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Seraphs Win from Vernons
by One Game to Good.
Happy Hogan's Men
in Bad Luck
LOS ANGELES. Oct. SO. Oakland
wins by a nose!
Making a gallant finish, winning on
an average of five games out of every
Blx during the past month, the Tigers
were able to finish within a game ot
too Oaks.
That was the finish ot the 1912
Pacific Coafct league season, whose
pennant race was not ended until the
last inning of the Oakland second
game Sunday.
From a Southern California "stand
point the race was a success, al
though neither local team finished in
the lead. Both of the home squads
were in the fight all the time. Ver
non led In the rave the greater part
of the time, while the Angels also
held down firBt position for a while.
Both, the Angels and the Tigers are
figured to be better teams than Oak
land, but adverse fortune which had
handicapped them all year hit them
hard In the closing weeks of the sea
son. Portland, Sacramento and San
Francisco fans had no hopes after the
first few weeks of the season. Their
teams slumped immediately. Next
year the managers of those teams will
attempt to put the teams In the run
ning. San Francisco now has a bet
ter team than it had earlier in the
year. Jack Atkln has purchased men
In the east for his Senators, while
McCredlo has a few new men ready
for next year.
Betting in Salt Lake Three
to One in Favor of
Woodrow Wilson will carry the
state of Utah, according to a Salt
Lake City correspondent writing to
a friend in this city. The correspond
ent stated that the prevailing senti
ment in that state on the strength ct
the three leading candidates for pres
ident was indicator by the betting
odds, which were three to one on Wil
son to win against the field and even
money that Roosevelt would have a
larger popular vote in the state than
It was generally believed here that
Taft would carry Utah, owing to the
fact that the Mormons are said to
be for him. A short time ago tue
president of the Mormon church gave
out a statement supporting Taft and
though he Immediately followed it up
with the statement that he was speak
ing only for himself. It was too late
to destroy the first Impression.
The correspondent states that one
'brokerage house has posted $1,500 to
bet against 500 that Wilson will car
ry the state against the field and the
same house offers even money that
Roosevelt will receive a larger popu
lar vote than Taft.
NEW YORK. Oct. SO. Some of the
brightest miners of the nation assem
bled at the College of the City of
New York today to consider the great
problem of the mentally defective
child and the saving of him for useful
citizenship. The conference is simi
lar to the one held here last year and
which attracted -international atten
tion at the time. Dr. P. P. Ciaxton,
United States Commissioner of Ed
ucation, is presiding over the three
days' sessions. Other notable partic
ipants include Gardner C. Bassett of
Johns Hopkins University, Prof.
James E. Lough of New York Uni
versity. Miss Mary E. Campbell of
Cllcaso, and Dr. C. Yard Crompton,
director of physical training In the
New York public schools.
75c Per Gal
J. B. Angius
""The Pure Food Grocery"
nan 9
Ry Marshall.
ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Oct. 30.
Ray Marshall of Atchison, Kas.,
who fights Tony Caponl of Chi
cago here In a flfteen-rouna bout, Oc
tober 31. is just nineteen years old.
but has all the earmarks of a good
Marshall has been in the fight game
for two years and in that tlmp 1i3
participated in twelve fights. Two of
hese were exhibitions, one being with
toward Morrow. Marshall won
ight of the other ten bouts by the
nockout route and the other two
le won by decisions.
His bout with Tony Canon) no doubt
vlll be a test as to his real worth in
he middleweight class. lie fights at
JuS pounds, but he and Caponl a-III
weight in at 160 pounds, the Cblcaco
fighter refusing to make less.
nlle Marshall s home reeentlv has
4een In Atchison his parents live in
Kansas City. He Is under the man
agement of Budd Knapp, ot St. Jo
seph, the veteran boxing fan and pro
moter, who also controls the business
affairs of Freddie Daniels., light
Youth's Mother Said to Have
Made Affidavit That Her
Son Was 16 Years Old
The investigation of an affidavit of
age, made by the mother of Louis
Brown, a Western Union messenger
boy. Mrs Alice Brown, led to the r
lease of the boy yesterday by the tele
graph compatfy. The investigation
was made by Truant Officer Stewart,
and the data which he secured will
fce turned over to the county attornev
to prosecute the case If he sees fit.
The truant officer says that Mrs.
Brown, October 20, made affldnvit
that her son, I-ouls Brown, was :
years old, and therefore not affected
by the new schol law providing for
compulsory attendance at school of
children between eight and sixteen
The Browns came to the city recent
ly from Portland, Oregon and the
school authorities wrote to the auth
orities at Portland to confirm the
statement of the affidavit. Informa
tion was returned to the effect thai
at the close of school, June 20. 1012,
Louis Brown was 15 years and 4
months old
Upon being shown this information
the Western Union immediately clean
ed Its skirts by discharging the boy
from their employ. The making of
a false affidavit is made a misdemean
or under the law and the evidence ob
tained by the truant officer will be
turned over to the county attorney.
Imprisoned Tailor Strikes.
The latest Australian strike Is ona
of the Gilbertlan order. A prisoner In
Fermantle prison, a tailor by trade,
refused to work on the ground that
It would be contrary to his principles
as a trade unionist. He sent a letter
to the Tailors' union officially notify
ing It of his action, but that body ex
pressed neither sympathy nor disap
proval, preferring allenco. .
Documentary Evidence.
The geography class was !n session.
Ona small pupil astonished the class
by stating that In a certain section
of South America thero were talking
monkeys. When the tocher que.
Uoned the statement, 1S-. youngster
opened his geography and triumphant
ly read: T,hIs region Is inhablted.by
V species of.-monkey; properly speak
ing,' apss." The Delineator. '-J
Regulating Window Opening.
A broad band of leather or .fabric,
held "In place by a smailj catchV'nis
been invented for regulating the
height of carriage or automobile win-
Notwithstanding His Recent
Wound from Assassin's
Bullet Rough Rider
Talks Xo" 30,000
NEW YORK, Oct. SO. Former
President Roosevelt, notwithstanding
his weak condition from the effects
ot the bullet sent into him last week
by John Schrank, at Milwaukee, to
night addressed a crowd of more than
50.000 hearers at Madison Square
Garden. Nearly every word he ut
tered was cheered to the echoi
The candidate of the Bull Moose for
president showed no evidence of weak
ness but he kept up until bis last
word was uttered and then he left
hurriedly for Oyster Bay.
Battle for Human Rights
"Friends, perhaps once in a genera
tion; perhaps not so often, there comai
a chance for the people of a country
to play their part wisely and fearless
ly In some great battles of the age
long warfare for human rights. To
our fathers the chance came in the
mighty days of Abraham Lincoln, of
the man who thought and tolled and
suffered for the people with Bid
patience and kindly endeavor. To our
forefathers the chanco came in the
troubled years that stretched from the
time when the first continental con
gress gathered to the time when
Washington was inaugurated as first
president of the republic.
Task Is Lighter One
To us, in our turn, the shance has
now come to stand for liberty and
righteousness as in their day these
dead men stood for liberty and right-
eusness. Our task is not so great as
theirs. Yet it Is well nigh as Import
ant Our task Is to profit by the les
sons of the past and to check in time
the evils that grow around us. lest our
failure to do so may cause dreadful
disaster to the people. We must not
sit supine and helpless. We must cot
permit the brutal selfishness of arro
gance and the brutal selfishness of
envy each to run unchecked in its
evil course. If we do so then some
day smoldering hatred will suddenly
kindle Into a' consuming flame, and
either we or our children will bo
called on to face a crisis as grim as
any which this republic has ever
Must Be Wise In Time
"It is our business to show that nine
tenths of wisdom consists In being
wise In time. We owe to our natlo.i
If we let matters drift: It in our in
dustrial and political life we let an
unchecked and utterly selfish indi
vidualistic materialism riot to its ap
pointed end. That end would be
wide-spread disaster, for it would
mean that our people would be sju-
dered by those dreadful lines of di
vision which are drawn when the self
ish greed of the ' haves" is set ovor
against the selfish greed of the -have-nots
" There is but one way to pro-
vent such a division and that Is to
forestall it by the kind of a movement
In which we are now engaged
Man's Right Paramount
"Our movement is one of resolute In.
sistence upon the rights, and full
acknowledgement of the duties of
every man and every woman within
this great land of ours. We war
against the forces of evil, and Hie
weapons we use are the weapons of
right. We do not set greed against
greed, or hatred against hatred. Our
creed Is one that bids ug be Just to
all: to feel sympathy for all and to
strive for an understanding of tho
needs of all. Our purpose is to smite
down wrong. But toward those who
have done the wrong, we feel only the
kindliest charity that Is compatible
with causing the wrong to cease.
"We preach hatred to no man. and
the spirit in which we work is as far
removed from vindictiveness as from
weakness. We are resolute to do
away with the evil, and we Intend to
proceed with such wise and cautious
sanity as will cause the very minimum
of disturbance that is compatible with
achieving our purpose.
Do not fprget, friends, that we are
not proposing Ja substitute law for
character. We are merely proposing
to buttress character by law. We
fully recognize that as has been true
in the past, so It Is true now, and ever
will be true, that the prime factor in
each man or woman's success must
normally be that man or woman's own
character character, the sum ot many
qualities, but above all. of the quali
ties ot honesty, of courage and ot
common sense. Nothing will avail a
nation it there is not the right type
of character among the average men
and women, the plain people, the bard
working, decent-living, right-thinking
people who make up the great bulk ot
our citizenship. I know jny country
men. "Where in order to obtain thera It
Is necessary to Invoke the power ot
the nation, then we shall Invoke to Its
uttermost limits that mighty power.
We are for liberty. But we are for
the liberty ot the oppressed, end not
for the liberty of the- oppressor to
I oppress the weak and to bind burdens
on the shoulders ot the heavy-laden.
It Is idle to ask us not to exercise tho
power of the government when only
by the power of the government cat
we curb the greed Uiat sits In high
Places ; when only by the exercise of
the government can we exalt the low
ly and give heart to the humblo and
the down-trodden. We care for facts,
and not for .formulas. We-care 'or
kdeeds. and nptffor words. Aye recog
nize no sacrea ngm oi oppression.
We recognize no divine right to work
injustice. We stand for tho constStu-S
tlon. Wc recognize that one of Its
most useful functions Is the protection
of prorerty. But we will not consent
in tnaUo nf thr constitution a fetish
for tho protection ot fossllllrcdf
Most complete Jewelry Store in the Southwest. We
grind our spectacle lenses here. We manufacture
all kinds of jewelry and our ".vatch repair department
cannot be surpassed.
The One Price Store
2 Doors from Royal Theater. Henkel Jewelry Co.
Salazar Takes S2.50O Which
Cattleman Had with Him
to Pay for Stock
EL PASO, Oct 30. John Cameron's
liberty cost him $lS,000 Mexican
money. In addition tonne 6000 pesos
which was sent to Salazar on a spe
cial train over the Mexican North
Western Cameron was forced to pay
000 pesos in addition1 which he had
with, him to pay for the cattle he had
done to Mexico to purchase.
Mr. Cameron arrived from Mexico
by way or Columbus, N. M, Monday
night, after being away from his of
fice in El Paso two weeks. He was
taken prisoner on October 13, after
leaving El Paso to go to Pearson to
purchase cattle.
Held By Rebels
Ho was held by the rebels for ran
som until the night of October 15,
when he was given lis liberty upon
the payment of the ransom of 10.000
pesos to Salazar.
Mr. Cameron says he was well
treated during the time he was held,
except when Salazar was drinking
heavily, he fell agalmt Cameron with
his gun. striking him on the head.
This, Mr. Cameron believes was not
intentional and aside from that, bo
was well treated by the rebels, he
Boone Brothers Robbed.
J. J. and T. W. Boone, of 2S20 Myrtle
avenue, also arrived Monday night
after having been shaken down by
Roque Gomez and 15 rebels under
him for 3S3 pesos. They were captured
35 miles north of Casas Grandes by
the rebels and held tor ransom. J. J.
Boone was held while bis brother
was to go to Casas Grandes and get
tho money demanded by the rebels.
Boone was told that if his brother
failed to return he would be shot like
a dog. A compromise was finally
agreed upon and Gomez was given a
check for 3S2 pesos, which Mr. Boone
says he will honor when It is pre
sentedfor payment, as he wishes to
return to Mexico for more cattle and
does not wish to get in bad with the
James l.etson has been confined
his rooms for several days, afflict
ed with a bad cold. His friends say he
is now recovering.
Mrs. Tony Kline, whonas been on a
visit to Seattle, Washington, returned
home yesterday.
Arthur Clothier, ot Cananea, Is visit
ing in tho city.
B. D. Willis, claim agent of the EI
Paso & Southwestern, of EI Paso, was
in the city yesterday on business.
Sherman Rlnehart of Cananea was
a visitor in the city yesterday.
M. E. Casaldy Is expected home to
day from I.os Angeles, where he has
been visiting his wife and daughter
who are there with Mrs. Cassldy's
Trainmaster J. E. Murphy and his
stnegrapher George Butler were la tho
city from Douglas yesterday.
Officer Walter Brooks has returned
from northern California where he
spent two weeks recuperating from
an operation for appendicitis.
P. A. Perry or Tuccon is registered
at the Philadelphia hotel.
W. J. MRrtln and wife ot Bl Paso
are guests at the Philadelphia.
F. U. Borgesoa of the San Nicholas
ntfne in Sonora is at the Philadelphia
P. J. MaaniHz of Cananea was a
business visitor in thu city yesterday
D. O. Watson and children of Can
anea are registered at the Copper
Queen hotel.
W. J. IlHrfce of Cananea was a bus
iness visitor In the city yesterday,
registering at the Copper Queen ho
tel. Very Mysterious.
An old colored' woman had 'occasion
to call the doctor for her buiband,
wio wcm yery ill. The doctor made a
diagnosis and pronounced it a severe
case of gastritis. "Ob. Lor', doctor,"
ejaculated the old woman, "how did
he cber get dat gastritis? 1 hain't
burnt a ting but coal He In dts yere
house, an powerful little ob dat."
Harper's Bazar for September.
Improved Idea for Dirigibles.
Masts used by the British -array for
anchoring dirigible balloons ' carry at'
thejr tops cones Into which, the noses
ot the balloons fit.
Best Cure for Insomlna.
Deep nfeathliigj? 'one of tho best'
i iUiZ mj. I ii-o- fh.-i'
cures jor iuuuim, ...--.- - -
Personal Mention
blood from the, brain, to the lungs.,.
'K -
i The Future
Marvelous Revelations
The World's Famous
Fee Positively $3.00 After
This Week
Tells your name, ase and date of
birth, also of changes, successes, fail
ures, marriages, divorces, travels,
love affairs, your sickness and
chances for recovery, talents and
questions that pctta.n to the future.
His predictions are always correct,
and never fall to come true, as thou
sands of reople will testify.
I accept no fee In advance. If you
are not absolutely satisfied when I
am through, then pay me nothing. Is
this not honest?
Those who wish to take advantage
of this low fee must call at once.
I will tell yo(t what your disease
or sickness Is ahf whether or not
you can te nred. Everybody wel
come None slightr-d Hoi.rs 'J to
2-1 w Pn'K and Sundav
'l-r llon-1 l-owpl1. Anona.
and :
of counter fttti
Mrs Kmraa Holland Becomes
Known Miner of Bisbee
The conditions of the "giving away"
ceremony at the wedding of Mrs. Em
ma Holland to James Henry Warn
at the home or Mrs. Holland on War
ren Hill, Tombstone canyon, Satur
day evening were Instead of the par
ent giving the bride away, the son
n this Instance, iWlllUm Hollant', '
gave the bride, his mother, away
The wedding united two of the best
known members of the English col
ony in the city. and. it Is said, termin
ated a romance that began years ago
in their "native land of Cornwall, Eng
land. Mr. Warne Is a well known
mining man and Is one of the befit
drillers In the" west, having drilled
against many champions of the steel
and hammer.
Popularity Attested
Their popularity was splendidly at
tested by the numerous and costly
presents they received from their
friends, over a handred of whom at
tended the wedding. The weddins
ceremony was performed by Rev.
Crelghton Spencer. Mr. Arthur Long
attended Mr. Warne as best man and
the bride's maids were Mrs Arthur
Long and Miss Nicholas. Little Miss
Mona Nieholas was ring bearer. The
maids and the little ring bearer were
presented with gold bangles - by the
Mr. and Mrs. Warne left Monday
morning for IJbs Angeles and other
California towns where they will
spend their honeymoon.
To those! ordering Winona . goods
for. October lath, we express, our re-1
greU at delay; but haie anxiously
wajched tne'freight ofpee-for days,
as the arrival of . blllotrladlns- war
ranted is to oypect a prompt' delivery.
Will lose no time in reaching you
when they arrive ,.
Advertisement. - 359
"THE COWBOY'S MOTHER" True to life- Western story. (Sells).
HER ADOPTED FATHER" Dramatic msBterpIece. (Essanay)
"A DANGEROUS LESSON" Story ot young married life. Edison).
"AN AEROPLANE LOVE AFFAIR" Up to date comedy. (Pathe).
Program changes three times a week. Always up to the ROYAL
standard which means the very best that money can buy.: Pictures
change Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. PRICES ALWAYS THE SAME.
Saturday Nov. 2
Lady from
One NigHt Only-
Seats Now On Sale
suiE- "East Lynne"
21 Reels of Pictures a Week
Program changes every day
An hour of high class entertainment awaits you at this show house
Admission 5c and 10c
i.T " !
We Are Now in the Market for
the Purchase of Copper Ore
and Copper Matte
Correspondence Solicited
Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Co.
The Orpheum theatre which baa
been dark for two or tb.ee days wll
be opened Saturday night by the
Chapnian-lleade company which will
present "A .Lady of I.aramie" for one
night only. Sunday the Chapman
Meade company will present its fare
well piece entitled "East Lynne
and Monday the company will leavt
for Long Reach, Cal.
It Is with regret that the IJIsbee
amusement public learns the Chap-man-Meade
company Is to leave this
city as the players. y their skill In
histrionic presentations have won the
admiration ot Bisbeeltes. Resides
the Individual members of the aggre
gation, by their courtesy In public life
have endeared themselves with all
they hae come In contact. Adv.
PARIS, Oct. SC A distinguished
company attended the wedding ot
Miss Ruth Holllngsworth, daughter ot
IV. T. P. Holllngsworth, vice president
ot the Westinghoue Electric com
pany, and Gaston Ibrabam Pinto,
which took place today in the Amer
ican church in the Avenue Alma. Mr.
PJnto Is si jwell known commission
agent in' Paris, and he and his britle
will reside fiere after their honey
poon, which they will spend la the
south of France.
Uncle Pennywlse Says:
A great many couples surprise their
friends by getting married. Jow and
"thna-couple surprise their frlend3
by staying married.
Jra. Hi ...
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4 Room House, Desirable
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ments. All modern con
veniences. Tombstone
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ern Improvements,
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Scrub Chickens.
Tho skin of poultry is frequently
very dirty when brought from market,
and fowls should not only' be washed,
but scrubbed with a soft brush and
Varm. water, in which a teaspoonful o
baking soda has been dissolved. Such
treatment will prevent the disagree
able "benny" taste often noticeably la
cooked poultry.

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