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Balkan StateSj Long Hostile To Neighbor In
South Thinks Time Has Come To Strike Turk
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Calumet and Arizona Mining
Company General Man-
aj?er Is Optimistic for
B. M. Candidate
All Shattnck Ores Will Be
Smelted in C. & A. Re-
Duction Plant at
Douglas, Ariz.
Capt. joIip C. Greenway, of the
Calumet S. Aiizona Mining comiianv
nrrlved at his. home and office In
Warren yctcn!a morning from a
business trip to Chicago and N'W
York, dpi Green a aj ,was in Chi
cago when the contract was closed
between the Calumet & Arizona an.l
Shattnck min'ng companies under
which the Shittuck ores are to he
smelted In the C. & A reduction
works In Douglas for a period of five
years. Finishing his business Ir
Chicago Opt Greenwav. proceeded
to New York to at;enc to business
After a few hours in his office ys
tTilay morning Capt Greenwav vis
ited Douglas and will be here again
today, statins last night that it was
his desire to complete arrangements
for recelviiv the Shattuck ores at
the earliest possible time
Saw Cot. Roosevelt.
On his -vay east Capt Greenway
bad the pleasure of meeting Colonei
TtooseveU at Kansas City He i sin
ardent admirer of tl-e colonel, under
vvnom nc scr' ea as a member of the
rough riders ar.d is proud to num
Iier himself as a supporter of the
progressive party and Col. Roos-v
Capt Greenway was called up on
the telephone b The Review last
night and lequested to give out
someth'.rg of th- impressions ho had
received during Ins trip east regard
lng the presidential campaign He
countered it his wculd-bo interview
er bj desiring to know something re
garding the democraUo harmony that.
wai. started rolling over the state a?
a result of the recent meeting of that
party committee in Phoenixy Being
assured that everything was lovclv
in the democratic household the
captain became serious and said
Wilson In Favor.
"In CIllc&Cu and New York I was
informed fnt Col Roo3evMt was
the popular rnndidatt witu the wcrk
lng anJ ocire-r classes but that ip
the clubs am' In the offices of t Je
hanks and ' g manufacturing con
cerns Taft inri Wilson are in favor
:tnd I believe this condition of polit
leal sentiment will be found tn e
lend over the country, generally
" Colonel Roosevelt 's being urged
In this wnp.ign as the only con
slstent and real progressive in the
race and while I would not venture
acv prediction as to results. I am
certain that Roosevelt is gaining in
strength every day."
Capt. Greenwa ranks as one of
the ch'efs of the Cull Moosers In
rizona and has been prominent in
the wotk of promoting the new par
ty organizat en in thif state 'and
iiuito nature ij v ould see the bright
cat side c! the Roosevelt chance
Mass Assemblage of Dele
gates Held bv Court
to Be Illegal
LEWISTOK. Oct 9. A decision of
the Idaho supreme court made public
hre today w.H prevent the
names of the progressive party el'c
tors and candidate for congressman
at largo from rppeanng on the of
ficial bfcllot The decision is baped
on the court's interpretation of the
term "eonrsntlen." The court he?d
that a "mass assemblage of self-av
nolnted delegate-" does not consti
tute a legal convention, which, ac
cording to the decision, must con
form to the representative principles
with drlegutes chosen by some "rec
ognized class, body or party"
The progressive electors wco
named at the state mass assemblage
at St- Anthony and also by petition
The court held neither was mPd
lawful, declaring under the statute
candidates sboald have been desig
nated by the state central committee
lnce the rrfKresslve party had not
entered the primaries or held a rep
resentative state convention or altr
native procedures as prescribed In
the code.
The distinction dravn by the de
cision between candidates for federal
and state oSlces show all nomina
tions bv petition for slate office. are
hold nlM while those for federal of
flcec arc Invalid
NEW YORK, Oct, D. Copper firm
at 17.2T. bid; arrivals 490 tons; ex
ports for the month 5,531 tons; I'ad
firm at 5.18 Hd.
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Mltj Julia C. Lathrop and Dr. Cressy
L. Wilbur.
At the annual iceetiss if th
American assocl&lica for the atudjr
and protection of infant mortality
Just held In Cleveland. It was agreed
that compulsory birth registration
Is the Unit and foremost measure nec
essary for the prevention of Infant
mortality. Dr. Cressy L. Wilbur, of
Washington, president ot the asso
ciation, urged the delegates, wl.o were
phvstcians and social vvorkus, to uss
their efforts In making such regis
tration possible.
Miss Julia C. Lathrop. director ot
the federal children', bureau at
Washington, was outspoken In favor
of ruch registration. "We can get
compalsory birth registration In this
country In a twelve-month If the
women demand It." she said.
Game Between Red Sox and
Giants Called in Elev
enth Inning Because
of Darkness; 6 to 6
BOSTON Oct 9 The second con
test In the worlds series between
the Boston American leaguers and th
New York Nationals todav wei.t U
innings to a tie, C to C, when dark
ness put an end to the battle that
kept thirty thousand spectators on
the edge of keenest excitement
through every inning The contest
will be plaved over tomorrow at Ftn
wa) Park
Mathewson in the Box
With one victory registered for the
Red Sox. Manager McGraw sent oat
his star twirler, Mathewson, to cap
ture the second game forythe Giants.
Mathewson had rested about two
weeks to win the first game be
twirled, but tonight the Red Sox still
gloated over their one victory, no
game being lost, and with Mathewson
worn out with the hard tatting In
the eleven inning game.
Aris Speaker, the Red Sox middle
fielder, furnished a dramatic climax
to the contest where fortune placed
fickle favor with first one, then with
the- other team.
Teams Locked
The ninth Inning found the Red
Sox and Giants locked in a tie scoto
of 3 to 5 The Red Sox left-hander,
Collins, had been driven from the box
In the eighth by a shower of hits, and
Hall was sent to relieve him. Merkle
smashed out a three-tagger In the
tenth, and the home club lost Its
gloom when he scored on a sacrifice
Hard to Find Mathewson
In the fading, light It was difficult
for the Red Sox to follow the cou-ic
of Mathew son's big drop, and New
York folt confident. Yerkes had been
turned back to the plate, and the big
crowd looked to Speaker. The trio
of Giant outer gardeners moved far
Mathewson wound up and sent a
fast inshoot to the plate. Speaker
gave a wicked swing, and the ball was
sent sailing over decker's bead in
center. Speaker rounded first, then
second, and raced to third. The ball
caromed from the back fence, and
Decker seized It and threw ft to
Sclnefer, who momentarily judged
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; Warren District Commercial
Club Confers with Bus-
iness Men's Protective
There Is No Intention of Do
inir Anything Except to
Run City on Eco
nomical Basis
Government by commission or un
der tbe business manager plan for the
citv of Hisbee waB the subject of con-
i Mdeiction at a meeting of the boa'd
of directors of the Warren Dlst -ict
Commercial club last evening, which
which was attended 'by a committee
of three fiom tbe business Men's Pro
tective association, appointed to con
sider the matter with the Coraraerci.'l
club at the last meeting of the as
pociatlon and by a number of cltizc.is
and business men besides
The consideration of this mattei
brought up other matters relative to
cm government in general and the
citv of Hisbee in particular, and a in
tion to Ui' estigate and ascertain
whether the proposed plan would be
more economical than the present, j
shown bv tbe present condition ot
citv affairs, was passed bv the meet
lng A Joint committee of the two
cluts will take up this matter as
onider and renort on a commlssio.i
form of government
New Question Arises
J M O Connell presented a report
on tbe constitutional provisions that
relate to changes of municipal char
ters and forms of government, whl.-b
make clear the methods to be nar
sued, but then the question arosf,
if such steps were taken and a new
charter obtained, it would be effective
before the terms of tbe present in
cumuents expired This Mr O'Con
nell will investigate and report to
the committee
During the discussion it was ndd"
clear that the present discussion wa
not intended as a criticism of ih'
present citj government, aftd that "
had been considered and puolirly di?
cussed in the papers during the in
cumbeucy of the last adm'nistratlo i
The speakers tiled to make it (lei
that the arc governed by a desire to
give the citv the most economical
form of government, and to applv to
this municipal corporation similar
business '-vstems to those employed l)
' usinees corporations
Will Name Committees
Tlu committee fiom thp Business
Ven , Protective association that at
'ended thi meeting la-t evening t,a
i minted to take up the matter of
commission form of government with
the ( ommercal cluh and kill either
ie gnen further powers, or another
committee appointed with furtuer
powers at tne neit meeting of the as
sociation to te held October 17 This
committee consists ot (' Allen, M
Newman and B I. Smith To irt
ointlv with this committee. President
Yoakum was authorized to appoint a
committee of three frpm the Commer
cial club These he stated he wo 'Id
name by October 17, when the other
association will have its members of
tbe joint committee authorized to act
Must Make Investigation
After it had been decided to ai
point this joint committee to prepar
uetltions for an election for a com
mission form of government, II
deemed desirable, the members ot
the committee had its powers furtht r
extended by a motion which calls on
them to examine into tbe present fi
nancial condition of the city No re
flection on the honesty or Integrity
of present office holders was hinted
It was desired that it should be de
finitely determined by this commit
tee whether money could be saved to
the city and the business better con
ducted by the direct reprevntat'vo
and non-political methods This com
mittee will examine iHto the city
debt, funds expended, funds on hand,
amounts noeJed and amounts avail
able Such Investigation Is to be a
thorough one. and will Le the basis
of the report on the advisability oi
seeking some pha&e of a comralssleti
Time for Action.
Ev-n if It ihould be drcidd not to
2ct on the matter until ir time for
the next city election, or th't preaeit
elected incumbents would bold If
ieemed desirable to act sooner, lie
proposed action of last i:it?ht Is not
premature It takes approximately
six months to complete the process of
transformation after the machinery
is set in motion, and It wU take
time to make the preliminary exami
nation and reports that the meeting
of last night required to be mwie Af
ter that It would require some little
time to circulate petitions and obtain
2G per cent of the number of voters
who were recorded at the last munici
pal election, unless the mayor sttoHld
see fit to call a special election with
nut being petitioned Under those cir
cumstances a campaign of education
would have to bo conducted, so that
It Is evident that several months must
elapse In any event before raavlla an
otnalned. THE WEATHER.
ARIZONA Fair in the south ar.d
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m.mfAi- f TtJtTtSmSBmk,
lrlv.wl;.3r ..- - ".--.- 'J
T I Ijjlilllililliliiili mil I 1 f !
rCgw" t IB" ' 1 im mm I i in ilftfi1 In ' I z.&n
.At the top, Bulgarian army at the
n 5
Confident that the time has come
Ttrhpn n unr wirh TlirLp Tt-Ul rpQlllf
.... h .. . ---. - ...-, ..... vvu..t9 Udllg iitiiier'uucu iiiiu nu ii'iii
, ... -. .u.t r.
ma viciury iur .ue.ru.uiB uiw.mm,,, Rulgaria will
the Balkan states are prepa in-; to . forces
Many Servians Would (Jo to
Native Country fo Fivjht
for Their Fire5des
II Possible
I V hen a reiorter on a dailv paper
'in a mining ramu in the so at h western
part of the United States sits down
to a typewriter to write a loca1
storj" on "the war in the Balkans,'
there is good excuse for the bromidic
saying But this Is a small world,
after all But the truth Is, that to
a ceitain portion of the readerfc of
The Review, the cablegrams fiom the
Balkan states are the most eagerly
read of an news In the dav s news.
Yesterday afternoon, while a small
crowd of baseball fans was awaiting
and discussing the returns of the
world s championship baseball games,
being received at a cigar store on
Main street nearbv was a small group
of natives of the Balkan states, dis
cussing developments in the war sit
uation in those states
Pulse of Universe Throbs
It is a far crv from Blsbee, Arlzont,
, I S A , to Scrv ia or Montenegro.
but the pulse of the universe throbs
through the canyons of Blsbee
A letter received by a prominent
Blsbee Servian from a brother In the
old countrj says that war is not only
imminent, but It Is certain, and with
a spirit not understandable to the
average person going about his dally
pursuit In Blsbee. be adds, not unlike
Patrick Henry, I-et it come! I
should not mind spilling my bloocj
on the field of battle for ra countrv "
Balkan Residents Here
Hundreds of iieople from the Bal
Kans are residents of Blsbee. Some
of them cherish the hope of returning
to their native land, while others have
become Americanized in tbe melting
pot. In the mines of Blsbee their
hands dig ore. while their minds fight
tattles in the Balkans, always fight
ing 9galnst the "Unspeakable Turk."
So far Blsbee's population has not
contributed to the armies of the
states that are arraying themselves
against Turkey, bot unlike the
Greeks, Servians and other of the sev
eral nations of the Balkans are si
lent men It is reported that a Land
of Montenegrans are preparing to sail
for thlr native land for the purpose
of enlisting in the army of their coun
try There will be many who would
return to the Balkans, but are nable
because of the responsibility of car
ing for families.
Watching Developments
One of those who is watching with
deep interest developments in the Bal
kans is V. R. Hoscoe, an American
ized Servian. Iloscoe is thoroughly
American, and takes an active inter
est In politics, being a member ot
the city democratic committee, and
he considers that his allegiance is to
the United States.
Tho causo of the trouble In the
Balkans," said Roscoe, "is tho oppres
sion pf the Turk. Ills mode of light
ing, of attack. Is that ot the American
bottom, left to right. King Ferdinand o
residences, ana rng oeorgc 01 vjrc
ifctrike a blow at the Ottoman emuTf
IThe whole of the flalkan peninsula
! t l.(-. .-nnfnH.n.. inn An . . .,..1
If war comes. King Ferdinand.
lead the Balkan
President Taft Is
Sore At Condition
Through California
Declares !f Regular RepurV
licans Denied Rishts In-
Mir Will Result
dent Taft has taken Into cognizance
the political situation n Call or ii i.
am, his opinion was evpressed in t
telegram received todav bv Gustave
Brenner, chairman of the republl. n
state central committee After t'le
state supreme court had ruled the
presidential electors selected by the
Colonel Roosevelt wing of the par)
were entitled to be named on the
1 allot. Chairman Hrenner sent to
President Taft telegrams setting fori'i
the conditions wtnoh confront 'h
Taft wing of the partv Responding
Taft telegraphed I am sure, if the
regular republicans are to be denied
their right of franchise through the
unjust action of the machine now in
tontrol of California politics, their
indefensible conduct must nltimaielv
react to their injury '
WVSHINGTO.N, Oft A net Ios3
of $30,001) a year in tbe revenue of
express companies and railroads
would result from putting into effee t j
tbe express rates proposed by the
interstate commerce commission, ac
cording to figures submitted bv the
companies to the commission todav
MONTEREY. Mex Oct 9 -A band
of ninety rebels is reported to be com
fitting depredations at Lampazoa,
1 7S miles southwest of Iaredo, Texas
They 'belong to forces commanded by
Marcelo Caraveo and Joaquin Goya,
I formerly a newspaper man at Mont-
erev iney appeared yesterday at
-...."Ti.-KKT' ..' 'St. -','
....t., .y.,.u.,a, ..c.1..,.uw.b .imu
and anns from the citizens Today
they aje reported as moving toward
i Laredo, pursued by federal troops
from I-ampazos
l :
Indian, massacre with details of un-'
, Imaginable brutality Servia would
jbe free That Is the humor of th
people. There is no more progressive
people on earth than the Servians
They nave a republican form of gov-,
eminent, and its constitution is more
, liberal than that of even the United
States They have free speech and
!a free press It Is from the papers j
of Servia that I get my information
iof the brutal outrages that have been
' committed by the Turk3 on Servian !
people "
' Give Lives up to Country I
i Not In two generations of the Ros I
coo famiry has a male member of
the famllv died a natural death all .'
who have died gave up tholr lives for
tbelr country on the field of battle, i
The extent of the Servian feellnsc,
the spirit of Independence that pre-1
vails among Servians In the Warren
district, cannot be appreciated by tho
average pearsou. He would catch a
altmpse of It If he visited the homes
of Servians In Blsbee There he
would see the walls decorated with
placard mottoes. "Servia must be
free," and similar patriotic senti
ments'. The Montenegrans and other
natives of Balkan states also share
this sentiment.
(Bulgaria Castle Osterstein, one of
( Thp pre:ent trouble arises frqm the
1 neglected demand by the Balkan King
' ,iA.H v.n T.l,n.. lM......- l.A nn
uur umi i ui nc jiuiuuie iic lull
ditions prevailing among her Chrl?
tian inhabitants in Macedonia and At
Sheriff Wheeler Has Two
Men in Custody at Doug
las with Four Horses
in Possession
Soldiers cf the Ninth cavalry, do -
jng patrol autv along the internatioi.
al line, took into custody two men
who gave the names of Pinburn and
King, -ach rding n lurso and lead
ing another, near Hunt's ranch early
vesteHa' trolling and tcok 'b in in
to Doug'as I ach oi the men carried
a pistol nml one of them bad also
a rifle
The icticns of the men were sns
I ictous pnd the soldiers took them
to Douplas and their arrest was re
ported t-j Sheriff Harry Wheeler at
Tombstone iud he went to Douglas
yesterdr-. afternoon to investigate
the aff"lr
Stolen from Lowell.
It is li Hpvi1 that one of the horses
and a saddle wh'ch the soldiers took
iKisfcess'.on of is one that was stolen i anj ttP, wm j,aie tne loval assistance
from I.fvell Tuesday night The 0f the kings of Servia. Bulgaria ati.S
-addle nnswers In tivery particular ,-- pce r i ti,eir peoples, who have
to tbe dpsrriot'or. of the stolen saddl I ranged themselves with the Monto
jiiu a f-iither comparison ot notes negrlans like brothers " The procla
bv She'l.T Wheeler nd Deputy Shei-' mation concludes- "Montenegro is nt-
irr Rooney at Lowell may result iu
a cas being made ngalnst the men.
who are in the custody of Sheriff
Wheeler pending a further investi
gation. Should thp men be proved to be
horse thieves their arrest by the ol
diers wll be fortunate as they w re
nrobablv makinr for the Internatlon
- ,. . no
211 lllltr III 1. 'tij "-.ir .... .-
when thpv were detained
by tne
caalrynitn I' Is believed that the
men le't Blsber yesterday morning
about S o'clock The were ridinc
Kray homes and leading other
I horses It i doubted If Pinburn anu
j King arc their true names.
i Deserlefcion Tallies. I
The 'loscriptlon of the horses and
saouies laKen wnen tne &oiuicrs r
' rested the two men wore telcphone.1
to Depi'ty Sheriff Rooney at Lowe!t
last nlht ind he Is certain that cw
of the horses and a saddle are the,
propcr'v ef John Clark, who Is sm-
ployed at the ixiwell mine ,iarK
rides to his work at the mine and
Tuesday night he hitched his horse
on tho mine premises. The aniiral
was missing when Clark went tr.
get It vrsterdny morning at 6 ociock
and he reported Ills loss to Deputy
Sheriff Uooney. who Immediately tel-,
ephoncd the Information, with a de-;
script on of the stolen property, to ,
o;fcer part sir tne county.
Grand Larceny to Be Charge.
Charges of grand larceny will
probably he- made against Pinburn
and King this morning at Douglflb.
Tht. howe and saddle were sto'in
from tho Lowell mine between 3 and
6 yestetday morning and the two
men admlttp-J leaving Lowell about
3 o'clock jestcrday morning. Thev
said they had been baching at a cor
ral at Lowell for several days but
Powers' Attitude in Regard
to Situation Believed
Will Result in Lit
tle Success
It Is Said Servia Todav
Probably Will Issue
Proclamation of War
Against Turkey
BKRMN. Oct. 9 General war In
i the Balkaiib practically has been In
; avgurat'Ml lu the opinion of both dip
lomatic clrcies find the press of Ger
many. At he foreign office it Is
thought the atritude of the Balkan
people leaves only 'lie barest hope
t tho measure taken by the pow
ers is proving successful as any con
cession? made by the Balkan gov.
ernmen would threaten the sectirlti
of the th one of Bulgaria. Servia.
Montenegro ind Greece For this
reason the covcrnments dare not
i vleld
War Will Be Declared.
One of thp leading Berlin bankr
'ccelved a teleirrnm today from Bl-
grade stating tuat a declaration of
; var bv Sr-vlii probablv w 111 be iIp-
Uvered Imciili?tcly Servian troop,
he stated, arc being rushed to 'he
frontier The Servians and Turks al-
roadv have rome into contact, accord
ing to the report of a special cor
i isponrtent
Anothe telegram from Belgrade
I uys the re !y of the Servian prm.
I ier. M Pasitch. to Austria-Hungary
and Riifsian representations are tar-
i tamoun to a rejection. He declared
j the Montinegrlan declaration of war
ha created a new situation In which
it i decisive if Servia's further ac
The solidarity of Balkan allies, he
aid. vvill le maintained at all cos to.
spii pontilar feeling In Servia is so
strong it will not permit the gov
ernment to depart from the course
on which it has embarked.
Thero vva3 ilmost a repetition of
be seenp? which took place ' Blarr
'I tie ida' ' (Oct 1) on the Bourse to
dav under the conviction that a gen
eral wr in t' p Balkans Is inevitable
There ty. an all around fall from
to to s !.oints the slump beln
checked ml' sliehtly jjst before the
nnLGHVm:. Oct 9 The French
minister today mndp representations
1 to '',p Pcrvten government similar
'U IlllJ&t' IllilUt' L IlllBSIU UUll sU-
r a '?verv one in the city regards
war as certain and preparations are
bring pushed npldly.
CETlI.VJn Oct 1 King Nichouv
'RMied a proclamation summoning tb
Montenegrians to go immediately tr
the assistance of tnelr breihern In
old Servi.i where, he declares, wo
mm and children are being ma
snered 'Moulegro had hopes to se
cure the liberation of Servians In
Turkey Without bheddlng blood, tint
peaceful endeavors have proved un
availing." continues the proclama
tion No other recourse is loft but
to take up the sword We are as
sured in this holy undertaking of the
svmnatbv ot th whole civilized world
tacklnr Turkey not from motives of
arrogance. Out inspired by a nohl-
resolve to prevent a final extermina
tion "
Turkish government despatched a
courier to Onchy. Switzerland, whn
bears final instructions with refer
ence to peace negotiations between
Turkey and Ittdy It Is understood
that on hU arrival, negotiations wljl
be brought to a successfjl close
CHICAGO. Oct 9. White SOX and
Cubs played 'a scoreless, tie game
fn the first of the series In the city
rliamn'Onshin Walsh held tho Va-
tionai8 to nc hit, Tlt.ker being .h
ony min n either team to get as
far a second bases. He landed
there on a double. The attendance
was clos" tc 3V)00.
COLCMBI'S. Oct.. 9 Dr. Gcorg
B. Nice, of Waverly, representative
in the Ohio legislature from Pbtn
ennntr iJi.le.t niltv tnrtar to hrln-
ar n the loft legislature. Sentence
was defctrwl.
ROME. Oct. For attempting to
assassinate King Victor Emanuel lu
Match. Antonio Dalba was con
demned to thirty j ears penal scr
viture. Investigation has thrown suspicion
oti this story The other three horses
found In the possetslon of the men
will, it Is believed, be proved to be
long to ra nailers in the valley.
w x
,-. - . -:- a
. .w.tfM.
&.! UU1 t .y.tH.-'Crf'-VS.-M
kMsMUvuoi 'jt;-.', vv.t
jgaagycgjai ' "
. ,.IM "Utf
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