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This Store Is Ready For Any Test You May Give It Better Values, Greater Variety
TTinfm i.nfni. ,,. Knit,., ti 4 ..i L: 1 J.. il. J. l ..- "
.iitwi, now n.u u uciiv.1 iuhc iv ym uiis siorc 10 uu: icsi man now. y
J3 A Judged from this stand point this store desires no better test. Prices are
it uuvc juui.ecutuur. saies-peopi e are aierr, courteous and eager to
$ervc. But, ailer all, good looks and good service arc not all-important.
nowhere lower; variety is nowhere broader; while quality is of that
high merit that gives to "The Fair" merchandise a character peculiarly
its own. THE FAIR stamp on merchandise marks the pure gold of
quality. And prices that make such modest dejmandson the purse.
A store's usefulness to its community lies in the quality and variety of the
tf y . m
i no fsTnra i nnr iitr& ij.vontntr tiniimo
gpods, it? sells and the values it giv(s.g:-&faJt'jfi:cyi!y&$-
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'Cirien Waists $7oq The Most Remarkable Garment Values Ever Presented the Women of fSmart
Mado full plaited or plafn, some have
plaits, over the shoulders nnd side
pocket. othcra with beautifully eai
brolderjil fronts, wtirth eTery "bit ot
$2.;f-ondaji, price $2.
Tailored Waists $450
Admirably pretty Linen Waists, some
strictly'tailored, others have beauti
fully etthiroldered fronts, still others
with yoko of Irish crochet lace and
medallions, unusuat'Yalues at $3.50
and $1.50. . ' "T
CharmeuseWaists $7S0
At this price you choose from a most
magnificent gathering or Satin Car
nieust; Waists, In plain colors and
striped patterns, some have the new
llobetpiyr( collar, others trimmed
with hand-made laco and fancy but
tons. V?ry fctyllsh and becoming.
Silk Waists $500
Beautiful .Voftsallne and Silk Waists,
some are plain tailored, others trim
med in various new and effective
stylsc. All new fall colors represented
A bargain at Z.
Net Waists $850
Dainty new designs just arrived;
trimmings of real Clnny and Irish
"rotchrt lace, about the prettiest we
have tver had Truly remarkable
values et ?f.5(, 57.50 and $8.C0.
Evening Waist ?10
Exclusive Models
Aitogeth' r new effects of plain and
ncveit silk?, eiled in chiffun: oth
ers of Satin Charmouse artd Messa
line. three-quarter and ull length
sleeves. Delightfully pretty models
taat wjii surely mett with your ap
Bisbee & Vicinity Exceptional Price Advantages Offered Monday's Buyers
Smartly Tailored
Cloth Suits
I COO Without Equal at
Our greatest buying power lias been concentrated o.n this lino of suits which a offer st $15.00. The
cloths and linings lira eqpl in quality to the mate-rials used in the average j:g , sUs. The cut, stylo
fit and finish will compare favorably with any suit In town at 520. "I
Sizes for Misses and Women, if you've a suit n ced and $15 to $20 Is your price, you'll got more for
your money la point of stymie and value In oco of "7, hq, Fair's" $13 Suits than can, be .procured anywhere
else in the whole Southwest. a .. ' ,,
Stunning New
Tailored Suits
COO New Cloths, New
Colors & Mixtures
This extraordinary offer of Tailored Suits proves on.o thing entirely to our satisfaction Our garment
Man has been nay.ng strict attention to business anJ looking after the Interest of The Fair patrons,
for It takes the keenest Mnd of buying to secure s ults of such sterling character to retail for $2o.
The materials, tailoring, linings, trimmings and workmanship all express The Fair Store standard of
perfection. All the nowes: fall models and colorings. Materials include; rough Scotch woolens, Serges
and Man's wear Mixtures and other fashionable fabrics. Unmatched at $25.
Cleverly Designed
Tailored Suits
50 Strictly High
class Garments
This is another special price with us. Our $29.50 Stalls embrace everything that is popular and practical,
Serges, Fancy Worsteds, Whipcords, Diagonals, Tw'eeds, Cassimeres and Mannish Mixtures. Coats arc
lined with Skinner'? guaranteed sitttn. The garmeuta are faultU-ss in fit ind tailoring.
A complete range of the newest fall shades and black In poiut of value, they will parallel suits
shown elsewhere in IHsbee at $30 to $32 50.
Man-Tailored Suits
Exclusive Models
Newest Fabrics
Fashionable Colors
You have sen su.ts that cost less than these, but n'one more economical. There are nearly a dozen
different styles and every one a perfect beajty. Th ry embody all that'-! new in style and material
and all that's best in tailoring. Exact copies of bighj, priced imported models. Kach sut has some Individ
tially interesting atyle feature to recommend it to dls criminating women.
We Answer Every Question As To What's What In Fashionable Millinery
This noteworthy presentation of American adaptations of foreign models and New York Millinery, forcefully supplemented with' charming and artistic
ideas from our own staff of millinery specialists, is chiefly remarkable for its unprecedented variety of styles. On all hand we hear complimentary
comments bearing on the marvelous diversity of the showing but vo expected that for tho season's every smart creation in either original cr mod
ified farm has found a place in this matchless asremblage of Fall and Winter Millinery.
I I y
Dresses at
It Is very true that dresses of liko
quality are ordinarily priced at $18.80
and $20, and are, indeed, superior
values at that. Mado of fine French
sergo and wool batiste (u the new
est and most wanted colors. In One
pice and Tannlere Styles, three-quarter
and full length sleeves, lovely ef
fects In yoke and bodlco trimmings,
Remarkable value at 415.
Dainty New $1fi50
Party Dresses P 10
These dainty little Party Dresses of
Messallne and Brussels Xet were
never so attractive never so
strikingly fashionable as they
are this season. Nor do we re
call a time when such pretty models
could bo had for ao little money. You
Just ought to see this array even
though you have no intention of pur
chasing one.
Evening Dresses
I $2250 to $3500
A display that will make shopping
simple for her who needs a striking
ly handsome and a strikingly value
ful dress or gown for evening wear.
Panniere and Empire styles, and
Overdrape effects, each costume, Is
original 'fn design.
New Fall Skirts
$750 up to $15
Hundreds of classy new styles in
Separate Skirts at prices surprising
'y low. Materials Include Serges,
Whipcord, Worsteds, Diagonals, Cas
xlmeres and Cheviots in mixtures and
two-toned effects. There aro plain
gured styles with panel front and
back; seme that are variously plaUed
in new and attractive ways; others
in panniere rnd overdrape effect fin
ished with plaits and trimmed with
buttons Kxceptlonal values from
uo to $15 .
Smart Street
Flats Priced at
Hats of velvet, felt, silk and satin. Bonnets, Tur
bans, Hood effects and other popular models.'
Some extremely high crowns. Black, white and all
. wanted colors. Neat drapes and other appropri
ate trimmings. Hats that are practical for gen
eral utility purposes. Styles and shapes for misses
and women.
Stylish Suit and
Dress Hats at
We specialize on Trimmed Hats at $S-50 and are
showing what we believe to ha the most liberal
assortment and best -values ever displayed in
.Bisbte at anything like the price. Velvet, silk,
fringed braid and felt shapes, in black. wQIte,
purpfc. King's blue, brown, tan and other favored
colors; large, medium and small shapes.
Beautiful Pattern
& Trimmed Hats
Hats that ate stvlleh InAfie-extremc. Produced by
the . highest class metropolitan trade milliners
Tailored and Dress styles. Felts, Velvet, satin
and silk shapes. Richly trimmed with wings,
breasts, fancy feathers, stick-nps and lands,
black, white and every color that is in demand.
Exceptional values t $10.
'Children's Hats $150 up to $75. fNew Hat Shapes $300 up to $125
Here are hats of Felt, Velvet. Shirred S'ik. elours and Bt.iverette in
all the newest autumn colors and color combination". Odd fhapes and
trimming ideas alKund. We car.'t bes:n to d' scribe them, you must Joe
them. Charm uc l.nles arp hfre for ps littlfe as $1.30 and ah nrices be-
l tween, to $. !
J vr
Vntrimmed shapes of Satin, corded Silk. Velvet. F. Its and Beaveis;
large, medium and small shapes Tbe season's best models, including
the new HOOD effects, and a halt doen others equally as good; in
white, black and every nev fall shad. Fashionable shapes Mat renuiro
very little trimming. J
Wr 7.1 ,
tel.tiAf 1 ,
Wonderful Coat Stock
At Prices For Every Purse
fl?1 c
We know you will con
sider these coats as $15.
a genuine bargain ma
terials are broadcloths
in the ever popular
navy and black, snep
htrd plaids and new
gray and tan mixtures
ani novelty cloaking.
Coats that are positive
ly without equal in Bis
reo at the price.
Just arrived and repre
senting the be3t mod
els of the new season
Coats of broadcloth,
cheviots, noveEty cas
simeres, in black and
every popular new
color and combination:
some with largs shawl
collar and turn-back
cuffs, tiimmed with
large buttons. Special
Monday at ?20.
These Coats at $25 are
without exception the
greatest value ever of
fered in Bisbee at tho
price. Just right for
motoring, street and
generally utility wear
made of velour, silk
plush and novelty ma
terials in black and
all new colors. Entire
ly new and extremely
New Messaline Petticoats
Very Attractively Priced
You can buy here tomorrow a S.llc Petticoat, which for value and quality
has never been equaled or attempted 'iy any firm in this city. Mado of
the highest grade Messaline of soft clinging quality, with scctiont.1 ruffle,
finished with pin tucks and stitching a Jioit beautiful effect
Tho color range includes black, white and a w ae assortment of colore,
also pastel shades suitable for evening wear Choice for $4.95
Blankets and Comfortables at Economy Prices
Largest Assortments Ready Here Monday
This Is an occasion that lntcri-sfs everybody who has warmer bod clothing'to buy who :ant to be sure that' It
fe' just as represented awl th beet that can b bought anywhere and who is not averse to saving money.
"The Fair"." BlanksU are woven from the finest grad es of wool that a sheep's back produces. Close In weave
with a thick downy finish and tbo wool so carefully c ombed that not even a suspicion of a burr can be found
and so entirely free from grease ab to make them as sw cet smell. ng as new bay.
Fashion's Most Approved Weaves and Colorings
Assembled in Great Variety--Prices Moderate
As in past swasons. The Fair Store is to bo the 'DRESS GOODS STORE" OF THE CITY." And we Wc chose
out Btook with a view to establish more firmly that repu tation. The new goods are all h ra We- nrlnt today
few suggest'ons, but we want to impress the fact that P rinter'g ink can give no adequate deicrlptlotfSl the lieaa
tifnl new goods. YOf MUST SEE THEM. , . . '
40-Inch Satin Charmeuse $200 Yd. All Colors!
The woman who Is planning what that street or Party Dress for tllo coming social season is to be. ElM-iet taiss
or showing of Satin Charmeuse. It Is shown in every new shade and delicate tint making an Ideal fabric for
evening costumes and yarty dresses tO-incbes wide, 'per yard $2. ,
52-Inch Whipcord $200
Whipcord, S2 inches wide, colorz aro tauiie,
brown, navy -nd blacU. A most exceptional
vatae at $2 a yard.
Diagonal Serges $17
Wide Wale Diagonal Sergos are perhaps, the
meat ilrir of FU dress jnatarfcrts, in new
bfcodes et Maa, brown as4 tan, M-inches wide;
11.7 a yard.
50-Inch Whipcord $125
All-Wool Whipecrd. SO-Inches w;Jdc, the color
ranse Includes afcvy, cardinal, brown, gray, tan,
leather and black. An uncommon value Rt $125
Fancy Suitings 65c
Fancy Suitings 3Mnchos wide, ground colors of
graj, hrown, tan and black, in stripes, mixtures
and wo-OHed effects per yard 65c.
Storm Serges 85c
N'evor have wo been alio to nflcr better vahic
. In. all wool Storm Serges, 3Mnches wide, 'in
all deslrabU full colors. S5o a ynrd.
Our cotton Blankets arc depeuddnble and you will find
that not tmly are they better quullty, Iwt larger in
.fclie than can be bought elsewhere for the same price.
Jn whita, in and gray, with colored borders priced
, as' follows:
64x74 Inch Cotton Ulankets, A pair 85c
Ax76 Inch Cotton Blankets, A pelt .... $1X0
7tHc$0 Inch Cotton nlankets. A pair ,.,..,. -$1.5t
74x86 Inch Cotton UUakeU, A pa!r $1.75
Comfortables Size
72x84 Inches
Comforters, full slie for doi'ble-ted, 7ii.il Inches, filled
with fluffy, white cotton, coerl both s.des with good
quality figured satetn, stitched and home tied. $3. each.
ftq5 0
We select our Comfortables with care and discrimination
and know what goes Into them.. Nothing but strictly, san
ltary, clean Cotton enters Into even the cheapest com
forter we sell. Covered with good quality figured stlko
line of new designs and bright colors. Prices as follow?:
70x78 Inch Cotton Filled Comfoitables for $1,25
72x78 Inch Cotton Flild Comfortatles for $1.50
72xS0 Inch Cotton Filled Comfortables for $1.75
These Down Comfortables are l.ght we'ght and luxuri
ously warm and comfortabis, filled with ciean down feath
ers, covered both sides with fine (ialt tigured sateen,
size 7ix8I Inches. $6 each.
Mannish Cheviots $2 .BLANKETS
Gray Checked $00
Sturdy, all-woo! Tweed nd Cheviots, In hand
some new mlxc:' patterns of gray, brown avl
toother It Inches Wd. at Z a yard.
Gray Checked BlankoU. all cotton,
soft ami cozy at haK the cost of
wool and quite as warm; size 60x76
inches, at $2 a pair.
Plaid Wool
50i Lamb's Wool &O00
1 . Tk k
Plaid wool blanket in pretty- new col
or combinations of pink. hMt'o. tan and
?riy. 11-1 size, amply large for a
doabt'-bed. a pair fOh.
Fin Lamb's Wool Blankets, soft and
fleecy .n beautiful bright colored
(plaid effects, extra large size andy
oound witu r.K, a- pair $s. ii
. - . 4.-4 14 i 4
' -'itfy.iwo'''''iiii)iiiiiiiiiiitiiy iik ttmmrm oy ,. ', "TiVJJ,..1 "W (IWWWWII
j. uj.ti.' . till, c., ij; ia-kA6iulrA"MtH.JSMSWiaH

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