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Progressive Candidate for
Presidency Will Not Per
mit Newspaper Men to
Be Kept Away
Family on Way to Chicago
So as to Be Near Bed
j side of Former
CHICAGO, Oct. IS. Theodore
Roosevelt was not merely superficial.
!y wounded by the bullet fired Into
his brsast ast night at Milwaukee
by John Schrank Alter an all day
examination, a consultation ot phy
sicians tonight definitely described
the Injury as "a serious wound la
the chest" ad not "a mem flesh
A later bulletin which piohlbltcd
communication between the colonel
and persons other than those atterid
ing him, declared "quietude was al-
somtely essential."
Not Necessary to Probe.
Physicians assorted, however It is
not now necessary fo probe for or
remove the bullet Even this action
was thought undesirable as the pa
tient probably will be kept calm as
far as his nature will allow for a few
The patient slept well at intervals
during the day. He ate ravenously
of articles customarily making up hi?
bill of fare and read lengthy ex
tracts from Macauloy and hinted to
his physician he would not object to
a ride In the fresh air
Roosevelt Would Talk.
Finally. learning; correspondents
accompanying him on his speaking
tour wno left him after the assault
at Milwaukee to fil stories, had re-
Joined his entourage at the hospital
Col. Roosevelt insisted the edict of
the physicians against communica
tion with him "be ignored for them
and he received the newspaper men
wlthanapoloKT for npt arising and.
jestea witn tnem about bis condition,
then told them. "I'll hurry up and get
out of here, sc I can keep you busy
Condition Improves.
His doctors, however, did not feel
inclined today to allow him to leave
inside of tm days, that they m.ght
have no break in their minute by rain
lite watrh for a possible infection
from the bullet.
Col. Roosevelt's condition Improved
when physicians made the final ex
amination of tho wound at 6.25. As
prtcautlonary masure to prevent
any possibility of lockjaw, anti-tetanic
Eorum was administer.
Bullet no Danger
Unofficially it was made known to
day that physicians did not consider
it necessary to probe for or to op
erate to remove the bullet It lies,
as shown by X-ray photographs,
brought from Milwaukee by Dr. J. R
Jansson and corroborated by others
taken at Mercy hospital, not far from
the breast bone, on the right side,
probably five Inches below the collar
bone. The missile did not get Inside
the ribs, but ploughed upward and in
ward for five Inches. The flesh along
the course of the bullet siowed no
discoloration today, and there ap
peared to physicians no cause for con
cern. Wants to See Callers
Colonel Roosevelt, anxious that bis
friends, particularly the members of
his family en route here, would not
be unduly apprehensive, protested
against the edict barring callers from
the room, but. acceded when all the
consulting physicians endorsed the
plan. He is anxious to greet the
members of his family, and hie con
cern, all day, was apparently not for
himself, but for those be believed
likely to be too fearful of his condi
tion. Read All Telegrams
He read all of the hundreds of
telegrams that pcarcd Into the hos
pital, and particularly wi3 delighted
wlth'several from men of aote he bad
met abroad.
AH of Colonel Roosevelt's Fpoiklng
dates were cancelled today, save one
tomoo-ow night at Louisville To
the Kentucky citv formei Senator
Beverldge, ot Indiana, was sent after
a conference with the Colonel today,
with a message of tho Colonel's
which he insisted be read bere.
Outside of the hospital grounds a
curious crowd hung al day. asking for
news from all callers who left lac
institution, and until the uUlnntum
of the doctors a gainst callcis was Is
sued, the corridors outside of Colinel
Roosevelt's room were crowded. His!
room Is on the third floor. In tho
southwest corner of the building. H
Is Xo. 314, and No. 312 serves c-s r.n
ante-room and consulting room. No.
310 Is o ccupled by Dr Terrell, thv
Colonel's personal physician, and J
W. McGrath, Roosevelt's secretary
Laughs Over Incident
Colonel Roosevelt recounted tcday
the sidelight of last night's atrugijle,
when Elbert E. Martin, hi stenogra
pher, overpowerd Schrank. his assail
ant, after the shooting, nf powerful
build, Martin forced Schrank's neck
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fTNcer Prints may,
George Rcberts and Clem Hanney.
By the prints ol their Angers left
In cal a dozen places on various
Postofflce sales In little Inland towns
of Illinois and Iowa, the federal auth
crltles hope to convict Qeorgu Rob
erta and Clem Hanney of some ot the
roost puzzllne robberies wblcn have
occurred recently In the middle west.
Tho men were arrested recently In
iX Joseph, Mo., and their .irelltt. -ry
be3ftng In that city ts set for Octobir
State's Attorney Seable Refuses-
to Put Roosevelt's
Assailant at Bar Until
After November 5
MILWAUKEE, Oct 15 State's At.
torney Winfred C Seable of Milwau
kee county, late toda definitely an
nounced that John Schrank, Roose
velt's assailant will not be brought to
trial until after the national election
on Nov. 3 He said the trial will
"etui ueiwetrn luveniuer i anu lo '
Stable, who said he had been the so-'
ciatist states attorney of the county, c
ui vc- ivaouH IU U1B UtrvialOil
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3m i
Zm Iter-- Mm
? - H
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Jfi:JV. z
:.-A .; ;: ,", T"." r,..f?" "!
"it wJCZ 7UX3, '.J
,ir!n .h. n,i . i .,'" T!
rtntioi Mm7 . 6C ' " '""'
- t
If Schrank Is insane," said Jlr.
.hU -it I.. i. L m.x ,J
Seabl. "It deems there is method in
his madness when he selects for the
scene of his crime a state where there
Is no capital punishment
Seable declared d far as surface
indications went Schrank was sane.
The plea of guilty filed by Schrank in
his preliminary bearing before Judge
B. .eelan. of tne district court to
day ie looked on merely as perfunc
tory. "I shall permit Schrank to
withdraw that pita when he goes to
trial, if he so desires," said Seable.
Schrank passed a qulot afternoon
and evcn.ng in a cell of the county
jail, where no one was allowed to see
him. He denied be used a poifoned
LAWRENCE, Mass, Oct 13. The
twenty-third- annual convtntion of tho
Massachusetts Sunday School associa
tion was opened here this morning
with denominational rallies. M!se.on
ary work moral hygiene and temper
ance work were the subjects of dis
enssion at three simultaneous sessions
held this afternoon. The convention
W'lll continue three days.
WORCESTER, Mas. Oct 15.
Many of the oldest colleges and his
torical sccietif s of America have sent
representatives to take part in the
centenanlal celebration of the Amer
ican antiquarian society of this city,
which opens with a reception tonight
in honor of the v.sltors The anni
versary celebration will take place
tomorrow, when It is expected that
President Taft will bo present as the
guest or honor Historical 'addresses
will be delivered by formor congress
man Washburn and Senator Henry
Cabot Lodge.
NEW YORK. Oct 15-Copper un.
changed. Arrivals 12S0 tonst exports
for month 12,301 toes.
Today's Contest Will Decide
Which of Clubs Is the
Champion of the
World's Series
Empire State Metropolis
Representatives Trjr Their
Best and Win the Tying
Game of the Series
DOSTOX, Ort. lo. Xew York Na
tionals today administered a crush
ing defeat to the Boston Americans
and was the aeienth same in the
worlds seris hy a socre of 11 to 4
Tonight finds the Clients and the Red
Sox waiting to engage in the final
combat here tomorrow that will de
termine which w.ll be the world's
champions for 1912. I
The world's Bcrieti now stands 1
Boston three games won; Xtw York
thrr n lmP3 unn Ann rtinlpt r. Hi I
"amoKy joe woou, tne sox star
twlrler. who was beaten by the Giants
twice in the terit-s, was sent out to
pitch the team into the world's cham
pionship His end was so sudden that
thirty thousand spectators sat in si
Itnce at Fenway park as they sav
his delivery batted to all parts of the
field and s x Giants over the home
plate before the last w Yorkrr wat
put out In the Brat inulng.
Sox Never Recovered.
The Sox neer recovered from that
first Inning and though they peppered
away fitfully t Teercau's moist ball
they never came within threatening
distance of the Giants.
Manager McGraw was m the
coaehcr's box, down off the third
base He directed his attack 011
Wood. He gae ordors to hit the
first Lall pitched and with few ex
ceptions. ail the nine men who hatted
i in the first inning rapped the first
! Ivill eai?t tin This utmHTOf rf htta
combined with a,dwl? steal, pasted
to the Xew YorSs sis rifni.
Hall Put fn Boy;1-
Thereafter Wood was a broken
reed nnd Charlie Hall, Boston's re
lief pitcher, was sent to the mound
Some of the Giant players seemed ti
think that Wood w.tg broken under
the strain of h!6 two 'arller games
His curve ball had little break 10 it
and the Giants had no trouble 111
hitting the fast ones The Red Sox
hate Hugh Bedicm to go to the fir
ing line for the deciding game tomor
row with Wood prepared to go ir.
his assistance, Wiule the Giant will
depend on Mathtwsou, with Mar
imard as reserve.
Tesfeau Had Whiphand.
Tcsreau held the whiphand through-
. . , ,f . .
S" i?Sf E'
broke sharply over the plate and the
were unable to fathom his deliv
ery when hits would have meant rune
New Yorks had a coumand.ng lead
throughout the game. McGraw kept
Mathewson warmed up to relievo
ITesreau in cabe he weakened. After
malln aiv nine in tbn flo nnlnrr
, Vi ,7 Jl. .,.,., ,ii J Vt.
tn Glanls bcored another tally in the
second and tvo morp in the sixth.
and one each in the seenth anu
The Sox pot their first run In tho
second when Gardner shot a scream
ing home run into the rignt field
seats, the first circait dnve of the
serie. Two more runs were scored
in the seventh and another in the
eighth by the home club.
Drives Liner into Crowd.
Captain Dojle of New York drove
a liner into the crowd in right field
for a homo run in the sixth, sending
in Do-, ore ahead of him. There were
seven striKP-outs in tl.e game
Herxog was the only man in th"
Giant's team to fan. The Sox who
struck out were Hooper, twice; Yot
kes, Gardner, Wagner anjj Cady, one
each. The game was loosely played
in the field, while the wind made it
difficult for tho fielders to get under
the fly balls. Play was suspended
frequently when a dense cloud of
dust whirled across the diamond
-We Will Win;" McGraw.
Manager McGraw said tonight
"The Sox have been broken and are
on the run." Added to that the same
aggressive attack tomorrow and the
Giants will be carried to victory.
Manager Stahl sa.d: "AH the clubs
hate form reversals, but the rebound
Is always violent Tomorrow will
tell another story for tke Sox."
Tho Score: R. H. E.
New York 11 18 t
Botton 4 9 $
Batteries: Tesreau, Meyers, W1I
eon; Wood, Hall. Cady.
Score by innings:
New York .. C100O210 111
Boston 0 10C0O21O4
Summary: Two base hits, Snod
grass. Hall Lewis. Home runs: Gard
ner, Doyle Hits ofT Wood", and C
runs in one inning; Hall 11 and a
runs, eUht innings. Sacrifice bits.
Murray, Hooper. Stolen bases: De
voro 2, Doyle 1. Doi'ble plays: De
rore to Meyers; Speaker unassisted.
Struck out: Tesrcan, 6; Hall. 1.
Bases on bal's: Tfsreau C, Hall
Hit by pitched ball: Gardner. Wild
Manager McGraw of Giants and Stahl oj Red
. Sox Are Snapped While Talking Things Over
tift rL PlBPt iwMMMmmm '
" Ueft to
i- r
MttaaeBra McQraw and Stahl. ot th Giants acd Red 8ar. respectively, are here seen conferrlns wlta th
men wno btb umpiring the -world series. Umpires Ralgler and Klsm ore witn tho National learuo Evans
and trLctighlhvthe American. Tne picture wa taken just before one of the big championship games.
Candidate for Presidency on
Democratic Ticket Will
Not Take Advantage
of Roosevelt
PRINCETON, Oct. 15. Governor
Wilson lite tonight announced he
would cancel his speaking engage
ments, with the exception of those
arranged for Thursday and Fridar
of this week, until Colonel Roosevelt
is able to take an active part In llig
The governor will speak In Dela
ware, West Virginia and Pennstlvanla
this week, concluding his campaign
at Pittsburg Friday night
ATLANTA. Ga.. Oct. 15 Atlanta
is entertaining for three days a not
able gathering of insurance men. the
occasion being the annual convent. on
of the natinnnl association of local
fire insurance agents. More than thir
ty states were represented In the at
tendance when the convention was
called to order today b President
James B. Southgate. The convention
will discuss a wide range of subjects
relating to the fire insurance business.
MOR0ANTOW.N. W. Va Oct 15.
Every train coming Into the Morgan,
(own this morning swelled the number
of arrivals of delegates to the nlntl;
annual convention of the West Vii
glnia Federation of Women's clubs.
The opening session of the convention
was held in the F.ret M E. Church
this afternoon. Mrs John Ruhl ot
Clarksburg, the btato president pre
siding. lJisi"ess sessions and enter
tainment features will carry the gath
ering over the remainder of the week.
DENVER. Oct 15. It is estimated
than 30.000 visitors, many of them
from points oatside of Colorado, have
already srrived in Denver for the an
nual Fostival or Mountain and Plain.
The festivities will contlnun the en
tire w-cok. The principal buildings are
beactifuily decorated with Ihe carni
val coiors velihw and black -mingled
with the national colors, and each
night during the week tho streets will
be brilliantly illuminated One of the
biggest features of he program will
le tomorrow's industrial parade, in
which nearly all of the cities and
counties of Colorado, the colleges and
many organizations will be repre
sented. filtch: Tereai 2. Time: 2.05. Left
on bases: New York S, Robton 12.
Umpires: Evans,, plate Klcm, bates;
Rigler. richt; O'LougUlln. IefU.j,
Attendance 22,t94. Receipts $57,
196, Each club 25,7i3rnational com
mission $.",719.
right; O'Uouahlin, KUm, "van, Rslgler,
Guards Turn Back
Federation Miners
At Bingham Strike
Train Carrying Strikebreak
ers to Mormom settle
ment Meets Accident
DENVER. Oct. 15 Guards prevent
ed a iarty of Western Federation
miners from entering a ear today on
which were strikebreakers from the
east, brought through Denver, head
ed for Bingham, I'tah The train wa3
delayed twenty minutes on account
of an accident Yesterday union men
persuaded twelve strikebreakers to de
sert from the party on the way to
Sign Protocol Which Ends
Hostilities Between Two
Big European Nations
OUCHY. Swltzorladn. Oct. 15,
ter a month's diplomatic str.fe
better terms Turkey surrendered thin,01 tn S'sters of Charity, today en-1
evening and the Ottoman and Italian xeroa "" a week's celebration of the OI lue. oojecis ot tne new law, regaro-plcni-potectlaries
signed a protocol of , one hundredth anniversary of the.Ie8s of tne referendum vote.
peace which ends the war between ' ""dlng of the Institution. The first unuau coo Miinr.ro
Italy and Turkey. Incidentally It ri-J home r tDe Sisters was a log house. T0 TRY WOMAN FOR MURDER
iir.ro. tha nt.nn.on mi, f ...,i, i They took charce of thi? hnml.ln ..pm.'
in hanriirvin (., ts f.,. ,min,-
struggle with the Balkans.
The precise terms are not to
available until a definite treaty
signed at the end of the week, prot-
ably at Lausanne.
CHICAGO, Oct 15. All phases
of the meat packing and allied indus
tries will be du-cussed by the Ameri
can Meat Packers" association at its
annual convention which began In this
city today. The sessions are being
held at the Hotel Sherman and will
be continued over tomorrow and
LONDON. Oct. 15. King George
has loaned a large part of his mag
nificent stamp collection for display
at the International stamp exhibition,
which opened in the Royal Horticul
tural Halls, Westminister, today and
will continue through the remainder
of the week. The exhibition was ar
ranged by the Junior Philatelic So
ciety to mark the jubilee of philately
SALES, Mass, Oct 15. The selec
tion of a Jury to try Joseph J. Ettor,
Arthur Giovanltti and Joseph Caruso,
Industrial Workers, charged with the
responsibility of tho death of Anna
I-oplzzo during the Lawrenco text?
strike was completed today.
Etahl, McGraw.
, , , . "TT .
IVCOeiS LIIl UOtn l rice Ol
Ransom from $15,000
to S1250 and Coin
Sent to Chief
..... ,vn
U VhiKLiArn U
EL PASO, Oct 15 A shipment of .
$1,200 in coin was sent in a special ,
train today from Pearson. Mexico, to,
San Pedro, near where John T. Cam-,
cron Is held for ransom by Inc-x Sate-'
zar rebel ceneral
The rebels came down from the 3r
cintii ,imsni- nf 1 r.nn s r- unii-
his business striate, Is a prisoner
with Cameron
Nothing has been heard from Ar-
thur Mccormick, foreman for the r - a -
lomas ranch, who Is aUo held cap -
tlve. Ills friends have sent money
for his ransom overland by way of
tiarnita. iX. M.
NAZARETH. Kv.. Oct. 15. Naw.
reth Academy, conducted by tho Order I
Inary nearby and soun wool and wova '
on the loom cloth for the seminaries
h-'and themselves. In 1S22 they trans-
ierrea tneir quarters to tne present
location, ana nere. neeiaes tne con
vent is their mother house. Und'r
the title, "The Nazaretlr Literary and
Benevolent Institution," the communi
ty received a charter from the Ken
tucky legislature In 1S20.
This, the opening day of the cen
tennial celebration, was gi'.en over
to tho alumnae of the seminary. To
morrow will be Founders" Day. and.
in the presence of many members ot
the hierarchy and clergy, memorials
to Bishop Jobn R. David, coadjutor
to the first bithop of Louisville, Rt
Rev. Benedict J. Flaget and founder
of the order, and Cathorine Spalding,
first Superior, will be unveiled. Exer
cises in memory of the deal will be
held Wednesday, and Thursday's pro
gram will be in chargo of the -students,
a special celtbr.'tlon will be held
Saturday in honor of the old colored
servants of Nazareth, their children
and grand children
MACON, Oa.. Oct 15. The Georgia
State Fair, one of the most Important
agricultural and Industrial exhibitions
In the south, opened Its gates to a
large crowd todav Rnd will continue
until October. 25
ST. JOSEPH. Mo, Oct lu. Artf
cics were signed here today for
six-round bout between Ad Wolgast,
champion lightweight nr.d Freddie
Danlel3, of St Joseph, to be foungh'
at Quincy, III., Oct 25.
now mm
Copper Queen Announces
Adoption of New System
for Future, Beginning
Next Month
Two Paydays Monthly Re
gardless of Referendum
Vote on Measure to Be
Taken in November
Beginning with the wage due for
the month of November, the Copper
Queen Consolidated Mining company
will Inaugurate the semi-monthly pay.
day for all employes of that company.
This was the announcement made ye-s-
.terday afternoon by S. W. French,
I general manager, who was here from
For several days there has been a
rumor In BIsbee about the probability
,of the Copper Queen adopting the
' semi-monthly pay day. which means
Ithst instead of the employes receiv
ing their wages once each month,
they will receive payment twice each
month, or every fifteen days.
1 When Mr French was called on the
telephone last night, he confirmed
these rumors He said:
' "When the semi-monthly pay day
law was being considered by the leg
islature, we were led to believe, from
i expressions of our employes, that
they preferred a monthly wage pay
ment to the semi-monthly plan, 11
number rtn aviirpeanrl thomaaliao iit
many others expressed themselves a&
' entirely indifferent In the matter,
i kSoon after this new pay day lav
was held up by a referendum peti
tion. It was decided by the manage
ment of the Copper Queen that a
careful Investigation would be made
to ascertain as near as possible the
4 sentiments and desires of the em
. plojes regarding the matter, with the
purpose of taking such as we found
was the wish of the miners, smelter-
men and other employes.
"As a result of this Investigation,
Lavo found that a decided majority
of the Queen employes prefer to havo
the semi-monthly pay day plan, and
thus finding the sentiment, it has been
determined to inaugurate this system
of pavment as soon as the auditing
department can arrange for the now
1 system of handling the payroll of
i next month .November
i "This nlau will not onlv he. lnau-
'gurated now, but it will be permanent
,and continued, regardless of any re-
suii oi me reierenuum vote whlcn is
o be taken throughout the state on
'lp new Iay (a law-"
., Measure Is Popular
T1!e bcml-monthb pay day law has
received a hearty welcome from a
" iari;e majority oi tne uusiness
, men of Bisbee When the measure
was made tne subject or a referen-
d,,m vote- there was a 1ulck nnf r
I tne business men to Its support; the
B"sIness Me"s Protective Association
! adol)ted resolutions In support of the
' "ew ,aw ,and tho Warren District
' Commercial c-ui, took similar action.
ahd the sentiment among the miners
was claimed to be also In favor of
the semi-monthly pav day.
Because of this widespread senti
ment, there will be satisfaction In Bis
bee because of the announcement of
the Copper Queen company, as this
assures to the miners and other work
raen i in uns oisinct tne carrying out
AUGUST Me- Oct. 15. Mrs. El
sle Hobbs Raymond of Poland, who
has been confined in jaii here since
she was indicted for murder last
April, will probably be tried at tho
term of the Kennebec county court
that convened today The case is one
of the most notable In the criminal
annats of Maine. Mrs. Raymond
Is accused of the murder of Mattie
Hackett, a young girl of Readfleld,
who was called from her home by an
unknown person on the evening of
August 17, Iff '5, and strangled to
death in a Ihlcket near by. Suspicion
soon fell upon Mrs. .Raymond, an
acquaintance of the murdered girl,
who was believed to have been jeal
ous of her. 3irs. Raymond and her
husband gave an account of their
movements on 'the evening of the
crime which established an alibi that
the state could not find evidence
enough at the time to destroy. Last
spring, however, the prosecuting at
torney presented newly discovered
evidence to the grand jury, with the
result that Mrs. Raymond was in
dlct'd en a charge of murder in the
first degree
CHEYENNE, Wyo.. Oct 15. Wyo
ming's capital city is today teeming
with women from all over the state,
who have come here to- participate
In the annual convention of the Wyo
ming Federation of Women's clubs.
An attractive program has been pre
pared for the three day session. One
of the novel features will be dally
cooking demonstrations for the bent
fit of club women. A number of prom
inent speakers have places, on the
rrt mf-
r '
" r- j j; w
-v- xej-:. -rc;wt- -"
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