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,MW Wi! .
Douglas Country. Club Acts
as Host for Uncle Sam's
Khaki Wearers on
the Border
The officers of the Ninth Cavalrr.
stationed at Douglas, and cuiHeS
and professional mju of that cltv
woro respecthely Quests and hosts
at a smoker given tor the army of
ficers Saturday evening at the Doug
las country jcfcib. Several citizen
of'Dlshee were Invited The affair
was "staged" by tho Douglas Country
club, and the, tylks of both hosts and
guests Indicated a pleasant spirit ut
comradeship between the people o(
the border town and the soldiers
who are temporarily located there.
Tho smoker was, given official sanc
tion by tho presence or Mayor Bau
er, of Douglas, and Colonel Guiltoyle,
of the Ninth. JIayor llaber "presided
; as toastraaster, and the following pro-
gram of talks and amusements was
carried out:
Address of wolcome by Mayor.
Quartette, "Farm LIfo for Me" by
colored troopers, James Evans, Wil
liam Martin, William A. Hutton and
William Dixon.
Appreciation speech by Colonel'
G. W Guellck. of the box office at
pleasant testimonial of esteem by the
tha Orpheum theater, was given a
members of the MeadejOh'apman com
pany and the Orpheum stage crew
baturday evening after the show, tho
occasion being the young man's at
tainment of man's estate, "three times
seven." A banquet was spread on the
stage, and Guollck was called back
to the stage on a pretext His sur
prise and subsequent delight may bo
imagined. Tbe company drank to his
health and prosperity, and presented
him with numerous mementoes of the
occasion. After the banquet, the com
pany enjoyed a dancing party until
a late hour. Mr. Chapman acted as
Irish Jig. by J, J, McNeil.
Boxing -match between Young Shi
and Battling, Nelson 2nd.
Solo by Groer Davis.
Buck and wing dancing by Trooper
Thomas Maston.
Boxing exhibition by troopers Bill
Honlngsvtorth, known as "Old Jack
son," and Battling Braxton. C Pierce
was rciereei .
Song, '2loll on, Thou Dark
Gren Ocean." .
Scotch dance by J. J. McNeil,
Song, "Barbershop Chord."
trooper William Dixon.
Parodies, "Beautiful Doll"
"Lonesome" by troopers Bell
Comic song by James Evans.
Short talk, by C. O. Ellis.
Surely Enough.
Her Father "Young man, are you
qualified to marry and support my
daughter?" Adelbcrt "I hold tho rec
ord for running my four cylinder
roadster 27 miles on a pint of gasoline."
D. I. ("Iee") Joiner, formerly a
police officer of BIsbee- and later a
candidate for city marshal, was,inado
the defendant In a complalntjflled ln!t
afternoon by Mrs Clara Joiner, his
wife. Tbo complaint alleges deser
tion of herself and Infant baby, which,
under the new law, constitutes a fel-
ony- ., V
The complaint was prepared by
Deputy County Attorney Alexander
Murry. and filed In court at 2:30
o'clock by Mrs Joiner, A warrant
for tho arrest of Joiner was issued
by Judge High, and county officers
are now instituting a search for him
The wife believes that he Is either in
Texas, where he formerly lived, or
In Colorado, and officers of those
states will be enlisted in tho search
Joiner Is alleged to have left BIsbee
Saptember 10 in company with his
niece, who had been visiting tho
Joiner family here, and who he was
taking to her home In Texas. Letters
rerelird bv Mrs. Joiner show that he
and his niece did not go to the girl'3
home in Texas, or rather that they
had not then appeared.
An added attraction to the
lunching and dining hour. Blatz
is appetizing and nourishing.
rz z z r
Everything New m Dress Goods
Unpacked Yesterday And Go On Display
This Morning For The First Time
They will open the eyes of Bisbee women to the beauty of the stuffs that are the
heart of Fall and Winter Suits, Dresses and Costumes.
The question of the hour What for Fall? The question is a momentous one,
far too big a one to settle in a single paragraph. Let us settle it by letting you
settle it for yourself here at this store. , . Jzjrt&&
We want our rtmtnmers to understand that they are perfectly welcome
and admire to their hearts' content.
to compare, examine, criticise
Spend all the time necessary to form an opinion.
We have a vast stock, a comprehensive stock, and there are many beautiful
alternatives. Therefore, we know one's mind cannot be made up in a moment
and, we suggest that vou "look before you buv." And, don't miss this store's show
ing, a magnificent and unmatched arrav of new materials for suits, coats ,skirts,
gowns and dresses, representing the choicest weaves, most beautiful colorings and
combinations, and exquisite designs of foreign and domestic fabrics.
$125 yd,
Some new weaves, and
here and there i new
finish lJt tho great
est change ou will
find is in the colors,
simple, rich. hand
some: a cetain state
lincse and almost regal
beaut fi4-inches wide,
per vard $1.25.
40 inch
65c yd.
Women who knew a
Pennine dross goods
bargain when 't's
placed before them,
will be' oack to buy
these handsome 40
Inch Whipcords at C5c
a yard; colors include
navy. gray. brown,
cardinal and two-toned
38 Li. Storm
Serge 85c yd.
Storm .Seryes are al
ways In demand, and
never have we been
able to oter such good
valtt8 as now ttrict
ly all-woal, good heavy
quality, 38-lnches wide.
In all desirable fall
colors, per yard 85c
52 in. Whipcord $200
Those who possess the Intuition of recognizing a bar
gain the moment it is presented, will readily concede
that these beautiful, 52-lnch Whuicord at $2 a yard is a
most exceptional value, colors are taupe, brown, nao
and black
"Wide Wale Diagonals $175
Wide Wale Diagonal Serges are perhaps, amonz the most
popular of Fall dress materials, largely due to the'r splen
did wearing qualities, our stocks include navy and nefl
shades of brown and tan, 54-inches aide, per jard $175.
50 inch Whipcord $125
Wb pcords bear Fashion's stamp of approval for fall and
winter wear, because of the graceful wanner in which
they lend thomsehos In tho present styles We offer an
extraordinary' bargain In this iopular fabric, 50 inches
wide, and the color range includes, nay, cardinal, bronn,
grey, tan. leather and black, per yard $125
38 inch Fancy Suitings 65c
Fashion has produced nothing newer or more npproprl
ate than he smart l'ancy Saltings, 38-Inches wide, ground
colors of gray, tan, brown ard olack. In stripes, mixtures
and two-toned effects. siecial per jard 65c.
56 inch Broadcloth 75c
Yon'd willingly pay $1 per yard for this splendid quality
C$-incn Broadcloth, but we bought It under value and
have marked it at 75c per yard the color range Includes
Jirown, red, navy, gray and tan
56 inch Mannish Cheviots $2.
The iBdieat.oas are that shaggy stuffs will be quite pop
ular this seasea the good old-fashioned sturdy Tweeds
xb1 Cheviots that possess a rick, luxurious look and
drape so eartlj ; thoy are hero in handsome new mixed
patterns of gray, brows and leather, S-lnehes wld. per
yard $2.00
85c yd.
The first thins that
stri'.es tbe eye In the
dress poods section is
tho popu'ar.ty of tho
b'ack and "bite shei
herd checks We un
derstoM how grtat the
demand would be this
season for checks and
prepared for it plcn
did values at S."c. $1
and $1.25. a ard.
$100 yd.
Trench Serco will still
have its devotees for
general wear, the beat
values are here, strict
ly 311 wool, 40-lacho
wide, in all colors anil
Mack and cream, per
rard $1.00.
c yd.
ParHsh, CJoth In a wide
range or colors includ
ing aavy, cardinal,
Mght blue, gray, brown,
tan, cream and black
35-lnches wide a yard
Mils Madeline Oupcnt.
Miss Madeline Dupont. little bru
nette who Is appearing with Eddie
one of tbe most prominent families
(Interested In sociology. Prior to her
theatrical engagement Alias uuponl
i.a one of tho aids to Tenement
.Jtouse Commissioner John J. Murphy
lol Now York city.. Sho has been as
iVoclatcd with tenement houso wort
for more than flo years and was
known by the cast side children fis
Ithe'J'TAdy Bountiful." "
The popularity of the Blatz
products is due, rirst or all, to
pronounced individual quality.
Such is the recognized fact
by those who have passed
scientific judgment on its
merits as a table beer.
U ,-5.
Lowell, Arizona
fVnP M-Saai
QD llH MS '
Lfst of Popular Works Re
ceived in August and
Attorney General Bullard,
Senator wursely and
Representative Brad-
ncr Speak
mass meeting of voters of tho
district heard G P Billiard, state at
torny general. Senator Wqrsley and
Sam It. llradner speak Saturday
night !n advocacy of tho referred
laws The rpcaUng wus neld on the
acant Cosiello lot on Main street,
a platform having been erected
aga nst the hill backed by a larg
American flag The space from tho
platform to the -sidewalk was filled
with people, nearlx all of whom were
men J
All of the spers were Intro
duced by ndward J Flanlgan On
tho stage with the speakers were
Ben Frankenborg, president oi tho
Business Mmi's Proterthe atsoci?
Hon (under the ausp'cee of viuich the
mass meeting was held), Gus Mickey
chairman of the board of supenisors
and Mr. Dodd, of the firm of Well
burn & Dodd.
Endorses Bl-Weekly Pay Day.
Mr Bradner was the first speaker
and he prefaced his remarks by read
ing a telegram from Governor Hunt
expressing regret at not be ng able
to be present but affirmed his ad
tocacy of the laws that na be'n
referred Mr Bradner took up the
argument tUat has been made ty op
ronents of the semi-montMy pay day
till, that "U will mean two drunks
a month where there was ohe be
fore" and warmly defended tho work
man's right to spend hU money a
Tho following new booUs were le
ceUed at the Copper Queea library
during August and September and
hac been catalogued:
Doulday--Salntsbury Affair.
London Tales of the Ktsh Patrol.
Lincoln Tho Postmaster.
N'orr s Mother
Dowd Polly of the Hospital Staff.
Watts The Legacy.
Ferer Dawn O'rlara.
Ityan-7-For thesoui of Itafael.
Whitaker Htes Toosey's Mission.
Whltecbtir"h Off the Main Road.
Curtis Woman from Wolertun.
Sedgwick Tanto.
Parrlsh Molly McDonald.
Parrlsh My Lady of the North.
Brach The Spoilers
Be-ch rUo Barrier.
Wr ght Poppea of the Post Office.
Reed Master's Violin
Crawford Whito Sister.
Connor -Tho Prospector.
WhiteArizona. ,NlKht.to..-....
Dojio ir Nigel
Barr Maid, of Old New York.
Van Djke The Mansion
-KipUiia Stalky & CoUt t
nicteards Otis BoardWthe Mary
Sands. V
Canfleld The Squirrel Cage.
Bosher Miss Gibblo Gault.
Servisa Second Deluge.
Atkinson Grej friars Bobby.
Van Loan Tcrn-Thousand-Dollar
Crawford Roman Singer.
JlacGrath-T-Grey- Cloak.
Sienklewtecz In Desert and Wild
Orayson Adventures In Content
ment Davis Hanson's Folly.
Read Weaver of Dreams.
Alford Bearings and Their Luurl
cation Sain-Maur Making -Homo Profita
ble. . 1
Puffer Boy and lite Gang.
Wright Now England Cook Book.
Rocfleleau Transportation. . ,f
Morris Animal -Friends and Help
era. Hale Woodrow Wilscin,
Lindsaj Cuba and Her .People of
Beecher Roasonabla Bible Criti
cism Pui-ey Care of the Skm and Hair
TarbcU Tariff in Our Times,
D'lveuoorUrOSducation lor Efficien
cy, i
Stevenson Lay Morals and Other
Papers. , Sh ,,'
' Noll Miguel Hidalgo y -Costilla'.
Flbko Chess Tales. ' ;
Matthews l.og of the Easy Way.
Murphy Three Wonderlands ot
the American West.
Wallace Saddle and Camp in the
Hutchinson We and Our Children.
Stratton-Porter Music 'of fho
Wild (Ref.).
Treves Cradlo of tho D,eep.
Ward Practical Uso of Books and
Libraries'. ,
Garrett Adanco Jf Photography.
Talbot Great Canadian Railway
Kexiaru imiieur uapicucnui. j
Ham Mind and Hand. , h" ,
Matthews Field book of American
Ufe'3 Fullness.
Every day ccght to have the
thought of largo things in It tho pow
er of wide horizons. But every day
mast have tho routine of small things
In It. To harmonize the two Is often
hard and discouraging Yet only In
lives that cemtino steadfast duty with
wide vision is the fullness of life real
ized. Phillips Brooks
phoid Wilsons Hands
Woodrow Wilson has refused emphatically to accept contributions to'
his Campaign Fund from the Interests, from corrupting influences, from
any questionable sources.
. He has given us, the Democratic National Committee, to understand
that, he will go into the White House with clean hands or not at all.
40 in. Satin Charmeuse-AU New Colors $2 yd.
ShlmmBg MpplentE-M .oTumm of fabrics that cling nnd jll-w-wjll W!!
at fasWoaW material? for evening gowns, inc mo si mvo.w ui i.-v ..... .,......- .-.-... ,-,---J
It Is the rerei't and daintiest material that nas come to ur th r season from acrOM the pond. Satin j
andTeTtote flnt making an ideal faoric for evening costumes and party dreea; 4Mnchcs wide, and priced
at 12.00 a yard.
.'That's -New
in Dress
m t-,n-r
i inmrainjja
Buttons in
All Sizes
& Colors
he chooaes. saying that if working
men desired to spend their money in
this manner it was their own busi
ness He declared that the lav would
hae a tendency to do away with
credit and would put more money in
to circulation. As an ex-railway em
pioie he endorsed the- referred laws
1 commonly classed together as "the
railroad laws." He said that ho
vocld admit that he was a discharged
railroad emplove but said that It ' is
better to bo a discharged employe ana
a legislator than an employe, and a
legislator if I am to be of service, to
I Mr Bradner's remarks were ranlnly
. In siinport of tbe ' railroad laws '
hough he touched on the. otfcsr laws
under consideration by the voters.
Says He Likes to Fight,
Mr. Bullard declared that ho was
"put In a hole" by the fact that the
mabb n.AAnn. utab nin.rMirf lean "if
: ujaoo -new,.,. . w ,"- ..- .-
4 th.M la nnA tl.tflfr th&t f llfeft " lit
said, "it is a poMtWl fight cr-a law
suiL" He said tlmt K wai mie
tlonably th ri)?ht-ot anjene to give
a law the referendum test but- tali
that it i the hitE, of the voters to
I inform tlienweKw? f sch lawa.Mr
Bullard toW of theate tax oommi".
skin case, recently decided by the
snprcme court m tawr of th eo-
1 Ir. Worsley in M Jturn a.dfNBW-i
the paMcce by BPjlar vsto oTftw
referrea laws, taking ip eacii-Map-
aratsly and piving reasons fir his s&
port of them. He- ?uve oraohasls to
his advocacy of equal suffrage,
rr"-' "" " - --
Mount SInal Located.
The discovery of what is beHcvsd to
be the reel Mt SInal of Holy Script
H reported to the. Academy ollSlece
it Berlin by ProfT br. Al Mff from
Damascus. Prof. Susll bellevw. t..at
the extinct vooand, lllal'Bdr, ia
tbe Hedla region of northern raWa.
Is the biblical mountain whe.othe
Ten CommanilmenU were givfi to
Moses: i Z?
Iletnrns by InnlB of the , wcfrW'
eharaiion base fciW series will bo r
eehdat t& -.osfll Tender, Lowell.
Advertisement. 767.
Who Is Getting The Money
of The Trusts?
So sure has been Wilson's stand, so well known his incor
ruptible purpose, that no private interests have dared to
approach either our candidate or his committee.
We have not been offered a penny by the trusts, and
we certainly have not solicited a penny from them. The
money of the Interests is being spent againtt Wilton. No
matter (or whom wc need not discuss that here it is now
common gossip tbat the money power oi the nation is being
used in an attempt to defeat Woodrow Wilson.
What Is a "People's 'Campaign?"
We are addressing ourselves to, tho .real freemen of
America, the upright, Progressive) Voters of the country
who are doing, the work of the nation and not the work of
trusts and bosses. ' '
We realize that the salvation of every righteous cause
rests with'you. '
Often this cry of a People's Partyor a People's President
is raised by the very forces we seek io defeat and whom we
must and will defeat. But look te our standard and our
standard bearer and decide our self as to which is'ths
People's Campaign and must, therefore, be fought with the
"People's money.
Woodrow Wilson Has Clean Hands
Woodrow Wilson is the cleanest man in national politics
He came of illustrious forefathers, who laid by bleed and
heredity the foandat.on of a future President throagh-cen
CralHH. A licr gCIJCIalKKl oi uprigni reborn
II Wilson is to be fleeted it must be by dean m
there is only one source o( such money from the rottr,oj
the country who realize the importance of havmgta govern
meat uninfluenced by the atangbty dollar. '
Wilson's hands are clean.
Will yoo uphold them?
How Much Money Will You Give?
How Much Can You Raise?. !
There are big campaign expenses to be met if we are to
win on Election Day in November. We must tell the vMers
of the country about Wilson, what he is, what he has done
We'roost sl?w( them his record. - Wc must show them his
pUtform. Wc must point out to them the features of his
platform which mean so much to this nation. This great
work will coct a lot of money. We must meet tbe usual
heavy toll necessary to present a platform and a candMa.c
to a hundred million. '
Your dollar, jour 85. yeur$10, your 520 is needed. And
don't mistake we want the man who can only aSerd :h?
one dollar. We need him. We need the woman who can
orrly give one dollar. Wc believe in this kind of loyalty,
it's the kind that wins.
Let every one contribute to the Woodrow Wilsort Cam
paign by the first mail. Let's have as big a fund as the cor;
porations can supply the other parties. For the people are
mightier even in money than tho Comluaationi when they
Ct together.
A Call To Those Who Will Club
No live progressive voter can do more for Wilson's cause
than to head a list with his own contribution and then to
have his fellow-workers and friends swell the total witfi
their names and money. ' i
If you work in an office or factory, mill, warehouse, oo a
railroad, ranch or farm, start the ball rolling. Line up the
Wilson men 'Sign up as many contributions as you can.
And mail to us.
How To Contribute To The Wilson
Campaign Fund I
Sign the Coupon in this corner and fill in the amount I
you give. Then 'attach your money to this Coupon and
mail today to the address given on the Coupon. u I
Itiue ajl check, money order and addre all contriba- I
tion to C R. Crane, Vice Chairman Finance Committee, I
Democratic National Committee, 900 Michigan Avenue, '
Chicago, I1L ' ' ',1
Then write a letter to this Daoercivinz Your name as a !
I i contributor and stating your reasons why you believe
oney.and Woodrow Wilson should be elected President of the United !
States.fln this, way you will be listed as a Wilson contri- j
butor. A Souvenir Keceipt, handsomely lithographed, well
worth ramir.g, will be sent to you. Your letter will help the
fight by encouraging our friends.
A. Ar4tA7 lAl!rtrt lqwinairm ,,k4 1 !
ToCR. CRANE. VicWCbinn.a Fiunca Committe. I
Ta Democratic Ntboal Cemmitte. 900 Michigan Atcqh,)
Chicaf o tUtnqu.
As a t)trln tho procreuire foeata of torero m rot recrc,
tented in tbelfatiitixer of Woodrew WIson for Presient of tha'
Onited State, and Jo-the end that he mar take the offl fre-j
haaded. tuttrammeSed. and obtitafed to nene butthe poo jle of the!
ooaotry, I wiali tocantrfbutetdroaeh ron the turn of i
toward theexpepaesof Gov. Wilson' campaign. t
Nanraft.-ll..-. .-..-.;... .r..... .?J
.uMl ' - B
R. F. D.
ivin,!..!).'!!!! i.tJH IjajiUP ljBii in HlJiMiMi
;,-.' -
iI t.

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