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Motor Cycle Collecting Device
For Mails Works Successfully
Popular Washington Girl to Wed
Assistant Secretary of Treasury
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'! 3
Montenegro's Declaration of
Hostilities Against Tur
key Regarded as Torch
to Conflagration
Great Powers Will Use Every
Endeavor to Avert Bel
ligerency Behveen Eu-
ropean Holdings
PARIS, Oct. S. A general conflagra
tion tn the Rall.ans Is expected with
in forty-eight hours by ofllcials here
The Montenegran declaration of r.r
against Turkey Is regarded as merely
a beginning. It is believed other un
its of a Balkan coalition wi'l follow
suit soon, when the mobilization or
the armies Is completed. There is
only a faint hope that representations
of tbo powers will avert general hos
Thought Plan Pre-arranged
Montenegro's move Is confide "J
here a part of the pre-arranged plan
It Is asserted that Greece first a
selected by the Balkan confederate
to force an Issue to lnaucurate w.u
This easily could have been done ji
Gieece. seating in the Greek parlia
ment deputies from Crete, which cert
nlnly would prove a casus belli to
Turkey. Greece, however, decline.!
to accept the responsibility for start
ing the flame.
Montenegro Picked
Montenegro was then picked. Sho
has a long-standing quarrel with
Turkey over the fcoundary question
Turkey's refusal to grant satisfaction
was seized upon as a justification of
Montenegro's resort to arms It !
not doubted that though cooler hea.is
In Bulgaria were against the war
from the star, iiopular excitement
was at such a pitch that the count rv
was driven to war to satisfy public
In the face of intervention, every
fiber of energy will be exerted by th
great powers to prevent the war
flame from engulfing Europe.
All Depends on Austria
It is realized that all depends upon J
tne attitude of Austria, which, accord
ing to late advices, has mobilized fo'ir
army corps in Croatia. Bosnia. Her
zogovina and southern Hungary and
stands ready to occupy the Sanjak ot
Novipazar should this coveted atrat
Sic territory be menaced by Servians
or Montenegrans Despite Russian
sympathy for their Slav brethren in
the Balkans, whose political welfare
Russia has fostered, no complication
is expected between Russia and Aus
tria, as both these nations have as
sred the powers their determination
is not to be drawn into any Balkan
France Regretful
Official circles In France greatly
regret the censure of certain French
newspapers, that Great Britain's
slowness In agreeing to the phrase
ology of the has retarded the reo
resentatlons of the powers. The cen
suro, it Is said, does not represent
the official French view It Is point
ed out that such censure Is likely to
cause a false impression abroad, and
that It has furnished ammunition for
an attack by the German press on
Great Britain.
The real Ftory of how Balkan pow
ers forestalled and outwitted Euro
pean intervention Is told In offlclal
advices from Cettinje, Austrian and
Russian representatives who pre
sented a note In the name of the
powers, warning the Balkan states
against war at 11 o'clock th's morn
ing, but two hours and a half earlier
the Montencgrian government had
handed passports to the Ottoman
charge. Thus the Montenegrin cab
inet Is in a position to say the rep
resentations of the powers came oo
late, a mptnre of the diplomatic re
lations a'rendy having occurred.
to receiving passports from the Turk
ish government, the Montenegrian
chars. M. Plamenatz. handed I to
the porte in bebalf or his government
a r.ote rpgr'tting that "Montenegro
had exhausted aI amicable means
for settling the numerous misunder
standings and conflicts which had
arisen with the Ottoman empire.
Shortly after the presentation of the
note, which alo informed the porte
that Montenegro ceased all relations
with Turkey "leaving it to the terms
of the Monfnegrians to secure recog
nition of rights." all or which was ac
cepted as a declaration of war, the
council of war was held at tho
grand Vlzierate. The session con
tinued late Into the night.
510TBS.NO, Wash., Oct. 8. John
Creech, a wealthy Aberdeen lum
berman, was found not guilty to
night of the murder or City Detect.ve
Frank Welch, of Aberdeen. The Jury
was out three and a half hours. As
soon as th Terdict was annoanced
Creech thanked the lawyers and Jur
crs and then collapsed into a chair,
sobbing hysterically. Hlse""
son also wept The trial had lasted
seven dayi.
" fe!Ta U
Twentieth century
Post office authoritie-i are ring i iaken trcm the letter box withoutnthe
out in Washington Ii c a new mo j collet tor leav ng his machine, jirov
tor cycle mail collecting device. The Ing a great time saver over ttieold
photograph shows how the mall islav of collecting "'
'Dynamiters" Counsel De
clares No Defendant in
Indianapolis Gave Mon
ey for Explosions
INDIANAPOLIS. Oct 8 Whit the
defense will be In the tital of the
forty-five men accused rv the govern
ment of cbmpiicity in the ' dvnamite
conspiracy." was outlined before the
iur today b William N Harding, at
torney for the de'endants
Attorney Harding said it will be
shown that the executive board of
the international Association of
Bridge and Structural Iionworkcrs
never appropriated a dollar to be used
tor dynamiting If anvone connected
with the union diverted the funds for
any illegal use, the guilty pei-sons,
be said, will be shown to be, not
among the defendants present
"When you have beard all the tes
timony." he said. "I think you will
have concluded that about three men
were engaged in the nefarious work
of dynamiting, aud those three al
ready have pleaded guilty "
FORT SMITH. Oct. 8 Rock Is
land tra'p Vo 41, wes bound, was
held up and the expfss and mail
cars were robbed tonight near Howe,
Okla , according o a dispatch from
the station ; gent of the road at Hal
leyvllln. Okla.
The safes In the express" car wre
dynamitd. The amount stolen was
not learned, but It Is raid to ex
ceed $10,066.
LEXINGTON, Ky.. Oct. 8. A re
union of the survivors of the battle
of Perryville, which occurred Just
fifty years ago. on October" 8. 156:,
was held on the battlefield today. It
was a reunion of the Blue and the
Gray, and from far and near the eld
warriors journeyed to the Held to
mingle together in peace and ex
change fraternal greotings. Many
Confederate veterans of Kentucky
and neighboring states were in at
tendance, while the army of the blue
was represented -y the aurvlvlng vet
erans of the Eightieth Indiana regi
ment, which had a conspicuous part
in the battle.
NEW YORK, Oct 8. FUty vessels,
lepresenting the flower or the Ameri
can navy, are riding at anchor in the
Hudson river today. Nearly one-half
or the vessels are battleships, which
vary in size from tho great super
dreadnaught of the Wyoming type to
the now obsolete type reprcaented by
the famous old Ohio In addition to
the battleships, there are armored
cruisers, gunboats, torpedo' craft, dc
stroyers, submarines, supply ships,
mine layers, hospital ships and other
auxiliary vessels. The arrival tomor
row of a dozen additional battleship
and a number or auxiliaries will com-. ward, reont secretary or the repub
plete the fleet, which will then bo llcan national committee said to
ready for the greatest mobilization j night he bolleved Elmer Dover, his
the western world has ever seen. On predecessor, was mistaken in his he
Thursday the great fleet will be re- Ilof that copies or campaign contri
viewed by President TafL buttons were In storage In Chicago.
man collector.
San Diego Sloop Held by
Uncle Sam on Suspicion
of Bringing Conjtra-
band Chinese
S revenue cuter, "Golden Gate,
thirty miles north of here todav.
picked uu the gasoline s!oop Aleu.
owned and captained by "John Ooster
huis, of San Diego, who for months
has teen under the surveillance ,'
government officials on suspicion of
engaging in Chinese smuggling.
The sloop, which is notorious as
the smuggling craft "Neptune.'' was
"renamed" the "Alert," and brought
Oosterhuis anil an Italian youth, An
drew Ita-siie, carried as crew, are
held in the city prison, pending ar
raignment on charges of smuggling
j and conspiracy
j Oosterhuis' capture Is said by ofli
, cials to be the most Important in the
government's recent renewal of war
lare against trauic in contraband Chi
Bl'TTE, Oct 8 Theodore Staklos,
Gr ek consul for Montana. Utah, Ida
ho and Wvoming announced today
that 7.Mfi Greeks will leave those
rtates to fiehr Turkey
PAYS GREW $40,000
Men in Contraband Work
Evade Three Revenue Cut
ters and Two Submarines
SAN FRANC'SCO Oct. S Immigra
tion nsp'K'tors figrrod today the
crew of the launch Sampson, which
ran Into the hay early Monday and
landed a cargo of Chinese And es
caped three revenue cutters and two
submarines, mak.ng off to sea,
"cletned up" S4MKK) by landing the
Chinese. No trace of tho Sampton
was found, ror of any ot the Chinese
T4COMA. Oct. 8. Thnt among
the mult .tude or campaign papers
stored away with his personal effets
in a strong-box In Chicago may be
lists iarIal and complete or contrib
utors to the,. 1904 republican cam
paign, but that he tws no clear reeol-
J lection of tfee point was slated by
KInvr Dover, former secretary ol
the republican campaign committee
here today.
NBW YORK, Oct. 8. William Hay-
I '
i Petition Being Circulated in
i Bisbce to Giye Temper
j ance People Chance
for Office
O. Gibson of Tombstone
i-ium .-is i.,,tuIuuii; lui
Congress. White Rib
boner for Years
Thos F. Wilson, of Tucson.
J. Stanley Howard, of Phoe
nix. Roy E. Sibley, of Graham Co.
O Gibson, cf Tombstone.
The prohibition party of A-izona
villi be a little late in shying their
' castor into the political ring, but
tho 1I1 reach thoj arena Just the
Agreement has been reached by the
piohibitiontsts. on a state ticket, and j
O. Gibson, of Tombstone, a pioneer j
in the prohibition causes arrived In
Hislee yesterday afternoon, carrying
the required petition and securing the I
signatures which will entitle his party j
to a place ou the state official ballot '
The prohibition ticket, as it will an-'
pear on the official ballot, will be ad
Presidential Electors ,
Presidential electors Gen. Thomas
j F Wilson, of Tuon; J Stanley
i Howard, of Phoenix; Roy E. Siblev,
, of Copper Creek, Graham county
Candidate for congress O. Gibson,
of Tombstone.
Mr Git-son, the prohibition congres
sional candidate, bag carried the ban
ner for the prohibitionists In Arizona
j for many years, and this will be his
I fifth race for congrefs. He remarked
I last night that he always was readv tu
I stand as a representative of he pro
hibition party, regardless of the oi
portunitles of securing an office.
Gen. WilsenUoins Party
I The name of Gen. Thos II Wilson
Ion the prohibition ticket this year
' calls attention to the fact' that one
jof the very prominent republicans i
this state has cut loose from his ul
'political anchorage and joined his in
i fluence to the cause ot prohibition j
j General Wilson has been Identified t
I with the republican part in Arizona
tor thirty ears. In the year IS?" he
was the republican candidate for con
i gross, being defeated bv Mark bmitli i
i Ho was Cnited States attornev in I
!. ....I
Arizona dnrinig tne latter part ot tn
administration of President Harrison
EL PASO, Oct. S. Another rebel
leader was arrested today In tho
United States.
Incidentally, his wife, wno has fol
lowed her husband through varying
fortunes, and herself fought in the
field. Is a voluntary prisoner In the
local jail. He is Colonel Lacara
Alanis. who is held on the charge of
being a fugitive from justice
DOUGLAS, Oct. S American Con
sul William Dye will leave Douglas j
for Colonla Morelos, clothed with au
thority from the state department at
Washington to restore the Mormon
homes occupied by Mexicans to their
rightful owners
JUAREZ. Oct. 8 The Mexican
Northwestern railway has been cut
by rebels? ISO kilometers south of
here today. Telegraph wires are also
cut, and bridges burned.
DENVER, Oct. 8. -If any fat-It
can be found with him. It Is because
he is not a skillful politician. He does
not poEC?s the dang?rous gift of ap
peaHng to Imagination." This cliar
acterizatlon of Taft was made hero
tonight by Senator Burton of Ohio,
who is following a day behind Gov.
Wilson. He made ? plea for repub
licanism and the protective principle,
declaring that the democratic tariff
program would rpell ruin for Colo
rado industries.
FOR ARIZONA Fair Wednesday:
ThHrsday, fair In the south: rains and
snow In the north.
TAMPICO". Mexico. Oct 8. The
charred bodlss of twenty-two persons
were taken from the rains of tho
warehouse, destroyed last night in a
liowder explosion. It is believed fifty
were killed.
NEW YORK, Oet 8 Copper dull
at 17.25 bid. Lead unchanged, 5.10
l)ld. Copper arrivals, 100 tons: ex
ports 6,432 tons.
LONDON, Ocl S. Frank a- Bos
took, lion tamer and mamgcrle man.
Is dead.
jH y JSmWmmmmmmmm
" . THT i h TlfflfTf niffMii
if" HiiBra jfcr$&v ', 'mx
ail & ,'&3 As ttXJMkt,- JEflBj8b'P5S i w 'Sl
pm - set --- cjjrjl
Ml Laura McrrUm
iSpecIaLt Sociutr Is 'awaiting li8
announcement. vhichfs to b n:ade,
soon, of the engagemon; of Miss,
Laura Merriam, daughter of the for
mer govprnor of Minnrsota. to lames
F. Curtis, assistant s-crftary of tb
treasury The engagement I known
to their families and -lose fr,ends.
The engagement tt Mis Merriam
to Theron E C-vtlln of St Loins., Mo.,
way announced '..is; Kirln:r At the
titr Mr Catlla was a member of
congress He vva la'er unseated on
, .
w ntvnr vr I v Imi
ou.ii;iai,i iui i ui
v til li-
paitrns Says Papers Will
lie Produced Before
TACOMA. Ocst s --Copies of the, NEV- YORK. Oct S The state
campaign contribution lists o: the rz ! ment of the Copper Producers aso
publlcan national committee, Inclnd-' elation for September shows an In
ing the list of l'JOL are stored in Chi-'treafe In stock on hand of lG,J6t.il3
cago and will te produced before the pounds, as compared with the pre
Clapp senate committee, according to vlous month The production for tho
Elmer E Dover, of this city, secre-1 month is 140,OSO,S1'J pounds, a de
tary of the committee, for four cam , crease of J.53S.702 pounds, domestic
palgns. i delivery, 63.400,810 pounds; decreas-e.
He said the list was given him bv I js gi.G0S: foreicn delivery. C0.26L-
Treasurer Bliss to copy. The original
was returned to Treasurer Bliss, hut
the copy, with copies covering four
other campaigns, are sto.-ed away in
a Chicago warehouse.
Dover said they would lie produced
before the committee if so desired.
Chamber of Commerce Plan
to Invade New State
in Special Train
LOS ANGELES, OcL S. The local
chamber of commerce Is completing
arrangements for an excursion to
Arizona. A special train of five
coaches will leave Sunday morning,
October 2", and return Friday. No
vember 1 Stops will be made at
Yuma. Douglas. BIsbee, Tucson, Phoe-
nlr Prrarntt FtnrarafT an.l VI'IIHa-m,
One day will be devoted to the state
fair at Phoenix, and another at the
Grand Can on.
MEXICO CITY OcL 8. General I
Miguel flil Is named to succeed Gen-1 ors, and Is ready for the great event
eral San Jloes, ?s commander in So- in her history, for today was Inaugti
nora. General San JInrs was thrown rated tho diamond jubilee celebration
from fcis horse and his rib broken. ' of Mt. Holyoke College. Many vlslt-
He Is relieved from duly so as to be
given a chance to recover.
MEXICO CITY, Oct. S-Mexlcan
denuties voted today to double their
own pay, making it $3,000 a year, in
order to make them Independent or
tho "executive and Judiciary" it was
, tA
and Jamrs F. Curtis.
o .on
Irr ' j'Jit'e'
t "n
Mis Mrna'n
;t pular girls n
n one
Pl? was the tniiiiguritOM
ub evening 'lii.euir rf",-v
Mrnday afteraooa skatmB6I-ii)
Is a great hone woman and has the
distinction of Lo.ng the first woman
o go up in ,m i.-Toplane In Washing-
t t.
Mr Curtis el i c to a disttn-
I g ishetl Boson iaicil.'-. lie Is a grnd -
t ' ite of Harvard. 10
""' ' ""- ' -
copper output
' 'rwl ri:., f t.i ai1
1 i.vi.' uKiii .i ji ivi.ii jtii.itii
for September Falls Off
Nearly Twenty
Per Cent
9C; decrease, 10,220,351; total deliv
ery, 123,725,606; deciease, 2",4SLf)fi2.
Market Irregular
The tone of today's stock market
again was irregular and trading was
light, falling aw-ay to a marked de
monstration in the afternoon, when
interest seemed to center large!)
around the championship baseball
Leading stocks opened with gen-
eral declines, following" the lead at
j London, where some unrest was mani
fest over the Balkan situation. A par-
tlal recovery from the low level was
&hown at midday, especially by Read
ing and Steel, but the strength was
more conspicuous in many minor In
Specialties Were Weak
Specialties as a whole "were weak,
with light demand. American Sugar
American Beet Sugar and wool re
corded declines from one to almost
three points. The market languished
in the last hour, closing with no ma
terial changes from the opening
The money market reflected the dull
conditions now prevailing In the se-'
cutitles markets. Call loans werei
slightly firmer today. Bonds were dull
iad featureless. Total sal
ra,"e' .315-00- Oovornraent
Total sales at par ,
twos de-1
clined an eighth.
SOUTH HADLBY. Mass, Oct. 8.
South Hadley Is a mass of gay col-
Ing educators or note are hare ror the
celebration, which is to continue over
tomorrow. Today was given over to
the alumnae, with alumnae commemo
ration exercises in the chapel, fol
lowed by luncheon in the gymnasium,
and a pageant in tho oudor auditorium
thbj' afternoon. Tomorrow will come
the Intercollegiate commemoration
Hon exercises and a luncheon for dele
gates and guests.
Tereau Holds Bean Eaters
Down Until the Sixth
Inning When He
Loses Nerve
iMcGraw of Giants Says He
I Is Not Disheartened by
i Loss of First Game
j of Contest
' NEW YORK. Oct. S TluTTloston
j Americans overcame he Now York
Nationals today by i to 3 before more
, than 'Sj.ooo porsons, In the first
i game of the wor!d' sries. The
i contert was nip and tuck all the
j 'vav New York madt a thrilling
rallv in the ninth Inning when It
nearly tied the score, but "Smoky
' .Toe" Woods' bewildering speed turned
' two of the New York batters back
! to the bench on strikes for the last
(two put outs and the Bostons carried
! off the honors
D'amatlc Finish.
J Rarely, if ever, has any world's,
i eries provided such a dramatic fln
! ish Two runs behind, the New York
&' s w-
pporters had given up hope. Hun-
re leaving the stands when
sent n tinkle wh'stling to
jlu i'cr out- iiiai ntit um. r.vfii
nen there was a chance of ylng tho
score but It ceemed remote, but a
Texas leaguer by Herzog, followed
quirfclv by a Fmoking hit by Indian
Mcjer, vhkh sent Merkle home, put
the stands in a ftame of excitement.
Wltb the loca's second and third,
thousands stood on the seats and
yelled. Fletcher swung his bat ner
vously at the plate, while Joe Wood
seenvd anxious.
Boston Tviner Pats Grass.
Tho Boston twirler patted the
I grass. hUched his belt, rubbed the
' ball and adjusted his cap This de
I lay unsettled Fletcher. He swung
futllely at AVoods' fast breaking
1 shoots three times and went back to
.the bench.
l',SES,ia"' a strong man in a pinch
tattle 'ip. Wi
ood put ot two strikes.
then three balls. The 'pitcher then
drew Mi. arm back and shot over a
Inch and fast Inshoot. Crandall
swung and missed It by an Inch and
th" game nan over
Battle of Wits.
It was a battle of managerial wits
in tlie selection of the pitchers. Man
ager MeGraw ; nned hi- faith on Tes
reai, Th- Oark bear hunter held the
I Bostors hitiess until th- sixth Inning
whpn S-eaker's three bagger broke
j th0 (r
Tesreau akened in the
!-' nth Before the fusillade of Bos
ton lilts wa- oter t'-ree runs were
a rocs the plae and the visitors had
a lead of two runs.
Xlanagr Stahl placed his star
I Itehc. ,loe Wood, on the mound In
only two Inninzs wa? the" mnnndsraan
hit hard, his dazzling spd contin
ued undiminished until the 'ast man
was struck ont Wood fanned eleven
batters ind ga'e only two babes on
Held Them Scoreless.
New York's first edge was to run
thr column Wood held them score
less until the third Inning, when a'ler
Tesreau fanr-ed. Devore worked Wood
for a base on balls. Doyle put up a
high fly to left, which fell too far
back for either Gardener or Wagnr
to reach. Doyle reached second on
a hit. but Devore was held at third.
Then Mi'rrav caught one of Wood's
inshoots and sent the ball over sec
ond for n sing'e and brought Devoro
and Doylo over the plate. Tesreau
was mlghtlv until the sixth.
Twenty Failed to Hit.
Twentr Boston players faced his
moist ba'l hfnre the first hit was
made. That long drive 'or three
bases by Speaker, who came home
for the "first run for the American
leagimrs on an infield out by Duily
The seventh Inning saw the end
of Tesreau. Three singler and a dou
ble which sent three Boston playrs
home, caused Manager McGraw to
quickly see the visitors hsd solved
Tosreau's delivery. Wagner started
tho trouble for Tesreau In the sev
enth, after Stthl had been retired by
sending a line drive to the center.
Cadv followed with another liner to
renter and tho Boston delegations In
the tand turred loose a lusty cheer,
Wood Forced Cady.
Wood force,i ran at second, but
Hooper shot a double pnst Merkle.
putting WVgner acrosi the plate.
sending Wood to third. Yerkes re
sponded with a sharp drive to In
field and Hooper and Wood had a
scamper ovr ths rubber.
With the lead of two runs .the lo
cals had to take the offensive and
nobly responded with a ninth inning
rally, which railed by one run or ty
ing the score.
"We won. as I thought we would,
Itit the New Yorks gave us a great
flgliL" said Manager Stahl. "The ser
ies Is Just beginning." said Manager
SlcGraw. "We by no means are dls
heartened by today's defeat."
Score by innings.
Boston 0 00001300 4
New York 0 02000001 3
Two base hits: Doyle. Hooper, Wag-
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