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Rodents Have Destroyed
Much Merchandise for
Dealers in Bisbee
iTVhat do you think about rats?"
Is 'not an Idle question among the
bustnecc mon of the city but a serious
question and one the answer of which
is-worrying the business men of
Main sireet. la the last week the bus
iness men of that section of the city
ay thai seeds of rats have appeared
from soniowbere and are damaging
their stocks of merchandise.
Rats Leave Mines.
The theory Is that tha rats hvo
come tin- out of the mines, but no one
Juts explained why they should have
'deserted taJr underground baunts.
Tbejroubling fact is that the rats ure
ttiexp by thofhundreds and it Is a
lirjpolem wltlrttho merchants whnt to
do about it. In a year a single rat
can do a hundred dollars worth, of
damage and it is no light matter with
the merchants. No cqmplaint has; as
yet ooroo from the merchants of
. Brewery gulch and Naco road, where
.thetinajq'iity of the saloons of the
city aro located.
Rn:?KUer a luxury.
A professional rat killer was recenl-
' ly at Bl Paso, striking his way across
the continent and It is possible that
ho may drift into Bisbee. If he'should.
.Jie could make enough money on
Main street to carry him the remaind
'ptjif the distance across the conti
nent on a de luxe train. Should the
.! rat-question become so - troublesome
jWdlk-Over and
. Stetson Shoes
'for Men
T . 3
t JuM.
l.$1.00.up-to 6.00
. -BBBsBHi-jS,'tb.BB'flBlMHK
jMc, cR3Ms!r isLLLLH
Louis Grandels.
Louis Brandels. the eminent Boston
lawyer. Is proving a great help -t
WUjon in the present campaign.
Brandels Is a Republican, but be
lieves that Tart is too fr ndly to
the big-interests and that Roosevelt's
plan to regulate rather than destroy
the trusts Is -wrong. Brandels be
lieves llt Wilson's plan of destroy
ing monopoly whenever possible la cor
rect, and. for this reason Is using
all his Influence In t chair of the Dem
ocratic candidate.
as to demand immediate remedy It
may be. brought to tha attention of
the Business Men's Protective asso
ciation. - - . -
the "kiddies" are back in school and cold weather is just
' around the corner. If you're still waiting for your fall suit
- or overcoat, let. us make a suggestion. It's decidedly,. to your
- interest to select your clothes ;ou--while the fall and winter
57! -
Benton Ready to Meet with
Committee from Com
mercial Club
Tuesday evening, October 15, is the
date that has been set for the con-J
lerence Between me goou roaas com
mittee of the Commercial club and
County Road Supervisor Benton.
The date wa3 agreed on yesterday
afternoon at a conference between J.
H. Gray, secretary of the club, and
Dr. T C. Bledsoe, of the club good
roads committee. Mr. Benton bad
notified the club that be was ready
to meet with the committee at the lat
ter's convenience.
At this meeting a program of road
work In and around the Warren dis
trict will be planned, and soon there
after work will begin. Tbo road su
pervisor has assured the district that
he is In hearty co-operation with the
movement for (better roads, and this
district Is assured of a square deal
in the matter of expenditures for road
The Commercial club road commit
tee will hold a meeting Saturday ev
ening at the club's headquarters for
the purpose of going over the road
plans to be submitted to Road Super
visor Benton on the following Tues
day evening.
Tit for Tat.
He "Madam, you promised to obey
me. Do you do it?" She "Sir, you
promised mo your worldly goods. Do
I get 'em?"
showings are intact and you veia choice
of all the new models ;
if you're not prepared today or tomorrow
we'll gladly lay your purchase aside for you
until you're ready for it:.
thus you can be sure of getting exactly
what you want; what the season's styles
demand. If you've made up your mind
wait? "Procrastination
time" and opportunity.
so thoroughly able to give you the finest
of fine clothes as now'. See our remark
able showing of
Clothes ..;
suits and overcoats in Homespuns, Scotch Heathers,
American Hockanums, English Tweeds, French Mon
tajgnacs, German Chinchillas, Irish Friezes, colorings
Concord Grey, two tone
double diagonals and s
hundreds of others, 4'J
Sib toS3i, with promt- r
nent values selected at
Fifteen dollars buys a superb,
ting garment rrom other
of Drominence. You'll find
a greater price, but offered on feUffJ
more than money s worth"
Supreme Court, Sitting
Phoenix Orders Case
In the supreme, court this week, sit
ting at Phoenix, 'thesult of Geo. B.
Wlllcox against Cochise eountv was
decided la favor of, the county, the
oraer neing that the case be dis
missed. This case was one wherein
Wlllcox, who was dark of the district
court, sued the county for lees al
leged to have teen earned by him. In
back tax cases. I;
Notwithstanding the old territorial
law. which"" fixed the Balary for the
cierK 01 tne district court, and re.
quired all fees to betoald fo the count
ty by that officer, Wlllcox claimed that
being a federal officeholder, he was
entitled to all fees!) he earned, the
territorial statute tofthe contrary riot-
Judgment Agafnst County
The case was originally tried be
fore Judge Doanbf the old district,
and judgment was tendered agalriet
,tho county. Appeal was taken to the
supremo court, where the case ha3
been pending.
The case was argued before too
supreme court by the present- county
attorney, W, G. CUmore.
Under the decision of the supreme
court, this case h, now ende'd.
-1 . -v- :'
Dally Thought.
And If you do buUIlve long enoug
you get past the bad bits of'tbe roa
Mrs. Humphry Ward. - '
'.f,-,' I"'
.-We,' -
' '-yte! S4:
( " J .
itt W'f '
.. .v.
, ,,,
' I
OrJers ij mail rtcttyt the tame atten
tion at if yvu i-iiiteJ us in ptr'iopi
is the
thief of
were never
blues, red-traced browns
W m and
well made and fine fit
ma jeers
it worth v
policy at
Exclusive Bisbee
Agents for
j.Hawes Guaranteed
3.00 Hats?
Ti jr Mb
William Truax, Old Restau-
rantcur Decides Again to
Cast His Lot in City
of Copper
The old boys, who became dlscour
aged In Dlsbee during the days oi
the panic and after the slump In cop
per In 1907, are getting back to Bis
bee, and one of the familiar ones to
arrive during the past week was Wi!
liam Truax, who for eight years va?
proprietor of the old Kngllsh Kitchen
restaurant on Main street, the more
mention of which will revive mem
ories of the good old days In this
camp when tho "tiger" cavorted uu
restrained In many of tho popula
resorts, gone tout not forgotten by the
pioneer residents.
Takes New Location
It was announced last week tha
Mr. Truax had returned to take ove:
the Edelweiss cafe on Brewery ave
nue, but his announcement was pre
mature, and yesterday it was report
ed that Mr. Truax had taken a lease
on the First .National Bank building
on Main street, and would convert
It Into a restaurant, to be known as
the English, Kitchen.
Secures Five-Year Lease
"When spoken to yesterday about
this report, Mr. Truaz stated that
while all arragenemnts had not beeu
completed, he expected to take tha
bank building on a five year leases,
end that he would have It rcsrruuged
for tho accommodation of a restau
rant, which ho hoped to open to the
public by the first of November.
"I am pleased to see Bisbee so pros
perous again," said Mr. Truax yester
day. 'Ten years ago It was tho best
town in the west of Its size. It will
be so again, in my opinion, and I am
perfectly willing again to cast my lot
Goes to New Mexico
After disposing of the old English
Kitchen on Main street. Truax Joined
in the' rush, for the Sylranltq.'gqli'
camp In New Mexico, near Hachlta.
The reports of bonanza gold atj'Syl
vanlte attracted he attention of many
Blsbeeites, -and dozens hurried there
to get In at the -Wg winnings. In the
rush were E. A. Tovrea, George Bn
ton, Bob Tate, w. B. Kelly and many
others whose pocket books .vce made
lean as a result of the rush. Truax
o'pened the Sylvanlte Cafe, Buxton
started a grocery and fruit store.
Tate opened the Crystal Bazaar, while
Tovrea and others worked early and
late building monuments over the sur
rounding country. ' '
Boom Was Short-Lived
The Sylvanlte boom proved to be
short-lived, and one by one the Bls
beeites realized that their dream of
wealth was not to be realized, and
turned thAIr attention , to the Warr.en
district. Truax remained there fot
a umo aiier me ouduib uursi, ami
carefully searched the surrounding
country, locating some claims which
he yet believes may bring him back
a recompense for his trip to that
country. ,
"Since then he has made bis' home
in California, -but recently, hearing of
the returning prosperity of-Bisbee, he
decided to return, and he expects to
be in business again close to his old
stand on Main street.
The Edelweiss
The Edelweiss cafe has been closed
for several days, and It was reported
yesterday that John Caretto, formerly
proprietor -of the Maze cafe on Main
street, was negotiating for Its pur
Canning Tomatoes
Herbert H. Heath, who has re
turned to Douglas from a trip to Mc
Neat, says the canning factory at
that place Is working full time now
on the tomato crop. He says there
are abundance of tomatoes on hand.
the crop havlnz been heai-y this sea
son, and of exceptionally good quality.
The factory uses nothing but the best
of the product, being particular In all
- A new- bull ring; hi being construct
ed. in.Agua Prieta,.,and. noxt Sunday.
Lfor the, first tlmeJn about two yeara.
mere win ie a win ngnt in me town
across tne border. Itovoiutlonary
troubles .have made It impracticable
to carry on the sport there, but the
Mexicans aiy the gamo has never
been abandoned, as some people have
seemed to think. . For tne program
next .Sunday -Antenlo Rlvas, said to
bo a noted matador from Spain, h
been secdred, and he promises to 1:1 IF
four vicious bulls before leaving the
ring. '- . '
Shot completely through the head,
the bullet entering at the temple and
i coming out on the left sido of the
I bead near the tq&. of the skull, a
I Mexican federal softlter at Naeozari
1 Is rapidly recovering. The man was
i wounded In the battle of Fronteras,
and at the time it was not thought
I possible for him to recover. Physi
cians say that the bullet must bve
passed through wtoere there should be
trains, and that the case Is the roost
remarkable that has ever come under
their observation, it is-rtnoHgat.pos-8
Ibid that the missile grazed eonw
brain tissue and did not (Effect the
vital -section. ' T - '
, ?
LOS ANGEDKS, Oct! 10,-rBntfic
were closed today for tho Los Anfe-Jes-Phoenlx
annual road race, with
eleven cars entered. The drivers" will
leave Los Angeles tho night of Oc
tober 16.
One reat secret of vouth and beauty for the youai woman or the mother,!
the proper understanding oi her womanly system and well-being. Every woman,
youni or old, should iB heotlf and her physical maVe up. A. ood wayto
strive at this knowledge is to et a fiood doctor book, such for ""fancc, as 'The
People's Common Sense .Med(cal Adviser," by R. V. Pierce, M. D which can
readily bo procured by sending thiny-one cents for cloth-bound copy, addressing
Dr. Pierce, ct Buffalo, N. Y. .
The womanly system a dclicato machine wluch can only be compared to the in
tricate mechanism of a bea-jtif.il wj,tch which will keep in good running order only .
w?th toed care and the proper oiling at the right time, so that the delicate mecb-
I $g,W
ties. Wnxiois. to try ycur 'Kwrorita
be heading for Dolores p9ss, with the
intention of going back into Chihua
hua. As Ilojas has been attempting
arrangements for a surrender to the
Juarez federals, It te probable tha
he Is heading for that city. With no
jag aro reported to be Adolfo Duliagon
and Joso Torres, who bad small coml
mands of rebels, and who joined with
with Rojas. Both these men are
from Cananoa.
Sixteen Prisoners
Lieutenant Hlnustrosa and a small
command of federals gave battle to
a rebel organization commanded by
two brothers, Ramon and Jeusus Val
enzuela, at Xurl about five ,, miles
from the Chihuahua boundary line. In
the Alamos district. The rebels had
raided the town of Movas, about' 10
miles northwest of Kurt, several -daya
before. The federals took? 1C prison
ers. Some of the prisoners have said
that the Valenzuelas are on their way
to surrender In Chihuahua. The- pris
oners have been taken tq.JIermosl'lp
for trial.
LETHBRIDGE. Alta.. OctTlO: One
week hence an army of sdveTal thou
sand men, banded together; .by their
common interest In the .science of
raising grain and vegetabfesjwith lit
tle rainfall, will bo movDigon Leti
bridge to attend the Seventh Inter
national Dry Farming Congress. The
committee In charge of .tho '-local ar
rangements Is In recelpt"of advices
which indicate the largest "anjl most
representative attendance In the his
tory of the congress. Thirty countries
aro to send representatives. In con
nection with the gathering1 'there will
be an elaborate exhibition of dry-farm
products from various parts of the
)c3Y0: C
United States and Canada, to .show
what can be accomplished under seem
ingly adverse conditions. Another
feature wiU bo a display of over 50?i
000 worth of machinery adapted to
dry fanning work. -.. .x
LOS ANGELES, Cal.,- Oct 10:--Nearly
500 delegates, representing the
realty boards of practically .every im
portant city of the state, gathered In
Los Angeles today for the'elghth an
nual convention of the California
State Realty Federation. The sessions
will last three days and will be, devot
ed to the consideration of taxation,
publicity methods and needed legisla
tion. Mabry McMahon of San Fran
cisco is the president of the federa
tion and the presiding officer of the
convention. The federation proposes
to undertake a vigorous campaign 'tn
protect the Investing public from
fraudulent and dishonest real estate
promoters and dealers.
HAVANA, Oct. 10: This being the
forty-second anniversary of the begin
ning of the ten year's war (1SGS-78)
for CUfcan Independence, 'the-day was
observed as a general holiday. Busi
ness In Havana was largely suspend
ed and all public and many private
buildings were decorated In' tionor'ol
the occasion. On the whole, however,
the celebration was not. attended, with
as much enthusiasm 5s' usual, owing
probably to the presenVdlslurbe'd con
dition of the country 'andatDV 'uncer
tainty over the result of the approach
lng presldental election.
' ' f r
NEW YORK. Oct I(J: public offi
cials of the state and city.itokether
with many noted educators from var
ious parts of tho country, took fart
today in the opening of the celebra
tion of the 125th anniversary of
Brasmus Hall high" school In" the Flat
bush section of Brooklyn. ' Tfe dedi
cation of the now school building tool;
place this afternoon and was folloved
ty the first presentation of. an elabo
skb fwK"iii illustrating tne nviiprjjoi
New York from Its first settlement by
the Dtttchvdown to the nresont time.
The celebration will contTnufrtov'cTTO-
morrow; . -
P PiS, Oct. 10. Final jaogQtlations
for iwac between Turkey and Italy
were delayed by the hesitation-. of
Tiirkoj. says a dispatch from ftoirtf to
Hit Temps. Ijalj fixed Saturday a
a limit after mfcleh it raaybreaV off
noKptjolioub. ' ,
VAltdi. Oct . Jleffrt"of "possl
blo Insurrection In Poland resulted
from recrot instructions being given
r financiers fqr tho IUisplaq-Ppland
transfer of documents and' valuables
to Moscow, according to a St Pettrs
burg dispatch to Temps. Lir . .
IN SOififl, IT IS SI
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Read' Review Win! Adl'
anistn may not De ewrn oaf. v cry many wc juuui ".v
get old or run i'otm before their time through ignorance and
the improper handling of this human mechanism. Mental
depression, a confused head, backache, headache, or hot
flashes and many symptoms of derangement of the womanly
system can be avoided by a proper understanding of what to
do, in those trying times that come to all women.
Mrs. a If. wjluaks. of Lynnharan. Y wrote : "It to sue yen
rtneo my health ce way. 1 hd leraald tronbla sad au the doctors
I nptoral'thr) H I wouU die. 1 wuiiot abja to do my work
had to hire msitou all the time. Finally. I read in the papers about
Dr. pierosa J-avoriu PreMripUon. and decided to try it. I had sot
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rn.rtjUn ooirndL I idvise all women who suffer from female trouble-,
Precr:ption. It'a tie ocir medicine on earth.
At least a dozen BIsbco autolsta
will co to Phoenl: during the stato
fair. In their nutouoblles but unless
they meet and organize under tho
rules of the state fair commission,
they will not be considered ' as' hav
ing participated In the sociability run
for the prize offered by the fair com
mission, nor can they participate in
the five mile race for winners of
these sociability runs.
J. "It. Henderson has several times
suggested that a mass meeting of au
tomoblllsts bo. called for the purpose
of deciding on rules and appointing
starters and other officials, but so far
no, such action has been taken. . Mr.
Henderson is one of those who 'arbj
going to Phoenix by auto and he . is
willing to do his part In getting tho
run organized.
Willing to Participate.
Dr. N. C. Bledsoe Is another who.
will make the Phoenix trip and yes
terday he stated that he also was,
willing to take part In an effort to
organize the run.
"1 am told that there will ba at
least twelve to go from' Bls'fieV t6
PhoerJr. for the state fair In their
machinrs and I see no reason why
'the -roc should not be under? such
rules ar. -will constitute a sociability
run with the prlze-lo-the-wlnner at
tached. Then too, the winner pfthe
Bisbee sociability run would be 'en
titled to run in the special flve-mllQ
race for winners of these events from
Douglas, Tucson, Prescott, Globe and
other towns."
Sociability Run Pleasant.
"Aside from this fact, a, sociability
run would be pleasant for all making
the trip and each auto would bo In
a position to aid others In case of a
-It is not yet too late to get or
ganized for the run and I hope that
some one will take the Initiative In
the next few days In calling a meet
ing of those who intend makine the
2?t!'f TMilnded. Dr. Bledsoe.
Although there are hundreds of
preparations advertised, there Is only
one that really stands out pre-eminent
as a remedy for diseases of the kid
neys, liver and bladder.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root stands the
highest, for the reason that It has
proved to be just the remedy needed
In thousands ui-or. thonsandsof even
the most distressing cases. '
Swamp-Root makes friends quickly
because its mild and immediate effe:t
Is soon realized. It is a gentle, healing
vegetable compound.
Dr. Kilmer's 5wami-Root Js a physi
cian's prescription for special diseases,
which is not recommended for every
thing. A Sworn Certificate of Purity is with
every bottle.
For sale at all drug stores. In bottles
of two sizes fifty-cent and. one-dollar.
In order to prove what Swamp
Root the grcnt kidney, liver and
bladder remedy will do for. you,
every reader of the Review who has
not already tried it, may receive a
sample bottle by mall absolutely
free. Address Dr. Kilmer Co., Bing
hamton, N. Y., Write today, Adver
tisement 787
A. Common Sense Treatment
for Colds ' and Catarrh
Gives Instant Relief.
' No matter how miserable you are
with catarrh or a coldHn tho; head,
nose stopped np, throat sore; eys
running, dull pain in, tho- head, dry
jpough,. fever, foul breath, Ely's Cream
tsaim win give you instant, renei.
" It gets right af the root of" the trou
ble, cleanses, heals and strengthens
the raw, sore membranes,- stops the
nasty discharge so that you -aro not
constantly blowing the nose and slit
ting. In a few minutes after applied
you in just feel l.t doing Its work of
clearing the head, the pain and sore
ness are relieved, the breathing ' bo
comes natural and- the stuffed up
feeling Is jcone. This ctea'nslng, heal
ing, antiseptic Balm contains no mer
cury, cocatne or other hSrmful nrugi.
It is easy to apply, pleasant to use.
and never falls to, give, relief, -even
In the wofst cases.- ' "
Never niglect a coId,-an5Won'tvsnf-fer
the miseries of catarrh noridls
gust your Triends with your hawking,
pitting and foul breath. Getar
cent bottle of Ely's Cream Balnr-froni
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ment at once. You will 'find jhatit
will 'be th' test Investment youover
mada Advertisement. -1 f
' 6
V I I-.
i1sl(Wtfft3fv,' 4..
, i m nwiwii niaMgiuM niii 'i' 'i ' .yaintf iWdlvisihSV'ily ' -wiiv
mvgis:r :.-t y?sattx''????iw?Z2?221

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