi,. T.;..Ji u .!l,iI.e."n5: .sn!
hrie?d?slecr,et.rr0bab,y " le henhe wold noVal to kno
making Vh'o lnqau,drV''8he "'"' ' Im'8ht 8tart somo po8s!'' e'c"
That Is what I call lovattv n ic n-i.r. t . , . . .. .t... ..
fpM inrj .,i- .ii.i " """ "' '" lvuv- v cuimren to
- w. vu .. ua M i-uvu lilCUUB.
feflf?-Lwat. m (r ' f J& W2?nw iCl "S. 1
fflMiWl ) w u'w lW-
&VXt cJOJrTMgj . S,
II 1 1 1" " Jill JmBBKSfSSBB3tfK3mjKKBB v "K? xh - gv-J'MRPsMftJ
-- J " APRIL 21
"" - V 1731 Ira Al'en. brothT or Ethan Al 1
l"? " t- " .Hki, Icn a"' one of the founders of.
I -S - WSk &T$K V . Vermont, born In Cornwall, Ct
ril.;- J ' 'W $5?)S Died in Philadelphia. Jan. 7,
lSf?k - V4 "SS&' &A 1705-John Phillips, founder of Phil-TO3F:A'.."..t-
-, tf9.?rt'W&f ,s&k& l Ipps-vExeter Academy, died
,i 1BLWHPBW j?V'tB Ktrn-'ia';J
-, 1
,, ' HP? !MS?. UW.s&'MfTt
1S3C Tcxans vHnder. General Jlouston
defeated tho. -.Mexicans under
S.lnt.1 AnnV.it K.tt, Ta'nitiin
1SC1 West Virginia declared for tho
1S70 Capital of Louisiana changed
from New Orleans to Baton
1S9S Charles E. Smith of Pennsyl
vania became Postmaster Gen
ml of the I s
WH House of Re prcscn tat i ve
passed the Canadian Recipro
city bill '
The anniversary of the birth of Gen
eral Grant will be mado the occasion
for the customary memorial cxercUes
spoak at the Union 'liiift '
club banquet In Philadelphia and Vice
President Sherman will bo beard at
a similar fnnctios to be given under
the auspices of the Americus club at
nttsbiygb Archbishop Ireland Aas
accepted Bn Invitation to deliver the
annual oration 'at tho memorial exer
cises In Galena. Ill, the old horns
of General Grant
i 1
'- . - .y, 1 lxkwhs ' -
- -f 'i
A.( $.p .
, fjfc.JS
-o -

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